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 Evocation of Bagoloni: 12 degrees Gemini, A Master of Telepathy

Preliminary Comments:  A number of years ago I practiced
telepathy exercises from a manuscript written by a Dr. Brown who
taught astronomy at the local university.  She said that virtually
anyone who put in the requisite hours of practice could learn
telepathy by following her methods.  One of her exercises involved
empathy.  For example, you go to a zoo and visualize the animals.
But you imagine them back in their native settings such as a jungle
or savannah.  When your visualization becomes strong enough, the
animals tend to wake up and become more active.
   Dr. Brown's basic practice is to imagine a string of light between
your third eye and another individual's third eye.  You visualize a
ball of energy moving down this string from your head to the
target's heart.  The ball contains whatever thought you wish to
communicate.  There is a pulse you receive back after you send
something.  The idea is to wait with an empty mind until you feel
that return pulse.  The balls of energy sent and received contain the
ideas being transmitted.  
   This lady also pointed out that in the beginning it is easier to send
tastes and smells rather than pictures.  A more primal part of the
brain is activated with these senses.  I found with a partner it was
fairly easy to get eight of ten correct answers when working with
smells.  The following spirit named Bagoloni specializes in telepathy
and related practices.. 
Akashic Plane of the Earthzone:   I place my mind on the akashic
plane of the earth.  Being in the akasha is being in a moment of
cosmic oneness--the entire spectrum of life on this planet is on
display.  The past, present, and future are encompassed in one
vibration.  All wealth, knowledge, wisdom, love, power, and
experience are woven into one planetary pattern and awareness.
     Being here also reminds me of sitting with a Zen master who
lives nearby.  In the place where he and I meditate there are wind
chimes sounding outside and a large Buddha at the end of the room. 
A stick of incense burns on the alter.  We sit.  The feeling of well-
being is exquisite like the taste of a gourmet meal in a four star
restaurant.  But this mood is not created through elaborating on the
sensation of taste.  Instead,  the mind rests in a state of pure
emptiness.  It is open to that emptiness.  It identifies with that
emptiness which is also a state of simplicity.  
    It is being aware of what is.  There is complete acceptance of the
past.  The present moment is all that is needed and is sufficient.  But
accepting and engaging what is also involves holding quiet
communion with the unknown--the possibilities for response and
action are limitless.  The calm, clear, and penetrating awareness of
akasha includes the spark of magick--the future is present as well. 
    There is something else I notice today meditating here in the
akasha.  I feel I am surrounded by all of those in all ages who have
sought to nourish cosmic wisdom within themselves.  My favorite
channel on TV is the NASA channel when it shows for hours
without sound or comment the earth moving below from the
perspective of a space shuttle.  This panoramic view of the earth
from this altitude is like a religious experience for me.  Being on the
akashic plane is like viewing the earth in a similar manner.  In the
akasha is a reverence for life and a desire to see that the highest
purposes are given a chance to be accomplished on earth.  The
akasha is the temple I enter to worship the beauty and the
sacredness of the universe. 

The Constellation of Gemini:  Next I focus on the sign of Gemini
within the earthzone.  Gemini is intensely alert, sharp, quick, and
analytical.  There is an electrical feeling of excitement as well as a
detached objectivity.  Though very matter of fact and calm, Gemini
loves to interact.  For Gemini, communication is a form of pleasure
and satisfaction. 

12 Degrees Gemini:  The 12th degree of Gemini has a fascination
for the mental plane, for thoughts, brain waves, and the spectrum of
mental activity.  This kind of focus can determine what individuals
are thinking and why and also measure the strength and origin of
their thoughts.  

Bagoloni's Domain:   In this setting, the act of communication
begins as two minds share the same mental space and then link so
closely they temporarily become one.  Yet this is not a mystical
oneness.  Instead, the emphasis is on how the mind acts as an
accurate and sensitive recording device.  However, what is required
to realize this in communication is an extreme mental purity--to put
it simply, you have to become all ears and listen with all of your
being to what is being said.    
    As I approach Bagoloni,  I notice he exudes a great deal of
mental power.  It is clear that thoughts are not just like electric light
bulbs which shed light in a small space.  Ideas can be energized to
contain the power of lightning.  They can be overpowering and as
strong as is needed to get the job done.

