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                  Ambriel, A Jupiter Spirit Channeling Gemini


Note: Ambriel is one of twelve spirits that Bardon assigns to the sphere of Jupiter in his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation.  Ambriel relates to the sign of Gemini. 




Much of what Ambriel offers--wealth, luck, insight, mental understanding, wisdom, an appraisal of options from a global perspective—many other spirits do these things also according to the themes of their respective spheres and domains. 

  What is remarkable about Jupiter spirits of this rank is the incredible range and depth of experience they possess.  It might sound like I am joking but this kind of spirit seems to respond to specific questions from a generic level.

   As an example, if someone said, “I would like a lover,” Ambriel might answer, “Now then. There are millions of other people in your exact same situation with the same desires and longings.  Did you just want one lover for your self or perhaps in the process of finding her would you like to help millions of others find lovers also?” 

   Or, someone might ask, “Can you help me get rich or at least stop losing money in my investments?” and Ambriel might reply, “Oh, you want to understand the global stock market so you know how to invest.  Would you perhaps also be interested in helping the global economy so it does not lapse into a state of depression for the next five years?  If you just plant a few ideas in the right individuals’ minds you would be amazed at the results.”  

   Ambriel is that kind of spirit—big, gigantic, global in his outlook.  You do not come out to this sphere to aggrandize your self.  You come here to bring about changes in the knowledge and operations of an entire race or planet.   


Inner Source of Inspiration


“Consider the difference between living in a cave at a time when you gather berries and hunt for food versus having colonies in other solar systems; the difference between solving a problem with your own brain and solving a problem by having access to the thoughts and experience of everyone else on your planet—the difference is knowledge and mental development. 

    “I am the inspiration that brings civilizations into being.  I accelerate learning.  I offer the most excellent opportunities to discover new things.

    “One of my gifts is global telepathy—everyone with ease in contact with every other mind.  This is yours in the fullness of time.

    “I also offer nobility—this is not the honor found by holding a position in a feudal society.  The nobility I inspire is the vibration within your mind that reflects the depths, the mysteries, and the beauty of nature.  It is the heavens and the earth, the active and passive powers—these images and energies--uniting in harmony for the sake of creativity activity and productivity. 

    “The task of Jupiter is to oversee and inspire the creation of a society—its foundations, its institutions, its stability, continuity, and its innovations.  For this reason, at different times and locations, people are granted different ideals, different principles, and laws to guide them.

     “My task is simply this: to lead each society on its path to perfection.  The resources I command to accomplish this are beyond human understanding.  The light in my mind challenges each being to taste the divine—the wonder of being alive never ceases; the splendor of what you may make with your hands has no end.  

     “The light in my mind has within it bliss, wonder, courage, honor, love, compassion, illumination, inspiration, knowledge, and power—all of these combined and refined.  I call this nobility; others might call it wisdom, charisma, or divine grace.  

    “Though I exist to inspire, Jupiter offers opportunities. You must prepare for these.  Seize them when they appear--with passion equal to their beauty, with a purpose worthy of their nobility, with a courage that can command their power, and with a love that can sustain, penetrate, and unite with their divine fire.

     “It was not Prometheus but I who taught your race to use fire.

Was it not I who walked beside you and guided you to plant seeds and make fields of wheat and barley?

   “When your eyes and minds began to distinguish form, image, and color, was it not I who guided your fingers to extract the design and reproduce an image through paint, sculpture, and the mallets that built pyramids, Parthenons, and cathedrals?  The aqueduct, sewer, walled city, the tower, currency and the written word—I was there, my vibration combining curiosity, desire, and the need to acquire knowledge to endure, to explore, and to rise higher.

    “Science and technology combined with my nobility celebrate not power but wonder, not greed but freedom from need.  In the mind, enlightenment you can find; but also the inspiration of a creator whose actions are endless celebrations of wonder; and a love seeking ways to satisfy every desire until you no longer need form to express consciousness or limitations to spur you on to action.

    “It is the nature of Divine Providence to create and sustain order, community, and society for the sake of accelerating learning right up to moment when you attain perfection.  It is my commission to offer opportunities to fulfill this vision.”  



The Sphere of Jupiter in the Physical Plane


The vibration of Jupiter acting in our physical world creates a huge magnetic aura.  You influence everyone you meet.  It creates extensive knowledge and experience. 

   If you studied the martial arts, you would not have studied with just one master but with the best masters on earth.  If you had a library, it would not contain just the Library of Congress but the Vatican archives and the Library of Alexandria as well. 

   In wealth, your holdings would be more extensive than Bill Gates or the Queen of England.  There is great nobility, honor, and responsibility.  These are the feelings that accompany the sphere of Jupiter. 


