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Franz Bardon says that the second spirit of Jupiter who governs the sign of Taurus is responsible for cosmic love in all planes and spheres.  In my approach to this spirit, I primarily sensed the way the spirit uses a spiritual community to serve as a vehicle for manifesting cosmic love. 


See also my previous article written in 1998 on spiritual community and Asmodel:


Inner Source of Inspiration


It is the nature of Divine Providence to create a community to embody its presence on earth.  The members of this community are the custodians of all treasures of divinity—all love, light, wisdom, knowledge, power, purpose, etc. 

   This embodiment on earth is like having earthzone spirits in physical incarnation at one university.  There still remain many qualifications human beings must meet in order to access this spiritual wealth. 

   But for those who are ready it is far more easy than having to train for a life time to work directly with the spirits of the planetary spheres through evocation and mental wandering.  If you are sufficiently developed or committed, you can actually meet the person you need to speak with, have tea or coffee, and be shown in great detail and within precision the answers to your questions and the methods appropriate for your use in order to benefit humanity.        


Asmodel’s Outer Aura: universal love.  The love penetrates and encompasses all of society.  It is not this cause or that cause but every cause.  It does not advocate for one group but for everyone equally.


Inner Aura: this is like a dense magnetic field, like the exercise I describe on experiencing the magnetic fluid.  It preserves and sustains.  It heals and restores, purifies and transforms.  It makes whole and complete.  It contains all the activities of society in a state of peace and harmonious interaction.  It tranquilizes.  It grants inner life and connection rather than the feelings of isolation and competition.   


Akasha Plane


In order to embody the presence of Divine Providence on earth the members of a designated spiritual community are bonded together and have access to each other in a way that is beyond the comprehension of humanity.  There is a divine chemistry of bonding between individuals and spirits that generates the energy and consciousness necessary to create a storehouse of divine wisdom on earth.  

   For example, through psychic abilities you would be able to sit for an hour and spend time within the souls and minds of ten different people one by one or as a group—sharing experiences, ideas, inspiration, or else utilizing the individual or group energy to accomplish some task.   

  You could obviously form a yahoo group and talk to each other using words.  But it is altogether different to be “inside” of these people feeling what they feel and experiencing their lives from inside of them.  

   The akashic plane is a statement of purpose.  You are using divine will to envision what you wish to be.  You imagine it existing in the here and now.  With a spirit such as this acting as backup and as the source of guiding inspiration, the purpose you intend and experience on this plane of our planet becomes very rich and dynamic.


Mental Plane


This is a joint illumination and clarity of mind.  The members pool their mental resources and inspiration in a way that extends to everyone in the group. 

  The resources, knowledge, awareness, and perception of the one are the same for the others.



Astral Plane


There is a circulation of astral energy, of the feelings of being alive, through all members of the group.  It is like holding hands in a circle and each person can feel the life within every other person in the circle. 

   Each person feels for example those things that make each other person feel most alive.  If someone climbs to the top of Mt. Everest, then each person can feel what that climber feels in his body, sees though his eyes, and the rapture he experiences as he places his foot on the summit. 

   If a member is in a retreat for three years meditating in isolation and attains some realization of the enlightened mind, then every other member feels within themselves exactly what that person experiences as he reaches that attainment. 

  It is stone soup: you get out what you put in.  But everyone gets out what everyone else puts in.  It is a very high level of empathy oriented toward a specific group dedicated to universal service.  You can do this because the group exists to serve.  The sharing is a mutual empowering so that the divine purpose can be realized on earth. 

  It does not subtract from the individual to share what he experiences.  Everyone celebrates the individual’s accomplishments and yet shares not just vicariously but as an actual inner experience.  It is not like going to a movie and getting involved and when you come out it is over.  It is like the other’s experience is your own memory.  It is part of your nervous system. 

   A comedian does imitations mimicking voice, gesture, and facial appearance.  But the comic or actor does not retain the other person’s enthusiasm, courage, nobility, clarity, strength, compassion, etc.  This astral connection does allow for that level of exchange. 

   You can do this not just because each person possesses a high level of empathy and psychic capacity to sense each other.  There is in addition a collective group energy field or vibration that is within and a part of each member.  The energy field is an awareness in itself.  By being within it you have the awareness of everyone else at the same time because this is precisely what this collective, encompassing energy does—it gives equal and easy access to others’ souls and inner life. 


Some groups in history have tried to force this kind of collective inner life in order to gain access to the spiritual treasures of its tradition.  In this case, it is a kind of magical ritual based on conformity of external action.  Everyone has to do the magical ritual in the same way to get the desired results.  If someone fails to conform, everyone is adversely affected.

    The Hopi Indians have examples of killing someone who makes a mistake during a ceremonial ritual.  The group then waits for the body to be buried in the desert before returning to and continuing the ritual.  In the early Christian church, the community was so tight and joined that if one member hoarded something and buried some valuable in the ground to keep it for themselves a part from the group, the prophet would sense this and have the couple slain in order to preserve the purity of the group. 