Inner Source of Inspiration:   There is no thought, feeling,
perception, or life experience of any kind which can not be shared
in full with another.  The universe is a continuous and on-going
celebration of the mystery of love and oneness. Our separate paths,
evolutions, and differences exist so that as we attain greater
awareness we might acquire wisdom and discover the part we have
to play in this pageantry.
    Divine Providence offers perfect communication as a gift
between every being in the universe.  It is possible to speak your
mind and heart, to be understood, and to arrive at mutual
understanding.  This treasure of spirit is not designed for frivolous
or self-indulgent activity.  It is destined to serve high and noble
purposes. The constellation of Gemini has been placed in the sky
that we on earth might be inspired to find and to realize this power
within ourselves.  
Bagoloni's Sigil: The sigil generates a powerful and refined mental
vibration.  It turns the mind into an instrument for detecting any
kind of thoughts or mental activity.  It opens the channels from one
brain to another and heightens the ability to send and to receive
impressions.  It generates a mental space in which minds can join
with great precision. 
   A sigil is designed for multiple purposes.  By concentrating on this
sigil, your develop telepathy.  Your brain waves alter.  Something of
Bagoloni's qualities automatically vibrate within the sigil when it is
     But if it is your intent to connect to Bagoloni himself, then by
concentrating enough on the sigil he is drawn to appear in front of
you.  To put it another way, the sigil is like a key.  When you use it,
the door separating the planes is opened.  Space and time are
suspended.  You are then before whomever you concentrate upon. 
   On the other hand, if you continue concentrating on the sigil
without thinking about Bagoloni, you may notice that the akasha
within the air element becomes concentrated in your ears. 
Telepathy is not language specific. It utilizes a universal language of
mental vibration.  You may begin to feel attuned in your mind to
this language in a way similar to what was said of king Solomon. 
The next morning after God granted him wisdom Solomon awoke
to discover he could understand the language the animals were
speaking and what the blades of grass were whispering to each

Outer Aura:  Next I speak his name and Bagoloni appears with a big
smile and very bright eyes.  We seem to have hit it off well. 
Bagoloni's aura is a source transmitting telepathic abilities to others. 
Bagoloni has a way of getting you inside another's mind so you can
interact and arrive at an acceptable and mutual understanding.

Inner Aura:  Bagoloni's inner aura invests the air element on the
mental plane with magical ability.  The air element becomes an
amplifying device for receiving and transmitting mental activity.  A
two way radio can send and receive radio waves.  In a similar way,
the human mind by concentrating can send and receive thoughts by
using the air element as its medium. 

Akasha:  The akashic plane has an awareness free of form which
extends through space and time.  Your mind is both penetrating and
open without limitation.  Here you are free to allow the
consciousness of any being to be fully present within your
consciousness without blocking or distorting the other's nature. 
Akasha naturally contains an absolute certainty that you can do this. 
This conviction underlies and empowers your telepathic ability.

