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I received a question through email which I will summarize below.


Question:  You did not discuss the details of incorporating the masculine and feminine sexual energies into the philosopher’s stone.  Could you say more about that?  The sexual drive, as I am sure you understand, can easily disturb one’s peace of mind.


Answer:  This is an important question to answer and I will try to do so now.

   From my perspective and from that of some scientists, Homo Sapiens beat out Neanderthals and perhaps Homo Erectus because of our acute interest in sex.   There is a very high stimulation of the nervous system that arises from flirting, courting, mating, etc.  This interest is rehearsed with the opposite gender and then inadvertently or through force of circumstances transferred to other activities.  

     The incredible curiosity and desire to be active and productive are in part a sublimation of sexual energy from my point of view.  This is because the dynamics of masculine and feminine, like the energies in an electro-magnetic volt, enable a very high concentrated charge of dynamic power to be surrounded by the stabilizing and preserving feminine magnetic fluid.

    As I implied in my article, one of the difficulties with the genders working creatively with each other's opposite energy is that the male fails to incorporate the clarity and detachment of the air element into his sexual desire.  And the female fails to incorporate the stability and endurance of the earth element in her sexual desire. 

    Over the years I have worked a great many times solely in a psychic manner with females as meditation partners.  Consequently, I have had the opportunity to observe first hand the way in which the energy of a woman influences and compliments or does not compliment me. 

    Let me be specific in describing one way to practice.  I do Tai Chi Chuan in the long form and northern style of master D'ong who resides here in Honolulu. 

   When I do my philosopher's stone four element meditation I may go through the long form three of four times at once.   Breathing exercises of this nature seem to work better when I am actively doing tai chi.

    I will start the form and then perhaps for the entire form concentrate in a very relaxed but also a psychic manner on one or another of the four elements.  There are two versions I work with as I mentioned in the article.  There are the four elements as associated with Divine Providence modified according to my interests. For me, I usually start with air and imagine cosmic wisdom or the enlightenment of the universe.  I breath in contemplating this concept and feeling it as a direct physical sensation and I also often sense light blue surrounding me out to infinity.

   Now having worked with this for the last few weeks, I have started to add an identification with the atmosphere of our planet. I imagine I am up there in the air in the domain of sylphs and I sometimes sense sylphs around me who also enjoy very much the meditation I am doing.   The natural air element vastly expands the higher quality meditation on air as a part of Divine Providence.

   I then go on with my tai chi for perhaps 45 minutes or more reviewing the other three elements, usually moving on to earth and then combining the earth and air, and then moving on to water, fire, and combining those two.  I combine all four in the end as I do both the akasha of my body as the rejuvenating energy of the philosopher’s stone which would be perfect health and the akasha of the four elements in nature, also a more natural philosopher's stone, which is the awareness of all transformations of the four elements in the biosphere.

    This much I had hoped to communicate clearly in my article.

   Now then for the male and female energies.  The male sexual essence has a close tie to fire.   By being aware of raw male sexual desire, you look for within it or evoke from it a sense of absolute will and power.  But you also add to it the clarity and detachment of air.   Similarly, I go on to the female sexuality.  I look for the raw female sexual desire and find within it the nurturing, healing, and oneness of love that it flows through another.  I add to that the endurance and preserving qualities of earth. 

   Now these four elements also combine extremely well with nature.   For fire, since I am dealing with the absolute will and power, I look for a suitable image of that fire in nature.  In this case I am experimenting with the image of the asteroid that hit the earth and brought an end to the age of dinosaurs according to some theories.   I imagine I am that cloud of fire exploding upon the earth and I tie that into my male sexuality.  This may seem odd but I tell my kids that the hunger in the DNA molecule will not be satisfied until it has taken control of the entire universe.   That power is inherent within our genes.  That kind of hunger comes with being a human being.

   I add to the fire of will the airy quality of the atmosphere of the earth.  In other words, I take the air and fire elements in nature and in their divine aspects and, you could say, impregnate the male sexual sensations and desires with them.  I will tell you that since I have worked with the four elements for decades this process of imagery feels really comfortable for me.