   Obviously, that kind of “no selfishness” zone or zero tolerance for non conformity leads eventually to the hysterical murdering of people during the counter reformation.  This type of group hysteria represents a very primitive stage devotion—the individual only feels that his sacrifice for the group is justified if everyone else is making the exact same kind of sacrifice.  The heart is weak here.  It has no inner source of inspiration, only fear.     

   Then there is the common kind of group energy that can indeed be very loving and caring as a group.  But the price you pay is “you have to think what we think, feel what we feel, and act the way we act” and then you get all the group benefits.  That kind of group can neither tolerate innovation nor does it unlock the creativity of the individual.


Note: Since this is a “spiritual” community we are discussing, it is way beyond the kind of community defined by religions.  The contact between the individuals is palpably real and dynamic in the support being offered.  Nonetheless, it is easy enough to imagine that many members of this community will never have met another member of the community in the physical world.

  This does not reduce the feeling of being connected or belonging.  There are no doctrines, no catechism, no priest, and no rituals.  There is no “initiation.” There is no “novice” grade.  There is no “admission standards” or “letter of acceptance.” 

   It is a spiritual community.  It exists by virtue of the power of akasha to join individuals together for a divine purpose.  All the same, the bonding and connection between the members are so deep you can barely compare it to any religion or group on earth.      


Etheric Plane


Similar to the collective astral vibration that enhances the ability to share inner experiences, there is a collective etheric vibration.  It is like a reservoir of vitality that each person is free to draw upon.  Are you down in the dumps, feeling heavy, and burdened with responsibility? 

   You have instant access not just to the opposite feeling but to the opposite kind of life force—you feel like you a floating in the sky like a sylph, lifted up, soaring above the world.  It is an actual kind of vitality.  Some people just have that in their bodies.  You gain access to it also. 

    How about that very typical male energy of feeling hot, dry, burning, irritated, and on edge?  You have access instantly to the opposite that balances it—that deep in the earth, calm, flowing, nurturing energy of tender love.  It is not an emotion.  It is a physical sensation and kind of life force animating you from within.

    You see this kind of group energy on a simple level in the martial arts.  Some martial arts are best practiced in a group because it takes group energy to balance each individual’s practice so the form works.  One master with a headache said that his headache immediately vanishes the moment he steps into the Dojo.  He draws upon the group’s energy to balance himself. 

   Or another group likes to practice in the same location for years on end because that particular space becomes surcharged with vitality or chi.  You can just stand there and your body begins to move in conformity with Taoist forms.

    But this spiritual group has no need of physical locations.  There are no places to go for a pilgrimage, no monasteries or retreats.  There are no sacred sites to kill over or to try to redeem or to restore.  The whole earth is sacred.  

   The group is a spiritual creation.  It is heart to heart, soul to soul, mind to mind, and body to body.  If someone destroys the temple that Solomon built and in which God appeared once a year, then your religion has a big problem.  For this community, each person is the temple that contains the treasures of divinity.           



Physical Plane


The energy of the inner planes appears in the individual members as an electro magnetic energy.  You would not notice anything unusual if you ran into one of these people.  They are fairly invisible in terms of their inner abilities.

  But each person acts as an independent admissions officer doing interviews although there is no admission to speak of.  Each acts as an independent philanthropist ready to bestow grants to others.  Each acts as an initiator able to transmit realizations.  Each is free to access the group’s spiritual wealth in order to benefit those who are ready to receive these gifts of spirit.  Each is a custodian and librarian of the divine mysteries.  


The group is a magical university and community.  Like I say, rather than doing evocation for a life time and learning to visit the different spheres through mental wandering, you can simply sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea with one of these people.  And he can answer your questions and determine if you are able to receive the benefits of some spirit or another. 

  But the qualifications are still the same as if it were a magical earthzone university.  You have to be ready for these things—to use these gifts to benefit mankind. 

  I saw on TV last week the dramatic enactment of a girl evoking Isis.  She was in her magic circle with pentagrams and candles and she was beseeching the spirit repeating, “Isis, I dedicate my life to you.” On and on. 

  It was not very convincing.  Saying the words means exactly nothing.  It is almost like saying, “Isis, I want something for nothing.  Give me your gifts because I am too lazy to seek them through hard work and inner vision.” 

  You say that on and on and if you are connected to the inner planes, it is not the positive spirit that shows up but the negative one.  Because the spirits quite accurately read your intentions and not the mere words you verbalize. 

  So the room filled with disturbing vibrations.  There was stuff like strange sounds and the air was in motion.  The girl got scared.  She renounced that path and became a Christian.  She took up with her estranged, Christian boyfriend and lived happily every after ever ready to warn others about the dangers of the occult. 

    If you want something for nothing, there are a lot of negative groups already dedicated to lending their assistance to fulfilling your wishes.  The light is more difficult. The higher spirits take more work to contact.  This is because it is far easier to destroy than to create, far easier to steal than to accumulate wealth in order to enrich the world.     

