Copyright © 2009 by WilliamR. Mistele.  All rights reserved.  Chapter Five of an on-line correspondence course on Undine Empathy.



   Chapter Five: The Magnetic Fluid Exercise


Chapter Objective


Explore the magnetic fluid and the ways it enhances feelings and awareness. 


Chapter Five Outline



Istiphul’s Personality  

The Magnetic Fluid Exercise

The magical essence of the feminine spirit


Stories from Atlantis: The Feminine Mysteries




Mermaid’s often embody in their auras some aspect of water in nature—a stream, a waterfall, a lake, a bay, an ocean trench, a stormy sea, etc.  If you are clairvoyant, you might see a mermaid when you go to the beach.  The word “undine” is used more in the context of magical evocation.  A magician would not find an undine queen usually lurking in an ocean bay or even out at sea.  She dwells in a spiritual realm.  

  An undine queen’s aura usually is a vibration of some quality of magnetism.  It is subtle and extends much farther than a mermaid of lesser rank.  Magnetic fields of this kind are magical in their nature.  They are capable of producing profound changes. 

   In this chapter, we are going to pursue this magnetic quality found in undine queens’ auras.  We can begin our study by reading the following description of Istiphul’s personality. 

  Then we will try out a simple exercise for experiencing the magnetic fluid.  We will discuss some of the implications of this feminine energy.  These include a description of the essence of the feminine in magical terms.  And then we will conclude with a story from the legendary civilization of Atlantis.

    There is the Atlantis of Plato.  And there is the Atlantis envisioned by many psychics such as Edgar Cayce or Franz Bardon.  In all cases, the idea of Atlantis speaks more about the future than the past.  The story of Atlantis is a warning and also a promise about what we can accomplish. 


                                    Istiphul’s Personality


In this section, I describe the different levels in Istiphul’s personality.  These levels are her physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies.  I also speculate what she would be like if she had an akashic or spiritual body which human being possess.

  An aspect of clairsentience is the ability to feel another person’s energy.  In my case, I can sense and also reproduce the exact vibrations of another person or spirit within myself.  In the descriptions that follow with Istiphul, I create her energies within myself in order better to understand and to describe them. 

   At the same time, mirroring another person’s energy in this way can establish a telepathic rapport.  I may be studying her energy inside of myself, but she is also watching and perhaps laughing at times at my responses.  Meditating in this way is another way of having a conversation with a nature spirit.  She is as aware of my energy as I am of hers.  


Physical Body


Undines are invisible to most people.  But because of their strong ties to water in nature, they have a physical presence in our world.  There are also times and conditions under which they can assume a physical form. 

   Istiphul’s physical body is extremely attractive.  She looks young, slender, and in her teens or early twenties.  However, she has probably existed for millions of years, long before Homo sapiens began walking the earth.  Her eyes are blue green.  They are shining and inviting.  But if you look carefully into her eyes you can see all the oceans of the earth looking back at you through them. 

   Her smile is innocent and flirtatious.  But if you pause and notice the effect of her smile on your nervous system you may feel that you are amid a lightning storm at sea with raging flashes exploding right next to you.  Except the electricity is not outside of your body.  These impulses are occurring within your nervous system.          

    Her hair is dark, long, and wet.  If I were to move my fingers through it I find myself awakening and lying on a tropical beach relaxed and at ease.  I notice there are no thoughts within my mind.  There is only the smell of her hair and the sea, the rolling and breaking waves singing in my heartbeat and bloodstream.  I am not abandoned.  She is lying next to me. 

   Her appearance is like that.  A young girl but also pure archetype.  The maiden with the aura of a goddess.  Let me try to describe what she is like in terms of different vibrations.  

   In a sense, her beauty is just the ordinary attraction any young, nubile woman has.  But you would have to amplify the young woman’s attractive power many times.  If you somehow could join into one woman twenty or thirty of the most beautiful women on earth, you would then catch a glimpse of Istiphul’s beauty. 

   Being near to her every cell in one’s body feels a connection and desire only to draw closer to her.  It is like a force of gravity.  Except gravity is cold and impersonal.  This force is custom designed to synchronize to you individually.  

  Standing ten feet away from her, I feel like the distance between us is contracting or collapsing.  Instead of ten feet I feel she has become five feet, three, and then two feet away.  Space shrinks.  Separation dissolves.  It is the way perception works in her presence.

   Her body senses automatically the magnetism in the sea, the clouds, and the earth.  She can draw into one place and shape that magnetism for different purposes.  Her body and form are an expression of this power.    

    We can ask, What kind of mentality has kept an undine like Istiphul from being known to humanity.  It does not matter if it is the first century of Christianity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, the nineteenth or twentieth century.  The reasoning is the same.  It goes like this:


“We all know that a woman takes part of a man into her self, unites with it, and then brings forth a new living being into the world.  This is perfectly clear.  This is part of life.  We accept it. 

   “But do not ever suggest even for a moment, even in your dreams, that women have a feminine power within them that can do the same for a grown man—take his will, his masculinity, and all the abilities of mastery he possesses and transform them to the same degree she can do with his seed. 

    “To even think such as thought is absolutely forbidden.  We do not want to know about it.  We do not want anything in our culture, music, literature, or our religions to suggest it.  To bring this knowledge forward and to reveal it to the world would risk the absolute destruction of our civilization.”


That is a fairly accurate summary of the bias in Western civilization and the unconscious, unspoken but agreed upon assumption that the world is not ready for the knowledge of an undine like Istiphul.  The poets, artists, and musicians have been in agreement with the theologians, reformers, and scientists in this matter.  Rational, intellectual, academic consciousness can not deal with or approach in any safe manner the powers of attraction that Istiphul possesses.

   Let us consider a more personal example.  The young man is lying in bed having made love to his lover.  She places her hand on his hip.  Fine.  We all know this experience.  If a man is very lucky, she places her hand on his body with the same hunger he places his hand on her body.  Desire and connection are expressed in the touch. 

   But let her place her hand on his body and spontaneously begin taking away the pain she feels inside of him.  She does not think about this.  It is in the touch of hand on his skin.  She simply knows in her soul how to do this.

   But the man senses that what she is doing is different from her other interactions with him.  He does not mind her sensuality and pleasure as long as he is the one in charge of awakening and directing it.  He does not mind her receptivity to him and her rapport as long as it serves to strengthen his ego and will power.  

    But this touch is different.  It moves directly soul to soul and body to body beyond the sphere of rational thought and the well-defined social and gender boundaries set forth by society.  He only needs to look at her to convey a feeling that she has just invaded and violated him in some unspeakable manner. 

   It is just like the child who tries to tell his parents that he sees ghosts or talks to spirits or sees colors and auras around people.  The child learns by how upset the parents are not to discuss these things again.  In the same way, women learn to turn away from the vast depths of feminine power that exist within them.   

  I have seen this again and again.  Women with great feminine powers know automatically that certain things are simply forbidden.  Let women acquire the skills and careers that men used to reserve for themselves.  But women should not be exploring the feminine in ways that our entire civilization has been bent on destroying. 

    Another example.  I have met a number of women who can intuitively tell what is happening to their lovers.  She can tell if he is happy or sad, the kind of events and interactions going on with him when he is away, and even to some extent what is going to happen to him in the future. 

   Such women intuitively know not to discuss this with anyone other than perhaps a psychic.  The implication is that the man’s will is not completely independent.  She can tell what is going on beneath his will, surrounding his will, and also how well he is using it. 

   It is not like being a little boy again and having a mother glance at you and know instantly what you are up to.  It is different.  It is having a woman’s consciousness inside of you and a part of you. This is what is forbidden in our civilization. 

   For Christianity, only God should have that power.  For science, nothing should interfere with the clarity of a rational mind to analyze its object of study.  Even for artists, it is okay to check your self into a mental hospital or drug addiction rehab center, but this feminine power is not okay--a woman should not feel what you feel and take away the pain—that would mean the end of art as the Western world knows it. 

   If in Hamlet, Ophelia could counsel Hamlet and say, “The ghost is real.  The King really did murder your father.  And you are going to have to face up to your task—you will have to risk a civil war to establish justice in the kingdom.  If you are going to be a man, choose now: do what you have to do and stop this fiddling about.”

   Why that would mean the real drama in life and in art takes place within the soul and heart.  It is not found only after an individual acts in the external world.  Our world has not been ready for this kind of inner knowledge or for this level of perception into human motivation and self-awareness.      

   Istiphul embodies in her physical being this feminine power of magnetism and incomprehensible beauty that our civilization has not been ready to encounter.  How can I then describe these things so openly when in prior ages Istiphul could not even enter human consciousness? 

