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Chapter Nine: The Magnetic Fluid, Part II






The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II—Istiphul’s Empathy


Twelve Traits of Undine Women (new version)


Sixteen Traits of Undine Queens


Job Opening (from Divine Missions: see



Amtophul—the Salamander; the Masculine Mysteries


A Few Questions and Answers: from Email (twenty pages)


Glossary (eight pages)






One of those door to door proselytizing people came by the house.  He has that look of being overqualified and under challenged, kind of like someone perfect for the CIA to recruit.  I noticed as we talked that he was very good at active listening.  In fact, he was off the charts.  I had never seen anything like it. 

  I told him he should be helping his church work out its problems in Russia or else helping solve the Israeli Palestine problem.  But to have a talent or spiritual gift does not mean you have the will to use it and apply it. 

  He would summarize the conversation something like this: “So you are saying that you would like to see human beings use psychic abilities to bring about, in effect, the Kingdom of God on earth without actually having God intervene to accomplish it.”

  Now that was a fair interpretation of the drift of our conversation since I was speaking to him in religious terminology.  It was not the paraphrasing that was so fascinating.  It was what he did next.

 He then put himself through force of imagination, that was totally spontaneous for him, into the future as if the result I was after had already been accomplished. And then he commented on the way the world would be if this vision had become real.  

  He would say something like, “The critical problem for you is how to teach other people to acquire these gifts that you are offering the world.” 

  This guy was scary.  He knew things about what I am doing which no one who has a conventional frame of mind should have.  Then again, come to think of it, I used to comment to some of Bill Gates’ managers that Bill Gates had a similar gift.  He did not just buy out a company that was a rival and a logical choice to further the purposes of Microsoft. He actually has part of his psyche two years in the future and that part of himself is communicating back in time to his present self what choices he should make. 

   Gates does not just run simulations of the future, modeling possible results and brainstorming optimal courses of action.  He has an insider’s knowledge of the future.  In both cases, Bill Gates and this religious individual to whom I was talking, they put themselves one hundred per cent into the future with either their imagination or intuition and then looked around, taking in what they see and so noticing the results and consequences if that future materializes. 

  Undines do that sort of thing all the time.  They do it through the power of feeling and love rather than through the advanced mental computations combined with psychic powers which human beings employ.


Also, I seem to have run into a changeling. This is a mermaid who has entered a human baby and so is born as a human being.  These are very rare; of six and a half billion people on earth, there are maybe four or so genuine mermaid changelings. 

  She contacted me.  She has all twelve traits of undine women—the best embodiment of them I have seen.  She thought about emailing me in response to my global casting call for women who can represent undines through some form of art. But she waited a year and a half before actually emailing me.  Do you know how frustrating it is for me to work with the undine type women? I meet them and right away I know I want to work with them and that it will be very creative.  All except one has taken between one and two years to open up to me.  Like Bardon says, the system requires great patience.  

   Then again, what collector or writer of fairy tales in the history of the world has had the opportunity to do video taped interviews with women who possess the soul of a mermaid while inhabiting a woman’s body?        

  This girl is actually studying Bardon’s training system.  Does she have the fifth element of akasha in her aura which distinguishes human beings from undines? Can she acquire it by studying Bardon? Does it come down to a choice as to whether she wishes to incarnate over and over again as a human being or return to her own realm, her place of origin? She states that she is just visiting and is looking forward to going home.  I’ll keep you posted.  Note my upgrade and additions to my Twelve Traits of Undine Women which I have added again here so it is right next to the similar article, Sixteen Traits of Undine Queens.           

   Also, through discussion with others about the future race that replaces mankind (see the previous chapter), I took a look at what that race is not scheduled to accomplish while here on earth.  I mean the human race is not scheduled to internalize the gifts of the undine queens, not collectively anyone, unless something changes. So it is natural to take a look at this next race and see what they fail to learn as well. 

  I walked a member of the future race through a meditation related to what they are not scheduled to learn—namely, a oneness with the universe which this planet exists to teach.  She got it right away, effortlessly.  The question, then, is with all their immense powers of concentration and adaptability without having the problems of ego which we have will they be interested in pursuing the deeper purposes of the planet?     

   Hey, I write modern fairy tales. I am supposed to talk this way—in a way that challenges the imagination so that it is empowered to transform the world. 

  I have also added a condensed version of this on-line undine empathy course:


I left out the stories and a few other things in order to focus exclusively on the basic exercises.  I added only those explanatory articles that I felt were essential to keep things in perspective.  This version is about a hundred pages versus the five or six hundred or so that the course is drifting into. 

   There is also a brief description of another divine mission, this one relating to protecting undines.  If you work in law enforcement, you take an interest in what is going on in your neighborhood.  You keep up on the news and daily reports.  It is exactly the same for those who are active on the inner planes.  There is news, updates, reports, and investigations going on.

  I also added a glossary at the end.

  The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II, which begins this chapter, arises from extensive meditations I have been doing each week with the undine queen Istiphul.  I received an email asking about the part art plays in relation to magic.  In answering the email, it occurred to me to attempt to describe an exercise that presents the way Istiphul creates a magic space of love in which two individuals, in a formless state of awareness, join as one.       



The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II—Istiphul’s Empathy


Imagine a sea of water around you and that you are this sea. There is no central point to this sea, no you, just the sea itself.  Sense the liquid aspect of this water—its capacity to flow, it fluidity, its ability to absorb and release heat, its vast depth and breadth, and in particular the way the water holds together while remaining completely receptive and able to assume any form.

  Now take away the water sensation and retain the bonding between the water molecules—you are focusing just on the attractive force and receptivity of the water—its capacity to unite, to surround, and moved into and through anything. 

  This is an awareness of a magnetic field.  Imagine you are this magnetic field.  You can visualize the magnetic fluid being the color of blue or blue-green. The sensations of the magnetic fluid are that it is cold, attracting, contracting, magnetic, absorbing, enfolding, embracing, etc. In other words, along with the cold and contracting sensations, it has the capacity to adapt to or respond to anything.   

   The qualities of this magnetic field are its pure receptivity—its ability to shelter, protect, to nurture, to join with and unite, to inspire, to heal, to fulfill all that is in the other person. It has the power to give birth to the deepest dreams and longings in the other, bringing them to fulfillment and complete realization.  The universe has placed no limit on how powerful the magnetic fluid can become or the influence it can exert.  

  The divine principle behind this power of nature is the capacity to join with and become one with anything for the sake of love.  This is the most fundamental spiritual principle in our universe and it too has absolutely no restrictions placed upon it. It operates in all planes, all spheres, all solar systems, and in all galaxies.  The magnetic fluid is the operating principle in nature—the actual substance and energy—through which this divine purpose expresses itself. 

   Now imagine another person in front of you, or that you as the sea surround this individual.  As we have already done in the magical empathy exercise and in the ocean of love exercise, imagine you are both a magnetic sea of energy and that you flowing through this individual in front of you.  In this case, we are interested in the soul, the astral body, the aspect of this person that involves everything that makes one feel alive.  

    Rather than focus on flowing as energy through this person, the emphasis now is on being one so that the only thing that exists in your awareness is an awareness of this person.  There is no reference back to your self.  You are still present but only in the form of the magnetic sea of energy that already surrounds and is inside of this person.   

  To be one with the other is to feel as if the other’s memories are your own.  You become the other person’s past, present, and future. You are the other’s needs, desires, and dreams

   You remain totally empty and totally receptive.  You are one hundred per cent with the other person without holding back or looking back at yourself. 

  Like the magnetic ball exercise, there is a sense of what this person would be if he or she embodied the qualities and powers of the magnetic fluid, which you are acting as the channel for. For example, the peace that flows like a stream from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity, the love that is never lost and gives all of itself in every moment, and a oneness in which all separation is overcome—these feelings and qualities you are offering to this person by your presence.   

  This capacity of being a part of each other from inside—this is not invasive.  It is the way life is supposed to be.  

     The magnetic sea you have created automatically seeks to fulfill the deepest desires in the other. But in particular you are seeking to create a sacred space where two separate souls may unite so the deepest desires in one are united to the deepest desires in the other.

  Since this meditation presents the empathy of the undine queen Istiphul, her deepest desires are embodied in the sea of magnetic love.  By becoming this sea, you create the sacred, magical space she herself is so adept at creating. 

  The oneness that the meditation produces is a gift and as such it is also an offer.  The other has the right to respond or not according to his or her volition.  In other words, you present an intention to join as one.  You imagine it and feel it, but you present it as being perfectly clear that the other can respond to it in his or her own way and own time.     

   The women I know who have deep powers of water in their auras are extremely independent.  Being free of worry, insecurity, greed, or most of the usual human needs, they do not seek to bond after the manner of “I need you” and “I need you to need me.” They do not understand that form of connection to another. 

  For them, to be close to another, to be intimate, is precisely this kind of meditation and flow of water and magnetism.  If they described what intimacy is for them they might say--


To feel that another’s energy surrounds me, flows through me, and is one with me is to feel connected; at this point, naturally, we become one—everything I desire and want and everything the other person desires and wants are joined—how could it be otherwise?             


For other ways to deepen this magnetic empathy exercise, note that I study Istiphul’s four bodies (see Chapter Eight of the On-line Empathy Course).  Also through meditation I will identify with, that is, project into Istiphul so the two of us are one while together we practice the magnetic empathy as a way of connecting to specific individuals.  

  And I evoke or create the cosmic letter M on the astral and physical planes.  Often I do an actual evocation of Istiphul into a condensed sphere of the cosmic letter M.  Working with the undine queen or with the cosmic letter M are both ways of exploring and deepening the magnetic fluid.  Of course, you can repeatedly concentrate on the magnetic fluid itself and strengthen both the sensations associated with it and its qualities and powers through imagination, meditation, and contemplation. 


Three Kinds of Confirmation


There are three kinds of confirmations that can occur during this practice. The first one is the same as what occurs during the “magical empathy” practice.  When you imagine you are in another’s body and are that person, there is a feeling on a gut level that arises when you feel the connection.  Being imaginatively inside of another’s body creates in you a physical sensation that gives pure insight into what the other is really like inside.   

   You may have to take some time to interpret this impression.  It is an inner sense of the other person versus the information that occurs from observing and interacting with the person in a social setting.  In Eugene Gendlin’s book, Focusing, this is called a “felt sense” and “resonating.” You sense an energy and that energy takes on a specific image, form, or sensation as you focus on it so that it becomes identifiable.  

   The second confirmation occurs when magnetic fluid in its loving, renewing, healing, nurturing aspects interacts with the person you are focusing on.  In effect, there is a sense of the magnetic energy changing something for the better—sadness changes to some degree to happiness; constriction to openness; distrust to trust; anxiety to comfort or peace, etc. Any healer will recognize the interaction of the healing energy they send with the person they are seeking to heal.  This is that same kind of interaction and observation.

  Again referring to Eugene Gendlin’s process of focusing, when you focus on a “stuck” energy, you can feel that energy when it begins to shift so that it opens up and transforms. 

   You can do this on yourself.  Focus on some tension in your body.  Relax your whole body and allow your whole body to embrace it and be open to it.  Often the constriction begins to change as new energy flows into and through it.  We are doing exactly this same thing except within and for the other person.   

   Except we are not doing it as an individual.  We are doing this an entire ocean of magnetic, healing love. And, eventually as we practice, this ocean of magnetic love is not just conjured up through our imagination.  Our magnetic sea of love is joined with and supported by the entire magnetic field of the planet.  This is the way undine queens love.   

   The third confirmation is directly related to the purpose of this high level of empathy.  It is a sense that a sacred space that unites two individuals has been created and has been accepted.  Some individuals who have strong water in their auras automatically respond to this undine level of empathic connection by joining with it without a second thought. 

   It is similar to the movie, AI, in which a simple touch can transfer from one to anther all of an individual’s memories.  At its height, everything another feels and has ever felt is instantly a part of you.  One individual tells me that when she experiences this level of connection to another person she relives the other’s experiences with the same intensity they felt when the other person first experienced it.

     At times, then, when you share this with another, the magnetic fluid produces a two way experience—you flow in and through each other giving birth to new life.  The intimacy then is complete; if pursued and stabilized, you feel as in deep, loving experiences that you are forever a part of each other from inside.         

   This is not a static experience.  For Istiphul, you join with another in this way in order to fulfill the deepest dreams and longings in the other.  Again, this is not a romantic “I love you” kind of thing.  It is the nature of the magnetic fluid itself to seek to fulfill whatever it touches.  It is the way of nature to do this.  There is absolutely no ego involved.  There is nothing selfish attached to it.  Like the magnetic fluid, it is a pure act of giving. 

   Joining as one produces on one level ecstasy—there may be among other things a sudden rush of endorphins, dopamine, and rapture, etc. There can be an entire spectrum of feelings that arise. 

   It is almost like picking up a clarinet or a saxophone and playing all the notes.  It is the notes that do not play that reveal the dreams and needs that seek to be fulfilled.  It is the emotions that do not move freely that reveal the desires and longings of the individual.  In finding expression, the individual becomes more complete, creative, and free. 

  The stuck feelings, the sense of feeling lost, confused, restricted, unable to move, pent up, missing out on life—these change into their opposites through the power of love in which two join as one.  It takes time and nurturing, but this is a powerful beginning.  As I mention many times, love sees the world as it is and dreams it as it can be.  It dares to become complete.         

   The third confirmation, then, is a celebration.  It is two daring to join as one and in the process both individuals become transformed.  For example, as I focus in this instant on one woman I know—becoming the sea of magnetic love flowing through her and joining with her--she responds with a telepathic impression: “Is this who I am?” she asks me. “Yes,” I reply, “You are a sea of love that has no end.”

   That may seem like an odd conversation.  But for the undine queens in particular, love is all around us.  It is everywhere in every moment.  It encompasses the planet.  And they cannot understand why human beings do not experience this.  You just have to open to it to sense it and allow it to flow through you. 




The undine queen Istiphul’s unique power is her ability to create a place of soul where two hearts from two separate worlds may join as one.  And furthermore she says, “I need no sage or theologian to tell me that one day women will love with the power and the beauty the sea holds—for they will discover that my touch, my sight, and my heart are hidden within their own.”

