Note: a Christian woman in college sent me ten questions to answer for her class.  Since I am speaking to a Christian, I try to answer in her framework and in terms she can understand. This is my response.


Question: How would you define happiness?


Response: We each are the source of our own happiness. It is found inside of us. ("You will be happy when you discover you are the source of your own happiness"-- from the mermaid queen Isaphil)

  But specifically, happiness is an actual energy overflowing with both vitality and feeling, like an artesian well springing up inside of us.

   ("Out of their bellies will flow streams of living water." No set of beliefs, doctrines, or even faith itself will produce "living water" like that. Just a moment. Let me check. Okay, I just surveyed all 6.8 billion people on earth and there are no Christians on earth at this time who have this "living water" flowing out of their bellies due to or solely because of their Christian faith or Christian practices.)

  There are, of course, endless ways to produce genuine happiness inside of an individual. But through direct observation you will notice that someone who is genuinely happy is relaxed, free from obsessions, does not rely on thoughts or ideas (or doctrines) to define who he or she is, is accepting of others and when he/she is able to will spontaneously do things that enrich others’ lives in small ways such as being kind and always considerate and friendly.

  Even more simply, a happy person can tell just through feeilng is something is right or not as in the statement--“It doesn’t feel right.“   

  But on a more significant level, a really happy person is quite different from other human beings. He or she feels united to nature from inside like a waterfall falling into a mountain pool--the water is pure, clear, relaxing, purifying, refreshing, renewing, gentle, releasing, etc.  And that is the way the flow of emotions or energies in their bodies actually move. (You can test for that too fairly easily by how well they can do the technique of focusing developed by Eugene Gendlin. Also see my video and/or story--Pastor Bob and the Mermaid for world historic discussion of where Christianity and all other religions on earth have gone wrong in regard to feeling).

  But purely on a mechanical level, give me someone who is relatively stable and I could teach that person to produce a strong and overwhelming feeling of happiness inside of himself through a simple series of stretching, relaxing, and breathing exercises with a touch of mental detachment and visualizing of nature imagery thrown in. My success level would be around 63 %.

 It is simply a matter of channeling vitality in the right way through what is called the second chakra in the body. This human nervous system God has given us is pre-programmed to produce happiness. You merely have to allow it to do the job God designed it to do. 


2. What qualities make a person successful in life?


Qualities that lead to success in human society are conviction, clarity of mind, being goal oriented, strong powers of visualizaion, seizing opportunities when they arise, adaptability, taking charge of oneself, building and maintaining a strong support group for oneself, powers of persuasion, etc.

  Your third richest man in the world, Warren Buffett, says he is gifted in picking good people to manage his companies.  He sticks to what is practical and tested. And he loves to work. Love what you do is2 perhaps the best motto for attaining success.  He probably picks people who are like himself--they take joy in doing good work.

   However, you will notice with major world leaders that they combine very strong, firm assertive qualities with very soft, receptive qualities. Often too there is some sort of neutral quality present as well.

  Gorbachev had a soft, inviting face but was very forceful in voice. Reagon could play the role of a cowboy--a man’s man, outward dynamic and in charge and yet he combined with that a  remarkable adaptibility and a near telepathic sensitivity--as any actor can, he could play subtext of any conversation--responding not to what is presented but to what is actually going on underneath the surface in terms of the emotions.

  Kissinger combined that extraordinary deep voice of his--pure male energy--with an intonation pattern that was like a bard: soft and enchanting, almost  feminine.

 Putin is an exception: he is all feminine--voice, face, eyes, body language but this in fact compliments his dark side--everyone knows he was head of the KGB; still, to show he is still a take charge kind of guy, he does public appeareances wrestling in Judo or hunting or racing cars.

  The point is that if you want to succeed you need both the masculine and feminine within your body gestures, your face, your eyes, your voice, or the style you present yourself with.  There are always opposite traits in real leaders in combination--soft and hard, receptive and projecting, inviting and demanding,etc.  These things are necessary to deal with resistance and to get people to go away feeling good even when they do not get what they want.


