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                                    The Cosmic Letter CH

The path to self-knowledge is full of obstacles and barriers.  There are places within the soul where men may not go.  The waters are too deep.  The flow is too pure. The union is too complete.  If a man dares enter the feminine mysteries they will pull him down and he will drown.

And there are places within the spirit where women may not enter: beyond the worlds of form opposites are overcome and the Joy is infinite.  If a woman dares to enter these masculine mysteries she will be vaporized and turned to ash.

But if a man could so enter and survive the Earth's womb, to dissolve within that dark place and not lose his masculinity; if a woman could journey into the heart of the sun and survive its cosmic fires and light without loss of her femininity, then their spirits would no longer be subject to gender limitations--

They would have cast off their mortality and put on immortality.  Such individuals are then appointed as the guides and Guardians of the Earth and of evolution.  They become the creators of new worlds. 


                                                                 From Mystical Fables


And I know, if I'll only be true
To this glorious Quest,
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest.

From Man of La Mancha 

                                If you held me in your heart

Winter would no longer be cold

And ice and snow

Would be warm to the touch. 


                                                                                        From Song of the Universe 


Here, “in a deep hidden stillness,” lie the mystery of life, death, and transformation.    



This is one of those cosmic letters that could easily inspire an epic poem such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, the Mahabarata, The Aeneid, The Divine Comedy, or the Arthurian and the Grail Legends.  It is also a study of the Goddess

of which, perhaps, the above epic poems know very little. 

    The letter CH is for me the second most feminine of all the cosmic letters next to the mother letter of M.  The CH is familiar in terms of being receptive, nurturing, attracting, and so forth.  But it has a quality of the feminine and the goddess that rarely is spoken of or revealed. 

     We find an expression of it in the three letter formula--J, CH, W.  This three letter formula uses the water element as the basis of each of the three letters.  In a sense, it is absolute power derived from love and omnipresence.

     Bardon says of this three letter formula that “The quabbalist resorting to it is endowed with the same absolute power as possessed by God. …. If, on the other hand, an impure and immature human being whose intentions are not analogous to the universal laws ventured to make use of this formula, he would have to face the absolute destruction of his personality.”  

    The CH is a sacred power and you have to be very careful when you touch the sacred.  The sacred is definitely something you want to work with.  It is also definitely something you do not want to abuse.  It can turn on you and seek your destruction in equal measure to its ability to inspire.  

    This letter is about as far away from male consciousness as you can get.  And you could say just as easily that it is about as far away from the nature of our civilization as you can get.

     It contains the powers of the moon, the rhythms of life, and the turning of the seasons.  It expands inward revealing the depths of the soul.  It is the capacity to receive, to conceive, to nurture, and to give birth.  And equally it is the power to destroy, to terminate, and to bring life to a conclusion ending one form of existence so another can begin.  It is the mystery of death and of transformation.   

    The CH is therefore sweet and kind.  It also possesses a power over all of life.  Like I say, it is worthy of an epic poem.  However, I am going to try very hard to avoid overdoing the poetry or speculating on the nature of femininity.  Given how remarkable this energy is, I doubt I will succeed.  Suffice it to say that, unlike men, all women have this power within them. 

    One of the qualities of the water element is empathy.  It is very easy to teach empathy as a social skill.  A complete stranger may say to you when you practice this skill that “I feel you know me better than any of my friends.”  However, a social skill does not necessarily reproduce the feeling of an inner connection to another person. 

    For a sense of inner connection, you have to embody the water element within your self.  Then you can sense directly, reproduce, and nurture an inner connection to another person.  The same is true of the CH.  I can mimic its abilities through my skills: two midwives one time backed off and let me guide a woman as I helped deliver her baby.  I had a hypnotic and telepathic connection to the woman which facilitated the labor and delivery.

    Another time I evoked the earth mother for an American Indian shaman who then accepted me as his only student.  But I did not feel or see as the earth mother sees and feels.  Evocation is not the same as joining with your opposite.  It is not tantra in which you seek to become one with the object of your worship.  To see and to feel through the eyes and the body of the feminine mysteries you have to join with these mysteries until you discover them within your self.

    I have a manuscript completed describing my interactions and dialogues with four undines.  However, I hesitate to publish.  There is something missing.  It is my own inner connection to the water element.  Revealing the mysteries of the undines to the world is a first step in revealing the magic of Atlantis.  

    Water literally and magically conceals Atlantis.  And the water element is what Atlantis failed to master in its understanding of the mysteries.  I suspect that this cosmic letter of CH is the missing ingredient that dissolves the karmic barriers that prevent the knowledge of this former civilization from reappearing. 

     To put it simply, this is the karma: it is necessary to guard the astral plane of the earth the way a mother guards her child.  And this is precisely what Atlantis failed to do.  If we learn to do this, then we gain access to the other side of life that has been kept secret from our civilization for twelve thousand years.  The letter CH offers this power, this level of love, and this inspiration.                      


Akashic Plane


I am the serenity of the moon

Fluid, malleable, and changing

I am harsh, cold, and empty

I choose the place of your birth

I am warm, sweet, and nurturing

I reunite what is lost

All dreams arise from my light

I am tenderness overflowing from the heart


               From The Song of the Universe


The color is dark violet with a silvery glitter.  For me, this color feels very refreshing and pure like drinking the purest water from a mountain pool.  It is very feminine as in receptive.  It restores you by immersing you in an animating and vitalizing love. 

     There is a sense of the divine virgin and also of being “taken into the light” which is a phrase sometimes referred to when an individual dies.  There is a feeling of total acceptance and love.     


The sound is the note of D#.  In this instance this note refers to the power that upholds the order of the world.  That is, it is the akashic matrix or vibration out of which everything is created.  It is a little like the astrophysicist’s idea of “dark matter.”  It is there but you can’t see it.  Ninety per cent of the gravity in the universe derives from this unseen presence.  In a similar manner, the feminine power of the CH shapes human lives and history without our being conscious of its influence.   


The sensation is of watery cold chill as in icy cold water.  It has an absorbing power the way cold water can absorb heat.  In this sense, it is attracting, contracting, drawing in, and absorbing.     

    If we put a temperature to it to use as we explore this sensation of cold with our imagination it would be a few hundred degrees below zero as perhaps we would have if water were frozen under the surface of the moon.  Part of the idea is that cold slows down the movement of atoms.  You refrigerate food to keep it from spoiling.  The coldness preserves. 


