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                                    Aduachiel--the Head of Jupiter in Sagittarius


Franz Bardon states that Aduachiel governs the sign of Sagittarius in the sphere of Jupiter.  As such, he specializes in wisdom, law, justice, equilibrium, and harmony.


Reason.  My interest in Aduachiel relates to my ascendant in my natal chart which is Sagittarius.  This influence often leads me to become involved in wild and passionate spiritual quests to the detriment of maintaining balance and harmony in my daily life   

     As the ruler of Sagittarius in Jupiter, Aduachiel embodies, for example, the spirit of how I might best organize my daily life.  This is not easy to do because having active work in both the spiritual and physical world requires a rather strong level of personal discipline, flexibility, and commitment.  Aduachiel has a great way of harmonizing these different interests.


Sphere of Jupiter.  The spiritual aura of this planet embodies wealth on all planes of existence as well as incredible opportunities for experience, service, and new life.  It is very benevolent, satisfying, and enriching.


Aduachiel’s Domain in the Sphere of Jupiter.  The concern of this particular domain or part of the spiritual landscape is with the orderly and stable unfolding of society and life.  Many of the violent upheavals occurring in history could be dealt with far more effectively and successfully with the presence of foresight and wisdom.  This requires, of course, that there be men and women of great skill if not genius and of great influence who help prepare society for the transitions it must undergo.  But this is not a problem for Aduachiel.  He specializes in wisdom that exercises oversight and that guides the world.


His Aura and Appearance--Clairvoyance.  Aduachiel appears as a scholar who is also incredibly bright and quick and who embodies the ideal of magnificence.  He is like the perfect advisor when it comes to accomplishing an objective in a way that is harmonious with the laws of life, society, nature, spirit, and the universe.

     Though his face has that detachment of an academic, he also appears as someone who knows how to take control.  His eyes take in everything in one glance and yet they are kind and generous.  There is an uplifting, light, almost playful quality about him which is present in his smile.  And yet the sharp, angular facial features give the impression that he knows exactly what has to be done.

    His voice is matter of fact, to the point, and it has a tranquilizing, relaxing effect and yet it also seems to resonate with the powers of the earth and the sky.

    He leaves me with the impression that he would be fabulous at any kind of game of mental skill or chance.  With a little effort, he could direct any orchestra or choir and play any instrument.  He could draw or paint on a level at least the equal of the greatest masters and if he wrote a novel it would capture the heart of a nation.  For that matter, if he wrote a couple of books on physics, chemistry, and biology, he would put the human race a thousand years ahead in science.


Clairfeeling.  Clairfeeling is the psychic sense of touch.   With it, you can feel auras, emotions, and even thoughts and intentions.   This sensation of touch I get as I feel Aduachiel’s aura is a sensation that is firm, strong, expansive, and dynamically radiant.  His aura is gigantic in that its influence is so pervasive. 


Telepathy.  I asked Aduachiel,  “Tell me about your qualities and powers.”  His telepathic response:  “Just as the laws of physics govern the motion and energy of the solar system, each situation of life can be understood according to the forces that are present and their interactions.”

    As I focus Aduachiel’s mind on some questions I have about my own activities, I notice he reorients my perspective and thinking so that I see my life in a completely different way.  This produces a series of new questions I have not asked myself and previous concerns that I was worrying about appear to be no longer significant.


Inner Source of Inspiration.  Aduachiel senses the fabulous wealth of experience and knowledge--the diversity and variety--that exists throughout our galaxy.  For Aduachiel, you want to live in such a way that you can rise up and attain to this cosmic wisdom and perspective.  For Aduachiel, every aspect and facet of life and experience can be understood and appreciated for what it is.  When you possess this understanding, you always know your task, your purpose, and the best way to accomplish these things.


Sigil.  Aduachiel’s sigil is in Franz Bardon’s book, The Practice of Magical Evocation.  This sigil produces order, stability, balance, equilibrium, and success in your endeavors.  It develops courage, will, charisma, and power in an individual. 


Aduachiel’s Outer Aura.  He understands and specializes in the laws that govern life and evolution--he knows what you can do and what you cannot do.  This means he has a great sense of balance, fair play, and of reasonable and well-construed plans and activities.   He emphasizes how much attention to give to maintaining and enriching the world as it is, how much to give to celebrating the past, and how much to give to exploring and researching the future.  This fine tuned approach leads to acquiring a massive amount of wisdom and experience.