    Times change.  I am commissioned to reveal these things.  It is time to unite the full power of the masculine with the full power of the feminine.  This psychological and spiritual union is needed in order to balance the world or, as Krishna and others would say, “In order to preserve light on earth.”      
   Sex itself is rather dramatic.  There is a moment in making love when lovers become pure consciousness.  You no longer have an identity.  You are out outside of your self and a part of another.  This is called ecstasy.  Part of the man leaves him and joins with the woman.

   Now then, take that image and make it into a symbol of a spiritual experience.  Istiphul takes not the physical seed within the man but the element of light and vision—she senses what he is to become.  She takes the “seed” of the spirit within him and joins herself to it to give birth to a new being.  She transforms a man in every way into something far better than what he could even imagine. 

    This is the power Western civilization has wished to deny women.  It is every bit as ecstatic as sex but far more powerful in its ultimate transformation.  Like sex, it shatters your every day life, your routines, and sense of your own identity.  It joins you to the natural processes within nature in all their depth and beauty. 

  John Nash in the movie, A Beautiful Mind, tries to get a girl in a bar to skip over the process of flirting and move on to what he says to her—“an exchange of bodily fluids.”  This move does not work out for him.  The girl slaps him and walks off.  His friends joke about how well he was doing until he opened his mouth.   

  When you are next to Istiphul, sex is not at issue.  There is an exchange of the magical electrical and magnetic fluids of the masculine and feminine spirits.  Like sex, your attention is focused on each other.  The physical world vanishes.  One’s identity vanishes.  You are in a magical realm.  Time is suspended. 

   The only thing in your awareness is this light within you and how it is being nourished, received, contained, sheltered, and amplified through the powers of bliss, pleasure, ecstasy, rapture, and wonder.  If you can not go into these states of awareness, you do not want to go near Istiphul.  These things happen because nature contains these things and Istiphul embodies these powers in her body.  

   From time to time I have been able to show women I have known how to use this same kind of energy.  Some women possess astonishing psychic and magical gifts to transform others though touch.  But once they follow my directions and produce amazing effects, they quickly lose interest and do not pursue it.  The entire world does not want them to do so.  And as all the wise men of our world agree--these woman sense that it is too dangerous to acquire these abilities.   

   Imagine if women through touch or by using psychic ability were to focus on a soldier returning from the war who has post traumatic stress disorder.  Imagine that such a woman healer could get inside not just his memories but his brain and nervous system too.  Imagine that she could take away that pain and stress returning him to normal life free of the residual tension of war that unexpectedly at any time can be reactivated in his nervous system. 

   If women could do that then they would not have to stop there.  They could enter into the minds of the world leaders who cause the wars in the first place and heal them.  Women have the ability to end wars on earth. 

   I tell women who possess these abilities about this possibility.  But they think only in terms of helping this individual or that individual.  The idea of reducing the suffering of millions of people assumes just too much responsibility. 

   They do not have that ambition. They do not wish to exercise that degree of will.  They do not seek power.  Perhaps they feel that power of that nature reduces femininity into a male egotistical action. 

    In the fifth century BC, the Greeks built the Parthenon in honor of the goddess Athena out of gratitude for their victory over the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. The Athenians saw wisdom and protection as an aspect of the feminine.  Athena was understood to be “the companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavor.” We do not have this appreciation of the power of the feminine in our world.   

   Psychology derives from the word psyche (“breath of life,” soul, anima).  The Greek myth of Eros and Psyche is one of the few stories that have survived the Christian era and that still speak of the path of feminine growth and transformation.  In this story, Aphrodite, the matriarch, demands a young woman pass four tests if she is to marry Aphrodite’s son, Eros.  In the first three tests, Psyche gains assistance from various beings, satyrs, water nymphs, an eagle, and indirectly even Zeus.

   For the fourth test, however, she makes her own decision without consulting with oracles, gods, creatures of nature, companions, or sisters.  She chooses to pass beyond the knowledge of love as it is understood by gods and man to embrace a beauty that even death can not destroy.  In so doing, she reconfigures the archetypes of the masculine and feminine.  To honor her choice, Zeus raises her from mortal to goddess.

   Stories are meant to be retold so they speak to each age in a new way.  I imagine that Zeus in disguise appeared to Psyche to figure out what to do with her.  He was king of the gods.  Final decisions in matters such as this are his.    

  Zeus asks Psyche, “What do you really want?”

  Psyche replies, “I want to be able to look at a man and feel that his innermost desires I understand—not just seeing and embracing him, but uniting with him from within.  To do this, I choose to love in a way that is more than desire or lust or the need for social standing.  I choose a love that is heart to heart and so deep there is no fear within it.” 

    Zeus replies, “Until this moment, love such as this did not exist.  What being, mortal or divine, could ever have dreamed or imagined that life could contain such a treasure.” 

    We look at young women and think, “She is cute; she is beautiful; she is ambitious; she is sexy, etc.”  But there is more we do not see.  The young woman, the maiden, is also, as Carl Jung would say, the image of the anima—the spiritual guide to the inner world of the masculine.  This is because she has the ability to give of herself without limitation to what she loves.  When men lose this ability to give, they also lose their inspiration and contact with the instinctual powers that drive them. 

  With Istiphul, I am describing a nature spirit, an undine, who has the powers of an archetype.  Her powers are love, enchantment, and beauty.  But there is far more.  Her power embodies an empathy that can transform our world.      

   In regard to the ideal of eliminating war, I know that women have an essential role to play.  But femininity would need to be understood in a new way--as a power that is equal to any force that exists in the external world.      

    It takes a community of artists, magicians, musicians, writers, and healers to create a psychological space in which this kind of feminine energy is welcome, appreciated, and held in high regard.  This is not a warm, cuddly, think positive New Age kind of thing.  We are talking about a feminine power so great it can change human destiny and the course of history, leading us in another direction altogether.

    One wise man told me to stop using female models to represent undines in my photography.  He said he was telling me this because my writing was so evocative that I should not allow the beauty of the words to be contaminated by an inferior form of artistic endeavor.  For him, real women do not have the ability in their souls to represent undines.  

    I told him there was no point in writing a book on undines unless women learn to acquire all the powers and abilities undines possess.  The undines themselves insist on this.  This book is for real women.  It offers powers they have never before possessed.  I am asking women to discover these feminine powers hidden within them.              


Etheric Body


For human beings, the physical body produces biochemical energy.  This surplus energy is available for us to do things with.  We think; we act; we play; and we work.  The etheric body is made up of this vital energy or life force.  If you have a lot of vital energy, you may feel like climbing a mountain, going dancing, or getting out and doing something physical with your self.  It is a kind of get up and go feeling.      

     Istiphul’s etheric body has a different feeling.  Its vibration is like feeling one with all waters of the earth.  The waters she feels one with are not the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It is not the Sea of China, the Gulf of Mexico, or the N. and S. Poles. 

   Think of one great ocean encircling the planet as in perhaps The Great Sea.  Istiphul’s etheric body has this vibration.  It is an intuitive and psychic awareness of the oceans of the earth and all other waters as well—the lakes, the inland seas, the rivers and streams, the water tables, the rain, the water falls, etc. 

   Sitting here meditating within the vibration of her etheric body is to extend one’s awareness outward into all of these things.  But this is not just a present awareness of the oceans as they are now.  It includes the history of water on earth.  Once the entire world was covered in one vast sheet of ice.  She also remembers this as well as when the seas gave birth to life on their shores and in their depths.    

    There is a science fiction story/movie about space explorers in the future traveling to another planet with water covering its entire surface (from Stansislaw Lem’s novel, Solaris).  In the story, the scientists discover that the planet of water is intelligent.  It tries to communicate with the scientists by creating people who embodied the scientists’ deepest unfilled dreams and needs.  The scientists were not ready for such an inner psychological journey and sought to destroy the gifts that had been given them. 

   You do not need to turn to science fiction for such an encounter.  Istiphul embodies this consciousness of all the waters of the earth within the very vitality of her body. 

    A few days ago, I met a girl who has a degree in oceanography.  When I probe her mind it seems clear that she views the oceans in terms of statistics, scientific studies, maps of the ocean bottom, ecological niches for marine life, currents, the movement of continents, etc. 

   No where and at no time during her degree program in college did the professor say,


Now class, before you graduate, I want you just for a few moments to experience the oceans of the world within your own consciousness.  Close your eyes.  Relax.  Now feel that you are in this moment extending your awareness through all the oceans of the earth.  There is no separation between you and the object of your study.  Every fish and form of marine life in the ocean now exists within you.  Pass beyond thoughts.  Enter the realm of awareness through which you feel the vibration of water as it encompasses the planet.