   You could say my writing is designed to help fulfill this prophecy of Istiphul’s.  Why would women, as well as men, seek to acquire this kind of empathy, this magical ability to join as one in love?  For those who tasted the vibration of the spheres of Venus or of the sun, they already know that one of the deepest purposes of life is to touch the world with tenderness, to create beauty through our actions.  Or, as a Sufi master once said, “Every soul desires to transform the world through love.”

  On the other hand, should the human race fail in this endeavor-- strengthening the qualities and powers of the water element in human consciousness so they are equal to the elements of fire, earth, and air—we shall not create love but bring about our own self-destruction as a direct result of the collective imbalance in the astral equilibrium of our race.  


 Twelve Traits of Undine Women

                       (new and improved version)




There are a few women who were once mermaids in other life times.  They have since acquired human souls under various circumstances and now incarnate as human beings.  I have interviewed three such women. 

   There are very rare instances of a mermaid entering a human child at birth.  Though in the form of a woman, she still embodies her mermaid soul so that in effect even as a child she has the same astral body she has as an adult.  We could call such a woman a changeling.  I have interviewed one such woman.  She is actually studying the magical system of Franz Bardon.  

   There are also women who have no connections to the realm of mermaids.  But they have the auras of mermaids.  They reflect in themselves some aspect of water in nature—a waterfall, some quality of the sea, a lake, a stream, etc.  In my article on Mermaid-Human Interactions (coming soon), I mention that about one in four thousand women have the auras of mermaids—the element of water as found in nature is the dominant quality in their auras.   

    Women who were once mermaids and women with strong water in their auras tend to share certain traits in common.  These traits or qualities may vary in strength and intensity.  An individual woman may not have all of them but usually she will have enough of these traits to distinguish her from other women. 

   There are of course women who have psychic contact with the realm of mermaids—they see them, talk to them, feel them, etc.  For myself, I can interview spirits quite easily.  This however does not mean I embody any of their qualities within myself.  It often takes a great effort to change one’s own nature.  My writings are designed to make the realm of mermaids and undines more accessible to our world.

  Note: Consider sharing this article with women you meet who have deep water in their auras. I still have a global casting call for women who can represent through art, modeling, acting, etc. the mermaid outlook on life.   


1. Undine women feel they are a part of nature in some way. They have a non-human identity.  Some aspect or element of nature is alive within them and that is who they sense they really are.  

   Among other things, this allows them to accept the world as it is. 

Some perceive the world as being richly satisfying and fulfilling.  And yet this evaluation is not based on the extent to which their personal needs are being satisfied. 

    They are not greedy.  They are not driven to possess whatever they can in order to insure their own security.  They intuitively experience themselves as already part of the richness of life.  They experience the abundant energies of life flowing directly through their own bodies.

     One factor contributing to this outlook is that they usually have excellent childhood memories.  They can frequently recall childhood dreams, dreams which still influence them as they consider their goals in life.  They often have had spiritual experiences when they were very young, but they do not view these dreams and experiences as somehow removed from the adult they have become.  Rather, they see them as seeds which are in the process of growing into fruition. 

   Additionally as children, they may give away anything valuable they have to others.  They have a hard time understanding about owning something as their own.  In other words, for them having a valuable object does not make you more valuable. 

    One woman put it this way: “I always gave away valuable things as a made my mother so irate.”

  Another woman said, “I was thinking about how as a child and all through my life that one of the hardest things for me to accept was how humans could be so cold-hearted, selfish, and they only loved you when you were what they wanted at that moment or doing what they wanted. They seemed to hold grudges and not forgive easily. It is as if they really don’t understand love at all! One moment they love someone and then the next they don’t.

   “How do you just stop loving someone? I just never understood that. I understand how relationships don’t work out but for me even the ones that have not worked out I still love all these humans unconditionally.”

  Another woman said, “I have always known I was part of nature.  It went deeper then a vague feeling.  It was something I just took for granted, embedded in my very core.  I assumed as a child that everyone shared my view.
   “However, around the age of eight I came to the full realization that the people around me did not really work like that.  They used nature for their own ends.  Then they tried to escape from it or destroy it in every way possible.  This was an unconscious action for them, part of their everyday routine.” 


2. They have an emotional detachment from other people, no matter how strong the relationships or how involved they are with others.  They feel they are observing life from a distance.  For them, other people do not have the same life-giving vitality and feelings of well-being that they sense inside of themselves.  Consequently, bonding in normal human terms of relying upon, needing, or depending on another is not of major significance to them.

  Again, “No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to connect with many people on a deep level. I feel deeply grateful for the love and attention I have received from others; I know its genuine coming from those people...but its not fulfilling...I don’t rely on others for my happiness or fulfillment.  I remembered early on in this life that I couldn’t do that.”

   They do not get sad or feel sorrow or loss.  On some level, because they identify with water, they sense that love, like water   is never lost.  It just changes form.  Love is everywhere and not a function of relationships; it is independent.


3. Even though they are detached socially, they can easily feel one with another person.  They can feel that the life inside of another person is alive inside of them as well.  For them, it is natural to give and to nourish the life inside another person, to treat it with respect and care.  

   In some cases, this leads to great empathy because they actually can sense what is going on inside of another person, even when the other is not present. 

  One woman: “I can find common ground with anyone and feel loved and can give love to them. I feel an instinctive “need” to encourage and nurture people I meet... I have a lot of empathy (formerly to a fault, but I am guarding myself a little more now as to not be taken advantage of).”

4. For many undine women, time in the outer world is not real.  It does not exist.  The present does not proceed from the past and move into the future.  Rather, the past, present, and future are simultaneously together within the same landscape of time. 

   In this landscape, the events of my life are already interconnected and interwoven.  There is a continuity and naturalness to life.  Life unfolds from an inexhaustible, inner source.  If I lose something important to me at one point in my life, it can be found again later during another stage.

     Another person put it this way: “Well-being, for me, is a sense of timelessness--no outside goals or explanations are needed to justify how I experience things in the present.  Nothing needs to be connected to the present moment of perception.  I am absolutely in my own timeless space when I paint, garden, or hang out with my partner.  This comes through to me as a feeling.  I do not have to think when I am just doing and experiencing things.” 

     For these individuals, even relationships do not really end.  What is begun in one relationship can be carried on and fulfilled in another relationship.  They frequently say that they enjoy many people and that it is hard to choose someone to marry: They find it naturally interesting to be around all kinds of people.  If the relationship comes to an end, they are often very generous and compassionate in talking about their former partner.

    Undine women may feel that they have always felt the same inside of themselves their entire life regardless of how old they are: “When I was four I didn’t feel any different than I feel now.  I feel like you could take me and put me into that little four year old body and it is still me.  And I know that I will feel the same when I am older.”

   In brief, they have a sense of time that is completely open.  They are not running out of time.  They are not rushing through time to get someplace.  They may comment, “Time for me is not like it is for other people who say that they have so many hours and have to get so much done.”  Consequently, they do not define their self worth in terms of what they accomplish or the goals they pursue.

  Another woman: “Thank you for putting this into words for me...I’ve been struggling to explain that one to myself and others for a long time! Especially the part of not feeling any different now from when I was a child...Agreed again 10000%”

    Looking back on their experience, they see that the course of their lives was in no way predictable, and yet they also feel that whatever has happened to them has happened for a reason. 


5. They often feel that other people are drained of life, as if they are not fully alive.  It is like others’ life force batteries are always running in the red.  There is no surge of energy flowing through them.  They have heartbeats but the heartbeat of nature is not beating within them. 

  For example, undine women can have a meaningful, intimate, satisfying, and passionate relationship with another person.  The other person meets their personal needs. 

  But if they looked carefully at the other independent of their personal needs, the other person is like a piece of driftwood thrown up on the shore: the person can be beautiful, artful, majestic, and fascinating, but he is still like the driftwood—out of touch with life.  How do you share with someone who can not feel as you feel the beauty of the sky and ecstasy in the waves breaking on the shore?

   In normal relationships, partners may get bored or feel a relationship is no longer satisfying for some reason and then move on.  But for undine women, all men are inevitably unsatisfying.  The men never feel the life that is so alive within the undine woman.  Consequently, men are incapable of returning the same kind and degree of affection and empathy.  In spite of this imbalance, undine women continue to be giving to whoever they are with.

  One woman: “There is so much life and vitality, creative and artistic life to be lived.  But in others there is something missing as if they do not feel supported from within—they go on ticking life away not even know how much is missing...Not even knowing that they weren’t fulfilled... But I still give, I always give, and I accept with deep gratitude what is given to me...I know that men will always dissatisfy me, but I usually justify it by knowing I can satisfy them and teach them something. I will always Love.”

6.  Undine women do not feel alienation or isolation.  They are quite content and enjoy feeling independent.  They feel like they are from a time or a place where people feel less needy, dependent, and clingy.

    Though empathic—able to feel what others feel--they still have a very hard time understanding why women do not know how to be as receptive as and to flow like water.  They do not understand why women who are hurt by someone would want to hurt the other person in return.   The idea of being revengeful, vindictive, hateful, or negative totally escapes them.  For them, these are alien concepts. 

   Women, like humanity itself, are like prisoners on a prison island who have no escape plan.  They are desperate.  Though surrounded by a sea of love, they simply do not sense their inner connections—the sea is not alive within them.

   Women sometimes sense that undine women are different—more loving, free, easy going, and naturally affectionate.  Consequently, some undine women have had bad experiences in which some women have been jealous for no reason.         


7. Undine women do not have goals in the normal sense.  They feel that the important things in life will come of their own accord.  When opportunities do arrive, they respond and participate fully, becoming involved.  But then they are also ready to move on. Experience is not something you accumulate and possess.  It is something that flows through you. 

  One woman: “I just take each opportunity as it comes to me and I’ve ended up here in this extremely powerful and exciting place; I am extremely grateful for it...I don’t float aimlessly as some see it.  I just gain what I can from one experience and move on to the next that presents itself.”

8. They are not attached to their physical body.  The body is like the shores of a river.  It is important in that it is what guides the flow of water.  But the shores have little importance when the river is no longer present.  Therefore, death has little fear for them:  

   “I was thinking today about funerals. I never understood the attachment humans have with these dead vehicles (bodies).  I feel the departed souls and see them and try to encourage them to celebrate their new journey.”

   Death is not to be feared or even of major importance.  It is merely a transition.  “Death does not have the significance for me that it has for other people.  It is not that important,” said another undine woman.   

   Another woman: “I’ve been thinking about my funeral since I was about age eight. More for other people then myself.  Namely, what I could plan to make my funeral more entertaining and pleasurable for others. I’m almost excited to leave this place...(I am also happy to be here and gain/give all I can and need to  as well, but when I make the transition it will be a positive, normal thing).”

   If the water of life flows strong, then what is happening is right.  If the waters of life flow weak, then something is wrong.  This is their morality in its best sense.  They understand that lust is essential for love, that lust and love are entwined and perfectly natural. 

   If what you are doing makes you feel alive, then it is right.  If what you are doing makes you feel weak, then it is wrong.  This principle defines the sacred.  In practice, however, it is not necessarily any easier for them to find which way to flow.  Life is as complex for a mermaid woman as for anyone else.  But they usually sense before others when it is time to move on. 

     An additional factor is that they are uninhibited when it comes to sexuality or nudity.  They do not like to wear bathing suits when they enter the water.  One woman: “Bathing suits are the bane of my existence....and nudity and sexuality are big factors in my life.”


9. They feel a compulsion to heal and to nurture the people around them, even at their own expense.  They do what they can to help others feel happy, content, satisfied, and gratified.  They do this because they sense that this is what life is all about. Sometimes they are told they are the most loving person the other person has ever met.

    But being loving in no way implies that they feel a debt to someone when it is time to move on or to let go.  Giving does not imply attachment.  They are not codependent.  And again, though very loving as mothers, they do not feel attached to their children.  They simply do not comprehend the idea of being possessive or controlling or needing to determine the course of another’s life. 

   All the same, they may be aware that others unconsciously may act as emotional vampires, trying to take the energy the undine women seem to be willing to give in excess.  Consequently, you may notice at times that they looked drained while those around them or their families are unusually bright and full of life.  


10. Because they are giving, highly empathic, and receptive, they are usually active in some psychic way.  For example, they may interact consciously with others while dreaming; they may change the energy in the people around them; they may sense or send energy to people at a distance; they may be good at reading other people or sensing what others are like inside; and they may be quite gifted in seeing the future.   

    All of which is to say they perform some regular set of psychic activities without having to even think about it.  It is just something natural that they do. 

     One woman is active on a high level: “I’ve been working on telekinesis lately rolling objects.  It is coming along well.  I need to work on my consistency and discipline.  I am also practicing telepathy and clairvoyance.”

11. They tend to be very secretive or shy about talking to others about what they sense and feel.  Their acute receptivity makes them different and it makes them vulnerable.  How do you explain to other people what is so utterly natural and right—being able to feel others’ emotions or sense their energy?

    For example, “Interacting with others is a learning process. It is why we are here.  All the same I find it extremely difficult to be fully understood by others.” And also, “I am quite secretive, but that mostly because I realize others won’t understand.”


12. And finally, they have a heightened appreciation for the senses of taste, smell, and touch.  Some of them who are active on the astral plane realize that taste and smell in our world are very special sensations that are in no way as strong on the inner planes.  Consequently, you may notice them exploring new tastes and smells, appreciative of them while they still have them.    

   One woman I did a photo shoot with who was new to Hawaii was constantly getting me to stop at roadside food stands to try every fruit she had never seen before.

   Another woman: “I am very adventurous with my food and pay special attention to the smell of everything.  If I don’t like how something or someone smells, then I don’t like it or them...period. (This doesn’t mean I don’t have LOVE for that person. It just means I would rather not be around them.  That is natural, isn’t it??). I take extra care of how I smell, and I explore every new kind of taste sensation I can.”



                  Sixteen Traits of Undine Queens  




Mermaids generally take on the vibration of some aspect of water in nature.  This can be a stream, a river, a mountain pool, a lake, an ocean bay, a sea, etc.  In other words, if you stood in front of a woman with a mermaid’s aura you might feel the cool, calm vibration of a mountain pool, the renewing, flowing, releasing feeling of a small stream, or perhaps the spray of white caps streaming in the wind during a gale on the high seas.

   The undine queens, by contrast, have auras that are a magnetic field of energy.  The queens are more developed, skilled in magic, and possess a broader range of abilities.  They tend to embrace water in all aspects as it exists on earth.  

