Copyright (C) 1997 by William Mistele.  All rights reserved. From the
story--The Undine Amue. 

The Undine Amue

Amue's Domain on the Astral:  This domain is more a state of mind than a
location. It is a way of perceiving.  But it is also a location in that
you can draw close to it and enter it. 
    Amue can feel a creature or person's physical and emotional life as
though the other is part of her own nervous system.  Amue embodies the
sensitivity of water and subtle perception which are acutely aware of the
faintest physical/etheric and astral.vibrations.  In other words, to
attune yourself to Amue's way of being imagine you can sense an expanse of
water, the qualities of the water, and the fish all at once. You can see
into, through, and sense the life and vibrations of everything around you. 

Amue's Outer Aura:  Amue exudes a tranquility and nurturing tenderness.
She specializes in fish and their environments but this sensitivity to
sustaining life also applies to emotions.  Automatically, her aura runs a
psychic, diagnostic evaluation to discover what you need in order to feel
more at peace, happy, and content.  And then she provides that energy
immersing you within it. 

Inner Aura:  Unlike Istaphul and Osipeh, Amue does not create a powerful
magnetic field designed specifically to heighten your attraction to her.
Love is not for Amue a contest in which she would prove her prowess.  She
is not a temptress or an erotic goddess.  Instead, it is Amue's nature to
circulate a nurturing energy through you that balances the energies of
your body and brings peace to your emotions.  In this sense, Amue is a
healer.   It is not the creation of intimate love which is her goal but
establishing peace, health, and well-being.  
   Isaphil, another undine, also seeks as an expression of her nature to
heighten the serenity and harmony within you.  Isaphil will freely give of
her own astral life force to bring this result about.  But Isaphil uses
her attractive power to strengthen her connection to you. 
     For Isaphil, it is nature that water flows,  absorbs and releases
heat, purifies, renews, and grants life.  In a similar way, Isaphil
considers that it is the nature of beauty to be captivating.  The reason
for this is that beauty reveals the clearest vision of the sacred powers
which govern and animate life.  Therefore, for Isaphil, no one has the
right to dim beauty or try to lesson its effects.  Isaphil, for all her
purity and lunar serenity,  is a conscientious enchantress. 
   By contrast, it may be tempting to underestimate Amue's powers and
magnetic appeal.  Amue is not flirtatious, inviting, or outrageously
seductive as are the three previous magical undines.  Amue is so relaxed,
laid back, and indirect it is easy to take her for granted.  Her
intentions are so obvious.  She does for you what she does for the fish in
the sea--she seeks to sustain and enhance your life.  What could be
misleading about that?
    Amue is the ideal kind of personal friend if you desire someone who is
quiet, gentle, warm, considerate, and always there for you.  But Amue is
still an undine.  She considers it her natural right to influence any
creature which depends on water for its life.   

Meeting Amue on the Astral Plane:  I begin by imagining myself surrounded
by a vast sea of freezing cold water colored blue green on the physical,
astral, mental, and akashic planes.  My body actually begins to shiver as
my nerves are fooled by what my brain says it is perceiving.  Creating a
watery cold energy field through force of imagination is one method for
contacting undines.  It creates a common medium through which our two
separate evolutions can interact. 
     As I seek to make a connection to Amue, there is a moment's
transition in which I feel I am completely on the astral plane and within
her domain.  I feel safe, content, and accepted.  There is also that
otherworldly quality of Amue's sigil: the feeling of not needing to think
and being suspended outside of time.  There is no reference to human
civilization. The primary mode of perception and sensation is being
immersed within a vast sea of magnetic energy.
    I shift my awareness so Amue follows me back to my location in the
physical world.  Amue is now present here with me in my room.  She begins
singing to me. She spends a few moments on each musical tone.  The notes
evoke feelings of childhood--of being held and feeling happy, content, and
being at peace.  
   She also evokes with her singing themes from the different ethnic
groups which are part of my heritage.  There are songs of heros who
believe passionately in their ideals and in what they seek.   There are
songs of love:  Amue's songs move imperceptibly between the comfort a
mother gives her infant and the song of a lover who gives all of her heart
to another with absolute trust.  There are songs of  longing and desire,
of the sun radiant and dazzling in its light as it sparkles and burns
within ice.  Amue now sings in quarter notes and half tones expressing
solitary quests and then the tension resolves with a note evoking
transcendent vision and success.  
     As she repeats and varies a melody, I am surrounded by a setting from
a Taoist monastery perhaps from some former incarnation.  Late at night I
sit meditating before an altar burning a few sticks of incense.  A gong
sounds on the hour.  There is a profound satisfaction and a peace within
and around me.  As Amue sings, I have no doubt I could sustain this
sensation of being in the body of a Taoist priest for as many hours as I
wish.  The chanting is familiar and this place is second nature.
       And now she sings with words: 

Peace like a river
Peace like the sea of stars on fire
Peace like a heart that loves forever
Peace like a harp
Whose strings haronize and unite
Dream, song, and life.  