If such a class assignment existed, we could call it an introduction to Istiphul’s etheric vibration.      

    Another way to approach this is to focus on your own etheric body.  First you focus your awareness on everything you can sense of your physical body: breathing, the movement of your diaphragm, your heartbeat, the pressure on your skin, digestion, the feel of your muscular system, your feet, legs, arms, neck, etc.

   Then you try to sense the vitality produce by the biochemistry and metabolism of your physical body.  If you take a deep breath, you may notice an increase amount of energy, a readiness to act, in your physical body.  Screen out all sensations and perceptions relating to the physical organism and retain the sense of the readiness to act and you are close to vitality itself. 

  The etheric body can be imagined in the form of the physical body but empty inside.  What is there is vitality, life force, the free energy in your body that responds when you take action. There are nuances such as the difference between the vitality of the stomach, the chest, the legs, etc. 

   However, you can sense one united field of vitality within the whole inside of the body.  If you imagine cold water inside your body and that it has a magnetism that is highly attracting, receptive, and able to draw things into itself, then this is close.

   For Istiphul, the feeling of her etheric body is this watery magnetism.  Except there is this difference.  Though she may have the form of a woman, she feels as if her etheric body extends though all the waters of the earth.  Anything that water on earth touches she feels as if she touches it also.  Anything that has water in it she can feel also. 

   With Istiphul’s etheric vibration within my own etheric body, I try imagining someone.  Immediately, I can sense this individual’s aura, body, soul, emotions, etc.  I ask a question, Why does this individual feel as she does about her friend? It is as if the woman’s feelings are my own.  I can understand her because I sense myself inside of her.  

    I ask, How would this individual respond if a certain thing happened? I get a clear sense of that also.  Again, the other’s feelings appear within me even though I imagine this person in front of me.  The two of us are not separate systems of energy.  For Istiphul, two separate beings are united by and a part of one encompassing magnetic energy field.  

   In other words, Istiphul’s aura is like the magnetic field around a magnet. If you get near the magnet, its fields of force automatically flow through you.  The same with Istiphul.  She has intelligence and yet it is the energy of nature operating within and through her.   

    I know women who have this precise ability of Istiphul’s.  But again, they are extremely hesitant to explore it or apply it.  They sense that to do so is overreaching what is natural and safe.  But Istiphul’s ability is itself nature in its essence.  These abilities offer healing and create an almost divine level of empathy. 

    What is it like to perceive the world through an undine’s etheric body such as Istiphul’s?  There is not a lot of concern with humanity.  When someone contacts Istiphul, from Istiphul’s point of view, the contact is fairly shallow and at most temporary.  Humans do not live long. Their concerns are brief and not very profound.  They do not perceive the seas with any depth or wisdom, not like an undine at all.    

   Istiphul finds something like a small bay at night beneath the full moon with waves breaking on the shore and a current circling around the bay to be an enjoyable experience.  It is relaxing and enchanting.  It is a place that nourishes life.  It is like a beautiful piece played on a piano.  The bay is an artistic achievement.

   The North Pole—sitting with her feet in the water in a small bay in twenty below zero weather, again, during a long winter’s night.  It is peaceful and calm.  It is a stillness filled with dreams of beauty and love.  It is sweet and kind.  It is gentle and serene.  It is a way of being without having to do anything in order to feel pleasure and delight.

  The waves of the open sea: there is rhythmic motion, the wind and the waves dancing together.  The white caps, the foam blown from the waves’ crests—it feels like it is the wind blowing through her own hair.  It is very intimate.

   Every lake has its own songs it is singing.  She hears them.  A lake reflects its surroundings into itself.  A lake’s songs are like a heart softly pounding. 

   A thunderstorm at sea is exciting, the lightning striking sets the skin tingling.  A level five hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico—she senses the low pressure in the air, the water rising in the storm surge flooding inshore. 

    But hurricanes in her mind never last long.  They are there and then they are gone.  Just when you get to know the clouds’ cries. The way they take form and circle around, and the howling wind, the storm dissolves.  It loses its force and falls apart.  Waves rise and fall.  It takes an effort to make them roll.  But the wind is fickle.  It changes its mind in an instant and other than the trade winds it is never constant. 

   What would an undine like Istiphul want in a human lover? Like any lover, she would like a man who knows her own heart.  One who searches her soul to discover her deepest secrets.  Who is there to share in all that she holds dear.  Who will walk beside her and see what she sees and feel what she feels.

  In the process of accomplishing just these things, she knows there will come a moment when she and the man have become one being.  For Istiphul, this would fulfill an ancient dream the earth herself holds in her heart.  For Istiphul, when a man or woman accomplishes this, nature in its beauty, essence, and magic will no longer be separate from human history.  Our two separate evolutions will then work together in harmony.


Astral Body


The astral body is the part of ourselves that responds with feeling and sensitivity to what is around us.  Istiphul’s astral body is a loving sensitivity.

   The feminine has a natural and divine role to play in unfolding all masculine paths of spirit and development.  The innermost essence of men and women is woven together--the way the seed requires the earth to take birth; the way the sun is the center of the earth’s orbit; the way the stars are held in the embrace of infinite space; day and night together in rhythm with the cycles of the moon determine the seasons of life and the birth of new light on earth. 

    If the masculine is overshadowed by the feminine, then the mind is lost.  If the feminine is controlled by the masculine, then the heart is lost. 

    Join the magnetic field of Istiphul’s physical body and the all-embracing awareness of the waters of the earth in her etheric body:  What you then get is great sensitivity to the inner life in another being.  She modulates her own energy with precision to nurture and to insure that the innermost vision within the other is attained.

   Romantic love sees two people loving and caring for each other.  They are deeply involved.  If they do it well, the needs of one are the needs of the other.  This description focuses on the bonding.  Yet it is oblivious to the inner life unfolding within them.      

    Istiphul is all about what is hidden in the innermost core of your being.  What is hidden is perfectly clear to her.  To love is also to insure that the other’s life is fulfilled without regard to one’s self. 

    Romance does not carry that degree of unselfishness or detachment.  Istiphul’s love is the tender, sweet love of the maiden, the nurturing, protective love of the mother, and the wise, prophetic love of the crone all rolled into one without separation.  But to accurate, we would have to add to this trio a muse and a goddess.      

    If you love another person, you would probably like the relationship to develop so the two of you feel a part of each other.  It is an inner connection. It is like an artesian well of feeling overflowing from the depths of both souls.  

   The feeling of being joined to another is one of the most precious gifts of life.  Istiphul, like the spirits of Venus, are quite clear on this point.  It is an experience of the sacred that reveals and unfolds the paths leading to perfection. 

   Love is not just wants and needs, desires and possession.  If you can remain unselfish amid the pleasure, passion, the bliss, and ecstasy, then life grants you special insight.  It gives you the keys that open the doors to the divine mysteries. 

    As I have mentioned before, Istiphul’s energy creates an inner space in which two can join as one.  The astral plane is a domain of images and concrete situations similar to those that appear within dreams.  Within a dream, an individual experiences the events as if they are real.  All the normal emotions are present.

    A dream can just take you further or put things together in ways that everyday life often does not.  In life, you can put your hand on another’s arm and feel there is rapport.  With Istiphul, the feeling of rapport is such that both of you sense that the feelings within one are the same as the feelings within the other.

   Once again, the development of science and the modern personality required consciousness to attain a high degree of independence from its environment.  Rational thought and analytic thinking require detached observation and the systematic organization of knowledge into a conceptual system.  And so we have turned our backs on the magic of empathy and the development of telepathy.

    By necessity we have closed our minds to Istiphul’s way of loving.  In a support group for any kind of addiction or codependency, the usual emphasis is on assuming responsibility for your self.  No one else can do this for you.  If you say your feelings depend on another person, then you are weakening your own will and ability to make clear choices.  In context, this cognitive emphasis on the autonomy of the ego has an important role to play in self-development. 

    On the other hand, life is also present when endorphins are set in motion and two people falling in love will often say, I never felt fully alive until I met you; I feel like we have always known each other; I can not imagine living my life without you.

   Poetry can be a study of first hand experiences relating to these topics:   


As I place my hands on each side of your waist

Gently moving down across the curve of your hips--

I find myself in a dark forest at night

Following the sound of one bird singing

Singing to me of a dream

I let fly away from me, escaping from my life to be free,

But now it has returned, charmed by your beauty

And by this touch upon your hips in this night of quiet ecstasy.



