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Chapter Ten: On-Line Undine Empathy Correspondence Course






Basic Water Meditation   


Global Sea Meditation    


My Physical Therapist—a Mermaid Woman 


Social Conflicts Between Mermaid Women and the Men They Love 


Transcripts of Conversations with Hard Core Mermaid Women


A Hard Core Mermaid Woman


Three Transcripts: The “Changeling”


On Men


Stories of Humor and Magic


Karl, the Master, and the Mermaid 


The Master, the Student, and the Mermaid Woman                


The Knight, the Merman, and the Maiden


The Master and the Student


Email Questions and Answers





Other than the twenty-two pages of email, there is nothing new in this chapter that I have not already posted on my web site under What’s New. Some of the email is pretty interesting. The above outline pretty much summarizes the contents of this chapter.  


Since I posted chapter nine, I am getting a clearer picture of additional traits of mermaid women.  The “hard core mermaid women” are able to sense and heal from a distance without effort.  Even as children can easily speak with dead/departed people like grandparents who have died.  They all have telekinetic abilities as in moving small objects, shorting out electrical devices, or are able to cause other people to do things through suggestion; and they all see fairies both as children and as adults along with out of body experiences.

  I am also finding that there is a continuum between normal human women and hard core mermaid women.  Let us say there are two types of mermaid women. Mermaid women share all the attitudes and feelings of hard core mermaid women.  They just do not have the intense, nearly superhuman psychic abilities that hard core mermaid women seem to be hard wired with from birth. 

  But I am noticing a number of women who have the same kind of water in their auras as mermaid women.  That is, there is some image of water in nature—an underground stream, a spring, a vast expanse of open water, a mountain lake, etc.—that is in their aura.  But they do not identify with that aspect of nature in themselves. 

   Consequently, they do not have the inner peace, the level of giving, the innocence, or the purity of the mermaid women.  In effect, they are highly developed empaths who can easily work with energy and feel energy moving between themselves and others.  But they control their empathy through an act of will. 

   To put it bluntly, their empathy serves their ego rather than being a function of the flow of energy as it exists throughout water in nature.  They may even be at war with themselves over their empathy by denying it.  They may not like being around water.  Water is not their friend because it represents a way of being that is opposite to everything a human being needs to survive in this world.   

  I have a number of referrals to individuals who are mermaids in women’s bodies.  I hope to do interviews with these individuals and present the transcripts on my web site.   

  I continue to try out the “sea of love” meditation on young women.  Young women, age 20 to 25 or so can almost effortlessly produce either physical sensations in others by meditating on them or else easily sense what others are like inside.  They can do this perhaps ten times easier than almost all men.  But these young women have no interest in pursuing this magical capacity that is a function of their youth, femininity, and estrogen.  

   However, this lack of interest may simple be tied to presenting something new and unfamiliar  If I say to a young woman who is a model, “When we get together for the photo shoot, I want you to always present one foot so you are standing on the toes; and work on several different facial looks—the pout, the bright smile, the coy look (face slightly turned away, eyes looking back, beginning to show a smile), the pensive look (chin slightly down and glancing off to the side), the timeless gaze look (head straight, looking straight away, relaxed, neck extended, etc.).  But very few models would even grasp what I was talking about much less actually bring this to a shoot.

  And if I said to a young woman, even one in a business major, “Here is a simple method for getting fifteen to twenty per cent returns on your investments with little risk,” I will perhaps never find a young woman who would bother to understand what I was presenting, even when she has large sums to invest. 

  In other words, new ideas are best presented in a seminar setting, with a group of people present and a series of different teachers.  In this way, there is a group energy that awakens interest and generates enthusiasm.  

 As I point out in one of the emails, it is the men who inherently understand that mermaid empathy is something that they can internalize and make a part of themselves.  They do this in order to attain balance and to make the mermaid love and peace a part of themselves.  But these are male magicians. They study energy as part of their training. 

   Human women, perhaps, have a different path to travel.  Or, as one woman said to me, “I am a mermaid; I always thought of myself as a mermaid when I was a child.” And then I explained some of the traits of mermaid women, namely, that they are never jealous and would never seek to hurt another person because that person has hurt them.  And she replied, “I am definitely not a mermaid woman.”            





                                Basic Water Meditation  


This meditation is a variation on Bardon’s water exercise in the first chapter of his book, Initiation into Hermetics.


Place your hands in a bowl of cool water.  Feel the water sensation on your skin.  Sense the water in the bowl around your hands. You can notice the wetness, coolness, water pressure, slight motions in the water, etc.  

  Now take the opposite perspective: Imagine you are the water surrounding your hands.  Feel your hands from this other point of view—of the water. 

  Go back and forth a few times sensing the water around your hands and again sensing your hands as if you are the water. 

  Now sense both at the same time—the feeling of the water on your skin and imagining yourself as the water surrounding your hands. 

   If you work at it you may also be able to sense a magnetic field within the water.  For example, sense how the water molecules bind to each other; take away the water sensations and you are left with a feeling of a magnetic field. 

   This is very similar to the magnetic field around a magnet that aligns for example iron particles.  With water molecules, however, there is a hydrogen bond between molecules that gives water a high boiling point—in other words, the attractive force in water between the molecules is strong enough that a high level of heat is required to break that attraction and get the liquid to turn into a gas.    

  Try to sense this magnetic attraction within the water. 


With your hands still in the water, imagine water around your entire body.  Imagine that you are within a body of water such as a pool or small lake.  Whatever you sense with your hands in the bowl of water is now also around your whole body—the coolness, the pressure, wetness, slight motions, etc.

   And again, imagine you are the water—the pool or lake.  Take its perspective and feel your entire body from its point of view. Go back and forth a few times between feeling the water touching you and then being the water that surrounds your body. 

  Sense too the magnetic field you sensed in the bowl of water.  At this point, try to sense then both water surrounding your body and a magnetic field within the water. 

  Imagine or take a few breaths and draw the water and magnetic field inside of your body as if your body is an open and empty container and it is now full inside with water.     


Bardon teaches a fire and light form of healing in his first book—you breathe in vitality form the air into your body so that eventually there is an accumulation of life force under pressure producing light and emitting a field of vitality around yourself.  Bardon describes this accumulated life force in your body as being bright like the sun. 

  Later on in Initiation into Hermetics Bardon introduces the magnetic fluid.  He also mentions using the magnetic fluid to heal in this third book.  

    The mermaid women who have strong ties to the realm of mermaids all heal using water energy.  This water meditation here is the opposite kind of healing energy than what Bardon first introduces.  Rather than intense pressure expanding outward with heat and light, this magnetic energy is cool and contracts.  You do not command this light/vitality  to heal someone.  Instead, you flow into another and feel how to nurture, purify, and renew them from within.  Obviously, an individual will eventually want to learn to use both methods.

    To get a sense of the possibilities, imagine another person is within the magnetic/watery field of energy surrounding your body.  Imagine too that this individual is open and empty inside so that you can flow with the water around yourself through this person.  This is the basic sea of love meditation I have already described in my on line course on mermaid empathy. 

  Flowing through the other person, you are still the lake or pool of water. You are not disturbed or weaker because of flowing through another in this way.  If you imagine yourself as the pool or lake of water, then whatever appears within it is in a sense within you and you are within it.  The water/magnetism is an extension of your own aura. 

   At this point we are ready to add an astral feeling to the more physical sensations of water and magnetism.  Putting aside the exercise on water, grasp one of your wrists with your other hand.  Notice the physical sensations of touch, weight, size, shape, pressure, heat, etc. 

  Now add to this grasping of your wrist the feeling—“I love you with all my heart and soul.” Notice at this point the new sensations and feelings that are present in the touch. You have not changed the way you are grasping your wrist.  You have simply added to the touch pure feeling. 

    For example, with the love added you may sense increased warmth, a feeling of encompassing, a penetrating and an “inner” connection to the wrist. 

  Now add this feeling to the watery pool or lake surrounding you, of “I love you with all my heart and soul” or something similar such as “I am one with you.”

   The mermaids in the ocean all do what human beings do not do—upon meeting each other in the ocean, they automatically, instinctively, without effort or thought connect with a feeling of “I am one with you as I am one with the sea, with life, with love, and with beauty.”  

   Mermaid women each have a story to tell of how they have learned that this skill in flowing through another is something that is not to be shared with human beings—human beings simply do not understand or else instinctively try to abuse or vampirize the energy these mermaid women freely share.

  What we call “healing another” or “sending healing energy” they consider to be simply flowing and sharing energy.  If you hang out with mermaid women and learn their ways, then sending healing energy to others every day feels completely natural. It is a way of being and feeling a part of life.  

  Try this.  Imagine the person in front of you in the water.  Now add to the cool watery and magnetic sensations the feeling of being one with this person, of flowing with your love in and through the other, and of “healing” the other. 

  Each mermaid woman flows or heals with a slightly different kind of watery or magnetic energy just as water appears in nature in many different forms—as a sea, an ocean bay, a lake, a river, a mountain pool or a falls, etc. 

   By practicing such an exercise even on a daily basis, an individual develops the water element in his own soul and deepens his or her connection to water in nature.  When you then meet a mermaid woman, you in effect already “speak” her own language—the language that is the very essence of their race—“A love that flows without ever being lost and gives all of itself in every moment.”   




                              Global Sea Meditation


Imagine that the planet earth is intelligent and has consciousness.  Imagine further that as a spiritual being it wishes to impart the visions and realizations in its heart to the different intelligent species that appear on its surface.  Imagine further that this vision or love is not contained in any wisdom tradition in history or expressed by any higher entity, angel, or archangel associated with the earth. 

    Her vision or awareness is such that it has to be discovered by whatever species resides on the planet.  This wisdom is not something a spiritual being can simply hand to us and say, “Oh, by the way, here is the mysterious purpose for which this planet was created.  Now then, embody this wisdom in your self and you will have fulfilled the four and a half billion year old commission that was designed for this planet and designated to be fulfilled in the fullness of time.”

   It is not like that.  You do not get a free ride.  The deeper purposes of life you have to find in your own heart.  Even the archangels can offer no guidance on this matter.  They are not authorized or skillful enough to peer into or reveal the mysterious purposes behind creation.

   I seem to have painted myself into a corner with these opening statements.  How can I write anything further without sounding like an idiot? On the other hand, I am myself an observer, a spiritual anthropologist.  I do not just study human beings, their religions and wisdom traditions, examining them the way a quality control expert from an automotive factory examines the way a car is produced on an assembly line.  I study other spiritual evolutions. 

    Among these are the race of souls who shall replace human beings.  They are already here, five hundred or so, doing reconnaissance just in case we suddenly screw up and manage to become extinct.  With human beings, as you know, you can imagine and wish for the best but sometimes you end up living through the worst case scenarios.  And then there are as well other spiritual evolutions from the inner planes. 

   There are, for example, mermaids who interact with human beings and who occasionally assume the form of women to dwell among us for reasons that are often impossible to explain.  My global casting call has resulted in several of them contacting me.  They often give me referrals to other members of their race. 

   This essay, in part, is written in response to a mermaid woman’s question put to me, “Why can human beings not love as we do?”  I also study the undine queens--all eight are in my meditations.  I spend time with one or more of them every week.

   There are, of course, many other elemental and diverse kinds of beings.  But the undines hold a unique position.  This is, after all, a water planet.  Having liquid water on its surface to the extent we enjoy is, to say the least, extremely rare.  As a result, the diversity of life that exists on earth is nearly unmatched by any other planet.  And undine queens or women like them, when they are in the body of a woman, have the highest level of sensory perception of any creatures or race in our galaxy.  Consequently, the undines have an unusually close tie to the deeper purposes of the earth. 

   What does the earth wish to impart to her children?  And what race shall attain to this vision?  If this vision is based on water, then human beings have little chance of understanding it.  We know next to nothing about the magic and mysteries of the water element.  Surely, our race will be long gone before a social trend or religion shall appear that celebrates the mysteries of empathy as it is practiced by divinity or within the hearts of the undine queens.

  Nor will the next race that replaces us pursue this theme.  If you ever meet one of these individuals you will notice how incredibly self-contained they are.  They have no personal needs as we have.  And their social interactions are not important to them; they are often rude or disinterested in social activities.  It is not that they can not interact effectively in a great variety of ways with different people.  Rather, they never define their identities in terms of how others view them.  They have no need of social support.  And affection and tenderness are not at the top of their priorities.   

   What they are good at is that they like to learn new things.  If something is already written in a textbook, then it is not new, is it?  For them, there are no beaten paths to follow.  Whatever they choose to pursue is, by definition, the right pursuit.  They possess immense inner silence and they are always motivated because they can easily shape their emotions in a way we can hardly understand toward attaining their self-defined objectives.

  Will they discover the deeper purposes of the earth? Will their astonishing self-motivation, independence, and power of adaptation win out?  Not a chance.  I say this because I ran one of their women though this meditation relating to the earth.  She was able to follow and reproduce it in herself without any effort. 

   It is not that they can not understand or connect to the earth.  The problem is that the idea of searching outside of oneself for a higher purpose is simply not part of their makeup.  It has something to do with their background and the environment in which they originally evolved. 

   For them, you create your own kingdom of the soul from within.  Relying on inspiration from outside of your self is not consistent with their sense of autonomy.  They are not selfish as we understand being selfish—that is, wanting to enhance oneself at others’ expense—but they are extremely ambitious.  Again, it is not a social thing involving fame or recognition. It is more like, “I will accomplish what I wish to accomplish and learn a hell of a lot in the process.”  They have loads of self-confidence.  You would have to mingle with the top five scientists on earth to encounter the level of concentration even the least of them possesses.  