Amue asks me because of my tears, "Have I displeased you, my friend?"
"Not at all," I reply, "I am delighted with your singing."
   I take Amue's hand and she clasps my hand with both of hers.  I am
surprised by the warmth and comfort in her touch.  Reading my mind, Amue
speaks to me with words from my own vocabulary, "Affection and kindness
are common currency.  No race of beings has a monopoly when it comes to
sharing love."
   I transfer my mind within Amue and look back at myself through her
eyes.  She says, "Though my knowledge of the life within the seas is
immense, I do not often work with human beings.  They rarely visit me.
But you underestimate your abilities.  Your mind is like quicksilver.  Go
ahead and do your thing.  Join our two auras so they become one."
    I spend a few moments evoking the penetrating oneness of akasha which
connects the two of us on a deeper level.  Amue says, "You often over heat
burning up your energy through excessive concentration.  You need an calm
evenness which lasts throughout the day without weakening.  Draw my sigil
again and let go into the feeling."
   As I draw Amue's sigil in the air I feel it is her hand that is drawing
it instead of my own.  Her fingers and motions are more artistic than
mine.  She draws lines the way a Hula dancing moves her hands.  As I
finish, I have the sensation of being within a motionless, blue-white
iceberg.   The two of us let go of our bodily forms and extend our
awareness throughout the iceberg as if it has become our home.
    Amue is very adamant on this point of working with freezing cold.  She
tells me that to be comfortable with the heat within my body and to
dissolve my restlessness I need to master the sensation of cold.  I
concentrate on the iceberg.  After a few moments, it seems I can taste the
ice.  I can feel the strength of water in its solid form.  I can feel the
temperature of this iceberg, its weight, and I feel the way it floats. 
   Amue says like a friend insisting I give her my full attention, "Shut
up and just be with me in this place for a while."  Amue seems to have
little patience for the little breaks I take to write down what is
   It is dark and cold as I sit meditating with an undine inside an
iceberg at the North Pole.  You may think it a strange thing to do or even
to imagine.  And the idea of projecting your mind or part of your
consciousness outside your body to another part of the earth?  Seems
ridiculous though it is also known that the CIA has funded just this sort
of thing since the nineteen seventies.  This is public record.
     Still, there is something very special about putting aside some time
to spend with an undine.  I recall the words of a poem I once wrote which
seem to apply also to Amue: "If you held me in your heart, winter would no
longer be cold and ice and snow would be warm to the touch."  With a
friend like Amue, even a desolate waste and a barren place overflow with
         I am beginning to feel where Amue learned to sing her notes and
how affection encompasses all the seas of the world.  Amue has a pure
receptivity and her sensitivity is ancient and primordial--she recalls how
the sea held a dream in its heart for a billion years until life finally
took form.
   Amue nudges my shoulder with her shoulder out of exasperation as we
briefly assume physical forms.  She says, "Can't you be silent?"  And then
she says in a casual way tinged with an eerie note, "If you give me ten
minutes without one thought, I will give you a month of iceberg cold
silence in return to cleanse your soul."  That sounds fair enough.
Meditating without thinking is a basic practice in hermetics and Raja Yoga
as well.  I stop my thinking and just let go into iceberg cold. 
      Fifteen minutes later Amue says to me touching my shoulder from in
front, "There.  Doesn't that feel better?  Don't you feel more pure?"
Then she laughs and jokes, "Your ears have become like seashells filled
with the songs of seas."  
    It takes me a few minutes to get my mind in gear so words are willing
to appear.  There is this wintery darkness inside of me and the sensation
that I am surrounded by open ocean from horizon to horizon.  I find myself
sitting here without moving or thinking.  If I did not know better, I
would say my ears can hear for miles in all directions.
   Amue reminds me of a song I once knew--"I would give my all to
Thee....Teach me to lose myself in Thee, Oh Lord."   Amue says, "For an
undine, the sea is the soul of the Goddess.  I can lose my self in the sea
and feel peace without having to worry about anything.  This watery,
magnetic expanse covering your planet is full of boundless energy, life,
and it celebrates the mystery of love.  To be at peace with yourself, you
must explore its depths and know its love."

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