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Visiting the Earthzone,  12/10/99

The following is an example of how I interacted with some spirits of
the earthzone.  Though I use a lot of different methods at different
times, I thought it would be nice to share what I did on this

The Four Planes.  I spend a few minutes meditating on each of the
four planes.  In the physical world, I review in my mind the density
and content of the world in which we live--the house and its age and
shape, the trees and vegetation around the house, the valley in which
I live, the island and sea around me, the sky, the winds, the
atmosphere, the entire physical planet on which I live. 
    Then I shift my attention to the astral plane.   I sense the astral
body of individuals I know.  I sense the astral component in trees,
birds, whales, and so forth.  I focus on the astral plane itself with its
vast variety of beings and inhabitants and its dream like quality in
which physical density is not a major factor. 
   I then focus on the mental plane, the realm of thoughts and mental
vibrations.  Philosophers and academics, scientists and theoreticians
roam about here with ease.  On the mental plane, thoughts are often
very sticky--they like to defend themselves and grow stronger by
overcoming opposing vibrations.  But the mind itself is open, clear,
and luminous.  It has no need to cling to specific thoughts for the
sake of maintaining its security.  The mind itself has no passion for
causes, perspectives, and philosophies. It is already completely free. 
Wisdom has no definitions or boundaries and yet it knows how to
seek solutions to problems which are effective and long lasting.
   And now the akashic plane.  Akasha penetrates through space and
time.  This level is always new for me.  This time I sense the history
of the world. The ancient world seems very near as if I am present
as an observer and the conditions leading historically to the
development of our modern world are also clear.  I also like to
divide akasha into higher levels, levels within itself which help me
focus on where specific spirits dwell.  
     The Akasha + 1 Level:  This level deals with being synchronized
with other influences of the world and the universe around you. 
The akashic level makes us aware of things as they are.  This level
places us in sync with them.  We gain a sense of harmonious
     Since the sphere of the earth deals so much with being
productive and building things, this level emphasizes being
systematic in our endeavor.  It is about moving step by step toward a
goal.  You need to lay a solid foundation for what you want to have
happen.  You have to be strong, consistent, and persevering in your
     The Akasha + 2:   This level works with flowing energy between
different individuals, spirits, etc.  In the earthzone, it is about having
support from others.  An example would be that if you are an
electrical engineer or an artist, you would have friends in the same
field who are always there to offer your encouragement and
inspiration.  On a magical level, it means you are able to exchange
energy directly with other human beings or spirits in any way you
desire.  This is naturally deeply gratifying and satisfying to have as
an ability.  It means you can always balance your energy by forming
a relationship to someone who embodies the qualities you do not
possess in yourself.
     Akasha + 3:  This level involves becoming one with another
being on all levels.  Under the law of love in which we are all one
with each other, it is possible to become one with any being in the
universe if it is what is required to fulfill a purpose.  The Dalai
Lama, for example, has thousands of students join with the chakras
in his body in order for the students to complete an initiation. 
    On earth it is not so uncommon for individuals to become very
close to each other.  This often occurs when some purpose is being
fulfilled--marrying and raising children, working together on some
project, etc.  During such activities it is possible to reach a level of
intimacy in which the partners in effect say, "Everything you are I
am also.  I feel what you feel.  I experience what you experience. 
Both your karma and your destiny I share as well."  
     This means in effect that the partners are open to each other
from the core of their being.  As fabulous and incomprehensible as
this experience may be, it occurs on our planet for the sake of
realizing a purpose--you join with another to accomplish a result, to
fulfill a purpose, or to make something manifest.  It is not that the
union is not deep.  It is just that the depths of the soul are explored
for the sake of manifesting something or fulfilling a purpose.  
    In other spheres, it is not at all this way.  In the lunar zone, the
oneness is for uniting to the universe without reference to space or
time.  There need be no result produced in the historical world.  The
union is an inner embrace of celebration.  
     In the Venus sphere, the oneness is an ecstasy of love which
affirms and celebrates one's divinity.  The ecstasy is an aspect of
divine consciousness and again no reference or application need be
made to validate or justify union of this magnitude.  But we on earth
are more practical.  Forays into the realm of spirit must by necessity
bring back treasures which can exist within and enrich the real world
and so our approach is slightly different. 
     Akasha + 4:  This level takes the previous level in a cosmic
direction.  On this level, the earthzone freely participates in the
qualities and powers of other spheres without losing it particular
earthzone vibration.  In other words, spirits on this level have a
more cosmic perspective.  They are more universal in their wisdom
and their powers are more developed.  They are able to fully
combine their being with the being of other spirits in other spheres. 
For example, it is possible to bring down to our planet the shocking
and overpowering beauty of the Venus sphere but again it would
serve a purpose appropriate for evolution on our planet.  This
purpose would result in something practical and of enduring value.
     Otherwise, you get the example of the fledgling magician who
calls to a Venus spirit to give him experience with her level of love.  
The consequence is that he falls head over heals in love with another
who reciprocates his love.  But the relationship, though ecstatic and
intoxicating, is short lived.  It exhausts both partners and they soon
begin to long for a normal life free of the emotional intensity which
leaves them nervous wrecks. Too much ecstasy or divine contact
destroys the fabric of the personality.  Without a strong personality
and conscious identity, an individual's magick or enlightenment, for
that matter, loses its usefulness for the age in which he lives. 

