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A World Peace Meditation Relating to Achaiah of the Sphere of

Achaiah of the Mercury Sphere,  #7.  Relates to 1-5 degrees of
Taurus.  Franz Bardon states that Achaiah specializes in love,
friendship, turning enemies into friends, and reading in akasha the
fate of individuals and of nations

Achaiah's Outer Aura.  Achaiah has a wonderful feeling of
transcendence--of perceiving the outer world and history from the
perspective of eternity and Divine Providence.  As I enter his aura, I
feel what it is like to be such a spirit.  I feel that my purposes are
eternal and that I am united to the One Light that shines throughout
the universe.  
     Immersed in his aura, my voice begins change into his--"The
peace surrounding me is infinite.  The love flowing through me has
no beginning and no end.  There is nothing I can point to and say,
"This is what or who I am.  I manifest according to the needs of
each individual.  
     "And by this light which illuminates my mind, there is nothing in
history I can not understand.  There is no problem to which I can
not see the solution.  
There is no weight of fate or karmic restriction which I can not see
through and embrace because at the core of my being is absolute
freedom.  The limitations of space and time and the density of the
physical, astral, and mental planes exist to enable me to master the
art of being a creator. 
     "Whatever I do, I embody harmony.  The lawful order of the
universe is expressed through me.  I am a guide to those who seek
enlightenment and I am a servant to those who seek to bring peace
to the earth."

Achaiah's Inner Aura.  Achaiah's outer aura is bright, free, and full
of light.  His inner aura by contrast is dense and grounded.  This
kind of consciousness comprehends the weight of fate, karma,
history, and all historical limitations.  In fact, the gravity and density
in his energy are very great. 
    Gnome magicians like Mentifil have a great density within their
consciousness.  Mentifil feels completely at home in placing his
mind within stones and minerals.  Achaiah has a even greater degree
of density and solidity to his consciousness.  It is like he can hold all
of the events of human history within one gaze and one
    The gnome Mentifil can see the past and future of minerals and
geologic strata in their beginnings, their changes, and their
dissolution.  Achaiah can see desire, need, dreams, motivations, and
purposes moving human beings and the effects that result.  And he
can see which of these amount to something and are of value and
which are wasted and a step backward.  
    Civilizations rise and fall.  Ages and eons pass by.  Achaiah's
mind comprehends the whole of human experience.  
    Surely some of the prophets of ancient Israel knew Achaiah. 
When you gaze through Achaiah's eyes you see that the whole earth
is sacred.  Its beauty is beyond comprehension.  The purposes
seeking to appear on earth, to awaken within our consciousness and
to manifest through the work of our hands, are a direct reflection of
the love within the heart of the God, the Creator of the universe.  
     The light within Achaiah's mind is penetrating, revealing, and
illuminating.  It retains it sense of absolute peace even as it joins
itself completely to the mind of anyone on earth.  There is an
interesting parallel here between the spirit Bagoloni of the earthzone
and Achaiah of Mercury.  
     Bagoloni specializes in telepathy.  He teaches you how to so join
your mind to another individual that the same thoughts arise in each
of your minds at the same time and you understand these thoughts
in the same way.  Achaiah also specializes in telepathy.  But the
spirits of Mercury tend to work more with collective consciousness
than the spirits of the earthzone who enhance individual
    With Achaiah you learn to join you mind to the minds of many
other individuals.  You comprehend them all at the same time
illuminating their experience from the perspective of the whole
without diminishing their unique and individual experiences. 
Achaiah is a celebration of global consciousness. 
    For Achaiah, we each have our own inner spirit. We each have a
freedom and an independence.  We each have our own path and the
light speaks to us individually and reveals through each of us what
can be seen by no one else.   There is no question about this.
     But for spirit, there is also no separation.  The truth of the
universe is that we are also interdependent.  Love is celebration and
cooperation.  We are co-creators with God.  We discover unique
visions from within our hearts and also we freely unite with each
other to perfect our craft, our work, and our art.  
     There is a prophetic art which accompanies Achaiah's work. 
The prophets of old such as Isaiah prophesized the fate of every
nation surrounding Israel.  Isaiah's voice spoke to those who did not
care to listen.  Nonetheless, his words carried the weight of history
and fate.
    But in the fullness of time, the Lord of light appeared according
to the Gospel of John to reveal that God is near.  He is found within
the heart and the soul of every man and woman.  There are few
who search for God within.  Most seek Him through believing in
creeds and following the dictates of various priests.  
    But the 72 spirits of the sphere of Mercury, the Shem-Ham-
Phoras, are said to contain the mystery of the longest name of God
composed of 72 letters. This name reveals Deity in its highest
expression.  Consequently, the Mercury spirits are very vigorous in
proclaiming that the light which illuminates the path to God is found
within each individual's heart and mind.   
     If you unite your mind to Achaiah's, you can get a feel for this. 
And it seems natural to search for the light that exists within each
individual and which reveals their highest path to perfection and
their greatest acts of service to mankind.  Infinite in its variety of
expression--in its spectrum of colors and oscillations--it is always the
same One Light, that is, cosmic akasha.