Ambriel’s Vibration in our Physical World


The first image I get of Ambriel on the physical plane is that of a museum of the past, present, and future; it is also a library.  It contains “many mansions.” 

   You get to envision and create wealth in this life so many other people can come together under the right circumstances.  Many spirits offer this service.  Ambriel does it on a grand scale.   


Etheric Plane


Jupiter’s Vibration in the Physical World 


Jupiter itself in the etheric body produces an enchanting vibration.  It brings out the best in people and circumstances and automatically blesses anything it is near.  It is like light that shines upon you creating the feelings of love, nobility, honor, satisfaction, completion, inspiration, etc.  It sets you up for success. 

   This vibration is the vibration of a divine motivational seminar which is actually a very special community.  It is not something you go to for a weekend and then try to apply in a different situation during the week.  Jupiter makes everyday life itself into an endless series of opportunities.

   Note: I told something to a teacher yesterday who had a very difficult situation at school where she supervised a number of other adults and children.  I told her to start the day by blessing the classroom, the children, and all the other adults with whom she interacts. 

   Just imagine the feeling and energy of blessing extending from her mind to everyone else.  This does not produce an effect on a conscious level.  It is deeper.  It is a soul to soul connection.      


Ambriel’s on the Etheric Plane


Ambriel’s vibration in the etheric body or plane creates a nearly incomprehensibly enhanced and optimum atmosphere in which communication takes place.  There is a very high capacity to understand others and different points of view. There is tremendous rapport.  There is great clarity in expression.  Truth is revealed quickly.  Conflicts are resolved.  Minds and hearts reach out and meet each other.

    Let us attempt an example of this level of wealth as an etheric vibration.  Remember when President Clinton had Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Chairman Arafat at Camp David in July of 2000. But they could not resolve their differences and no agreement was reached.  

    With Ambriel’s vibration present, it would be as if Bill Gates were sitting there too in the next room offering to throw in a few extra billion to help rebuild Palestine.  And there would Steven Spielberg writing a screenplay about the history of the conflict. And the Nobel price committee not saying it out right but suggesting that those who create such peace shall win the Nobel Peace Prize.  

   It goes on and on.  A Venus spirit present gives each leader the certainty that they feel all the feelings of the opposing leader—for love, for hope, for family, for friendship, and for the future.  And the Archangel Michael is there reminding these men that Arabs and Jews are half brothers from Abraham and that it is their destiny to work together as friends.  There is saber rattling.  Then there is the saber rattling of an archangel.

   And Saturn is there too represented by a great and mighty Judge of akasha, hinting that she stands ready to destroy and remove from the earth forever anything done out of negativity.  And her assistant, the ghost of Christmas future, is there pointing silently to the actual outcome in history of any specific plan they envision or fail to envision. 

   The spirits of the moon are also there saying, “I give to you now transcendence to see this moment and opportunity as if you have been dead a few years or a few hundred thousand years.  Look upon the present through the eyes of eternity and from a position of infinite serenity.  Dissolve those feelings that divide.  Find those things that shall abide.”
    Kind of like that. But no, President Clinton had no hermetic or spheric magician on his staff, no mage commanding the cosmic language in his cabinet positions.  But this vibration of Ambriel would produce these very qualities and opportunities—he brings great physical wealth and wealth of spirit to bear on any decisions or actions.  This is the way he is.  This is his etheric vibration.  



Astral Plane


Jupiter’s Vibration on the Astral Plane 


Take someone who is genuinely unselfish.  Add to this a vast range of experience in a great variety of activities and relationships.  And blend in too an appreciation and desire to help others no matter what the situation. 

    At this point, we are half way there.  To get the second half of this astral body or depth of feeling, we have to add empathy.  This is not just the sphere of Venus in which the goal is to produce two individuals who feel everything inside of each other at the same time and with the desire to love, to nurture, and to fulfill each other. 

   In Jupiter, the empathy feels what everyone feels at the same time.  And now it does something amazing.  Through its own emotional feeling and expression, it unties everyone together as one community so that everyone assists everyone else. 

   It is not just an action such as saying, “I have helped you with my abilities and resources.  Could you now go and help this other person with the abilities you have?”  It is actually a magical activity.  Its very presence creates the vibration in others’ feelings that to help another is like helping themselves at the same time.  It is the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” but not as a moral obligation and command but as an actual feeling and desire.

   Its empathy is infectious—it creates in others its own capacity for feeling.  It motivates others with its own depth of inspiration.  This is Jupiter—the planet’s aura and vibration when you look up at it in the night sky.  Its light shines with this emotional life. 