Some Spirits from the Earthzone mentioned in the book, The
Practice of Magical Evocation

Method.  Basically, I imagine the color relating to the sigils of the
spirit's astrological sign. I surround myself with this color as if it
fills an open space as big as the planet earth around me.  At the same
time, I project my mind onto the A+4 level of the earthzone, into a state
of mind projecting through space and time which is universal and cosmic in
dimension.  Then I simply focus on the spirit I am connecting to.  If you
can do this with human beings and gain impressions by connecting to their
auras or minds, it is pretty much the same procedure exactly.  These
spirits are conscious entities just like human beings except they do not
maintain physical, astral, or mental bodies.  Their consciousness is
familiar with these lower planes but they have no need of a lower plane
vehicle to sustain their being or support their awareness.
    An individual pointed out after reading some of the articles on my
web site that I make evocation sound as easy as sitting down and
having a cup of coffee.  Calling a spirit is kind of like picking up the
phone to call on old friend.  That is not quite how it is.  Let me give
some examples.
    There are times when I make phone calls to solve problems.  I
used to work and volunteer as a counselor for victims in the Family
Court, as a mediator for divorcing couples, as a facilitator for anger
management groups and drug-alcohol prevention and so forth.  I
recently was trying to acquire information on police procedures
regarding arresting individuals for domestic violence.  I have made
about ten phone calls so far to the police department and special
agencies specializing in domestic violence but I still do not have an
answer to my question.  I will find what I am seeking because I
know I am good at finding things.  And if there is no answer to my
question, I will help invent one. I will write to the chief of police, the
judiciary, the prosecutor's office, and the local  newspaper.  
    The next time there is a news story on domestic violence, I will
write a letter to the editor of the newspaper which they will most
likely publish.  Then I will mention how I had asked these specific
individuals for information and they were unwilling to help me. In
the past, this type of public feedback and discussion does seem to
produce results in bringing about the changes I seek.  Picking up the
phone and calling someone does not necessarily solve a problem or
produce an answer to a question on the first try.  You have to persist
and use your intelligence to get what you want. 
     Rituals, by the way, tend to give me headaches.  I do not like
them.  I have done perhaps too many rituals in past lives.  However,
before I read my first Bardon book, I had a habit of sitting out in the
Sonoran desert in U.S. southwest.  I would sit in some empty valley
for six hours or so at a time contemplating one of the ten sephiroth
from the Kabbalah.  A Tibetan Lama once told one of his students
in my presence to go sit in the temple for six hours and concentrate
solely on the Tibetan letter for Aum.  When I heard him say that, I
thought I don't really enjoy working with Tibetan imagery.  It does
not work for me.  It does not blend with my personality.  
    But I love that idea--you take any concept, image, ideal, or
spiritual principle and you consider it from all sides and aspects for
six hours at a time.  You recall your experiences and compare your
observations about those who embody these things.  And then you
do a lot of listening, that is, you place your mind in a receptive state
after having done the preliminary contemplations and see what
impressions, intuitions, and feelings arise.  After all, magick, as
Peter Beagle once said, involves a lot of listening and a little
   So when I read Bardon's second book which describes over five
hundred spirits I quite naturally applied the same procedure.  I
would take a spirit such as an undine or a planetary spirit and
contemplate its qualities.  By that time I could also sense its aura so I
would study its nature, its mind, and try to comprehend its essence.  
     If someone came up to me and said, "I have read all you have
written and I just have a few questions for you."  It would be very
difficult for me not to respond to this individual.  Similarly, if you
study a spirit's aura carefully and you have a few carefully fashioned
questions for that spirit, it is extremely difficult for that spirit to
refrain answering you.  You just have to listen very, very carefully
to what the spirit says to you. A few words sometimes contains
entire books because the words express an entirely new outlook on
the world in which you live. 
    So yes, I have two or three cups of coffee over a four to six hour
period in which I interact with one or more spirits.  There are countless
ways to do evocation or to interact with spirits.  Karmically, I seem to
be forbidden from utilizing any kind of material implement such as a wand.  
These things do not work for me and to be honest I really do not need
them.  I use the penetrating aspect of my mind to accomplish my purposes.  
Will is a function of concentration as is all of magick for me.
     The following contact with the first seven spirits I did in one
session.  It was over a period of about four hours.   The last spirit,
Girmil, I worked with at a separate time.  