A World Peace Meditation

I realize many individuals are working spiritually to bring peace to
our planet. And in the Bardon system, there are a very great many
spirits and methods which individuals can draw upon to work to
these ends.  I feel very comfortable with Achaiah and would like to
suggest the following as a meditation for those who wish to consider
hermetic, Quabbalistic, and magical methods.
    One way to do this is to visualize yourself in a space vast like the
sky that surrounds the planet earth.  And this entire space is filled
with bright orange light which is the aura of the sphere of Mercury.  
And then you imagine you are this light which is one vibration of
the light of akasha which illuminates every mind and heart.  
    Spend a little time considering the following words and ideas. 
Make them your own.  Express them in your own way.  Then as the
light and as the voice of Divine Providence speaking through
yourself, join your mind to the leaders of the earth one by one, in
combination, or all at once and become Achaiah's consciousness.  
     This is a telepathic, empathic, and omnipresent consciousness
united to eternity and also united in oneness with those whom you
choose to contemplate.  There is no manipulation or coercion here. 
There is no attempt to give specific directions or seek specific
results.  Rather, you become divine inspiration under the law of love
that we all are joined as one. 
     When you are done, dissolve with your imagination the orange
light.  It is not meant to become a substance which hangs around
and weighs individuals down.  It serves its purpose by elevating
others' intuition and granting new insights the way someone who
loves you might enter your life and suggest some new options.  
The Meditation

Achaiah can unite his mind to any individual or, for example, to all
the leaders of the nations of earth all in the same moment.  He can
speak and say, "I understand your life.  I can trace every memory in
your mind.  I feel your every experience with love and with hate,
with anger and with shame, with passion and with delight. 
     "What is alive in you is alive in me as well.  Your motivation,
your desires, your inspiration, and your capacities--through the
power of love, I am perfectly one with you.  Let us, therefore,
consider together whether we wish to create a new and better world
or whether we wish to destroy.   Do we wish to bind mankind to
illusions and deceptions, to hate and to fear?  Or would it not be
better to make the earth into a place where wisdom, justice, and love
are celebrated forever?
    "In this moment, my love is infinite.  My mind is enlightenment. 
My will is joined to Divine Providence.  My heart embraces human
history from its beginning to its final perfection.  
     "Therefore, I ask you again.  I speak from the core of your
being. I speak as your best friend.  I speak with the voice of your
guardian angel and your eternal guide--Will you not accomplish on
earth those things which bring lasting benefit to others?  Or do you
wish to persist in causing harm and using destruction to maintain
your power?   
     "I hold in my hands the powers of creation.  I speak with the
voice of the cosmic language.  With my lips I taste the fruits of the
Tree of Life which are the union of love, power, wisdom, and
service intended for the healing of the nations.  
     "Listen to the sounds and the visions which are in my heart as I
speak:  The beauty of the seas which brought life on earth into
being, their tranquility and flowing ecstasy are among my gifts.  The
winds and the atmosphere of the earth flow through my breath.  I
am open and generous with light like the blue sky and vast and
unfathomable in my depths like the dark indigo of a starry night. 
     "The mountains of the earth--their great age, weight, and bulk--
express my endurance and my silent patience.   And the fires of the
earth in the magma at the core and the volcanoes' explosions--these
fires burn within me just as wild and ferocious but I have tamed that
energy and turned it to a higher purpose.  
     "The power within me is such that I can cause the earth to shake
and tremble with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis,
hurricanes, and tornadoes.  But these forces alive within me I turn
through the desire in my heart into kindness, gentleness, and
    "In this moment, I am one with you. I am also one with a sea of
infinite peace. You must choose for yourself your own path in life. 
I will not interfere with your will.  
     "But make no mistake about this.  I am authorized by the One
Light to offer to you an unimaginable wealth of opportunities.  Yet
if you choose to test my resolve on issues of peace and justice, I will
require an accounting for your actions.  
     "I will suspend time, accelerate your karma, and present you
with the final result of your actions in the moment when you least
expect it. Therefore, choose light, love, wisdom, and service that the
nations of the earth might transform their war machines into
hospitals, universities, and productive activities."  