    In regard to Homo sapiens, there is a very good chance we will not survive this millennium.  In fact, when Neanderthal became extinct, a careful observer placed on earth might have said about our Stone Age race, “They are very creative.  They like to invent and engineer new things.  Unlike Neanderthal who was calm and peaceful, they are restless--they are competitive and seek to dominate each other and the world.

  “Their desire to fashion new forms of social interaction to enhance trade and create economic advantages, to engineer new kinds of societies—all of this is perfectly clear even now at the beginning.  What follows is obvious.  They will rise to a great height of knowledge and technology and then destroy themselves.  The first time they will survive.  But the second time will be final.  Their insatiable curiosity contains in its core a ravenous hunger so blind in its desire for more that they shall fail to see the way they plant the seeds of their own self-destruction.” 

  That is a rather long epithet.  Some of my readers complain and want me to be brief and concise.  So let me put it this way, in deciding the purposes for which we exist, we have chosen science and technology, industry and invention. And having done so, the earth is no longer necessary for our evolution.  It is too beautiful and rich in natural resources.  Our goals can be better served by being elsewhere, on a planet that offers more challenges, that is, one possessing a far more hostile environment. 

  As for the next race? They shall be here only a little over three thousand years.  They move much faster than us in attaining their objectives.  In the end, they too rise to a high level of science and technology, beyond what even we might imagine.  Their downfall is in failing to comprehend the existence of malice and ill will. 

  Though not particularly social, they will almost always help you out in a pinch.  Though rude, deep down they are generous.  And so they shall fail to see how one or two individuals, possessing the immense knowledge available, can easily destroy an entire race.  In their future history, they will never have to police themselves and this is their great mistake.  It is very, very sad the way they come to an end.  On the day of their destruction, they shall cry and be as vulnerable and fragile as any human being.   

  All the same, as I mention elsewhere, in spite of the massive limitations under which we live our lives, we are surrounded by infinite possibilities and opportunities.  The spiritual worlds place no limits on what we can attain.  You just have to make an effort to reach out and seize some wonder and find a way to bring it back to the world so it can be shared with others.  Accomplish this and you get to rewrite your own life script as well as the fate of the race in which you exist. 


Note: You do not have to rely on my descriptions or take my word for anything.  This kind of meditation you can find and write for yourself.  Simply listen carefully in the dead of night reaching down into the silence depths of the earth.  And there you will hear in your own way the song the earth sings to other planets.      


Let us take a look then at the simple meditation that this planet exists to impart to an intelligent species who can find it in their own hearts.  If you think about it, it is not so difficult to create this or to master it in yourself.  The real problem is that it is the absolute opposite of everything we, as a race, are striving to attain. 


                                  The Meditation


Imagine the oceans, the single ocean that encircles the entire world.  Look down from thirty thousand feet or from five feet above the surface of the sea.  Feel the wind and the waves and the spray.  Savor the scent.  Out here on the open ocean, the seasons barely make a difference.  And here it is almost impossible to measure geological time, not unless you go back one or two billion years.    

   Here, civilizations, human or otherwise, are of little significance.  They simply appear and then disappear. Put aside human and linear time.  Take the point of view of the planet. 

   Now feel the seas surrounding the entire earth.  Become the waves, the currents, the tides, and the depths. 

  At this point, we are ready to join the inner and outer world, to discover what water is really all about.  In the magnetic attraction between the molecules of water is a receptivity as spiritually profound and as pure as anything in the galaxy. 

   To touch this, imagine that the sea has become a mirror.  At night, the light of the stars sink into its depths not just for hours or days but for eons of time.  Imagine that you are this mirror and that the vibrations in the light of the stars are songs you can hear.  Their notes and words are perfectly clear.  

   And now you, the sea, reflect also in your depths the vast emptiness of space as well that contains the stars and galaxies. This beauty and ecstasy is what the earth wishes to share with her children. 

  If you feel this reflection and light in yourself, like water that has become so still it is a perfect mirror, then you feel what she feels—that you have become one with the universe.  In this moment, everything that exists is within your heart.  There is no creature--natural, human, or divine--that you can not perceive as it perceives itself, as though you have become it and are one with it.

   This empathy is more than human.  The stars themselves are part of its vision, for you can see through their eyes and feel as they feel.  Even the tides upon which the galaxies ride are currents that flow through your mind.  

   And yet, like the sea and the waters of the earth, you exist to nurture all beings.  You guide, illuminate, and inspire.  You are the very substance and life force that flows through their bodies, their hearts, and their minds. 

  If we or any other race of mortal, elemental, or divine beings wish to understand the deeper purposes of the earth, the reason for which she exists, then we will have to feel what she feels in her heart.  Every other approach falls short.

   Take some time.  Work on it.  Like I say, this meditation is rather straight forward and simple.           

   Like the undine queens, you identity with the waters of the earth so that their vast magnetic field of energy gradually becomes a part of your own aura.  And then, like the undine queens, you automatically identify with anyone who comes near to you.  You seek to nurture and love others, as if fulfilling their deepest needs and dreams is, like the earth, the very reason you exist.  

   Time is not linear.  Barriers and limitations are a means to teach—they are where we begin in our awareness and what we seek to master to be free.  Yet there is no obstacle that can prevent or boundary that can contain this love.  It insures that the deepest purposes of the heart shall be fulfilled.  This giving, nurturing, and inspiration are who you are and what you become.  All other things---wisdom, power, and what you can accomplish—these are its servants.

     Or, as the poem says,

The earth wishes to have children

Who see through the eyes of the stars:

In their hearts

They shall fuse all opposites,

The constellations themselves,

Into one Song of Love.




                 My Physical Therapist—A Mermaid Woman



I fell down a cliff.  How stupid can you get? That was last October 10th.  Two weeks later, after consulting with a surgeon and getting an MRI, I finally began physical therapy.  In my mind, I was too banged up with other injuries to undergo surgery for a damaged and dislocated shoulder. 

    For the first three months I did not notice.  I was distracted--the therapy was excruciatingly painful.  The fractures were not yet mended.  And it is easy to take a woman such as this one for granted.  

   The thing about mermaid women, that is, women with deep water in their auras, is that they are adept at disguising themselves.  Due to circumstances and experience, they learn early in life that you can not be completely open with other people.  You can not be constantly and continuously giving, loving, nurturing, and healing anyone and everyone you meet. 

   Without even knowing what they are doing, other people tend to turn into vampires around mermaid women.  Others want more and more of whatever it is that she gives.  This is not something people do on a conscious level.  It is subconscious and subliminal.

   It is like walking down the sidewalk and finding a twenty dollar gold piece lying on the ground in mint condition dated 1821.  Most people will not lift that gold piece up and shout, “Did anyone lose this twenty dollar gold coin?”  And if you did hear someone say that it would almost certainly be some sort of scam going on. When you find something of great value, your first thought is not to give it away.  Mermaid women are always giving something of great value away.   

  We live our lives amid tradeoffs.  We, that is, human beings negotiate for affection and attention.  Respect is earned.  And love is rare enough that we do everything we can to protect what we have. 

   True love is perhaps the rarest thing on earth—a love that can not be bound, broken, diminished, or brought to an end; it is so alive it captures the essence of every moment while at the same time the wisdom of eternity shines from within it.  In true love, there is nothing to possess, to bind, or to try to confine.  In true love, the lover is inside of you one hundred per cent of the time.  

    My physical therapist is in disguise. She presents herself as a professional during a therapy session.  She is business like, focused on task, and very demanding.  She has great recall and attention to detail.  She knows very well that in regard to shoulder dislocations, you never want to depart from protocols or step by step treatment.  You have to do the hard work if you want to get results.  There are no free rides and there are no exceptions to this rule. 

   And so it would be very easy to think that this woman is a Virgo—she is analytical, mental, hard working, focused on details, and enjoys most of all when something is done right.  But this conclusion would be an absolute mistake.  Her personality is completely opposite.

  I began to notice my mistake very slowly.  It required an effort to put it all together.  It was in her intonation pattern as she spoke.  There was the sound of water dripping off of leaves and falling to the ground. 

  It was in her touch when she was massaging my shoulder.  She would ask as she stretched a muscle, “On a scale of one to ten, how painful is this?” I would reply, “When you are touching my arm, I can feel the intensity of the sensations, but my mind no longer labels it as pain.  I just let go.”

  And it was in her occasional smile.  When she smiled, the therapist was gone.  A different person was present.  It was the smile of a young woman who loves to be out of doors—canoeing between the islands, hiking in the mountains, or swimming in the surf.  I was no longer in a hospital.  Sunlight, moonlight, and wind were caressing my skin. 

   She is innocent, loves to play, is pure delight, and feels a part of nature.  She searches with endless curiosity for new experiences that allow life to express itself as an explosion of joy, with the joy she already feels inside. 

  I have never described or met anyone in my life who “searches for new experiences that allow life to express itself as an explosion of joy.”  Then again, in my sixty-three years of life, I have met at most only eight mermaid type women.  Two of the eight found me in response to my global casting call.  I would guess that only one in four thousand is a mermaid type woman.    

  So here is my dilemma.  I feel more alive when I am in her presence.  And I can tell you exactly, precisely, why this is:

   In this particular instance with this woman, her femininity, her way of being receptive, her way of giving energy enhances the electricity in my nervous system.  It is not just a matter of feeling assured and more self-confident.  It feels like having the power of lighting that occurs in a storm on a dark night.  It is the power to light up the darkest places within the heart.  That is the way she makes me feel.

  When human beings love, they have feelings for each other.  The mutual attraction is the foundation from which love is born.  The attraction is specific.  It is often unique and it acts as a force like gravity binding two people together.  The other has a hold on you like you are under a spell—like a magic mirror, the woman reflects something from deep within you that, at times, is so far away you may not have even known it was part of you.  She offers you something that makes you feel whole and the relationship makes her feel complete as well.         

    Mermaid women are not like that.  They do not love in that way.  Love is neither created by the feelings two individuals have for each other nor does it have anything to do with specific experiences that are shared in common.  Love is not generated through the act of giving.   

  Like nature that surrounds us with its sky, stars, sun, moon, mountains, seas, rivers, forests, plateaus, and plains, love is already there.  It is everywhere.  You only need to open to it and allow it to flow through you.               

   For a mermaid woman, you can not capture another’s attention by your charm, your beauty, your wealth, or your social status and skills.  And joy is never a matter of feeling really good because everything is going right or because you are so lucky that more than you could imagine is happening to benefit you.  The feeling of joy occurs when, like an artesian well, you are a channel through which a stream flows unimpeded and without restraint. 

  I use the image of water because for mermaid women love is like the waters that cover the earth.  It has vast depth and breadth. It has been here billions of years and more--it is like the sky that contains the stars at night.     

   And so, as I have previously described, mermaid women have a problem.  Offering attention, affection, acceptance, empathy, and energy to others makes some people feel so good, so right, that they immediately notice when that love is no longer flowing through them.  And then they feel uptight.  They naturally want to possess or restrain the mermaid woman in some way in order to acquire a steady supply of her love.  Like me, they notice they feel more alive in her presence. 

   The question, then, is can I reproduce that same feeling of being alive in myself when I am not in the presence of a mermaid woman’s aura?  All of these women mention that they feel connected to nature.  They often say they have a non-human identity. 

   Can I find that same sea of love inside of myself? Can I find peace that “flows like a stream from the dawn of time to the ends of eternity?”  Can I relax and be still and feel like an artesian well so that there is a welling up of joy overflowing from the depths of my soul and that searches for new experiences that allows life to express itself as an explosion of joy?  Or, as with my physical therapist, can I contain within myself the polarity of earth and sky that causes the light bolt to fly and that mends the broken heart?

   Someone might suggest, “Well, you already know the girl.  Simply make her your friend.  Then these feelings, like a friend, will be there when you want them.”  There is a difficulty with that suggestion.  A mermaid woman may know a great many people but becoming her friend is not so easy.  On average, it takes me one to two years to gain their trust before, for example, they will even do an interview with me. 

  To become close to a mermaid woman, to be her friend, you have to feel the way she feels inside.  They are empaths.  It is actually quite difficult to fool them.  To be a genuine friend, you have to feel what the other person feels inside, not just want what she has.  And you can not offer her something of value in exchange for her attention.   If she feels you flowing through her as she can so easily flow with her love and energy through you, then and only then will she feel close to you—that you are someone who understands who she is.

   To convert myself from a human being into an individual who feels joined to nature from within is a slow process.  This is not the nature studied by scientists and ecologists who mutter paternalistic slogans like “We need to protect and heal the earth.”  It is we and the not the earth that is endangered.  In the blink of her geological eyes, we are at risk of becoming a distant memory, as extinct as the dinosaurs.  The nature that mermaid women feel united with joins the inner and outer worlds.    

   If I relax and sit very still and use my clairsentient abilities, I can feel what mermaid women feel—a love that is everywhere, in every moment, and that embraces the universe.  This love is all around me.  I can feel it as clearly as any mermaid woman on earth. The difference is that it is not flowing through me.  I have created it with my mind and it requires my attention to remain active and present.  They feel this love naturally; it flows through them without effort.  There is no thought, meditation, magic, ethics, theology, or metaphysics attached to it.  It is already there and exists independent of the human race. 

   It took me five months of strenuous physical therapy to regain my range of motion in my arm.  Perhaps in five years, though exercises involving the water element, I will come to embody in myself the love that these women feel.  

