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                          A Question and Answer Relating to Beginning Practice and Undines


Question: Looking back to when you first began practicing magic, what would you have done differently given what you know now?


Answer: Even in the beginning (that is, within the first two years of practice), it was fairly easy for me to do electro magnetic volts. It seems if you can create both electric and magnetic fluids, then obviously you are good at both.

   But after researching the undines for years, I tend to think now that the water element and magnetic fluid are a cultural and spiritual void that the human race knows next to nothing about. It does not matter if an individual can create each fluid easily. 

  What is significant is that the water and magnetic fluid are so absent from spiritual and religious and wisdom traditions.  I can do gnome, sylph, and salamander and those energies are easily understood in terms of science and technology.

  I can run into salamander, gnome, and sylph type people fairly easily. I can do undine just as easily as the other three.  But there is something different here. It takes immense effort and assistance to run into undine like women.  They have a completely different feel than anything within the range of normal human experience. 

   In fact, I have only met “undine-like women” in the last two years since beginning my undine art project.  In spite of my “immense” efforts to study human auras and note anything exceptional I run into, undine women never appeared to me.  I have me women with lots of water in their auras but they did not perceive and feel like undines.  Human women very rarely see and perceive from the point of view of the magical realm of undines. 

   And the poets totally miss this as well.  Read a story about mermaids and by gum the mermaids have very familiar human emotions: desire, loss, grief, unhappiness, need, vulnerability, etc. It ain’t so!  The work of poets in Western civilization is completely worthless in terms of describing the wonder, love, and ecstasy of this realm of nature.  It is astonishing to me that they could miss this.  (see A Mermaid’s Story as to why this might have happened).   

    I think of the magnetic fluid as embodying the magical essence of the feminine spirit in its creative power.  The feminine spirit as a magical power, embodied and perfected in the undine queens, is totally missing from women in our civilization.  Even so, with a few minutes of guided meditation a young woman can regain her immense ties to the magnetic fluid.  It just does not have any meaning for a woman to do this because her brain has no cultural or religious imagery to appreciate what she can do with these powers.   

  The entire feminist movement drives hard in the opposite direction.  In terms of pursuing civil rights and undoing the wrongs done to women and in fully gaining access to all formerly masculine careers, the idea that women should be “more feminine” is obviously an attempt by the patriarchy to steal from women all that they have gained in terms of equality. 

   But the issues I am discussing have absolutely nothing to do with gender equality or women’s rights.  My discussion is about the survival of the human species.  It is about spiritual creativity, that is, taking responsibility for the world.  This is something magicians do as a result of the immense creative powers they acquire though their decades long training program.     

  I can produce in myself the magnetic fluid but a young woman can do it ten to a hundred times stronger almost without effort.  But women grow (according to the myth of Eros and Psyche) by absorbing masculine electrical energy into themselves and they can do this simply by pursuing careers in our world.  Consequently, women totally miss this other side to themselves, that is, the possibilities inherent in the water element in nature especially as it is embodied in undines.   

   Specifically, undines have the ability to let go and flow, to experience release and relaxation, tranquility, serenity, the feeling of happiness welling up from within oneself as a result of one’s connection to nature, the sense of love being everywhere in every moment, an inner peace with the universe, the sense of one energy flowing in and through everyone, the ease in loving others and even of creating and maintaining a magical space in which two become one, the absolutely astonishing ability to simply extend one's aura anywhere so that you can feel anyone or anything directly through your aura and without actually being psychic (this  is just a magnetic quality of the aura which also leads to telepathy and healing and to connecting to others), and also the ability to sense the future that undines possess--all of these are terribly undeveloped in human beings as compared to the extend we have the qualities and powers of the other elements in us.   (See my essay, Ordinary, Magical, and Undine Empathy)

   I was overexposed to fire my whole life through my family so I understand how others can want to have more contact with fire for example in order to develop will power.  But for me, just walk out on the street: our entire civilization is electrical and fiery. 

   I tried to work though the cosmic letters relating to water but actually I get more from just going over my own notes of my encounters with undines.  And my art project on undines has been extremely helpful to me because I meet women who the undines in effect send me or reveal to me or allow me to meet and these women put the whole realm of undines in a different perspective .

  In that sense I am a spiritual anthropologist interviewing these women and listening carefully and describing their connections to the undines and especially how they feel and perceive differently from the normal range of human women.  These women really are exactly like undines in the bodies of women and not as women who have a feeling for undines.  They tend to be very secretive about their actual feelings but once you get their trust and maintain it they talk like you are talking to an undine.  As in, "Here are our secrets and our experiences and the way we are different."

  I think Bardon totally missed the significance of how weak humanity is in terms of its collective astral equilibrium in water.  If he had understood, he would have told one of his students who asked him, "Sure, go ahead and marry an undine.  Just make sure you record everything you experience with her and about her so that you can share your experiences with the rest of the human race so that our collective understanding of feeling can be enhanced and developed.  This is itself a divine mission." (See for example a variation of this story in my new An Undine Possession story.

   For a hermetic magician the idea of marrying an undine would be absurd.  But looking at the human race, our days are numbered if we don't figure out how to balance this collective deficiency.  The wisdom traditions of earth are the worst influence here because they are so arrogant about the masculine spirit as compared to the feminine spirit.  Even when they know and possess the powers of the magnetic fluid they do not employ them and do not teach women about this. They keep this information to themselves, not realizing its significance.    