The purpose of this meditation is to further political evolution.  This
is an area in which Achaiah specializes.  As societies evolve, they
become more inclusive.  They provide means for everyone to be
involved in producing and creating new things.  There are then
present in the society a huge number of ways for individuals to
support and to receive support from the larger society.  This
overcomes individual isolation and frees the creativity within
    In this sense, the greatest leaders are not those who lead others in
fulfilling their personal goals and the ambitions of a party or
ideology.  The great leaders are facilitators.  They serve as focal
points enabling others to find their own best work and create their
own best solutions.  They are adept at sensing others' needs and in
finding and empowering individuals and groups to meet those needs. 
     I sometimes work as a public advocate, that is, I try to make
public institutions more fair and individuals more responsible.  I
have very specific criteria which I use before I get involved with any
politician or public issue.  
    My basic method is to do my research so I end up knowing more
than anyone else about the problems which I am concerned with.  I
talk to the major players involved.  I try to understand what forces
are at work.  I brainstorm solutions with whomever I can.  
     If necessary, I will use all available public forums to expose the
abuse of those who refuse to assume responsibility for their actions. 
Since I am in a democratic society, stating the truth in a powerful
and concise manner often has devastating consequences.   And this
is appropriate because feedback is what enables individuals to make
their best decisions.
     But when I get it right, I don't have to present anyone with
consequences or threats.  I just talk to those involved like an old
friend discussing choices and options about what will work out best
in the long run.  The calmness, certainty, and experience from
which I speak often have a remarkable effect. 
    Achaiah is similar.  But his calmness is the peace and love of
akasha which is like an infinite sea.  And the consequences are not
public exposure or an attack on someone's power base.  Rather, by
uniting with the divinity within oneself and also utilizing an
omnipresent and telepathic connection, time and space are
suspended.  If you get it right, individuals find themselves
surrounded by incredible illumination.  
     But by the same token, this illumination reveals all that is hidden. 
If someone is abusing their power, then others see it more clearly. 
If someone is acting out of malice, then that malice, rather than
reaching out to harm others, turns back upon the one who is
producing it. 
    This is the nature of akasha.  It oversees karma and the effects of
the elements.  It maintains balance, harmony, and justice.  Akasha
also dissolves illusion and attachment.  If an individual's power is
based on controlling others through force, he inevitably will lose his
power because it no longer has any effect on others.  That is, the
public sees what is going on and demands justice and fairness as a
     To put it concisely, working with this meditation is a way of
heightening direct mind to mind communication between the leaders
of our nations so that they understand and empathize with each
other.  They understand each other's thoughts and feelings.  They
understand each other's situations and responsibilities.  And they
encourage and cooperate with each other because this is what is
required in this age if we are to survive and if we are to fulfill the
tasks appropriate for this phase of our history. 

Method in Brief.  The method I suggest above is done by imagining
you are in an infinite space filled with bright, orange light.  Like
akasha. this light penetrates everywhere through space and time. 
You then imagine that this light has the qualities of Achaiah and the
sphere of Mercury and that you are this light.  
     The light embodies an infinite sea of love, perfect enlightenment,
the will of Divine Providence, and divine service.  It comprehends
all of human history and all forces and desires which appear within
human beings.  It also is so telepathic that it easily and freely can
unite its own awareness to the awareness, the desires, the will, and
the memories of any human being.  
     The voices of the prophets of Israel where bold, courageous, and
no king or army could destroy them.  The voice in this meditation
does not threaten or cajole nations to avoid being naughty because
otherwise something bad will happen to them.  
    Rather, it speaks from the core of each person's being.  It vibrates
in the depths of their souls.  It is not external at all.  It is the
perfection of love uniting itself with others to bring about the
enlightenment of the earth. 

Note.  For another brief presentation in artistic form of a spirit of
the sphere of Mercury, see my poem called Jacob's Angel under
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