[Note: Learning to concentrate on purely physical, tactile sensations is at the beginning of Bardon’s practices.  To concentrate on the sensation of cold, I used to do simple things like place my hands in cold water, take a cold shower, or put my feet or hands in water full of ice cubes.  I then try immediately to produce the cold sensation with my imagination.  It is an exercise in memory and recollection. 

    You experience the sensation and then you reproduce it.  This recalling a cold sensation was quite difficult for me in the beginning.  Now, if I imagine myself far to the north standing on a frozen lake of ice my body is instantly on the verge of shivering.  My imagination convinces my nerves that the coldness is a reality that they are experiencing.

    In a similar manner, if I imagine myself immersed in a sea of very cold water, I can feel the energy vibration of this cold water extend outwards for a vast distance around me.  This ability or use of imagination grants a psychological power not known in psychology.  It enables one to remain calm and also to calm others by one’s presence. 

    If you combine the cold sensation with the color and sound, you get a power that is staggering in its capacity.  It is purely feminine.  Undines know of this and use it consciously in their arts of love, healing, and empathy.  As of now, I have never met anyone who knows how to consciously employ this form of water magic.  Nonetheless, mothers use it instinctively when they calm their infants.  Besides offering physical and verbal comfort, there is a soul to soul connection.]    


This sensation of cold water in combination with the sound and color can take hold of something and freeze it.  It can protect, hold together, and preserve in this way.  It can also, out of its vast depths and storehouse of energies, surround you with the specific kind of energy that nurtures you as an individual. 

     It is the benevolent grace of the cosmic letter G that seeks to enrich your life in every conceivable way; and this

grace is combined with the severity of a Judge of Saturn whose sole purpose is to see that you undergo the harsh lessons of life so that in mastering them you attain absolute freedom.          


To be effective, a symbol needs to engage our imagination in a way that is graphic and compelling.  At the same time, it has to be sufficiently distant from our intellectual grasp that we can not reduce it to a simple concept or set of explanations.  If it can do both—hold our imagination while evading our explanations—it has the capacity to continuously generate new insights.  

   The letter CH has a symbol.  It is the womb.  “What is born of water is water and what is born of spirit is spirit.”  There is a physical womb through which we are born into this world.  There is also a spiritual womb through which we are reborn as spiritual beings. 

    This is a straightforward issue for some.  By faith, you are reborn.  Any attempt on your part to assist in this spiritual birth or to participate in its unfolding is doomed to failure.  The rebirth takes place from above through correct belief.  

    On the other hand, it is impossible for me to imagine a spiritual rebirth without the development of some form of spiritual perception.  This spiritual perception is not just living with virtue, a better morality, and joining a congregation of like minded believers who feel different because they performed an act of faith.  From my point of view, those who place limits on genuine spiritual growth by emphasizing belief and forbidding spiritual perception are not inspiring spiritual rebirth.  They are aborting it. 

   As one of my characters says to God when, like King Solomon, God grants him a wish,:So many base their faith upon what others report.  Their eyes see and their ears hear only what their interpretations and doctrines allow them to believe.  I do not wish to be as these.  They do not know the spiritual realities about which they speak.” For a spiritual rebirth, you learn to use your five senses as a spiritual being. 


The three sense concentration of the letter CH produces the following which constitute the qualities of a spiritual womb: 


1.                 The cold water along with the color is able to completely withdraw consciousness from the world.  There is no interference with the five senses due to stimulation from the external world.  This prevents exposure to the destructive elements of a hostile and harsh environment.  You certainly do not need others attacking or disparaging you when you are practicing a spiritual training system—something they may find to be hilarious, strange, or threatening. 

        In simple terms, the CH calms your astral body.  It grants you depth, resiliency, and inner power.  


2.  The water preserves the energy you have.  It protects and shelters.  It accepts you and holds you together in a hidden place.

     Again, put simply, your astral body has its own inner life and operates independently of the emotional life going on around you. 


3.  It seeks to bring you to life.  It nurtures and renews you. 

     Many times, a religious or other kind of loving community attempts to act in this way.  Through the life of the community and constant involvement in its activities your life is enriched.  Others fill in for what you are missing and you engage others in a way that is giving. 

     But loving communities have limitations.  In some cases, the price you pay is your mind.  You have to believe what they believe and think in acceptable ways defined by their traditions.  Refuse and they get hysterical or cast you out.  I myself have been cast out more than a few times for simply thinking thoughts they were unable to grasp. 

     There are in fact more than a few traditions that cast out their own children if the children refuse to believe what they believe.  They even go as far as to hold a funeral for the child who they have disowned renouncing him forever and pretending that he is now dead.       

     By stark contrast, the CH is a universal principle of nature and of the spiritual world.  Like the womb, it accepts life into itself.  It offers a protected, sheltered, and nurturing space in which one may join with one’s opposite in order to conceive a new creation. 

    And like the womb, it then nurtures that life seeking to bring it to maturity so it can be born as a new form in due season. 

     The CH is a vast storehouse of energy.  From out of its depths and treasures of spirit it surrounds you with the specific energy you need in order to grow as a spiritual being.   

    Meditating in the CH in akasha, I get the image of a crystal ball which represents the purity and clarity of the CH on the akashic plane.  Amid a vast space of akasha penetrating through space and time, I glance into this crystal ball as if I am my own guardian angel.  I take note of all of my incarnations.  I act to offer to myself from this place within akasha the specific energy and inspiration I need to grow as a spiritual being.   

    For example, gazing down at my life now in this incarnation, I see that what I need most is to be surrounded by great love.  This love is there interacting with me, blessing me, guiding and inspiring me regardless of my circumstances. 

    If I do not have such love at this time, with the CH, acting as its agent and embodying its presence, I create this love around myself.  I speak the word of power that calls it into being.  I create the spiritual womb I need in order to be nourished and guided toward my birth as a spirit. 

    I like this image.  It is full of power, beauty, and hope.  And it is a good use of the cosmic language.


4.  Fertility involves two.  The DNA of one is joined with the DNA of another.  Similarly, you bring something to the spiritual womb of the CH, namely, your own spiritual will.  This spiritual space, this protective womb, is a joint creation between you and akasha. 

It is your responsibility to constantly take the measure of the quality of the spiritual world you seek to enter.  You are responsible for maintaining its purity and its life giving and inspiring power. 

You have to ask yourself this question: What is the loving matrix through which I wish to be reborn as a spiritual being? 

Our parents or caregivers may have been deficient in certain ways that caused us great pain.  But now we in a different place.   Through the creative power of akasha, we get to reinvent, to recreate ourselves as everyone must do at some point in their evolution.    