   A mermaid woman, one adept in social interaction, recently challenged my self-image.  She said, “Just be your self. Be honest, in the moment; be direct. Just share who you are.”  I replied to her, “I write poems.  My poems tell me I have not yet met the person that I am.” 

   I am not being facetious.  I am embarrassed around these women.  They are more human than I am, even when some of them are actual mermaids who have chosen to appear in the form of women.  When I can love as they love, then I will have become the person I am meant to be. 


Today I was discharged from my physical therapy, having completed seventeen sessions.  I wrote this poem for my physical therapist as my way to say goodbye.         



I was not sure if I was dead or alive

And then you were by my side

A guide to the Other Side?

“Not so,” you coached,

“No pain, no gain,

The bones will fuse

The muscles strengthen

It’s just takes time,”

And then off you went camping


You are the soft singing in the light of dawn

A lost song again found

Before sunrise

I see it in your eyes

With a voice that says,

“Life is a gift

Like the light of dawn

Forever new as a touch, a caress, a kiss”


Your innocence flows like a stream

The sounds of a waterfall in a dream

Water splashing, the ripples dancing, laughing

Rainbows playing in the rising mist   

The cool, deep, refreshing depths

Such is morning as it stretches on

It is found in the silent song

You are constantly singing


And then the dazzling, brilliant sun ascends

I see it in your eyes

The will to make the best of life

To make things turn out right

You live on the edge of the moment

Ready for any surprise 


Now twilight descends

Too soon things come to an end

Work and play

All accomplishments fade away

It is a time to let go

To feel release and also peace

Your eyes tell me so

In every moment a new beginning unfolds


And then the dead of night

The darkest places I already know

Where those who hunger and thirst for love

Have lost their way

Have lost their hope

Here too your voice speaks

I can feel your breath on my neck

Whispering in my ear, 

“Love can not be found

Because it is all around

You only need to let go into the flow;

This I always know.”


Whether the soft song of dawn

Morning ascending  

The delight of sunlight

The release of twilight

Or the silent, silent dead of night

Your presence will always be by my side

With the wonder of what it is to be alive.


Your innocence flows like a stream

The sounds of a waterfall in a dream

Water splashing, the ripples dancing, laughing

Rainbows playing in the rising mist   

The cool, deep, refreshing depths

Such is morning as it stretches on

It is found in the silent song

You are constantly singing






Essay: Social Conflicts between Mermaid Women and the Men They Love     


This essay addresses the issue of “needing” another person. In general, mermaid women do not need another person’s love to feel complete or to fill in for something missing from their lives.  They already feel complete. This generates obvious conflicts when they are in a relationship with a man. The essay develops themes I have introduced in my previous essay, Twelve Traits of Undine Women


I have been interviewing a number of different mermaid women.  These are women who have deep water in their auras to the extent that they feel at the core of their being they are a part of nature. With each, there is a concern that men operate in relationships with the sense of “needing” another person and in return expecting the woman to need them.  To get a perspective, I take a look at how several undine queens—Isaphil and Istiphul—use love in relationships.

   For the undine queen Isaphil, because of her unique mission, there remains a sense of separation—you can love with perfect purity, with the love of the sea, and yet as an undine queen you still feel separate, that something is missing. The “need” in this case is not a personal need.  She does not need to be loved in return before she gives her entire being in love and as love.  Loving is a way of being and it is for an undine already a complete experience in itself. 

   But loving with great purity and profound depth of love does not mean she is not aware of every aspect of what is occurring.  Isaphil says, “Every lover desires another who can feel what she feels.” Isaphil desires a lover who has the skill and power capable of revealing to the world the divine gifts she has to offer.  

  A different undine queen, Istiphul, is perhaps the supreme master of love on earth or within nature.  She “creates a magical space where two separate souls may embrace as one.” When Istiphul becomes one with another in love, there is no remainder, no separation anywhere to be sensed or felt.

   She can accomplish this because she embodies the deep mysteries of the magnetic fluid, namely, the ability to become perfectly one with anyone.  As I have already presented in my essay/meditation on her empathy, she is in herself united to the magnetic field embodied in the oceans of the earth. (See The Magnetic Fluid, Part II: Istiphul’s Empathy, under my free, on-line correspondence course.  This is the nature of her being and her aura.  And yet she does not love in an impersonal manner as a distant, all-encompassing sea of love.  Her touch does not heal you, nurture you, and fulfill you and yet remain forever unknowable and distant as the seas.  She goes much further. 

   Istiphul customizes her receptivity so that she becomes perfectly one with you.  She unites with everything a person is past, present, and future, hope, dream, and desire, the present moment expanding into an entire universe of shared bliss and ecstasy. She amplifies the polar attraction between herself and another so that it is intensified, reaching its height, even as she sustains a profound and nearly cosmic sense of peace and well-being, serenity and sense of completion during the entire process.          

   To do this, she sets aside anything relating to ego. She “molds” herself to be the perfect complement to the individual she is with.  But this is not fake or artificial.  It is more after the fashion of asking and answering: What is this person’s perfect soul mate, twin flame, divine lover, friend, companion, and confidante on his path of life? For Istiphul, this is not a burden or a limitation she is placing on herself.  She is not role playing in a pageant or assuming a part in a magical ritual or morality play.

  What she is doing is an act of creation, for she is a hierophant, a high priestess, in not a human but in a divine celebration. The powers of creation flow through her in the way she loves another and she in return is joined to and an expression of the deep purposes unfolding the universe.

   Again, why would an undine or any being seek to be so generous in this way in loving another, to go “out of her way” to this extent?  The answer is that Istiphul, in seeking to embody the deepest mysteries of the magnetic fluid on earth, has perhaps transcended the love of even the race of undines.  Istiphul has become a channel for the goddess of the Earth. She has begun to embody the deepest purpose that underlies the creation and design of this planet; this planet exists to bring into existence and to nurture the arising of an advanced civilization whose members will attain oneness with the universe—the ability to be one with anything that exists beyond all separation.  (The back story or the origins of Istiphul’s gift I have placed at the end of this essay for those who enjoy fairy tales for their insights into magic, love, and wisdom). 

  Homo sapiens, we ourselves, as well as the next race of souls that shall replace us both are not scheduled to manifest this vision.  All the same, the message from akasha is continuously, “There are no limitations placed upon what you may accomplish.”

   Though we live our lives under massive limitations, we are all the same surrounded by infinite possibilities and endless treasures of spirit. We only need to make the effort to seek these things out and master them so that we can offer them as gifts that will transform the world.  In other words, it is within the capacity of our race and the next race to ascend to this level.          

     What about the statement: “Every lover seeks another who can feel what she feels?” Istiphul is certainly aware of whether or not her love is being reciprocated. But loving without ego means she herself has no personal needs to be fulfilled or satisfied.  Again, the act of loving through which she gives is done as a priestess celebrating the beauty and mystery of the universe.

  When you love with all your heart, soul, and being the beauty of creation, the inner ecstasy you experience never falters or weakens.  All the same, Istiphul would say this: “The degree to which another responds to the love I give increases geometrically the power and the creativity in our relationship.”

  What is the difference between the oneness Istiphul creates between two people and that which the magnetic fluid itself can create? The only difference is that Istiphul’s “sacred space in which two join as one” does have this restriction placed upon it—the partner whom she would love, like Istiphul herself, must be willing to let go of his ego at least briefly to attain this oneness; the reason for this is that the bliss and ecstasy are so great that their intensity and expansiveness annihilate all separation and this includes an individual’s ego identity.  (In other words, as Franz Bardon seems to indicate, beware of her beauty because it will destroy you if you are not strong enough to endure it.) 

  The magnetic fluid, as the substance and method through which divinity reveals love in its highest aspect, has no such limitation—the magnetic fluid in its full power can become one with anything or anyone under any and all circumstances and conditions.  There are no restrictions placed upon it.

  For this reason, a magician who first identifies himself through deep meditation with this divine aspect of the magnetic fluid can present himself to Istiphul in a way that embodies her own deepest sources of inspiration. But this is no easy feat to accomplish.  Remember, Istiphul is seeking to embody in her own being the deepest purposes of this planet. 

   Among these, Istiphul wishes to be even as the goddess of the earth is in every moment—one with all the waters of the earth, not just as a psychic perception or feeling.  The goddess, that is the conscious spiritual awareness that inhabits this planet, is fully conscious and present in every drop of water on earth.        

  Where does all of this discussion leave us when we return to the question of needing another? The question is, How is a mermaid woman to bond with a man when she does not feel the normal human need to be dependent or want the other to fill in for something that is missing in herself? (Since she feels nothing is missing in herself.)   

  Sometimes a male will say with anger to a woman who has a mermaid’s aura: “You are too pure! How can anyone love you when you have no needs and you are not dependent on me? There is nothing to bind us together? How can anyone feel love under these circumstances?”

   One woman told me, “On occasion, I will pretend that I need my partner for something, for example, I say to him, ‘Can you help me with my finances?’ And then he lights up and gets enthusiastic because finally I am asking for his help and advice. All the same, I am not comfortable doing this even though it makes him feel good. I am not being truthful when I pretend I am, even in a minor way, dependent.”       

  And then there are men who will intentionally and with great skill seek to injure the mermaid woman and break her spirit so that she is permanently wounded. He says to himself, “If she is seriously injured on an emotional level, she will at that point feel incomplete. Then she will need me.”

  And they sometimes succeed at least temporarily to create doubt and pain in the woman.  Here is a woman who is giving all of her love to another because to do so is who she is and the way she lives.  She feels she is a part of the other person, her love flowing through him in every moment of the day.  Again, this takes no effort on her part.  She just does it naturally.

   But he, sensing that she is not bound to him but remains free, turns upon her out of malice, insecurity, or blind fear, and rejects her suddenly.  Or over time, again and again, he does whatever he can to put her down, to demean her, to infuse her with the hate he feels inside for all things that are truly free and that can not be bound by need or will or become a possession. 

   One mermaid woman said that she left her husband because he acted in that way.  And he had injured her as he intended to do.  Afterwards, she no longer trusted herself to be in an intimate relationship because the wound her ex-husband had created left her feeling needy.  He had taken something from her.  He did not take her connection to the peace and beauty of nature, but rather her willingness to flow these feelings through another. 

   If another person keeps destroying the love you are giving, eventually that other individual’s hatred begins to flow back into you. An empath will automatically feel what another feels.  If she does this excessively, she will become physical sick or else sick within her soul. That is what happened in this case.    

  It would seem that she has to learn to do something new that a mermaid woman never does—stop loving this creep because inside of herself she is still sending him love. All mermaid women do this—they simply do not stop loving other people, even after suffering harm.  Or, to put it more precisely, she needs to deepen her connection to nature and to the magnetic fluid to a depth that, like a storm on the surface of the ocean, the depths of the sea still remain undisturbed.      

      How, then, does someone bond to a mermaid woman? You just flow your aura, your feelings around her, into her, and through her.  It may take some time before it is effective but at a certain point she will sense that your needs and her needs are the same.  There is no separation.

  I mentioned in responding to an email question about relationships: “If you think and imagine you are one with a woman, she will eventually get around to responding to you.  But it may be a slow process.”

   If you are good at feeling one with a woman, at some point she will look at you and see herself reflected in you. And then whatever barriers exist will vanish. It is not a possessive kind of thing or about being needy. It is about feeling in your heart that you are one with another and that there is no end to it.       

  But for mermaid women love is still not generated by the actions of two individuals focusing on each other.  There are no “special moments” which other couples create in order to define and maintain the feeling that their love is unique, that they have ‘made something real’ between them.  For the mermaid woman, love is already everywhere in every moment.  It surrounds everyone and seeks to flow through everyone.  You only need to open yourself to it. 

   In fact, a mermaid woman does not stop loving when she is no longer with someone. She feels the exact same love for the individual that she felt when she was in a relationship with him. This is not a “whenever I think of him or recall our time together, I still have warm feelings toward him.” Mermaid women actually have the psychic ability, due to their connections to the water element, to extend their auras continuously in and through another and to flow energy and love to him.

   They have to be careful with this ability.  At times it may wear them out.  You may notice for example that everyone close to a mermaid woman looks bright, effervescent, and charged up with energy while she herself may look worn out. Unknowingly, the people around her may be vampirizing her energy the way human beings are used to doing collectively—without knowing it, they take more than they give.     

   So how would a mermaid woman deal with her own concern that she may end up living her entire life missing out on relationships with a really good man if every man she is with becomes frustrated that she is not “bonded” to him? To complicate this, mermaid women, as those who have a high sense of inner peace or well-being, feel attracted to many different individuals.  

   I have already described an exercise for dealing with this issue under the topic of magical empathy. A woman (or man) can practice active listening once a week with someone.  And then she places her consciousness within his body.  She empties her mind and imagines she is him until she gets a gut response in her own body of what it is like to be him. And then she reflects on her impressions to interpret and make sense of them.

  At this point, she has an inner gut level, instinctual, and deep emotional “bond” with the other person which no one else in the world has. Though this may act on a subliminal or subconscious level, the body language and feeling of connection of both partners instantly changes and becomes more open and intimate.

  This connection of oneness is common currency in both the realm of mermaids and the world of human beings. It works for both races because it is the first step toward attaining oneness with another.  And it is a genuine gift far more than any diamond ring, toward offering something special to the other person that no one else may ever give.   