   This group is ready to share the treasures of divinity with mankind.  But a part of its vibration is also Saturn.  And Saturn requires us to learn our deepest lessons in life.  If you are ready to learn such lessons, to pass through your inner darkness, to fulfill your self and the needs of your life even as you serve others, then you can draw freely upon this community. 

   But if you wish to simply get rid of your problems quickly so you can return to being exactly the same person you already are, the same four elements in your astral body with all their imbalances, then this group is not for you.  It can not help.  Like akasha itself, it will stand back and watch from a distance as you act out the life script written for you before you were born.  There is learning there but it is a low learning curve. 





This spiritual community is not an all or nothing, you are in or you are not in kind of thing.  You can enter it or sense it gradually.  Experiences of a unique sort start to occur.  It is near to everyone, just on the edge of your consciousness.


I give the example of a girl who long ago introduced me to the spiritual world.  She was in and it was part of her.  Being a good Detroit manufacturing, quality control kind of guy, I started right away reverse engineering her experiences. 

   I would ask, If she is having these specific experiences, then what is the nature of the spiritual universe that allows them to occur?  A psychic told me one time that she incarnates to assist me in some way and then leaves my life.  The Jupiter spirit, Carbiel, said that he was responsible for setting up those kinds of experiences.  That is a spiritual community involving human beings and spirits working together. 


I mentioned the example of a woman who was part Sioux Indian who had never met her biological father.  Since I had a Hopi Indian spirit guide, I asked her if she wanted to meet him.  About a week or so later she got a call from her mother saying her father wanted to meet her and she also had a half brother she didn’t know about who wanted to meet her also.  That is the output from a spiritual community interacting with ordinary people.      


In a Taoist group, a girl mentioned to me that she was climbing one time and a storm hit.  She was on a cliff and did not know if she could hang on.  A friend who practices with her connected to her spontaneously and she used his life force and vitality to survive that situation.  This is an example of transference of life force between individuals.  This does not make sense in the ordinary world but it is easy enough to do if you have the basic Taoist training.  


I mention the example of the Tibetan lama once telling a student to go meditate in the temple for six hours visualize the Tibetan letter Ah.  I extracted from that the idea of contemplating symbols I was more interested in for six hours which was a completely novel concept for me.  Later on, while working with the spirit Eiaiel of the Mercury sphere I learned about how actually to get the mind engaged in such as way that it falls into a deep, effortless trance for extended periods of time.  You could say that Eiaiel is part of my spiritual community.  


I spent several years studying almost all the methods of conflict resolution and mediation at a local neighborhood justice center.  The worst conflicts to mediate are those that are staff related, within the center organization.  This is because the boundaries between jobs is not always clear.  The resolution often requires the management to more clearly define job roles.  And few supervisors or managers take the time to do that with any clarity.  The center I was at nearly destroyed itself over such a staff conflict.  Someone had a big ego and no capacity for self-reflection. 

   Later on, I met Achaiah of the sphere of Mercury.  Achaiah can take the most negative of individuals and at least temporarily resolve any conflict involving them.  Achaiah is definitely part of my spiritual community.   


I make a short movie for a model.  The movie was about her and inspired by her.  I wrote her about six poems during the process celebrating her inner spirit. 

  One day she emails and refers another model to me.  Now Swami Rama sent me a transmission of the essence of his tradition one day in a purely psychic way.  In his lineage, the male masters have internalized a woman who exists inside of them and fills them with all those really neat feminine things women do for men such as creating bliss, contentment, serenity, happiness, etc. 

   But talking to the model quite spontaneously triggered in my self something far deeper than what the Swami possesses.  It is way beyond sex.  The connection of body to body takes place on a level of delta brain waves where words and images are no longer useful to express the experience.  This kind of referral and inner connection I would describe as a natural occurrence within a spiritual community--one dedicated not toward gratifying the ego but toward acting as a channel for divine treasures to be revealed to mankind.      


And another model emailed me out of the blue.  She had perfect undine energy which I was searching for in a woman.  I swear the undines found her for me.  The undine queen Istiphul considers the girl to be like a sister.  That is a spiritual community in action.





Once again, this spiritual community exists to make available on earth the treasures of divinity, of akasha.  The inner planes are utilized in such as way so that Divine Providence is free to move through these individuals with its light, love, wisdom, power, and purpose.

   Essentially, this involves a profound experience with wonder, awe, and a sense of the ineffable mystery of Divine Providence--it is something that forever makes the world new.  It continuously reveals itself in new ways.  

   It is the full power of the masculine operating in and through the full power of the feminine.  It is the presence of the creator watching over, guiding, and inspiring creation until the created are ready to assume the powers of the creator.  

   Those who interact with these things by necessity are moving beyond personal need, beyond human identity, back and forth between the visible and the invisible worlds.  They are constantly seeking a balance between the needs of the divine and the needs of humanity. 

   They are seeking to benefit others but never seeking to overshadow others with their immense powers.  The sanctity of individual choice and the freedom to experience life free without being imposed upon are essential to their work.  Consequently, the group is not secret.  But it does not go out of its way to advertise it presence.  It is just there the way akasha is there when you need it and are ready to work with it.