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A Meditation for Creating Spiritual Community

Introduction:  Franz Bardon offers a system of magick committed to the
highest ideals of love and service.  For those engaged in such practices,
it is appropriate to form a community supported by some sort of inner
plane connection between its members.  In response to a request from one
of the subscribers to my newsletter, I said I would work on a meditation
along these lines.  It has taken me over a year to arrive at a point where
I feel comfortable with the results.
     In an article I have written on the cosmic language,  I refer to a
spirit Bardon mentions from the sphere of Jupiter whose name is Asmodel.
Asmodel is perhaps the greatest teacher in our solar system who correlates
community and cosmic love.  I have developed the following meditation from
working with Asmodel.  It can be used to evoke the presence of a community
which is spiritual, loving, and founded on magical wisdom.

The Sphere of Jupiter.  

Jupiter, according to astrology, expands our horizons in life.  It is a
great source of wealth and not just physical. It increases our
opportunities to experience life on all levels of our being.  It is the
embodiment of group interaction, leadership, and high purposes and ideals.
Through Jupiter we find our greatest avenue for service and membership in
      If you  look at Jupiter in the night sky and fill your body with its
light, you may feel its expansive nobility, its richness, and its regal
qualities.  Besides its leadership, it takes charge, organizes, and brings
order to the world.  Jupiter, on a more spiritual level, however, is
slightly different. 
     In order to project my mind into the sphere of Jupiter (that is, into
the spiritual aura surrounding that planet), I imagine a clear, rich blue
light in and around myself.  Then, using my clairvoyant and clairsentient
abilities, I send my mental body into the sphere of Jupiter.  
    On this level, I feel surrounded by wonderful resources and all sorts
of support, friendship, and fulfilling activities.  There is a vast
expansion in educational opportunities and means for learning and
increasing one's knowledge.  Here is the guidance and inspiration to find
groups and activities which enrich yourself and others at the same time.
Jupiter can find you a place in life where you belong, are needed,  are
loved, and your skills are incredibly useful.   
   There is a feeling of nobility, of being chivalrous, regal, dignified,
and majestic.  There is great wisdom, extraordinary depths of experience,
judgment, and discerning intuition.  The atmosphere is also very festive
and jubilant.  
    There are a lot of magical abilities within this light.  Whereas the
sphere of Venus holds the enchantments of two falling in love, Jupiter
encompasses the charisma and spirit of celebration and connection which
creates and sustains communities.  Pageantry and honor are important and
the feeling of participating with others in great and noble endeavors.
There is a direct and immediate awareness of how your life is fulfilled by
participating with others in producing works which benefit the world.
    On higher levels of awareness, we find the wisdom here of how a
community can be founded on the universal principles and wisdom which are
part of the universe itself.  Carbiel, e.g., who governs Jupiter in the
sign of Scorpio, teaches how ideals reflect the radiation of  light.
Ambriel, who is associated with the constellation of Gemini, teaches how
the mind has the inner capacity to comprehend the nature of anything that
exists.  Murjel, who governs the sign of Cancer, teaches how to align and
expand the human aura so that it reflects within itself the large magnetic
fields found in nature.  Hanael, relating to Capricorn, teaches how to
comprehend, come to grips, and, if need be, to master the karmic cycles
and influences which govern entire civilizations and historical epoches.  
    Carbiel once cited for me some examples where he personally intervened
in the lives of individuals on our planet in order to break them out of
the karmic cycles they were in.  Carbiel is responsible for creating and
sustaining ideals which open and guide those who would enter the paths of
spirit.  But all of these spirits, according to the general nature of
Jupiter, provide new opportunities and means for enriching and expanding
our sphere of life influence.  
     Many times in life when we sense something missing but we do not know
what it is we are looking for a community where we can belong: we seek to
participate with others who are commited to high ideals, whose depth of
experience encompasses the wisdom of all ages, and who have that special
connection to each other which makes for a feeling of home and well-being. 