Ambriel on the Astral Plane


If you have a sample of some thing, you can intuitively, psychologically, or through vibration sense all other things connected to it of a similar nature.  It is like two pitch forks resonating together.  You start with one but then you are aware of both.     

    For example, on the astral plane you can sense an entire group of people or things.  If you looked at a bear, you would intuitively sense all bears on earth, what they are like, how they vary, and their habitats.  If you focused on General Motors or Toyota, you would get a feeling for all car companies on earth, how they are doing, their strengths and weaknesses, and their past and future development.  

    When you think about Ambriel, he takes the general vibration of Jupiter and focuses it through the sign of Gemini.  The emphasis is then on communication and instantaneous and magical interaction.

    If you think of a project you may pursue, in your astral body you sense directly everyone who might be a part of this project now and in the future.  With internet, we can send the same message and email to a hundred different people in one action.  You could also make a hundred phone calls to a hundred people to talk to them individually about your project.  

   With Ambriel, the astral body of one extends into and through the astral body of many others.  When Elton John sang his elegy to Princess Dianna, something like a billion people were watching and hearing him sing.  Many millions were feeling what he was feeling. 

   We already do this sort of thing though with our technologies.  Streams flow together in forming a lake.  Rivers flow together in forming a sea.  Ambriel does not distort or change anyone’s astral body.  He takes a vast number of individual souls and creates a new vibration, a refined feeling that encompasses everyone in their most positive inspiration, motivation, and capacity to respond and appreciate. 

   Jupiter like I mentioned on the astral plane creates the empathy that extends through many people to form a community whose members seek to assist and care for each other.  Ambriel does this in terms of specific projects that need to be accomplished.  

   Everyone associated or that could possibly assist the project lends and blends together their insight and the feelings life has granted them to assist in fulfilling the project.  It is automatic.  It is nearly instantaneous.  And it results in a very rapid gathering of resources and assistance from others in accomplishing some mission. 

   If you have a great leader, he can stand up and proclaim for a nation, “This is my vision.”  If he has Ambriel assisting him, it is like automatically there are thousands of people contributing all their experience and resources to invent, innovate, to problem solve, and to facilitate the fulfillment of that vision.

   We all know of situations where someone is presented with a problem and that person then says, “Let me make a few phone calls.” He calls others with the right skills and also who will help simply because they enjoy doing something for and with this person.  Ambriel sets up this vibration not only on a vaster scale. 

   He connects astral bodies so that people you have never met are willing to work with you because in the depths of their souls they already feel connected to you.  There is no deceit here or hypnotism.  Ambriel is using the light, that is, the inspiration of Divine Providence in order to fulfill a mission or vision.  


Mental Plane




On the mental plane, Jupiter creates opportunities that become the horizon and field of action through which individuals and communities experience life.  It is “Here is wealth: here is a good idea, a means of production, a creative activity, knowledge that can be applied, things that can be built, shaped, or transformed; now take this opportunity and use it to change your self and the world.”

   In some form or another, Jupiter is giving wealth or talent.  It is saying take this wealth or talent and work with it to enrich yourself and others as well.

   Jupiter likes to build things.  An enlightened mind is fine.  But an enlightened mind without a plan of action, with all due respect, is exactly equivalent to those stone Buddhas on the forgotten hills and jungles of Cambodia that look as if they are drunk on light and content to stare into infinity until their stone bodies turn to dust.  Krishna put it this way, “Though I am transcendent and detached, I am never without action.”

    On the mental plane, Jupiter has plans and it has the resources and motivation to make those plans happen.  With Jupiter there is movement and development.  You leave the world a better place—more wealthy, wiser, more compassionate, and harmonious--than the world which you entered. 




There is an instant telepathic communication or attunement with every one who has similar mental vibrations.  This is like a super computer except instead of multiple connections between different unites, you bring a large number of brains together working to input, process, and transmit data and experience, insight and illumination.  This is like a global united consciousness functioning on a telepathic level.  

    In other words, if you are working on how to paint a house so that the paint itself generates electricity to run your house, you do not need a telepathic idea to be transferred from someone else’s mind into your mind.  Instead, the vibration in your mind assimilates and correlates and utilizes the vibration in every other mind on earth that relates to your project. 

   Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering—your mind automatically assimilates that way of thinking, that knowledge, and application, from others’ minds.  Innovation, brainstorming, and paradigm shifting—you borrow and refashion those also from those minds that pertain to what you wish to do.  It is like internet in a way but it is more direct, more powerful, and more immediate as in instantaneous. 

   This is how Ambriel himself uses his intuition to think and to perceive.  Obviously, one does not do an evocation or meditation with Ambriel and then possess a level of mental development that the human race will only acquire in the future.  All the same, there are spontaneous things that happen.  These happen proportionate to your present development.   


