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                                 Amtophul—the Salamander




In his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, Franz Bardon briefly describes the salamander Amtophul.  He says this salamander teaches the magic arts of fire and he teaches about magical authority within the kingdom of fire.  This spirit is equal in power to the other salamanders Bardon describes and can be dangerous to work with.  Then again, from my perspective, there is nothing in Bardon that is not dangerous. 

   My intent in this brief essay is to present a comparison to the on line correspondence class I am offering in undine empathy.  From my perspective, undine empathy has never been taught before on earth.  The entire realm of undine queens, until Bardon, has been hidden from humanity.  This means that young women have not had access to the magnificent beauty and power that is inherent in femininity.   

   To better understand the undine empathy, the feminine mystery, it is helpful to contrast it with the masculine mystery.  In particular, this essay explores the similarity and differences between the sea of love exercise relating to undines and the sea of fire exercise relating to salamanders.  In one is the mystery of love that is simultaneously united with nature and with others; the other is the mystery of power that similarly is united with nature and with other people and tasks.   


Amtophul’s Outer Aura


Intense, very hot, burning.  It is the power to get inside of something and transform it from within—its magic is in its ability to see the most hidden things that compose or are the fundamental building blocks in whatever it is viewing; and then it has the power to realign them, transform them, or make them into something different.     


From the light envision the future

From the fire, manifest it through will power

When obstacles confront you

Turn within, strengthen your energy 

Until no opposing will can endure your intensity



Inner Aura


Imagine far beneath the ground a sea of red, purple, and dark, ultraviolet fire.  The flames rise up continuously before you, extremely hot.

  This is a place where you go to meditate, not on how to see the future; rather, the meditation is about how to create what is to be.  


The Song of Fire


There is a fire so pure and clear

The thing you envision draws near

My power is the perfection of desire

I do not take what I want

I create what is sought

I do not bend, twist, and nullify

I blend, fuse, and fortify

I am the strength of the sun

Dancing on the horizon

I am the song of the stars

And the will of Mars

I am faith and conviction

Beyond the knowledge of priests or prophets

What others call magic

I call energy moving free

Manifesting what the heart dreams

When creation arose out of nothing

I was first on the scene

Whether visible or invisible

I hold the keys

There is nothing hidden from me



Inner Source of Inspiration


To create is to destroy and then remake

But in the moment when all form dissolves

It is the divine that designs the outcome

Its alchemy is to be so empty

The purity redefines

Matter and energy, time and eternity

The work you create

Radiates a new harmony



We can compare the way Amtophul empowers masculine consciousness and will to the undines’ sea of love and magnetic ball meditations.   I describe in detail the sea of love exercise in chapter four of my on line undine empathy class.  See

   The undines have a profound level of love and empathy almost unknown to humanity.  When they love, they do not reply solely on the feelings they posses as an individual.  Rather, they are first and always joined to an entire sea of love that flows in and through them without end.  They feel one with this sea of love and joined to the vibration of all the waters of the earth. 

  So when they love another, their feelings and energy touch and pass through the other without fear or need or greed.  “How can you ever stop loving someone even after they hurt you?” one mermaid woman asked. 

  This is quite different than the love we normally encounter in human beings.  But to understand its unique, nearly divine power, we can compare it to the equivalent masculine power derived from and found in the kingdom of salamanders, in this case, the salamander Amtophul.


Most people can not do or imagine or feel comfortable with this following exercise.  All the same, when you touch the divine in nature, whether it is feminine or masculine, it is always the power to create. 


The Exercise


Imagine far beneath the ground a sea of red, purple, and dark, ultraviolet fire.  The flames rise up continuously before you, extremely hot.

  Franz Bardon in chapter three of Initiation into Hermetics already has the student working with the four elements.  With fire he says, “…. imagine yourself in the center of the fiery element which, in the shape of a ball, envelops the whole universe.” Bardon has the beginning student doing far more than what I am suggesting here. 

  Get a very clear sense of the heat within the fire and its intensity.  You will need fiery hot energy because everything else derives from it.  It is power reaching whatever height of intensity and strength as is needed to accomplish its purposes.