        When we look into the eyes of those who exist within such a
community, we see souls who are vibrant with life.  Their hearts are full
of joy.  They have a true zest for living and for adventure, for finding
new and greater challenges.  And yet they never underestimate the value of
human relationships.  They treat you as their brother or sister.   But
what fires of inspiration could possibly create such as community as this?
For one answer, let us look to one of the twelve main spirits of the
Jupiter sphere, viz., Asmodel, who governs Jupiter within the sign of
   Note: for more on the nature of Jupiter, see the meditation on the
planetary metal of Jupiter which I did with the gnome Mentifil.  Also see
my dialogue with the main characters of the Arthurian legend under the
section on transpersonal psychology on my web site. 

Summary of Meditation:  Visualize a sphere of blue light in front of you.
Do not accumulate the light.  This whole experience from beginning to end
takes place within a feeling of relaxation.  It is serene and peaceful.  
    The blue light symbolizes a community joined and committed to
celebrating the highest ideals of love--personal, communal, universal,
global, and cosmic.  The blue represents a love in harmony with the
universe.  It is human sensation, feeling, thought, and action under the
influence and blessing of Divine Providence.  Spend a few moments
imagining and envisioning what it is like to be a member of a community
based on these ideals.
   Next, become this sphere of light so you identify with it.  You can do
this gradually.  For example, you can place your hands into this sphere of
blue and feel its energy and inspiration touching and slowly saturating
your hands.  You then can slowly extend your awareness into the blue
sphere of light as if you are walking into the water at a beach or
altering the color of your aura the way you put on a new set of clothes.
   You can also feel the sphere of light flow over you and surround you
till you arrive at the center of the sphere.  Take a few moments to feel
the qualities of this energy.  Then imagine the light is the radiance of
your own aura.  It is an aspect of the divinity within yourself. It is
your own ideals of love shining and radiating outward. 
   If you are not good at visualizing, it is not so important to see the
color blue.  You may instead wish to concentrate on the feelings
associated with universal love. Or, you may wish to focus on the words or
ideas which express for you what I have been describing.  You can relax
and play a song which awakens in you these feelings.  
   You can also focus on a smell or a taste.  There is no restriction on
how you as an individual can find your own way into this place.  The will
of a creator involves the power of imagination.  There is no advantage in
restricting what you envision.  
   The light can be explored in further detail by expressing its nature on
four levels.  Each level is the foundation for the next and when you reach
the fourth you return again to the beginning.  In other words, you
associate with what works best for you. 

Exploring the Light on Four Levels

1. The first level is the sacred use of imagination to envision a
community embodying the highest ideals of love and service. Inner vision
and external success are in perfect harmony within this community because
of the incredible resources Jupiter makes available to accomplish this.
Those who serve in this way are guided by high inspiration because from
the core of their being they have experienced love and completion.  The
sense of completion arises from a heart that has the stillness of a mirror
reflecting the beauty of the universe.
    And their strength of character is seen in the balance of the four
elements within them.  They know from direct experience the ecstasies
within the elements of nature.  And illuminating their intuition is the
light of akasha, of Divine Providence.  You could call the members of this
community initiates of the highest order but it would be better to simply
say that their joy overflows to others.
      To work with this image, focus so your entire awareness embodies the
ideal, the dream, and the vision of a community dedicated to serving the
highest love and the highest light.  Imagine what this would be like. If
you are psychic, you can synchronize your mind with Asmodel's qualities,
that is, with cosmic love and service.    
   From the standpoint of Asmodel and the sphere of Jupiter, such a
community would embody great opportunity and wisdom.  Minds would be
illuminated. Inspiration would be as bright as the light of the sun.
There would be the power to heal and to become transformed.  And inner
peace would flow freely through every human being.
   Educational resources would be of the highest quality.  Ancient wisdom
and the mysteries of creation would be known and celebrated on earth.
There would be friends, associates, and co-workers of like mind and heart
who would provide each individual with support and life long
   There would be opportunities to find that place of service where you
are of the greatest benefit to others and also where you would learn the
most.  Every need and desire would find an appropriate and harmonious
satisfaction and fulfillment.  Every wound and affliction which limits and
binds the human soul would have a way to be healed, released, and replaced
with a feeling of completion. 