   Does it still need to be reciprocated? The feeling of connection can be established and maintained from one side without the other’s participation.  Empathy is not just passive and receptive. It can also enjoin.  But when two practice this exercise, it tends to bring about the feelings of bliss and ecstasy that Istiphul is so adept at creating.  But again, the limitation is that both partners have to be able and willing to step aside from their individual ego needs and identities to allow the process to unfold. 




What I am suggesting is that a mermaid woman can produce in a man a feeling that the two of them are bonded to each other without violating her own inherent nature of simply flowing love to others. 

  When in the realm of mermaids, it behooves a male magician to keep his mouth shut (his telepathic communication on hold) until a mermaid “feels” his aura is inside of her and a part of her.  Similarly, it behooves a mermaid woman to appreciate the fact that she may never meet a man who can reciprocate her level of empathy or who feels what is so obvious to every mermaid who exists—that love is everywhere in every moment. 

   I have heard different mermaid women say, “I realize a man can not love me as I love him.  But I justify being with him because of what I can teach him about love and because I can heal him of his wounds.  All the same, when I accomplish this with a particular man, I feel like I should move on.  My work with that individual is done.”

  Now to our ears that might seem very odd for a mermaid woman to say.  But I will tell you this.  From my perspective, the fairy tales about mermaids are mostly disinformation.  The writers are making up stories and inventing mermaid personalities based on their own experience with woman. And so almost nothing they write is insightful or informative.         

  But they do have one thing right about the sea people.  If a selkie is tricked into marrying a man, she will be his wife, love him, and truly and deeply love the children that they produce.  But even so, if she is ever given an opportunity to return to her own form in the sea, she will leave in that very moment. 

  This she is able to do because for her love is not possessive.  It is not furthered by controlling someone else’s life.  And she never forgets, no matter how socially adept she may become in interacting with human beings, that her true identity is non-human:  

   In her very being and in her heart of hearts she knows she is a member of another realm whose essence is bliss and a love that flows without ever being lost and that gives all of itself in every moment. By contrast, she can only consider her experiences among human beings to be like visiting a strange land where the race is only half awake to the beauty that surrounds them.     


The Back Story: How Istiphul Acquired Her Empathy


Istiphul did not always possess the empathy she now has.  She acquired it.  Once long ago she was an undine who had a feeling for the depths of the seas and for the magnetic fluid which is the energy underlying them.  Precisely when this was is a little hard to determine since on the astral plane there is no space and time as we understand these things here in the physical world.  But, for the sake of perspective and to clarify the relationship between our world and the Other Side, my sources tell me this happened about three hundred and fifty million years ago. In other words, this undine queen has been around for a long time.

   It happened like this: one day the goddess of the earth appeared to Istiphul.  And as is the nature of the undine realm and as occurs between any two undines who draw close, the energy of the aura of the goddess began to flow through Istiphul so that there was no separation any longer between them—what the goddess was feeling in her innermost being Istiphul was feeling as well. 

    And then the goddess disappeared.  But Istiphul knew what she had felt.  Yet there was no way of describing such a thing.  Evolution in our world and within the world of mermaids had not yet invented the ideas, purposes, or feelings that can attune themselves with an ecstasy that is so great it is one without separation with anything that exists. 

  And that is pretty much how things would have remained—an experience not without meaning but without definition or the ability to express itself through any action, thought, or intention.  But you see our planet is not like so many other planets in this galaxy.  Even at that time there was a divine council of great spiritual beings (who have absolutely nothing to do with anything like a Great White Brotherhood or group of ascended masters).  This council was beyond the knowledge of the masters who would later appear one earth. 

   And this council’s commission was to watch over the unfolding evolution of earth on every level and in every aspect.  They were simply enjoined to obey a higher command: See that the evolution of the earth unfolds in accordance with the laws of nature but also in compliance with the mysterious purposes of the greater universe. 

   What these “greater purposes” were the council members were not exactly sure.  You see, interpretation, discretion, and creativity operate in all realms.  However, almost immediately, the council members noticed that the goddess (the primordial spiritual consciousness that underlies this planet) had appeared to an undine named Istiphul.  And the conversation between them went like this:


“Look!  The goddess has imprinted her own aura upon this mermaid.  Though a spirit of water, the mermaid’s astral body now vibrates with the astral body of the entire planet in its mystery and in its beauty.”


“But she remains a mermaid.  There is no capacity in her consciousness to reflect upon or give expression to this beauty that is now within her.”


“Do we have any other creatures on the three lower planes who have had a similar visitation from the goddess?”


“There is nothing. Not one.”


“What are we to do? The harmony of the planet has been disturbed.  New directions for evolution must be considered.”


“But these paths are as yet beyond the power of our vision or imagination.”


“Let us therefore give this mermaid whatever skills she needs so that one day a race might appear on earth that will have the opportunity to learn from her about her beauty and ecstasy and in so doing create a new destiny.” 


“I shall give her an understanding of the magnetic fluid so that she might master it and come to embody it beyond all other beings.”


“I shall give her the desire to love so that the celebration of the beauty of the universe might be expressed through her love.”


“And I shall breathe into her etheric body the vibration of all the waters of the earth so that in the fullness of time she might accomplish her purpose: of being one with all water on earth in full consciousness and ecstasy even as the goddess is now one with all things.”


“In this way, the foundation shall be laid to fulfill the intentions of the goddess who herself embodies the greater purposes of the universe: one day a member of some future race shall appear on earth and reciprocate Istiphul’s love by simply doing what every true lover does: “to feel what the lover feels.” 




I have written this essay and back story in order to discuss the idea of “needing” another, about loving and yet remaining free, and about loving another and yet being united to a sea of love in the same moment. 

   The mermaid women, in a real sense, embarrass me.  You see, I am one of the needy ones who are not yet free; nor do I feel complete.  Oh, beyond all doubt, I can spend four hours at a time meditating with an undine queen such as Istiphul.  I can briefly, during meditation, unite myself to Istiphul’s inner source of inspiration: the power to manifest absolute oneness with any being under any circumstances or conditions. 

   But outside of my meditation, I am still an ordinary kind of guy.  Which is to say that I have a great deal to learn as I interview and come to know these mermaid women for whom love is an endless sea that is continuously overflowing into every moment of time. 

  Obviously, in writing this essay, I show that I can go back and forth between an undine’s perspective on the world, on mermaid’s women’s experience, and your typical male’s experience. 

  It is my intention soon to transcribe some of the video taped interviews I have with some of these mermaid women in order to illuminate these topics in greater depth.    







Interview with a Hard Core Mermaid Woman


All my life, people say I am secretive. I am mysterious. But I am not holding anything back.  I just walk in this quiet knowing.  What am I going to share with someone who has no comprehension of what I have in me?




This woman was referred to me by Ronda, the first mermaid type woman I met.  She called me one day on the phone and asked if we could get together for coffee.  She had read my article, Twelve Traits of Mermaid Women, and wanted to know how I could know so much about her. 

   One undine queen described this woman by saying she is more mermaid than human.    When we talk, I sense that I am not talking to a human woman but a real mermaid in a woman’s body.  She has the advantage.  As with encounters with undine queens in their own realms, her aura has its own magic that automatically lays hold of you, like a magnet with iron filings, aligning you to its magnetic field.     

  Other mermaid women are astonishingly like real mermaids, but they disguise themselves to act like they are human beings.  This woman does not act in disguise which all these women are incredibly adept at doing.

  Also, I have to avoid driving a car after we talk for about five hours.  Being in her presence throws off my sense of physical balance.  I feel that I am floating in a sea of water and that gravity is no longer an operating principle. 

  She works as a health coach and also does massage. When she touches me in massage, she becomes a medium for whatever undine queen I have been meditating with.  It is no longer the girl but a specific undine queen sharing with me her energy.

  I wrote a “back story,” a way for me to explain to myself why she is the way she is.  See Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid.

  To put it simply, I can easily understand how a reader would conclude that this interview is odd, eccentric, and off the wall.  But to me, this interview among others is a world historic moment—no writer in the history of the world has had these opportunities to interview women who act, feel, think, and perceive as mermaids in the form of women. 

  But it is not hard to understand why.  These women are absolute masters of disguise.  They surpass the best Hollywood actresses when it comes to projecting an image that is unreal.  In the past, our world has made it impossible for them to reveal who they are and how they feel.  




There are three key questions that determine a mermaid type personality.  First, do you feel you are the same person now you were as a child?


Oh, yes.


These three questions I am sending out around the world in search of women with mermaid qualities.


And what are their answers to these questions?


It is my guess that one in four thousand women fit the twelve traits. Like the girl in Europe who says she has been trying to explain this point her whole life to others, about being the same person now as she was as a child. 


Because people forget that they were children. They think that they were never children.  So you look at them and it is very unusual.  Because they had to be children to become who they are.  But that doesn’t mean you leave behind who you were. It is all a part of the package. 


One girl says, You could take the me who I am now and put it in that little five year old and it would be the same person. 

  And the girl in Europe says that when she was five people started talking to her like she was an adult.  They wanted to treat her as a child but they caught on that she could think and feel as they do.


You know what, that is really funny because the same thing happened to me.  And there was a time when I realized I had to be quiet, because nobody understood.


She also said that around age eight she discovered that other people did not feel a part of nature as she did; they just wanted to exploit it.




So she started not sharing as much with other people about her experiences.  Also, they often see spiritual beings as children.


Uh-huh.  Very unusual things. They see fairies and fly with them. (laughing)


Tell me.


It is like flying but it is almost like you are in water but you are not in water, more like a dry gel.  And you are not squishing and you are not ….


Have you told anyone about this?


No.  Yeah, I don’t know how to explain it.  It’s like there is no bottom. There is no top. There is just this gel. And it is not wet and it is not dry.  But it is there. And you just make your way though that and you can do whatever you want.  And everything is beautiful.  Like colors like we see now are like Pfffuuum (hand gesture of arms separating and hands out).  It is just so much brighter.  That whole 3-D thing I guess and you don’t need to wear any green glasses.  It is just how it is.

   And everything has energy. Everything has this aura to it.  This table has that.  This piece of metal has that.


The trees?


The trees, absolutely.  The air itself.   And it is so sad how slow the heartbeat of the trees are.  Like, why do they beat so slowly? You can feel that.  Even this table has a heartbeat.  

  I try to live half-way in this world that I am describing now and half-way in the world that exists around us that I have to function in for my business.  So I have aches from that, because I am torn.

So I am trying to find that balance.


The girl in Europe I said to her, Forget about anything I have told you. Who are you really? And she said, I am a visitor.  I enjoy being here but I look forward to going home.  And I am in disguise because I have to hide who I am from other people.


Oh, yeah, me too. But for me I am getting better at not being in disguise.  I feel more confident to say, This is how I feel about this. And even if it might be some whoo whoo thing, I am at the point where I don’t care anymore. I am just going to say it and others can take it as it comes. 


I like the phrase you once used, “I am a mermaid having a human experience.”


I don’t feel like I am going to go home later.  I feel like I am here now and this is what it is and who knows where I am going to end up but I am going to live this and enjoy this and then I will just move on to something else. I don’t feel like there is a home elsewhere.  Home is here.

 So that “I am here and I am going home,” no, that does not resonate for me.


I wrote her a poem that begins, “I am water.  I am what I was before, I have only changed my outer form.” And it ends, “I am water, I am what I shall be—a sea with its endless dream of being one and being free.”

   But she feels like what Ronda said, Human beings are only half alive, like they are half zombies—they are not aware of their possibilities; they don’t feel the way they could.  They are needy. They are vulnerable. They feel incomplete.   


They vibrate on a level of fear.  And it is based on society. It is based on how we are conditioned from the time we grow up. The television. The newspaper.  It is all fear based.

  And until people decide to unplug they will never know who they are.  They will always walk around like that.


The way you said it one time was you feel this is heaven.


Heaven is what you create like home is what you create.  So you can create your own heaven here.  Just unplug from all the bull crap.


I was telling Ronda there is a girl in Greece who is like you.  But she doesn’t’ feel that being a human being is a problem. She already feels connected to everything she loves and feels a part of.  She does not need to go somewhere else.


Yeah.  Me too. I don’t feel separated.  Heaven, hell.  That is what we create in our conscious mind. 


I think maybe it may be that the girl in Europe still has a mermaid’s soul and so she is “visiting here on holiday from the next world.”  It is like some people have a duel passport and others are visiting here on a visa.  They are tourists or observers, and so their status is temporary.  They may feel at home here but they also know this is not their place of origin. 


Okay.  I see.


There is a plus and a minus.  She is telekinetic, can move objects and is incredibly psychic. But it is more like she is here to learn like on a student visa. 


Aren’t we all?


But she has no goals like human beings say, “I am going to do this or accomplish that.” She just lets things happen.


I don’t think in terms of trying to reach some goal.


Also, with the traits of mermaid women, as children they gave away valuable things to others. 


 I keep rocks, crystals, pieces of glass. But these are not valuable to other people.

  No, it is like as a kid you play with marbles. Well, those are my marbles.  And I like little boxes. But no body could care less about this stuff.  These are things I treasure—like you can see a whole different world in a piece of broken glass.

  I remember giving things away but I wouldn’t say they were of value.  But I like shiny things, like jewelry and like that.


How about out-of-body experiences as a child, up on the ceiling looking down?


Uh-huh and meeting people in the astral, like my grandmother. She and I would meet up because I always missed her.  We always had a good time.  There is something about that woman. She taught me a lot. 


So you knew her as a little girl while she was still alive and then you would meet her when she was dead?


Oh, yeah.  All the time.  She comes and tells me what’s what and she helped me through my divorce.  We even argue.  She is passed on, but we have our own little arguments. 

