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Finding Akasha in Yourself--A Brief Outline in Four Steps

Preliminary Considerations: I would like to emphasize that the notion of
akasha is nothing new.  It has been described in many texts such as the
Heart Sutra from the Prajnaparamita, the Bagavad Gita, and even the 90th
Psalm.  I know Zen masters who slip into akasha as easily as they tie
their shoes.  Some Tibetan Buddhists I know configure their magical
circles to express an akashic state of trance.
    An Indian medicine man I spent some time with often wandered in akasha
when he dreamed and he relied upon it when he wanted something done in a
hurry.  One Taoist master uses akasha to open gates to the inner planes to
speak with any master from the past of that lineage.  And I know some
Sufis who enter akasha through their dance or by the way they focus their
    Life presents us with both outer and inner experience just as a circle
has both a circumference and a center.  Finding the akasha within
ourselves is perceiving life from the center.  No matter how dramatic our
actions or rapid our life transitions, there remains a calm stillness
around which everything turns.  To enter this still center of the heart is
one of life's greatest gifts.
    There are traditions probably as old as mankind in which individuals
have learned to switch into another mode of perception.  They attempt to
see, feel, and think as divine beings.  They not only reenact this in
their rituals.  They relive the act of creation as if it is their own to
unfold.  This is not a heretical, profane, or an outlandish
interpretation.  This is a son or a daughter inquiring into their origins
and preparing to assume their own rightful place as creators in the image
and likeness of the Creator. 
      The modern mind relies primarily on scientific inquiry to master the
art of creation.  Our model of the universe is experimental and subject to
empirical verification.  Yet the impulse underlying scientific endeavor
has always been present. It is not surprising that every esoteric oral
tradition on earth has its own version of a cosmology.  It is inherent in
human nature to express and celebrate the powers and the beauty which
brought life into being. 
    Consequently, it is not an idle thought to think that the power that
created and shaped the universe flows us.  Finding and uniting with the
creator/Creator in ourselves is the very essence of love.  And it is the
final destiny which we shall attain as a race who live and dwell among two
hundred billion galaxies. 

Step 1:  To enter akasha, cultivate a state of meditation or trance in
which your awareness is highly refined.  Move beyond dependency on form,
gender, age, historical or social identity.  Here there are no
limitations, no boundaries, and there is no need for names.  Space and
time are completely open to your scrutiny.  In this state of mind, nothing
is hidden and everything is available to be to studied directly through
intuition or mental projection.
   This is a magical practice and activity.  The emphasis and procedure
are somewhat different from those taught in traditional religions.  We are
not starting with a devotional act. We are not sacrificing, praying, or
invoking.  We are not being hesitant, cautious, or self-deprecating. 
There is no temple atmosphere, incense, rituals, mantras, icons or yidams
supporting our consciousness.  There is no need for a magical circle,
wand, or pentagram.
   We are also not proceeding in conformity with the rules of psychology. 
We are not processing our experience.  We are not strengthening our social
identity.  We are not relying upon behavioral, emotive, cognitive,
empirical, or social-linguistic methodologies.  We are not exploring the
personal, collective, or global unconscious.  We are not using positive
thoughts, guided meditations, or relaxation techniques.
    Having said all of this--having renounced dependence on form and
tradition--it still remains that each of us will use those tools which
best express our own aspirations.  Union with akasha is personal and
transpersonal.  Like the answer to a Zen koan, each individual's response
is always the same and yet always new.  That is to say, we can turn any
activity into a means for attaining transcendence.  This is because in
every moment we exist at the edge of akasha and we are free to draw upon
its power and creativity.
    Through meditation and concentration, we enter the mind and assume the
full prerogatives of a spiritual being.  If some proclaim man is made in
the image of God, then in this moment we activate this divine image in its
power, rapture, and sovereignty.  One procedure is to use your creativity
and intuition to imagine what this is like.
   A simple way to begin is to visualize dark, ultraviolet light
penetrating through space and time and that you are this light.  All of
history, past, present, and future, stands open to your gaze.  The wisdom
of all ages illuminates your understanding.  Think about this and consider
the ramifications--there is no emotion or feeling, no thought or
perception, no sensory experience, pleasure, pain, sorrow or ecstasy which
you can not comprehend and contain in its full depth, breadth, and
    All instincts, drives, desires, motives, and inspirations are clear to
you.  Every nuance and facet which makes an animal, human or divine being
what it is is part of your awareness.  As an image of God, like unto God,
you are sovereign and lord over your own being.  In this state of
awareness, nothing can influence you or oppose you without your
   As a creator, you have the ability and the right to withdraw into
yourself whenever you wish to examine the universe that surrounds you.
From this position, you can consider the forces active within yourself and
those which shape the world in which you live. You can consider what has
been, what is, and what shall come to be.  And, as a creator, from out of
the depths of your heart you can originate new purposes and actions.  You
can set into motion forces which fulfill your visions and remake the world
as a better place to live. 
   This akashic state of awareness, then, is your own space.  Within it,
you are autonomous, independent, and self-originating.  The mysteries of
your self and the universe surrounding you are open to your understanding. 
As befitting a state of perfect wisdom, you are detached and transcendent. 
   But also, according to your need and intentions, you are also imminent
and omnipresent. You can be present within and fully conscious of every
aspect of anything that exists anywhere in the universe.  This is the
nature of akasha.  This is capacity of those who unite with Divine
    In summary, in this first step we develop a physical sensation, a
feeling, and a mode of intuition.  The sensation is of penetrating through
space, time, and the entire universe should we wish.  The feeling is of
being in our own space, totally independent, autonomous, and
sovereign--nothing can influence us or oppose us without our permission.
And our intuition is of having full knowledge of any thing or being we
wish to focus upon. 
   Almost anyone can imagine these things if they spend some time working
at it.  Our task is to become familiar with this state of awareness so we
can claim it as our own.  The point is to be able to enter akasha with
ease whenever we wish. 
Step 2.  In the second step, we strengthen our akasha trance.  Meditation
becomes samadhi--body, soul, mind, and spirit are totally engaged and
united as we concentrate.  In this way, we attain total faith and
conviction.  Our psychic senses are enhanced.  And the atomic vibration of
matter and our physical being becomes open to our investigation.
   We now can sense how akasha is the origin of the four elements.  Fire's
expansive and commanding power of will are joined with water's
encompassing, nurturing sensitivity and acceptance.  Air's independence
and freedom are combined with earth's solidity and endurance.  These four
unite in a pure, clear awareness which knows itself to be divine. 
    Though we talk about the four elements, it would be just as easy to
say that the seven chakras in the body, the four planes of awareness, the
seven planets in the solar system, and the twelve signs of the zodiac also
combine and unite within this trance.  This might sound confusing at first
but the basics remain:  akasha is an awareness which encompasses,
penetrates and unites all at the same time. 
   In summary, for the second step the sense of touch which penetrates
through space and time is stronger.  You radiate power.  Your aura, which
is without limit, can now influence anything you concentrate upon.  The
feeling of being in your own space is also expanded. You feel at home
wherever you are. 
    And whereas your intuition in step one gave you knowledge, you now
feel omnipresence is something real.  As you contemplate, you can remove
every trace of separation between you and any other being or spirit.  The
oneness you can create and sustain is like that of Divine Providence. 
   In the first step, the task is to enter akasha with ease so that this
unusual state is comfortable and familiar.  In this step, akasha becomes a
trance in which our whole being is present as we concentrate.  This
carries with it an absolute sense of conviction that we are united with
whatever we focus upon so that all separation is overcome.  The highest
light of divinity is illuminating our five senses. 