If you held me within your heart

Winter would no longer be cold

And ice and snow

Would be warm to the touch.



So it is with lovers—

As one stream

   Their souls like water

          Flow in and through each other.


To summarize the above poetry, there is a time to be separate and independent, to set up and to defend personal boundaries.  There is also a time to cross over and to overcome all boundaries—to join as one for the sake of love.   

   Love is not knowledge of the external world.  It is a celebration of the wonder, joy, and the mystery of being alive.  And it is the power that transforms both the inner and outer worlds. 

    To put it simply, though rationality, analytic thinking, independence and autonomy are critical to solving problems, love holds the keys to the mystery of life.  It is easy to forget this in our day and age.  It is easy to deny this after two thousand years of Western civilizations whose development has taken us in a completely different direction. 

    In some spiritual training systems, an individual arrives at a point when he is free to choose for himself the spiritual womb or matrix through which he is to be reborn.  This spiritual matrix is a joint creation between the individual, gathering together all the sources that inspire him, and akasha—the realm of spirit that oversees and insures all paths of spirit.  In this case, you ask questions like, “What do I need in order to become the spiritual being I wish to be?”

  The same is true in love.  There comes a time when two individuals are free to create the spiritual matrix through which their love for each other grows and is perfected.  A good question in marriage counseling is to ask, “Tell me about when you first met?”  Even couples separating with great hostility can still recount with pleasure the magic in those first moments they spent together. 

   What we do not ask in marriage counseling is the question, “Share with me the vision of the quality and depth of love you seek to attain with each other.” Or, “Tell me what your relationship would be like if the two of you had learned to meet each other’s deepest needs?”

   Our psychology simply can not ask these questions because it has no understanding of this kind of empathy.  For Istiphul, the need to defend personal boundaries is never a problem.  She feels one with all waters on earth.  Feeling one with another is the most natural of things for her. 

   Water flows.  It adapts.  It embraces.  It gives of itself and receives in equal measure exchanging energy freely back and forth.  Sensing what is within another and joining with it is simply water in its sacred power.  Does water need to justify its ability to flow, to give, and to receive?  No.  Neither does love.  

    If I focus on another person with Istiphul’s astral vibration inside of me, slowly and gradually I feel my astral body entering the woman’s astral body.  In a gentle way, I begin to sense her life from within.  I sense her memories as if they are my own. 

   At the same time, I view her life from the point of view of a guardian angel.  From this position, I ask, What is the most natural way possible for this person to grow so that her life becomes whole?

   And now a third things happens: I offer her my energy, my experience with life, and my vision to whatever extent she wishes or desires to use them so that she can feel more alive.  If she desires, she can see her self or her situations through my eyes.  If she wants, she can feel love as I love with my heart.  

   If she wants my will, it is hers.  If she wants my magical abilities, she is free to use them instantly.  There is no force or invasion here.  No attempt to intervene or to suggest.  Only a free offering of oneself. 

  And if she wishes to join with my heart so that we would never be a part, I am ready to give this gift also according to her desire and her need to join with another to fulfill her dreams.  No one has ever sought this from me.  And no one has ever sought to ask this of Istiphul either.  This is not a romantic course of action.  It is a way of being.

   I focus on another individual.  As aspect of magnetic love is its ability to get inside of you and renew you from within.  It is not a one time event.  It is not confined to lovers.  Like a mother or spiritual guide, it can get inside of you and offer to renew you, sustaining a feeling of well-being and inner peace that continue your entire life. 

   There is a difference between each stage we go through in life. There is a difference between our inner emotional and the outer events of our life during these stages. There is difference between our personalities, our innermost desires and dreams, and also the spirit within us.   

    Magnetic love can embrace all these different aspects of us.  In this sense, it is like a companion on a life long journey.  It is a spiritual guide.  It is a confidant and a trusted advisor offering the understanding we may never get from others. 

   It is an empathy that offers support so that in our own time and in our own way we can reconcile and bring together in harmony the different things that we are.  Istiphul astral vibration is this empathy.  I sense my self doing it right now as I visualize and connect to a third person. 

   The woman has great darkness within her and great light.  I encompass both.  I feel I am within both aspects of her self.  Within me as I do this there is no fear.  No anxiety.  Only a tender understanding and calm embrace like a friend who will be there forever as long as she needs me.  

   It is not getting on the phone and talking though we do that as well. It is a heart to heart connection, a feeling that our lives flow in and through each other.

    All the same, Istiphul is still an undine.  To feel and sense this kind of empathy, you need a feeling for water—introspection, inner calmness, sensitivity, an awareness of the universe of emotion that exists within us, a desire to connect to others, to love, to share, to nurture, to envision the best. 

    Without these things, this empathy does not thrive.  As I think about fifteen different people one after the other, Istiphul points out the two individuals who she feels comfortable with because these women have water in their auras.  Istiphul feels that one is like a sister.  And another Istiphul says has a great capacity to embody the sea within herself but it is not yet her time to pursue this. 

    Istiphul is more detached and objective than a scientist when she studies another person’s astral body.  She points out--these things are what the person can do and these things are what the person can not do.  Istiphul can clearly see the emotional limitations and restrictions that govern individual responses. 

   The other thing about Istiphul’s astral body is that it is different from a human woman’s astral body.  It is feminine to an extreme degree in being completely passive.  It receives into itself and responds to what it is connected to. 

   Istiphul has no agenda.  She simply uses all her skills to bring to fruition what is inside of another.  She does not try to remake them or get them to do or be something they are not.  She is not after using the other person in some way to meet her own desires or needs.  Her astral body has one purpose: to see clearly and to fulfill the innermost desires and dreams within another. 

   Many women would consider this to be a tragic state of affairs.  Istiphul’s response is passive.  She is not putting herself first.  

   But you have to consider who you are dealing with.  Istiphul is joined to all the waters of the earth.  She brings immense magical abilities to her work.  You could consider her an artist who creates beauty from what is hidden within others.  The need to defend personal boundaries in order to define identity is not part of her experience.   


Mental Body


As compared to the pure receptivity of her etheric and astral bodies, Istiphul’s mental body is extremely powerful and dynamic.  Her basic ability here is that she aligns and modulates her own magnetic field of energy in such a way so as to heighten the power within another individual.  She takes desire and brings it to its full strength and intensity.  She takes an inner vision, some secret need, dream, or potential, a secret talent, a latent ability within the other person and empowers it so that it is seen and experienced with great clarity.  

  As an undine, Istiphul does not directly use electricity.  But she can use her magnetic field so as to control and amplify the electricity in another individual.  By using the word electricity, I am referring to the actual electrical impulses within the physical body.  And I am referring to the more psychological or magical aspects of electricity that relate to will and to power. 

   These are similar to electricity in nature but more subtle.  Lighting can strike in the physical world.  There are also psychological and spiritual equivalents of lightning striking within the soul and the mind as well.

   Here are a few examples.  With the vibration of Istiphul’s mental body in myself, the field of energy around me immediately extends into whoever I think of as if the other is right here in front of me.  There an electrical charge in the air.  It is like taking a 12 volt battery and using that electrical potential.  But it is not harmful.  Rather it enters directly into the other’s nervous system.  It takes desire and intensifies it and perfects it in order to produce pure pleasure beyond what seems humanly possible.

    Franz Bardon describes Istiphul as a master of erotic mysteries.  She certainly has that ability.  The effects she produces relate in part to the release of endorphins, dopamine, or adrenaline into the blood stream.  Her influence extends directly into the nerves.  At times, an individual may experience micro bursts of ecstasy in all the muscles of the body.  

    But her intentions are not predetermined.  She observes what the other needs and responds to it.  If another person is in need of feeling loved in some way, she aligns the other’s astral body and etheric body in order to produce that exact love in precisely the way the body and soul crave. 

   On the other hand, if the mystery of the other person is of a spiritual nature, she is more than equal to the task.  She can take the innermost need within the other, reveal it as a complete vision, and then enliven that vision so you feel you are living within it right now.   She takes you into the future that is to be so you can taste it, touch it, meet others within it, and experience it in every way as being real and alive. 

    I have mentioned earlier a woman who from my point of view is an incarnation of Prajnaparamita, the goddess Buddhists consider to be “the mother of all enlightened beings.” Her nature is pure emptiness.  Like the Jewish God, she has no form.  She is pure awareness, the source from which the universe arises.

   Istiphul’s mental vibration instantly enters this woman and brings that Buddhist vision of transcendent attainment into a living and palpable experience.  What the Buddhists do not tell you or talk about is that this “nirvana,” this emptiness is also pure love.  It is far more than what Buddhists and others describe as compassion.  It is all-embracing.  It nurtures everything in the universe. 