   Each person in this community retains their own individuality. They
make their own choices and are responsible for their own actions. They are
autonomous and independent.  And yet there would be this flame of spirit
available to illuminate them from within.  They would know what it is like
to experience a love that has no beginning or end.  
    For this reason, in their eyes you can see the beauty and the
stillness of the stars shining at night.  In their smiles, you can see the
light of dawn as joy rises in wild celebration.  And  if you listen, when
they speak you can hear a distant reverberation, a passion like the voice
of thunder--of the earth and sky uniting, of matter and spirit, of time
and eternity encompassed in one circle of love.  This is the vision of a
community whose members embody and celebrate the wisdom and the harmony of
the universe.
   In summary, on the first level, you attune and synchronize your mind,
feelings, and thoughts to the vision of a community of love.  You imagine
it is real and that you are within it right now.  The heart and the mind
have this ability and spirits such as Asmodel exist to transmit and turn
such visions into reality.
   This first level works with the mental and astral planes.  On the
mental plane, we conceive of what is needed matching divine vision to the
conditions of our world.  We form a clear picture and fill in the details.
On the astral plane, we enter and explore this vision as if we are alive
within it right now.  You move within it as in a dream which holds your
total attention and awakens every emotion.

2.  On the next level we experience a free, unhindered circulation of
energy between the members of this community.  We can circulate energy
with another individual, with a small group of people, with the entire
community, and also with Asmodel.  This circulation and sharing of energy
is meant to be felt and experienced. 
   If you imagine someone you love right now, there is an exchange of
energy occurring between the two of you in this moment.  You may be able
to feel this--a pulse moving from you, flowing into and through the
other's aura, transforming, and then flowing back to you.  
   If you spend some time with this practice, you can learn to distinguish
quite clearly the specific kinds and qualities of energy which flow
between different individuals.  If your heart is open and receptive, there
is always a balance you can find which circulates energy with beauty and
harmony between you and another.  There is always a point of equilibrium
where two souls can come to acknowledge their connection with joy and
    Again, this energy circulating in the second step can be sensed and
felt.  You can study it and notice its effects as it saturates your body.
Like a divine wine, it is full of visions of love, fulfillment, and
    In terms of experience, there is no limit on the way this light might
grant dreams, feelings, and experiences through meditation.  One
individual may encounter an energy flowing with the quality of infinite
peace.  Another may encounter the dream of transforming into a divine
being.  For a third, the gates to the inner planes and the veils of time
are suspended.  She then stands among all friends, lovers, and teachers
from all her incarnations on earth.  Like I say, Jupiter possesses the
wealth of spirit to see that we experience completion according to our
individual needs. 
   When we breathe, drink, and eat we are sharing the life force of the
planet. Our blood surges through our bodies seeking to nourish every cell.
The light of the sun is within this nourishment and the fruits of the
earth. .  
  When we hold hands in a circle in a small group, we are sharing support
and expressing our care for each other.  When we embrace others, we also
embrace with our hearts.  We share and exchange energy with others every
day.  It is natural to open our hearts and circulate joy and  love from
one to another.
   Even as the stars shine to fill the universe with light, the heart
loves in order to fill the universe with love.  There is no limit placed
on light.  There is no limit placed on love. On this second level, then,
we experience sharing, caring, empathy, attunement with others,
satisfaction, and fulfillment. Every cell of the body, every part of the
soul and mind become saturated with happiness, peace, contentment, and
well-being.  It starts as an imaginative vision.  It becomes a feeling, a
sensation, even an ecstatic trance until it is as real as breathing and as
satisfying as eating.
   In summary, you begin by visualizing or imagining one or more
individuals within the blue light with you.  You may or may not know these
individuals but their auras and hearts have an affinity for this energy.
Each in their own way resonates with and reflects the ideal of love.
There is a circulation of energy generated which flows between these
individuals and yourself.  