Mental Plane:   On the mental plane, Bagoloni develops your ability
to penetrate and be open to another's mind while your own
consciousness remains empty of content and form.  There is nothing
within you which interferes with the connection.  You receive the
exact signal which is sent.  And you gather as much energy as you
need to make sure your message will be heard clearly even as you
modulate your thoughts so they are understood by the other's mind. 
     Bagoloni also helps you to shape your message.  He is like
internet where you can open a web browser and search for
something and get thousands of references.  The difference is that
Bagoloni finds you your best choice in a few moments. 
     Bagoloni gives me an illustration of the process of telepathic
communication.  He says, "You open your mind so another
individual's brain waves are within the space of your mind.  Then
you can see the other's thoughts the way you see a fish swimming in
an aquarium in front of you.  The point is to get your thoughts to
appear within the other's mind wrapped about with the mental
vibrations with which the other is accustomed.  
    "A fish in an aquarium would perceive most easily another fish
appearing in front of it.  It would recognize the signals of the other
fish as being intelligent and having meaning because they occur
within a set of actions a fish can recognize.  The same is true with a
human being, an animal, or a higher spirit--you present your
consciousness within the stream and range of its mental vibrations. 
And then what you have to say is cloaked within something familiar
and its meaning is transparent. 
    "But not only is an idea communicated.  With this kind of mental
attunement, you also are able to register in your own mind the
other's response to what has been communicated.  You are aware of
the other's experience of receiving the message you sent.  
     "Acquiring this ability is not a matter of `imagining' what another
individual's mind is like though that is a step in the right direction. 
An attorney, a detective, a physician, or a writer reconstruct the
thoughts and experiences of others.  They make observations in the
present and then imagine what went before.  But this is empathy
and not telepathy. 
    "For me, everything has a mental signature.  Part of its being is
present on the mental plane.  A papaya is a fruit of a tree.  The
papaya contains condensed life force and is designed to nourish and
to reproduce itself.  It both stores vital energy which is highly
reactive and capable of enhancing chemical changes in soil and
seeds.  And it is attractive to other creatures.  Its mental signature is
in its power to store and also quickly to transmit usable and
nourishing energy.   This quality of a fruit exists as a pure mental
   A few days later I again speak with Bagoloni.  He says, 
"Telepathy is similar to two individuals talking to each other on a
phone.  Words and ideas are communicated.  But my interest is not
in sending a thought from one mind to another. My art is attaining a
mental attunement between two individuals so that when a thought
appears it is understood by both individuals in the same way and to
the same degree. 
    "Words, signals, and images can act as the vehicle for
communication by virtue of being part of a language or set of
prescribed meanings.  The language I utilize is composed of mental
vibrations.  As you already understand, the mind is as vast as the
sky.  This you are able to attain though contemplation.  But what
you do not yet perceive is that any other mind is able to appear
within your mind as clearly as an image reflected in a mirror.  
     "If you make your mind perfectly clear, open, and pure and
intensify your concentration, you can link with another's mind so
there is complete understanding. Do not forget that in akasha there
is no form and consciousness does not identify with a body or self-
image in order to insure its identity or safe guard its integrity.  
   "Here there is purpose.  There is intent.  There are qualities and
powers and energy.  But there are no boundaries.  I teach and share
my abilities so that understanding may be achieved.  I embody this
    "What then is the best way to learn to join minds to the extent
you are talking about?" I ask.
    Bagoloni replies, "First you generate an absolute conviction. 
From this conviction you create a mental vibration embodying
oneness, perfect understanding, and a mind which is vast, clear, and
pure.   And then you build up your concentration so that this
connection can take place. 
    "The concentration can be developed by observing others' minds
on the mental plane.  This is similar to condensing the air element
but in this case it would be more effective to condense the vibration
of Gemini--the intention and desire to attain perfect communication
and mutual understanding.  You practice this on the akashic plane
so that it is all that exists within your consciousness.
    "Again, this requires that you learn the language of mental
vibrations.  To do this, you must become comfortable with the
qualities and powers within others' minds.  In other words, you must
become an adept on the mental plane.  Otherwise telepathy will be
the transmission of thoughts, feelings, words, and images between
minds but the clarity and attunement necessary for understanding
those messages will be hit and miss. 
    "The worst enemies can communicate telepathically with each
other.  There is no doubt about this.  Their thoughts are cloaked in
anger and vengeance.  Men and women who divorce may bombard
each other's minds with hateful thoughts and feelings for years
afterwards.  This they do quite well without having any training or
psychic ability.  Their previous rapport has opened the door to each
other's psyches. 
    "But I tell you the worst enemies must put their enmity aside
when they understand each other's minds.  This kind of telepathy
belongs to those who love wisdom.  For a wise man, hating or
