Copyright (C) 1996 by William Mistele.  All rights reserved.  Note: this
was originally suggested to me by the undine Isaphil. 

The Fall of Atlantis

A goddess I met on the north coast of the Isle of Iona said to me, "Speak
of He'adra.  Like Solomon of old, God had granted He'adra a wish.  And
tell of He'adra's beloved Le'ah'e, for in love is the Mystery disclosed. 
In their love for each other, they shaped the fate of the world
sacrificing themselves that the keys might be concealed rather than
destroyed.  For under the law of Love, the keys to wisdom previously found
may be preserved to be revealed in another age and another world when
mankind is once again ready to receive them." 

This fable raises these questions:  How and in what manner are wisdom,
power, and love joined as one?  What is the Spoken Word?  What is our part
in the Act of Creation and what is our place in the divine workshop?  What
must we do now during our own time on earth so that truth, justice, and
love are preserved in future ages?  And what is the asking price for such
     To answer these questions, we must pass beyond the boundaries set by
religions and all known mythologies of the earth.  This fable is best
understood as fiction, as an entertaining story of mystical exploration. 
But let us see if we can craft an image from out of creative imagination
to serve as a cup we can dip into the well of archetypal inspiration. 
Perhaps we can gain a taste of the unknown treasures yet to be discovered
at the core of the human spirit.

                      The Fall of Atlantis

Late at night a darkness comes upon me in a strange vision which lasts for
two days.  Why, I ask myself, is it that when love, sweet love and
happiness are closest to me, just then a dark vision also comes seeking,
seeking to take hold and bind me?  But I already know the answer--those
who would sing of the Light must also enter the darkness and sail upon its
high seas.
     For if we would make within ourselves a womb--a dwelling place within
our souls for the act of creation--we must prefer darkness along with the
light.  Hidden beneath the ocean, an ancient and forgotten civilization
once witnessed a word of power cloaked in the full majesty of light and
darkness joined. 
     And though this tale is fantastic and certainly not a small
controversy, do not fret those of you who love to argue.  I have nothing
to defend.  If you press me, I will tell you outright that
 I care not at all for the past, for the past is forever gone.  And those
of you whose minds easily mistake visions for reality, do not dare say to
me that I have unleashed a whirlwind of dazzling images within your soul
which have taken possession of you.  For know this--I am the enemy of
     And do not say to me, "Finish what you have begun.  We would know the
exact coordinates on the map where the pyramids of Atlantis may be found
beneath sea or perhaps under the sandy ocean floor within the Bermuda
Triangle."  No, do not be confused.  I am not writing this to torment
anyone.  This is a bardic song.  Its magick, if any is to be found,
reveals ultimately what is to be, for fate and destiny have and always
will turn upon the desires hidden in the depths of our hearts.

He'adra and Le'ah'e

In  our  world,  physicists beginning with Einstein  have  forged 
theories  of matter,  time,  space,  and energy.   But,  as  with 
Einstein,  they have failed to attain their goal--there is as yet 
no unified field theory relating the fundamental forces of nature 
to  gravity's  pull.   But  Atlantis mastered gravity  long  ago.  
Their  airplanes  could  fly  as fast as  the  speed  of  earth's 
rotation all without gasoline or jet propulsion. 
     Yet the science of Atlantis did not stop there.  They turned 
their quest for knowledge toward the power within crystals,  such 
as crystal balls which were used within pyramids.   For them, the 
mind  and  its powers were also a worthy object  of  exploration.  
Their  wisdom penetrated the veils separating the inner and outer 
worlds.   And so,  in Atlantis, the Guardians of the world (which 
we have not yet come to know) walked beside human beings so  that 
Atlantis had a destiny ablaze.


Within this ancient civilization was born a man named He'adra and 
a woman he would one day meet named Le'ah'e.   The story of these 
lovers  is,  of  course,   a book in itself,  but I will keep  it 
brief. Let us begin with He'adra.  
     One  day not long before He'adra met Le'ah'e,  God  came  to 
He'adra  in a dream.   And God spoke and said,  "Of all those who 
dwell on earth it is within your heart that I am free to appear. 
Ask  of me,  therefore,  whatsoever you will in the heaven above, 
upon  the  earth,  or  beneath the earth and I  will  grant  your 
     And He'adra replied,  "Grant that my will may be in  harmony 
with Your own--that all my actions and deeds in service to others 
may  serve  the purposes of Divine Providence and arise from  the 
One Light."  
     And God replied,  "Because you do not seek power for its own 
sake  nor do you ask anything for yourself at all but only to  be 
of service to others, I shall grant you power without limitation. 
Your  voice  shall be like unto my own.  Your power will be  such 
that there shall be none like you,  neither before you nor  after 
you in the history of this world upon which you dwell."
     He'adra was empowered by God beyond all other men.  But this 
gift  was  not a finished product.  It was not like a  tool  that 
could be immediately set to use.   King Solomon, your recall, had 
also  been granted a wish by God.   And that great king asked for 
wisdom.   And  yet Solomon,  according to his own words,  had  to 
explore and discover on his own the nature of this wisdom and how 
it  could  be  applied.   In the  book  of  Ecclesiastes,  Solomon 
recounts  the  many ways he studied and examined  the  nature  of 
human desire and mind. Combining the arts of the social scientist 
and the sage,  he presented his conclusion: "To everything a time 
and season.  A time to be born and a time to die...."
    I  previously  have told the tale of how the gentile  prophet 
Balaam  discovered  a  way which leads directly into  the  Divine 
Presence.   Like Balaam,  He'adra had an impeccable comprehension 
of  the energies within and behind nature.  And He'adra was  also 
trained  in  the traditional manner of the priests/scientists  of 
     Yet there came a time when He'adra's path led him beyond the 
knowledge and wisdom of his day. In order to explore the will God 
had given him,  he had to cross beyond the boundaries  separating 
human history from other evolutions and spiritual domains. 
     For  example,  one  way He'dra sought to  master  the  power 
within him was through extensive dialogues with the great spirits 
of  the  earth and of our solar system.   First and  foremost  of 
these  beings was the spirit who we might call the Goddess of the 
Earth.  She has many names and appears in many religions. 
     I  have  also related elsewhere He'adra's encounter  with  a 
great  being of fire,  one of the kings of the salamanders  named 
Pyrhum, who dwells within the depths of the earth. 
     Another great spirit He'adra confronted is named Malchjdael.  
Malchjdael  is perhaps the most powerful spirit within our  solar 
system.   He  dwells amid a sea of fire greater in size than  the 
earth in a place which exists upon the planet Jupiter.  
     And  the question He'adra posed to Malchjdael was:  "What is 
the  first,   the  original  Light  as  it  manifests  from   the 
Unmanifest?   Is it right for men to call and name this light God 
Himself?   And  can it be known or not?   Can it be found or  not 
within  one's own heart?   Or is it our fate that we can  neither 
taste  nor  create after the manner of God?  Are we left  and 
destined  to  be  poor  imitators,  plagiarizing  His  beauty  and 
fashioning  impoverished likenesses like unto his  handiwork  for 
the  rest  of eternity?   Are we apprentices in the  workshop  of 
the  Divine  Mysteries who are forbidden forever to acquire  true 