3. What qualities make a person a good person?


“Do no harm” is number one.  That would eliminate Charlemagne,  the Christian emperor, who simply said--“Become a Christian or die.” It would eliminate Martin Luther with a hundred and fifty thousand peasants killed due to his Reformation--he aligned with the kings to put down the surf revolt. But what else could he do?

   A good person is someone who always gives back as much as he takes. That wold eliminate the entire human race.  Even the most generous, loving, and compassionate of human beings take more than they give. Mother Teresa--she ravaged those she had authority over pushing them to the limit and using them to fulfill her vision of “finding Christ in disguise” in each person she met.   

  No, human beings build their success on using the people around them for their own ends.  “It is for the greater good. Now go out and die for my cause.“  But what else can human beings do? They are always in survival mode.  

  Thus God gives Moses the ten commandments to try to cut down on the harm people do to each other.  And thus in Christ God tries to convey to human beings that love underlies all things and all laws. And that this law, such as the ten commandments, is best practiced when it is part of your heart.

  But selfish human beings turn this divine commission into a religion. They argue about beliefs and doctrines not realizing that any spiritual being can actually “see” the way the energy is being exchanged at any time between people.  You can not get away in the end from the necessity of actually being a spiritual being who can perceive with spiritual eyes if you actually want to produce “a good person.”  


4. Are there any absolute or objective standards of right and wrong? If so, what are they?



1. Love is an absolute. This universe of two hundred billion galaxies was created to celebrate love. 

2. Love has power over all things.

3. The Prime Directive overriding all other laws, purposes, rules and regulations--an individual is free to join with any other being in the universe to fullfill the purposes of love.  There are absolutely no limitations placed upon this principle. 

  Since your questions do not ask specifically, What is the purpose of the universe? I will answer it anyway: It is to learn to create love where love does not exist. To create this from out of nothing. Who can fail to see this?

   In the beginning, we learn to do what God himself does--to experience any other being’s experience as if it is our own--not just as a concept or imagination; we are talking about being able to reproduce in ourselves everything any other has ever experienced.  And then finally, to experience the entire universe all at once being fully conscious of all of it. 

  I have interviewed three individuals who can do this spontaneously--relive others memories down to every detail and sensory experience. Why am I the only one on earth aware of this phenomenon?

   This is the first genuine step in learning to love--to feel what others feel without limitation. This is why I look at the history of Christianity and all religions as absolute failures. They do not teach how to do be and how to do love.   


4. Other absolutes:


  --the enlightened mind is an absolute but it has as many forms and expressions as there are stars in the sky.

  --the exchange of matter and spirit is an absolute: anything spiritual can materialize and anything material can demateriailze or be made into spirit. For most advanced races, a marker on their path of attaining planetary enlightenment occurs when they discover collectively that consciousness is no longer dependent on form, matter, or a physical body to be fully active, creative, and to express itself.

 --will and power are absolutes.  Literally, God sits around waiting for someone he can trust enough to give his own creative power to to see what they can accomplish. 

  You want to see peace between the Palestinians and the Jews? I tell people--this is a small thing to accomplish. The glory of God shall perform it. 

  Why I have sitting on my desk right now the methods for doing things like this. I describe job openings for those who qualify or are otherwise willing to try. That is called divine will.  People with the temperament of field mice, rabbits, and sheep can not conceive of accomplishing the divine will because they expect God to solve their problems.  When has it occurred in the last five hundred years that a Protestant said to God, “Give me the power to stop this war before it occurs.” 

  But there is a tradition in Judeo Christianity for being stupid. It began with Abraham. God gave Abraham a vision of his descendants being slaves in Egypt and he did not ask God to change that future vision.  We had to wait around for a Jacob willing to wrestle with an angel for a blessing before Isreal could be born-- “What is your name?” “Jacob.” “Your name is now Isreal.” 

  To shape history, try drawing on this absolute which is forever available--divine will. It is not, “Oh God, what is your will for my life?” No, that is the will of a mouse, a rabbit, or a sheep.