  But I don’t “hear” her (gesturing to ears). I “hear” her (gesturing to third eye).  Or I’ll see a part of her like her hands and I will know what she means. Or I will smell something and it is a smell that comes with a message.  She is quite bossy.


Mermaid women often say that smell and taste are very special in this world. They love to smell and taste new things.


My grandmother will miss that.  So at certain times of the year she will come and say, You have to make this, because I feel that she misses that.  But she is not unhappy where she is.  She is growing in her own right.

  And I cook like her.  My mother says I have her gift because I can put together a big dinner and it is just me cooking. 


Your ethnic background?


Hawaiian, Japanese, Portuguese, English.  


Tell me more about the fairies, little tree fairies, flowers, wind spites?


I don’t know what to call them.


Small, big?


Oh, they are just little, sometimes kind of like just light works.


Do they fly along with you?


When I pay attention. The sad thing is that I am so busy these days I don’t focus on them so I don’t see quite as often as I used to.  I keep getting messages that I should pay attention because they have messages for me.  Whether they are fairies or guardian angels, I don’t pay attention to what they are. I just know that they are there. I realize I have to pay better attention to them.


Do you have spirit guides?


Yes, and one is very strong.  I call him my purple Indian. I haven’t connected to him in a while.  In a past life, actually, we were warriors together.  And I don’t know precisely where but I can see it in my mind where we meet.  It is an open area with a stream, kind of like a meadow with the hills in the back.  There are a few dwellings and a purple tree.  And that is where he helps to bring me strength.  He was family.


Other guides?


Yes, but I don’t know what to call them. An orange light being, not human at all.  And this being comes and I can’t really tell you how the guidance comes with that but there is something to it.


Am I the only one who you have told about this?


No, I have told others.  The Indian really is an American Indian.  With that vision comes peace and clarity. And I think that is what the purple represents.  Tranquility and connectedness.  And it helps me go through certain things.  


You must have really connected to Ronda?


Yes.  Where is she now?


Tennessee.  She misses the ocean.


That is me too. I am coast. I need to be near water.  I don’t need to get into it, just be near it. I don’ think a stream or river would quite do it for me.  Because it is not deep enough.  It doesn’t have the depth that my spirit needs to have.   And I guess I feel I draw from that.  I think I would start to feel like I was drinking too much coffee if I lived near only a stream or a river. 


The Pacific is not better than the Atlantic?


Water is water.  It is the depth. 


Some mermen specialize in streams.  I told one merman type man that merman specialize in weather.  He responded that he could easily punch holes in clouds with his mind.

   The merman male, because of his natural affinity for water and feeling, has a slightly different problem than the mermaid type women.  Men may stalk mermaid women.  But human women tend to be overly attracted to mermen.  They just offer themselves.  One merman said that every single day a different woman he does not know comes up to him and offers to sleep with him. 


I never believe that things just come.  It is what we put out. We carry out energy that makes things that come about. Maybe that is what the merman is doing.   


But the mermaid women have another problem—how to share what they are with others.  How do they connect when they don’t feel a need to bond, to be dependent, or when they don’t need the other person to feel complete?   


No, they don’t have a need to feel complete through another person.  


But they want a relationship—giving and receiving is like breathing.




The human males often say something like, If you don’t depend on me or need me how can we have a relationship? And one girl says, How can I ever have a relationship with a guy because I don’t ever need him? She says, if I pretend I need him for something, I end up feeling like I am being dishonest.


But it is okay because I do the same thing. With my business. I will ask for referrals from a certain group of people.   And that was good.  I can identify with that because I will ask for help when I don’t need it. It is playing that woman role, like I need a man to do such and such.


If a mermaid woman says, “I feel bonded to you” to her boyfriend, the words alone create a connection.


Yes. I remember reading that you wrote that.  I go through that too. But it is not a spirit thing.  It is just a connection to the mind.  But that is part of being plugged into our world.  I can understand that. 


A mermaid woman may meet a merman type man and say, “He is my other half.”  She feels that connected from within.


That is a waste of energy for me.  That is going well beyond. This is just her energy.  She puts out this vibration that creates “she is me in another form.” It is just the aura she has around herself running all the time.  So naturally she can also respond to that level of connection when it is reciprocated.


You yourself have felt really connected with men.  So when it suddenly ends, there is a feeling of loss. But it is temporary.


Oh yeah. It is kind of like, Oh, what is next, because I look at it like a progression in my learning.  Because it is like in certain instances …


A relationship continues but with a different person.


I am realizing that I am growing and that this person I am attracted to is also growing. 


With some the relationship is more like a stream and with others like a fast flowing rapids, but when it is not there you don’t need to want it back.  You allow the river to flow in a different way.  But that is what human beings do—they get attached.  


For me, it is about learning.  You can love everybody, but that does not mean you have to be attached to them.  The learning begins and ends. It is not part of this form but of the soul and the spirit. 


The word “learning” is a human word.  Mermaid women like to grow ….


But it is like this quiet knowledge we have.  We do not need to broadcast where we are at, what we are thinking, and what we are feeling.  And so sometimes people think we are mysterious because for me I am told that I am so mysterious.


Who says that to you?


So many people have said that to me.  All my life, people say I am secretive. I am mysterious.


They sense you holding back.


I am not holding anything back.  I just walk in this quiet knowing.  What am I going to share with someone who has no comprehension of what I have in me?

    I look at it like too bad so sad—so I am secretive; so I am mysterious.  I don’t mean to be and I think it is funny that others think I am.  If I am asked a question I will answer the question.  I have nothing to hide from anybody but I am not going to waste my spit to try to explain the depth of me that nobody will understand.  

   I am curious.  Has anybody talked about that gel?


They talk about flying around through the air, creatures of light, small fairies.  I will ask them.  I get that feeling from being around you that I will never fall.


In the gel, you never will. And there is no bottom and no top.  I don’t know how to explain it.  There are grids that appear in there.


[Author’s Note: another mermaid woman who telepathically picks up on my conversations with others referred me a few days later to what is called, Quantum Jumping, which has similar descriptions in the seminars they offer.] 


Like what? Different energy structures, grid meaning, like a screen?


I feel it is there to help me transport,


Like astral travel, lucid dreaming?


All of the above, it is like Harry Potter with their port keys.  You make it to the grid and pop you are somewhere else. 


You have used the grid?


I believe I have but my conscious mind doesn’t know how to describe it. ….It does connect me well beyond our universe and beings that dwell there. It is about making connections.  Maybe that is all it really is.    ….It is hard to express because it is all in my whoo whoo side of life that I don’t need to express.  When I need it then it is there for me. 


But you are not utilizing it on a regular basis?


No.  Have you ever heard of anything like that?


It is like Bardon’s spiritual realms.  For him, if you want to enter the realms of sylphs, gnomes, salamanders, etc. then you follow the protocol for entering their realms. 


The mermaids are in the closest position to understand the purposes of the planet. If you can feel all the oceans of the earth the oceans are like a perfect mirror that reflects life.  If you can turn your awareness into this mirror, then the oceans of the earth reflect a oneness with the universe.  And this is what the earth wishes an intelligent species to share with her—to feel what she feels. 

  This is similar to mermaid women.  They nurture like the earth and they send healing energy to others every day.  Like in their spare time they think, who can I send energy to? 


Oh, anybody.  Like anybody who walks down the street. I’ll be like, Oh, happiness to you and zap.


I was telling someone that mermaid women are always giving away something incredibly valuable.  If you asked a human to do that they would want cash upfront. 


  I give energy away to anybody. To anything.


So do you consciously to that to, not just spontaneously, like so and so needs energy? 


Consciously? When someone is around me.


When someone is physically around you?




So if we put you in the ER at a hospital?


Oh, I would zap everybody.  And they would each get different colors of energy from me.  They would each get different bubbles of energy.


You mentioned before about bubbles. Are these vibrations, colors, sounds, healing, more visual ….


When I send it it is nothing.  It is just energy.  But when I look at it it is in a bubble. There is a color that resonates with them.  And sometimes if I realize someone is low on energy, I’ll give them the color.  I’ll feel they don’t have enough of something like the color blue.  But usually it is a subconscious t thing and afterwards I look and say, Oh yeah. Then my consciousness catches up.


Different colors often mean certain things? Like yellow?


Yellow for me would mean they are striving for higher consciousness.


And green?


Green relates to healing.


And blue?


Blue communication.


And violet?


Healing too and the need for tranquility.


And which colors tend to come most?


It depends on the individual.  And sometimes you can tell when they are not accepting the energy and it turns muddy.  And that is okay.


Do you ever feel worn out when you are sending energy?




Do you ever take on their symptoms?


Never. That is not my job.


You need to coach some of the other mermaid women on that point.


Because why am I going to do that to myself? I don’t want to take that on because that is not my karma. That is theirs. I can wish them well and want to help them but I am not going to say I healed them. I am just a conduit.  I am just sending energy.  I take nothing from them. I send them peace and blessing but I walk away with my own peace and blessings.


Do you work on some sick people continuously, for a week or two?


Oh yes, for years sometimes. Oh yes, cancer people, Parkinson’s.  Some die and pass on.


And you heal some and some you continue to maintain contact with after they have departed?


 Oh yes.  Some I heal but I don’t want to say I healed. 


Second Session


So childhood.  What was your first memory?


I was at the Ilikai Hotel and I remember being in a white dress with red flowers and white shoes and crazy lacy socks. And I looked at the water and thought, Oh, that is water.  And it wasn’t like I felt I belonged in it but it was always a part of me.   And there was a feeling of just how beautiful it was.  Not having to look at it but just feeling the beauty. 


That feeling helps define who you are?


Yes. And then I became a swimmer.


Tell me about that.


I am from the Big Island. We always went camping. I spent a lot of time in the water.  But until I came here I didn’t know how vast the ocean is and how beautiful.  I knew I need to be near and in water but I didn’t understand the depth of it when I was that young. I can consciously remember thinking, Wow.


So now you swim how? 


It depends on how I feel when I get in the water.

The feeling of ocean you have is big.






Yes, full of life and magic.


It is always there inside of you?


When I was a kid I had to be in it. But now it is always around me.  As a kid, there were times when I needed to get away from my family, out of society, and being in the water was the only peaceful place. 

  Whenever I would get upset about something and couldn’t get near the ocean, I would fill up the tub and get in and just float around until I am all wrinkled.


Do you still need to do that?


No, I don’t need to because I recognize that it is still in me.


How long would you stay in the tub as a child?


I can’t even tell you.


A couple of hours?


A long time.


Everything submerged except your nose and mouth?


Off and on.  Sometimes I fell asleep.


So you can feel the ocean right now, right?


Yes, and I can hear it right now.


So about the feeling part, if you focus on the ocean right now, you can do that right now?




Is this a different you and the person I have been talking to?




Same you?


Yes. That is funny, huh?


No, but it is different from what most people feel.


You know, there is a connection everyone has to the ocean.


So has anyone else been able to share this with you?




Is it something you have tried to share with others?




So no one else has every known this about you, that you feel the presence of the ocean in and around you at all times?


No.  Not at that level. I can get message from the ocean, messages, comfort, whatever.  And even from the wind.


But you are not part of the storms or the hurricanes?


Oh no. To me that is just turmoil of the elements.


You don’t feel the human race is going to be here that much longer, do you?




I haven’t gotten the vastness of the ocean in anyone else’s aura as it is present within you.  You have got that really strong.   




It doesn’t matter how many storms are on the surface, the ocean for you is peaceful and tranquil.


That’s right.


The surface does not affect the whole.




Do you ever use that to heal with?






All the energy.  It is in the waves and the waves create a “vapor” that I send. 


And then it turns into bubbles or colors like before?


No, this is done consciously.  I haven’t done that in a long while.


How would you use that to heal someone?


I would never say that I am a healer.  I just send energy.


And water just flows.


Yes. And people need to live more gently.  Our society is made from drama, sensationalism, so they are always living in turmoil.  Everybody wants to be sensational and important instead of flowing like the way the ocean flows. 

  People should follow their true purpose.  We all need money but why do people want a certain amount of money? Why does that have to be first and foremost? Why can’t we feel our spirits and realize why we are really here?


Which is?


To live life’s experiences in harmony and in love. And why can’t we recognize our connections to each other whether it be humans or other light beings?  I am so frustrated with that. Why can’t we accept everything as it is and just be harmonious?  The only way we will truly prosper is if all our relationships are harmonious. 




I have to be right with myself so I can keep doing what I do.  That is what I want to bring to consciousness—being right within ourselves.  The spirit is to the soul what the heart is to the body.  Why can’t we put that together? That is so simple.   


I shared with you the sea of love meditation. You imagine you are a sea and that the sea is love.  The other person is then within your sea and there is no loss as you flow through that person, removing tension and imagining the other’s dreams and desires fulfilled. 


You flow gently.  Not full water. Vapor.  Because people do not know how to manage energy, not even their own.  So I use my little vapors, my bubbles, the gel I feel.


The gel?


Because they need to be touched gently, otherwise you shock their spirit. 


So when did you first start sending energy to other people?


I think I have been doing it for a long time. Because when I was young I remember being angry at someone and making a movement (she flicks her wrist in a small movement) and watching them trip.

   And then I realized that that’s not very nice.  And it did not make me feel good.  So I have to redirect my energy.


I ask this question of mermaid women also: what do you want to accomplish with a man in terms of relationships?


I don’t do it that way.  My thing is so basic.  I just come as I am.  I don’t necessarily feel a need to be understood. Just accepted.


You don’t want someone making demands on you, changing you, directing you.  Those are all bad?