And Malchjdael,  whose voice is like the sound of a great arch of 
fire exploding from the surface of the sun,  replied,  "The first 
light from out of which creation originates burns so hot that all 
matter  is  dissolved in its flame so only light  remains.  
     "It is consciousness omnipotent,  omniscient, omnipresent and 
from  the resources it provides all that exists has come to abide.   And 
yet  it is neither outside my creative will nor the magical  will 
which  you  seek to perfect.   It is indeed found hidden  in  the 
depths  of every heart.   Through example and prophets God  shall 
reveal  to  mankind in the fullness of time a Presence  which  is 
sovereign and eternal--that the human race might learn to engage 
and embrace its own high calling.  The destiny of the human race, 
if it is carefully sought out, shall shine like the very grace of 
God Himself. You shall walk among the stars and create new worlds 
greater in wonder and beauty than anything which has gone before.
     "Come.  I  will unfold for you this mystery.  It is time  to 
activate  your  magical  will for otherwise you  would  not  have 
sought me out.  Touching on the issues and mastery of power both 
natural  and  divine,  there  is not my equal within  this  solar 
system,  neither archangel nor celestial being other than  Divine 
Providence itself.
   "All planets and moons with fire at their core,  all planetary 
auras ionizing and burning in magnetic fields, the sun itself and 
all  electrical  storms,  all  spirits as  well  including  those 
shining with the light of the sun follow the lead of my will.  I 
maintain  and sustain the balance of power throughout the  entire 
solar  system--concerning  the  physical  manifestation  of   the 
planets  as well as the ultimate spiritual destiny of  developing 
spirits--all of this falls under my dominion and authority.  
     "The  will of a mage who trains under the guidance of Divine 
Providence is beyond understanding. His will derives and proceeds 
from the Unmanifest,  the unrevealed, from behind the veils which 
can not be pierced by mortal will.  
     "And his mind is like a sun itself--it is enlightened.  Like 
a  star,  it  creates  from out of its  own  visions  and  shares 
original joy and love which enriches the universe.  
     "His  life is a source of inspiration illuminating  whatever 
world  in  which  he  chooses  to  dwell.   Animating,  reviving, 
sustaining,  renewing--he is a world teacher in disguise if he so 
chooses,  a silent watcher and guide over entire evolutions.   Or 
else,  assuming the role of a mortal,  he enacts the pageantry of 
one  who attains universal and cosmic wisdom so that others might 
follow his lead and celebrate with him the mystery for which  the 
universe was created to engage.
     "But  in  physical manifestation,  he is also the  agent  of 
Divine  Providence,  its  representative and presence  on  earth.  
Burning  within with the original light of creation,  within  his 
awareness  he  is  like  unto  God  Himself:  comprehending  all, 
embracing  all,   one with all,  he is a flame burning so intense 
and bright none may look upon his light in its fullness and  live 
to  tell the tale.   Such as these I exist to instruct.   For  as 
they  are  and  are meant to be,  so am I now--a servant  of  the 
Greater Will."

[Note:  The  Jews in the Quabalah say that the name of God  which 
pertains  to the earth is called Shadai El Shai and the archangel 
who  is  associated with that name as Sandalphon.   Also  in  the 
Quabalah the feminine side of God is referred to as the  Shekinah. 
But  there is another Divine Presence which the Jews,  the Arabs, 
and  the Christians do not name and are unwilling to  claim  when 
they lay out their theologies and expound on their doctrines.  But 
among those deities known in the Hindu religion and noted also in 
Buddhism--the planet earth itself has a living soul and spirit.  
     And  this  spirit by some is named Gaia,  the  first  spirit 
after  the  birth of Chaos in Greek mythology and from  whom  all 
gods and goddess arose.   It is She who appears in the stories of 
Buddha   and   who  was  first  to  acknowledged   the   Buddha's 
enlightenment.   And  She  appears  in the great  epic  of  India 
written by Viyasa, the Mahabarata, which includes the famous text 
of the Bagahvad Gita. 
     And this spirit,  the Goddess of the Earth,  must first give 
her  permission  before  any religion or any  world  teacher  may 
appear  or  take incarnation on this planet.   This  is  the 
being  who  now  came and spoke with He'adra  face  to  face--the 
feminine  aspect  of God manifesting through the  spirit  of  the 

And  so  one day as He'adra journeyed moved as a  spirit  through 
the inner planes,  he listened and heard the voice of the Goddess 
speaking to him.  The Goddess said, 

Who can strive with me 
Or search out the secrets of my heart?
What mortal listens when I speak?
Thunder, the mountains exploding, and earthquakes 
Are my consonants,
The sounding sea, the mountain falls, 
And the howling wind are my vowels.
Who can feel through their feet my heartbeat
Or taste in their breath my spirit?
Does your passion flow like mine?
Does it combine the light of the sun, moon, and stars
In one elixir divine?
Can your body 
Give, sustain, and nurture life
Through all ages of time? 
And then with a softer voice she said:
He'adra, your desires for love
Are the same as my dreams: 
To have children 
Who see through the eyes of the stars
And in their hearts
They shall fuse all opposites,
The constellations themselves,
Into one Song of Love.
Of all the children of the earth
You alone feel the feelings flowing through my heart
And you alone are prepared to be my champion.
Therefore, I grant you this boon: 
A woman shall love you with the same love
With which you love me. 
She will say to you these words: 
"I will die and be reborn for you"
Even as you have died and been reborn many times
Listening to my many Songs. 