   Rather, it is God asking, “Tell me what you want and if you convince me you want it enough and if I find it in my heart I will grant it to you.” Jacob had that will. The twelve disciples of Christ did not.
   Peacemakers all possess divine will--those blessed and prophesized by Christ when he spoke the beatitudues--“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” You need conflict for there to be a need for peacemaking. And God has commission holy angels to resolve any conflict that exists that his glory might appear on earth.      


5. At this point, what is the highest priority of your life?


You can prevent nuclear war. But human beings are so destructive they will become extinct anyway.  My priority is to teach empathy so that it is no longer possible for anyone on earth to have secrets--and empathy is also an essential step so that justice will fill the earth.  In me Isaiah’s vision of peace seeks to be fulfilled, not as a dull tooth ache of some lame prophet wishing upon a star but as a concrete, battle tested set of methods that produce real time results in specific time frames. 

  That is my number one priority.



6. If someone asked you to explain to them your philosophy of life (what you live by), what would you say? What reasons would you give to justify your answer?


    Put simply, this four billion year old planet on which we dwell has a soul.  The planet itself is a living being. The Magi who visited Christ and left him gifts would all agree with me on this  point.  They would consider me to be a Magi.

  We do not worship in temples or buildings built of wood or stone. The sky itself is our dome.  The heart is the alter. The sacrifice is the love you give to others and yet there is no sacrifice involved.   

   Love exists everywhere in every moment. It surrounds us; it is that in which “we live, move, and have our being” as the Apostle Paul said quoting the poet from his time who was from Crete.  You only need to open your heart to let it flow through you.

  The earth specializes as does every planet with an aura. This planet empowers or teaches those who are senstive to her heart about how to be one with the universe.

 This is a very unique and high vision. It will be quite difficult for any race of beings or any civilization to even become aware of her vision much less figure out how to embody it within themselves.

  But imagine the difficulty Moses has in trying to teach a formless God to a people who just spent two hundred years in Egypt as slaves.  God complains: “Are there any other people who turn away from their god? But my people turn away from me.”  But then on occasion you get a guy like Daniel who on his own initiative went out and sat down and waited for a message from God to give clarity and vision.”  Occasionally someone seeks understanding through first hand experience. 

  On the other hand, we are surrounded by infinite possibilities. There are no restrictions placed upon what we may accomplish, even in doing this: learning to feel what others feel and to be still enough inside to feel the entire universe reflected through us. Christ could do this as could Krishna. But not Moses. Padma Sambhava or Buddha? No, they did not go in that direction.

   The Magi? Maybe on a really good night when they were looking up at the stars in the sky and observing the beauty of the world. But Balaam could do this, but he didn’t give it a second thought. 

  But Balaam never even had a decent girlfriend; and one thing you never want to try is to feel one with something greater than yourself if you haven’t first had that experience with a woman. You fail to comprehend the intricate difficulties involved so you end up taking too much for granted.          


7. What is your view concerning the existence of God or the nature of ultimate reality? What reasons would you give to justify your answer?


God can be taken as a personal God with whom you can have a personal relationship, for example, through faith you connect directly to God as in the Protestant tradition. No other religion does this as well as the Protestants.  

  God can also be taken as an impersonal presence as in the phrase, Divine Providence. As in the U.S. Declaration of Independence--

“With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our wealth, and our sacred honor.” You could say the thirteen colonies had a little bit of ultimate reality appearing among them when they wrote and lived those words.   

 The advantages of a personal God are nunerous. The great disadvantage that no one has figured out how to get pass other than a few saints is that those with a personal God never seek to “see God’s face,” to be one with him, or even to get to know him better. 

  The advantage them of working with Divine Providence, with God in his impersonal aspect, is that you can view all of life and the entire universe as a training ground, as a spiritual university. Anything that exists--its vibration and energy--can be reproduced in yourself under the right conditions and with the right training.

  “Can thou undo the bands of Orion (the three stars in the belt of Orion)?” God asks Job. Not now. But latter on.  God wasn’t being purely sarcastic.