     I know that there are many books containing inspiring sayings and anecdotes.  I think Philip Carr-Gomm was the first person I ran into who maintained a personal collection along these lines.  Bardon does not tell you to do this but it is a great idea.  You assemble and periodically review your own sources of inspiration. 

    You do not just reread these on occasion.  You probe their depths.  You ask, What were these individuals experiencing when they wrote these words.  You enter into those experiences with your imagination.  You recreate them in yourself.  You find new meaning within them.  You make them your own.   

     For example, I wrote the following description of the spiritual power of water while talking to a spirit from the sphere of Jupiter.  I wrote it but that does not mean I immediately understand it.  I have to think about it, contemplate it, and imagine precisely and graphically what it entails. 


                                If you held me in your heart

Winter would no longer be cold

And ice and snow

Would be warm to the touch. 


The words describe the experience of being loved by another person who employs the powers of the CH on the astral plane.  Can I imagine this?  Yes.  I have written about characters who are masters of this energy in my screenplay. 

    I have also tried to teach women how to do it.  I am making progress.  Some do it naturally without effort but these do not grasp that they are engaged in a magical act. 

    If you love another with the power of the CH you act as a guardian angel or perhaps like an immortal beloved who grants another the ability to be reborn through your love.  It penetrates every cell of your being.  It offers you the inspiration and energy you need to step outside of life, to imagine what you are meant to be, and then to become that being.  We are indeed lucky if we have ever experienced anything like this even briefly. 

    Practicing CH is learning to love in this way.  I have mentioned previously with the cosmic letter A that in peace making or conflict resolution you have to bring a lot of energy to the negotiating table. 

     At times in order to make peace you offer to those involved in the conflict the opportunity to become new.  You give them the opportunity to feel, think, and perceive in new ways. 

     The letter CH is one of the powers of peacemakers.  It is in the Bible—“Blessed are the peacemakers.”  Peacemakers utilize spiritual powers.  You do not make peace through belief or faith.  You have to speak with a word that creates.  And this is precisely what the cosmic language does. 

     The CH is also an internal practice.  As I mentioned, this spiritual womb is a co-creation between us and akasha.  As such we act to create for ourselves the love that transforms us and makes us into spiritual beings.        


5.                      The CH has power over life and death.  It oversees the transformation of one form into another.  The fetus in the womb does not get to remain there.  The purpose of the previous four points is that you arrive at the place where you are ready to set forth as an independent spiritual being.  In due season, you enter a new level of existence.

     Identifying with CH akasha, we become more sensitive to life transitions.  You oversee them with love and protection.  And you act to draw one cycle of life to a close so a new cycle can begin.  I believe it was Frank Waters in Pumpkin Seed Point who said,


Here in the seed, in the deep hidden stillness, the end of all things is joined to a new beginning.   


All of our lives we are in and out of different roles.  The judge sentences an individual restricting his freedom so that others are protected.  A minister, priest, or captain utters the words, “I now pronounce you man and wife” and with those words embodying the laws of society a new relationship is created.  An admission’s committee accepts a student into their college enabling the student to enter a new phase of life offering increased opportunity.

Restriction, joining, and opportunity unfolding.  The cycles and changes of life are sometimes seen in the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card.  According to the quality and balance of the four elements within us, our path in life unfolds. 

The individual who suddenly becomes religious commits to a spiritual birth.  He exercises faith and belief.  He gains access to rules and regulations of a tradition.  But he has no wisdom.  Interaction with the divine world is severely restricted.

The individual who commits to a spiritual training system(s) commits himself to accomplishing spiritual purposes.  This path is far more difficult.  As Bardon says, it requires “superhuman patience.”  I mentioned this to one individual and he said, “Doesn’t everyone have superhuman patience?” No, they do not.  It takes tremendous inspiration, ingenuity, and courage to make a spiritual training system work for you.           

And finally an individual may arrive where he is ready to use the powers invested in him by Divine Providence to serve mankind to the best of his ability.  This is another level of birth, another huge transition.  At this point, the individual is able to act as the CH to provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for others.  He is also able to shelter and protect. 


The CH acts to bring new things to birth.  It gives birth to dreams and visions.  In order to nurture, it embodies purity and clarity.  It acts to prevent contamination.  Its power is to close as well as to open. 

     I suspect rather strongly that on some level our civilization has been severely restricted in its access to astral magic.  It is almost like a divine edict has been placed upon mankind.  World teachers are permitted to use magic.  But they are not permitted to teach magic except under very restricted circumstances. 

   Moses did magic galore.  But he taught nothing other than external rituals, rules, and regulations.  Christ did even more astonishing miracles.   But he said, “If you can not understand the things of this world how can you understand the things of the next?”  Individuals like Padma Sambhava of Tibet specialized in magic.  But he taught only a few in a carefully guarded tradition.  And much of what he did he has not given into the hands of the order of the Nyingma which he founded. 

     Great swamis and yogis have had magic.  But they too have been extraordinarily careful about sharing their knowledge.  I telepathically asked one great swami to share with me his inner essence which he did.  It was like he said to me, “Why have none of my thousands of students asked me to give to them what I have just given you?”   

    Why all this secrecy?  Why the Spanish Inquisition?  Why the abuse of powers by the church?  If the Christian religion had genuine spiritual knowledge, it would have abused these powers terribly. 

    Apparently the human race has needed twelve thousand years to watch itself engage in wars and terror and horrors galore as well as doing some good things like developing civilization again.  At least, we have not been abusing magic on a massive scale in a way that could have brought all spiritual advancement to an end. 

    Be thankful that religious people have had only hearsay and second hand knowledge of the spiritual worlds.  Imagine the hell on earth if even good meaning and sincere religious people had the power to probe and command the soul of anyone anywhere.  This is why the knowledge of genuine magic has been harder to find than the philosopher’s stone. 

    We have been granted a period of innocence along with the ignorance that accompanies it.  But now with the invention of nuclear weapons, with the ability to contaminate entire nations for fifty thousand years with radiation or destroy the biosphere, it no longer matters.  Either we advance to a new level of wisdom and cooperation or we risk going the way of Neanderthal whose instinct for survival was no match for the obstacles confronting him.           


In summary, the CH on the akashic plane reminds us that in order to be reborn as a spiritual being we must engage in a joint creation with akasha.  We create a spiritual environment that protects us, shelters us, nourishes and inspires us.  Each of us holds this power within our hands.       