    Having this seed of spiritual vision hidden within a person would by necessity bring with it tremendous obstacles.  A woman born in the Western world in a major industrial city would have nothing surrounding her in the culture, religion, philosophy, society, or art that in any way offers support to her inner abilities.  This emptiness is in fact the death of the ego which is so incredibly important to the functioning of any individual in our society. 

   Istiphul deals with the problem of the dissolving of the ego as well.  She simply envisions for this person a powerful ability to act, to solve problems, to be organized, and to lead others.  The transcendent function is still present but it operates by offering pure insight to others so they can be more effective in their lives. 

  Whether pleasure, completion, satisfaction, or fulfillment, the electrifying effect of Istiphul’s mental body is to bring things to their height, to their greatest power so that everything inside of you is brought into full consciousness.




Istiphul uses all four of her bodies at once.  Her physical form and presence are extremely attractive beyond human experience.  Her etheric body possesses the calm, serene, peaceful and relaxing flowing qualities as in being aware of all the waters of the earth.

   Her astral body seeks the fulfillment and completion of the other’s soul needs.  And her mental body possesses the power to intensify and to amply in order to bring all these things into being. 

  Together, her effect is similar to what is called an electro-magnetic volt in magic.  You condense into a small space a charge of electrical energy like ball lightning.  And you surround it with a powerful magnetic field.  Then you place within these two layers of magical energy whatever dream, wish, or desire you want to manifest. 

  It is like combining the greatest of will power with the greatest of love.  The two working together awaken a vision, animate it so it is fully alive, and then imbue it with dynamic power.  This energy field then sustains and nurtures the vision with great sensitivity and love until it fully manifests.   

    Istiphul’s presence is like a wish fulfilling gem.  But it works automatically.  Just being near her produces new experiences.  Her magnetic fields flow through you awakening the deepest feelings of love and peace that contain at the same time the equivalent of an electrical storm at sea; except this electricity is within your nervous system--dazzling with its continuous flashes of light, sensory stimulation, and insight.


Akashic Body       


The nature spirits I describe do not have human souls. They are composed of one element.  For undines, this is water.  They do not possess the fifth element that grants human beings a direct connection to divinity.  If a nature spirit dies, it is gone. Nothing remains.  It dissolves back into the element from which it arose. 

   Istiphul senses my question about her awareness of the difference between our races.  This is her response:


If I had an akashic body as you do, the first thing I would do would be to form a community of those who sense that the sea is full of energy.  We would have great festivals and celebrations in which water as a symbol and as a vibration is understood to be sacred. 

   We would offer these gifts to humanity: clairsentience, healing power, the joy of love, the ways of becoming one with another, the nature and depths of love as seen from an undine’s perspective, empathy as a divine ability intended to transform humanity, the ability to overcome all separation, the undine’s gift of seeing the future, of entering a dream so it is completely real in the here and now, the ability to sense the deepest treasures at the core of the self, and of course the ability to hold in your consciousness an awareness of all the waters of the earth at once. 

   I would establish this on earth so that your race tastes in full measure our beauty and grace.  But lacking a human soul, I have no commission to do these things.  I am forbidden to intervene at my own discretion without a human being acting either as a medium or as a representative of my domain. 

   How long have the oceans of the earth waited for mankind to discover that they contain consciousness? How long until your race finds in its own soul the love and peace my race embodies in every moment of time?  How long until each of you loves with a love that knows how to be one with another without separation so that each of you understands how to assist the other to attain perfection?

   These are the very questions I would ask humans to answer.  But these questions themselves can only be spoken because you are lending me your spirit so I may speak.


                                   The Magnetic Fluid


Within water is also a more subtle presence called the magnetic fluid.  It is similar to the way the flow of blood and the brain produce a magnetic field in and around the body.  If you can sense or feel auras, you can probably pick this up as well. 

   One way of sensing the magnetic fluid is by placing your mind within water.  Then you focus on the bonding, attracting, and contracting qualities of the water.  Remove the sensation of water and focus on these qualities alone and you may be able to sense a magnetic field of energy. 

     The magnetic fluid is cool, soothing, contracting, and attracting. It is nurturing and supportive. It contains within itself so as to shelter and to protect. Instead of being intense and explosive, it is rhythmic, gentle, and receptive.  It possesses healing power. 

    In psychological terms, it is empathic, sensitive, and responsive.  It is kind and tender.  It draws together, bonds, joins, and unites. 

    On a mental level, it can place itself within or make itself a part of another person to the extent that it can sense the entirety of the other’s life within itself.  It seeks to heal, complete, and make whole whatever it touches or influences.    

    In this sense, it is nearly incomprehensible receptive—it is utterly open and empty while at the same giving life to others.  It is so encompassing, it can embrace, shelter, and protect anything. 

    In spiritual terms, then, it reaches toward embracing, all-encompassing love.  It presents us with feelings of wonder, ecstasy, and beauty.  This feminine awareness reveals the deepest mysteries at the core of the self. 

   We could say that peace, happiness, contentment, serenity, well-being, delight, affection, tenderness, sensuality, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, compassion, and love are qualities that are present when the magnetic fluid is operating successfully.   

    This magnetic fluid is present in men and women, though women tend to have a much higher and more natural charge of it.  Becoming aware of it directly strengthens it and allows us to make it an active part of our consciousness. 

     Obviously, if a person’s mind is influenced by the magnetic fluid it is easy to try to bring out the best in other people.  Instead of viewing others from a position of competition and insecurity, a person’s mind is empathic, sensitive, and caring.   

     Though largely unknown in our world, the feminine essence or magnetic fluid is so receptive, so giving it has power over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life.  The magnetic or feminine essence also controls its opposite—the electric fluid.  In geopolitical terms, those who master the feminine mysteries are able to take responsibility for the unfolding of the world—they have the capacity to guide, inspire, and also set boundaries on all acts of executive power. 

   Almost all of Western civilization is focused on acting on and producing results in the external world.  We have an extroverted civilization.  The magnetic fluid holds a different vision.  It has a direct, inner connection to anything that exists.  It is able to feel and be a part of anyone simply by extending its magnetic field into and around another anywhere on earth. 

   The electric fluid has the power, for example, through nuclear weapons, to destroy the world.  The electric in itself does not know how to recreate the world through love.  The magnetic has this specific power: it can join and unite, not through propaganda, beliefs, or ideology, but rather though a heart to heart connection to others.  Just as there are no limits on the yield of a hydrogen bomb, there are no limits on the influence of the magnetic fluid to create peace and love. 


A Simple Exercise for the Magnetic Fluid              


Imagine a blue or blue-green ball of water six feet in diameter in front of you.  It is cool, magnetic, and contracting.  It is attractive, soothing, and calming.  It shelters, protects, and heals.  It is receptive as in utterly empty of form and completely open—able to receive and contain the soul of any being within itself, nurturing, inspiring, and empowering it to attain to completion and fulfillment. 

    Now imagine this ball changes into an exact replica of your self.  It is you standing or sitting there in front of you.  Sense how this person is different from your self.  What qualities and powers does this person have that you do not? 

    Next imagine that you are this person who embodies the spirit and primal energy of the feminine.  What is this like for you?  Consider ways in which the person you imagine could become part of your life and also how that might change you and those around you.    


The Essence of the Feminine Spirit


When I imagine water surrounding myself and also inside of my body, I can also sense a magnetic field of energy.  The magnetic fluid is similar to magnetism in a magnet or in nature but it is more subtle.  If you place your hands into water, you can feel the water touching the skin.  From the pressure and cooler temperature, it is not so difficult to imagine sensing the water nearby that does not touch the skin.  Again, if you focus on the binding, contracting, and attracting qualities in the water but remove the physical sensations of water, you have a sense of the magnetic fluid.

   Though the magnetic fluid can be treated purely as an energy, it also has many psychological, cultural, and spiritual implications.  For example, we might attempt to bring these into focus by asking, What is the magnetic energy that balances the world at this time?  Also, what is the essence of the feminine spirit?  What feminine power can balance, harmonize, transform, and inspire the extroverted, electrical energy in our world? 

    I pursue the answer to these questions on four levels.  On the physical level, this energy is already present in nature.  It is the entire world in its wintery, watery, nurturing, and preserving aspects.  Its imagery and presence are in an arctic bay, a frozen lake, ice melting at the beginning of a small stream, a snow covered field, etc.         

     On a physical level, water can extend our perception the way the body is an extension of our conscious awareness.  If I imagine for example Sacred Falls here on Oahu, it does not start as an image in my mind.  I feel I am right there in the poolI can feel the entire surface of the pool and how its edge touches the cliffs. I can feel ripples contacting the stones, the currents beneath the water, and the temperature change from sunlight producing warmer water near the surface. 

