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Four Poems on Akasha

My Life Koan    

Aziel, a spirit of Mercury, asked me to answer a koan which I believe I
have been working on my whole life:  What is the source of love within you
which heals the wounds of your heart?  In the following poem is my answer. 

My mind is the sky--
Pure, clear, and open
Its air flows through my chest 
Its winds are my breath

My body is the Earth--
In me, Her Silence and endurance reach consciousness
Like Her, I shelter and I protect
I am one of Her fruits 
I am the strength and nourishment upon which others thrive 

The oceans are my magnetism and love
Rivers my bloodstream
Rain my moist fluids 
Lightning my heartbeat
Thunder my voice
I am life sustaining and giving birth to life

The volcano and magma at the center of the earth
Are my will and power unfolding 
I burn, I consume, I destroy 
Yet I heal the broken heart
And bring joy and excitement to life

The turning of the seasons 
The circle of the stars dancing 
I am Eternity uniting with time 
I am the nobility of the sun
Its inner union and fusion of opposites 
And through its light
My Song streams forth to the ends of the universe

I am the serenity of the moon 
Fluid, malleable, and changing
I am harsh, cold, and empty
I choose the place of your birth
I am warm, sweet, and nurturing
I reunite what is lost
All dreams arise from my light 
I am tenderness overflowing from the heart

I am within and I awaken 
The seeds of spirit hidden within all things 
I am the Celebration of Life
I am the deepest peace within the soul
I only exist to reveal the gifts
Which otherwise remain unknown
And there is no where I will not go
To bless or join with those who love.

The Cosmic Letter "U" from The Evocation of the Venus Spirit Guru

There is no vice I can not twist or bend
And turn again into its opposite virtue
There is no compulsion or obsession I can not
So fill with light it becomes kind and bright
There is no ill will or malaice I can not
Convert in chivalry or true nobility
There is no crunch or karmic bind, no evil intent or design
I can not refine within my mind
Into contentment and absolute satisfaction
There is no suffering I can not enfold within my palms
Spit on, blow upon
And recreate as beauty hidden within the heart of life
Such is my power and might
Such are the depths and the heights 
Where my wings fly
But there is a difference you see
Between you and me
When you breathe in
You nourish your body
And expell your doubts
But I consume entire lifetimes
In one breath:
Grasping the horns of sorrow
I flex my will
Gather my strength 
And play songs of joy. 

To the Cosmic Letter "UE"

I am the benevolence of Divine Providence
I create, I inspire, I guide
I make all things anew in the fullness of time

I am the wish-fulfilling gem 
I satisfy your deepest cravings 
And reveal your highest path to perfection 

I am the mysterious nexus:
Through my soul pass
The most obscure forces 
ŠHolding history in their grasp

I alter molecular vibrations with my touch 
Amid your worst nightmare, 
Your greatest fear,
Your obstacles 
Impenetrable and severe
I open the gateway to freedom 

Who Celebrates these things: 
The beauty of the earth and sky uniting
The tossing and turning of the seasons in wild passion
And this also: 
The vast, unknown reaches 
Within a heart without hope--
Swirling cosmic dust
Giving birth to stars
Out of the dark womb of infinite space

My wealth is the joining 
Of matter and spirit without limit 
And my consort is the fire 
Illuminating the world with universal love. 

And what is akasha if not love?
I seek another to celebrate with me 
The boundless light saturating the universe with its love 

It is in the wind whose voice and wings 
Embrace the cells within our bodies 
And the shoulders of the mountains.

It is in the oceans,  the rain,  the rivers
Whose songs of grace and receptive life 
Sail through our dreams 
And touch the secret chambers of our hearts.

It is in the Earth,  
She whose silence shelters us and protects  us 
Until we are ready to assume our  roles 
As guides, guardians, and creators of life.

It is in fire whose dazzling force and power 
Binds the universe with its might 
And guides our will as we chart our courses through life.                                                 
I will join my spirit with yours,
Let our hearts be one
Our minds merging and blending--
As light penetrates 
And is one with the crystal it passes through.  

Come with me on this path of beauty 
It originates in the stillness 
At the center of the heart 
Where all fear is banished--
It overcomes all time and space 
Renewing itself without end
As it celebrates the joy, the rapture,
And the dazzling life hidden within all things. 

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