   Now then, the female sexual energy.  Since I am accustomed to working with female partners in meditation and often I know a woman who are willing to meditate with me, I select one or more and work with her in a psychic way when I do tai chi. I suppose you could call this psychic sex but it more properly described as psychic alchemy.  And I can tell you right off that I know when I am getting it right because I sleep better at

night. The male gender was designed to associate for our health and mental stability with the female gender.  It is no joke when it is said women offer men repose.  This simple gender transaction should never be taken for granted or underestimated in its significance. 

    When Tom Hanks gets up at the Oscar awards and says, "I want to thank my wife for a warm bed," he is not demeaning her as most feminists would allege. Rather, he means what he says which is that he is able to be creative because he has a counterpart who grounds and offers him a home.  Anyone active in a career, male or female, can use a wife who offers a sense of being tied to the earth and a home where your feelings are nurtured and preserved.  If both partners are active in creative careers, then the couple as a whole will have to compensate in some way producing these earth and water energies otherwise the relationship will lack nurturing and enduring qualities.  Maybe the partners could learn to take turns being active and passive or however they wish to negotiate it.  

   What I am saying is that the female body produces with its estrogen a specific feminine or magnetic quality that it is extremely difficult to produce in oneself or discover and harvest from nature or the four elements without actually learning, experiencing, and receiving it first and perhaps always from a woman. 

   After you are familiar with practicing and sensing the water and earth energies through breathing, you can go on to work with these elements with an actual female partner.   When working with water, I imagine I am surrounded by the Pacific ocean and also that this watery energy I am breathing in is nurturing, healing, purifying, and a oneness of love in that I can sense a flow of watery energy going through me and in the same moment through anyone near me or anyone I think of. 

    There are undines who do this extremely well.   You get near them and their aura automatically flows through your own influencing you with their qualities of love and beauty.  It is a direct effect of magnetic energy--it magnetizes whatever is near it.   Similarly, with a woman, I feel with my watery breath and the sensations of healing and oneness of love flowing that there is simply one stream of life flowing in and through and between the two of us.  I can feel that as a direct sensation. 

   I have met at least two women who can consciously produce this feeling of watery energy and love flowing between them and a man and they can do it at will and they can do it so that even the most insensitive man notices physical sensations of that flowing energy within him.  You could say I am just internalizing what I have observed several women being able to do.

   Now to this flow of healing and this oneness of love as a watery energy moving between two individuals, I add the female sexual energy.   In other words, you can get a flow of watery healing energy between you and a woman but that does not mean you are tapping on to her sexual energy.  You have to also imagine or comprehend or psychically tune into or get her to explain in detail so you can imagine what it is like for her to be sexually aroused or to be sexually turned on as a bodily sensation and as a astral and etheric energy moving through her body.  You then incorporate this energy within her into the watery energy flowing between the two of you.

    Now my point here is really important.  The age old war of the genders and hostility and animosity and frustration the genders feel for each other often relates to each gender sensing the other gender as having some remarkable power or feeling of life and knowing that the other gender is not really sharing that energy with you.  I observe that when a man has good sex with a woman he will absorb some of her feminine energy and this energy circulates through his body for a few hours or maybe half a day. 

   When couples first fall in love their psychic connection may be so great that they continuously flow  the energy of their separate genders through each other as a on-going circulation.  And this can happen too when the love is deep enough.  But in most cases the exchange of energy wares off and then you get a tension developing again between the partners. 

   A great deal of the hostility between the genders is also related to a psychological level where to put it simply the man expects the woman to provide him with feelings, well-being, and a sense of being alive. The woman expects the man to provide her with strength, security, reassurance, and a knowledge of how the world operates.  In a post industrial society such as the United States these gender distinctions break down and each gender is in a position to both master their own feelings, producing their own well-being, as well as providing for their own financial needs.  In other words, when society and the economy give you the opportunity, you have to take full responsibility for yourself.  In this case, the separate genders then are more flexible and generous in what they have to offer each other.  But still, the actual sexual essence that is unique to each gender is not solved by making the social roles more flexible. Estrogen and testosterone are incredibly different the way the oceans of the earth are different from a fiery conflagration. 

