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                      Anator of Mars, 1-10 degrees Aquarius


I have written about the sphere of Mars elsewhere.  See my brief essays on two different Mar’s spirits, Gibsir and Idida.  Scroll down under What’s New.  Also my essay on Visiting the Planetary Spheres


Basically, the sphere of Mars pertains to superhuman will power.  And stuff like passionate love and utilizing magic to fulfill one’s missions. 

  Like the former president, Jimmy Carter, I have Mars in Aquarius in my natal chart.  Aquarius is a fixed sign so when it comes to will you have to be very careful about getting attached to or fixated on an idea. 

   Carter had that problem.  He thought he could make all the decisions himself without delegating responsibility.  The story goes that he so micromanaged the White House that he even set up the schedules for the tennis courts.  Like I say, it is very easy to mess up with Mars in this sign.   

   Even though I am writing about a spirit with divine powers of will, much of the material is analogous to ordinary uses of will power.  Franz Bardon mentions that his students will need superhuman will to succeed in practicing his system.  One person joked upon hearing this, “Doesn’t everyone have superhuman will power?”  If you try practicing Bardon’s system you can decide that issue for yourself. 

   As I often do, I study the spirit’s vibration on each of the four planes of the earth—akashic, mental, astral, and physical.  I also discuss the nature of those four planes in my essay, The Earthzone as a Spiritual University.  See Essays or    






The akashic plane in the sphere of Mars is straightforward: you feel united with the primordial powers of creation that flow through you in order to accomplish your mission.  When Bardon has students imagine themselves at the center of a universe filled with fire, air, water, or earth, it might seem like a nice thing to do as in “Gee, I can do that.  Yes, now I am done.  I have mastered the exercise and am ready to move on.”

    But Bardon intends for his students to really get into and explore the four elements in nature and spirit as well.  Later on he mentions various spirits to work with such as those at the center of the earth or the sun.  You burn with that intensity.  You meet beings who dwell there and who live within those energies.  They share with you their dreams and destinies. 

   And then after that first hand direct experience with the cosmos you look at historical figures in a different way. You look at men like Hitler, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and Julius Caesar and you realize that when it comes to will and power these men are just children playing king of the hill.  They have not even made it through elementary school.    

   Where the masters of martial arts on earth go wrong is that they compare their success to those around them.  They like contests in which they can demonstrate and measure their prowess.  This is a big mistake almost all of them make.

   Mar’s will power does not measure itself against other human or divine beings.  That is unworthy of its nobility and commission.  Its motivation is to embody the powers of creation and it doe this purely because of the bliss that flows through them.  And for the sake of the mission, the purpose to which it commits.  There is no ego in this.

   An undine, when she relaxes, is almost indistinguishable from the sea surrounding her.  She disappears into water. 

  The Mar’s spirit, when he relaxes, is pure emptiness.  There is nothing there except the tension in the air. Then in an instant the room becomes hot, cold, dense, or weightless according to what he needs to accomplish. 

   But the reason so many will never touch this energy or inspiration with any degree of consistency is that they do not have a purpose.  The purpose sets before you the powers you must master and create.  There is nothing to possess.  This is a will you celebrate though action moving toward the destiny it wishes to express.       




Anator is not the “I focus the powers of creation through myself” or “I reach out and grasp raw energy and use its power to express my will.” 

   Rather he says, “The source of my power is invisible, unseen, and unknown, yet it is in my voice that can cause a wall’s stone to crumble and to fall down.

    “The image of my will? Think of the empty space between the stars; yet this is the place where dust in silence circles and spirals inward until a star is born; this is why when you look into my eyes there are stars that shine.  I am the silence within emptiness but I am also full of the stars’ songs.   

   “Open empty space--it seems like a boring place, not much going on.  But I can trace with my fingers gravities’ waves like waves of a sea driven by cosmic winds; these waves ripple and flow though me.  I am the place where they awaken, the ecstasy that drives them, and the shore they break upon.  

    “When I look at a problem or an obstacle, I do not see something opposing me—will, obstacles, or barriers to be overcome.  What I perceive is an energy configuration, a pattern, a space time hologram.  It is a riddle waiting for me to speak the answer so that it can grant me its treasure. 

   “I become the riddle.  I become the configuration.  I become the space time complexity.  It is then within and a part of my own consciousness.  Like any Zen koan, if you simply meditate with the question in your consciousness, the answer appears by itself.  The answer is always the same though always unique: the answer is that form and emptiness are not separate. When you see this, there is no longer any problem that can exist.  You see, in emptiness there is no opposition. 