Though  I am unable at this time to describe in detail  He'adra's 
world  and  time,  as always,  I am permitted to share  poems 
which  offer  a  glimpse  into  He'adra's  and  Le'ah'e's  souls.  
In spite of He'adra's incomprehensible powers of mind,  in matters 
of love I think he was not so different from you or I.   That  is 
to say,  he felt happiness,  pleasure,  and satisfaction and also 
loneliness, pain, and isolation just as we do. 
     He'adra  wrote  this poem for Le'ah'e a few days after  they 
first met.   Never in his deepest dreams had he imagined a  woman 
could  exist who combined such sensuality and art with  spiritual 
power.  And  never  in his deepest dreams did he imagine  another 
could love him so that no part of their life,  souls,  or essence 
remained separate and apart. 

                     A Path of Light                 
Dream images flowing between our minds                      
Our hearts searching for a higher love, 
A path of pure light
But one holding the needs and passions 
Of our bodies within it
I feel so naked and lonely                                  
Wrap me about with your love                                
With your sensual beauty                                    
That I can touch with my hands                              
As I search for you amid                                    
The hills, ravines, and valleys of your skin                
One I can taste with my lips                                
As I float in lakes and rest in meadows                     
Hidden within the reaches of sacred mountains 
As my mouth burns with ancient hungers                      
And is soothed by your softness                             
As you allow yourself to burn                               
As my lips join with your breasts                           
One I can smell as I lose myself in your hair               
Your arms, your thighs                                      
The aroma of liquor                                         
Flowers of delight within the oasis                         
Within the gardens where you are the goddess                
One I can enter                                       
A moist wetness I can slide down into                       
And forget my sorrow,                                       
One so caressing, so gentle, so tender                      
You are willing to bind together the flames              
Rising, exploding, and imploding within our desire           
The Northern Lights, the stars and moonlight,                
Dawn and twilight,                                          
Green leaves, magenta sunsets, the darkest nights,                  
A sea with a thousand rainbow colors dancing upon it 
That all those journeys I took where I lost my way          
Will now dissolve                                           
They will be afraid of this love and flee                   
They will depart from me forever                            
As I touch your body and your skin                          
As I touch your soul and the light within                   
As our hearts reach out and shelter each others.            

He'adra  actually  wrote quite a few poems to Le'ah'e.  But  this 
poem was the first.  He did not feel it was a very good poem, but 
it  accomplished  its  purpose--when Le'ah'e  read  it,  she  saw 
the soul within He'adra and offered He'adra her love forever. 
     But there was a problem as there usually is in this type  of 
story.   Le'ah'e belonged to a great House of Atlantis.   She was 
the  daughter of a great and high noble.   He'adra was a complete 
unknown.  He'adra was a mere acolyte who had barely, just barely, 
been able to gain entrance into one of the Mystery  schools.  The 
chance  of these two lovers sharing a life together was virtually 
     Two years later,  Le'ah'e was killed by an assassin's knife.  
He'adra  rushed to her side and placed his hands upon  her  body.  
And  then so great was the force of will He'adra put  forth,  the 
Angel  of Death himself appeared visibly within the room for  all 
to  see.   And then the Angel surrendered his prize,  the soul of 
Le'ah'e, into He'adra's safe keeping without remorse or regret.  
     The  Angel  of  Death  then spoke aloud  for  all  to  hear, 
prophesying:  "I will not come again for her nor will I  disturb 
the love the two of you share until that very day Atlantis itself 
is  destroyed  and sinks beneath the waves  forever."   Le'ah'e's 
relatives  and  father  witnessed  the Angel  and  his  words  of 
prophecy.   They  did not pursue any questions the Angel's  words 
raised.   They were intelligent enough to recognize that this was 
something best left unchallenged. 
     And  so this miraculous healing was justification enough for 
even  the most noble house to break  with  tradition.   Le'ah'e's 
father   declared  He'adra  an  national  treasure  having   just 
witnessed  a small demonstration of his power.  Le'ah'e's  father 
and  relatives willingly and with great delight accepted  He'adra 
into  their family.  Even the most  recalcitrant,  stubborn,  and 
obstinate are willing to change their minds if the situation  and 
the price are right.  Le'ah'e and He'adra then married with their 
     Many years later,  He'adra was chosen by the High Council to 
become  the next High Priest of Atlantis.   When He'adra was told 
of this decision, he counted the honor and the prestige that went 
with  it as nothing at all.  The information flashed through  his 
mind  like some distant sound in the night,  a gust of wind or  a 
single  note  sung by a bird,  which rises up for an instant  and 
then  dissolves  again into silence.   For  He'adra,  power was 
not what he sought.  He never gave it a second thought. 
     Instead,  He'adra  went  out and sat on  his  balcony.   He 
thought of the years of love he had spent together with  Le'ah'e.  
As  he  gazed out upon meadows and hills lit by a full  moon,  he 
wrote this poem:

                          To My Beloved 

When you are in my arms
My wounds are healed
My dreams fulfilled
Our lips touch
Moonlight illuminates your naked skin
I no longer know who I am
The sun glides through the sky
Deer graze in the meadow
I am mesmerized 
The present moment fades 
The moon sets her sails to the solar wind
My hands glide upon your skin
The sun drowns as we kiss 
In the darkness of night and is reborn at dawn
Our hips join
As the stream winds through the crevice of the valleys
Mirth and laughter splashing down
As the sea enfolds the mountains in her depths 
The whale's song echoing through the hills 
Geese fly across the moon
The leaves of birch trees shiver
A solitary bird sings 
Cats' paws ripple upon the lake
The gusts of wind pulsate 
Your breasts pressed against my chest 
Your love shapes my life 
As the hands of the sculptor 
Mold the clay,
Closing her eyes
The harpist plays
The notes of the song within her heart.