Romasara, 8 degrees Leo:  In his presence, my body feels completely
enlivened.  Breath becomes an elixir rejuvenating every cell in the body.  
Romasara is a complete exploration of the health and vitality of physical
being.  Bardon mentions that Romasara is a master of pranayama.
    If I contact a spirit like Romasara, it is easy for me to want to just
sit and practice lung and pour breathing for four hours at a time. 
But this does not really work for me.  It strains my nervous system. I
think far more is accomplished by practicing a few minutes every
day over a long period of time rather than practicing hours each day
for a number of months. 
    And I think individuals are most empowered when they are able to
observe and study how and what works best for them individually.  But
Romasara is great for me to contact on occasion in a brief manner like
this.  It is almost as if he says by the presence of his aura saturating
my own--"Breathing life force into yourself is so easy.  There is infinite
power surrounding you in every moment.  Just open yourself and receive
it."  His aura seems to accelerate this process.  No doubt about it.

Jvar, 3 degrees Leo:  It is difficult for me to find one word which
describes the influence of Jvar.  In a sentence, I would say his aura
is the ability to translate into human experience divine inspiration. 
The result is that you think, feel, and act in ways which give
expression to the pure light of spirit which is within you.
    The closest word I have for this is that he inspires nobility.  Your
ideal is real and concrete and something that produces results every
day.  It is as if what then governs all your actions is the highest spirit
within you.  Under this influence, it is easy to imagine that I am a
knight sitting at the round table in Camelot or Thomas Jefferson
writing the preamble to the Declaration of Independence.  You
sense that your character and actions will effect the destiny of a
nation and a land.  Jvar exudes that kind of character and light. 
     One time in the past, Jvar was extremely helpful when I
contacted him in regard to his specialty which is developing magical
equilibrium--the balance of the four elements in yourself.  He
suggested I needed to lighten up and not take myself so seriously.  I
should work with the the playful and exuberant side of the air
element which is also sensitive, artistic, and intimate.  This is a
quality children sometimes possess.

Zagriona, 6 degrees Virgo:  Zagriona is very practical and to the
point. He says my book on elemental beings opens the door to the
astral plane in a new way. Consequently, to manifest this book, that
is, to distribute it successfully, I need to embody the level of will that
corresponds to initiating these changes.  He suggests I work with the
cosmic letter K in the way I have been doing with the cosmic letters
UE and E and focus the K on the book and other things I are
working on.
    This is a practical suggestion on his part.  Being a spirit of the
earthzone, however, he stands outside of history.  He does not, for
example, mention to me that the letter K is not appropriate for this
age in which I live.  Historically, the letter K belonged more to the
age of kings who ruled through divine sovereignty and with absolute
power.  If you want to use pure will to get something done, you
have to be very careful to wrap it about with great compassion and
     Bill Gates thought he could monopolize his industry because he
was able to do so.  But he ran into the United States Justice
Department which took him to court on the basis of the laws from
earlier in the century which bar monopolies from destroying
competition. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world.  Bill Gates
has yet to learn how to be the richest man in the world and a man
who is loved by many people.  
     And now for a commercial, a word from my sponsor:  "If you
have power, use it fairly and with justice otherwise you create your
own opposition.  If you have incredible power and use it unfairly,
you will generate an incredible opposition which is beyond the
power of your mind to comprehend." 
    The commanding power of the cosmic letter K takes a lot of self-
awareness and experience to apply successfully.  But this is the job
of the individual magician. He is the one in incarnation, not the
spirit.  He is the one who has to take responsibility for the outcome
that he seeks, not the spirit he contacts.  
    Spirits make good consultants.  In my experience, they do not
make good general managers, CEO's, or  like the foreman at a
construction site who looks at the plans of the architect and sees that
the intended designs get turned into walls, floors, and ceilings.  It is
up to you to monitor what is going on with your work and to iron
out the problems which arise in your day to day activities. Spirits do
not live and work with problems on a day to day basis.  This is an
area in which we human beings have the advantage. 
    Also, when I first contacted Zagriona, for example, to help me
with writing, I found shortly afterwards that I was compelled to
write several poems every day.  It was both exhilarating and also
exhausting.  I hadn't written poetry in decades and all of a sudden I
was writing as if I was the incarnation of a bard from some Celtic
civilization.  I ended up sending the muse away which Zagriona had
found for me.  
     Though an artist, it nonetheless represented a power of the
spoken word which is the greatest power I have ever worked with in
any previous incarnation.  And to work with it now I still have many
years of basic practice I must first master.  Like I say, earthzone
spirits stand within eternity. It is up to the individual magician to
figure out how to apply the visions and wisdom of eternity within
the limitations of everyday life.