Those are all very bad.


And the problem you have with men accepting you as your are?


That whole concept of men needing to be needed. 


But you know how to work with men feeling that way?


Of course. That is easy. But it gets difficult with different situations in life.  Men feel they have to …..


The men feel that they have a kingdom and that they must control the boundaries and some part of you they must control otherwise there is no relationship.


Right. Yes.  Sometimes when they feel they have no plays or leverage, if they don’t have that, then they say something mean.  But I recognize that as their own limitations and I say, peace and blessings. 


Some men try to injure or wound the woman in some way, make her depressed, guilty, debased, so they then have a hook with which to control her.

   This one mermaid woman had a guy fly half way around the world to have a date with her and she said, That must mean he cares about me, right?


 Not necessarily.  It could be control.


But he was an artist and artists are used to spending time by themselves focusing on their impressions so he has to be able to accept her own ways of doing things.

   But I told her he would never be able to reciprocate her level of feeling and empathy.


But we (mermaid women) know that.  We know that.


A Bardon student said men can learn to reciprocate feelings with mermaid women.


No. Not to the same depth that we carry.  This was in Harry Potter. Harmonie said to Ron, You have the sensitivity of a teaspoon.  That is how I see men. I am not saying that men do not have a sensitive side to them.   They do.  But in relating to the depth of a woman feeling, I don’t know if they can really relate.  I haven’t seen that.


End of first session   


Second Session


I have a model here in Hawaii who is a mermaid woman but she hides the power of the water that is in her from others.  It is so deep in her that she hides it even from herself. 


How can she do that because it is who you are.  You can only swallow yourself so much. 


If you realize how vulnerable it makes you to other people ….


I do.


There is nothing in the culture or the music or art that reflects that part of herself.  The image I get for her is like a very deep mountain lake at night covered in fog.  The depths of water and feeling are hidden inside.


I consider that to be very painful.   


It is just part of nature, nothing good or bad about it.


Yeah, for this particular person it would be painful. Even in my quiet way where I don’t share very much, I am still working closely with other people. 

  I would think it an emotional drain, what I call it is swallowing yourself.  How do you really know yourself?


I looked at her pictures on line and I saw this energy in one of her pictures.  There is an inner quality she offers of disconnecting from the world with a deep peace that you can let go into and transform.  Sometimes to change we need to let go of the past without knowing what will come next. She does not want to talk about experiences.


Well, for myself, I never really understood what you wanted when you said you wanted to interview me.   


Once there is a community then it is different. 


I never really knew there was a community. I mean I met Ronda but that was it. 



There is one mermaid woman who can move small objects by placing her hands over them.  I watched her doing that.  She is going to try to teach me that.


You know, that is funny because I always thought I could do that too but I thought it is too much effort. 


For her, when she is nervous, it starts moving by itself.  There is no effort, like the way Ronda can short out electrical devices when she is startled suddenly.


Did you try to communicate with other people with your mind?


Oh sure, all the time. 


Ronda could not understand why other people could not hear her thoughts. 


Oh yeah, because it is not fair because we can hear what they are thinking. Some says, Flip a coin (gesturing of flipping a coin and putting it on her wrist after looking at it) and asking, What do I have?

  When I see that they saw it I know what they saw.  So I always win, right?  And when they say, What card do I have?  And if they look at it and I look at them I know what it is. 


Ronda says she always wins at games at school fairs.


 Oh, I never win when I go to those things.  It helps to understand that money flows like water and not worry about it. Just let it come.  It is true.  The problem is that mermaid women are too giving. Things come from us and through us but we forget about ourselves, what we need so we often only have enough to get by. 

  And that is what I am working on right now. I have so much to share yet they do not need to know who I am and what I am.  And my clientele have been with me for years and they keep coming back.  But I always am giving but I only keep enough to get by. I don’t draw to myself the abundance that would be natural to me. 

  Yes, we need money too.  But for me it is meant to come gently.


 So do you have other clients that get dizzy like me?


  Yeah, there is one gentleman who feels so light headed after we work together.


 Is that from the massage?


I don’t know. I just believe what he says.  But I have another client.  She has high blood pressure and she does get dizzy when we do other things, not massage.


Just two?  I only drive short distances after meeting with you. 




No, you are what I am meant to become.


I have this need to just embrace everybody.  I am not trying to be invasive or get into other’s space but I can’t help it. But I have to be careful because it is not always the effect that I want.  Because my aura takes up too much space. 


 Well, that is because you do have a huge aura. 


This is what happens at the café in Ala Moana Shopping Center.


Oh, this is great.


You know how the seating is always so crowded.  If I am with my mom or someone we sit down and all of a sudden there is no one around us. 


What happens?


I don’t pay attention but all of a sudden they are gone.  They just disappear but then the children come.


What do they do?


They look at me funny. I am aware that there is sometimes a static charge in my aura that isn’t right.


Returning to the theme of the ocean, you saw the ocean as a child and felt connected to it and you feel it is always around you now.


Oh yes.


And it is always around you like right now?


Yes, that is funny because I remember telling you we are close to the ocean but can’t really hear it. But I can hear it right now. So it is funny because I think about being able to do that and it depends on my mood to. Sometimes there is a rolling waves coming in and other times the water sounds like a stream with water bubbling. 


So, white caps, ripples, big and little waves,


And a stream trickling down.


Is there another sound? Like the wind.


Like right now? There is a calm even flow, no wind, no current, a kind of ebb and flow.


So it is a sound and a feeling. You are translating it as one energy but two different sensations?


It is just a nice flow


So when you heal someone it just happens spontaneously?


It depends on my mood and level of consciousness sometimes. But I can just look across the street and I will think, Uuh, that person needs energy and I will send it and it ends up as a color.  If I send it like waves, I guess I do.


So you are harmonious when you do that. If you don’t feel quite right will you change yourself?


No, that is too much energy to do that.  If I am eating I will create a bubble so I can eat in peace.


Why would you put a bubble around yourself?


Because sometimes my energy is like static electricity and I don’t want to adversely influence others. I would not want to give any energy to others but just enjoy the moment. 

  I am not going to waste my energy and interact subconsciously with everyone around me.  I want peace to eat in.


You share energy with others at a distance to?






Anybody. And sometimes I will doubt myself and call to check and it turns out I was concerned and he was in a hospital so I was right.

  And with this one relative he knows when I am sending energy and can feel it so I don’t need to call.  But he is stubborn too so there is only so much I can do.  But he sends back.


Is there always a return flow?


No, but sometimes I sense confusion and I don’t continue. They can take it or leave it. I don’t want to be in anyone’s face.  I am going to send it with my heart’s energy and if they want to put up a block then that is okay.   Fear, confusion—that is negative energy they are putting out and I don’t seek to penetrate that.


Mermaid women use water energy to heal.


Misty is what I use. It is always vapor like when you stand in the rain and it is not quite raining.  Like a light drizzle. That is soothing and that is what I want to receive—gentle, tender energy flowing.  So that is what I want to give.


 Do you sense how it is working?


I don’t want to know. I don’t want to say I helped that person.  I just want to give and move on.


But you don’t say that person always needs blue green and so I will give him blue green.


That is not for me to do.  I just send the energy and it automatically transforms. 


You never take someone negative and do an overhaul?


No, never. I am never intrusive.


But you have at times an immense energy reservoir?


I like to think I will never run dry.


You never see what the limit it?


There are no limits.


But your ability to give varies?


I have a busy life.  I don’t always have energy to give.


Returning to the basic questions that fit mermaid women. They feel the same now as they did as children.  They feel what others’ feel and they feel a part of nature to the extent it defines their identities.  These responses set them a part from regular women




For example, adults treating a child as emotionally a grown up or someone saying I feel the same age whether I am a child or an adult.  One girl says she always has and always will feel emotionally like she is around twenty-six years old. 


To me there is no specific age a person feels. 


When I can check any mermaid woman, this trait usually applies.


I can relate to a baby that can’t even speak—I easily enter its state of awareness. Okay. I am with you.  But you say that is hard and my response is not it is not. 


If you put the three questions together it excludes most people.


You made me remember when I was a little girl and this woman said to my grandmother that this child is an old soul. I didn’t know what they were talking about. My mom used to speak to pig Latin to her friends and I just picked it up and started talking to her in pig Latin.  I have always been a kid at heart.  I still play like a kid sometimes. I will things like decorate the eggs in the refrigerator when I needed a break. 


So sometimes you play like a kid for a break.


And I do practical jokes.


Like what?


I like to be goofy at times.  I had some radishes and I cut olives in half and put them in these radishes that looked like bloody eyeballs so I put a bloody eyeball in each drink we served at a party and everyone had a double take on that.  It was a shock at first to everyone. And I said to them, you can eat those.  Little things like that. It is fun.  But other times people tell me I am too serious.


You have this authority to you.  I told Ronda that this really sweet, gentle, and kind woman says that human women are mean, jealous, and vindictive and how could she come out and make a blanket statement like that?  She speaks with such authority.


It’s true.  I see it.  I mean, like women, get over it.  Find yourselves.  There is no need to be like that. 


Your observation though is like someone from the outside.


And I speak that way generally.  I see it.


Ronda says human beings are savages.


The men are like children and women are selfish.  I wish women would wake up and find their own personal power and realize they don’t need to be mean. And men are always striving because they need to prove themselves.  Do they need coddling? Yes.  They don’t need all that stuff they strive for. 


I tell this other woman it is not just men. It is men, mermen, and male spirits all feel they need to do great things to define who they are. 


I think we forget with men and women that it is the process that makes us and the end result is what we want to attain and that is great but the process is what we grow from.  So we never celebrate ourselves enough in the experience rather than always focusing on the goal.


I have mentioned before about the four elements.  Consider fire as will power; air is intellect; earth as practical applications and work; and water as feeling, love, and empathy.  In fire, air, and earth, the human race is functioning at about 87% of its potential.  But in terms of water, we are operating around 2%.  Love is ineffective on this planet.  

    If I had thirty women like you there would be no more wars on earth because there would be someone inside of those who start wars acting as their conscience and also being able to set limits for actions intended to harm other people. 


I like that.  Let’s work on that. I am quiet and independent.  When I think about the Bible it says when  two or more are gathered ….


Together in my name there am I in the midst of them.  Because all of the water women are empaths and empathy can send as well as it can receive.


I am very cautious of that about people sending energy to me. I can appreciate it but I am very careful maybe my thing is it never occurred to me until now but I am not a good receiver because I know what I am made of but I don’t know what the other person is made of.  I am not sure I can transmute the energy sent to me so I turn off my receptivity at times.  


Some people, when they feel bad, they like to make others feel bad and then they feel good.  


Yeah, I know someone like that. They are energy vampires.  That is partly why I am so cautious with someone trying to interact with my aura.


Some do this without being aware of it.


Oh they are aware.  Especially women.


Tell me about when you stopped stalkers stalking you.


It is part of that protection energy.  It is no you may not enter.

It is the bubble? How big, three feet, five feet?


It just depends.  And sometimes I just say, I am invisible. Because I don’t want to have to deal with it. I just move through people without them noticing me.  And for me I feel like I am divinely guided.  And only good can come to me.  I am going to assert that as universal law and it will protect me. 


What is the divine for you?


I believe beyond Moses and God there is a law. If your consciousness is goodness then only good can come to you. If you consciously acknowledge and worry about the negative then it can affect you.  But if you step off that, I don’t need to walk the plank. That is what it is to me you are stepping into someone else’s energy versus staying the path with your own energy in goodness, then you are free of that negative. Bad things can come to you but if you don’t take it in then it is gone.

   For me, if I feel afraid, I tell myself I walk in the divine light.


How is light different from water?


Same thing.  Because when you share energy it turns into light


So it is both light and a wave like water?


Everything is energy period to me so I don’t often say it that way but you are helping me to define it--it is exactly that misty energy, light in everything too even standing in the dark it is light.


Yeah, I used to have one model who works in the dark with all the lights off. 


Yeah, me too. Even with the computer I don’t need light and I dim it down as far as it will go.  I sense light all around me.  Actually I like to sit in the dark in bed with all the lights out.


And she seems to see in the dark.


I always did that. When I was a child and we went camping others used to use flashlights but I didn’t use one. I could see fine.

And when we walked on the rocks on the Big Island at night I used to walk barefoot and it is lava rock there.  And we would camp by the shore on rocky lava rocks by the sea.  And I was the only one who would go with my father and he would wear sandals and I would go on the rock in bare feet in the dark and I would find my way.  And sometimes I couldn’t see but I could tell when it was safe to take a step even when I could not see.


You can still do that?


If I were outside I could do it.  I know I could even in a forest.


Is there like an energy field like a web?


Yeah, that is a good way to see it.  And my father was like that.  He taught me a lot as a child but he was very quiet in his knowledge.   

He was always at the ocean whether he gets in it or not. 


You two must have really got along?


No, we never got along, only now.


I don’t know many men with strong water energy.  Water people, empathic people, are really at odds with this world.


He does herbal healing. He goes to the forest to gather herbs. He doesn’t know the names of the plants but he can get rid of rashes, stop bleeding, take care of swelling. But he will go to the forest and pray and he receives a message that it is okay to enter.  Would that make him earthy?


He is a natural born shaman. 


He will draw plants for me and tell me what they are good for.  He taught me how to dive.  We would go free diving. 


So the ocean energy you sense right now?




I am just going to go into it and sense it.   




There is you and your watery aura, but there is also a whole ocean too.  The two overlap.




So you the aura are also the ocean yourself.