    The blue energy of Jupiter requires a community to ground it since its
very nature is to share and amplify connections and opportunities.  The
spirits of Jupiter are also especially gifted in materializing ideals.
But you need to move on to a universal level of awareness in order to
employ their magick.  There needs to be direct heart to heart and mind to
mind communication between individuals within the community.  
   This use of blue light symbolizing an ideal is one way to move to this
level.  In visualizing others, you are opening yourself to soul to soul
communication with them under the blessing of Divine Providence.  On this
level, there is the peace and the inspiration necessary to receive and to
transmit the best that exists within others' hearts.  The blue light with
which you identify is accepting, encompassing, and uplifting.  It is like
assuming the attitude of a guardian angel toward all of those whom it
holds in its heart and inspires.
   Asmodel's inner source of inspiration is this:  Divine Providence is a
storehouse of boundless spiritual treasures which are available to those
who love.  Within a community constituted in this way, new and
unimaginable gifts continuously appear like an invisible light which is
suddenly free to reveal itself in all the colors of the rainbow as it
passes through open and loving hearts.     
    The universe is not impoverished, desolate, and empty.  Creation has
spiritual wealth beyond all understanding.  The circulation of love
between human beings flows also through the heart of God and Goddess.  It
is a sacred celebration.  Divinity is within and bestows its beauty and
inspiration upon this flow of love.
 3. On the third level, we celebrate and attain a oneness with others and
eventually the whole spiritual community.  You may have encountered this
experience before during sacred rituals and ceremonies--everyone is fully
attentive, receptive, and gives all of themselves to the celebration.  The
energy increases.  The atmosphere becomes charged with a sacred presence.
And then it happens:  the feeling of being separate is gone.  The
celebration creates a oneness of every individual and spirit present.
    At such times, your individual identity, who you are, your name, and
your personal history are transcended.  These personal elements are not
denied or left behind.  They are included and encompassed within a greater
whole.  This is to say that the barriers separating one from another--be
it body and form, gender, age, belief, experiences, thoughts, or
needs--all of these are overcome. 
   Many spiritual beings exist on a plane of oneness.  They neither lose
their distinct qualities and powers nor their individuality and
uniqueness.  They just have another, higher mode of connection and
interaction.  When they communicate, they are free to become one energy
system as they join with others.  They become one light, one being, and
one consciousness for as long as is needed to fulfill the purposes they
wish to accomplish.  On this level of awareness, separation is overcome.
Attachment to separation or feeling limited by it are illusions.  
    The practice, then, is to visualize others with you within the sphere
of blue light.  You can start with one or two individuals you know or
imagine everyone who practices this meditation.  The process is this:
because you are so attuned to each other and circulating energy so well
between those present, your auras join taking on the qualities and ideals
the blue light represents and reflects.  
   At this point, you shift your awareness from yourself into the blue
light.  You imagine as you did in the beginning with your hands that you
have become the energy within and surrounding yourself and all others
present.  Everyone does this--you extend your awareness so you are one
with everyone without being limited or located within a specific body.  
    This is not a loss of consciousness because you are giving up your
identity by no longer centering on your self.  This is an expansion of
consciousness because you are becoming aware of everyone's identity all at
once.  Everyone is then joined and united by means of identifying with the
blue light--with the greater ideal of love with illuminates and saturates
the community members. 
    A basic Bardon exercise is to imagine you are other individuals
feeling their feelings, thinking their thoughts, and perceiving as they
perceive.  You can practice this exercise at this time also. You can also
imagine that you are one with and within everyone all at once.  The ideal
of love permits and welcomes this.  It is the practice of
omnipresence--one of the four fundamental qualities of Divine Providence
which every magician seeks to master. 
   Going further, you can imagine each individual's form or body now
fading as they identify with the light.  There remains one formless,
united consciousness of love.  This is the natural state of akasha and
there is no feeling of separation or limitation within it. 
   Again, science seeks to understand everything in the universe.  The
heart seeks to encompass everything with love.  This is the place where
the ancient isolation and loneliness which haunt the human soul are
finally dissolved. 