For  many years,  He'adra served Atlantis faithfully as the  High 
Priest.  The  service of He'dra was recorded in the book  called, 
The  Works of He'adra.   But unfortunately,  like many books  the 
Bible  refers to in its texts such as The Acts of  Solomon,  this 
book also was lost. 

But under He'adra's leadership, He'adra insituted many innovations in
technology,  education,  and government. To say the least, he was 
creative and accomplished many things.   But toward the end, many 
priests  began  to abuse their power,  calling out  to  celestial 
beings beyond Earth's spiritual boundaries.   
     In doing this,  they violated a universal law--the emotional 
life of a race must be nourished within the cradle of the  planet 
where  it  dwells.  A race may not engorged itself upon  fiendish 
alien  delights--fascinations and powers which exist outside  its 
own evolutionary cycle. 
     In  particular,  many  priests of Atlantis  called  out  and 
evoked  one of the highest negative spirits who dwelt within  the 
planetary sphere of Jupiter.  With the most powerful ritual magic 
the  earth had ever seen,  they initiated many others into  their 
dark schemes.
     In  Atlantis,  orthodox theology and science as well studied 
and  altered physical matter both through knowledge  and  through 
magical arts.  But in pursuing the mastery of matter, they forgot 
to  pursue the enlightenment of their minds so they would  remain 
free of attachment.  Their motivation was to attain a greater, if 
not absolute, power.  
     Genuine  Atlantean alchemists perceived how matter is  empty 
of  inherent  form  and  existence.   The  akasha  or   spiritual 
consciousness   is  within  everything  and  has   mastery   over 
everything.  And so by training and mechanically amplifying their 
concentration  they  learned  they could control  and  alter  the 
densest vibrations and structure of matter.
   But  the  magical  wills  of the  Atlanteans  were  driven  by 
cravings  they  were  not fully conscious of.   And  so  as  they 
developed,  very  high  negative beings could  easily  draw  near 
sensing the Atlantean mages were calling out to them and entering 
their own spheres.   The negative beings could then appear within 
those desires and say, "Oh, what you want deep down is to control 
others--to  have  great honor and the power to so mesmerize  that 
you  feel  joined to all that others are--to feel  all  the  life 
within their souls dissolve into your own."  
     The mages were guided by beings from a distant evolution who 
more  than  willing  to enable the Atlanteans  to  enhance  their 
powers of concentration to an immense degree.  They offered short 
cuts and many advantages through various forms of alliances.  But 
alas, blended into this pure virtue of mental power was an astral 
craving to devour.  The beauty of the four elements as they exist 
on earth both in human beings and in nature was being sucked into 
a  pit which destroys and is void of giving any life  in  return.  
And  so Atlantis itself,  the entire civilization,  fell under  a 
    In Franz Bardon's book,  Frabrato, he mentioned how under the 
Third  Reich  the  Nazi's demanded all  occultists  and  psychics 
either join the Nazi party or face concentration  camps.   Hitler 
wanted  a  complete monopoly on all magic and  spiritual  powers.  
The  point  is  that if a society such as that  continued  for  a 
period of time in this manner, it would not be possible for those 
seeking spiritual wisdom to find their way.  
    Even if an individual remained silent and worked alone,  once 
he entered the inner planes he would have run into insurmountable 
difficulties.   The astral environment would have been corrupted.  
Dreams  and visions would not be pure.   This effect  would  have 
been  accomplished  because it would have been the intention  and 
the  order  of the evil magicians to do so--that  no  one  attain 
freedom or spiritual wisdom.   
     This  was what was occurring at the end  in  Atlantis.   And 
this is precisely the conditions under which the Judges of Saturn 
step  in--when  the  inner planes and spiritual  resources  of  a 
planet  are about to be contaminated.   In the case of  Atlantis, 
the  damage  to  the  earth would have  been  permanent  if  that 
civilization had not ended.  For this purpose, to preserve cosmic 
law and harmony,  there is no recourse or appeal for the judgment 
of the Saturnian spirits. 
     As for the Atlanteans,  their rituals and requests for power 
were unusually successful.  The priests were then able to control 
the  masses of people and whomever they chose.   But the cost for 
obtaining  this power was also great.   Those souls  who  entered 
these  practices became branded by the magnetic vacuum within the 
aura  of these spirits which the priests thought were under their 
own command.  
     The  priest's feelings,  emotions,  and inner psyches became 
twisted,  polluted, and defiled: on a deep level within themselves 
which they had never explored,  they traded their ability to love 
for a devouring hatred.  The result was, in net, their wills fell 
under the control of powers from beyond our world.  
     If  you had been there to see,  you would have seen  priests 
and  temples  which,  on the outside,  were  of  great  splendor, 
beauty,  and  wealth.   But on the inside,  there was only filth, 
horror,  and  a  devouring  greed beyond  all  reason  and  human 
     And  truly if these priests had continued,  the Soul of  the 
Earth  would  have been wounded forever.  She  would  never  have 
recovered.   Mankind's  life would then have been lost in a dark-
bluish haze and a cloud of unending delusion.  
     Though  He'adra saw these events unfolding,  he did not have 
Solomon's wisdom.   Solomon, you recall, was quick to make up his 
mind  and was decisive in deciding the fate of  others.   On  the 
very  day  Solomon  sat upon his father's throne he  executed  his 
older brother who had tried to usurp the throne and use Solomon's 
own mother,  Bathsheba,  to undermine Solomon's authority.   And, 
after giving the enemies of his father a last chance, Solomon was 
quick to execute them also, for his father David had warned him to 
beware of their treachery.  
     But  He'adra did not eliminate the evil which took  root  in 
the  minds of these three thousand priests.   He watched it  grow 
hoping  that  the forces of good in the world would  rally  their 
strength and uphold the ways of the Light.   And He'adra had many 
former friends among these dark priests.   He'adra spoke to  them 
many times in detail of the dangers they were courting.   But the 
addiction  of  the  priests  was  beyond  their  own  ability  to 
comprehend or escape.  
     Still,  to satisfy his own questions,  late one night as the 
stars shown eerie and with uneathly light,  He'adra sent his mind 
to  wander  out  and  into the  sphere  of  Saturn.   As  I  have 
mentioned,  it is from this realm that the fates of all races and 
spirits in our solar system are determined.   Here sit the forty-
nine Judges and Executors of fate.  
     And  the Chief Justice of this terrible sphere  of  judgment 
appeared to He'adra as a woman wearing a dark,  violet robe.  And 
her eyes shine bright though their light is black as night.   And 
her  face is radiant with divine peace and grace.  But her  hands 
either bind or release all nightmares,  horrors,  and evils which 
enter the earth or any other planet.
     He'adra  put to her his question concerning the evil  being 
perpetrated  in Atlantis and the options which existed to prevent 
its spread or to diminish its effects.  Needless to say, they had 
a  long  conversation.  I will not bother you with  the  details, 
procedures,  and the regulations governing cosmic law, karma, and 
fate.  But the discussion boiled down to this: 
     She  offered He'adra a position as one of the 49  Judges  of 
Saturn.   She  said this was the only way that Atlantis could  be 
saved  from total annihilation.   
     You see, if a race craves and then creates wisdom as vast as 
the sky to illuminate their civilization, they also must pay 
the price--they,  or at least a few,  even one will do, must know 
every  face of fate.   The mind must mate with emptiness and the  void 
which are the very soul and heart of perfected enlightenment.  
     But this He'adra would not do and who on earth could  really 
blame  him?   True love,  like the rarest flower,  still blossoms 
somewhere  between  a few lovers in every century.   But love  such  as 
He'adra's  and Le'ah'e's only appears a few times in the  history 
of  any planetary evolution.   This love was not for  sale.   And 
neither  the  Chief  Justice of Saturn nor  the  Angel  of  Death 
possessed the power or the will to take it away from them or even 
to question their decisions. 
     And if you wish for a more detailed explanation,  these were 
He'adra  very  thoughts:  Is  it right that one man  should  take 
possession, to shape and alter the course of human history?   Am I 
to  create  a golden age on earth lasting tens  of  thousands  of 
years,  a  civilization  in which cosmic wisdom and science  work 
side by side dedicated to revealing the truth of the universe? Is 
all  of this to be accomplished based on the foundation of  my  will 
     Such burden and responsibility are not the gift I asked  God 
for.   It  is  only  the  union  of many  hearts  joined  as  one 
celebrating  the beauty of the universe and the  Divine  presence 
which  should  create and ordain such a civilization.   The time  is  not 
right.  I will not bind humanity with my will to a destiny it has 
not sought,  felt, or found within its own heart.  This is not my 
     Cosmic  law requires that I not reveal wisdom and power  out 
of  proportion to the maturity of the race in which I  incarnate. 
On  this matter,  the people of Atlantis are free to choose their 
own  fate.  I will do what I can as counselor,  guide,  and  as high 
priest.  But  let it be love which shapes  history,  not  magical 
will, and not my will alone. 