  Some of the undine queens possess qualities that we might describe as divine missions.  Their very existence represents a treasure of spirit or an offer to become transformed in a way that only the divine world could have conceived.

   In this sense, they are more than nature or, to put it more accurately, they embody secret purposes hidden within nature. 


The undine queens offer unknown paths of spirit no religion or culture on earth has as of yet surveyed, defined, or considered.  Isaphil could say, “You will be far more successful and accomplish far more if inside your souls you felt one with the universe.  In fact, you would attain more than you can dream or imagine.”     


The Traits


1. The undine queens automatically sense the deepest desires and dreams within others and spontaneously offer a vision or dream in which an individual can enter to feel the completion of these things. 


Her smile invades the soul—it stalks every dark desire that  lurks forgotten and unknown. 


Her smile calls and invites each of us to partake of the deepest desires, to feel them, to satisfy them, and to fulfill them in order to know the depths of our own heart.         


Time is a sea.  And for those who perceive its depths, they see where every need will be met and every dream fulfilled.  Like a navigator who plots a ship’s course, the heart charts with purity and love a path to its home port.


The magnetic fluid is nurturing and fulfilling.  This is a magical ability not known by your race. You sense the deepest need, desire, or dream in another and then nurture it until it is fulfilled.  It is the nature of the magnetic fluid.  It is what it does. It is the nature of the magnetic fluid of the waters of the earth to do this.  It is my nature to do this.




2. The undine queens can often sense your future as well.  The future is a function of necessity, need, and desire.  The vibration of water, with its stillness, purity, and clarity acts like a magic mirror producing images of how your dreams and desires will one day manifest in specific situations. 

  Obviously, they also have thoughts about the future of mankind:


Unless the human race develops knowledge of the inner spiritual worlds equal to its knowledge of science and technology in the outer world, it will encounter chaos. The soul of humanity will be like a piece of paper torn into four pieces and then cast into the wind. 


But also:


I need no sage or theologian to tell me that one day women will love with the power and the beauty the sea holds—for they will discover that my touch, my sight, and my heart are hidden within their own.



3. The undine queens auras are magnetic fields that can easily expand to extend to any part of the planet.  The undine queens use the magnetic field of water and the earth as a medium to extend their sensory perception. 

   In a cosmic perspective, an undine queen when she is in a physical body has the greatest range of sensory perception of any creature in our galaxy.  She can easily sense anyone on earth instantly and determine an individual’s nature and qualities without need for thought or analysis.


For Istiphul, the feeling of her etheric body is this watery magnetism.  Except there is this difference.  Though she may have the form of a woman, she feels as if her etheric body extends though all the waters of the earth.  Anything that water on earth touches she feels as if she touches it also.  Anything that has water in it she can feel also. 

With Istiphul’s etheric vibration within my own etheric body, I try imagining someone.  Immediately, I can sense this individual’s aura, body, soul, emotions, etc.  I ask a question, Why does this individual feel as she does about her friend? It is as if the woman’s feelings are my own.  I can understand her because I sense myself inside of her.   



4. Since an undine’s magnetic aura passes through anyone near to her or through anyone she focuses on, their auras then act like a magnet, magnetizing and influencing the aura of anything near to them.  The queens in effect harmonize and align with the other’s aura to their own. 

   Since the undines exist within nature, they are more a part of eons of geological time rather than the ages of history.  They often live for millions of years.  Consequently, contact with them can easily take an individual into a timeless dimension.  Reference to human culture and values are easily forgotten.

   This means that for someone who is impressionable, off guard, or weak, there is a great danger of becoming unduly influenced by the undine.  That is, your aura can be influence by her so that you do not realize the extent the water element is becoming stronger and the other elements weaker inside of you.    

   In short, they have perfect receptivity to your needs with the power to transform you into the person you are meant to be. 

   However, the great flaw of humanity is that we take more than we give.  We do this with each other, with nature, with the planet, and also with all manner of divine beings and spirits.  We act as if the universe owes us.  Approaching the undine queens with this attitude would be a very great mistake. 

   You have to bring to them great power of will, wisdom, purpose and sensitivity if you are going to survive their superhuman beauty.  Their beauty will enchant you if you are weak, destroying your contact with reality, or enhance you if you are strong, empowering your purposes to manifest against all odds.        


With a single note of music, she can beckon the flowing essence of the entire sea—in all its languid and tranquil receptivity and nourishing presence—to caress her shoulders, to shine from her breasts, or to shimmer in the soft curves of her hips.  So when it comes to spells of enchantment, or to wagering sheer will power against the distilled essence of beauty, we might do well to place our bets on Istiphul.  When it comes to magical, ocean-styled erotic arts and sensory bliss, Istiphul’s skill has no equal on earth.


Yet being the object of an undine’s love has its downside. Ahmed let slip his systematic quest for knowledge.  His scientific methodology and his magical will were both compromised.   

 Ahmed found mysteries enough in being with his mistress.  The rest of the world seemed gray by comparison next to the light shining from Istiphul’s face.  Even that city, Isfahan, where he dwelt, that city of splendor and unmatched beauty, it grew pale and uninteresting.  When Istiphul sang to him he forgot where he was.

   What happened then was this: rather than being the leviathan of a mental giant with a great will searching the universe, Ahmed’s will weakened.  It became enough to enter the sea with his mind and to float, dream, and drift with Istiphul by his side—her body’s magnetic field caressing and illuminating his heart and soothing every nerve and fiber of his being. 



5. Being highly receptive, the undine queens lack ambition as we understand it.  They can seek to perfect themselves in terms of the visions of love that water promotes.  Yet all the same, it is their nature to automatically enhance, amplify, or increase the electrical fluid, that is, the will power in someone who interacts with them. 


With Osipeh, I can sense right away that she changes her aura to strengthen her connection to me.  She perceives that energy circulates naturally when you bring together opposites like the separate poles of a battery.  And so she responds in a way that amplifies the attraction between us. 

  “Her body is a magnetic field of energy and the electrical charge is your desire and will.


Osipeh’s physical and emotional response actually increases your power—you have more energy and strength.


As compared to the pure receptivity of her etheric and astral bodies, Istiphul’s mental body is extremely powerful and dynamic.  Her basic ability here is that she aligns and modulates her own magnetic field of energy in such a way so as to heighten the power within another individual.  She takes desire and brings it to its full strength and intensity.  She takes an inner vision, some secret need, dream, or potential, a secret talent, a latent ability within the other person and empowers it so that it is seen and experienced with great clarity.  



6. The undine queens possess abilities that are far in advance of the human race in terms of love, clairsentience, bliss, peace, ecstasy, and feeling.  They are like teachers waiting for an intelligent species to appear on earth wise enough to learn what they have to teach. 

  For example, Istiphul can create micro busts of ecstasy within all the muscles of the body.  It is like the muscles spasm not from pain but from bliss.  In this sense, the undines have the ability to create superhuman pleasure. 


In my realm, sunlight plays with the waves in a thousand ways.  I will teach you to sleep and sink miles deep, to dream you are caressed by the breath of moonlight, until all you feel is peace.  And then you shall awake as a song singing in a curling wave ready to break, to dance in a wild splash of foam and spray, laughing, the tension in the surface of an entire ocean releasing in a sigh and roar of relief.


Istiphul touches my left forearm with her right hand and it feels as if she is touching every nerve in my body.  Every aspect of my self is drawn together by her touch.  The sensation in her fingers pulses through me with an invitation to let go as strong as the brash, swift grasp of a riptide or an undertow.


Istiphul has something to add.  She says, “Place your hand in water and feel it connecting you to all the seas on the earth.  Become a billion waves dancing to a thousand separate winds.  To know me is to learn to perceive as I do.  For a moment, let go and be as me—the soul of the sea.”


Again I call and Istiphul appears.  She says to me, “I would steal the sorrow from your heart with a kiss.”  Then Istiphul kisses me and I enter a dream.  I hear my heart beating and another heartbeat, that of the whole ocean beating in rhythm to my own.  And though our lips touch but for a moment, in truth, she kisses my body all over a thousand times, with a thousand kisses from a thousand goddesses. 

You may well laugh and ask me, “How can you exaggerate like that?”  I am not exaggerating when I say that touch contains magic and that an immortal, a queen of the undines such as Istiphul, has magic in great supply.



7. The queens have no ego as we understand and use ego.  Their default mode of awareness is just to feel a part of water in nature.  They can make decisions, evaluate, think, plan, act decisively, etc.  But they have no specific identity they cling to as if it were something they need to defend or enhance. 

   Yet the undine queens have specific, identifiable personalities.  They are like beautiful, vivacious, loving, and receptive women.  But again in any moment if they relax their awareness is no longer centered in a specific point in space but rather across a vast expanse of watery energy.

   In other words, one moment you are talking to a beautiful woman and the next instant her personality is no longer there. If you follow her consciousness, she has become one in her awareness with an artic bay, an ocean trench, a river, a sea, etc.  And then in the next instant she is back completely focused on you.


Being with Istiphul is being in a place that sings of waves, tides, and the depths of the sea.  When Istiphul relaxes as she is doing now, her aura is nearly indistinguishable from a vast expanse of ocean.  To be with her is to be aware of only the sounds, scents, and sensations of waves stretching from horizon to horizon.  And out here at night, on the high seas with no trace of humanity, there is an ancient peace.  It is older than the land masses, yet it seeks to be awakened and to share its heart. 


But you have to consider who you are dealing with.  Istiphul is joined to all the waters of the earth.  She brings immense magical abilities to her work.  You could consider her an artist who creates beauty from what is hidden within others.  The need to defend personal boundaries in order to define identity is not part of her experience.   



8. In the communication technique called active listening an individual gives his full attention to another person.  An undine queen gives her full attention to another person through a magically enhanced capacity for feeling: she senses what you sense, feels what you feel, reads the thoughts and images in your mind as if they are her own. 

   When you are with an undine queen, everything that you are is a part of her.  Without effort, she uses the power of water to overcome separation and to unite opposites.  The undine queen Istiphul, for example, creates a magical space that enables to souls to unite from within.  This aspect of femininity is far in advance of what our race has thus far achieved.     



The ecstasy of water is not yet perfectly clear to you—to become one with anyone or anything freely, without limitation or hesitation. There is no threat involved, no danger to oneself, no fear, nothing scary here. 

   Being one with the waters of the earth, the individual I unite with becomes one with me. I am the waters of the earth in this moment and the person is a part of me.  The ecstasy is in the freedom to flow without limitation, to join without hesitation.   




9. Undine queens sense the waters of the oceans to carry the vibration of love and thus the capacity to become one.  They exist within the sea and identify with it.  Consequently, for an undine queen love is never lost and so they give all of themselves in every moment. 


As the story mentions, “They are never building anything.  They do not make things.  They have rank and power.  This is clear.  But no one is ordering anyone else to do something. There is no strife, no competition, no striving, and no struggle. 

“They can learn a great deal and very quickly, but they do not test their own boundaries.  They do not seek to overcome their own limitations.  Yet the best is that they know how to let go: they can feel the entire sea flow through their souls in any moment.  And as they do this the only things that exist are the sensations, the feelings, and the vibrations of being one with the whole.”      


It is not that the magnetic fluid itself has consciousness. But through it you, I, and we can become one with everything all at once, with each other, with the waters of the world, and with the past, present, and future.  The locus of consciousness is not the individual soul or identity. The consciousness itself is within and sustained by the magnetic fluid.  The individual extends his or her awareness to join with it and to extend without limitation through it.  There is then a oneness without reference back to oneself though one is completely alert and aware of the process and what is occurring and what is within it. 

   In short, it is to feel one with everything as a deep, rich, intense, and overpowering experience, completely natural, not transcendent but perfectly real in the here and now.  We touch, we feel, we perceive.  We also touch, feel, and perceive oneness. It is just as real and just as present.




10. And yet there is passion: for the undine queens, the entire sea is alive and longs to share love:


                                An Undine’s Prayer


          Wild winds wash over me

          Caress the breasts of these waves

          With ripples running free

          Take me, ravish me

          With your kiss of bliss

          With your hips of thunder

          Spread your fingers on my skin

          As you dip your tongue

          Into my troughs and crests

          I throb, my body rolls over

          Bound to your heartbeat

          My tides rise higher

          Your breath stirs my currents

          As your lips fly, hover, and then dive

          Into my waves and thighs

          As your hunger invades my inner recesses.

          Oh, for a mortal lover

          With the passion of the wind

          To feel his eyes burn

          As they glide upon my naked skin

          His desires sinking down into my depths.

          Lord of the Winds

          Search the earth for a lover

          Relentless to discover my ecstasy,

          Sounding sea--anoint me with your heart’s blood

          That I may know such love,

          Running wavesrise and break

          In sighs and cries until he comes.


“Right now, there is nothing in me but receptivity to your desire.  As I touch your arm, you feel the silent longing in the depths of the sea to love and to be loved.”



11. The queens have a wide range of emotional responses: they combine timeless wisdom with uninhibited sensuality, innocent purity with erotic mastery, beauty with powerful magic, majesty with pure delight, the enthusiasm of youth with knowledge of the  biosphere, mesmeric interaction, and an identification with the waters of the oceans and the earth.


Isaphil glances at me.  “I am fully awake and alert, but I am also dreamlike and wistfully lost in impressions and fanciful dances.  I am sharp, on the cutting edge of each moment, but also already a part of anyone who draws near to me.  I find their reflection in my heart and I blend with their being.

“I am still like the night sky and yet also caressing like a mother or a lover.  I can enfold you with my receptive charms and I can also show you your past, present, and future.

“I am as receptive as the ocean, as soft as moonlight.  I am as still as a diamond and as sharp, as flowing as a dream, as tender as a rose, and as much a part of you as the treasures hidden in your own heart.”



12. When you are with an undine queen such as Istiphul, sex is not at issue.  There is an exchange of the magical electrical and magnetic fluids of the masculine and feminine spirits.  Like sex, your attention is focused on each other.  The physical world vanishes.  One’s identity vanishes.  You are in a magical realm. 


Come away with me and be free of need.


She sits beside me and I feel the touch of her hand.  Again, there is a marvelous connection.  Being in her presence is like entering a world of pure sensation and bliss.  It is encountering the dream of peace concealed in the depths of the sea.