   Become acquainted and familiar with this state of consciousness.  Turn
it into a friend.  It is being joined in mind, heart, and spirit with
others who, again, share these high ideals of love and service.  
   You can join minds because your mind is open as in a telepathic rapport
where minds join as one.  You can join hearts because there is complete
acceptance and no fear is present.  And you can join spirits because those
present seek to reflect within themselves Divine Providence--the One Light
that shines through and encompasses the universe--omnipresent,
all-embracing love.
   At this point, as in any well-constructed spiritual ceremony, the gates
to divinity are thrown open.  And again, on a slightly higher level, the
treasures of spirit are made available to human beings.  Human desire and
aspiration, divine passion and the powers of creation intermingle and
join.  We enter this place to celebrate the presence of Divine Providence
and to transit its blessings to others.
    I asked Asmodel to clarify this level for me.  He said that on the
astral plane, on some level, you feel joined to everyone else within the
community.  You feel their inner spirits and their experiences--their
sensations, feelings, thoughts, and memories.  You are part of them and
they are part of you.  The free giving and receiving is like a divine
blessing.  It is a mystical oneness with a community which celebrates the
Mystery of love. 
4.  We enter the fourth level to go one step further into the Divine
Workshop and into the mind and heart of God/Goddess.  When we are
comfortable and familiar with the previous levels, we can work toward a
community similar to Asmodel's own level of inspiration.  
    I asked Asmodel what his essence is.  He replied, "To establish a
community which draws upon and harmonizes all the various energies and
spirits in this solar system."
This community then reflects the greater spirit of love who overshadows
all evolutions of matter, life, and spirit within the reach of our sun.
    The community expands, then, as it embodies a oneness between its
members.  But now it also has present within it, according to each
individual's own inclinations and inspiration, other spirits of nature and
of light which anyone may wish to contact.  In other words, the blue light
becomes a point of departure and also a place to bring back the treasures
of spirit and of experience which we acquire in life.  
   To be specific, there may be any number of things you desire to work
on.  The sphere of Jupiter acts to accelerate and to enhance experience.
It provides new opportunities to experience feelings, thoughts,
intuitions, and life in ways we may never have imagined.  If you have to
get up and give a speech and you lack confidence in yourself, you can gain
a degree of inspiration from this level of awareness.  You enter the blue
light to feel enveloped and immersed in the energy of what you need to
have within yourself. 
   You can do the same if you are practicing pranayama, trying to empty
your mind of thoughts, or to concentrate on the element of fire.  If you
need to heal someone or evoke a spirit, this energy of Asmodel amplifies
your abilities to accomplish your objectives.  Like Asmodel, the blue
light representing universal and cosmic love contains the resources of the
solar system.  
    Everything that pertains to divine love, an illuminated mind, and a
will inspired by Divine Providence can be found within this energy field.
When we are one with a spiritual community which is aligned with the
energies of the solar system, than any form of wisdom is available to us.
This is an ideal which is meant to be made real, concrete, and practical.
The existence of this community is like a collective evocation in which
everyone participates at once--everyone's will, heart, and mind are
focused in a way which leads to the enlightenment of the earth.  
    In this vision of what can be, the modes of perception and powers of
nature spirits and divine beings become completely accessible to human
consciousness.  The blue light is, then, a wish-fulfilling gem and the
quintessence of wisdom.  It manifests our wishes and desires.  But it
requires in return that our minds be open and clear, our hearts empathic
and still, and that we attain a oneness with all things. 
   On this level of the blue light, we sense a harmony with everything
within the solar system. And we become the vehicle for an outpouring of
love which, like the light of our sun, extends to the ends of the
universe.  This is an actual sensation or energy which you may feel at
this point.  
    Since Asmodel relates to the sign of Taurus, you may feel more solid,
stable, and grounded.  There is more balance in your life and satisfaction
and enjoyment in the work you are doing.  Like Taurus, you may feel that
through your work you are manifesting something beautiful and of great
value.  You may feel the planets of our solar system empowering you from
within granting you a quiet strength and an appreciation for every aspect
of life. 
