Copyright © 2010 by William R. Mistele.  All rights reserved.


 For the Changeling


       There is a spiritual community so fine

       Its members are from realms natural, human, and divine.


I met a woman today

From a strange land so far away

Her ethnicity is of the Sidhe

Their laws of physics we do not understand,

Matter she commands--

She moves objects with a wave of her hands,

If I recall her face or speak her name     

The innermost feelings of my heart

Appear within her thoughts

The connection is more than empathy or rapport

The magical touch is such

She is me in another form.

The waters of her soul flow so deep

The undine queens say to me,

“She is one of our race,
You need not concern yourself

She is so talented

That even in your world

Of sorrow and loss

She has found a way to express herself:  

The nature of love is this

That if you abide in it

And explore its depths

Then you are in harmony

With everything that exists

The sun, the moon, the planets, the stars

Hold you with love within their arms

To reach out and touch another’s heart

Who is lost and confused, who feels separate and apart—

There is no effort—

As she has done for you

She is peace like a stream

That flows through others’ innermost dreams.”