Copright © 2009 by William R. Mistele.  All rights reserved.


                                            Advice to a Young Model


Note: after today’s photo shoot, I spoke to a young model just beginning her career. 


At the end of lunch, I said:


All wise men on earth fail to understand this wonder—that all spiritual paths begin with the maiden.  Only the young woman knows how to give of herself without limitation to what she loves most.  If men or women when they are older fail to remember or to learn this lesson, then they inevitably lose their inspiration.


Now you know what it is to take part of a man inside your self and, uniting with him, to give birth to a child; and to nurture the child until he or she reaches maturity.  Later in life, perhaps like many other women, you too will learn that men are not worthy of the effort or the devotion that you give them.  This will perhaps happen when the estrogen in your body grows weaker and your testosterone strengthens.    

  Yet there is something that all wise men on earth forbid to even be spoken.  This I will now tell you.       

    As a woman grows older, in spite of her form, she has the ability to grow more beautiful.  It is a quality of your aura.  And this happens because what you can do in producing and nurturing a child can also be done with fully grown men no matter how powerful their wills.   

  You can find the seed of inspiration or need within the depths of their hearts and take it into your self.  You can then transform men, and women too, so that they are a totally new being something even they can not envision or dream. 

  This power women possess.  It is the power of love and of beauty. It can get inside of anyone and change them forever.  Possess this skill and all men will desire you as a lover or a friend. 

   But the wise will deny that women possess this skill inside.  They fear the power of the feminine lest it undermine their minds’ rationality and their egos’ boundaries.

  But the undines teach this very skill.  It is the way of nature and of the feminine to be receptive--to feel in and a part of anything, offering healing, harmony, and completion.  

   My task is to teach young women how to learn this so it lasts for a lifetime and only grows stronger as you use it to love others.