    It is no small feat to be a member of two separate worlds.  It is not
easy embodying in oneself a spiritual ideal while possessing a rugged
endurance that is practical and effective.  But as in any system of
initiation, Asmodel teaches that the problems and conflicts we encounter
in real life are also energies we can discover and learn to master within
   On this fourth level, we are empowered to be magicians who are in
service to the purposes of love.  We solve problems and resolve conflicts
not just as highly motivated individuals.  We also act in cooperation and
in partnership with the divinity within ourselves.  As our spiritual wills
are enhanced by uniting with a community of love, we are able to channel
through ourselves the powers of creation.  
   Of course, we can serve others and attain to our magical potentials
acting as individuals or belonging only to small groups.  But it is the
nature of Asmodel, as with Jupiter, to establish within us as quickly as
possible our highest potential.  This is done in a way which is satisfying
and which enables us to do our work with high creativity. 
   When you are done with your meditations, you dissolve the blue light.
You let go of the energy.  The intent is not to accumulate energy and
create thought forms. The energy has been used to elevate our
consciousness and sharpen our perception and imagination. 
     It enhances our telepathy because we learn to join minds.  It
increases our clairvoyance because we learn to speak for future times and
manifest what shall be more quickly.  It stimulates our clairsentience
because we learn to feel with the highest love empowering our empathy.  
   Take a few moments and review your experiences.  Process your feelings.
Spend some time with them to let them sink in.  Note any new ways of
thinking or perceiving which may have occurred. 
   This energy field is available to be entered at any time.  It is an
extension of your own mind.  The community of which I speak is a human
ideal.  But high spiritual beings such as Asmodel empower its
manifestation.  With a little imagination, we can attune ourselves to and
help create a community of magical wisdom.  We can feel its energy
circulate within and between us. We can become one with it and also use it
as a means to draw upon vast spiritual resources.
  The elemental beings such as undines within nature also exist within us.
Their qualities will one day become our own. Their modes of perception and
powers are hidden within ourselves.  The same is true of spiritual beings
such as Asmodel.  All that he is is part of what we are meant to be.  
   The meditations I offer help bring his gifts down to earth in an
organic and natural way without violating the laws governing spiritual
evolution. This is because in a sense Asmodel's aura already extends
throughout the solar system.  He already exerts a degree of influence on
human ideals and our religions.  I am merely taking off the shelf
technology--a little bit of new age and old age meditation--and putting it
together in a way which brings our planet in harmony with the solar
   This meditation is not the same as a professional evocation, that is,
calling a spirit from Jupiter to manifest on our planet.  It is more like
a mirror gathering the light which is already shining upon us.  It then
strengthens and circulates this light so that the feelings and resources
of a spiritual community are made available.  Specifically, I have asked
Asmodel to help design a meditation which creates community in a way
appropriate to our level of evolution.  This meditation is the result.
    It is not my intent to create a new or replace a traditional religion.
The four steps I outline are already present in many esoteric systems and
practices.  When you watch a whirling dervish, Hopi Indians dancing, or
even centering prayer, you can witness a similar set of transitions.  As a
magician, I am simply offering to those who are interested a way of
connecting to each other which celebrates the beauty and the oneness of
the universe. 
    In the Bardon system, no doctrine or belief is necessary.  You do not
need to join anything.  There is no sense of being exclusive.  The
emphasis is on experience and hard work in training.  
   And yet, for all the techniques and methods explained, love remains the
highest wisdom and the highest magick.  You discover this in the end but
it is also a good thing to remember at the beginning of the training.  To
this end, I offer myself and these meditations for all who wish to join

 I do not think there is anything complex about this process of
meditation.  To put it in a prosaic terms, I suspect it is like stone
soup.  The more you give and put yourself into the experience, the more
you get out of it--and the better the taste.  But what is possible?
   Asmodel expresses it this way.  He says, "Know that God is love and
that you are within His love.  As the blue of the sky stands above like
the wings of a cosmic angel inspiring all upon the earth to open their
minds, to perceive the truth of the universe:  we are all of us one
community existing to honor and to fulfill a sacred quest--to celebrate
the mystery of love. 