Years later,  as the tale goes, the dark priests finally realized 
that  their  path  of  power could not unfold  with  Le'ah'e  and 
He'adra standing against them.  After considering their  options, 
they  chose  to destroy their enemies.   With  premeditation  and 
careful plans,  the priests suddenly struck--all their many minds 
and  wills simultaneously joined to destroy He'adra and  Le'ah'e.       
     In  truth,  He'adra  had underestimated the power  of  three 
thousand  minds  joined  as one in one deadly hour  of  spiritual 
warfare  and  assault.   The priests,  entering into  a  profound 
trance,  fused  their  minds guided by great evil and  using  the 
power of crystal balls centered in pryamids.  Throughout Atlantis 
and  even  on  distant islands throughout the seas of  the  world  
their power was gathered and unleashed.  
     And  in one deadly blow they struck Le'ah'e when she was  on 
the  other side of the continent away from  He'adra.   They  knew 
that  with her death He'adra would have little will left to live.  
And so that child of light, she whose soul could sing the song of 
the  universe and at whose dance the Guardians of  the  Mysteries 
did  come  down and watch and weep at her beauty,  that child  of 
light so bright, Le'ah'e fell down and died.  
     He'adra, of course, sensed immediately the psychic blow that 
struck  Le'ah'e.  He felt the last breath of life pass  from  her 
lips.  But within the next moment, Le'ah'e appeared to He'adra in 
a  "sending"--but  in this case,  her spirit manifested not  just 
visibly  but  in  physical form before  him  in  his  room.   And 
Le'ah'e,  whose  spirit  is  as  enduring as one  of  the  twelve 
constellations,  spoke  to He'adra these words in the form  of  a 
poem as if she had just awakened from having fallen asleep at his 

                         You are my Soul
You are my soul.
My first breath in the light of dawn
All my dreams at night 
I dedicate to you, my Beloved.
As I shove off and depart for unknown shores
Your inspiration guides my craft
Flows with force through my sails.
You are the electricity in my heartbeat
The separate fibers of my being
Unite around my love for you,
The surge, the pulse, the wave
The circle of life within my body
Ride upon my desire to hold you within my heart. 
My love for you is as deep as the sky
More vast than the winds 
That caress the seas in ecstasy.
Softer in flight 
Than the moon's light
My body yields to you
As I spiral and turn
Caught in the currents
Of your smile
As I drift into a sea
Of pure bliss
When I enfold you in my arms.
Desert sands of mountain craters 
Russet, crimson, citrine
Parched, dry, burning
Yearn with volcanic craving
Solidified rock
Once flowed molten, liquid 
Lit with tongues of flame,
These are but a small reflection
A small reminder
Of the fire with which 
I burn for your touch.
Reflected in your eyes 
I become a purity
Acid can not etch
Time can not drown
Space can not hide.
I am luminous light
The transparency
Shining in all colors
The dreams that yield their visions to me 
Of birth, of galaxies colliding, 
Of seas turning into wine
These are your gifts to me
When I hold you close to me at night.      
Let me go now, my Beloved,
And I shall find you again
In the fullness of time
For there is nothing that exists 
Neither power nor abyss
That can separate our hearts from each other. 