     Fail to do this—to create a spiritual, nurturing environment within your soul—and all the faith in the world will not make you into a new being.  With great faith you can accomplish great things, even miracles.  But in the end, looking back over a life time of achievement, you will still be the same person you were in the beginning.  Faith has great power but the power goes outward into the world.  Any transformation it inspires is severely restricted.  If you want transformation, you have to employ the power of love.    

     The CH speaks of a secret space and within it we unite with our opposite to bring a new being into existence.  We imagine what is missing from our lives, what we need in order to grow and be complete.  And then we act like own guardian angel to imagine and to create these things so that we can truly transform. 

    It is a very feminine action but it is not weak.  The power is immense and for ages it has been hidden from us.  With it we exercise the ability to say this phase of life is now ended and this new phase has begun.  In true transformation, one form dies so another can be born.  Here, “in a deep hidden stillness,” lie the mystery of life, death, and transformation.    



Mental Plane


Bardon says the mental plane oscillation enables an individual “to consciously perceive and understand all the languages of the …. spheres and planes in their utmost clarity, and gain the faculty of not only of understanding all beings, men, and animals, but also of being understood by them.” This includes understanding all symbols as well. 

     The brother letter to CH is the letter H.  They both use the same color, dark violet with a silvery glitter.  CH is based on the element of water.  H is based on the element of fire. 

    If the letter H is the power of the spoken word—the word that creates--and understanding the purposes of Divine Providence, the CH is the power that receives and, in receiving, it transforms and gives birth.   On the mental plane, the letter CH is the divine power of listening.  It is an extreme receptivity to mental plane ideas involved in the act of communication.

     I have met people who speak seven languages fluently.  When it comes to learning languages, some individuals have a great memory.  Some individuals have great linguistic skill.  Those parts of their brains are highly developed. 

    The power of the CH in communicating is different.  It is similar to a mother who knows the different cries of her infant.  It is not primarily a cognitive ability.   

    We have all heard the phrases, “I don’t understand you.  What are getting at?  What are you trying to say?”  For the person listening, the words of the other individual do not make sense. 

    For the CH, the words or cognitive component will never be more than the tip of the iceberg of what is being communicated.  It is as if the listener has a data base in his memory that automatically and instantly correlates the body language, the feelings, the context, and the past history of similar acts of communication. 

    And not only this, the listener listens as if he himself is the person speaking.  He identifies with the other person as the person is speaking.  If this were an exercise in imagination and concentration, as someone talks to you imagine you are this other person as he or she speaks.  Enter right inside of the other’s body, body language, posture, voice, intonation and hear your self speaking the words as they are spoken. 

    Translators at the United Nations who translate as a president of a nation is speaking to the UN General Assembly say that translating is an art.  You are taking words from one language and culture and translating them into another.  It is an artistic endeavor. 

    But such a translator never translates the emotional force and the layers of intention and motivation that are hidden in the words.  CH is primarily interested in clarifying the layers of motivation and intentions in the act of communicating.  Put simply, the person speaking is alive inside of you.  This gives an entire new dimension to listening skills.

    If someone is joyful, you can say to your self, “I am not this person but I can match the vibration in my mind to the feeling of joy.”  If someone is depressed, you can say to your self, “I am not depressed but I can match my mind to the depression this person is feeling.”  The other is not you but is all the same a part of you.  The mother is not the fetus within her but the fetus is still a part of her as it kicks and turns.  This is the attitude of CH on the mental plane.  

     It took me four years to discover I had no linguistic capacity for learning foreign languages.  I could always get an A in a foreign language class during the first semester.  But what I learned would then evaporate from my memory.  The second semester it was like I was starting over from scratch.  And if I was immersed in another culture, like Bolivia, after a few months my brain would just dump everything I had learned as if my short term memory had rebooted. 

     But a linguist, even a language deficient linguist like myself, understands that meaning is determined by context and the intentions of the speaker.  When President Chavez of Venezuela says that the students who are protesting his government “are fascists” he does not mean that the students are fascists.  What he actually is saying is that “I am a fascist and I resent that these students think they can protest my authority in the name of freedom of speech.  And so I am going to exercise my fascist authority and call them the opposite of what they are.”  Chavez says the exact opposite of what he means.  

    And when Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, says before the United Nations that Iran has only peaceful intentions for developing nuclear energy he does not mean the words he just spoke.  Iran has spent sixty billion dollars developing various kinds of nuclear reactors and facilities.  And Iran still imports forty per cent of its refined gasoline when it could build oil facilities for refining its own oil for twelve billion dollars—for one fifth of what it has spent on nuclear facilities.  

     Given the context, the intention is clear.  In the universe in which we live, Iran does not have peaceful intentions for its nuclear facilities.  Therefore, when Ahmadinejad says “our intentions are peaceful” what he really means is “if you people at the UN are so incredibly stupid that you think our intentions are peaceful, then you deserve a nuclear holocaust.”

     You may not agree with my analysis.  My point is that if there is a major incongruity between the words and the actions of an individual, then the individual’s words do not represent his intentions.  But the meaning is still perfectly clear—it is just different from what the person is saying.     

     When I turn to the use of religious language, I am again very interested in the difference between the words spoken or used and the context and actions of those speaking the words.  I have given this example before of one of the two witnesses spoken of in the Revelations of John in my story from Mystical Fables.  The witness/prophet notices that the religious people of his generation have ears that are closed and the eyes that are blind.  They do not know the spiritual realities of which they speak.  The religious leaders have no empathy.  They neither bear witness to nor perceive the unfathomable beauty, incomprehensible wonder, and ineffable mystery of creation.

    So he requests of God the power of CH on the mental plane, “Grant me the ability to see through the eyes, to think the thoughts in the minds, and to feel the feelings in the heart of any being mortal or divine throughout creation.  In this way may I come to understand, to cooperate with, and to fulfill your will in creating the universe.  

     If you want to discover divine purpose, it helps to be receptive to what is already going on around you.  If you can pass through the heart of any being, then you are at the beginning of feeling what God/Goddess feels.  And then too you are in the position to learn how to heal and provide an environment in which others can be fulfilled.    

    Curiosity, however, is not the same as compassion.  I am extremely curious.  I know this because I have seen others interested or intrigued by something unusual.  I do not consider that to be genuine curiosity.  I am interested in where something comes from.  What brought it into existence?  How can it be reproduced?  I do not need a theory or the possibility of a theory to proceed.  I will ask, What is another person’s or spirit’s inner source of inspiration?  And then I pursue the answer to that question.  That is genuine curiosity.  But it is not yet application or compassion.