I thought maybe you would check the current.  And I should say I am connected to it and not the other way around. 


You are like the Atlantic for me. What are you doing out here in the Pacific?


I don’t like cold so that is why I am here.  Actually I want to increase our fish count.


When you said you would tap into the ocean I was wondering what kind of current you would feel.


It is very slow but powerful, almost like it has the breaks on.


When it stops we will have an ice age.  People keep saying global warming but it is the ice age that will be the problem.  That current in the Atlantis is what keeps the ice age away.

    The mermaid queens can feel all the waters of the earth all at once so I have been trying to learn that.  So when they love they feel the oceans themselves are love so the love is boundless.

   You feel you are wherever you are it is the right place to be?


Absolutely, that is the reason I am here. I am here to learn, observe, and be a part of.


A part of?


A part of everything. Having to do with nature, human nature, of the spirit. Even whatever is beyond there. But with or without the learning it is the right place to be.  And I don’t always want to be working or thinking. Sometimes I just want to be.


We talked too about other people not being fully alive.


Oh yeah! I don’t want to say they are half dead. They just don’t recognize their aliveness, the gift of life that they have now. 


Which is what, the gift of life?


The opportunities that are limitless to us, we can be what we want to be, enjoy experiences in life.


Human beings have a sense of goals, and define themselves by their accomplishments, social status, etc.


The girl in Europe talks about not having goals, but just going with the flow. 


Yeah, same way.  I plan things but you have to sometimes change your schedule.  If energy is not flowing that way I may not even need to make a call so I have the space to do something I am drawn to doing.  Things will just happen. And people will say can’t make it and things just work out for everyone.


 Now how much of that the other people responding subconsciously to your aura?


 I don’t know. Yeah, I can give you an example. For example, today I didn’t have time to get my car and the woman said we’ll call you tomorrow but I got my car today because it was in the back of my mind that I want my car today.  And I get a message from the woman saying, your car is ready and we’ll bring it to you.  Things just kind of happen. 


What you are doing requires a great deal of power.  For that to happen to me I put out a global casting call and I get exactly the right people.  Where are all the others?  All the others got screened out.  The two who responded were far more valuable than I could ever have dreamed or imagined.  But it took me two years to get Ronda to even meet me.


We are evasive and illusive.   


Like my physical therapist.  She is consciously hiding who she is.  I have to be incredibly patient.  The test they set is that you have flow through them the way they flow through you. Then they will treat you like your needs are their needs but you can’t fake it. 



I think we jump around in age.  I think we are children to some degree. Playfulness is always there. I think that is the most precious thing because we loose that childlike nature because we need that to get through this world.  Sometimes when we find it we feel silly when actually we are supposed to embrace it.


And mermaid women are unafraid of death. All the mermaid women are unafraid of death unlike humans.


Unfortunately, that is the crazy thing about it. I don’t believe in death. It is just leaving the body and I am moving on.


But you know that from experience because you are in contact with dead people.


Yes.  We don’t die. We just use these bodies as vessels for our human experience. 


So Ronda was very good with contacting dead people.  That is what through me off initially with her.  I didn’t think originally that mermaid women would be in contact with human dead.


No way. I bet all your mermaid women are in contact with dead people.  They just call them guides or something else. There is no way. We can not be so connected to nature and not see spirits. 


So again, that would be a factor in not being afraid of death in that you already know dead people?


Exactly. Because the unknown is what we are afraid of.  At the same time I think for me there is apprehension about the unknown, but there is this knowing that it is okay.  It is jut another experience.  Be curious but you have to acknowledge the fear. If you sit in the fear then you cheat your self of the experience.


And the thing about healing other people.  Even I get into that sending energy to other people every day.  It is once you have a surplus then isn’t it something I should be sharing with others?


I don’t think of it consciously like I have a surplus.  I can be tired as anything dragging myself around and I will send it off and I will release it, send it off. And I will notice that an hour later I am not as tired as I was.  So for me what goes around comes around.  If you give you get back.


These mermaid women flow energy to everyone around them and so their families and friends are really charge.  They are super radiant.


I do that sometimes.  I notice with my niece she turns into a wild child bouncing off the walls.  She is usually quiet and bright like she can sit down and tell you a story from her imagination but with my energy she starts bouncing off the walls so I tell myself I have to be still and if I am still then she can be still.  If I am like kinetic, then she is the same and she gets into trouble.


So it is easier to do this sort of thing with children when they pick up your mood?


Children are receptive because they have such clean energy and hearts and when you share energy they keep that going. There is no selfishness involved.  You are just giving and receiving. 


Do you find that your aura wills sometimes affect adults the way it affects children?


I sense that sometimes but I try to shut that down.  I need my space and I need to keep myself centered when I am amid a group a people or I will feel totally drained.


 Before you started doing the bubble you would get stalkers and others after your energy.


Yeah, it is really sad. Kind of pathetic.


This medium I know would walk through the plaza downtown and the pigeons would want to follow her into a building.  She doesn’t always monitor the amount of energy she is putting out.


I guess I don’t either. Sometimes I feel big. I can tell from the face of others the way the zing goes.  If I don’t pay attention I don’t know the extent of my influence. 


You don’t check each day on specific people to see how they are doing?


I don’t look for sickness.  I look for energy or a frequency.  But I don’t ever monitor others. What people need they draw. If I pick it up then it is for me to send the energy to them because they are asking for it.


They have to ask?


They have to ask. It is not necessarily a conscious asking on their part. 


The thing you mentioned about being secretive is that others didn’t ask the questions and so you live a quiet life. 




Have you been around any gurus who are consciously radiating energy to others?


No gurus.




I have been to church.  I am a cynic. I will go occasionally and there is a lesson but if I pay attention to the energies I find myself a little annoyed with people.




I hate to be judgmental but people are so fake.  They just use the church as a way to make themselves feel good about the bad things they have done. They go to church and they honor God and that makes them better people though on a daily basis they are not all that good.  They don’t have good thoughts. They don’t know how to direct goodness.  …I am glad people are asked to tithe when they go to church.  At least that is something they are giving of themselves. 


The hard core mermaid people have telekinetic abilities and are very intuitive. The ways in which you are psychic is that you can make people fall down which you don’t do anymore. 


The motion of the hand is just a motion but I don’t know where it comes from. It indicates the direction of the wave.


You can tell what people feel and the colors of the energy you send. You sense the ocean.


Sometimes I can hold time. I can do that too.


Which is what?


 Like my niece was learning to walk and she was falling and I couldn’t get to her so I made time slow down so I could get to her and catch her before she fell.      


You have done that more than once?


Well, even with myself, I don’t want to fall down.  You take hold of time so you can move slowly through time.


 So you stop it or slow it?


 I don’t know how to stop it.  I can slow it but I can’t tell you how. 


You have caught yourself falling too?




How about driving a car? Same thing?


Oh yeah.


People sometimes see their lives flash before their eyes in a moment.  In martial arts, you train to respond in microseconds so quickly that another person is unaware that you have even moved.  I sometimes catch an object falling from a table. I do it without a thought passing through my mind.  But I haven’t heard anyone talk in this way before.    


Time is bendable.  Time is speeding up on everyone because there is so much focus on wanting the next thing.  When actually we are missing out on the time we could have.


So if we wanted things that weren’t speeding time up we could want things that slow time down? What would be something we could want that would slow time down?


Repeat the question--


Like if someone’s wants a latte, they are measuring time between now and when they get what they want.  The other day I told someone that in the few minutes we were talking I felt that we had just spend weeks vacationing in the Bahamas.


That is the thing. If we can just hold time and space we could experience so much in a short amount of time instead of the way we are now running from one thing to the next.  I am telling you this but I am living the same life that I think we shouldn’t live.  I can slow time in certain instances but how do we live it?


So what do we call this? It is kind of like being out in nature with its sense of timelessness. 


Yeah, that whole thing that there is no time. Time is timeless by moving with the energy flow as you feel it.  It is not what you make of it.  We don’t know how to just be and so we lose the timeless dimension and this makes us get old.


If you get out in the open ocean, there are not even geological ages.  It is like it has been the same for a billion years.  You can barely register the changing seasons. So that mermaid perspective of the ocean. I described this other mermaid woman—I am what I was before, I have only changed the outer form. And at the end of the poem, I am what I shall be, a sea with its endless dream of being one and being free.


We are always free.


Is invisible different than the bubble, and do you just tell yourself, I am invisible?


When you are invisible you are invisible . You don’t even have to think about it.  Its like (gesture of side of hand down from of face) ‘I am invisible.’  And the bubble is a conscious think like, yeah, you are still there and maybe someone is still following you but then it is like, what are they following you for?  You just cut off your energy so it is no longer available to them. 


Okay.  I’ll have to pass that on to other mermaid women who don’t do that. 


 And it is only from them.  It is not like cutting off your arm.


If you say, ‘I am invisible,’ do you say something to slow time?


If you can think it and allow yourself to feel it; if you only think it you fail.  It doesn’t work.  It has to come with the feeling.


The ocean that surrounds you all the time—there is no time there, right? So you can just link into that feeling? Schedules don’t mean anything then because you are in the timeless space?      


That’s true. Yeah. Schedules don’t matter. They are just something I know I have to do with my conscious mind.  But I can be in my sense of timelessness and still do the things that I have to do.  I am in activities of a schedule but I remain in a timeless space.  I can check out because I can work on autopilot which is how I can accomplish what I do.  Because I need that at times.


You use the work “check out?”


 I have used the term I work on autopilot.


You can be both in time and out of time?






When I feel vulnerable sometimes when I am doing a massage and I walk into a room and that is not an energy I want to work with I will do this (moving hand back and forth in front of chest) and that means I am covering myself.  So I can go and do it.  Time goes by that much faster.  I am not as effective but the person has an energy that I do not want to work with.  I don’t like doing that.  But I won’t assist them because they have to earn it.  If I am walking down the street and I sense “the draw” in the other’s energy, then I can send energy to them.  But if they come in and they expect and they want, then I think they are not ready. I feel things come to us as we need it.  We don’t take it.  And I sense these people come to us with this sense of “I am walking out with this.” I don’t play like that.  That is not how I do my work.


I think I may have asked this before, but am I the only one who feels this ocean around you?


No, there was a feng shui person who told me you have too much water around you.  He said, You have so much water you should sleep in a metal bed.       


That is terrible what he said. 


Why? He told me to sleep in a metal framed bed and change the kind of colors I wear because I am too much water, I output too much emotion. I like blue.  I am still going to wear blue.


This is someone who would tell an ambassador from another land that he needs to stop speaking his own language, thinking his own thoughts, and become an American. 

   This feng shui person would have told Lao Tzu, “You have too much water in your aura. That is why you write the way you do.  You should conform more like Confucius or be more practical like Sun Tzu.” I think in the past the human race has been forbidden from having understanding of people like you. 

  Lao Tzu was leaving China and someone asked him to write his thoughts down. Without someone asking him, we would not have his writings.

  Some of the mermaid women, whenever I talk to them, have noticed how I feel, my health, the tension or stress in my body, and they have spontaneously sent energy to balance me out.  I do similar things for them. That is one part of how a spiritual community might work in my mind.  They have very specific knowledge of my daily energy balance.


That is very nice what they are doing, but I will never do that sort of thing.


Some of them specialize in that.


I am more cautious.


It is more like they feel a part of a boundless energy field that is love, like the ocean, and so they are not losing anything by interacting with another person in the ocean.  It is like the ocean itself is flowing and circulating energy within itself.


Yeah, then it is energy that does what it must.  There is a trust that the energy will operate in the right way and the other person can accept it or not and do with it what they want.  It is the conscious mind that doesn’t need to be so active because it is a beautiful energy that is already there and it works by itself.


If you are in the sea of energy and love and acting as the sea, then there is no manipulation going on.


Yeah, I am against manipulation of energy.  I feel that that would cause myself harm to manipulate someone else’s energy.  People create their own problems so let them figure out those problems.

   When I end up with a problem, it is like, Oh, how did I get here? It is not like, Oh, somebody save me. But maybe I will meet up with someone who will give me a clue as to how to solve my problem or take me to where I went wrong to help me solve my problem.  And I accept that as a blessing in gratitude. 


I mentioned before this other human mermaid woman I know is constantly in every moment flowing energy through her boyfriend.  I ask her, is he aware you are doing this? And she says, yes, he is.  And I ask her, Does he want to you to keep doing it all the time.  And she says, yes, he does.


The same with me though.  You verbalize a lot of things I have never put into words. We just know intuitively I guess, that is the term. But you put it into words for me.


So I ask this girl, you know this energy flow is something very wonderful you are doing with this guy? And she says, yes. And I say, You must also know that this is something you could do with anybody on earth?

      And she says, I don’t do it with others.  And I say, Just try it to see what it is like.  And she tries it and she can do it with others as well.  The flow of this energy is not limited to just a one on one connection.  But she is not the ocean type of mermaid woman.  She is the human type. 


I worry now for her that she is trying to create her own fortress.


But she has done this with every single boyfriend she has had.  She does it without thinking.  It is her way of quiet knowing, flowing, and being.  She just gives out of surplus energy.  For her it is how can you not give to someone you love?


(winching) But that creates a security on the human plane.  


For her, it is like two rivers flowing into one river.  It is like why would you ever say to the other river, I don’t want to flow into you?




But she does worry that the men she meets can never reciprocate the flow and empathy. 


And she will be hurt by that because she is always giving and never getting enough for herself. 


She worries that every single guy will realize at some point that she is not dependent on them.