    “When your consciousness is a cosmic open empty space, then the worst enemy is no more than a daydream.  The daydream, the enemy, the energy configuration, with all its powers and tall towers, armies and weapons of war, it appears and then it disappears when you clear your mind.  My power is that great. 

   “The energy within the enemy is a gravity wave and I am its source, the force that drives it, and the shore where it breaks.         

    “The next time you look into outer space, observe the place between the stars and you will see my gaze and my power looking back at you.  I serve the Light by being very wise and very dark.”


[Note: Often spirits who channel the sign of Aquarius talk like this.  I think it is important to grasp the correlation between a Mars spirit and the particular nature of is vibration.  It takes a sign of the Zodiac and transmutes it into a martial vibration.  I will give you an example of a spirit from the earthzone relating to the 23rd degree of Aquarius who speaks not from the point of view of Mars but from a place much closer to our physical world:


Chimirgu's Domain.  Akasha is the source of what shall be.  It is where you go to originate and to create.  Chimirgu's domain is like an outpost on earth representing the magic of Uranus.  Chimirgu is interested in the essence of magic itself.  He would embody the still center and the wisdom behind all ages and eons, races, evolutions, and planetary spheres.

     To reproduce this state in yourself, enter an akashic trance.  And then imagine quite graphically that your awareness is penetrating into and through all the elements of nature, the three lowers planes and the earthzone.  Add to this the sense that you are within and comprehend the different planetary spheres and the spirits who dwell there as well as the extra planetary spirits of our solar system.  What results is a penetrating and open awareness that is one with everything--all vibrations, all wisdom, and consciousness.  This is the nature of Chimirgu's domain--the attainment he seeks to embody and to teach.

     There are other spirits of the earthzone who have close ties to other planets.  They vibrate, for example, with the moon, Mercury, Venus, or the sun.  They can easily serve as guides to these other spheres.  In this respect, it is fair to say Chimirgu is Uranian in his inner essence.  His interest is in the mysteries of Creation in the purest sense.


Inner Source of Inspiration.  It is the nature of Divine Providence to hold in one state of awareness everything that exists, the purposes behind each person, spirit, or thing, and the visions leading to fulfillment.  There is nothing Divine Providence cannot comprehend or experience from within.  What you notice about this inspirational outlook is that creation is on going.  It is an endless celebration and this vibration, though hidden, is present everywhere. 

     Part of the reason for probing this deep into the mysteries of creation and into the secrets of Divine Providence is that new energies are constantly flowing into our solar system.  To understand how the world unfolds and to prepare to meet the demands of the future, it is necessary to know how to unite with pure spirit.  Aquarius, Chimirgu's sign, has its own outlook on the zodiac that requires these depths of wisdom.

     There are, for example, problems that Aries must solve which can only be resolved by comprehending the purposes of Divine Providence.  There is work that the Taurus needs to accomplish right now in the present if the right foundation is to be laid for a future society.  There are new words the Gemini must coin, speak, and teach if we are to retain our freedom.  And the Cancer must turn within to attain inner peace by uniting with the source of all things so that our home in the world is satisfying and complete and so on with the other signs.] 



Mental Plane


On the mental plane, Anator develops a concentration that is like steal or titanium; the brain waves are locked into and synchronized like light flowing through a crystal giving rise to a laser beam. 

  But it is not just the brain.  The mental body in the image of the physical body becomes an instrument of war.  It channels thought vibrations through itself; it creates—it takes a thought and amplifies it so that within one’s mind that thought consumes the entire universe.  Consciousness becomes one vibration extending over a vast space.   

    As I mention, Mars stands ready to channel the powers of creation though itself.  The mental body grows in intensity until it reaches a level that can accomplish this. 

  When Bardon has his students concentrate on one sense perception for fifteen minutes without any other distraction arising, he is giving you a taste of what it is like to train in a Mar’s boot camp. 

   I knew a man who could disarm any nuclear weapon on earth.  But if you train your mind the way Bardon expects, you can enter the mind and melt the will of any military leader on earth so he becomes like a kitten. 

   It has been nice, I must say, to live among a people and a race that are so incredibly innocent as are human beings at this time. I don’t mean to be facetious or arrogant.  It is simply that the arts of war taught by Mars are unknown on earth. 

   We have fifty megaton nuclear bombs but our armies know nothing about real war, about how to fight with the light of God shining in your eyes.  (There are exceptions in history such as when St. Columba called the archangel Michael to fight by his side.)