    If you can sense the magnetic fluid, you can actually extend your awareness beyond your body.  The magnetic fluid automatically enhances feelings and perceptions.  With it, I can perceive in and through the element of water without the need for human thoughts intervening.  With a slight shift in focus, I can become the entire stream beginning with the raindrops falling at the summit of the mountains and ending as the stream flows into the sea.

   To put it simply, you perceive as if the water is a part of your nervous system.  You can sense direction aspects of water involving changes in temperature, fluidity, movement, and magnetism.  You touch something with your finger and you feel it in your fingertip and also in your brain.  But with the help of the magnetic fluid, water becomes your fingertips and your body and your skin.

    What is most remarkable is how this awareness contrasts to normal perception.  We are land based mammals.  We experience space and separation in extremely distinct ways— spatial orientation, territories, body shape, and personal space.   But awareness expanded into and through a magnetic field is altogether different.

     On an etheric level, it enables one to sense the vital force in all beings.  You feel a part of the vitality in others.  A hospital does CAT scans and MRIs, magnetic resonance imaging.  The magnetic fluid is a similar mode of perception without the need for instruments. 

     On an astral level, the magnetic fluid enhances a psychic ability--to immediately connect with and sense another’s inner life, nurturing and inspiring the other as well.  When I am sitting close to a woman who has strong magnetic energy in her aura, my psychic abilities are enhanced.  Without effort, I can sense the personality traits of someone she is talking about who I have not met and who is not present. 

    I could meet and interview someone for several hours and so in this way get to know the person.  With the magnetic fluid strong, without meeting someone, I can know the other from within in ways that no interview could ever reveal.  The magnetic fluid, in effect, enhances soul connections. 

   Undines have this capacity.  Anything appearing within water they sense as if it is a part of them.  The magnetic field is a medium of awareness. 

    If I focus on another individual, it is as if that person is in front of me now.  The connection feels completely real almost as if you can reach out and touch, communicate with, and sense the other’s feelings from within. This is another reason why the realm of the undines has been closed off to our civilization and to the human race.  Undines use their abilities for the sake of empathy, beauty, and sensuality.   Human beings, however, could easily abuse such powers for selfish reasons.    

    In a sense, then, a great cultural and spiritual war has been going on in Western civilization to conceal this knowledge of the feminine.  Abuse of this feminine power would immediately undermine the development of will and also of science.  The qualities of intellectual objectivity and also of freedom of volition, the individualism in our world, would rapidly deteriorate. 

     The task of the masculine, among other things, is to set and to defend boundaries for the sake of ego identity and productive capacity.  The feminine, by contrast, overcomes all boundaries—it alone has the power to unite opposites.  Working together, the masculine and feminine are responsible for human and divine creativity.  Opposed, they destroy human beings, culture, and the world. 

     The bottom line is that the proper use of the magnetic fluid depends on one’s heart: does an individual or a society have the commitment to seek and then to use power for the sake of love? 


The feminine spirit is no less powerful than the masculine.  All our war machines and political and military hierarchies mean absolutely nothing before the magnetic fluid.  This is because our world depends on external power and might.  It has no defenses against those who can easily extend their awareness anywhere or inside of anyone on earth.             

    For this reason, our stories and fairy tales about undines reveal almost nothing about these beings.  Our theologies, metaphysics, and science are ignorant about both the spiritual universe and the many roles magnetism has yet to play in technology and industry.  In the past, in spite of the suffering that has resulted, it is possible that this has been for the best.  But you can not put off the deepest issues within the heart forever.  There comes a time when the choice has to be made as to whether we are committed to love or to fear and to hate.     

    On the mental level, the magnetic fluid is inspired and compassionate.  It is motivated to set up the learning conditions and environment in which each person can develop in the best way.  It finds the optimum influences and circumstances for growth.  It senses what others need and seeks to fulfill those needs.    

     On the akashic level, it establishes a feeling of oneness with all beings and that all beings are one with each other.  It has the capacity to be continuously one with you from within.  In this sense, it acts to make you feel whole and complete, healing you, drawing you together, sheltering and protecting your inner life.   

    If you put all four planes together, the magnetic fluid in its positive aspect is everything that nurtures, enhances, amplifies, brings to completion, satisfies, and inspires.  It is the image of the mother, daughter, sister, maiden, lover, muse, divine guardian all at once.  It is one with you forever continuously and it is there to bless you and establish wholeness within.

   Such energy annihilates loneliness and separation because you feel and perceive your connection to others from within.  A woman, or man for that matter, who embodies the magnetic fluid does not play the role of a mother or a caregiver for a limited number of years—for example, until a child reaches adolescence and leaves the home.  The power to nurture and to be connected to others, inspiring and guiding them, never ends.  The physical function of being a caregiver makes a natural and powerful transition into becoming a spiritual function.  Similarly, responsibility and involvement in one’s individual family gradually extends out to encompass the entire world.

    We have at present a global community based upon external modes of communication and relationships.  But the religions of earth do not at this time provide us with a global inner community, a direct heart to heart connection to others anywhere on earth.  The magnetic fluid, as an expression of the essence of the feminine spirit, offers this.   




The magnetic fluid is so empty, so utterly receptive, so giving, so free of identifying itself with form that it has power over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life.  It is the power to shelter, contain, nourish, and transform the life and soul of any being.  As such, the feminine spirit is and always will be the guardian of the deepest mysteries within the self.   

    If you went on a quest for the Holy Grail and found it, the Grail would still be an external thing.  The quest, the search and journey, might lead you to test and to establish qualities of nobility, courage, compassion, and justice within yourself.  This is a great accomplishment. 

    Finding the essence of the feminine spirit, the magnetic fluid, within your self is far more than a Grail Quest.  It is actually joining with your opposite.  It is internalizing within oneself one of the most powerful forces in creation.  Our world knows nothing about this journey and this quest. 

    If you want to be creative and to see your vision through to its realization, then you need to do these things: to bring together and unite the full power of the feminine with the full power of the masculine.  If you consider one of these components to be of lesser value or less significant than the other, then you inevitably produce an inferior product. 

   This is how the electric and magnetic fluids operate in the universe.  The masculine in its essence foresees what it wishes to accomplish.  It puts up the energy to do this.  It envisions, plans, and acquires the skills necessary for success. 

   But this is a total waste and an absolute failure without the feminine.  The masculine is inspired by and empowered by the feminine.  The feminine brings the vision to life through love and feeling.  It provides the soul, the heart, and the nurturing.

   The feminine never stands in an absolute void and creates from out of nothing.  This is precisely the skill of the masculine.  It is the envisioning side of the process.  The masculine never unites itself in its total being and through love to everything that exists.  It does not have a clue as to how to do this. 

   But if you want to be creative, to see your purposes fulfilled, then to some degree you will learn to do both.  Otherwise, like I say, you produce an inferior product.  It will eventually waste away because it lacks one or the other: the strength and courage to begin and to oversee or else the love and the heart that inspires and brings to fruition what is conceived.  



Note: The following is a work of fiction.  The characters are drawn from a series of stories that trace events and critical choices that took place in that legendary time.


                                          The Feminine Mysteries 


                                   In a Villa on the Outskirts of the City


Kamual,” says the man sitting at the desk by the window as he lifts his eyes with a quiet stare. 

   Naniroa,” Kamual replies, entering and closing the door behind him.  

  “How may I serve the Council?” Naniroa asks, standing up.

   “Please, sit down. No formalities.  My visit today is a friendly gesture.”

    Kamual sits in a chair next to the window looking out on the capital of Atlantis.  An occasional gust rattles the window.  He reflects, “Today the sky is clear.  Clouds or sun—neither seems to effect the winds.   

  “Weather has been bad,” echoes Naniroa.

   Kamual: “Yes, another month of fifty mile an hour winds.  It does keep rioters off the streets.  If it goes on like this we’ll have to start growing food underground.”

    The two men gaze for a few moments into each other’s eyes.  Kamual is in his eighties though he looks as if he is forty-five. 

   He has eidetic eyes that take in and memorize everything he sees—a loose thread on your sleeve, the way a small muscle tightens on the lower left side of your chin as you think or the slight change in the dilation of your eyes, small shifts in your breathing patterns, or the intonation pattern you use now as compared to when you spoke to him five years ago.

     “Your want to know about ….?” asks Nariora.

     “Your interest in women,” Kamual replies appearing uninterested, as if chairing a tedious committee meeting going into overtime.         