   This next statement is going to be very politically incorrect, but I am speaking with the voice of Saturn; Saturn is beyond confrontational and it could care less about offending people—it says, “If you (that is, you as a race) do not learn this lesson, you perish.”  From my limited experience, if a woman does not learn how to love with the magnetic fluid when she is still young there is not much chance to learn it later on.  When she is older and loses her estrogen levels, she loses her natural, inherent, innate connection to the magnetic fluid in her body and in nature.  At this point, she no longer has an advantage over a man in mastering the magnetic essence of femininity.  The estrogen in her body vastly enhances her capacity to think and perceive in terms of the magnetic fluid.  If she develops a consciousness of magnetic energy when she is young, then it is easy for her to go on developing it as a spiritual power as she grows older. 

  In this sense, women should (that is, it is their inherent ability) to grow more attractive as they grow older.  The power of the magnetic fluid is irresistible.  It is a primary power behind all of creation.  It is a power of nature and spirit.  If an older woman has it strong, no young woman can compete with her. 

   Beauty is a creative power.  It can appear as form but it also appears more clearly as energy.   You can touch a beautiful young woman and think, “bliss.”

   But a woman with magnetic power can not only use touch; she can merely think the energy and create bliss, ecstasy, and oneness with the universe, absolute peace and contentment, and no thinking on your part is required.  It is so incredibly easy for young women to learn this but they just do not comprehend how amazing their natural abilities are if they were to consciously direct these unknown or hidden feminine powers.  

    At far as I know, there are no older, wise women who can say to young women, “Here honey, let me show you in a few minutes how to create bliss in the man you love and how to deepen it so that over the years you transform him into the man he is meant to be.  This is a sacred power we women possess and that is why we are the custodians who can guarantee the highest destiny for humanity.”  

     The patriarchy does not understand this mystery or this application of powers in the feminine spirit.  Men never could reveal or steal this from women.  It is a Saturn thing: when something is missing from life, you, you as an individual, must search your heart if something new is to be revealed to the world.  If you blame someone else for what you sense is missing, the wisdom of Saturn is beyond your reach.        

  The electrical: I can do electrical as in "here are some things I will accomplish, some purposes, which I alone envision and the full power of Divine Providence is behind me and one with me as I seek to accomplish this."  That is electrical.  I will perhaps never meet a woman who has that ability, that is, until I am really surprised by something new I can not even imagine.  

   I would like to meet such a woman but since the electrical energy is so dominant in our world it is very unlikely a woman would make the effort to seek the electrical in its cosmic and divine aspect.  Like I say what women senses anything missing from her individual access to masculine creativity when she can become a space shuttle captain, a CEO, a U.S. senator, a four star general, or president of the U.S.?  

  The magnetic energy has perhaps been hidden from us because of its abuse in Atlantis.  That civilization ended because they didn't appreciate the magnetic astral watery abilities they had which were far stronger than our own. And they missed Saturn: they failed to attain a transcendent sense of justice and enlightenment that emphasizes the importance of working on what is missing from life and from one's civilization. Instead, they developed their strengths and accelerated their learning rather than working on the areas in which they were weak.          

   I am presenting a Saturn perspective: before a civilization destroys itself you issue one last warning; you make perfectly clear the way to attain balance.  And that obviously is going to be by focusing on something that appears to be totally insignificant and of no value by comparison to everything else that is so interesting and fascinating to the civilization.     

    Had I myself worked with water and magnetism when I was young I would have prevented a lot of mental tension in my brain.   Franz Bardon’s system for me is heavily slanted toward developing mental power in spite of everything he does to balance it.  The magnetism favors the lower body compared to the electrical and mental which favor the upper body. 

  Men, especially masters in the martial arts, like young women in part because their natural estrogen brings the energy out of the upper body of a man and down into his lower body so that he feels more relaxed, alive, and sensually happy.  Martial arts, in spite of their amazing efforts at grounding, always take energy into the upper body because they are extending power outwards, especially to neutralize or to destroy an opponent. 

  The entire Bardon system goes against attaining a fluid, open, and receptive relation to nature that produces serenity, contentment, of flowing and dwelling with peace.  This is perhaps why there are so few women practicing Bardon.  It just doesn't feel right to them.  It is way to abstract and intellectual and otherworldly and not a part of nature even though it totally contains the mysteries of nature.   

    In effect, I could have accomplished my purposes using the magnetic fluid by itself and have done so with far greater harmony and inner peace in myself. The electrical fluid is so intense and dynamic and goal oriented that it exists to create tension.   It makes changes. It demands and commands and so never unites with its opposite, the ability to feel one with all things and to inspire and bring them fully to life.  


Also, looking back, I think it would have been helpful if I had worked more with just a few earthzone spirits over a number of years.  The process of getting to know a spirit then applies equally to other spirits.  The depth of the encounter requires a steady connection slowly developed and to that I would have added contemplation: carefully reviewing and reflecting and then trying to go over again and again the applications of any impressions and inspiration and information that come from a spirit. 

  The side effects of working with spirits for me are often more impressive than the original purposes for contacting a spirit. In other words, something unexpected happens that places everything in a different context.  Something new about oneself comes through or about the world or some new psychic ability that has a totally different application or purpose than what I was originally pursuing.  A spirit will say, “Oh, how nice to see you again.  Shall we continue on now from where you left off in your former life time?” 

   It is kind of like a really good woman as a lover: she gets inside of you and dreams your dreams.  And that changes you.  Spirits are like that.  You have to think their thoughts and dream their dreams and in the process something new happens to both of you.  The world, human and divine, are both changed.  


The other thing I would advice my younger self about is the five senses: someone should do several volumes or simply seminars on exploring the five senses as concentrations and as experiences.  There is no end to their wisdom and how they change human nature as they develop.