   Perhaps this is a really good thing that we don’t have to worry about some leader evoking Mars into his aura.  Like I say, life is very simple here on earth.  Incredible innocent by cosmic standards.  But one day we will need Mars in order to survive.  There is no question about this.  Mars exists so that when we are in a pinch we can find counselors who can assist us to do what needs to be done in order to move toward the destiny that lies before us.  




In brief, continuing according to the theme of emptiness on the akashic level, Anator: “I can dissolve with my mind any opposing mental vibration.  This is because my mind is very deep.  I can create a space of pure emptiness in which human will either dissolves or falls asleep.

   “Aquarius is governed by Uranus and also by Saturn.  You could call me a policeman, an enforcer.  When Saturn wants someone arrested for violating the laws of the universe, it calls upon me to execute its judgment.  If someone seeks to escape, where can he flee? I am everywhere where form appears. 

   “If he flees into emptiness, dissolving himself into nothingness, I am the net of emptiness.  I am the void within nothingness.  There is only one way to escape me: renounce all attachment. Attain perfect enlightenment.  But then even Saturn grants instant amnesty to those who attain absolute freedom.

    “As for the way Uranus is a part of me, if I see something in the future that I wish to bring into being, time and space, spirit and matter either dissolve or align to my will so that it can come to be. 

    “Give me a void and a dream, an emptiness within your heart that you wish to fill, and I will sing into being an entire kingdom of the heart, a land of delight and life.  With my voice I shall create a path of light through that void so that the reality you seek shall stand before you according to your choice. 

    “No, I am not a genie granting wishes.  I am the master of form and emptiness.  I am the alchemist changing one into the other.  I know that emptiness is bliss and that what you call reality—your body, your breath, your feet so solid on the ground—are formed from an infinite abyss.  Give me only the taste of enlightenment in your mind and I will give you the desires of your heart every single time.”           


Astral Plane


The astral plane is sometimes a transmitter of archetypal energies. It contains an image which one can totally identify with that channels emotional force.  It is kind of like saying in a state of pure trance: “I am a tornado, I am a hurricane, I am a flash flood, I am a mountain, I am a cataclysmic fire, I am a volcano exploding, I am a laser of light, I am lightning, I am a tsunami, I am the earthquake.  I am cosmic empty space that has no end; I am the will of the universe unfolding.” 

   It is beyond hypnotic. It is the actual archetype, that is, an immensity of energy in reserve ready to be unleashed. 

   Now then, if you are Hitler and wish to express archetypal energy in its destructive version, it becomes for him: “I am a volcano exploding and the pyroclastic flow that destroys whatever it touches; every German soldier is an extension of my will power.”

    If you are Julius Caesar, it is “I am an abyss with bottomless cliffs; my enemies think they can attack me but my will they can not fathom; the many ways in which I can destroy them is beyond their understanding.”

  For Alexander the Great: “I am the light of the sun blinding the eyes of my enemies; I am fingers of molten fire streaming out across the fields to devour them; every enemy I encounter I hold their will power in the palms of my hands. I form a fist and all that is left of their will is ash.”

  When you feel these archetypal energies fully activated within your astral body, that “emotional” force extends through you to everyone around you.  It enters the souls of your enemies and drains them of their strength. 

   You remember George Washington.  The British generals could not fathom why he did not surrender. His situation was hopeless. No, Washington had an archetype active within him. He felt total despair but he acted with quiet dignity.  He had the power of silence flowing through him.  All he had to do was survive, without or without dignity, until the English economy went  bankrupt.  Victory, thought seemingly impossible, was a sure thing if you allow Mars to guide you.      

    These are archetypal energies, forces of nature, embodied in images that gather and focus the energies of the soul: pure emotional force.  You would not think that an emotional image can empower a will to take over and command nations but it actually has that ability.  It is so powerful it flows in and through every person it touches. It inspires them, guides them, enchants them, empowers them to move in the direction it wishes and to accomplish whatever it commands.   

   The Jews insisted that God has no image.  He is actually able to appear whenever he wishes in any image, enlivening it with the sacred powers of creation.  You don’t want to get stuck on just one image so that you fail to notice when the power appears elsewhere in a different form.  You want to be ready for anything. 

   And so the soul, the astral body, is the temple in which the divine appears formless and penetrating.  It is awareness that is able to be within and probe the depths of anything.

    Hitler was defeated by the factories of Detroit and the ship yards of Long Beach, South Carolina, and New England.  What Hitler did not understand is that in the modern world wars are usually won by having a stronger economy.  Germany could have become the most powerful nation on earth had Hitler focused on his economy rather than his armies.