despising another is only hating and despising oneself.  Such mental
acts interfere with clarity of mind and this can not be tolerated by a
    "The essence of my teachings is to have a mind which is open
and pure.  Then when you concentrate on others, you can recall
their memories as if they are your own.  You respond to their
thoughts with tenderness as if they are words spoken by your own
child.   And you see their minds with the clarity you have when
viewing yourself in a mirror.  Telepathy for me is not so much
acquiring a skill as developing a mind which can be anywhere within
any mental vibration without suffering distortion or interference." 
    I turn my attention to developing a telepathic sensitivity as I study
a few individual's minds under Bagoloni's watchful eyes. With the
first individual I am struck by how confused she is.   She has a
profound psychic receptivity but she is always very vulnerable.  
    Immediately I see one of her childhood experiences which has
shaped her life.  She was used and abused.  She was rejected.  She
existed within an emotional vacuum.  This is due in part to her own
nature--she was extraordinarily open to others.  This was threatening
and unsettling to her caregivers.  They were uncomfortable with a
child so needy.  Her response to that situation was to attempt to be
attractive and endearing so she could get the attention she craved. 
She has retained this pattern of dependency up to the present.  
   As long as the wound remains, there is nothing anyone can say
nor any form of feedback which will enable her to learn to interact
with others in an assertive and even handed manner.  Thus she
brings into relationships a secret craving--she seeks friendship only
to the extent she imagines it will heal her wounds.
    Of course, this form of analysis flirts with being judgmental. I
work with Bagoloni on opening my mind beyond my personal bias. 
What I see now is that some minds have a vacuum within them.
This woman's, for example, contains an emotional whirlpool of
need.  I have been guarding myself against being pulled in . 
   But with Bagoloni's assistance I retain a state of clarity and
openness like the sky in which there is no fear.  From this vantage
point, I can see that this woman also has a dream of one day being
happy.  And, within this dream of happiness, she sees herself as
being a person who is there for others. This woman already knows
how to heal herself and one day she will do so.   
    At this point,  I seem to be able to sense her thoughts about
events and people as Bagoloni says, "with tenderness," while also
feeling as detached as a mirror.  It is like I can hear her voice
answering my questions.  I understand what she is saying and why
she says it. 
    I focus also on an old friend who introduced me to esoteric
studies.  In attuning to her mind, I notice she is very commited to
her work.  I can see right away her pride in taking care of herself
and being independent.  This I know already.  
    What I have never thought about is that the reason she avoids
having a family is that her own family line has been involved in
psychic and spiritual warfare for decades.  This struggle with
psychic domination has reoccurred in her own life.  Consequently,
she believes that if she has a family this pattern of destructive
behavior will return.
    Personal ties of affection open her up to the astral plane and this
she refuses to accept.  Her life is a commitment to staying away
from the field of psychic warfare and astral sensitivities.  Hard work
for her is a way of building a barrier between herself and the
haunting attractions and devastating ego aggression within her past.  
   She says to me that when I have published a book she will renew
our friendship.  Then I will be a part of her vocation and her world
of interests. She is rather insistent on this point.
     As I open my mind more with Bagoloni's sense of vast clarity, I
can see also the point behind her choice to be so entirely
extroverted.  For her, those who pursue spiritual and psychic careers
are plagued by selfishness and acute narcissism.  The way to
overcome the haze of illusions which exist on the inner planes is to
find something you really enjoy doing and then do it with all your
   There is, then, a difference between reproducing another's brain
waves within my own mind and what Bagoloni does.  When this
spirit attunes himself to another's mind, he does not just observe the
way it works and the specific thoughts present.  The mind of an
individual is like a spherical mirror reflecting all they have ever
experienced.  When you enter that mind, you understand the heart,
the desires, and even the karma the other is working through. 
Astral Plane:  On the astral plane, the air element relating to
telepathic ability is denser.  The message sent and received is
stronger and it carries more conviction.  Effective communication
becomes more than a convincing intellectual argument make with
compelling reasons.  It is a force and power in itself.  Consequently,
when an individual receives a message telepathically, he feels as if
the other individual is standing in front of him and speaking aloud to
him.  Mind to mind communication, like the air element, can be a
gentle as the touch of a breeze or as forceful as a hurricane or a
tornado ripping off the roof of your house.
   For example, when you communicate the will aspect of Divine
Providence, you can speak in a quiet voice and reason with another
the way a prophet once spoke to king David about how the king had
killed an innocent man.  The story told by the prophet ignited the
king's fury so that the king wanted to know who the man was in the
story that he might punish him.  The prophet pointed out that king
David himself was this man. 
    You can also speak in a way which captures the attention of
someone who pays no heed and ignores all warnings of conscience. 
William Blake once wrote, "Oh for a voice of thunder."  Bagoloni
possesses such a voice.