Step 3.  In the first two steps, we entered and became familiar with
akasha.  We then deepen our concentration so it becomes total.  These are
internal states of awareness.  In this step, our internal awareness of
akasha becomes strong enough that we change the world. 
    As we mature as individuals within a family, we exercise more control
over our body, emotions, and mind.  Our personalities become more rounded. 
We gain in experience. We become productive members of society.  We belong
to secular and religious/spiritual communities.  But if we work with
akasha over many years, it is possible to become active as a dynamic and
influential spiritual being.
    This means we engage in a set of actions which are completely
invisible to the society in which we live. These are not religious or
devotional activities.  They are the actions of individuals whose power
and authority are sufficient to guide and to alter history.  But this
intervention is not arbitrary.  It carries with it the highest
   To put it another way, we become agents of akasha.  A part of ourselves
is totally dedicated to Divine Providence.  In the first two steps, we are
more concerned with the perfection of the self.  In this step, we turn our
attention to accomplishing some specific work on earth.
   This is not an odd idea.  I have already referred to this motivation
earlier on--there is a natural desire to contribute to the unfolding of
the world or, as the Sufis might say, every heart desires to transform the
world through love.  To assume a spiritual identity is to become active in
this endeavor.  The conscious integration of the self at this point
includes an awareness of the deeper purposes which are guiding history. 
Just as a successful personality is effective in working with the rules of
society, those who have assumed spiritual consciousness are successful in
working with the laws of the universe. 
    They understand what is possible.  They exercise foresight.  They
monitor the karma of individuals and societies as they search for ways to
accelerate growth and to enhance harmony.  Though on occasion they
exercise godlike powers, it is not their intention to dominate.  They seek
instead to liberate, to heal, to fulfill, and to set free. 
    In summary, the conviction in this step is strong enough and the
intuition pure enough to alter the course of history through the exercise
of spiritual and magical powers.  To do so requires that an individual
develop a consciousness appropriate for this level of activity. This is
not a social or religious identity, for the accumulated wisdom within a
society can never substitute for a direct connection to Divine Providence. 
And the light of morality is never sufficient to take the place of
harmonizing oneself with the laws of the universe. 
   In brief, you know beyond all doubt and with complete accuracy the
range of your powers and the purity of your spirit.  You know what you can
accomplish.  You see with the eyes of akasha and the four elements of
nature obey your will.  And so, like unto a creator, you reshape the world
according to the visions within your heart.  The act by which the universe
was created has not ended.  It is on-going and we are a part of the

Step 4.  In the fourth step, an individual becomes even more like akasha. 
What does akasha do?  It grants shelter, protection, and support. It is
nurturing and encouraging. It is also supremely challenging because the
possibilities it offers are infinite.  Akasha is both masculine and
feminine.  It holds the past in reverence and it is the unknown
manifesting.  Akasha lays the foundations for a new world offering both
continuity and divine creativity. 
    In the fourth step, as an individual grows in akasha awareness, he or
she exercises a permanent influence on human evolution.  As long as
humanity exists, his or her contribution to the human spirit will remain. 
Its light never goes out.  The perfection of the individual leads to this
place where there is a unending outpouring of new treasures of wisdom,
love, and illumination.  Like a planet, a star, or a constellation, the
individual becomes a gate through which the beauty of the universe is
continually revealed.