     According to the Jewish and Christian Bible, long ago there was an individual named Balaam.  In my version, a princess asks him,      


“Balaam, from whence do your powers arise?  What winds of spirit brush the waters of your heart with lips of inspiration or bid your soul drink such wine of vision that even the veils of the future are rent in two when you look upon their dark tapestry?”   

     Balaam replied, “As long as I can remember, I had been asking myself these questions: What spirit, what hand, what mind, what soul envisioned and gave birth to the wonders of the universe?  The tree from the seed--what soul is so passionate to have envisioned and engendered this thing?  The mountains from the sand--what mind has the endurance to withstand such silence and to exercise such power of command?  The clouds from the sky--from whose breath do the winds arise?  And what mind contains the sky? The sun, moon, and stars--what Joy is so great that celestial light leaves but a trace of its glorious face?  And of mankind--all that drives and motivates, all dreams and visions, all desires and needs--what spirit could have created such a being?”

     The princess then asked,“Balaam, would you not also be a sacred chalice, an oasis here on earth, from which others may drink, be healed, and fulfill their path of life?”


But this Balaam was unwilling to do.  The love that is willing to die in order to be reborn, this simple mystery of initiation was beyond him. 

     The CH, as it moves through the four planes, acts as a sacred chalice.  As it passes through others’ hearts, it loves with a love that protects, nourishes, and gives birth.  It is not the curiosity that penetrates any mystery.  Rather, beyond the knowledge of the selfish, self-centered, or self-possessed, it is the compassion of Divine Providence in action.



Astral Plane


The female form embodies a way of thinking that men can not imagine.  It is receptive, open, nurturing, offering and giving of itself.  Affection extends everywhere and into everything.

  If your feelings can not contain this wealth of affection, then all my gifts to you will mean nothing.  …. In the end, you will feel empty unless you unite with the feminine spirit.


                                              From the undine Osipeh        


This is my quest ….

To bear with unbearable sorrow ….

To right the unrightable wrong ….


                                                                                    From Man of La Mancha 


Above, the sun, moon, and stars dazzle the world with their illumination of lights, but I dwell within the places of the heart others do not know.  I am the place where memory fades away.  I am the place where the hero falls asleep in his dreams and forgets who he is.

     I am the place where identity dissolves and fear or its absence no longer matters at all….  Humility is not empty enough to enter here and survive, nor will, nor strength of character, nor faith.  If you would ever embrace my heart and soul, understand this: all of life is sacred, the entire round--both life and death.  Greet each moment with the cool touch of the dark stream flowing beneath the ground--in secret caverns it moves without being known and yet it flows free and pure though light never tastes its life.   


                                                                                    Mystical Fables


For those who have internalized the beauty of the earth, it is the most natural of things to return in some way to others what we ourselves have been given.



The color of dark violet is like the substance of the astral plane from which the soul arises.  It also vibrates with the entire astral plane of the earth.  When you add the silvery glitter to the dark violet it becomes what nurtures and gives life. 

    This sense of nourishment is like blood moving through your body, breath through your lungs, food through your digestive track, love through your heart, wisdom through your mind, or divine consciousness through your spirit. 

    The undines I have worked with have auras that act like this.  When you are in their presence, their auras automatically act to provide you with a richer, deeper, and more harmonious level of feeling.  They offer happiness, love, serenity, well-being, peace, and sensual release.  The color of this cosmic letter acts in the same way, to make whole and complete.  It is the nature of the cosmic language--it creates in order to bring to perfection.     


The sound is the power to create and to dissolve astral forms.  Like gravity, it holds things together.  But like akasha, it penetrates in a way that can dissolve the bonds holding a substance together. 

    This relates to the CH in that there are certain events that simply do not occur except within a protective, governing, or controlling environment.  Without an education system, you can not train the youth of a society.  Without a ploughed field, fertilizer, rain, and sunlight crops do not grow. 

    A system is in place so transformation can occur.  And then the system is removed or changed so that life can move on.  The sound is not the particular system.  Rather, it originates, watches over, and then dissolves or removes the system in order to insure growth and transformation. 


The sensation of cold water is again attracting, contracting, drawing in, and absorbing.  On the astral plane, the element of water animates, purifies, brings to life, nourishes, and renews.      

   The way ice aligns H2O molecules into a fixed pattern, the cold water aligns or creates a specific vibration designed to meet your needs so you feel alive.  It separates you from outside influences, protecting you from contrary feelings and it purges you what from the inside from opposing vibrations.

    Like a fetus in a womb, the nurturing and protective environment allows a phenomenal level of growth.  Consequently, we can ask ourselves,


What is the learning curve in my current spiritual/religious/inspirational system?  Am I getting the nourishment I need?  Do I feel protected?  Am I held within a sacred space, freed of all desire and need, and yet one that keeps pace in making me into the person I am meant to be?  


The cold sensation of water acts as a filter like the kidneys to purify.  It acts as blood to vitalize.  It acts like love to circulate ecstasy to whatever your need is to be whole and complete.

     The person I am meant to be: this is not static—it is goal oriented.  Consider, the Spartan mother who says to her child, “I will love you because we need great warriors to protect and defend Sparta, for courage is who we are.”  Perhaps the Athenian mother says to her child, “I will love you because we need brilliant and innovative men to embody the ideals of Athens, for it is our destiny to be noble and creative.”

    Now, consider the Earth who says, “I will love you with my lakes and oceans, with my seas and streams, with my fields and forests, with my mountains and valleys, with my volcanoes, magma, and lava, with my clouds and lightning, with the touch of my winds, with my sky and my biosphere.   

     “This I do because I dream of children who are like me--one with the universe.  In this way, as the nurturing womb and mother of life, I attain completion and fulfillment.”

    Ultimately, we are within the protective womb of the planet earth, of the spiritual aura surrounding this planet, and of akasha or Divine Providence.  It is our task to appreciate what we have been given: the life force and energies of the physical world, the astral plane or world of feelings, the luminous quality of the mental plane, and the power to create of akasha.  For those who have internalized the beauty of the earth, it is the most natural of things to return in some way to others what we ourselves have been given.

    Obviously, the seed that remains contained in itself does not grow.  But as it opens drawing in nurturing energies from many sources, it transforms revealing the beauty hidden within it.                


On the astral plane, the three sense concentration of the CH heightens our perceptions of the rhythms of life.  In particular, the sensitivity of the water element emphasizes fluctuations in temperature as energy is exchanged between hot and cold.  Water is sensitive to these changes in energy, to movement, storage, and transformation in relation to inner and outer form.  