Physical:  When Bagoloni materializes within our world, you have
managed to call forth something of eternity so it resides within time
and history.  This is not only akasha which suspends time and space
so that anything can be understood by consciousness.  You have
brought down Bagoloni's own inspiration with him.  Before you
stands the perfection of communication as it has been designed by
Divine Providence. 
   Therefore, this form of evocation is ideal for those situations
involving great difficulty such as the conflicts between nations or
acrimonious negotiations.  With Bagoloni near, there is no
possibility of miscommunication.  Deception and deceit are barred. 
No falsehood is allowed.  When truth is present to this extent,
fairness, justice, and equality are the result.
    When individuals understand another's experience, they are more
considerate.  When opposing individuals are immersed within this
light, they rise to the occasion and seek to bring their actions in
accord with this inspiration.  Many human vices are founded upon
the feeling of separation.  The presence of Bagoloni dissolves this.
   I ask Bagoloni,  "Where do I go next in my practice of telepathy
with you?"
     Bagoloni replies, "Practice to develop a clear and open mind
empty of thoughts.  Your mind must be so refined that your ears
will detect the faintest disturbance in the vibration of air on the
mental plane. Thoughts are like sounds and words spoken aloud. 
You can hear them when your own mind is silent."
   What Bagoloni is showing me is similar to the practices in the first
chapter of Bardon's book, Initiation into Hermetics.  It is an empty
mind.  In this case, the mind is a listening silence with a very high
sensitivity to the mental vibrations in another person.  
    I have discussed some of the requisites for telepathy from
Bagoloni's perspective.  But there is also an intense if not fiercely
penetrating and electrical charge which Bagoloni employs.  To learn
this you would need to be familiar with reproducing in yourself
electrical energy and also shaping that electricity to the vibration of
Gemini.  I have not discussed this other than by describing my
experience with Gemini in the zone of the earth.  Visualizing
Bagoloni's sigil is certainly one way of gaining a taste and feeling for
this kind of energy.