     Consider an example.  Imagine going to a college where you do not quite fit in, where you have few if any friends, where the teachers are cold and distant, the location is not particularly interesting, and you never feel inspired.  This is life without Aduachiel’s influence.

    By contrast, Aduachiel’s vibration would produce a college experience where the institution has maintained the highest standards of academic excellence for centuries.  Upon arriving, you immediately feel at home.  The students are remarkably friendly.  The teachers all take a personal interest in you.  The location is enchanting so that there are always new things to discover.  And overall you feel you are exactly where you need to be to prepare for your career and get the most out of your education.  You are continuously challenged, inspired, and engaged during the entire educational process.  The same conditions would apply to your marriage, partnerships, career choices, and spiritual community.

    Under Aduachiel’s inspiration, there is no desperation or guess work when you make decisions.  There is no neglect or stagnation built into your circumstances.  There is no lack of wisdom or ill-advice guiding the way your spend your time and energy.  With Aduachiel, you feel you get it right the first time.


Inner Aura.  He offers fantastic opportunities to accelerate the evolution of societies and cultures as well as individuals.  This means you are conscious of what you are doing at any point in time.  You receive feedback on the consequences of your actions before you undertake them.  You are able to see in advance what will work and what will not work.  The result is that you have an overall perspective on what  you are doing and a capacity to measure accurately the efficiency and value of what you are accomplishing.


Akashic Plane.  Bringing Aduachiel to the akashic plane of the earthzone is in effect utilizing his powers and qualities to accomplish objectives that correspond to our planet’s overall themes and purposes.  The net effect is that he empowers individuals to accomplish their missions and work in life in harmony with the greater laws of the universe.  This means he is especially interested in assuring that your purposes are satisfied in the deepest and most complete way possible.

    The goal, then, is supreme success in your undertakings while magnificence and harmony govern your interactions with others.  Aduachiel is astonishingly calm and relaxed and also astonishingly penetrating in his insight and commanding as he pursues his objectives.


Mental Plane.  On the mental plane, Aduachiel is completely transcendent--that is, he is objective, totally detached, and his mind is pure and empty in its openness and receptivity.  At the same time, he is completely focused on whatever topic or purpose he is considering. 

     In this way, he brings a marvelous sense of wisdom and clarity to understanding any situation or problem.  Again, Aduachiel combines a marvelous sense of relaxation with a sense of pointing out exactly what you need to do or how to proceed in solving a problem.


Astral Plane.  On the astral plane, Aduachiel produces great stamina.  You are inspired to pursue your work and your quests with great idealism and dynamic commitment.  You combine wisdom and courage, understanding and daring.  There is sensitivity and empathy combined with a divine level of conviction.  Again, there is a balance between the objectives you are focused on and your appreciation of the world around you.

     Without losing focus on your activities, you succeed in producing harmony and balance in all of your actions.  You emphasize fair play, temperance, and even-handed transactions with others with an absolute commitment to accomplishing your objectives.


Physical Plane.  On the physical plane, the presence of Aduachiel produces great strength and influence.  You are able to enforce the laws of equilibrium, justice, and harmony.  That is, your presence generates these things and overcomes all opposition to them.

     With Aduachiel, there is dignity but also warm friendship.  There is great charisma and conviction but he is also vivacious and spontaneous.  There is immense, divine power but also playful humor and wit.  There is great responsibility even to the point of watching over the destiny of a planet but also sensual delight in the joy of being alive in the present moment.  


Common Difficulties/Imbalances.  Aduachiel specializes in the vibration of Sagittarius.  He deals with issues of justice, law, and philosophy as well as overseeing the stable, orderly, and harmonious unfolding of society and life.  Those who are involved in quests, who search for answers to life’s mysteries, and who are seeking justice may have to confront at times their own fear, anxiety, confusion, and desperation.  These states of mind and emotion strongly interfere with the development of inner harmony and equilibrium. 

    There are obviously some difficult issues here.  At times, justice is something you have to fight for.  It is not always free or a gift.  Questions deserve answers and these answers can be found.  But you might have to search for and find these answers in places others are unwilling or unable to go.  During this search, you may find yourself very much on your own.