Le'ah'e vanishes away and this is in accordance with the Angel of 
Death's prophecy.  
     And  now  the priests turn their minds against  He'adra  not 
comprehending  in  the least the full might of the man they  have 
challenged.   The  truth is,  if I dare proclaim  it  here,  that 
He'adra's  spirit was invited to our planet by the Goddess of the 
     Perhaps,  Divine Providence permitting it, I shall relate in 
detail  the  accomplishments of this noble spirit within  another 
solar  system in guiding an entire planetary evolution to attain
But  for those avatars who take incarnation,  it is required that 
they  accept  human limitations so that their  personal  journeys 
toward  the divine clear a path for others to follow.   Even  so, 
the  priests  succeeded in destroying He'adra's will  to  live 
with the death of Le'ah'e.  
     But  before  He'adra let go of his  life,  the  Earth,  that 
ancient Soul,  appeared to He'adra and said, "Though your consort 
is  gone  and you can not long resist,  for without her you  have 
lost a major portion of your spirit, yet I still ask of you this: 
speak now the word of power--speak it if only for my sake."
     But this was a most grievous request.  The Earth was asking 
He'adra to destroy Atlantis. For He'adra to fulfill the Goddess's 
wish,  he had to be joined with his consort.  Only together could 
he  and  she enter the One Light from  whence  Love,  Power,  and 
Eternity are joined as One in Bliss. 
     Without Le'ah'e,  should He'adra' speak this word of  power, 
his   own magical equilibrium and authority would be  broken  and 
his soul would wander wounded for untold ages,  many millennia in 
fact,  before he would meet his consort again.   Yet even looking 
ahead  into  a dark future without his beloved,  more  even  than 
Le'ah'e, he loved the Earth.  

And  let  it now be clearly stated for the record  wherever  this 
poem is sung,  be it here in time or in eternity. Let these words 
shine:  Among  a billion worlds and a billion stars  which  shine 
upon them, the Earth is the most beautiful planet.

And if you can feel this in your heart, you will under-
stand why He'adra did what he must.  He'adra could not 
let the Earth be defiled because of the lust of a small 
group that dwelt there at the beginning of time, long 
before what we call recorded history.  And so he accepted 
his fate and took full responsibility for the con-
sequences of his actions. 
     But for you the reader here in a much later age, 
this thread is certainly pure nonsense.  Yet I would 
point out that similar songs are still sung on the earth.  
Consider the Mahabarata, the song of the Avatar Krishna 
who did attempt with his friend Arjuna to preserve light 
on the earth.  In that song of the tradition of the Vedas and the 
Hindu  religion,  the god Shiva,  the Lord  of  Destruction,  met 
Arjuna in the Himalaya Mountains. 
     And Shiva said to Arjuna (who, though mortal, was 
also the son of Indra, king of the gods) "Ask me a favor, 
whatever you wish." Shiva was pleased with how Arjuna had 
sought him out.  
     Arjuna replied: "What I wish is an absolute weapon 
that you possess."
     And Shiva said, "Pashupata--it can destroy the 
world. The mountains are shaken to their roots at the 
mention of this name and the elements of nature, the 
winds, the seas, the trees, the whole earth is dis-
     "You can unleash this weapon with your eye, your 
bow, your voice, your very thoughts. This weapon, it is 
is without mercy, without limit.  You can never put it 
down, set it aside, nor give it back."
     And Arjuna replied, "I need this weapon." 
     And according to the Mahabarata,  Arjuna received Pashupata.  
His  father  Indra  trained him in how to use it and with  it  he 
accomplished his destiny.  
     And of the word of power possessed by He'adra,  a great seer 
has said:  The one resorting to it is endowed with the same power 
as possessed by God,  but to abuse this power is to destroy one's 
personality absolutely.
     And further, if your beliefs be more orthodox, even 
the Bible hints at a similar thing:  It is well known 
that Balaam,  whom Rabbis' call a gentile prophet,  had the power 
through  enchantments  to call upon God.    Balaam  could  freely 
enter  His  Presence at will with greater ease than could  Moses.  
And Balaam's gift was such that he could easily overturn the fate 
of  nations--and  for doing just that he had great  renown  among 
many kings--this is precisely what the scripture states. 
     And  also God in his judgment announced through his  angels 
and then though Lot that the cities of Sodom and Gomorah would be 
destroy  utterly.   And  at  that time  human  beings  who  later 
witnessed  the  destruction had tried to negotiate with God  to 
alter this fate.  At that time, clemency was offered if the people 
of  Sodom  and Gomorah would listen to God's voice  when  it  was 
spoken  by  Lot.   But they,  like the Atlantean  magicians,  had 
already destroyed their own conscience. 
     Yet it was the word of which the seer has spoken 
which He'adra had at his command.  Love had long ago led 
He'adra to the heart of the mysteries.  And after all, 
what is this story but a story of a man who had activated
the image of God within himself and so was prepared
to evoke the Spoken Word through the power of his voice.
     So in response to the request of the Earth, He'adra 
emptied himself beyond all human form. He expanded his 
mind beyond the boundaries of the world with a will 
unknown to mankind.  He reached out with his mind through 
space and its uncharted shores. 
     How else can I speak of this but to say, his lips 
parted.  He spoke the first of three letters forming that 
mighty and frightful word of power, a word even the 
mighty Archangels are forever forbidden to speak. 
     The first letter wrapped within the sound of "J" 
with its colors of opal--dark violent, red, blue, and 
green--those colors did swirl and whirl out from the 
earth--that sound no spirit or being can resist--it is 
the very voice of Love which binds the universe and all 
within it. 
     And when that sound was spoken, celestial beings 
from all spheres in our solar system paused, (Archangel 
and Archdemon, Lords of Light and of Darkness, of 
Judgment and of Mercy, even the Guardians of evolution 
and of the Mysteries).  They turned their faces toward 
the third planet from the sun and to the continent of 
Atlantis.  They turned toward and found this man, he who 
spoke with the authority and the power of the One. 
     For an instant their wills were bound by that voice 
which echoed, rising up from the core of their own being.  
And what followed was this: hurled and caught by a cosmic 
power of concentration, like the swirling tides of a 
cosmic whirlpool in a cosmic sea, their voices joined 
into one incomprehensible and fiery song, condensing down 
and down to appear in that room. 
     And  for another few seconds,  as they presented  themselves 
right  there  before  He'adra,  they waited as if to  say  in  an 
unearthly calm, in an eerie, quiet, and childlike way: 