   “My discretion is impeccable. The Council knows this.  What I do is solely a private and personal pursuit,” replies Nariora, trying to conceal his surprise that someone actual knows.  

    “The same could have been said about Tagora—he was discreet and absolutely reliable.  And after fifty years we are still rebuilding the part of the city destroyed by his experiments that combined lasers, sound waves, and crystal balls. 

   “Yes, some areas of scientific research are best left unexplored,” Nariora offers, conceding agreement. 

   Nariora proceeds cautiously.  Kamual, when necessary, can produce in his own brain the brain waves of another person.  This allows Kamual to think the exact thoughts and mimic the precise words of another person even when he has no evidence or other sources of information.  Kamual, like all High Priests of Atlantis, has unique magical gifts at his disposal.     

    “Let me see if I have it right,” Kamual replies as he clasps his hands together and places them under his chin. 

 “You have this gift of sensing and then reproducing vibrations.  So you take a receptive woman.  You use meditation.  And then you teach her to embody within herself the exact energy field of an undine queen. 

    Kamual pauses watching Nariora’s face to confirm that every detail is accurate.

     Kamual goes on, “So this is your experiment—you want to see if it can be done; I am a curious man myself.  I would like to see it done. Hell, the entire High Council would like to see if it can be done. 

  “But this could be worse than destroying part of a city.  This is like rewriting DNA.  You are opening the gate to the Otherworld.  Would it not be nice if you ….

  “If I first sought the approval of the High Council?”


   “I am not opening a gate.  What I do only involves two or three women.  There is no invasion of our world.  It is just that they are ….”

   Kamual interrupting, “They are what? More feminine than our women?  More loving?  And in terms of love, no doubt, you have concluded they are more human than we are.   

  “You may not realize this, but I have heard it all before.  We have this debate in the High Council every ten or twenty years. There is always some mage-scientist who wants some astonishing spiritual treasure he has found to be revealed to mankind. 

   “We honestly and patiently hear him out.  We consider the pros and cons.  We debate risks and benefits, values and unforeseen side effects.  We affirm our desire to seize new opportunities that the divine sets them before us. And then we turn him down. Do you to know why we turn them down?”


   “This is why: the people do not know it but our civilization is always on the brink of destruction.  No society can hold within its hands the powers over nature we command without a profound respect for human limitations.  Given the risks we have taken for the sake of knowledge, it is amazing that we still exist.” 

   Gesturing to the window.  “We could change these winds.  Make them go away, postpone the onset of an ice age for a thousand years.  We have debated it.  But that would be placing our wisdom up against the wisdom of a biosphere that has existed for billions of years. 

   “We think the earth knows better than us about when to alter its climate.  There will be no discussion of your undine women in the council.  I demand you end right now all your experiments. 

     “If you want to solve a problem or seek new knowledge, why don’t you use your perception of vibrations for upgrading the Fire Crystals.  We are going to be needing more energy soon with this weather.”

    Nariora responds as if calling check on his opponent’s king in a game of chess, “But there is an issue here the High Council must be made aware of”

      Kamual, “Go ahead.  Illuminate me.”

      Nariora: “It is in regard to the magical equilibrium.”

       Kamual, “Yes, we all have this training.”  

    Nariora: “My research with the undine queens indicates our species is weak in its understanding of water as compared to earth, air, and fire.”

     Kamual learning forward and stretching his back, “You know, some would say you have fallen under the sway of these undine queens.”

     Nariora: “I’ll be brief.  You know about elemental imbalances.  What happens if someone is strong in will, intellect, and consciousness but weak in water?”

    Kamual pressing his lips together in a pout, “This is a beginner’s question.” 

    He goes on, “If the element of water is weak in an individual’s astral body, the individual would inevitably end up manipulating other people, knowing them only by observing their actions and words and not though sensing them directly from within.  Unable to feel an inner connection, he would rely on control to motivate rather than love.   

   “He would take excessive risks ignoring threats to his safety because there is no contentment, no inner peace, no desire for harmony.  And he would lack the ability to dare—he would be unable to dream or imagine himself as a new creation.  He would be unable to change his own nature.  What have I left out?

   Nariora: “In a worst case, he loses his survival instinct, throwing himself head long into some activity that destroys him.  He becomes obsessed and self-possessed until his own conscience no longer sends him warnings.”         

   Kamual, “Every neophyte knows this.  As much as I love theory, what is your point?”

     Nariora: “The undine queens consider that humanity is totally out of touch with their realm.  Because of this elemental imbalance, they tell me that our destruction is inevitable ….another race is already been designated to replace us, one more suited to live in harmony with the elements of nature on this planet.”

   Stifling a yawn, “Sorry, I didn’t get any sleep last night.  The Guard was on alert and there have been some strange incidents that it is best not to mention lest the public catch the rumor and panic.” 

    Standing, “Elason is outside the door waiting.  I know you like her.  In all honesty, I brought her along to sooth any frayed nerves.  Matters of this import must always be fully acknowledged for their complexity and for their passion.  I’ll take my leave.”

   Going to the door and speaking softly, “Elason, go on in now, please.”

    Elason smiles at Kamual as their paths cross. 

   Nariora walks to her, taking her hands in his, “Another high council member in one day.  I am honored.”

    They take the same seats.  Lowing her head slightly as she gazes into his eyes and speaking almost in a whisper, “You must understand.  These are difficult times. If things were more peaceful, you could just go out in the country somewhere and do whatever you wish to do with the fairies—the sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, undines—no one really cares about such things.  What people do not see does not worry them when it comes to the Blessed realms.  

    “But I am not the only one on the Council who senses your work.  We have all been on alert searching with our minds for threats and plots.   

   Nariora: “And my work falls under threats and plots?”

    Elason: “Actually, the light I sense around you is terribly refreshing.  I don’t think that men can comprehend it. 

    “But you are here to insure that the Council’s edict is followed?” Nariora asks perplexed.

     Elason rises half an inch as she straightens her back and lifts her chin, “Just answer one question.  Is what I sense true: that women under the influence of the undine queens grow more beautiful as they grow older?”

   Nariora, pausing a moment to reflect, “That is one effect.  It is in the aura.  As a woman’s natural magnetism grows stronger, her beauty is amplified and her health remarkable increased.” 

   Elason lowing her voice as she goes on, “Then I have a second question.  Can a woman master this magnetism of the undine queens and at the same time conceal this power from others?”

   Nariora: “Such as other Council members?”       


   Nariora: “Yes, simply focus on will and you get more fire or on ideas and you get more air.  Magnetism is like weather—if there are no clouds in the sky, the magnetism is still in the ground …. you just don’t get the sky lighting up with lightning so no one senses its presence.” 

   Elason: “Then this is what I want from you.  Stop your experiments for a year, maybe two.  Then begin again but only with women who are initiates of the Mysteries. 

  Nariora responds with a look of shock. 

  Raising her hand, “I know of such women who possess the receptivity you require and who can be trusted.  The men on the Council know not our mysteries. 

  “But you can pull this off.  I am sure that Kamual failed to ask you the right questions. 

    Nariora  with a questioning look, “And that would be?”

    Elason: “Are there now undines in the form of women in Atlantis?

    “There are two.”

     “And you know them and they trust you?”


     Elason: “Then in a year we will apprentice women to these undines.  If our women live with these undine woman and learn from them…. How many years will it take?”

    Nariora: “If you let me teach your initiates my methods, then they will be able to embody in themselves the undines’ auras in between two and five years.

     Elason firmly, “I want this done.  I’ll tell the Council I am keeping a close eye on you.  Blend in. Improve the Red Crystals.  Participate in official projects.  No one will worry about you.  It was an accident that Kamual noticed your activities.

     “Can I trust you on this?”

      Nariora sensing the possibilities, “I will follow your lead in every way.”

      Elason, “One last thing.  Can you tell me briefly about the queens?”

      Nariora with a sense of wonder: “I have spoken with eight.  They each embody different qualities of the magnetic fluid. One is a master of love beyond human knowing.  Another is inner peace with the universe.  A third is the healing power in nature.  A forth is joyful celebration.  The fifth is aware of the entire magnetic field of the earth. 

   “The sixth has the prophetic gift of seeing the past, present, and future, though they all have that gift so some extent.  The seventh awakens any memory of your own or someone else so that you enter and experience it as if you are living it for the first time.  And the eight is a master, not of the ecstasy of love, but of tenderness and affection that bonds partners for a life time and more.   

    Elason: “I wish to meet and speak with the mistress of love. What is her name? Can it be spoken aloud?”