   Bardon’s primary intent is for the student to master concentration on the sensation of heat that leads to the intensity and power of fire.  It is not until his third book, The Key to the True Quabbalah, that he specifically enunciates the various qualities of fire as they appear in the different cosmic letters.  

   What we have here in this exercise is an image of a sea of fire that involves metaphor, physical sensations, and feelings.  Metaphorically, from the fire is light and this light generated enables you to envision the future that you wish to come into being, fashioned from the deepest longings and dreams in the heart.  The fire itself produces will power:     


From the light envision the future

From the fire, manifest it through will power


I blend, fuse, and fortify

I am the strength of the sun

Dancing on the horizon

I am the song of the stars

And the will of Mars

I am faith and conviction

Beyond the knowledge of priests or prophets

What others call magic

I call energy moving free

Manifesting what the heart dreams


In high magic, it is absolutely essential to identify with Divine Providence.   This does not produce an inflation of ego, because in this practice there is absolutely no ego present.  You are not operating out of individual desire. 

  A Navy Seal may take great personal pride and pleasure in being on a mission.  But actually what is most important is not his feeling but the need and commitment to the mission.  The ecstasy is in giving one hundred per cent of your being to the purpose you seek to accomplish. 

   This is the masculine mystery.  It is not about ego or abusing power or dominating others.  There is no patriarchal abuse present since this power is not derived from or found within human civilization.  It is about recreating the world, even when you have to become absolutely nothing, unknown, and unappreciated and without support during the process. 

  In other words, when you join your consciousness to this sea of fire, you are uniting your self to the divine hidden within nature after the manner of a high ranking salamander; this is exactly analogous to what the undine queens do with the element of water.              

  Now imagine you are this entire sea of fire, intense, hot, burning, flames rising without end, the power and intensity without limitation. 




The exercise is now to take some project you have, some task to accomplish, some problem to solve, or a relationship to develop.   Place the person or all aspects of what you are considering in front of you and encompass them, be one with them from inside of them while remaining joind to this sea of fire. 

   Now work the meditation or contemplation.  The alchemy is to lay hold of and to grasp the deepest desire, need, longing, or dream and to stay with it, using the fiery heat and light to lead it to its perfection, the best outcome possible. 

  You want the most primal energy to undergo a process of purification through intensification until you see clearly and envision the future in the best way it is meant to be. 

  You have to capture the very depths of the desire or the deepest obstacles otherwise the outcome is less than what is possible.  Identifying with the sea of fire grants the feeling and insight hidden in divine fire that enables this to happen. 


Undines never do this and the feminine mysteries do not travel in this direction.  The masculine mysteries, at their height, create from out of nothing.  They take the world as it is and envision something possible that has never existed before and then they bring that vision into being so it is concrete, real, and enduring.

  The feminine mysteries, by contrast, take everything that is and unite it in love.  The two mysteries, the masculine and feminine, obviously only reach their perfection through each other.

  Young men, like young women, like humanity in general, almost never touch these divine levels of creativity hidden within them.  Even as undine empathy is hidden from the world, the masculine power in its full intensity and creativity is likewise hidden.  Our religions barely hint at what is possible when it comes to genuine faith and conviction not to mention love and empathy.   

   All the same, our entire world civilization is electrical and fiery in nature.  Our science is unfolding the mysteries of fire, electricity, and nuclear fission and fusion even though in our wills we know next to nothing about aligning our purposes with the divine.

  It is true that in every century there is a Julius Caesar, an Alexander the Great, a Genghis Khan or, in our age, a Napoleon, a Hitler, or a Stalin seeking to take over the entire world.  But these individuals use a negative, low grade form of will power and conviction.  They are hopeless extroverts who can not imagine changing oneself first from within in a way that leads inevitably to the transformation of the outer world. 

  Only in a few world teachers have we ever witnessed divine will manifesting in action.  But we have never seen the likes of an undine queen such as Istiphul or Isaphil in the full power of beauty and love they possess. 

    The result is that the feminine mysteries of love, of undine empathy, and the power of the magnetic fluid are even farther way from our consciousness than the fiery will I describe in this essay.