Radina, 26 degrees Scorpio:  Radina, according to Bardon,
specializes in miraculous cures of impossible diseases but his level of
operation is very high and refined.  Radina has the faith and
conviction of a prophet like Elijah.  He is united to God by his faith
to the extent that he can produce true miracles, that is, he can
change the physical world in ways which can only be accomplished
by the hand of God.  Radina's aura is so intense it could almost pass
for a spirit like Vehuiah of the sphere of Mercury.  Obviously, it
takes a lot of practice to familiarize oneself with this energy and to
learn to apply it to produce physical results.  
     If you think of a medical student taking ten to fifteen years to go
through college, medical school, and get into a practice, you might
think of taking thirty to forty years to work with Radina to get
results on his level of ability.  But this really depends on the
individual.  Some individuals already have divine gifts in the area of
healing and some have special karmic barriers which make it
especially difficult for them to learn to heal others. 

Geriola, 6 Sagittarius:  Like Jvar, this spirit also specializes in
magical equilibrium.  His aura heightens an individual's intuition so that
it penetrates and fully comprehends any weakness or disturbance in his
psychological or spiritual makeup.  You then understand every aspect,
every nuance, and every element of whatever is influencing you.
     For example, he points out I need to make my daily life feel the
way I feel when I play a really great computer game--so that I can
give a hundred per cent of my attention and concentration to what I
am going.  I need to make my daily life feel like it is one hundred
per cent a spiritual adventure, a sacred quest, and a divine mission. 
Then the outer world will reflect exactly what I already feel is real
and true about my inner world.  This spirit talks a little bit like
Joseph Campbell who says the first task of a new mythology is to
turn our everyday lives into a spiritual training ground.

Asoreg, 7 Sagittarius specializes in painting, drawing, etc.  Asoreg's
aura produces a state of trance or temperamental aptitude in which
visual images becomes very pleasurable to work with.  The artist
then sees and feels no separation between himself and his art.  The
art is part of his own life and so he is quite willing to give all of
himself to mastering his techniques and sharing what he perceives. 
In other words, this spirit produces a magical level of empathy
bonding the artist to his work.  In states of love such as this an
individual is able to give all of himself with the result that creativity
then reaches new heights. 
    I contacted Asoreg briefly this once for about ten minutes.  My
reason for doing so is that I want to learn to draw the elemental
beings and spirits to add as illustrations to my books.  I want to do
this because undines such as Istiphul and spirits from the Venus
sphere are beautiful beyond the power of words to describe.  And it
is my commitment to make this beauty a part of our world.  
    About three weeks later I seem to have developed a habit of
sitting down and drawing pictures of various individuals for about
an hour each day in the morning.  It is just right.  One great danger
of contacting a spirit is that you can become so saturated with its
inspiration that you end up giving almost all of your time to the kind
of activities it inspires as with the example I gave with Zagriona
about writing poetry.  Poetry is not real important in this age of
mankind.  It is not that poetry is not valuable.  We just seem to have
other concerns which are higher priorities. 

Ugolog, 25 degrees Pisces:  Ugolog has a very spiritual vibration. 
He specializes in prophecy--seeing the entire fate and destiny of
individuals over the course of their sojourn here on earth.   You
have to become temporarily at least pure spirit to gain his level of
clairvoyance and prophetic vision.  It is always a pleasure to work
with him but I notice I often am completely mistaken in terms of
what I see is going to happen to someone.  I think I need to work a
little more with becoming pure spirit and less oriented toward "tell
me what is going to happen to so and so."  I end up seeing a
probable outcome and miss the completely unexpected and
unforeseen influences which show up to change the result. 

Girmil, 5 degrees Virgo earthzone 

This spirit specializes in expressions of beauty, harmony, and love.
Beauty has the attribute that it enables you to gain quick and
effective experience with whatever happens to be weak or missing
inside of yourself.  Another attribute is that it enables you to feel
one with another person without any conscious effort.  And again,
genuine beauty offers you the reassurance that you will become
everything you are meant to be, that every need you have will be
fulfilled in every way imaginable.  
    Beauty is an attribute of the divine. Like something divine, for
example a religious ideal or love itself,  beauty is incredibly easy to
misunderstand and to turn to evil or self serving purposes.  All you
need to do is pretend, imagine, or convince yourself that you own it
or have a right to take possession of it.  