     And if you are striving to attain to some noble ideal or to bring forth something wonderful into the world, you may feel at times that you have lost your way or that there are insurmountable obstacles blocking your path.  We all may find ourselves at times confronting these kinds of difficulties.  But if we become attached to feeling inadequate or come to believe that what we seek to accomplish can not be done, then we set up a vibration that is in opposition to Aduachiel’s aura.

    Aduachiel embodies the power and the wisdom to accomplish the great purposes of life.  There is no lack of ingenuity, decisiveness, or stamina with Aduachiel.  You not only accomplish your objectives.  You accomplish them in the best way possible.  You act and move in harmony with the laws of the universe.  

    Some individuals will set out in their life journey by handicapping themselves.  They do not wish to believe or to consider or to test and discover if there are power and wisdom available to accomplish the deepest purposes of life.  They are stuck.  This gate that leads to the wealth of life remains hidden from them. 

    The problem is that they are attached to their weaknesses, their confusion, or their limitations and they do not wish to see what lies beyond them.  They are encircled by a ring of fear and to pass through and beyond that fear is, for them, to risk confronting terror and the dark face of the unknown.  Their attachments to the life they know protects them from the unknown but it also restricts their access to unimaginable wealth.

   Another difficulty relates more specifically to the sense of being lost.  The individual does not feel that he or she possesses divine will and wisdom.  The spiritual landscape of the inner world is out of focus. 

    This is not a problem if you stick to the ordinary world and do not ask too many questions about the meaning and purpose of life.  It is definitely a problem if you want to manifest a divine level of creativity in your life.  In this case, you have to draw upon spiritual resources if you are going to act with the power and creativity of a spiritual being.

    Whatever your background, kind of spiritual training, or repertoire of skills, there is a process that is required for bringing the spiritual world into focus--you have to activate your imagination.  You do this by imagining, that is, by carefully contemplating a divine, transcendent perspective on the world.  You view the world as a spiritual being. 

    And you also carefully contemplate the world as it appears in everyday life.  You consider your life from the point of view of history and tradition, taking into account common sense as formulated by society and those individuals in your community.  

     The task is to bring these two perspectives together.  The spiritual must seize and lay hold of the ordinary so that it becomes transformed.  And the ordinary must find ways to discover and let shine the divinity that exists within it. 

    For example, the fear, the confusion, the desperation, and the anxiety that appear in life are things you carefully study.  You search out what they mean to you as an individual--when and how they arose in your life--what they have meant to you and how they have shaped you. 

   And you also study them as a divine being.  You view them from the perspective of their opposites.  You put fear off to the side so that you can enter, taste, and embrace infinite love.  You observe how confusion dissolves in a state of perfect clarity and wisdom.  Desperation you replace with perfect faith and conviction.  And in place of anxiety, you experience a peace that embraces the stars and galaxies. 

    These positive and negative states of mind and feeling are energies with qualities and levels of power.  You study them and learn to produce them at will within yourself.  They are not in possession of you.   They are your possessions.  You can take hold of them, change and transform them, and rearrange them in accordance with the purposes you wish to fulfill.

    The spirits of Jupiter are very expansive, dynamic, and wealthy.  To work with them, it helps to develop in yourself an equally expansive and dynamic wealth of  imagination.



Pathworking.  A pathworking is a mental and astral exercise in which you pursue an image or a theme using contemplation and free association.  You can begin in any number of ways such as imagining you are walking down a path and that while walking you will encounter individuals or experiences that clarify and illuminate your questions and interests.  The point of a pathworking is to make personal and concrete through imagery and feeling things that otherwise might seem abstract and distant.


I begin by using free association.  I let images enter my mind freely.  I am pursuing the theme of the part Aduachiel has to play in my life.  In the process, I recall experiences from my past when I have been involved in various spiritual quests.  Sometimes I made mistakes and sometimes I found what I was seeking.

    One of the powerful themes in my life has been the pursuit of tantra.  To accomplish my spiritual work, I need to be in harmony with myself.  The masculine and feminine have to be balanced and also united.  I have to know what it is to be whole, complete, and one.  The consequence of failing to attain inner equilibrium is a loss of vitality and power.  It is being out of harmony with the universe.  However others may pursue or consider these themes, it is quite clear that in working with Aduachiel this is a task that it is essential for me to accomplish.