     So, doing my tai chi and concentrating on my breathing, I sense a watery flow of loving and healing energy as one unbroken stream between myself and an actual woman.  I also add to this an awareness of her sexual energy either imagining her being aroused somewhat or simply aware of the estrogen in her body or the specific psychic vibration of her ovaries.  A female orgasm is like waves of magnetic energy imploding or drawing inward.  This energy is also cool or even cold in a nurturing way.  It is also equal in

power to the opposite male fiery energy exploding outward.

    An electromagnetic volt is inherently unstable if the magnetic field surrounding the electric is not as powerful or as dense when it is originally made.  Similarly, the

male sexuality is inherently unstable in its results and effects unless it is balanced by the female sexual energy.  But as I mentioned in my article, you have to add the air element of clarity to the male sexual energy otherwise you end up with a kind of psychic vampirism (and the same applies to women)--you get men or women going around sucking energy from the opposite gender.  Occasionally you can observe this directly when a woman is

doing this because she is intentionally trying to get a man so upset that she can temporarily dominate him.  And when she can get him vulnerable enough, she can easily draw his sexual essence out of him and into herself so she feels that raw sense of primal power surging through her.

   And men do the same without question.  They try to control everything they can

about a woman's activities, how she dresses, who and how she interacts with

others, etc.  In this way, they place her like a bird in a gilded cage and that cage becomes an image of a woman under control who serves as a link to their subconscious and inner feelings of well-being, happiness, and serenity.

   By working with another while concentrating on producing the

philosopher's stone, you are not robbing or stealing from someone else. You

are doing the opposite.  You are seeking perfect health and the ability to

bring healing to anyone.  Magick is one practice of taking total

responsibility for every aspect of life.

    You also have to add the earth element, a sense of a mountain for

example, with its weight, density, mass, and space, to the female sexual

essence so it is more stable.  I combine fire and water, air and earth as

pairs together because they are opposite and it is important to be conscious

of how these opposites combine.  But you can also add the air to the male

energy and the earth to the female energy as I have explained.

   As I mentioned in my article, it is not possible to combine directly the

raw male and female energies.  They polarize and energize but they do not

combine by themselves.  You have to refine them first.  By adding the earth

qualities to the female sexual energy and the air to the male sexual energy,

along with the qualities of will in fire and clarity in air, love and

healing in water, endurance in earth, you are refining them.  And since we

are working with the four elements in and through breathing--and breath

already embodies the four elements--we are simply becoming conscious as well

as refining the natural energies of nature.

     In defense of my approach, I would point out that Mantak Chia, in his

Taoist yoga and books,  goes into detailed explanations of how to combine

male and female sexual energies while making love.   There are a lot of

specifics in his methodology but overall I prefer to work directly with the

four elements in nature without the Chinese symbols and images.  And I like

to work with the whole body imagining it as an open container so that energy

flows through the entire inside of my body rather than focusing on specific

channels and so forth.  Chia also does not emphasize working with a psychic

partner as I am suggesting.

     To summarize, I do tai chi and practice breathing the four elements

on two levels.  I do the four elements as divine qualities because these

represent my ultimate goals.  I do the four elements in breathing as the

elements in nature because these are so incredibly rich and they take me beyond the

vibrations of my mind and memory. And I add to this a psychic link with a

female partner or partners at different times because there is something so

incredibly unique about the opposite gender and also remarkably intimate and


    In our age of the world, it is important that spiritual work be

something you enjoy doing and that feels right for you as an individual.

This feels right for me as an individual.