     The CH heightens our awareness so it is easy to ask or notice, What is the environment in which something exists?  What supports it?  What nurtures it and gives life? What are its strengths or gifts and its weaknesses or liabilities?  From what did it arise and where and when will it end?  

    Consider some of the rhythms and cycles of life and nature on micro and macro levels.  In the body, we have the rhythm of breath, the process of eating and digestion, the heartbeat, the cycle of being awake and asleep.    

   In psychological growth, we can trace any number of ways to portray life’s cycles and seasons.  One is to just divide our lives into a number of major stages.  You determine what these are, where they begin, how they unfolded, and when they came to an end. 

    How did your inner life differ from the events of your outer life?  How did the inner and outer interact?  What assets did you develop in different phases of your life?  What liabilities or debts have you yet to address or pay off? 

    What stages of life have passed through in relation to the opposite gender?  In relation to family?  In relation to employment?

   There are stages or cycles of life that occur around us in society.  For example, issues involving social justice often take between six and fifty years to be addressed and remedied by society. 

    There are relations we have to institutions such as education, corporation, religion, social groups, etc. 

    We have our daily routines and schedules which have their own rhythms and changes.  And around us in the world societies also go through their stages and changes involving art, music, religion, ideologies, philosophies, social movements, politics, literature, etc.

     Societies like religions and nations rise and fall but over much larger periods of time.   

    And against the biological and human domain, we are surrounded by the cycles of nature.  We have the changing tides, the cycle of day and night, the seasons, the winds, the weather, hot and cold, moist and dry, planting, ripening, and harvest.  

    We have the phases of the moon, El Nino and La Nina, the eleven year cycle of the sun spots, the movement of the planets, the probability of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.  On a geological scale, we have the movement of the tectonic plates, volcanoes erupting, the coming and going of ice ages, changes in the magnetic field of the earth, etc.

     With CH, it is easy to perceive the self and the world around us in terms of cycles and rhythms of nature.  You do not just see a tree.  You see the tree as the seed from which it arose and the years during which it has grown. 

    A mother has the capacity to see her child as a grown person and yet still remembers the romance, the conception, the pregnancy, the labor and delivery, the infant, the childhood, the nurturing, the attainment of maturity, and the leaving home.  And so she retains an inner bond.

    The father does not usually perceive in these terms.  His perception is more external.  The child embraces the world and finds a place in it as a productive and responsible adult.  This is his understanding of the process of growth.  Unless he is a sage, the father fails to see the inner life from which the outer world is composed.

     On the mental plane, we noted that communication can involve feeling a part of the other person as the other interacts with us.  On the astral plane, the CH has the power to enter and identify with the cycle, rhythm, or pattern in which the other person is involved. 

    Whether male or female, an adult can notice the way a child plays with his toys.  The adult can enter into that play world and participate in it.  And then add something to it that makes it more alive, and inviting, and interesting.  The child responds to the new life and feelings that have been injected into his or her life. 

     The story of the psychologist who sits next to a patient who is in a coma in a hospital.  The patient is not supposed to perceive events in his environment.  But the psychologist spends a half hour imitating the breathing pattern of the patient.  He slowly changes his breathing pattern and notices the patient begins to alter his as well.  And then suddenly the psychologist says to the patient, “Hey, you got a cigarette?” The man in the coma wakes up and says, “Don’t do that!” That is entering another person’s rhythm of physiology and brain waves.

    A teacher in a small private school tests third grade children who are having trouble with math.  He determines precisely where the student is and what he needs to work on.  And then he gives the child a few problems following a schedule custom designed for this particular child.  The child responds.  It is not too difficult and yet there is some challenge to it. 

    The parent notices the method.  The parent gives the child three math problems to solve each day.  After six months, the child tests two years ahead of his class in math.  It is not just designing a math curriculum appropriate for this child.  It is this: the adult has invested attention, emotion, and affection in teaching math.  Numbers henceforth for this child are imbued with feeling and life.  Math is no longer abstract.  It has become alive through a relationship with another person.

    You enter another person’s life.  You note the world as the other perceives it.  You enter into that world understanding its rhythms, cycles, and changes.  And then you make small additions, adding life, excitement, tranquility, and other new possibilities. 

    Bardon says that those who master the letter CH can literally call a departed soul back into its body and bring the person to life again.  In other words, you have power over life and death because of your understanding of the rhythms of life. 

    I do not know about this.  I have not witnessed this sort of thing occurring.  But consider it as at least a great metaphor—you enter into another soul and feel what he feels.  You enter into his body noticing the vehicle or environment through which his consciousness is expressed.  And then you join the two bringing them back into harmony by offering new life, new options, and new opportunities. 

    I occasionally try to teach someone active listening.  I was trying to explain the other day to a woman about how to summarize what another person has said and then take note of the emotions that have been expressed.  People often do not notice what they are feeling when they speak. 

    I had her practice on me as I spoke.  She said, “You become more calm and relaxed as you talk about this.”  I was describing something very troubling and challenging for me.  But what she said got me to think in a completely different way.  I was after a sense of inner peace and the outer conflict was not what was important.   A simple gesture on her part enabled her to enter far enough into my world to make a difference.  


I am now going to give a crude example of the kind of power the CH has on the astral plane.  Like I say, this is a very feminine power.  Before I start, I will review an example I have given before.  I knew a woman whose sun sign was Cancer.  She had an Aquarian moon.  I told her to imagine an ocean of water and that this ocean was love and that she was this ocean. 

   And then I told her to flow as this water of love through my body moving from my head down to my feet.  It was quite an astonishing experience.  She tried this on her boyfriend who had no psychic abilities and he was quite amazed also.  It was a rather enchanting experience, the feeling of being suspended in a sea of love.  But this is an exercise belonging to the inner world and most women are committed to the outer world.  This girl had no interest in developing this power which she possessed in great measure.                  

     Now then, let us consider a public figure such as Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, casino owner, author, TV host known for saying “You’re Fired,” and a kind of celebrity.  Some people consider him to be down right obnoxious if not shallow and vain.

     Imagine that Donald Trump on a dare journeyed to a sacred temple high in the mountains of some distant land.  And in this temple, he spends a month with a priestess of the cosmic letter CH.  He made love to her, for to such a priestess all things are sacred and may be used as a means for worship. 

     She gives Donald an experience that saturates every cell of his being with love.  Donald comes to see as she sees that all of life is sacred.  His heart was opened.  He eyes began to see more than $ signs and fame.  He began to feel the pain in others’ hearts and now seeks to meet their needs because he senses that they are also part of him.  Donald is so changed that he is given a spiritual name—Gabriel.