    It is possible to attain union and oneness briefly in meditation or even as a stable spiritual realization on the inner planes of the astral, mental, and akashic levels.  But pursuing this without actual experience in the physical world risks falling into spiritual impotence because the purpose is manifestation--taking possession and seizing opportunities that exist in the real world, that is, the physical world where purposes unfold through history and human actions. 

    This is not a discussion about sex.  It is not about bonding and social ties, though it is about special kinds of relationships.  The task is to incorporate the opposite gender’s energy, life force, and spirit within oneself. 

    So I come back to images of tantra--of being in union with my opposite.  At this point in my pathworking, I find myself entering a state of trance.  In it, I am totally relaxed physically, to the point of feeling mesmerized and tranquilized.  But on the astral plane, I feel completely one with a woman. 

    Yet this is not romance as in the sense of Venus.  It is very much a Jupiterian, Aduachiel kind of vibration.  It is dynamically radiant.  It is a oneness in which I feel united with life and especially with nature.  My mind feels open and clear like the sky.  And on a spiritual level, again while remaining totally relaxed and tranquil, I feel free to draw upon any power or energy I need to accomplish my purposes.  The tantra empowers this.

   This is tantra in the style of Aduachiel.  It is definitely not abstract or philosophical or ritualistic or ceremonial.  It is completely satisfying on a personal level and yet also magically effective.  Jupiter is incredibly wealthy on all levels and this pathworking is saying to me, “Draw upon this wealth.  It is free.  There is no end to it.  And it exists to insure that all paths of life are fulfilled.”

    What is novel about this pathworking is that it reflects Aduachiel’s attitude and energy.  His approach is not to think about something.  Rather, he seems to say, “Let’s get right to the point. You are interested in tantra?  Well then, here is precisely what you are looking for.”


Other Symbolic Forms of Interaction.  The pathworking I illustrate above is one way of connecting to Aduachiel within a certain context.  There are countless ways to do evocation or to interact with spirits.  A spirit specializing in alternate ways of doing evocation other than through ritual or ceremony is mentioned by Bardon--Granona is a spirit of the earthzone relating to 26 degrees Cancer. 

     Bardon says of Granona, “Granona tells the magician about the means necessary for achieving cosmic alliances within the interplanetary spheres by diverse visions, no matter whether they occur in trance, during sleep, or in day-dreams; or whether they are caused by the help of magick mirrors.”

    I ask Granona for a simple way to interact with Aduachiel.  After entering a meditative state of mind, I find myself in a vast space like the sky filled with blue light.  I both sense and imagine this space and this light as embodying Aduachiel’s qualities of wisdom, justice, clarity, balance, cosmic lawfulness, and equilibrium. 

    Next I feel that I have become this space, this vibration, and this light.  I remain here for a brief time just familiarizing myself with this energy and consciousness.  Then I think of some specific request I wish to accomplish.  Again, imagining myself to be this space of illuminated wisdom, light, and power, I concentrate on my request.  I imagine and see it becoming fulfilled in every conceivable way.  This imagery and process feel very natural and comfortable for me.

    The idea behind what Granona is suggesting is that I identify with the consciousness--the qualities and powers--of Aduachiel by imagining and entering a sky filled with blue light.  I do not actually project my mind into the sphere of Jupiter and contact Aduachiel.  I do however think of him and I can feel quite clearly a resonance and interaction between the two of us as if the meditation has a way of drawing his presence near to me.

     This whole procedure is extremely relaxed.  I do not feel at any point that I am subjecting myself to the kind of intense vibrations or concentrations that are involved in normal evocations.  The process is more dreamlike.  It draws upon the natural psychic skills of the subconscious to accomplish its objectives.  And it uses images that are sufficiently universal and cosmic to simulate and effortlessly develop a kind of telepathic connection to a specific spirit, in this case, Aduachiel.

    In some of my other writings, I mention that if, for example, you want to contact gnomes you can begin by imagining you are a gnome.  Spend some time doing what you might imagine gnomes to do.  Granona has a similar approach.  You want to connect to and work with a high spirit of the planetary spheres, then imagine you embody its consciousness.  Imagine that you are this spirit and that you are working effectively to accomplish whatever objective you are interested in. 

    The part Granona himself plays in this process is that he amplifies your natural psychic abilities.  As I concentrate on Granona, it is like he is telling a story in which you and a particular spirit have managed to find a way to work with each other in an almost effortless manner.  The net effect is that you begin to share each other’s perspectives and,  to some extent, there is a transference of abilities.