   In regard to celibacy, there have been stories about great yogis who

simply projected their minds or transferred their consciousness into others

in order to understand all aspects of sexuality without ever having to be

physically active themselves.   I sometimes point out that in magick you

have to study your opposite.  Male magicians often completely lack the

bubbly, champagne quality of young women.  They are alienated from estrogen

and its open welcome to life and its primal sense of well-being and

happiness that sails through the blood stream.  You do not have to inject

yourself with estrogen or have a relationship with a young woman to become

acquainted  or reacquainted with this vibration. You can study it on the

level of etheric and astral energy.

   The primal energies in the human kingdom are just as important to study

in magick as are the elemental energies in the kingdom of nature.  Most

Tibetan tantras work by concentrating on highly stylized images of male and

female in sexual embrace which represent many aspects of the enlightened

mind.   In practice, Tibetan Buddhists rarely work with a physical consort

or a psychic partner as I do.  The visualized images alone are sufficient

for their purposes.

    The Dalai Lama, however, in one of his books pointed out that you need a

physical consort if you wish to become enlightened in this life. He might

retract that statement if he knows I am mentioning it so often in my

writing.  It is extremely difficult and rare to find a member of the

opposite gender interested and inclined and in a social position to engage

in actual physical practices combining high magick and sex at the same time.

Be that as it may, it is relatively easy to work with another person on a

psychic level which is all that is required for what I am describing in

terms of producing the philosopher’s stone in your aura.

    I haven't covered the akasha in its two aspects in this letter.  Toward

the end of my tai chi forms, I concentrate on one and then the other or both

at the same time--I imagine I am conscious of all aspects of my body in

terms of vitality as well as all transformations of the elements in

nature--how a mountain arises and erodes, fire in its many forms, water in

all aspects on earth, and the transformations of the atmosphere.  This is a

kind of penetrating through space and time and again I imagine the entire

inside of my body being filled with this awareness.

   I realize that in part for my procedure to work you have to be able to sense directly energy in its many qualities and variations in a male and female body--at least as far as this part of the philosopher’s stone meditation is concerned.  I estimate that there are at least two million Americans who are as psychic as I am.  They just don’t bother to train as I do. 

   I think if you train for decades you eventually develop a high intuition and various psychic abilities.  Some individuals are naturally psychic. 

    Just in passing I would mention that if you have a member of the opposite gender who has a high degree of empathy with you you can learn to produce some very remarkable experiences for the other person just through a psychic connection or say by holding hands.  The basic exercise Bardon suggests in chapter five on the mental level is imagining you are at the center of another’s body.  A variation on this which is well-known in meditation circles is to imagine you and the other individual are both in a formless state of awareness--kind of like being two large spheres of energy.

     You then imagine these two large balls of auric energy joining so there is no separation or distinction between the two--in other words, they become one.  If you can sense auras and energy,  you may notice at least on a mental level what it is like to be joined to the opposite gender in this psychic manner.  On this level of formlessness, you can also bring in the sexual energy of each partner.  On this level of penetrating awareness, the two energy of the two genders combines into one as well. 

   I have done this with some women on the other side of the world as well as who were sitting next to me and some of them say that it is like being on a drug such as “ecstasy,” except without the side effects of the drug. In other words, you are producing through meditation some of the endorphins and natural opiates that the brain emits during states of love. 

   This is not a mistake or a strange obsession.  The philosopher’s stone is the essence of nature, its quintessence, and as I describe it in my article, it is outrageously vitalizing and astonishingly invigorating, both tranquilizing and energizing at the same time.  Some individuals go and practice tai chi chuan in class once a week.  I do it every day. I do it not because I am ambitious or plotting to acquire some mysterious power.  I do it because I am in love with the beauty of the universe.  It is natural that I would seek to find and express that beauty through my body, emotions, and mind.

  I hope this answers your questions. You have to find what works for you in

terms of what relaxes your nerves and brings health.  A great danger in the

Bardon training is that the powers of concentration advance far ahead of the

awareness of how to heal and remain in balance.  My article is an attempt to

compensate or offer some suggestions for extended meditations that emphasize

more of the healing and natural aspects of breathing.


Yours, Bill