      "Day unto day, from the hearts of stars, light streams forth to the
ends of the universe.  But whose ears listen?  Whose heart hears these
magnificent cords and harmonies which sing prise to the One Light
informing the universe with love?  
    "Night unto night across the void,  the chasms separating the stars
and galaxies,  across the greatest distances, the darkest abyss, faintly
if you listen to the stillness you will hear  the pulse of a greater heart
throbbing in the depths, sounding at the core of all that exists. 
    "Does the flower blossoming in spring know more than the human heart?
Do the birds that sing at dawn losing their being in rapture of song greet
with greater welcome God's love?  Does the tree that sheds its leaves,
that drops its seeds, that offers its fruit freely for all to receive,
does the tree standing firm amid all the changing seasons not honor more
deeply God's Mystery?
     "Whose voice bears witness to God's Beauty?  Whose heart will speak
from the sacred  stillness?  Put off your doubts and your weaknesses for
but a few moments each day and each night.  Enter into the Light.  Open
your heart--feel the pulse, the presence of God's grace. Let your lips
sing praise.  
    "His love has neither beginning nor end.  It can not be confined and
it resists definition.  That is why you can find it in any human action.
That is why you can learn to be friends with anyone or fall in love with
anything.  Every breath, every heartbeat rises from its depths.  The
entire universe is its song. 
    "Listen.  This is the essence of all my teachings:  everything that
exists has been created  out of bliss.  For this reason, there is no limit
to the imagination.  There is no end to the mind's explorations.  The
desires of the heart can not be confined, for the heart desires that
matter and spirit be joined and all action be turned into Divine
celebration.  This truth can be found and tasted, honored and touched in
every moment of time.  Those who embrace this truth, their wisdom shall be
as deep as the sea and as vast as the sky.  And in their voices you shall
hear the songs the stars sing at night." 
     I also wrote this poem when meditating with Asmodel:

             A Psalm of Love

The blue-green purity of an arctic sea
A faint mist drifting upon its surface
The blue-white glacier 
Clinging to the mountain slopes
Resting within the valley 
It is winter when the herbs are bitter
And the sun dim and distant
There is a time 
To retreat and to sleep 
To withdraw from the outer world 
In the arms of love
Is soothing release
In its embrace
The cold of the world
Leaves no trace
Yet the ice, the frost, the snow
Are not indifferent 
They are not without love--
In the winter of the soul
Is the greatest vision
Of the Beloved's face.
A sojourner once said to a woman,
"I love you so much 
If you held me within your heart
Winter would no longer be cold 
And ice and snow 
Would be warm to the touch."
The woman said in reply,
"I am afraid the silent, snowy fields 
The icicle's chill
And the touch of frostbite 
Can offer you more love than I
But if you see the beauty within my soul
And can celebrate it 
Even when it flows bitter and cold
Even during the dark of winter when no light shines
Then I will give you my heart." 
From the poles to the black volcanic beach 
To the white sands of the Aegean Sea
The oceans enfold the world in their embrace
They absorb the heat of the sun
Cooling the earth by day
Warming the earth by night
In love's embrace
Is the preservation of light on earth.
Whose heart is as deep as the seas?
Who heart nourishes all life on earth?
Whose heart can greet the wind's passionate kiss
With running waves wild and free
And yet absorb the light of the stars by night
In a place mirrorlike and at peace?
The sojourner replied to the woman, 
"I shall be a mirror so empty and clear
Your beauty shall finally shine 
In all its radiance
I shall give you a cup to drink
Filled with the wine of the sun
Which persuades winter to let go its grip 
So spring is free to come 
And when we are separate 
Neither the depths of the sea
Winter's cold 
Nor even the dark ocean where the stars shine
Shall diminish our love
Our hearts will be forever one." 
"Who are you?" she asked him,
He replied,
"I am the voice of love
The one you have called 
From the depths of your heart
And I have come to celebrate with you
The love that renews the world."

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