    The U.S. with its image of the eagle and mastery of the skies was defeated by the dark jungles of Viet Nam.  Julius Caesar was defeated by his longing to be appreciated as a leader.  Alexander died young because he was defeated by his longing to go on fighting forever; there was no moon granting rest and peace to reflect the light of the sun that shown through him;  Like I say, you need to be flexible and ready to change in a moment according to the challenge in front of you.

   Though it appears that each of the Mar’s spirits commands very specific images or archetypal and cosmic energies, they are not attached to the form of these things.  It is not about who I am or the powers I control.  It is about accomplishing the mission and having the self mastery that enables this to happen.  In the moment is the absolute readiness to act; and in that same moment of being prepared and ready and willing is the bliss of creation that stands ready to flow through them.    

    Some of the great martial artists of the earth possess incredible magical energies as in electrical or magnetic powers that enable them to defeat others at times without even touching them.  Still, they do not embody the imagery of Mars on the astral through identifying with the universal powers of nature. 

   You may touch a master and it feels like a mountain but you look into his eyes and you will not find a mountain within him.  Another can paralyze you with the electricity in his fingertips but you look into his eyes and you will not find lighting. 

   One master complained that when he looked into the eyes of his disciple he saw a god of destruction looking back at him.  Even though he was one of the great martial artists of the earth he was in no way prepared in his soul to deal with the raw power of Mars when it briefly appears in another human being. 

   You can train all you want strengthening and perfecting your muscles and techniques but if your soul is still unprepared for an encounter with divine imagery then you lose the fight. 

   The soul itself is a battle field.  The heart is where wars are won or lost.  Mars knows this.  Unlike any other spirits in this solar system, in and through the will of these spirits flows cosmic bliss. 


This raises an interesting question. You return from war where you have seen death and destruction.  But you are not a Mar’s spirit. You are human being. That woman who was shot. The ten year old killed as he reached for a grenade launcher in spite of being warned and shouted at, the family destroyed as a missile rained down upon their home—how do you return to civilian life having witnesses first hand the taking of both guilty and innocent life? 

    Perhaps you switch the imagery.  You take that adrenal rush, the boot camp training, that weaponry skill honed to make an instant kill, you take that bonding to the unit more than to any woman—you take that and you change the imagery.

   You focus the same degree of attention and intensity not on images of war but on images of peace and serenity.  Become not a living weapon of war; instead become moonlight streaming down at night. Become a river flowing through a valley; become a field of wheat; become a grape that ferments into the taste of wine.  

   Learn the images of peace, of healing, of serenity but with all the intensity and concentration of equal power.  A simple small waterfall with a rainbow shining through its misty vapors, a pool of water in a forest, a rising sun after a night of darkness, a moon that fills a room with serene calmness: you do not have be a gun, a tank, a bomber, a knife fighting hand to hand.

   You can be the earth herself who brought life into existence. And though her jungles are so violent one mistake and you are dead, she still found a way to bring forth and nourish all the life around us. 

   You can find a way also. The army will not teach you this.  But the spirits of Mars know how to be empty, to let go of the imagery and powers they command.  Like I say, it is about being ready and also about the mission you wish to accomplish. They is a time and a season for all things ….

   “A time of war and a time of peace, a time to love and a time to hate.”  Each moment you enter has its own mission.   




This image or archetype is not flashy and full of excitement.  It is rather quiet and simple.  No great general.  No world famous hero.  Just a quiet kind of guy sitting in his tiny tower at night gazing out across the world examining the best choices for the future.  None of that shining bright like a Leo. None of that knight leading an army into battle of Aries.  None of that Taurus building an empire or the enchanting beauty of Libra seen on TV around the world. 

   Anator’s actions, we might speculate, are seen in little things: the fog that enabled George Washington to escape from Manhattan when the British had him surrounded. The storm that destroyed the Spanish Armada as it sailed to attack England.  The weather clearing so that General Patton could get air support during the Battle of the Bulge. 

  Or, perhaps Anator is the kind of guy who might put into the mind of Hitler the thought, “I don’t think this is the right time to attack England.  Perhaps I’ll take my armies West and attack Russia.  Yes, I am sure that is for the best.” 

   True, any decent weather controller could handle these things.  There was a Kahuna (a Hawaiian priest) on a TV program who caused a storm to appear out of nowhere so that a television documentary on surfers riding fifty waves could be completed.  Don’t Kahunas have better things to do with their time? I don’t know. Maybe even Anator would have caused such a storm; maybe surfing is just simply exciting enough to be worthy of that kind of attention. 