Ambriel: “It is the enlightened mind focused on acting to produce technological and intellectual innovations that further the mental development of individuals in a society.  Think of genius with a social conscience; divine inspiration offering concrete and practical assistance; think of being able in one moment to draw upon the best ideas in every mind on the planet to solve the problem you are working on.”

   This is Ambriel’s vibration on the mental plane.


Akashic Plane




With this inspiration you look at whatever resources you have in life and then seek to use this “wealth” in order to benefit others.  With all due respect, this is not the Democrats’ sense of “I take others’ money and give it to the poor so that society is more fair.” Nor is it the Republicans sense of “By making money for myself I offer jobs to others so that they have gainful employment.” It is neither. 

   Jupiter’s attitude is “I fully utilize whatever opportunities I have in life.  These opportunities surrounding me are nearly incomprehensible in their power to change the world.  Consequently, being aware of the spiritual world and how it impacts on the physical world, I create for others opportunities through which they can succeed in life, be fulfilled, and transform the world also.”

   Jupiter does not have an ideological or religious outlook here.  It is pragmatic and its wealth of spirit, the depth and creativity, looks around at everybody and offers them opportunities according to what it sees through the eyes of divinity, opportunities they would never otherwise have had. 

   There are some thoughts that come to me from literature and religion.  In Tolkien’s trilogy, the wizard says, “Even the wise do not know all ends.” Consequently, Gandalf was willing to go to great lengths to discover the truth of what was in front of him.    What exactly is this ring that Biblo has and what must be done with it?  Or, in our age, what exactly is nuclear energy and weaponry and what must be done with it or about it?  

   In the book, The Last Unicorn, a great mage was unable to teach one of his students even the most basic forms of magic.  So, having a sense of humor and appreciation for the mystery of life, he granted the student immortality until he could discover for himself his own source of magical inspiration. The wizard was saying, Here is something I do not know.  But I do know how to enable someone else to eventually find the truth.  And so I shall grant that power.   

   In the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the founder of the Nyingma Sect, the oldest order, left secret teachings to be discovered at different times in the future.  Some of these teachings were in physical scrolls.  Others were imparted through telepathy or materialization. 

   One child discovered when he awoke from a dream that such a secret scroll had been given to him.  The child took the scroll to his uncle who was a wise man. The uncle looked at it and said, “Our age of the world is not yet ready for this wisdom.  Go back to bed tonight and return the scroll to where it is from.” 

    It might have occurred to the wise man that perhaps there was someone else on earth who indeed was more than ready to receive that wisdom.  But this did not occur to him.  He did not posses Jupiter’s wisdom.   

   Jupiter is all about giving.  Sometimes the best choice is to not give.  But that is more a Saturn kind of response.  Jupiter can find an ideal situation through which anyone can learn no matter how much they may or may not feel they are a part of the human community.           




Given: Ambriel is aware of the mind of every being or spirit in this solar system. 

   The question he asks, then, is “How can I increase the clarity of mind, the depth of understanding, and the wisdom within any specific individual or an entire race?”  “What means should I use? What circumstances should I bring into being? What ideals and opportunities do I place before them?”

   He seeks to develop the intellect and mind of individuals, groups, communities, societies, races, and civilizations.  You do this in some way by stimulating the mental vibration.  The trick is to find a balance, the right mental challenge—it can not be too big and it can not be too small.    

   There is a feeling here similar to the other planes: You feel your mind is connected to the vibration within everything.  Again, if you focus on a work of art, a painting, you sense the entire history of painting on the planet, what its trends are, and the new trends that will develop. You can feel artists as they paint, how they see, what they think, and their social and historical context and significance.

   This is ordinary penetrating awareness vastly amplified




After meditating with Ambriel, I got the idea of posting a bulletin board of divine missions.  I ran into this idea decades ago when I read Bardon’s description of a spirit he called at the time Cigila who relates to Pisces in the earthzone. 

   At a certain level of development, you are offered, according to your own discretion and interests, specific missions inspired by the divine world that reduce suffering on earth.  Ambriel simply extends the source of inspiration to encompass all the spirits in the solar system as they relate to earth. 

   You have to bring an element of humor to this concept otherwise it tastes flat: you loose the bubbly-invigorating-enchanting quality of the inspiration.  All the same, it is helpful to keep in mind the idea of developing oneself in order to serve. 

   If you have power, whether you started practicing magic yesterday or have been doing so for thirty years, you get to use the power.  If you use that power with wisdom and inspiration and compassion, then you change the world.  In any case, unless you look for opportunities and think about them, it is very easy to miss them when they occur.