    This is what Donald Trump then does.  He returns to the United States and solves the subprime mortgage crisis facing millions of Americans.  He enables homeowners who can not meet their mortgage payments and who are facing foreclosure to work with investors.  The investors gain a stake in the equity in the house after purchasing the house from the bank at foreclosure rates.  But these investors are happy to have the original owners remain in the house paying the original rates and retaining an option to repurchase the house at a later date.  

    After all, banks usually only get about 40% on a mortgage if a house is in foreclosure and the house drops in value another 40% if it is unoccupied  for six months while remaining on the market. It is in the banks’ interests to clear these foreclosures as fast as they can.  Donald figures out how to do this on a national scale.  

   And not only that.  Donald next turns his attention credit cards.  He is going to cut the outrageous, gangster like rates on credit cards.  He offers credit cards that function as cooperatives.  These cooperatives own grocery, clothing, and furniture stores.  The idea is for the credit card holders to own the profits from these companies and at the same time gain valuable discounts when shopping there.  He reduces the expenses for his subprime homeowners so that they can actually afford their mortgage payments. 

   And he does more.  He sets up high quality live video conferencing universities which include all the educational opportunities of the major universities but at a mere fraction of the cost.  He is so effective in the social organizing and classroom participation that the Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Yale have to offer similar programs in order to compete with him.

    And he sets up a web site so than anyone anywhere can watch thousands of independent movie productions.  He funds, educates, and enables an entire new generation of artistic creativity.   

    Of course, we imagine that Donald Trump has to return to the little temple in the far away mountains for a two week revival each year in order to sustain his spiritual momentum.  But wait!  Forget about the priestess of the CH.  Take away the temple in the far away mountains.  No retreat.  No mountain escape. 

    A spiritual operation has been run on Donald Trump in secret by a house wife in Iowa, by a bar maid in London, or a female accountant in Berlin.  Donald does all of the same things for his fellow man but he does it because he feels different inside.  He seeks actions which express what he feels in his heart and he does not need sex with a priestess to accomplish this.

    Take Bill Gates.  Time Magazine says he spends a weekend each year with an old flame.  His wife lets him get away with this.  Bill Gates oversees the largest charity in the history of the world.  And he is concerned about starving children in Africa. 

    If Bill Gates were truly inspired from within in perceiving the needs of humanity, he would take ten years and invent a new energy source that would not just save starving children in Africa.  It would save the entire world from many of its great approaching catastrophes.  CH is one of those letters that perceives the needs of the individual. It also perceives the needs of the whole world.  It is like a mother with a child, but not Spartan or Athenian.  Rather, it is a divine mother who inspires her children to love one another; and to prepare for the future.   

    How and why would a woman do these things?  As sylphs love harmony, as salamanders love power, as gnomes love silence and minerals, and as undines love magnetism, these women love the power to nurture and transform.  They do magic because it expresses who they are.  It is out of their worship of the Goddess and their love of humanity that they seek to inspire and transform those who are in positions of power across the entire planet. 

   Women have wombs.  They have the ability to bring a fetus to maturity so it can be born.  But many women stop at this point.  They fail to proceed in taking their maternal powers to a higher level, just as the Cancer/Aquarian woman failed to consider any value in the immense power she possessed.  But as in my hypothetical case of Donald Trump, millions upon millions of people’s lives have been changed for the better because one woman used her spiritual powers to get inside of him and to make him a whole and complete human being. 

    This is definitely not politically correct for women to feel they owe men anything at all.  But I will tell you, I practice the letter CH in this way and I am a man.  There is not a trace of the cosmic letter CH in my body that I did not create through my own spiritual journey.  This is not the case with women.  The magnetism of CH is written into their anatomy. 

    Women can ignore it.  But in the quest for the powers that transforms the world and humanity, the CH is right up there at the top of the list.  I know this.  Anyone who probes the depths of the feminine mysteries will, I suspect, break with political correctness and begin to think in terms of using their spiritual power in service to others. 

     I could stop at this point and write an entire chapter on how the powers of CH and the astral plane have been abused in past civilizations.  Again, this is an immensely powerful and terribly sacred energy.  And it is very easy to abuse.  Mix in a little ego and you seek to bend others to your will even out of the best of intentions.  As I mentioned on the akashic level, to grasp this power it is wise to have undergone some sort of genuine spiritual death and transformation.

     Ultimately, we are all one with each other.  There are levels of power one can not embrace until your heart is open in this way.  It is both masculine and feminine to say, “I did what needed to be done in order to shelter, to protect, to nurture, to inspire, and to transform the world.”



Physical Plane     



The oceans are my magnetism and love

Rivers my bloodstream

Rain my moist fluids

Lightning my heartbeat

Thunder my voice

I am life sustaining and giving birth to life


On the physical level, CH is an enhanced awareness of the water element in nature.  The sound emphasizes the special attraction between molecules that exists in the water element.  The color is an awareness of the purifying, life giving qualities of water, water in its capacity to sustain and nurture life.  The elemental sensation emphasizes an awareness of the fluidity and solubility of water.  These relate again to the ability of water to absorb, store, and release heat.  

     Utilizing the CH on the physical plane, I find it extremely easy to project my mind or extend my imagination into the vast varieties of water on this planet.  It is a regular montage: the ocean trench, icebergs frozen in an artic bay, currents in a reef or the N. Atlantic current, rain, clouds, streams, mountain pools, rivers, and seas, underground streams, water reservoirs beneath the ground, etc.

    All of this is within the range of the way mermaids or mermen perceive and feel water.  So if I were to imagine for example Sacred Falls here on Oahu it does not start as an image in my mind.  I feel I am right there in the pool.  The water is an extension of my own consciousness the way my body is an extension or vehicle of my awareness in a normal state of mind.   

     I can feel the entire surface of the pool and how its edge touches the cliffs. I can feel ripples contacting the stones, the currents beneath the water, and the temperature change from sunlight producing warmer water near the surface. 

   This may all be in my mind but like I say CH enhances perception and awareness.  I perceive in and through the element of water without the need for human thoughts to intervene.  With a slight change, I can become the entire stream beginning with the raindrops falling at the summit of the mountains and ending as the stream flows into the sea.

  To put it simply, you perceive as if the water is a part of your nervous system. What water experiences in temperature, fluidity, movement, changing shapes, in magnetism, you sense directly. You touch something with your finger and you feel it in your fingertip and also in your brain. Water becomes your fingertips and your body and your skin.