The only thing in your awareness is this light within you and how it is being nourished, received, contained, sheltered, and amplified through the powers of bliss, pleasure, ecstasy, rapture, and wonder.  If you can not go into these states of awareness, you do not want to go near Istiphul.  These things happen because nature contains these things and Istiphul embodies these powers in her body.  

Istiphul has no agenda.  She simply uses all her skills to bring to fruition what is inside of another.  She does not try to remake them or get them to do or be something they are not.  She is not after using the other person in some way to meet her own desires or needs.  Her astral body has one purpose: to see clearly and to fulfill the innermost desires and dreams within another. 


She watches me as if she were the sea forever unknown and unknowable and I a sailor with implacable will bent on discovering her treasures.  She then touches her moist finger to the center of my palm and begins sliding it in a circle. 

Like a man hypnotized and told that when he awakens he will be in another place—I am taken to the astral plane and into the heart of Istiphul’s domain.  I feel like I have dwelt here by Istiphul’s side for countless ages, that I am a king and she is my queen in a realm of magic and dream hidden in the depths of the sea.

I have to be completely honest with you.  Among the elemental beings, the undines and some of the sylphs are outrageously invasive and flirtatious.  Their prime directive might as well be to see to what extent, through pleasure and magical empathy, they can cause another’s aura to blend with their own.     

Then again, is nature so different?  Does the wind ask the sailor which way he plans to sail before it blows?  Do the tides ask permission before they rise?  Do the rivers seek advice on how to flow to the sea, or do they request permission when they plan a flood?  Neither does love hesitate if given a chance to invade our lives. 


With this note ringing within my ears, it is easy to forget who I am.  A few seconds pass, perhaps a few minutes—suddenly I am no longer sure if these few moments were actually two or three years.  Did I trade my body for that of a dolphin, frolicking and playing near reefs and further out at sea?  Just now I say to myself, “Ah, I remember.  I am actually a human being!”



13. For undine queens, time is not linear. Past, present, and future are joined.  Time is a sea without shores.    


The magnetic fluid is a part of the past, present, and future.  They are all one.  Time is an illusion that human beings participate in and perpetuate.

    It is not that there is not movement in the present and new things occurring. It is rather that we are already in and a part of the future and the past as well.  Consciousness perceiving through the magnetic fluid has no boundaries that limit its perception and experience.

    Human beings treat the present moment like it is a dictator with totalitarian control over everything. But the present moment is more like a stream: it flows and it flows because the water upstream continuously keeps coming and it flows because it is a part of the water that is downstream. There is one stream and one flow of water in motion; consciousness is the entire stream.

    Who is more real? The person who is now or the person who is now in the future or the person who is now in the past?

               The magnetic fluid does not see a difference.

      Action occurs in the present.  But action also extends/flows through the entire stream.




14. The undine queens embody the  characteristics of the magnetic fluid—they are utterly empty of form, that is, totally receptive, so open and giving that they can contain within themselves any other consciousness, nurturing, supporting, sheltering, empowering it to attain to its highest vision. 


The Magnetic Fluid


Within water is also a more subtle presence called the magnetic fluid.  It is similar to the way the flow of blood produces a magnetic field in and around the body.  If you can sense or feel auras, you can probably pick this up as well. 

   One way of sensing the magnetic fluid is by placing your mind within water.  Then you focus on the bonding, attracting, and contracting qualities of the water.  Remove the sensation of water and focus on these qualities alone and you may be able to sense a magnetic field of energy. 

     The magnetic fluid is cool, soothing, contracting, and attracting. It is nurturing and supportive. It contains within itself so as to shelter and to protect. Instead of being intense and explosive, it is rhythmic, gentle, and receptive.  It possesses healing power. 

    In psychological terms, it is empathic, sensitive, and responsive.  It is kind and tender.  It draws together, bonds, joins, and unites. 

    On a mental level, it can place itself within or make itself a part of another person to the extent that it can sense the entirety of the other’s life within itself.  It seeks to heal, complete, and make whole whatever it touches or influences.    

    In this sense, it is nearly incomprehensible receptive—it is utterly open and empty while at the same giving life to others.  It is so encompassing, it can embrace, shelter, and protect anything. 

    In spiritual terms, then, it reaches toward embracing, all-encompassing love.  It presents us with feelings of wonder, ecstasy, and beauty.  This feminine awareness reveals the deepest mysteries at the core of the self. 

   We could say that peace, happiness, contentment, serenity, well-being, delight, affection, tenderness, sensuality, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, compassion, and love are qualities that are present when the magnetic fluid is operating successfully.   

    This magnetic fluid is present in men and women, though women tend to have a much higher and more natural charge of it.  Becoming aware of it directly strengthens it and allows us to make it an active part of our consciousness. 

     Obviously, if a person’s mind is influenced by the magnetic fluid it is easy to try to bring out the best in other people.  Instead of viewing others from a position of competition and insecurity, a person’s mind is empathic, sensitive, and caring.   

     Though largely unknown in our world, the feminine essence or magnetic fluid is so receptive, so giving it has power over everything because it is the source that gives birth to all of life.  The magnetic or feminine essence also controls its opposite—the electric fluid.  In geopolitical terms, those who master the feminine mysteries are able to take responsibility for the unfolding of the world—they have the capacity to guide, inspire, and also set boundaries on all acts of executive power. 

   Almost all of Western civilization is focused on acting on and producing results in the external world.  We have an extroverted civilization.  The magnetic fluid holds a different vision.  It has a direct, inner connection to anything that exists.  It is able to feel and be a part of anyone simply by extending its magnetic field into and around another anywhere on earth. 

   The electric fluid has the power, for example, through nuclear weapons, to destroy the world.  The electric in itself does not know how to recreate the world through love.  The magnetic has this specific power: it can join and unite, not through propaganda, beliefs, or ideology, but rather though a heart to heart connection to others.  Just as there are no limits on the yield of a hydrogen bomb, there are no limits on the influence of the magnetic fluid to create peace and love. 



15. Undine Queens, like all undines, are composed solely of the water element.  They do not possess the element of akasha or pure spirit that is within every human being.  They do not possess a human conscience.  Their love is more profound than ours.  But it is like water: it flows naturally.  It does not extend where it is not received or wanted. 

  This means, among other things, they almost never initiate contact with humanity.  They do not intervene.  They are not here to help us out, assist us, or promote some agenda that furthers our development and growth. 

   If someone is in the ocean and drowning, they may offer assistance and “save” that individual from drowning.  But an individual in the ocean is in a small part already in reach of the realm of undines.

  An undine queen may say, “Love is common currency in all spiritual realms.” But that does not mean she feels an obligation to assist you.  But she will freely interact with you if you present yourself in her realm and you indeed are receptive to profound love.   Most human beings are not so receptive and so are definitely not within the reach of undine feeling or their sphere of responsibility.   

Do I regret not having a divine spirit?  I have been created and commissioned to fulfill a mission.  I exist to fulfill a task.  You know there are beings greater and more powerful than you.  All of us are a part of the beauty and mystery of this planet. 

The regret you imagine me to have is a human emotion.  I search myself but I can not find it within me.  I am aware that our separate evolutions have different destinies.  But I am also aware that love triumphs over all obstacles.  It calls each being to become more than it is now, more than it can imagine or envision.  Such love already speaks to me in my dreams. 


If I had an akashic body as you do, the first thing I would do would be to form a community of those who sense that the sea is full of energy.  We would have great festivals and celebrations in which water as a symbol and as a vibration is understood to be sacred. 

We would offer these gifts to humanity: clairsentience, healing power, the joy of love, the ways of becoming one with another, the nature and depths of love as seen from an undine’s perspective, empathy as a divine ability intended to transform humanity, the ability to overcome all separation, the undine’s gift of seeing the future, of entering a dream so it is completely real in the here and now, the ability to sense the deepest treasures at the core of the self, and of course the ability to hold in your consciousness an awareness of all the waters of the earth at once. 

I would establish this on earth so that your race tastes in full measure our beauty and grace.  But lacking a human soul, I have no commission to do these things.  I am forbidden to intervene at my own discretion without a human being acting either as a medium or as a representative of my domain.



16. As compared to the other three elements, the spirits of water and in particular the undine queens have been in the past beyond the reach of human poets, writers, sages, seers, prophets, etc.  Read the many stories and fairy tales of mermaids and often mermaids appear to share human emotions such as being jealous, possessive, vindictive, and greedy.  And to boot, writers like J. K. Rowlings present them as ugly. 

                      This is absolute nonsense.  Historical fairy tales about mermaids are, for the most part, disinformation, completely false, and designed to lead away from the realm of mermaids and not toward it. 

   There are no ugly mermaids.  And mermaids do not experience human emotions such as jealousy, fear, sorrow, greed, or anything remotely similar to being vindictive. 

    There are dangerous mermaids to be sure.  Embodying the vibration of water, some mermaids have the vibration of whirlpools, tsunamis, choppy waves, stormy seas, etc.  But this is just nature.  There is no malice or ill will in any way present in them. 

   As one mermaid woman said, “Total love in every moment is what I am all about.”  Writers of fairy tales and mythology seem unable to imagine such as thing.  Human beings see the sea as something they can not control and so it appears to be dangerous; as if the sea were a mirror into which they gaze, the negativity they see is the negativity within themselves; the mirror reveals the part of themselves they are afraid to know.  The love within the realm of mermaids is a place where the human heart has been unwilling to go.     



Job Opening: Guardian of the Gate

(See Divine Missions:

Requirements: ability to investigate, judge, and end any abuse of mermaids/undines by human magicians. 

Method: be available to undine queens or other sources of information (such as your own psychic monitoring) to locate individuals whose intent is to interfere in an inappropriate manner with undines/mermaids. 

  See the same method for Referee job position:

 See A Mermaid’s Story under chapter six of my on line undine empathy course.  If you have power, there is always the capacity to abuse that power.  What is required, whether it is a corporation, a politician, a nation, an individual, or equally a magician is for someone to be vigilant and observe when abuse is happening. And then to intervene in accordance with human and divine law.    

 At times, failure to intervene results in the end of a planetary civilization.  It does not matter how wealthy, excellent, noble, or advanced your civilization is, if you do not strive equally for justice (a Saturn thing), then everything is at risk.

Advantages: The undine queens all know who you are and are willing to cooperate with you.  The judges of Saturn know who you are and are willing to cooperate with you.  In effect, you have an insider’s knowledge of the karma and wisdom governing the unfolding of your world. 

 Disadvantages: A sheriff arrests and a judge jails offenders, that is, takes them off line.  There is some risk involved. 


Email Question: I am curious as anything about how a human magician can upset or commit a crime against an undine?  It just doesn't seem possible, or at least I can't conceive the how of how a magician can do something like that.  Is it intentional, deliberate, or accidental?


Response: Magicians can evoke spirits and elemental beings.  Bardon lists the most powerful of the elemental beings.  But there are many less powerful undines for example. All the way down to fragile as in delicate and without much energy or will.

   Bardon also mentions how you can create elemental beings and how to do that. So you create an elemental being made out of water and put it in the corner of your room. You could just as easily, for some people, summon an undine and put her in the corner of your room.  Both are made of water.  One is your creation. The other is similar but out there on the astral plane. 

  If she is stuck in the corner of your room, she is unable to interact with some of her "friends" for example who might be in the form of a human woman but possessing an undine soul.  Complaints are made. I hear about them.

  If Obama summons you to the White House you do not have to go. But if you are summoned to appear in court and you don't go the judge may put out a bench warrant for you and the next time you get a traffic ticket you get arrested on the bench warrant and end up in court.  So even human beings get summoned under certain conditions.

  It might be easier to think of plants. Plants respond to thoughts as in you can attach something like a lie detector to them and then track the electrical resistance in them when you think positive thoughts versus negative thoughts. If you play Bach plants tend to grow better than if you play rock music.  You can probably if you have skill get plants to grow much faster if you are feeding them energy and good thoughts and similarly you can probably get them to die if you think very bad thoughts about them and suck their energy out every time you think of them. 

  So a not very powerful undine can be influenced by a magician. Human magicians tend to specialize in will power.  They then approach nature with the intent to get it to do something according to their will and according to their purposes. Human beings also have a very powerful tendency, if you haven't noticed, to enjoy enslaving others to their will.  They do this with each other.  If they know how they sometimes also do it with elemental beings. 

   Bardon mentions in his second book that a magical dagger can be used to kill a demon. That is, destroy its being, its spirit. No more demon. There is an interaction between the beings of different evolutions.  Just as human beings are vulnerable to each other, I mean, how many murders go on in the U.S every year? Any being made out of substance, whether flesh and blood or astral earth, air, fire, and water is vulnerable in some way. 

   My story, A Mermaid's Story, chapter four of my one line undine empathy course tells such a tale about a mermaid entrapped by a magician.  She does not hate the magician.  If you are a mermaid you can not stop loving otherwise you cease to be a mermaid. But you can be shocked by how cruel and savage human beings can be. She describes human beings as savages but that is her experience with them. And that does not stop her from continuously giving her love. 

  People can do very bad things. A community indicates its level of spiritual development to the extent it pursues justice among other things. Justice is not just a human invention.  It applies to the spiritual realms as well, especially when human beings get involved.

  The entire body of world literature on undines is basically disinformation or else there are, here and there, a few genuine  encounters described.  From my point of view, the entire human race has been forbidden to interact directly with the realm of mermaids in the past.  There are been a few exceptions but the descriptions of these experiences have been hidden.  Now, times change.  Bardon writes a book and guys like me come along and goes into great detail about what experiences and encounters with these beings are like. 

 Columbus discovers America.  Good for the economies of Europe. Very bad for the American Indians. If the Indians had powerful mediators and advocates capable of insuring fair interactions, they would have had a better outcome.  Saturn did not sink Europe beneath the waves or bury it under the sheet of ice from an ice age because of the way it abused American Indians.

  The human race may not be so lucky if a set of individuals goes around abusing beings in the elemental realms.  Therefore, unlike Europe where the colonists got away with their injustice if you wish to call it that, it would be very wise if there were magicians around who, like Texas Rangers, upheld the laws of the universe regarding justice and fair play.