             For what purpose are we called?

No point in saying what it would have been like to have 
been there.  No human being could have stood--but let us 
just say this: the joining of the universe in that moment 
was very deep and very complete. 
     And He'adra's lips sounded again and spoke a second 
letter of that word of power: "CH" with its color of dark 
violent lit up with silvery sparks.  "CH"  is the letter 
which grants the power to give or to take life.  It is 
that sound within whose palm are held all the lunar 
mysteries.  It enfolds the very essence and being of all 
things which are called to appear and disappear in the 
unfolding of time.  But in this case, it was as if the 
entire moon's gravitational field had been gathered and 
placed upon Atlantis, upon her chest, to weigh her down. 
     And in that instant, the host of spirits saw clearly 
their task, (Though as I write this, I can barely see 
through my tears): 

Take Atlantis, take her marble buildings with their lapis 
and golden crowns, take her hills and her valleys, take 
her mountains and her meadows, take her with all her 
splendor and with all her mysteries, take all of her, 
take her and pull her down beneath the waves and into the 

And then he spoke the third sound of that word of power, 
it left his lips--the Letter "W"  with its lilac color 
and its power over water.  This is the power to hold, to 
bind, to confuse or to lose, which was in this case, the 
power to conceal.  
     And with that, the waters and oceans were commanded 
to hold Atlantis and enfold her, sealing her away in a 
secret place that would not be found until the dream of 
Atlantis is ready to be revealed again--until there are 
enough hearts on earth that call out for the beauty which 
shines with the light of the mysteries. 
     And having spoken that word of three letters, the 
likes of which has never been heard or spoken by a mortal 
from the end of the last ice age until this very day, the 
High Priest surrendered his body which fell to the floor.  
But that noble spirit walked out of the room on a pathway 
of pure light and departed for the last time from the 
shores of Atlantis.  He traveled alone, forlorn, at the 
beginning of a long journey into darkness both his and 
our own. 
     But  in the next moment the earth did rock,  the ocean boil, 
the  air  burn,  and the mountains fall.    And  when  the  three 
thousand priests and magicians heard the lightnings' thunder, the 
air raging, and the splitting asunder of the earthquake, they knew 
they  had made a mistake--they had crossed swords with the  wrong 
man--but now it is too late. 
     And  in  one  day as the ancient Greeks and  Egyptians  have 

Fair, fair, 
Beautiful beyond compare, 
Wondrous land, 
Oh place of beauty where the gods did walk--
Their footsteps echoing throughout the land,  
Oh fair Atlantis, 
Land of dream and happiness, 
How you have now fallen, 
Fallen down 
Beneath the waves and the sea, 
Forever gone. 

(But some say a sliver of Atlantis still remains, a place "adrift 
in a sea of motionless time"--and you can visit there.   It is on 
the  map  and I have already mentioned  its  location:  that 
wondrous and mysterious Isle of Iona). 

And so the keys to the Mysteries were taken by the Guardians back 
to the Other Side.   The gates were closed.   Silence again rules 
the world where once wisdom flowed;  mankind is left on its  own, 
for millennia,  to follow a hard road. And this tough lesson still 
remains  for all races upon our world to fathom--that  knowledge, 
power,  and  wisdom  are  the  eternal  servants  (and  only  dim 
reflections) of the Mystery of Love.  
     And  so  it is better that the symbols in  religions  remain 
empty  and devoid of the knowledge of the Mysteries so that those 
who are malicious are unable to gain control over others'  souls.  
Priests  and  political leaders may be zealous and  ravenous,  at 
times,  to devour and to control, but their knowledge will not be 
guided  by  the understanding which has mastered  the  primordial 
     And so, if in the mysteries of priests they speak 
of the sacred space of the heart, in truth, this space 
they know not.  Such priests, even in our own time, are 
dimly aware of how the powers of the spirit were once 
terribly abused.   Understandably, they are left feeling cold and 
afraid,  to say the very least,  with the thought of entering and 
participating in the Divine Workshop.  
     The minister shivers at night if he even dreams of  creating 
in  a  Divine  manner.   The contemplative monk in  his  monastic 
retreat knows that demons will awake and come seeking him   again 
if  he tries to understand what has been so long  forbidden.  The 
monk is thankful for his spiritual ignorance.  And the evangelist 
too  knows better than to try to remove the thorn from his side--
to  comprehend  the darkness within the soul is more of  a  quest 
than any evangelist will ever accept, that is, in the world where 
we dwell. 
     For this reason,  the minister,  the evangelist, the Rabbi, 
and  the  priest  alike willingly and  zealously  emphasize  that 
religion  is  about belief and moral action in the  outer  world.  
Religion, for them, has little if anything to do with experiences 
in which man encounters the Divine first hand.   
     And so the Word chooses, according to the actions of men, to 
celebrate its Mystery in Silence and emptiness;  and,  as always, 
it does this not to hide nor to deceive.  Rather, it continues to 
speak in every breath and in every moment as a still, quiet voice 
in the center of our hearts. 
     But for those who would follow the paths of the heart,  time 
is  irrelevant  and all boundaries exist to be crossed.   And  so 
this tale of Atlantis speaks to our time.   What is lost, even if 
it  exists only in legend,  is still waiting to awake within  us.  
And so, this story told, the darkness departs from my soul.  