    What is most remarkable is how this awareness contrasts to normal perception.  We are land based mammals. We experience space and separation in extremely distinct ways— spatial orientation, territories, body shape and personal space. 

    In the CH, you enter the undines’ world of being aware of water everywhere on earth. You are a part of this water and you perceive in and through it.  There is one life enfolding everything, nurturing and protecting.  Past, present, and future are minor distinctions that arise from the same substance.

    In other words, undines do not experience separation or isolation.  Just being alive is to be part of a greater whole.  The peace and well-being, the serenity and happiness, the delight and satisfaction are rich in the energy that flows through your life. 

     To be an undine is to be able to just let go of your form as if doing so is nothing at all—and you become the artic bay, the ocean, a stream, a lake, the water splashing your face.  There is no loneliness here. 

     What sailor who has sailed the seven seas knows this simple way of perceiving? 

   Does it take such effort and will on the part of magicians to understand and grasp something so incredibly basic as this—how to let go and flow as the waves of the sea or the waters of a river? 

   The undine Istiphul once said to me,


“What woman can love you with all her of heart, soul, mind, and being as I do every time we meet?”

And then she quickly puts the tip of her index finger to my lips and says, “No, do not answer.  I am an immortal and jealousy is not within me.  Like the sea, I have 10,000 moods and treasures of love no one has yet found.  I have no fear of losing you.  I will always be here.  And you will seek me again and again because love commands you to learn one by one all my secrets.”


No doubt I shall return again and again until I am one with the mysteries of water and the feminine.  In the undines, we have a completely separate evolution right at our side ready to teach and to guide.  In a certain sense, these beings are our spiritual brothers and sisters.

    What follows is a meditation on water an undine gave me to practice.  I wrote it up into a playful skit which you may find on one of these days when I find an actress, model, or undine type woman willing to play the part.


A Brief Encounter in the Hollywood Hills (on a more playful note)


Up in the Hollywood Hills, a young woman and a magician are sitting down on a bench in a garden next to a fountain over looking the city lights below.  Fifty feet away in the house, faint music occasionally drifts through the air.


Young woman: I read the words you quoted from an undine: “There is a peace in the soul as deep as the ocean, as flowing as water, as still and clear as a mirror, and as vast as the starry night.”  I wish to find this peace within myself.  Will you help me do this now?


(the magician thinking silently, “How could I live with myself if I refused such a request?”) 


Magician: As you wish, I will do my best.


(taking her hands into his)


Magician: Understand, young woman, I am only revealing to you the ecstatic delight that exists within the sensation of touch--the magnetic embrace that water reveals.  

     Follow my lead.  I will show you that right now, within your soul, the stars and the Milky Way are already clearly reflected.  You shall know in your soul complete freedom.


(taking a silver cup—after all, this magician is not a complete idiot; every magician who walks out into a garden with a young woman has backup—in this case, he had previously planted a silver cup beneath the bench for just such an occasion; and after all, undines if anything are flexible and playful.)


Magician:  (filling the cup with water from the fountain) Take this cup into your hands.  Now be still.  Relax.  Feel the touch of the silver on your skin and the moonlight—feel their soft caress on your arms and shoulders. 

    Now feel my hands around your own as we hold the cup together.  Take a deep breath.  Exhale.  Now feel you are this cup and this water.  Nothing else is in your mind.  You are free of all distractions.  Take your time.  Feel this cool water inside yourself. 

     The water—this water is now you.  And this water vibrates with all the water upon this, the third planet from our sun.  This water is calm, serene, still, relaxed, and at peace.  The very depths of the sea are within you in this moment. 

     The flowing streams, the rivers, the icy poles, the waves of all the seas, they are all flowing through and within and are a part of you.  The circle of the earth, the vast expanse of ocean from horizon to and over horizon around the globe: you are this vast body of water and this water is within your soul.

   Gaze at the stars reflected in its water.  Sense that the reflective power of water is now your own. The star light is sinking into your depths.  The pure essence of all the stars shines down upon you.  Their light and their songs are within you

    Open your heart.  Feel the moonlight flowing down upon you, anointing you.  Feel the moonlight flowing down upon the whole earth.  Open yourself.  This light is flowing through you—soft, shining, luminous, cool, soothing, full of dreams and visions.  It guides us in our sleep and it joins us to all that we can ever want.

    Gaze again upon this cup.  Water is so open and reflective, so deep and at peace, it contains all the feelings of every heart within itself.  It holds the mystery of our opposite.  The universe moves around the mysteries of the heart.  Past, present, future—they are all contained and revealed in this moment of pure stillness.  Feel that this water is the purity of your love and that your love embraces the whole world. 

   In this cup are my love and your love also.  In this cup, the separations of space and time are overcome.  Here is the feeling of what it is like to finally come home.  Here you have the wealth of soul to embrace all of life with tenderness. 

     Within this cup and this water is a love that flows without beginning or end.  The universe has been created with its stars and galaxies to give us a taste of the delight that is hidden within all of life.  Within the depths of water, its liquid embrace, is the fulfillment of every desire—the oneness of life, the stars and the sky above us, the depths of the seas that gave birth to life, the stillness in this moment is within your own heart—

     Take this cup now and drink from it, drink into yourself the love that embraces the universe and that makes us all one with each other without separation ….taste the water in your mouth; go with it as it sinks down; stay with it as it is absorbed into every cell in your body. The waters of life flow through your body.  The beauty of the universe is within and a part of your soul. 


(taking the cup and setting it down; taking her hands into his)


And now do you have what you asked me for?  A peace as deep as the ocean, as flowing as water, as still and clear as a mirror, and as vast as the starry night? 


(she stares into his eyes for several minutes without speaking)


Young Woman: Can you sit with me for a while?  I want to be able to share this beauty with another person without speaking.


Magician: Of course.


(they sit for an hour together even after the moon sets)



[Note: There are of course basic requirements recommended for those who wish to enter deep into the water element with one’s awareness in the ways contained in the CH.  Bardon emphasizes pranayama exercises involving breathing in and exhaling the energy in air throughout one’s entire body.  After this, you go on to practice breathing in and out the different elements such as water. 

   Along with these exercises, you also develop your concentration on your five senses and strive for a balance of the four elements in your astral body.  These basic practices enable a smooth and constructive development of magical consciousness.  Without the basics, saturating one’s aura with the water element as I am doing in practicing the CH runs the risk of producing various kinds of disharmony in your nervous system and aura.]