    Nariora: “Istiphul.” As the word is spoken aloud by Nariora, the the room briefly grows cold as if snow has begun to fall through the air or as if there were frost on the windows and icicles on the walls.       

    Elason with a penetrating stare, “If it is not too much to ask, will you arrange for the queen and me to spend some time together?”

    Nariora: “To whatever extent you desire.  She will answer all your questions.”  

    After a  pause, Nariora asks, “How will it work?”

    Elason, “This Order you and I shall create?”

    Nariora: “Yes.”

    Elason: “It shall be passed down in secret from mother to daughter or, if need be, from grandmother to granddaughter.  I think three pairs of mothers and daughters should suffice.  We shall have a spiritual archive, but it will be hidden from the world; the only access through telepathy, just as are your undine queens.   

    Nariora: “And then?”

    Elason: “When the world is more receptive to the Feminine Mysteries, any woman who desires shall be able to find us by searching her heart.  We will visit her in her dreams or arrange a meeting according to her needs.”

    Before she departs, Elason gives Nariora a hug, squeezing the air out of his lungs, and then releasing him with a kiss to his cheek. 


                  Three Thousand Years Later in the Great Library 


The Great Library is underground.  Each floor archives the knowledge of several thousand years of Atlantean history.  There are five official floors.  The first two are open to the public.  The next three require permission to enter. 

   The other levels are off limits.  Only a few library personnel may access them.  Each level also has restricted areas.  There are secret archives whose existence is only known to a few.  And behind walls and secret doors, there are sealed archives lost and forgotten.        

   Sa, one of two female members of the High Council, sits at in a lounge reading on the third level.  Looking at her face is like seeing the rising sun, its rays filtering into a grove while the full moon sets on the opposite horizon.  Beauty dazzling, yet soft and inviting, surging in strength and yet in the same moment yielding—she could easily be the most beautiful woman in Atlantis if she did not go out of her way to disguise her psychic and physical charms.

    Sa senses Radea entering the room.  Though the floors and wood paneled walls are spotless, even marble decays, its dust in the air after six thousand years. 

   In spite of this distraction, Sa catches Radea’s scent when he is thirty feet away—it reminds her of a moist field of wheat two weeks after harvest, with dirt, puddles, and organic matter composting.  And it is the scent of a wolverine marking his territory; the nostrils of a bear would flair with a warning of danger.     

   Even demons honor this man.  He has a gift of power.  Somewhat jaded, at times boyish, his enemies appreciate his straightforward honesty. 

   Sa knows otherwise.  Radea’s father was executed as a political pawn after the brief theft of the Mentarch, the most sacred artifact in Atlantis.  The father covered for his son’s involvement. 

  With that death, Radea assumed the hereditary title as Curator of the Great Library.  He also became the second in command of the Dark Order, a magical society forbidden during its entire history.           

    Radea sits next to Sa. 

    Radea speaks with the voice of an old friend who always secretly wished to be her lover—tender yet holding back, “It is said that these halls are haunted by lost souls.  But today, with you having been here, any ghost that enters this place will find its way home.  How may I assist you?”

    Sa: “You have closed your mind to the dreams I send.  I worry about you.”    

    Radea, his boyish self smiling: “No need to worry.  I am fine.  I have never been stronger or clearer about my purposes.”

   A thought flashes through Radea’s mind--looking into her eyes is like gazing at a magic mirror.  You never know what thing from the near or far past or future will gaze back at you.  

  Sa smiles as she catches the thought. 

 Radea: “I would be a fool if I did not ask, What is it that you people do in this secret Order of yours?  We have no records, no trace, no evidence, no investigations—am I the only one in the history of our civilization who knows that your Order exists?” 

   She holds his gaze silently.

   Radea goes on, “I mean, look, your involvement in my life is no accident.”

   She makes a face as if to remind him that women have their own ways and necessary secrets.  

    Radea: “It is not as if I can’t figure it out for myself.  I know enough about secret Orders.  There is nothing I can not imagine.” 

    Sa: “Go ahead. Give it your best shot.”

    Radea: “The first time I met you, you were literally wearing wings, virtually nude ….you saved my life, and then you put me though hell, well, it was a horrific experience with mobs of women chasing me on the Day of Rituals. 

   “And the words you said the next time we met, ‘I can give you whatever you ask as long as you open your heart to my light.’” 

   Sa: “And how does that add up?”

   Radea: “You combine love and lust.  You push trust to its limits.  And you have some secret knowledge or is it a gift the human race does not yet possess? You take the molten hot cauldron of lead, the desires in men, and you toss into it a piece of the Philosopher’s stone wrapped in wax and the lead turns into gold--             

   “You take the seed not of the man’s body but the vision or dream within his heart and you cloak it with your beauty until it is reborn as spirit.

    “Am I missing anything?”

    Sa: “You have not addressed why we do this.”

    Radea: “I think we share in common the same desire: to transform the world.  You are doing it from the side of love.  I am doing it from the side of power.”

    Sa: “And so the enigma: is power the servant of love or must love submit to power to fulfill its purposes?  That is how you see it, isn’t it?”

    Radea: “Very perceptive.  I would like love to be the underlying purpose of life.  I really would. 

    He’ad’ra and I have the same problem: at the core of my being is an emptiness that nothing can penetrate.  Until love invades that desolation, I am stuck with the pursuit of power.

     “Would you like to invade my desolation?  I am available anytime.  Maybe tonight?”

     Sa: “The difference between you and He’ad’ra is that he has a sense of wonder.  He is in awe of the beauty of the universe.  He is willing to become nothing to reflect that beauty inside of him.

    “But you are clingy.  No wonder, no awe.  For you, beauty is best when it is possessed.  You are like a star when it has burned up all its light of inspiration so all that is left is for it to implode upon itself.  Your purposes are the purposes of destruction.

     He’ad’ra has gone through the darkness inside of him.  For all your freedom from fear, you are still terrified to pass though the part of your self that is unknown and uncharted.” 

    Radea: “Tell me, what is hidden in the darkness?”

    Sa: “My love.”

    Radea: “I am the heir to twenty thousand years of secret research into the Mysteries.  Sweet child of the Pleiades, I believe you.   

    “Come find me again in another life time, when I am more receptive to beauty and love and do not carry the fate of Atlantis on my shoulders.”




The story is fiction.  Radea’s answer to the question of why women would use their powers was not complete.  He said, “to transform the world.”

   We have witnessed in history great world teachers who are masters of joining the full power of the masculine and the full power of the feminine.  These are individuals such as Christ or Padma Sambhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.  The current Dalai Lama also, as I have mentioned, has a heart chakra that is like a sea of compassion. 

   But these are men.  And what these men do is to start or to oversee a religion.  They stand out in the open, bright like the sun.  

  Unlike men, in women opposites are united.  We have yet to see what it would be like when a woman joins the full power of the masculine and the full power of the feminine within herself.

   From a magical perspective, the magnetic fluid is the essence of the feminine spirit.  I have observed on numerous occasions that when a woman contacts an undine queen the woman begins to shiver.  The magnetic fluid embodied in the undine queens is cold.  Shivering is a side effect. 

  But what if a woman practiced and mastered the magnetic fluid?  What if she could turn a room cold at will with a simple shift of her mind into the sea?  What if she could condense the magnetic fluid and use it to heal with her hands?  Or what if she could use the magnetic fluid’s spiritual qualities to see the past, present, and future of others, not for the sake of knowing but in order to fulfill the deepest dreams? 

    What if a woman used the magnetic fluid so that she could feel one with anyone?  What if she understood the one rule that extends throughout the entire universe—that you are free to join with any being in order to fulfill the purposes of love?       

    What if she joined within herself the light of the sun and the light of the moon?  What if she chose one of the most powerful men on earth not as a contest of will but as a celebration of the power of love?  And in so doing she freed him of his negativity, his impurity, and offered him the gift of realizing the divinity within him? 

   The Dalai Lama tells this story—that for a man to attain enlightenment in this life time he must train for many years; and then his master gives him a yabyum, a physical consort, that is, a woman with whom he is to make love.  Meditating as he makes love, he attains the realization of enlightenment.

   But what if the Dalai Lama’s story is one-sided?  As a typical male, he only sees women as serving the purposes of the masculine spirit.  What if the reason the woman makes love to the man is not just to transform him.  What if this uniting of masculine and feminine energy is to further her own feminine purposes of becoming one with the universe?

    This is the story that has not been told.  It is a story that appears in my mythology and in my fairy tales—that there is a great celebration.  And that we are invited to participate in this celebration through an act of creation—by dreaming and then by making the world new. 

  Put simply, change your self, unite with the opposite within you, and you change the world.