   I get to write in great detail about my interactions with undines along with other elemental beings and spirits. I am tracking each and every mermaid that has acquired a human soul or who is a changeling occupying a human body who is alive right now on earth.  I want to actually video tape interviews with all of them. It is therefore no accident that I am an apprentice to the Judges of Saturn.  I get to open these gates and discuss these things openly because my commitment to justice and to fair play are continuously being prompted and tested by the Judges of Saturn.

  That is to say, I do not represent solely the interests of human beings when I write and do research. I represent the interests of the undine realm to the same degree. I try to balance the needs and purposes of both realms. One mermaid said to me that I have duel citizenship. I belong to both realms. Bardon often makes comments like that--"Through repeated mental wandering the magician will come to feel that this other realm is like a second home."    


Amtophul—the Salamander; the Masculine  Mysteries




In his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, Franz Bardon briefly describes the salamander Amtophul.  He says this salamander teaches the magic arts of fire and he teaches about magical authority within the kingdom of fire.  This spirit is equal in power to the other salamanders Bardon describes and can be dangerous to work with.  Then again, from my perspective, there is nothing in Bardon that is not dangerous. 

   My intent in this brief essay is to present a comparison to the on line correspondence class I am offering in undine empathy.  From my perspective, undine empathy has never been taught before on earth.  Until Bardon the entire realm of undine queens has been hidden from humanity.  This means that young women have not had access to the magnificent beauty and power that is inherent in femininity.   

   To better understand the undine empathy, the feminine mystery, it is helpful to contrast it with the masculine mystery.  In particular, this essay explores the similarity and differences between the sea of love exercise relating to undines and the sea of fire exercise relating to salamanders. 

  In one is the mystery of love that is simultaneously united with nature and with others—that is, an individual can use and join with the magnetism within the waters of the earth to strengthen and amplify one’s ability to love.

   In the other is the mystery of power.  Again, it is the ability to strengthen and amplify one’s will by using and joining with the element of fire as it exists in nature on this planet.  Though individual masters have embodied this fire of will, this too has never been openly taught before.      


Note: I received an email suggesting I add more in the way of warnings.  Namely, working with the fire element in general can produce certain side effects.  Among these are inflation of ego—like taking cocaine, an individual feels “larger than life.” Also, the fire may create feelings such as anger, rage, a desire to control and dominate others as well as tension, irritation, and exhaustion.  You may become hyper vigilant in regard to others violating your personal boundaries.  And you may acutely aware of and displeased with the subconscious desires motivating other people.   And it may produce the opposite-- a feeling of being helpless or a loss of feeling. 

    In other words, working with the fire element may be like getting hired for a high pressure job you thought you always wanted only to discover the boss is a dictator and you are controlled now more than ever.  Your power is vastly expanded but the power is not really you or a part of you.  But in dealing with any of the primal powers of creation, through deep meditation and psychic exploration, they transform from a purely impersonal force into something that expresses the desires of your heart.


Amtophul’s Outer Aura


Intense, very hot, burning.  Just by concentrating he can create fire.  It is the power to get inside of something and transform it from within—its magic is in its ability to see the most hidden things that compose or are the fundamental building blocks in whatever it is viewing; and then it puts forth the power to realign them, transform them, or make them into something different.    


From the light envision the future

From the fire, manifest it through will power

When obstacles confront you

Turn within, strengthen your energy 

Until no opposing force can endure your intensity



Inner Aura


Imagine far beneath the ground a sea of red, purple, and dark, ultraviolet fire.  The flames rise up continuously before you, extremely hot.

  This is a place where you go to meditate, not on how to see the future; rather, the meditation is about how to create what is to be.  


The Song of Fire


There is a fire so pure and clear

The thing you envision draws near

My power is the perfection of desire

I do not take what I want

I create what is sought

I do not bend, twist, and nullify

I blend, fuse, and fortify

I am the strength of the sun

Dancing on the horizon

I am the song of the stars

And the will of Mars

I am faith and conviction

Beyond the knowledge of priests or prophets

What others call magic

I call energy moving free

Manifesting what the heart dreams

When creation arose out of nothing

I was first on the scene

Whether visible or invisible

I hold the keys

There is nothing hidden from me




Mental Body: Think of this salamander spending millions of years dwelling within fire and concentrating on it so that his awareness of fire is ages old; he knows fire inside and out. 


Astral Body:  He shapes is astral body so that it becomes the actual sensory feeling/sensation of a sea of fire in concrete detail regarding its form, substance, strength, history, presence, etc.


Etheric Body: Here is the pressure, the expansive power itself of immense fire like a sea of fire beneath the ground.


Amtophul’s Inner Source of Inspiration


Fire creates light.  You can reverse engineer the fire also from the light—if you have the light you can figure out the fire it rises from. 

  His inner source of inspiration is a light that is so intense that it no longer arises from fire but is self-existent and can destroy and remake anything it touches. 


To create is to destroy and then remake

When all form dissolves

It is the divine that designs

The outcome through its will

Its alchemy is to be so empty

The purity redefines

Matter and energy, time and eternity

The work you create

Radiates a new harmony



Amtophul’s Tip: Fire is in motion.  Get a sense of how it originates, its movement, and to where it is going to get the sensation of intensity and heat. 


We can compare the way Amtophul empowers masculine consciousness and will to the undines’ sea of love and magnetic ball meditations.   I describe in detail the sea of love exercise in chapter four of my on line undine empathy class.  See

   The undines have a profound level of love and empathy almost unknown to humanity.  When they love, they do not reply solely on the feelings they posses as an individual.  Rather, they are first and always joined to an entire sea of love that flows in and through them without end.  They feel one with this sea of love and joined to the vibration of all the waters of the earth.

  An undine cannot stop loving.  If she did, she would cease to be an undine.  An undine does not experience loss or sorrow, because the love she expresses is not a function of her will or of a relationship—she simply opens up and allows to flow through her the immense and incomprehensible beauty and love that is in the energy underlying all the waters of the earth.  The human race has not yet discovered what is so obvious and experienced by all mermaids—love is everywhere and in every moment.

  However, in interviews with women with deep water in their auras, whether connected to undines or not, they describe the way they love in almost the exact same words: “Love is everything and I can never stop loving.”  

  When they love another, their feelings and energy touch and pass through the other without fear or need or greed.  “How can you ever stop loving someone even after they hurt you?” one mermaid woman asked. 

  This is quite different than the love we normally encounter in human beings.  But to understand its unique, nearly divine power, we can compare its opposite--to the equivalent masculine power derived from and found in the kingdom of salamanders, in this case, the salamander Amtophul.


Most people can not do or imagine or feel comfortable with this following exercise.  All the same, when you touch the divine in nature, whether it is feminine or masculine, it is always the power to create. 


The Exercise


Imagine far beneath the ground a sea of red, purple, and dark, ultraviolet fire.  The flames rise up continuously before you, extremely hot.

  Franz Bardon in chapter three of Initiation into Hermetics already has the student working with the four elements.  With fire he says, “…. imagine yourself in the center of the fiery element which, in the shape of a ball, envelops the whole universe.” Bardon has the beginning student doing far more than what I am suggesting here. 

  Get a very clear sense of the heat within the fire and its intensity.  You will need fiery hot energy because everything else derives from this sensation of heat.  It is power reaching whatever height of intensity and strength as is needed to accomplish its purposes.

   Bardon’s primary intent is for the student to develop the ability to concentrate on this sensation of heat.  It leads to the intensity and expansive power of fire. (For Bardon, without this mastery of the four elements on the astral plane, spiritual work is doomed to failure.) However, it is not until his third book, The Key to the True Quabbalah, that he specifically enunciates the various qualities of fire as they appear in the different cosmic letters. 

   What we have here in this exercise is an image of a sea of fire that involves metaphor, physical sensations, and feelings.  Metaphorically, from the fire is light and this light generated enables you to envision the future that you wish to come into being, fashioned from the deepest longings and dreams in the heart.  The fire itself produces will power:    


From the light envision the future

From the fire, manifest it through will power


I blend, fuse, and fortify

I am the strength of the sun

Dancing on the horizon

I am the song of the stars

And the will of Mars

I am faith and conviction

Beyond the knowledge of priests or prophets

What others call magic

I call energy moving free

Manifesting what the heart dreams


In high magic, it is absolutely essential to identify with Divine Providence.   After adequate training, this does not produce an inflation of ego, because in this practice there is absolutely no ego present.  You are not operating out of individual desire. 

  A Navy Seal may take great personal pride and pleasure in being on a mission.  But actually what is most important is not his feeling but the need and commitment to the mission.  The ecstasy is in giving one hundred per cent of your being to the purpose you seek to accomplish. 

   This is the masculine mystery.  It is not about ego or abusing power or dominating others.  There is no patriarchal abuse present since this power is not derived from or found within human civilization.  It is about recreating the world, even when you have to become absolutely nothing, unknown, and unappreciated and without support during the process. 

  In other words, when you join your consciousness to this sea of fire, you are uniting your self to the divine hidden within nature after the manner of a high ranking salamander; this is exactly analogous to what the undine queens do with the element of water.             

  Now imagine you are this entire sea of fire, intense, hot, burning, flames rising without end, the power and intensity without limitation.  There is no central point, no form of your body; no image of you; nothing to indicate your consciousness is present. You are the fire itself.  (Of course, an exercise like this takes place within a larger magical system of training and is balanced by work with the other three elements.)   




The exercise is now to take some project you have, some task to accomplish, some problem to solve, or a relationship to develop.   Place the person or all aspects of what you are considering in front of you and encompass them, be one with them from inside of them while remaining joined to this sea of fire. 

   Now work the meditation or contemplation.  The alchemy is to lay hold of and to grasp the deepest desire, need, longing, or dream and to stay with it, using the fiery heat and light to lead it to its perfection, the best outcome possible. 

  You want the most primal energy to undergo a process of purification through intensification until you see clearly and envision the future in the best way it is meant to be. 

  You have to capture the very depths of the desire or the deepest obstacles otherwise the outcome is less than what is possible.  Identifying with the sea of fire grants the feeling and insight hidden in divine fire that enables this to happen. 


Undines never do this and the feminine mysteries do not travel in this direction.  The masculine mysteries, at their height, create from out of nothing.  They take the world as it is and envision something possible that has never existed before and then they bring that vision into being so it is concrete, real, and enduring.

  The feminine mysteries, by contrast, take everything that is and unite it in love.  The two mysteries, the masculine and feminine, obviously only reach their perfection through each other.

  Young men, like young women, like humanity in general, almost never touch these divine levels of creativity hidden within them.  Even as undine empathy is hidden from the world, the masculine power in its full intensity and creativity is likewise hidden.  Our religions barely hint at what is possible when it comes to genuine faith and conviction not to mention love and empathy.  

   All the same, our entire world civilization is electrical and fiery in nature.  Our science is unfolding the mysteries of fire, electricity, and nuclear fission and fusion even though in our wills we know next to nothing about aligning our purposes with the divine.

  It is true that in every century there is a Julius Caesar, an Alexander the Great, a Genghis Khan or, in our age, a Napoleon, a Hitler, or a Stalin seeking to take over the entire world.  But these individuals use a negative, low grade form of will power and conviction.  Though their charisma is based on the level of astral fire they possess, they are all the same hopeless extroverts who can not imagine changing oneself first from within in a way that leads inevitably to the transformation of the outer world. 

  Only in a few world teachers have we ever witnessed divine will manifesting in action.  But we have never seen the likes of an undine queen such as Istiphul or Isaphil in the full power of beauty and love they possess. 

    The result is that the feminine mysteries of love, of undine empathy, and the power of the magnetic fluid are even farther way from our consciousness than the fiery will I describe in this essay.  


In summary, if a man masters the actual sensation of hotness with its expansiveness and intensity, then the mere presence of such fire in one’s aura leaves a deep impression on the world you are in.  It is subliminal and invisible.  But whether seen or unseen, the presence of this charisma is unmistakable.  To others, you appear to possess and you also act with great will, resolve, conviction, and a seemingly boundless energy as you move toward your goals.  Young men should all have the chance to be initiated by their fathers into such a vision of how to live one’s life with such dynamic conviction and with access to this divine level of energy.

   By contrast, all young women should be taught by their mothers a love so deep “it flows like a stream from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity,” “that never suffers loss and gives all of itself in every moment,” and that “creates a sacred space where two separate souls may unite and join as one.”

  But you see we all have both these masculine and feminine creative powers within us.  We do not need to wait until another embraces us with such love or infuses us with the power of the sun above.  Through diligent practice, we can create these energies within ourselves.  And so the poem which appears from time to time in my writing:


For Deb


There comes a time when the white knight

Climbs off his mighty warhorse with burnish’d hooves

Takes off his armor, his brazen greaves and feathered helmet too,

To sit beside a still lake and simply wait

To find happiness, and yes, infinite peace inside himself

Without having first to rescue and then possess a fair maiden in distress.

Look at him! In his soul all the waters of the earth

And simple human contentment intermingle and flow—this I know. 


And there comes a time when the fair maiden looks at the white knight

And decides she can pick up her sword and, for herself, fight

Her silver jewelry she exchanges for a belt of gold

And her diamonds she trades for sandals woven from golden light   

And in that moment she becomes the goddess Dawn

Caressing the crests of mountains with magenta and vermillion

And she becomes the archangel of the sun

Inventing songs that light has never sung.




A Few Questions and Answers (from emails)


Question: Do you find that writing helps resolves personal feelings like depression and provide a sense of hope?

  And when you say: "It is a Saturn thing: to be so wise and perceptive that you wish to benefit others purely out of compassion, to assist them in their experience of life so that it is richer and moves forward toward absolute freedom."

  How does Saturn exactly translate as "compassion"? Is it due to relinquishing all attachment, therefore no longer being "selfish" thus being in a way free to freely give?


Response: Yeah, art is the recommended way of dealing with problems that currently present no solutions.   You describe in detail the conflict and your experience and share this with others.  This enables the artist to transcend his limitations as in this tale which I shall now retell--
Kama: "Now then, Buddha, you know that as the god of desire who is authorized and certified and ordained to insure the unfolding of creation (and so I have power over all beings including Shiva), may I suggest that you consider marrying one of my fine daughters whose names are desire, longing, and heartbreaking beauty?
  You need to do this so that you can take your place in the pantheon of ascended masters, illustrious beings, and noble heroes. And that is all I ask, that the status quo be sustained. 