(But  now,  again,  I  awake in the middle of the night.   I  ask 
myself  this,  Why do I still cry tears at midnight  and  morning 
light  for  a  lost land of legend and dream I  have  never  even 

But this story,  a legend of which no one can speak with any real 
evidence,  (for nothing substantial exists) does not end here  in  
indescribable  sadness  and loneliness.   There is still a  final 
scene and a final act.  To this end, I offer a prayer.  
     For the word of power He'adra spoke must be balanced 
by a second word if the Earth is to be healed--a word so 
strong  its  wings will enfold the planet in love.   

(And  some say this second Word has already taken shape  here  on 
earth and has dwelt among us--be that as it may).   The word that 
heals  the  Earth and not just our souls must be spoken  by  many 
together--this  is a joint task and endeavor.   No one, no matter 
how  great,  can accomplish this task alone.  And yet  that  this 
global work may have a new beginning, my prayer is this: 
     Let He'adra and Le'ah'e, wherever they are, find 
each other again.  May their souls be healed.  Let them 
be joined as one that the One Light may again shine 
throughout the world--that the mysteries might be taught 
openly here on earth and men and women realize the power 
their love conceals. 
     I realize that you, my readers, may think this prayer rather 
odd  if not pure nonsense.   But I tell you the Earth Herself  is 
listening  in  this moment to my poem to see if it  will  make  a 
difference--She greets me in the dead of night within an abyss of 
silence  where I sometimes wander.   She says,  "I await that day 
when these two lovers [Le'ah'e and He'adra] will find each  other 
again  so I can hear them sing such songs as have never been sung 
on this planet before.")
     And one last thought on Atlantis.  That word of 
power composed of these three cosmic letters--J, CH, and 
W.  Do not to be put off by that power and the shape of horror it 
took.  And do not dismiss it as just fantastic poetic  ramblings. 
Consider again these letters: 
     J: When you see opal, the color of the letter J or 
any combination of the colors:  red--passion and fiery 
light;  blue--the illuminated circle of the sky above;  
green--forest green with its mysteries of groves and the 
words whispered by trees;  and violet--of flowers and the 
release in twilight, remember not this sound that bound 
the spirits to gather as one, to crush and destroy.  
     Think  instead  of the One Light which binds all within  the 
universe  by the Law of Love--that we are not separate,  not  you 
nor I,  but,  being held within the heart of the Mystery,  we are 
joined as one. 
     CH: And when you see dark violet lit with silvery 
sparks of CH or of moonlight falling upon water, think 
not of that word which ordered Atlantis to fall into the 
sea nor think that the moon is a cold mistress who throws 
us into incarnations randomly or cruelly,  or that she steals our 
mental clarity with her dreams and fascinations. 
     Think rather that the moon calls to us, inevitably, 
unmistakable, to set sail upon shoreless and chartless 
oceans.  Yet always we are guided by her light.  She 
reminds us even as we dream and in her changing presence 
in the sky each night that we, like her, are crossing 
over a celestial stream.  Let us remember her treasures 
of serenity and the inexhaustible love at the core of our 
being--for  this wealth is more precious than all else for  those 
who seek. 
     W:  And  when  you see lilac painted on the sky at  dawn  or 
sunset,  do  not think of Atlantis as a legend that is buried and 
dead   beneath  the  sea  or  else  a  unproven  fabrication   of 
imagination.  Think  rather in your heart of this  dream:   of  a 
world in which the scientist, priest, poet, healer, musician, and 
the leaders of nations know well each other's hearts.  Think of a 
world  children are taught openly and walk hand in hand with  the 
Mysteries.   For  truly,  this dream of a land of beauty longs to 
rise from beneath the waves and from within our hearts  again--it 
is one of the dreams of the Earth.  

He'adra's Vow

I finished, or so I thought, with this story of Atlantis. 
But as with any tale of this magnitude, there is always 
more.  Ten thousand books have already been written about 
the legends of Camelot. I suspect, in the course of time, 
as many or more will be written about Atlantis. 
     And so one night, having already erased some of the 
barriers of memory which block the recall of Atlantis, I 
slipped, as in a dream, directly into He'adra's heart 
that day Atlantis fell.  
     And I saw that even as He'adra had the skill to 
reach out with his mind and embrace an entire solar 
system, to hold the attention of every spirit, so too did 
he have a heart which could enfold within it every soul 
within his civilization. 
     And in He'adra's heart, I could feel the hearts of 
all those people as if I was there with him.  Even as 
they died in that cataclysm, I perceived how He'adra saw 
every heart as a star standing by itself and shining 
eternally though now wrapped in darkness. 
     Therefore this is strange but true, (something I had 
missed in the first telling of this tale):  He'adra had 
made a vow by the power of love (something greater than 
any word of power). 
     And these words of love were offered long ago, when, 
as a being of light, he watched the destruction of a 
continent and when he also beheld the death of its 
people.   And what I felt in He'adra's heart was this--
He'adra's loss and sorrow,  which had 
returned seeking a heart unafraid to feel its pain.  
     And  so I heard He'adra clearly say to all those many people 
of  Atlantis,  as if by the power of his voice he could not  only 
bind spirits but also bind time and space, so deep was his love: 

      I will find you again,
      And in another place and in a better world 
      We will dream the dream of Atlantis together 
      With a greater will and a greater love.

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