    The difference between Anator and the Kahuna is in part that Anator likes to make little changes here and there that alter the course of history.  People write me and say they can control the weather.  Even the evangelist Pat Robertson says he can control a hurricane. 

   But can you cause a sand storm that stops armies from fighting so they lay down their weapons and end the war?  Can you postpone the onset of an ice age for twenty years or more?  Can you end famines in Africa? Can you insure that scholars continue to exist in Ireland at a time when the rest of Europe falls into darkness and ignorance?  Can you reveal to mankind new forms of chemical and solar energy so that tankers no longer carry oil across the Atlantic? Can you reveal the location of the lost continent of Atlantis so that archeologists finally have real evidence and not just dreamy myths?  Can you look into the future and order a few changes so that millions or hundreds of millions do not die because no one cared enough to think about it before it happened?

   Anator is a quiet kind of guy.  Nothing heroic here.  He has the quality of Uranus—a man who already possesses every desire and dream he would wish for.  And so he now settles down on a quiet farm somewhere obscure and simply watches the world, surveying and evaluating the future that is to be and what changes must be made in order to preserve harmony.

    In a nutshell, Anator on the astral is like having an astral body like a crystal ball a mile tall.  He senses in silence the future and the unfolding of the universe and determines the changes to be made so that light and life can be preserved on earth.  If Anator were to sing “Silent Night, Holy night,” you would have a few archangels singing in harmony with him.  He is a quiet kind of guy but the unfolding universe flows through him. 


In summary, the astral body is a lens. It gathers and focuses emotional force.  It takes one set of vibrations and amplifies them or steps them down to produce a specific result.  It is very selective with what it feels.  What you feel is an aspect of divine will.  So it  is focused on task and does not get distracted.  It insures that anything attempting to distract it is automatically repelled and turned back.



Etheric Plane


The etheric plane is life force, vitality, chi, ki, etc.  The life force with Mars becomes so powerful  it can control the energies of nature.  Just a touch can communicate this power—paralyze, short circuit, weaken, or command. 




Like a magnifying glass—his etheric body focuses the light or energy to one burning point and to the specific and exact site to do what it wants.

    He sets up the specific configuration you need in the etheric body to act as a channel to bring all that awareness, energy, and will of the inner planes to focus on the specific situation you are interacting with on the physical plane.  It is taking the lens and focusing it so you target the right object at the right depth with the precise clarity you need.  


Physical Plane


The physical plane is like the body of a great martial artist—it is highly trained.




The physical body is like the mechanism for a laser beam—it is the physical instrument that unleashes the beam of light.


I have sat next to and meditated with some of the great martial artists of the world.  If you do this, you will notice that there is a great calmness and depth to their training and experience.  Human beings, as I point out, are very limited when it comes to understanding Mars. All the same, many of these masters’ bodies are quite adequately trained to serve as vehicles for the energies of Mars to flow through them. 

   They just have no training when it comes to the soul, mind, or spirit, that is, to having cosmic will and power flow through them. 

    If you work out like these men and women for three to six hours a day for thirty or forty years, you do not need more secret techniques; you do not need more ways to hit secret body points. 

    Instead, the training from here on is of a spiritual nature.  It is the spirit, not the body, that commands the power. 

   Just a slight shift in the way they think and they could amplify by ten times their skills and performance.  But that slight shift requires a quest. It is not courage of body but of soul, mind, and spirit that must pass a test.  And so two of my beatitudes: Blessed are those who find the divine hidden within their desires, for they shall establish justice between the nations; blessed are those who pass through their inner darkness without fear or shame, for they shall attain freedom.

    It is an immense journey.  It is why we are here on earth—to attain freedom and to establish harmony.  It is about will and self-mastery and Mars is one of our guides on this journey. 

  I mention the Zen master who when he meditates his aura vanishes. There is nothing there.  Only emptiness. 

  When Anator meditates on the physical plane, you look at him and you see stars and the emptiness of space.  You see Saturn and the necessity of learning from limitations; and you see Uranus offering the keys to the treasures hidden in the future and to those things that shall come to be. 

   You can find this for your self: go out at night when there is no moon and the sky is clear.  Look up.  The stars are there at a great distance.  But if you open you heart you can, all the same, feel exactly what Anator feels in his heart: it is a feeling of being home and it is the feeling of being at peace with the universe. 

   When you can feel this you can feel the bliss that motivates a spirit such as Anator on his quest to serve the light.