Buddha: "The problem with your three daughters, if you don't mind my saying, is that "desire" is the same as pain--the two are one and the same; "longing" presumes that another has what I can not find in myself; and "heartbreaking beauty," though truly magnificent and wondrous in her rapture and bliss that anyone else would wish to capture, still has a flaw I cannot ignore--she requires a man to identify with his ego in order to feel her spell and fall for her charms.  For me, the heart in its essence is meant to be completely free, beyond all need: this is the basis for the compassion I radiate which shall extend to the ends of the universe and not cease until all suffering beings attain enlightenment."
  Kama: "Well fuck, if ordinary passion can not bind you try this:"
  And Kama commands a great host of demons to attack Buddha. And these demons were created from Shiva's tears when he wept after losing his consort--Maya--the queen of the universe. And the name of these demons is "abandoned love."
  But the weapons of these demons could not harm Buddha or find him because there was no ego present, no individual to be found who could be identified with Buddha. As Buddha later said, "When I attained to perfect enlightenment, I attained to nothing at all." In other words, demons fear above all things nothingness because attachment--the essence of all demonic power--can not exist in its presence.
     The source of inspiration for the chief Judge of Saturn is "perfect, complete, and absolute enlightenment." The only difference between her source of inspiration and what Buddha was is that Buddha's enlightenment only applied to the earthzone; her enlightenment must be attained within all the planetary spheres in the solar system.  If Buddha, for example, had mastered enlightenment in the sphere of Venus he would have taught how personal love is also a path to perfection as the spirits there teach.  Buddha and Buddhism in its present form do not have the faintest clue as how to do this. 
  There is nothingness and then there is also for example the nothingness that is a master of all aspects of love.  The undine Istiphul is a master of nothingness, that is, an open empty space within the heart where two as pure energy free of form can join with each other as one.  I don't need to go out to Venus just yet because I have more than enough to learn from Istiphul right here on earth. 

Kama: (goes on discussing with Buddha) Well then, let me refer you to my cousin in the Western world, actually my alternate identity known as Eros. His wife once said to Zeus when Zeus asked her what she wanted:
  Kama quoting Psyche: "I want to look at a man and his innermost desires to understand. I want to be so one with him from within so that all separation is overcome." 
  Kama: "And Zeus said to Psyche, Until this moment love such as this did not exist. What being mortal or divine could ever have imagined or dreamed that life could offer such a gift."
  Kama to Buddha: I see now the problem: you have already joined with your opposite. I will grant you that. You have attained perfect enlightenment--the light within you shines without limitation or restriction indeed to the ends of the universe; and this love is love divine, currently beyond the knowledge of mankind. Seeing no separation between itself and another, it feels compassion because the others’ needs are equally its own.  The fact is, dear enlightened one, when others see me as the god of lust it is simply not just.  I have always tried through instinct and force of attraction to reveal that we are not separate but rather one with each other.  I simply haven’t had much luck in figuring out how to teach it.  My wife, Psyche, says she knows the secret, but no woman on earth is yet ready to embrace such love which requires the death of all ego to ascend to divine being.  

   All the same, you have not brought to an end my commission or task. I tell you now none of your disciples shall attain freedom from need.  You will admit the same as me that what you have attained can not be taught.  For this reason, your teachings shall be converted into a "religion" and we shall both be the same--your disciples and my disciples shall build temples with golden roofs and huge statues and none of them shall understand who we are or the nature of our being.

Well, that is a story I just rewrote.  Does it make me feel better? Writing it clarifies for me one thing I want from a woman which Istiphul teaches: how to join as one without being restricted by form.  I have not been teaching that meditation to the women I teach the water meditations to.  Now I will. (And so I wrote subsequently The Magnetic Fluid Exercise, Part II—Istiphul’s Empathy)


Question: My life has been an absolute disaster. I expect things to work out for the good, but even the most reasonable results fail and events turn against me.  You want to run that Saturn thing by me again?


Response:  Sorry about all your problems like that.  It is obvious that that degree of stress serves little purpose. It is almost like you need a psychological fire wall between you and those things you actually can control to some degree and everything else that depends on outside factors. 

Saturn's view is that life exists under massive limitations that are in place so that in slowly overcoming those limitations an individual masters them completely and in doing so becomes free of them, attaining in the end to cosmic freedom. 
  Which means Saturn expects that all other spheres to be mastered along the way before confronting Saturn directly on its own terms.  Like, I only put on my Saturn referee costume five or six times a year.  The rest of the time I am working on something closer to home.
  Achaiah in Mercury offers a path to perfection and demonstrates the glory of God by resolving whatever difficulties or conflicts a person is currently in so that a first step can be taken.  I am still working on that one. 
 My Mars is directly opposite Pluto, which means any personal desire has massive organized and mostly unseen forces opposing it. This often results in a feeling of paralysis, without a clue as to how to resolve the pressure.  But it also means with such an intimate connection to Pluto I can eventually get directly inside the minds of those forces or world leaders opposing me and change them from within based on the totality of my experience.  Is a world leader unafraid of terror, death, or pain? No problem. I can find something which will terrify even him.  Or, as George Washington said which I like to quote, "If the enemy generals even felt a small part of my despair, they would have abandoned the war long ago." 
  Initiation is the death of ego over and over again which is the labor like that of a pregnant woman giving birth to a spiritual identity.  Like Gemini the twins, the human self and the divine self, which we seek to create, are friends and the friendship leads to the transformation of the human part.  I often will argue both sides, "As the one who is divine, this is what I require of you regardless of the personal cost or loss." And as the human side I argue or state, "This incarnated personality, in order to function and to grow, requires certain experiences, even if they are very limited and seemingly of no consequence.  Without them, I will lose all motivation and I will not have enough energy to function."
  And so the two bargain and horse trade, "I'll give you this if you give me that."  Or, "What if I offer you this effort?  Will you take that as a fair exchange for granting me something of significance from my list of wants?" 
  The response is often pure Saturn: "I am happy to grant all your requests; but I can not give them to you now.  You are not the person who can receive them, only the other you--the person you will one day become, the person you are meant to be."

  “Learn to argue both sides of any position”—that is rule seven in my article, Ten Rules for Spiritual Seekers, on my web site.  
  I argue with Saturn a lot.  We wrestle like Jacob and the angel.  She wounds me (even to the point of being close to physical death) but I wrench from out of her grasp some incomprehensible gift of wonder. And so I know her heart when she says, "With more passion than any virgin on earth, I give myself to those who seek freedom."
  Whatever the accuracy or truth, I do say to myself, "I would not wish upon anyone else on earth to go through what I have been through." That is partly why in the last ten years I have only mentioned Bardon for example to one or two people in real life, other than those who email me.  It is simply too difficult and dangerous of a system of practice.  I can't ask others to undertake that journey unless they already have their own motivation.  When someone emails me on their own I do not acquire through their action any karmic responsibility for them.  Maybe when I have more to offer I will feel comfortable about talking more freely about Bardon.  


Question: I am about to meet an old flame who always makes me feel uncomfortable because of how much I feel for her.  You talk about recapturing projection, that is, finding in your self the very thing you desire in the other.  That sounds tricky.  Can you expand on that?


Response: Recapturing projection is two things: one it is as you say finding what the other person means to you, why they make you feel the way you do, what it is in the other that you do not have that draws you to that person in order to get balance; and then producing to some extent exactly what the other person has so you do not feel so dependent and helpless.

  A woman may see a man as being confident, in charge, a protector, alert, assertive, strong, and purpose driven. Those may not be so easy for her to attain so it becomes “Wouldn't it be nice just to get all that for free just by making him part of my life?”

  And a guy may look at a woman and see and feel "home, happiness, relaxation, friendship, intimacy, sexual release, repose, no more loneliness, support, affection, tenderness, nurturing, etc."  and so he says to himself, "Gee, I can get all that for free just by having a relationship."

  But the woman could be more assertive, in charge of her life and so forth and the guy could find his own sources of happiness and inner peace and home and learn to give affection and nurture rather than expect it to be given to him.

  Over twenty or thirty years loving couples often learn each other's ways and internalize them if they have any kind of learning curve. 

  The problem is that in some examples the feelings and energies in the woman are not easily reproduced.  She creates something magical and there may be no training manual for how to find that in your self--e.g., she has an inner peace with the universe, she embodies the feeling of the seas of the earth, she is a magic mirror reflecting your deepest soul purpose, etc. and then she is gone and the gift she was giving to you is gone as well. 

  Or, worse, it is not her but the combination of both individuals’ electro magnetic energies together that produce a third energy different from either individual; that is together they are far more than the sum of each individually. There is nothing to recapture since it is not in her. You can not create the third energy by learning from her or imitating what is in her.  She never had it to give.

   I was talking to another guy about this. It is kind of like focusing which I describe on my web site under transpersonal psychology.  You focus inward and sense the energy in your body the woman produces and then you open your entire body to it and allow it to change and move freely through you, not naming it but seeking to follow with imagery or words the different ways it transmutes.  Her energy in you takes you some place in yourself, changing your own energy in the process.  Or put simply, what would I be like or how would I be different if she and I spent a life time together in love?  And then just take the end product and explore that sense of inner connection and experience with another. 

  If I focus on Cathy, the most beautiful girl in my college class who I avoided like the plague because she was so cute but who I still would like to have been with--I imagine a life time together and certain realizations dawn on me--she defines the relationship in more conventional terms, forcing me to be more normal with job and social life and presto: I see it now! That would have been a spiritual death for me.  I like her beauty and presence and aura, but she can not travel on the inner planes and can offer no understanding or companionship for one who does. “Cathy, I love you but it would have been poison for me to drink your love."

  Kind of like that as an example of recapturing projection, sorting through the illusion and also understanding the part of her that is hidden and waiting to be discovered in me. 

   In a relationship, there is a difference between taking the other person for granted and giving to and learning what she or the relationship has to teach.  Love is itself a path leading to perfection as I mentioned that the Venus spirits teach.


Question: I know somewhere in your writings I once read of you mentioning the negative conscience. Can you please elaborate a little on this?


Response: Negative conscience.  Theory: when someone abuses their conscience in this life or a past life to a certain extent, it no longer gives "good" information.  It gives "bad" information.  As in, "Search your heart."  Well, a good person who searches his or her heart will get a heartfelt response, hopefully something that takes into consideration the effects of one's actions on others and the overall purposes one seeks to fulfill and their value. 
  A "negative conscience" person can procede in "good conscience" to do very negative things, that is, things that destroy and harm other people without it bothering him or her. "Let's go be goofy this morning" the three girls and a guy say and the three girls cross a bridge ignoring the warning sign and are killed by the oncoming train.  Conscience was not functioning.  There was a sign but they ignored it.  And this was not about doing good but about survival.  The "hanging out with the peer group" took over the functioning of the individual's conscience. 
  Or, Henry the Eight may order a Duke to put down an uprising in the North and Cromwell orders the Duke to set an example by killing lots of people.  The Duke has trouble at first but then rationalizes his actions as being necessary, kills lots of innocent people, and then says, "I acted in good conscience."  Thomas Moore kills reformers and says, "I acted in good conscience."  Surviving is one thing.  Knowing that one is choosing the lesser of two evils is another thing. These folk were repressing the higher level of their conscience that takes into account the well being of everyone in order to reinforce the social aspect of their conscience that is more pragmatic and lacking in self-reflection.  
  But basically, negative conscience as a magical term refers to having developed through past choices and actions an intuition or conscience that is skilled and experienced but only in doing bad or negative things.  It is not that the individual can't feel or think about what is good; it is rather that those intuitions are overwhelmed by a stream of consciousness that looks first at the negative. 
   Take Kim Jong Il and put him in charge of a modern nation and he acts with great malice harming massive numbers of individuals and jeopardizing the global community.  But make him an admiral in the first century B.C. of a Roman fleet and he will go out and annihilate the pirates interring with trade ships in the Mediterranean.    
  In "Lords of War," the guy is brilliant as an arms dealer.  Therefore, anything else in life looks pale by comparison because he is so naturally gifted and successful in that line of work, in spite of the fact that it destroys his loving relationship to his wife and child and gets his relative killed.  On the other hand, he works at times for the U.S. government as on unrostered agent, so he is an agent for the government who does the things the government feels need to be done.
  Is a sniper working for the CIA developing a negative conscience?  Well, perhaps not but he is not developing a positive conscience.  He will have to find a way to compensate at some point in order to get on with his own life rather than the life of the CIA. 
   The individual hell bent on being assertive to correct for past injustices will seek to be assertive under almost all circumstances acting to pursue his or her own interests first; it is a nice idea but there are times when massive injury is caused to others by being assertive.  But these things are ignored for the sake of the concept or the individual’s focus on the objective.   
   Consequently, someone pursuing magic who has a negative conscience may almost subconsciously choose to always work with a group, magical lodge, order, coven, etc. in order to always have feedback from others as to what is right and wrong and what is the best course of action.  Turning within does not produce good results.  Turning within and consulting with one's conscience or heart produces results which harm others.  And so there is a war going on in this case, a conflict, between the individual's personality now at this moment in time which is trying to be good and that deeper part of the individual which from the past or a past life knows damn well that the right thing is to harm others. 
    There are of course, then, these other factors such as the superego, the collective conscience of a society that says it is okay to do certain very negative things because that is acceptable behavior.