For each spirit of the earthzone Bardon describes, he states there is
also a negative counterpart.  The colors in the negative spirits' auras
are darker.  They are perhaps easier to contact because they are
closer to the physical world.  You can see their activities more easily
just by picking up the newspaper which records all sorts of disasters,
tragedies, and crimes.  Occasionally, I will study both the positive
and negative counterpart of a spirit in order to have a fuller
perspective on some question I have.  
    The Jedi in the move Star Wars are like boy scouts. They learn
only about the light.  They know nothing of the negative--the dark
side of the force.  The dark side is too dangerous to study.  It easily
takes possession of whoever seeks out its secrets.  
     A magician, on the other hand, eventually is aware of both light
and darkness.  He understands that human beings have a right to do
the wrong thing, to make the wrong decisions.  At times, some
individuals will learn best from the negative.  The negative leads to
obsession and restriction, that is, loss of freedom.  And obsession
and restriction eventually teach how valuable freedom and self-
mastery are.  Everyone learns this lesson in the end. 

The negative counterpart of Girmil takes beauty and associates with
it very intense, physical sensations designed to produce obsession
leading to captivity.  How many individuals have discovered that the
love they thought they had has since turned into a nightmare? 
However, the negative principle does draw an individual toward the
physical world.  If someone has no interest in the physical world, in
other people, or in maintaining or defending their personality, the
negative provokes strong emotions which, one way or another, gets
human beings' feelings and emotions flowing.  If you are in despair
because you so desperately want and need attention, the negative
always gives attention far more readily than the positive.  
     Healthy, free, and independent individuals have lots of interests
and creatively express themselves.  They celebrate freedom and
independence.  On the other hand, very negative individuals can
afford to obsess on one person because they seek to turn the
relationship into a demonstration of their power to control and to
bind.  Or, like a vampire, they must feed regularly on another's
emotional life in order to feel alive.  Oh yes, they will give you lots
and lots of attention because without you they feel empty and dead. 
So they will use all of their intelligence and experience to trick you
in every way imaginable to avoid confronting this empty, sick
feeling inside themselves.  Your life offers them temporary relief
from their inner pain.  
     Or, put another way, what they want most to share is the dark pit
of despair inside of them.  They will entice you in every way to lead
you to the edge of that pit and then when they think they have you
off guard they will try to push you in.  You see, they want you there
with them.  This is why the negative likes control--so it can contain
you within the darkness it holds within itself.  They do not wish to
be healed, freed, or transformed.  Human beings who are predators
are often motivated in this way.  
    And now for another commerical, another word from my
sponsor:  The Judges of the sphere of Saturn are really good at
containing spirits or human beings.  For the sake of cosmic justice
which they represent, they can place an individual within a universe
with nothing else in it. I guess you could say they like to collect
predators who would otherwise get away.  

The positive, by contrast, takes beauty and associates it with
personal love.   There is pleasure, satisfaction, and gratification but
the individuals are enjoying themselves and love what they are
  The positive use of beauty enables a profound feeling of being one
not just with another person but with all of life.  Its intimacy enables
a great accumulation of magical forces by combining the masculine
and feminine.  It is like the difference between a really beautiful
women in a state of pain and a really beautiful woman experiencing
a state of ecstasy.  Some will seek the first as an expression of
physical power and domination.  Others will seek the second as an
expression of love, as an expression of everything that is wonderful
about being alive.

The Inner Energy of the Positive and the Negative  

The negative's inner energy is an attempt to attain bondage or
captivity over another person.  It is an expression of power through
control.  If you control another, there is no question about the fact
that you have a connection and a relationship.  If you are rather
insecure, if you chain someone to you in some way, then you feel
secure.  Its kind of like that.  If the chain isn't there, you must face
your despair. 
The positive inner is an expression of blissful union.  It is actually
much more powerful and forceful or magically effective than the
first.  It requires, however, a much higher level of concentration in
focusing on each other. You have to put your whole heart, soul,
mind, and body into the relationship.  
     The negative does not have access to its whole heart, soul, mind,
or body so it is unable to share or attain union along these lines. 
The positive, with greater conviction, certainty, and security, can
feel one with another even when you do not see the other for years
and the individual lives on the other side of the earth.  No chains are
necessary for security.  That is just how it is.