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From The Evocation of Chimrigu, 23 degrees Aquarius

Note: During the evocation of Chimirgu, I asked him to help me better
understand akasha as it pertains to the physical plane.  He sent me a
vision similar to the picture Bardon has in his third book, The Key to the
True Quabbalah.  There is a picture of akasha as a flame surrounded by the
other four elements.  I found myself within this radiant flame and also
one with the four elements on the physical plane of our planet and also
the other planets in our solar system. Chimirgu has this really great
sense of being one with everything from an Aquarian perspective. He is one
of my favorites when it comes to meditating.  This prose poem was the
result or "voice" of this experience.

 The Voice of Akasha

"I am one with the domain of fire and the salamanders.  By penetrating
these realms with akashic awareness, all mysteries of power and will are
revealed to me.  Pure, radiant light ignites when I speak because I am the
unmanifest source from which it arises.  I am the time and space continuum
light enters in order to shine. 
    "The burning in fire, its explosions of power and cataclysms that
destroy--I am the exuberance and bliss underlying this enthusiasm to
manifest.  All power and fire dissolve and fall asleep or awaken and
fulfill what I seek according to the words that I speak. 
    "I am one with the realms of air and the sylphs.  Breath, wind, cloud,
weather pattern, climate, and the atmosphere of the earth are encompassed
by my awareness.  I am the clarity of the sky and the openness within the
enlightened mind.  The air element I have created so that knowledge and
wisdom might bring into balance and harmony all opposition.
    "The sylphs are my children.  They are tears of my joy and wings of
delight and their essence is freedom.  The passion in the air element is
in breathing.  Breath takes the life force of the planet and unites matter
and spirit in an endless dance of transformation. 
    "I am one with the realms of water and the undines.  Every raindrop,
fog, cloud, river, pool, lake, iceberg, ice cap, and sea is aware of me. I
am within your tears, the liquids, and the moistures of your bodies.  The
desire to share, to care, to find release, and to unite as one are born
from my love.
    "I have created water to capture the light of the stars above.  Every
dream, hope, aspiration, and ideal is fulfilled through my nurturing
power.  I encompass all that exists, every wish and desire.  In the dance
and songs of undines, you can find me. They were designed by me. 
    "I am one with the realms of earth and the gnomes.  Every rock and
stone, mineral and element, every mountain, plant, and tree has been
shaped by me.  You see, I needed something to reflect the endurance and
stability of eternity if only for a brief instant.  Where atoms and
molecules bind and connect in manifold patterns, I reveal my essence.  I
am the union of form and emptiness, of desire and
    "All that has shape, weight, density, and mass appear or disappear in
accordance with the laws I have imprinted on the mind of time.  And yet I
hold nothing back.  I keep nothing secret.  You are free to seek me, meet
with me, unite with, comprehend, and then create like me at any time.  I
have placed no limitations on what
you may accomplish.
    "The four elements are my children.  They are the passions within my
heart.  They contain my dreams and visions.  They express my love and my
art.  Bliss, ecstasy, rapture, and union, pain, suffering, separation, and
isolation--I am within and yet also beyond all of these.  Those who know
me have found the keys to enter the drama, the pageantry, and the
celebration for which the universe has been made.  I am within every
heart.  I am your own power to create and to recreate." 
Common Difficulties/Imbalances:  Entering akasha may be a disorienting
experience.  There is nothing to hold on to.  There are no reference
points.  Familiar things like breathing air and eating no longer have the
same meaning. 
    Some of the difficulties in entering akasha are the same difficulties
relating to fashioning a spiritual identity.  You need to have a clear
purpose for what you are doing.  You need to be able to justify to any
spiritual being why you have entered the realms of spirit.  Have you an
authority within yourself which is eternal and transcendent?  Do you know
in your heart that you are joined to divinity? 
   Can you regard with the eyes of your spirit any of your past lives or
any other individual's life and seek to determine the deeper purposes
underlying it?  Do you care enough to do that?  Are you detached enough,
pure enough, and loving enough? 
   Can you enter meditation and think of yourself as a spiritual being
whose essence is freedom, wisdom, love, and also a student of omnipotent
power?  Can you do this and feel it is as natural as breathing?  Can you
step outside your life for a few moments and look back at it as if it is
an incarnation you once lived ten thousand years ago or, vice versa, that
the life you are now living is a vision happening ten thousand years in
your future?  Akasha, as a matter of fact, has that kind of detachment
when it comes to examining specifics.
    Can you consider the worlds of form, the physical, astral, and mental
planes, as a place you explore the way a sojourner puts on a coat and
walks down a road?  It is a place you enter to study like a student at a
university.  It is a place where you go to work and to serve.  It is a
place, the same as akasha itself, where you celebrate the beauty and
oneness of the universe.
   Akasha is a state of mind you enter to sense and to take charge of
every influence on your life.  To be comfortable within it is to be
curious and investigative yet also commanding.  It unlocks the secrets of
past ages and delivers the treasures of future civilizations into the
present moment.
     Akasha is the mystic who is a general, the introvert who is
president, the poet who is a scientist, the philosopher who is an
activist, and the magician who is compassionate.  In akasha, there is no
difference between the inner and outer worlds.  In akasha, there is no
difference between wisdom, love, power, light, consciousness, and history.
They are all woven together into one vibration which penetrates
everything.  Akasha has Saturn's severity and, as I noticed a few moments
before, it is the essence of Venusian love.  It is all planets and spheres
rolled into one.
    As a state of trance, then, akasha is fairly unfamiliar.  They do not
teach it in Sunday school.  It is not taught in universities.  There is no
course in akasha at Harvard Divinity School nor at the North American
Baptist Seminary.  Still, the theoretical physicist likes to speculate on
the possibilities of time and space bending and natural laws being
suspended under unusual circumstances.
    But when you casually turn over the card of Isis in the Tarot deck,
akasha is staring back at you.  Its voice speaks through all the
constellations and planets.  It shapes the twenty-eight mansions of the
moon.  And it invites you to journey to the center of life and into the
heart of the universe in the moment when you first fall in love.  In fact,
if you want to throw away the word akasha because it is too abstract, the
word love would do well as a substitute. Akasha is a love which embraces
all of life and holds the universe within its heart. 

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