At the opposite extreme, one can have a hypersensitive or overdeveloped conscience that worries or is bothered to an undue amount about past or future actions in terms of how they impact on others. 
 Conscience is often associated with the crown chakra both in terms of the normal concept of conscience and in terms of the spiritual aspect of conscience which is akasha.  Akasha oversees the development of all aspects of life so it is purpose driven rather than concerned merely with the social aspect of conscience in terms of the individual's personality. 
  For conscience to function well, all four elements need to be in balance.  That is why Bardon is in part so insistent on attaining astral equilibrium.  That exercise is consciously taking over the responsibility of akasha or making one aware of the balance akasha itself would seek to inspire in an individual.  And so karma: if an element is strong and positive, an individual tends to have strong and positive experiences in regard to that element, e.g., will, feeling, clarity of mind, and organized purposes.  If an element is weak or negative, an individual will tend to have weak or negative experiences with that element.  Since the positive is more constructive and creative, individuals gradually awaken to preferring the positive and strong over the negative and weak.
   Saturn gets pissed when an individual acts to repress or to destroy his own conscience by ignoring "promptings" or the insight the four elements give him.  E.g., I want her to love me but I don't want to give her any love" or "I wish to succeed in life and have respect" but I don't mind stepping on others to get ahead and ruin others' reputations in the process."  There is a contradiction there and if it is persistently ignored Saturn will stop sending warnings or promptings from akasha.  It abandons the individual so that like Madoff he just continues in his same old daily routines until destruction falls upon him.  He doesn't brain storm options or end game scenarios to preserve some sort of choice or weigh different results of his choices and actions.   
  The crown chakra is interested in mastering all aspects of life and pursuing a path to perfection.  Too strong a crown chakra as compared to the other chakras and an individual can be lost in dreams and visions which have little bearing or impact on his situation in life.  Too weak a crown chakra and an individual never grows--he is stuck in his routines and fails to become more than he is right now.  The "person you are meant to be" is a crown chakra concept.  Whereas the "purpose of your life" can easily lapse into a socially acceptable role in society rather than encompassing both one's temporal responsibility and pursuits as compared to one's higher or divine purposes that society may take little notice of.   All the same, an individual with a strong or too strong crown chakra will eventually do the right thing; it just may take him a long time to get to it.     
   As I love to rant about, the entire race of Homo sapiens is excessively weak in the water element so the collective conscience does not function well in this area.  I get statements from undine type women that make absolutely no sense to other human beings. They really do go on loving everyone, not as a moral or theological or ethical concept; they actually extend their auras of love--that is send their energy--to and through everyone they have ever known deeply.  It does not stop or falter because the other individual is malicious or evil.  It is their nature to love without end.  They can learn to be cautious and careful about not letting others harm them but that in no way lessons their act of love.  I have a lot to learn from them. 
  So from my point of view the human race, with this particular collective astral imbalance, unless corrected, will eventually self destruct after ascending to a very high level of civilization.  Without the water element stronger, like the three girls ignoring the warning sign on the bridge, the survival instinct of the human race falters and they fail to see the obvious--the destruction coming down the tracks toward them. 



Question: Looking back to when you first began practicing magic, what would you have done differently given what you know now?


Response: Even in the beginning (that is, within the first two years of practice), it was fairly easy for me to do electro magnetic volts. It seems if you can create both electric and magnetic fluids, then obviously you are good at both.

   But after researching the undines for years, I tend to think now that the water element and magnetic fluid are a cultural and spiritual void that the human race knows next to nothing about. It does not matter if an individual can create each fluid easily. 

  What is significant is that the water and magnetic fluid are so absent from spiritual and religious and wisdom traditions.  I can do gnome, sylph, and salamander and those energies are easily understood in terms of science and technology.

  I can run into salamander, gnome, and sylph type people fairly easily. I can do undine just as easily as the other three.  But there is something different here. It takes immense effort and assistance to run into undine like women.  They have a completely different feel than anything within the range of normal human experience. 

   In fact, I have only met “undine-like women” in the last two years since beginning my undine art project.  In spite of my “immense” efforts to study human auras and note anything exceptional I run into, undine women never appeared to me.  I have me women with lots of water in their auras but they did not perceive and feel like undines.  Human women very rarely see and perceive from the point of view of the magical realm of undines. 

   And the poets totally miss this as well.  Read a story about mermaids and by gum the mermaids have very familiar human emotions: desire, loss, grief, unhappiness, need, vulnerability, etc. It ain’t so!  The work of poets in Western civilization is completely worthless in terms of describing the wonder, love, and ecstasy of this realm of nature.  It is astonishing to me that they could miss this. 

    I think of the magnetic fluid as embodying the magical essence of the feminine spirit in its creative power.  The feminine spirit as a magical power, embodied and perfected in the undine queens, is totally missing from women in our civilization, with very rare exceptions.  Even so, with a few minutes of guided meditation a young woman can regain her immense ties to the magnetic fluid.  It just does not have any meaning for a woman to do this because her brain has no cultural or religious imagery to appreciate what she can do with these powers.  

    I can produce in myself the magnetic fluid but a young woman can do it ten to a hundred times stronger almost without effort.  But women grow (according to the myth of Eros and Psyche; see my article by the same name) by absorbing masculine electrical energy into themselves and they can do this simply by pursuing careers in our world.  Consequently, women totally miss this other side to themselves, that is, the possibilities inherent in the water element in nature especially as it is embodied in undines.  

   Specifically, undines have the ability to let go and flow, to experience release and relaxation, tranquility, serenity, the feeling of happiness welling up from within oneself as a result of one’s connection to nature, the sense of love being everywhere in every moment, an inner peace with the universe, the sense of one energy flowing in and through everyone, the ease in loving others and even of creating and maintaining a magical space in which two become one, the absolutely astonishing ability to simply extend one's aura anywhere so that you can feel anyone or anything directly through your aura and without actually being psychic (this  is just a magnetic quality of the aura which also leads to telepathy and healing and to connecting to others), and also the ability to sense the future that undines possess--all of these are terribly undeveloped in human beings as compared to the extend we have the qualities and powers of the other elements in us.

   I was overexposed to fire my whole life through my family so I understand how others can want to have more contact with fire for example in order to develop will power.  But for me, just walk out on the street: our entire civilization is electrical and fiery. 

   I tried to work though the cosmic letters relating to water but actually I get more from just going over my own notes of my encounters with undines.  And my art project on undines has been extremely helpful to me because I meet women who the undines in effect send me or reveal to me or allow me to meet and these women put the whole realm of undines in a different perspective .

  In that sense I am a spiritual anthropologist interviewing these women and listening carefully and describing their connections to the undines and especially how they feel and perceive differently from the normal range of human women.  These undine women really are exactly like undines in the bodies of women and not as women who have a feeling for undines.  They tend to be very secretive about their actual feelings but once you get their trust and maintain it taking to them is like talking to an undine.  As in, "Here are our secrets and our experiences and the way we are different."

  I think Bardon totally missed the significance of how weak humanity is in terms of its collective astral equilibrium in water.  If he had understood, he would have told one of his students who asked him, "Sure, go ahead and marry an undine.  Just make sure you record everything you experience with her and about her so that you can share your experiences with the rest of the human race so that our collective understanding of feeling can be enhanced and developed.  This is itself a divine mission."

   For a hermetic magician the idea of marrying an undine would be absurd.  But looking at the human race, our days are numbered if we don't figure out how to balance this collective deficiency.  The wisdom traditions of earth are the worst influence here because they are so arrogant about the masculine spirit as compared to the feminine spirit.  Even when they know and possess the powers of the magnetic fluid they do not employ them and do not teach women about this. They keep this information to themselves, not realizing its significance. 


Saturn says, “If you (that is, you as a race) do not learn this lesson, you perish.”  There is an immense advantage if a woman studies the magnetic fluid while she is still young.  Later on, after her estrogen starts to drop and her testosterone begins to kick in, it is far more difficult for her to access the pure, elemental side of herself.  The estrogen in the body of a young woman vastly enhances her capacity to think and perceive in terms of the magnetic fluid.  I suspect that I could take one of any three young women around age twenty one and teach her in five minutes to produce physical sensations in her boy friend simply by closing her eyes and meditating on him.  Young women have a unique power that no wisdom or spiritual tradition recognizes.

  Women should (that is, it is their inherent ability) to grow more attractive as they grow older.  The power of the magnetic fluid is irresistible.  It is a primary power behind all of creation.  It is a power of nature and spirit.  If an older woman has it strong, no young woman can compete with her. 

   Beauty is a creative power.  It can appear as form but it also appears more clearly as energy.   You can touch a beautiful young woman and think, “bliss.”

   But a woman with magnetic power can not only use touch; she can merely think the energy and create bliss, ecstasy, and oneness with the universe, absolute peace and contentment, and no thinking on your part is required.  It is so incredibly easy for young women to learn this but they just do not comprehend how amazing their natural abilities are if they were to consciously direct these unknown or hidden feminine powers. 

    At far as I know, there are no older, wise women who can say to young women, “Here honey, let me show you in a few minutes how to create bliss in the man you love and how to deepen it so that over the years you transform him into the man he is meant to be.  This is a sacred power we women possess and that is why we are the custodians who inspire and guarantee the highest destiny for humanity.”  

     The patriarchy does not understand this mystery or this application of powers in the feminine spirit.  Men never could reveal or steal this from women.  It is a Saturn thing: when something is missing from life, you, you as an individual, must search your heart to find something new is to be revealed to the world to fill in for what is missing.  If you blame someone else for what you sense is missing, the wisdom of Saturn is beyond your reach.       

  The electrical: I can do electrical as in "here are some things I will accomplish, some purposes, which I alone envision and the full power of Divine Providence is behind me and one with me as I seek to accomplish this."  That is electrical.  I will perhaps never meet a woman who has that ability, that is, until I am really surprised by something new I can not even imagine. 

   I would like to meet such a woman but since the electrical energy is so dominant in our world it is very unlikely a woman would make the effort to seek the electrical in its cosmic and divine aspect.  Like I say, when a woman senses that something is missing in her connection to masculine creativity, she can turn to the outer world and seek it out--she can become a space shuttle captain, a CEO, a U.S. senator, a four star general, or president of the U.S.  Our civilization has put in place these incredibly powerful masculine careers and roles waiting to be grasped.      

  The magnetic energy has perhaps been hidden from us because of its abuse in Atlantis.  That civilization ended because they didn't appreciate the magnetic astral watery abilities they had which were far stronger than our own. And they missed Saturn: they failed to attain a transcendent sense of justice and enlightenment that emphasizes the importance of working on what is missing from life and from one's civilization. Instead, they developed their strengths and accelerated their learning rather than working on the areas in which they were weak.         

   I am presenting a Saturn perspective: before a civilization destroys itself you issue one last warning; you make perfectly clear the way to attain balance.  And that obviously is going to be by focusing on something that appears to be totally insignificant and of no value by comparison to everything else that is so interesting and fascinating to the civilization.    

    Had I myself worked with water and magnetism when I was young I would have prevented a lot of mental tension in my brain.   Franz Bardon’s system for me is heavily slanted toward developing mental power in spite of everything he does to balance it.  The magnetism favors the lower body compared to the electrical and mental which favor the upper body. 

  Men, especially masters in the martial arts, like young women in part because the young woman ‘s natural estrogen brings the energy out of the upper body of a man and down into his lower body so that he feels more relaxed, alive, and sensually happy.  Martial arts, in spite of their amazing efforts at grounding, always take energy into the upper body because they are extending power outwards, especially to neutralize or to destroy an opponent. 

  The entire Bardon system goes against attaining a fluid, open, and receptive relation to nature that produces serenity, contentment, of flowing and dwelling with peace.  Bardon certainly had the four elements balanced in himself.  But the system, for someone who picks up a book and begins to practice, will tend to develop concentration far in excess of inner peace and magnetic love.  This is perhaps why there are so few women practicing Bardon.  It just doesn't feel right to them.  The system is way to abstract and intellectual and otherworldly and not a part of nature even though Bardon insists that the student master the four elements which embody the energies underlying nature.     

    In effect, I could have accomplished my purposes using the magnetic fluid by itself and have done so with far greater harmony and inner peace in myself. The electrical fluid is so intense and dynamic and goal oriented that it exists to create tension.   It makes changes. It demands and commands and so never unites with its opposite, the ability to feel one with all things and to inspire and bring them fully to life.  



Question: I am not sure if I should be practicing Bardon at this time in my life.  Can you indicate some way of applying his system to daily life for someone who does not intend to become a hard core student?  


And also—


Question: Is there a way for me to maintain some sort of magical practice in my life even though I am completely caught up in my career at this time?



Response: Bardon's five sense exercises in chapter two are useful for anyone.  You just have to play with them and make them fun.  But to answer you question, contemplation is non magical but if you extend it or increase your concentration it turns into regular magic. 

  The value is that you can contemplate your life as you are living it and stick to the things you are doing; continue pursuing questions about how to life more effectively as well as focusing on  ideas you have concerning your career and people you know.

  In a nutshell, you can recall the significant or important events that occur during a day, a week, a month, or anytime in your life. And you can just gaze at that experience with an empty and detached mind without pursing questions about it or trying to think about it.  Just be with it. 

  And then you can view it from multiple sides, for example, what it was like when you went through it, your first impressions, your reactions, others’ ways of viewing the same thing, your body sensations now as you gaze, your feelings, and intuitions you notice and can consider also.  Part of contemplation is holding all aspects of everything you have experienced with something in your mind all at once without analyzing it so that you sense the totality. 

  Add a little will, a little feeling, a question, a different vibration or outlook, a sense of how it could have gone a different way, imagine what you would  like to be the outcome, how you would like to feel, re-dream it as if it were a dream that can be changed at will--this is all contemplation. 

  Eventually you sense directly the energy of what you are contemplating and realize also you can change things dramatically by the way you hold them in your mind.  But initially contemplation is a way of sensing what is and what is underneath what is seen so that like tantra you become in your awareness what you are gazing upon so you sense it from inside. 

  Some experts on the stock market do this every day and they are incredible psychic about what they do.  It is next to impossible to match them even if one is psychic because they are already advanced psychics and all they do is contemplate every aspect of the global market so that is it alive within their awareness.  


Bardon actually mentions a spirit who teaches non magical methods for doing things that otherwise require magic to accomplish.  But overall, contemplation is a slower but almost as effective method as magic. 

  You hold something in your mind; you gaze at it; you reflect on it; you look at it from as many different perspectives as you can imagine or dream. 

  Take a woman you love or once loved, something of deep interest with many layers and levels. And then you review all your experience with this object of contemplation.  You make your mind empty like a mirror so that all that exists in your consciousness is what you are focusing on. It is very relaxed, easy going, dreamlike, and enjoyable, quite unlike hard core magic.

 You do spend a little time upgrading your concentration on your five senses so that your contemplation slowly grows in vivid imagination and concrete virtual reality.  But it is the feeling, the vibration, the insight and the intuition that you are after. 

  I remember reading a John Updike description of a bird outside of his window long ago when I was considering being a writer.  And I loved that he could use words in that way to evoke something so that it became real for the reader. 

  Anyone can do contemplation.  Again, it is taking the world around you, converting it into a dream, refining it, re-dreaming it, imagining how it got this way and also how it could have been different.   