  The problem with intelligence design is that God is outside of and independent of the universe.  Any statement about the universe does not apply to God who is outside of and independent of the universe.  Still, scientists do not know where 95% of the energy/matter in the universe is. It reflects no radiation we can detect.  The human race is in no position to discuss ultimate reality other than like theoretical physicists--as pure speculation for fun and for stimulating the imagination, and perhaps as stand up comedy. 


8. In your view, what is the most basic or fundamental human problem?


The most basic problem is that people do not know how to feel.


This is me in preaching mode. The soul is composed of five elements speaking symbolically, metaphorically, and in a rough psychological sense. These are fire, air, earth, water, and a fifth attributed to spirit .  All the same, for anyone with a minimum of sensitivity, you can perceive, increase, and decrease these energies of the soul at will.

   Fire: is will power,  enthusiasm, charisma, conviction, etc. We have perfect embodiments of fire on earth--general Patton or Oppenheimer who built the atomic bomb.

  Air is knowledge, applied technology, art, and understanding the big picture.  We have Mozart, Sheakespeare, and Steven Hawkin, the theoretical physicist. We have air in spades.

   Earth is producing and constructing things that endure. It is being solid, practical, and down to earth. We have the periodic table, chemistry, physics, and all manner of cities and constrution projects. We measure our national efforts in terms of a Gross National Product--GNP.  We are very skilled with the earth element.  Warren Buffett again is a taste of its perfection.

 Though unlike the buildings of Rome, Greece, and Egypt, our cities and skyscrapers will all fall down in a hundred years if left unattended because of the cheap workmanship and poor materials we use to build them. 

  But water? We live on a water planet. But oceanography, irrigation, and water utilities has no meaning.  If we had water developed we would have magnetic fields that could contain the fifty million degree heat in a fusion reactor and thus have no more need for oil as energy. 

  And you would have this: people who can instantly feel what anyone else on earth is feeling in this moment, who can slip their souls inside of someone else’s soul in the same instant.  And as the centurian understood about Christ--“Speak the word only and he shall be healed.” There was no need for Christ to physically be with someone to heal that person. I know people exactly like that. I have twelve hours of video taped interviews with one. On a good day she can perform miracles in healing and there is no need for the person to be nearby or to have even met the person being healed. 

  The problem then is that human beings know how to think, get things done, and build, but they do not know how to feel.  If they did you could walk into a room and know instantly what everyone else is feeling.  That is typical  of those who have such abilities. 


9. Is there a solution to the most basic human problem? If so, what is it?


Yes. Learn basic practices in empathy.  There is no free lunch here. You do not get to calculus without learning adding and subtraction and algebra.  You study and train to get the abilities. I have a free on line course on empathy. But learning empathy is the last thing on earth human beings are interested in doing. You have to pull a divine enchantment--capture their attention in some other way and then effortlessly as side effect they learn the empathy. 

  Perhaps by using the powers of love and beauty with their many ecstasies this miracle can be accomplished. In this way, some will learn to feel what others feel and to heal and to turn dreams into reality because doing so is part of the process. It is my commission to accomplish this.      

  Put simply, in affirmation of Christianty the basic problem is for people to learn to love. This law must be “written on the heart.”

That much Christian doctrine has right.

  What all religions fail to do is to actually teach how to love. A morality, set of doctrines, psychologies, metaphysics, or any belief system can not do this.  You need a practical, concrete, systematic, and effective training system tied to a set of motivations such a living, vibrant community to accomplish this. 

  Love is an actual energy. Until you teach people to perceive energy that heals, feels, unites, makes one, and inspires with awe and wonder you are not yet out of the starting blocks.  


 10. What question do you most wish you could answer in your life?


It is the ordinary things, how to get through the day in the best way that is my greatest problem.  I am working on it.  Outside imput sometimes defeats the purpose if the purpose is to learn to do it for yourself. 

  The same applies to those who have destroyed their own conscience.  Things are taken away from them until they finally come to realize it is their own responsibility to figure out what is wrong with their lives.  Then they also have to figure out how to repair the damage. 

  The healing process requires that they make the effort on their own without help.  This is not your angel of mercy talking. This is your angel of judgment. Your angel of mercy has already thrown in the towel on this kind of person.