Common Difficulties/Imbalances:  The major problem in learning
telepathy is accepting the idea that the mind can detect, receive, and
send thoughts.  This difficulty arises because of the nature of the
mental plane where thoughts are strongest.  The mental plane is
separate from the astral and physical planes.  
    In contrast to the physical world, the mental plane is abstract and
detached.  In contrast to the astral plane,  the mental plane is not
only disembodied.  It can act with a power of imagination which is
unfettered by real and genuine emotions.  It can weigh and examine
possibilities and scenarios which have no or only the most tenuous
connections to reality.  On the mental plane, thoughts can be as
unreal and distant as mathematics which can pursue a problem for
centuries which only has meaning to other mathematicians.  The
intricate mathematical problem has no application, use, or value
anywhere else.
    In effect, telepathic ability requires you to put aside your
personality and your feelings.  It asks of you that you enter another
world in which you immerse yourself solely within the vibrations of
the mind.  On the mental plane, imagination works with images
which have no more substance than holograms.  In fact, telepathy
requires of you to enter a mental state in which your perception
becomes so subtle and refined that thoughts appear as something
heavy and solid.  
   In effect, you become the air element on the mental plane waiting
calm and silent.  Thoughts are then sounds which vibrate within the
air.  You naturally can hear them and determine their content. 
   This can all be summarized in the following exercise.  Picture
another individual in front of you as if he or she is right there.  Next,
move your focus to the mental plane.  Do this by taking note of
your body and physical surroundings.  The physical world is solid. 
The forms endure according to their substance and structure. 
   Next concentrate on the astral world.  This is a world with the
fluid and malleable quality of dreams, feelings, desires, and
passions.  Its forces are often expressed as attractions and
repulsions.  Now put these two previous worlds aside.  Move to the
mental plane and the world of the mind.
    Here thinking occurs.  It can be detached or argumentative, clear
or confused, systematic following general patterns or a disorganized
mass of facts and details.  But problem solving, analysis, and
thoughtful consideration only takes place within a limited series of
vibrations.  The range of mental plane activity is far greater. 
   There is the mind that is clear and open and the mind that is bright
and sharp.  There is the mind that is penetrating and empty and the
mind that commands and controls every thought and perception that
appears within it.  But for telepathy, we are interested in a mind
which is clear, open, empty, and penetrating.  And it also has power
enough to crystallize thought and electrify it so it can appear like a
shout.  The telepathic mind is silent, good at listening, and also has a
voltage high enough to transmit your message. 
   For a few moments, then, scan the mental plane as if you are
already familiar with all its vibrations.  Now imagine the mental
body of the individual you are concentrating on.  Imagine it is empty
as if there is nothing inside and it is also dark.  Place your mind
within this individual's mental body.  Become as small as a dot so
that the other individual's mental body turns into a huge empty space
around you. 
   And finally imagine that this individual's mental body is now filled
with a subtle air element.  This air element has the quality of being
able to register and reveal clearly the faintest thoughts and mental
activity. Be silent, still, and become this air element it is who you
are.  At this point the trick is to wait without being impatience and
also to remain alert and sensitive enough so you can register the
impressions as they happen.
    As you engage in this practice, build up a repertoire of
experiences with different minds and different kinds of mental
activities.  Once you learn to receive impressions, you need to
interpret them, that is, translate them into something meaningful.  A
mental vibration in one individual's mind may appear in a different
form to another individual.  The vibration translates into different
     One thought may appear as words, feelings, pictures, or an intent
or act of volition according to how you translate it.  If you join
sufficiently with another's mind, you will, however, understand the
form and pattern of the individual's thoughts.  The specific content
of a mind does not always tell you or even give a clue as to why
those thoughts are there in the first place.  For this, you will need to
open to a larger portion of the individual's mind so you can perceive
motivation and purpose.
    You can also practice this exercise with spirits.  In this case, you
empty your mind of thoughts and fill your body with a subtle
vibration of air.  You imagine you can hear or detect any thought
send by another.  You ask a spirit to place a thought in your mind in
answer to a question.  
   I ask Bagoloni, "What do you think of how I have explained this
exercise?"  I wait for a few moments clearing my mind and I sense
his reply.  He sends me the particular thing I have not clarified. 
There is an electrical energy in my mind which intensifies the air
element and raises the pitch of its vibration. 
    Like a cathode tube in an electronic device, the gas inside the
tube is charged.  When a faint signal of some kind moves through it,
automatically light or sound is produced. There is an amplification. 
This electricity in the mind has a sensation similar to a static charge
of electricity you can sometimes feel in the air or next to a high
voltage wire.  But you shape that electrical presence to your intent
which is to heighten your telepathic sensitivity.  I notice with this
added electrical quality I can pick up a larger number of thoughts
more quickly as I focus on another's mind.  It is uncanny as if I am
listening to a radio program and this individual is the talk show host
blurting out aloud each of his thoughts as they occur.