   What if my life is like a script that was written for me to live out before I was born? And what if I decide to gradually experiment rewriting a few scenes, changing the dialogue, introducing a few new characters, wandering over to another stage and seeing what scenes are being played? When I am editing my writing, I can not do magic.  Each discipline requires a hundred per cent of my attention.  

   Contemplation is taking a little bit of reality and imagination and getting them to work together. When I was writing my last set of dialogues about characters from Atlantis I was seeing them in front of me, feeling each of their reactions, imagining the world in which they lived, walking around inside of it, and so forth.  That is contemplation as creative writing. 





Akasha: Akasha refers to the fifth element in nature alongside earth, air, fire, and water. It also refers to a plane or level of consciousness, as in the physical, etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual or akashic planes. In both examples, it is formless and timeless; it is a state of awareness penetrating through space and time without restriction.

Although scientific questions may arise concerning the notion of an “ether,” akasha as used in this book is primarily a physical sensation. You can approximate this sensation by imagining that your body is emitting a dark violet light that penetrates through space and time. And then imagine that you are this vast space. The idea is that with sufficient training, anything anywhere in time or space that you concentrate on can be perceived as being immediately in front of you.


Akashic body: The akashic body does not need thoughts to think, emotions to feel, or concrete sensations to perceive. It acts through intuition. In its awareness, it can penetrate through space and time.

As intuition, it can simultaneously be completely detached from, completely one with, and aware of all relationships of whatever it is focusing on. Spirit or akasha incorporates into itself all experiences on the physical, astral, and mental planes without being subject to the limitations governing their perceptions and activities.

          Spiritual or divine ideals are often associated with the akashic plane or akashic body. In terms of the water element, we might encounter universal experiences or ideals such as cosmic or all-embracing love. On this level, we learn to feel one with all beings and also to develop an inner peace in which we feel one with the universe.


Astral body: The astral body is in the shape of the physical body but is made of a subtler substance. The astral body pertains to the realm of the soul, to feelings and emotions. It is receptive, responsive, and impressionable. It gives a sense of being connected to and appreciative of others. It is this sensitivity to the present moment, our immediate environment, and our sensory perceptions that enables us to feel fully alive.


Astral plane: The astral plane surrounds and penetrates the physical world. Sometimes referred to as the “other side” or the “world beyond,” the astral plane pertains to the realm of the soul. As feeling and soul are to the body, the astral plane is to the material world. Undines, as well as many other conscious entities, exist on the astral plane. Sometimes we enter this realm in our dreams. Some individuals who are naturally sensitive or clairvoyant can perceive the astral plane directly.


Bard: A bard is a poet who has trained extensively in meditation. In the Celtic tradition, a bard trains seven years in complete darkness. A bardic magician is someone who both creates poetry and performs magic. I consider myself a bardic magician. 


Clair-feeling or clairsentience: This is the ability to extend the sense of touch or feeling beyond what is physically present. This includes feeling what others feel as well as sensing the auras or the energies that compose the life in any being, whether in physical or spiritual form.

With clairsentience, it is often the case that a specific part of an individual’s body is unusually sensitive. The neck, hands, chest, stomach, or thighs, for example, have extrasensory perceptions. People say the hair on their neck stands up when someone behind them is staring at them. Or another person may get a twinge in his stomach when something does not feel right. An individual may feel heat on his face upon entering a room that has a strange feeling.

There are a number of ways in which I am clairsentient. I can feel energy with my mind, my eyes, and my body on the outside or inside. I am unusually sensitive with my hands. I can feel the energy, vibrations, or auras of any person or of any spiritual being. There is no limitation on my ability other than having to figure out the meaning of what I am sensing. When attempting to explain the descriptions I give of nature spirits, particularly as to whether they are fanciful or fabricated, you might consider that the specific clairsentience I possess has never existed before in history.


Clairvoyance: This is the ability to use the sense of sight so as to perceive things of a nonmaterial nature. This may include auras, spirits, things not physically present, and also the past and future.


Cosmic language: This language is composed of twenty-seven “letters” in the Hermetic tradition of Franz Bardon. Individually and in combination, these letters constitute words of power. They represent the building blocks from which matter, energy, life, time, and space are constructed. The Hebrew Kabbalah is a historically based but limited version of the cosmic language. Other religions and masters in history have also had access to the cosmic language.

The cosmic language represents the powers and qualities by which angels and deities engage in the act of creation. As such, the cosmic language predates the birth of mankind on earth. It is not and has never been the exclusive possession of any group of individuals.

In this book, I employ two-letter combinations that constitute words of power. The E-M and E-J formulas are specifically useful for connecting to undines because they embody the very ideals and ecstasies that undines cherish. For one presentation of the cosmic language, see The Key to the True Kabbalah by Franz Bardon.

The sounds spoken in the cosmic language have absolutely no meaning in themselves. Rather, specific sounds are combined with a color and a physical sensation through concentration. To be effective, the cosmic language must be understood intellectually and then empowered by imbuing it with energy created out of the magician’s will and imagination.


Electric fluid: The electric fluid is the essence of the masculine spirit. It is similar to but not as material as actual electricity in nature. In brief, the electric fluid is hot, burning, expansive, dynamic, intense, powerful, and explosive in sensation. It has the capacity to produce great light. In psychological terms, it is commanding, full of faith and conviction. It reaches for sovereign power in search of absolute control. It annihilates and destroys obstacles that stand in its way. In more spiritual terms, it seeks to manifest its vision using all the previous qualities—with certainty, with dynamic will and expansive power, and with implacable dedication and electrifying conviction.

We could say that independence, strength, courage, conviction, faith, will, determination, dedication, self-reliance, self-mastery, uprightness, clarity, order, adaptability, practicality, planning, productivity, excitement, exhilaration, creativity, and vision are qualities that are present when the electrical fluid is operating successfully.

There have been a lot of complaints about the abuses of masculine energy in our world. Indeed, the electric fluid can be very destructive. It can be a burning and consuming power that acts to dominate the wills of others. It tortures and torments, hazes and subjugates. It absorbs others’ wills into itself. It utilizes every means possible to corrupt, divide, undermine, and enslave others to its purposes. In this negative version of the electrical fluid, the light is there, but it lacks purity and clarity; the vision is distorted and twisted. The faith and conviction are there, but they are often expressed in a degraded form such as through arrogance and self-righteousness.

But in either the positive or negative forms, the electric fluid is willing to put itself at complete risk to accomplish its mission and manifest its vision. In its most positive form, the electric fluid embodies the will of a creator, who stands amid a void and creates from nothing according to the vision he finds within his or her heart. And then the creator puts forth the energy required and oversees the process until the vision manifests on earth.


Etheric body: The etheric body is similar in shape to the physical body. The metabolic and biochemical activities of the physical body produce a subtle field of energy that relates directly to health and vitality. Systems such as acupuncture or practices such as pranayama focus primarily on the etheric body. They seek to balance and increase the quantity and quality of the life force or vitality in the physical body. In the examples of pranayama and acupuncture, they do this by adding imagination to breath or interacting with points in the body where the etheric and physical are closely aligned.


Magician or mage: As opposed to a stage magician, a magician or mage in the context of this book seeks to transform himself so that he brings his body, soul, mind, and spirit into alignment with the laws of the universe. In this endeavor, he strives to develop to an equal extent his will, intellect, feelings, and consciousness.

In some traditions, a magician might choose to utilize various ritual implements to aid her concentration. These include pentagrams, hexagrams, sigils, talismans, magic mirrors, magic circles, robes, magic belts, a wand, incense, and lanterns. In this book, a sigil, or magical diagram, is occasionally used, but it is visualized rather than inscribed on something material, such as a silver plate.


Magnetic fluid: The magnetic fluid is the essence of the feminine spirit. Analogous to magnetism in nature, it is cool, cold, and contracting. It is attractive, soothing, and calming. It is receptive in that it is utterly empty of form and completely open—able to receive and contain anything in itself and preserve, nurture, and animate it with life.

In psychological terms, it is empathic, sensitive, and responsive. It draws together, bonds, joins, and unites. It accepts and affirms. In spiritual terms, it reaches toward an all-encompassing, all-embracing love. We could say that peace, repose, calmness, happiness, contentment, serenity, tranquility, well-being, delight, kindness, gentleness, affection, empathy, tenderness, sensuality, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, compassion, and love are qualities that are present when the magnetic fluid is operating successfully.

What are the negative aspects of the magnetic fluid, of the feminine spirit in its dark aspects? In brief, the negative aspect of the magnetic fluid is that it absorbs and contains without releasing or giving birth. It shelters without enabling growth. Instead of healing, it poisons. Instead of nurturing, it denies. The negative paralyzes, seduces, wastes, and numbs consciousness. It induces insanity—that is, it destroys consciousness with guilt, shame, fear, terror, illusions, delusions, obsessions, fascinations, depressions, nightmares, and false visions.

In the I Ching, the Great Yin, mother, or magnetic fluid offers an individual continuous support that nurtures and serves to integrate the inner self of the individual throughout his or her entire course in life. The negative magnetic fluid, by contrast, acts to undermine, dissolve, and reabsorb into itself the inner life of the individual throughout his or her entire life.

But whether positive or negative, whether life-giving or life-destroying, the magnetic fluid is the guardian that reveals the deepest feelings and mysteries within the depths of the self.

As I have mentioned many times, in the past our world may not have been ready to endure the beauty of the undines and still develop rationality and science. I have not encountered anything negative in my experience with the undines described in this book. But beauty itself can be terrifying, and love can demand more than we can imagine. It is wise to be prepared when encountering the mysteries of beauty and love that the undine queens possess. Their very presence is magic beyond the knowledge of mankind.


Mental body: The mental body is in the form of the physical body but is more refined or subtler than the astral body. It relates to ideas, thinking, and analyzing. Unlike the astral body, with its sensitivity and response to concrete images and situations, the mental body works with abstractions. We size up situations and solve problems with our minds. The mental body is rooted in concentration and attention. We choose when and how we focus our attention. Forming plans, setting priorities, and determining time frames and means for fulfilling our purposes are mental-plane activities.


Mermaid: The word mermaid is from Old English mere for sea and maid for woman.  The words mermaid and undine (from the Latin root unda which means “wave”) both refer to water spirits. In folklore, a mermaid might be encountered on a beach or by a sailor at sea. The word undine is used by individuals such as Paracelsus or Franz Bardon to refer to a mermaid that appears before them through evocation or through force of magic.

    A mermaid, in her natural element, usually has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish. The four undine queens described in this book are water spirits who possess great magic. They appear in the form of beautiful women when interacting with human beings. 


Nature spirits or elementals: Traditionally, sylphs (air spirits), undines (water spirits), gnomes (earth spirits), and salamanders (fire spirits) are composed of one element. The “little folk” or nature spirits referred to in folk traditions come in a vast variety of forms. The undines mentioned in this book represent the greatest masters of the magic of water. Rather than belonging to an earlier, naive age of the world, they guard spiritual realizations that the human race has not yet attained.


Planes: I discuss five planes in this book: the physical relating to the body and the physical world; the etheric relating to health and vitality; the astral relating to the world of feelings, dreams, and inner visions; the mental relating to the realm of thoughts and the processes of thinking, analyzing, and clarity of mind; and the akashic relating to a timeless and spaceless state of awareness or corresponding to pure spirit.


Sidhe: The Tuatha Danann, who worshipped the goddess Dana, were defeated by the first Gaels who arrived in Ireland. According to lore, they were driven “underground” and occupy the hollow hills or Sidhe mounds. Each mound has its own king and queen. They are spoken of as not growing old.

Legends also describe distinct Sidhes such as spirits of air, water, and wood. They are also referred to as the “fairy folk” who dwell in the Otherworld. The nature spirits in this book are not associated with the Sidhe or any other tradition of fairies.


Sigil: A sigil is a magical diagram. If drawn in a magical manner (i.e., using great concentration), it places an individual in direct contact with the spirit associated with the sigil. Another way of putting it is that a sigil is like a spiritual phone number—it puts you in contact with a spirit through telepathy or by using a high level of empathy.

The sigils of the spirits mentioned in this book are found in Franz Bardon’s book The Practice of Magical Evocation.


Telepathy: Telepathy extends the sense of hearing so as to perceive thoughts and impressions from sources that are not detectable as auditory signals. Some individuals actually hear frequencies of sounds that are outside of normal perception. A blind person may demonstrate that he can locate objects by the way echoes are reflected through the space around him. Another person can detect the low-resonance frequencies preceding an earthquake. This “hearing” is not telepathy but rather a very high level of acoustic sensitivity.

Telepathy simply picks up the activity occurring in the mind of another person or spirit. Since the two minds are different, what is transmitted through telepathy will always depend on the state of maturity and experience of those involved.

From the point of view of this book, in the instant you think of something, your brain has already established an electronic connection to it. Telepathy is simply a matter of learning to make these very faint impressions conscious.


Undines and mermen: Undines are a nature spirit composed of the water element. Undines are often pictured as being half female and half fish, especially when called by the alternate name mermaids. I assure you that the undines in this book are in the form of human women and are extraordinarily beautiful. Mermen are the male version of undines.



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Note: These books are readily available from online vendors as well as from

About the Author


After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, William R. Mistele began studying esoteric oral traditions, seeking the oldest, intact lineages from around the world. For his field research, he lived in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Berkeley, California, and later studied Hopi culture and language at the University of Arizona, where he received a master’s degree in linguistics. At that time he became the only student accepted by a Hopi shaman.

While living in Tucson, Arizona, Mistele began studying the Western Hermetic traditions and nature religions of Wiccans and Druids. He also worked with a number of gifted psychics and parapsychologists and practiced evocation with a Sufi master. Mistele moved to Hawaii in 1982 to study with a Chinese Taoist master, a Vietnamese Zen master, and one of the foremost Tai Chi Chuan masters of China. Since 1975 he has been a student of Franz Bardon’s teachings on Hermetic magic, a system of training that includes the evocation of and communication with nature spirits. Calling himself a “spiritual anthropologist,” Mistele is devoted to integrating the wisdom of all spiritual traditions, along with transpersonal psychology, into Bardon’s system, which seeks to maximize the power and creativity of the individual.

In ancient oral traditions, the transmission of wisdom is not characterized by knowledge that leads to control over the world. Instead, the goal is the transformation of the inner self. However, in our age of the world, survival may depend on joining the inner and outer worlds in equal measure.


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