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Absalom, Mars, 1-10 degrees Capricorn


The five elements are within me.  I am them and they are me. I seek their mastery to an infinite degree—this is the essence of time and what it is to be alive, to find the divine inside.



Reason for Mental Wandering/Evocation


I occasionally wander through the sphere of Mars on my way to Saturn where I am an apprentice to its 49 Judges of that sphere.  You know, “and wars shall be no more.” I have a very big commitment to that vision of Isaiah’s.  After all, one of the original purposes behind the creation of the universe is making peace between conflicting parties.  Saturn, you could say, is the supreme, ultimate peace maker or, as I like to say, political referee between the nations, a regular “ghost of Christmas future.”  

  However, just to get the right orientation on daily life and how to organize one’s time, especially in regard to practicing Bardon’s training system, takes special inspiration.  Abaslom is the perfection of that kind of special inspiration.   


1-10 Degrees in Mars


 The spirit is like a project manager, supervisor, drill sergeant, personal trainer, etc.  A divine being—“We are running this operation on the level of divine excellence and performance expectations.”


The Spirit’s Domain


Organization, training, and discipline so that the energies of the sign of Capricorn can flow into the world.


Inner Source of Inspiration


Give me a time frame in which to be alive and I will show you what can be accomplished when you are united to the divine. 


A servant, an agent, an embodiment of the powers of creation manifesting within a specific set of historical limitations.  It is the perfection of self mastery (to the power of divinity) applied to accomplishing a task.

  Bardon calls Nith-Haiah of Mercury in Leo “the guardian angel of all magicians on earth.” In a similar manner, we could call this spirit is the Muse or guiding spirit of Bardon students who seek to master Initiation into Hermetics; Bardon says mastering the book requires a superhuman patience. 

   Absalom is the perfection of such commitment to training in any spiritual or other system offering the mastery of divine power.  In effect, if you are going to master a system of divine power you will need to employ a divine level of training.      


Note: it is not that Capricorn gets more done than say a Mars spirit in Cancer.  They employ different applications of energy.  Capricorn fits our model of great entrepreneurs who make work and organization into a great pleasure as they lay the foundations for new industries.

    By contrast, a Mars spirit in Cancer for example might “flow like water.” But he might also say, “Obstacles dissolve before me as I flow like water, for I am the power of flowing water to an infinite degree.”

  I know a woman like that.  In her left hand is the energy of a young, nubile girl, for that she is. But in her right hand is the power of water far beyond the knowledge of masters who belong to the human race--she has knowledge of the seas beyond human understanding. You could say she is half human and the other half embodies powers from “the next world.”  I have written about several of her former incarnations in my story, Double Changeling.


Outer Aura


Intense, stable, organized, superhuman self-mastery—an integration and mastery of the four elements both within and outside of time.  Whatever is brought to bear against him, he already has mastered that set of energies far beyond what the opponent can imagine. 

   His manifest self is like the tip of an iceberg.  What you see is only a small part of the powers he commands.   If you push against him you are pushing not just against a form but against a mass of power assembled on the inner planes. 

   I get the feeling that this spirit would be “overqualified” for any task you could assign him to fulfill.  Warren Buffet or Bill Gates assemble a financial or corporate empire and then consider retiring. This spirit under the same conditions of  incarnation would have already have moved on to a fifth or six corporate, financial, political, or scientific empire and probably have set up an independent, self-sufficient colony on Mars in the same time frame. 

   In brief, because he is integrated and organized inside of himself in terms of mastery over the elements, he can easily organize and master the variables and complications of any situation in history.


The Mar’s spirits each have an inner bliss of cosmic dimension.  Absalom sees time and its limitations as a crucible or vessel in which to refine, fuse together, and transmute the energies of life so they attain perfection.  The elixir of life, the quintessence of magic for a Mar’s spirit is channeling some force of nature through himself.   

   Consequently, for Absalom it does not matter if you are working with the five elements on the inner planes or through activities in the outer world.  The two are always inseparable.  If he works in one realm he is simultaneously working in the other realm as well.

   This is what the vibration of Mars does.  It is energy focused through your self to attain some mission.  Outer or inner—it is the same energy if only in a different form or expression.

   Time defines your opportunities.  But when you add in mastery over the elements within the self and on the inner planes, the opportunities become infinite, without limit or definition: this is the bliss in which Absalom exists.  The bliss is feeling the powers of creation flowing through you. 

   And this is why Absalom possesses and inspires a superhuman level of commitment to self-mastery.  These powers of the universe mastered and expressed through your self are freedom, beauty, wonder, and ecstasy beyond the knowledge of any race, society, or planetary civilization.

  In my essay, Ten Rules for Spiritual Seekers, Rule 10, which is where it all must begin, states: “Find something worth doing that is totally captivating and that feels right for you.” Each one of the Mar’s spirits that Bardon mentions possesses super human passion. 

   It is not that it is mind boggling to spend time with them.  It is a wonder and a delight reserved for those who engage in mental wandering.  Like a wine and at its taste you taste the beauty of creation awakening inside of your self.  



Inner Aura


“The five elements are within me.  I am them and they are me. I seek their mastery to an infinite degree—this is the essence of time and what it is to be alive, to find the divine inside.”  


To summarize in my words, don’t look at your training from the human side, measuring efforts and results in terms of things people will take note of and respect.  If you do that, inevitably, without exception, (though you attain great heights) you will fall from the light and fail to grasp whatever destiny the universe has set within your reach. 

  The alternative is to look at your training from the point of the divine.  In this case, the words “excellence,” “accomplishment,” and “well-done” have an altogether different meaning. 

   Doubtless, along your way you will run into “impossible” obstacles.  But there is always some spirit in some sphere that looks at your problem and will whisper in your ear, “I have been there.  I was just like you.  The problem you face is the very one that inspired me to reach self-mastery.  In me you see unfolding the powers of creation.  Since I exist, obviously, these you can attain to the same degree.”