For me, it appears that she wants what she is giving but she doesn’t know how to also take, how to accept it back.   And at the same time the male’s frequency of energy is so below hers that what she gets from them is like eeeek.


You can’t ask them to give what they don’t have to give. 


She has to learn to take and accept at the level the men are capable of giving.  I sense that she wants the companionship.  And right now she has it but it is at a dissatisfactory level. 


But then again she is so giving that it is okay.




And so the man’s inadequacy appears to the man to indicate a lack of bonding.  She says I am not bonded to anybody.  I don’t really need anyone to feel complete.


That is the thing.  She has the choice to decide which man to be with.


And part of that decision you are saying is for her to learn to take something in return even though it is a meager flow?


And be satisfied with it and celebrate it.  Treat it as something important what he can give.  That is what the man needs.


And how does she do that, get the guy into thinking that she needs him?


Like I say, if she can celebrate what they do give because that is the man’s best effort.  Then the man would not feel that she is not bonded.


She would respond, she can celebrate what he gives but she doesn’t need it.


Yeah. Of course, we never need it.  It is nice to have but the need part is insignificant. 


So if you were to verbalize that to a guy how would you say it?


You don’t.


But what exactly do you do so that subconsciously the guy feels the woman is connected to him, so that he knows she is enjoying something he is giving?


You show appreciation, gratitude.


For what?


Energy. For whatever he is giving. You have to do it on the level of energy exchange of energy as it happens, a smile, a hug, a touch.  You can’t do it with words.


She also uses her empathy of feeling inside of a man to learn everything she can about his energy.


The problem with that is she is killing the mystery.


But she wants to understand everything he knows that she does not know.


Great.  But that is like swallowing him whole. That kills the fun of it.  Everybody has this quiet mystery that is revealed as time goes on.  And that is what keeps it fun and keeps you curious.  This mystery is something to celebrate.  If you know too much too completely about the man then you leave him with nothing. He has nothing to share.  


She is with an extremely masculine type man.  He exudes physical force, has a dominant physical presence, but he is not an alpha male.  But obviously there are people who have the same mystery going on twenty years later.  There is no learning process in their lives.


There is always that.  I think people like us need the quiet mystery because that is the fun of it.


So she should never verbalize the nature of their relationship?


She can do little things and acknowledge it verbally in a small way.  But the connection is more energetic, because that is the bonding of spirits, done through an exchange of energy.






Changeling Transcript One: Ocean meditations




She responded to my global casting call as a performing artist.  She is described perfectly by my essay, Twelve Traits of Mermaid Women.  She has telekinetic abilities which I will try to get up on youtube in the next week. 

   If I put up my hand to touch her aura, she immediately senses not only that someone is touching her aura but she knows that it is me and not someone else.  She picks up on my state of health during the day even though she is far away, on the other side of the planet. 

  So if I meditate with her while we talk on-line, she follows exactly the energy in my mind.  I write fairy tales.  I do not talk about belief or doctrine; rather, my commission is to challenge the imagination to change the world. 

   And yet it appears to me that she is from another race of beings, a mermaid so advanced that at her own discretion for reasons beyond human understanding she chooses to incarnate from time to time in the body of a woman.  For this reason, I call her a changeling.  Her connection to the water element is most profound.

  She also has many “sisters” who dwell among us.      




11:07  Changeling: Helloo Bill. And good morning to you!

11:08  Changeling: I was going to go out with some friends this evening but it started storming!

11:09  William Mistele: Be sure to rest up.  Your natal astrology daily advice says for today.

11:25  Changeling: :) Okay that is a better plan then going out

11:31  Changeling: I’m just going to chill out

11:36  Changeling: thanks :)

11:47  Changeling: How did you sleep?

12:19  William Mistele: Pretty good

12:24  William Mistele: How about you?

13:10  Changeling: nice! i slept well and had a good day

13:28  William Mistele: I may have my next video done today. I'll try to get you to watch it.

13:38  Changeling: nice! Certainly when you have it done

17:55  William Mistele: Do you have four minutes to meditate?

18:20  Changeling: sure do!

18:36  William Mistele: okay, in ten seconds, this is the Mediterranean Sea.

19:48  William Mistele: okay, it is kind of shallow and hot and busy

19:54  Changeling: mm  yeah

19:59  Changeling: its also comforting in a way

20:08  William Mistele: And next, this is the Atlantic Ocean

20:20  Changeling: haha i got flashes of that during the Mediterranean one

20:29  Changeling: figured you’d do that next

21:05  Changeling: its deep, cold and harsher

21:16  William Mistele: the Atlantic, I notice, I am in love with. Harsher? she is beautiful.

21:29  Changeling: maybe not so harsh but intense

21:29  William Mistele: bigger and a little dangerous for sailors

21:34  Changeling: yeah

21:50  Changeling: harsher then the Mediterranean haha,

22:02  William Mistele: she is nubile, that is, wants to mate

22:03  Changeling: white cap waves

22:18  Changeling: gotcha

22:37  William Mistele: maybe it is having you in the process, the water becomes more like a woman for me

23:00  Changeling: it feels more masculine for me right now

23:05  Changeling: probably cause you’re around

23:36  William Mistele: yes, the Atlantic is also very strong

23:40  Changeling: mhm

24:01  William Mistele: Androgynous, I hadn't thought of that

24:06  Changeling: I really like the Adriatic and Mediterranean

24:27  Changeling: usually it feels more feminine, but this time its masculine

24:36  William Mistele: neat. here is the north pole, the arctic in all of its ice and surrounding water

26:33  Changeling: its familiar, I’ve been using it to do the cold meditations I think. There a lot of sadness to it though that I hadn’t really felt before.  Love but also sadness

27:31  William Mistele: this is a warm period geologically;  if I missed covering most of the earth with ice I would probably feel sad too

27:40  Changeling: Yeah

27:46  Changeling: that’s what I figured

27:53  Changeling: and yes not as cold as it usually is

28:14  Changeling: i have a lot of candles around me right now I think its interfering a little with my water meditations

28:19  Changeling: probably just a mental thing for me.

28:21  William Mistele: here is the Pacific Ocean

29:42  Changeling: its warmish, gentle and playful

29:57  William Mistele: more sensual than the Atlantic, what is the word, like a young woman zoning it is called, maybe for you a young man?

29:59  Changeling: at first I felt a maternal sense, then more of an adolescent, not sure.

30:09  Changeling: yeah!

30:11  Changeling: something like that

30:16  Changeling: no this one was very feminine

30:26  Changeling: there was the mixture of maturity and youth

30:42  Changeling: sensual is a very good word.

30:47  William Mistele: now, the Nile River

30:51  Changeling: okay

31:41  Changeling: oh interesting!

31:53  William Mistele: very dreamy peaceful

32:05  Changeling: yes, but not so happy these days.

32:31  William Mistele: i recall ancient Egypt

32:39  Changeling: me too brings me right back there

32:48  Changeling: it was strong, dreamy peaceful steady

32:54  William Mistele: here is the Amazon River

33:07  Changeling: and now it feels like an old soul pulling the sludge of human race along

33:08  Changeling: mmk

33:21  William Mistele: is that sarcasm?

34:19  Changeling: no, that was about the Nile

34:37  Changeling: no sarcasm, I got the feeling that its being abused a lot

34:48  Changeling: like most water bodies and nature these days

35:19  Changeling: the amazing, large, strong, elements of intensity and danger just beneath the surface.

35:45  William Mistele: very energetic with vegetation along it

35:48  Changeling: yeah!

36:07  Changeling: Crocodiles, snakes! haha

36:15  William Mistele: okay

36:43  William Mistele: I forget the north Atlantic current in the Atlantic that keeps the earth cool, a minute on it.

36:55  Changeling: okay

38:11  Changeling: hermm

38:15  William Mistele: a conveyor belt of water keeping the earth from the next ice age

38:18  Changeling: chaotic right now

38:19  Changeling: yeah!

38:30  Changeling: i got caught in the rotation

38:38  William Mistele: here is the moon attracting the oceans and creating the tides

38:47  William Mistele: the gravity that is

39:51  Changeling: yeah i feel the gravity and the moons rotation

39:59  Changeling: does it expertly

40:28  William Mistele: like two lovers embracing without distraction, the earth and the moon

40:35  Changeling: yeah :)

40:58  William Mistele: that is the poet in me

41:00  Changeling: the dance they do is beautiful

41:21  William Mistele: okay, and now all the waters of the earth at once

41:29  Changeling: oh man, here we go

42:39  William Mistele: feels really good to me

42:52  Changeling: I love it

43:03  Changeling: the candles in my room are going crazy right now! haha I’m surprised they didn’t go out

43:10  Changeling: hahah

43:29  Changeling: that was really great

43:43  Changeling: it didn’t occur to me to meditate on each water body

43:50  Changeling: i will do this more often it feels great

43:53  Changeling: thanks bill :)

44:16  William Mistele: open ocean wind blown wave crests a billion years on and on the waves roll

44:31  Changeling: :)

44:54  William Mistele: okay, here is the magnetism in all the waters and slowly adding in the magnetism of the entire planet, the magneto sphere

45:15  Changeling: kj

46:52  Changeling: its nice, it feels familiar

47:02  Changeling: safe and powerful

47:05  William Mistele: and adding to it the astral body of the earth

47:12  Changeling: mmk

47:56  Changeling: coolioooo

48:50  William Mistele: feel okay?

49:00  Changeling: feel good, I’m a bit tired though

49:10  Changeling: I like these meditations

49:11  William Mistele: I don't want to wear you out

49:25  William Mistele: it is fun having you there as I do them

49:41  Changeling: :)  i think i will make this a daily thing

50:00  William Mistele: just do it when you are at the top of your energy cycle so you don't get worn out

50:26  Changeling: okay!

50:34  William Mistele: shall I let you go?

51:05  Changeling: yeah, i will say goodbye for now, I’m going to watch a movie then go to sleep

51:12  Changeling: thanks for the mediations bill

52:02  William Mistele: great to work with you. I will go off and finish up my watery meditation stuff.  You can ignore it but I usually send out ocean love to lots of people once a week.  But don't tune in.  And take care.

52:19  Changeling: :) thanks bill lots of love

52:29  William Mistele: love, bye




                             Changeling Dialogues Part II



 4:53:32 AM William Mistele: How are you?

 4:53:55 AM Changeling: I’m doing alright, long work weekend, but the weather has been SO BEAUTIFUL the last few days.  I’ve been exploring the town.

 4:54:08 AM Changeling: Its raining now so I walked home in the rain, danced around a bit, now I’m just chillin at home. 

 4:55:37 AM William Mistele: I am working on my breathing energy exercise. Can I "breathe" inside of you for a minute or two?

 4:55:54 AM Changeling: Sure sounds good

 4:56:11 AM William Mistele: ok.  Back in a minute or two.

 4:56:17 AM Changeling: mmk

 5:02:33 AM William Mistele: It is meant to be gentle. Is that ok? Feel anything?

 5:02:40 AM Changeling: Yeah

 5:02:44 AM Changeling: Its really gentle and peaceful.

 5:02:53 AM Changeling: I could just relax and close my eyes and let go.

 5:02:57 AM Changeling: It was nice

 5:03:02 AM Changeling: Thanks :)

 5:03:09 AM William Mistele: You are very watery but I already knew that.

 5:03:34 AM Changeling: haha that I am, trying to work on balancing a little more for my own sake, but I won’t loose my water, don’t worry.

 5:04:41 AM William Mistele: The air vitality turns into water inside of you as you breathe in.  The air vitality will alter itself according to the nature of the person.  I am in awe of your watery nature.  It is very balancing to work with your water.

 5:05:16 AM Changeling: :) I’m glad I could be of help, and its so refreshing to work with you :) always a pleasure!


 6:07:11 AM William Mistele: Okay, here we go. I am producing a magnetic field inside and around me; just follow and reproduce it in yourself and then we will add in another level.

 6:07:28 AM Changeling: okay

 6:07:52 AM William Mistele: I'll throw in eight or so other watery type people including some of your friends.   

 6:08:00 AM Changeling: okay sounds good

 6:10:48 AM Changeling: okay, so to me it feels like I’m taking the water and charging it with electricity and making it thicker and a little darker almost, more contained and intense.

 6:11:05 AM Changeling: It takes more effort to extend it, but it can be done.

  6:11:33 AM Changeling: I feel a pulse going into my solar plexus

 6:11:48 AM Changeling: like little volts around my skin almost.

 6:12:20 AM William Mistele: The magnetic field  absorbs or "controls" all electricity but yeah there is electrical activity, often very ecstatic, but that is a side effect, the sea of magnetism doesn't really change.

 6:13:12 AM Changeling: yeah.  It is not harming anyone but its there. I can almost smell the electrical static when it changes. I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.

 6:13:46 AM William Mistele: okay, I'll do it a little more this time as me inside of you doing it.

 6:13:57 AM Changeling: okay

 6:15:17 AM Changeling: Ah! I see okay!

 6:17:10 AM William Mistele: Here is adding in an undine queen namely Istiphul this time, okay.

 6:17:22 AM William Mistele: Another meditation partner for you to work with.

 6:17:29 AM Changeling: :) She’s amazing.

 6:17:34 AM Changeling: okay

 6:20:12 AM Changeling: wow, great.

 6:20:59 AM William Mistele: Feels good.

 6:21:23 AM Changeling: yes it does :) I love when she is around.

 6:21:40 AM Changeling: She never kissed me like that though.

 6:21:51 AM William Mistele: so you can gradually add her into ..... kisses you?

  6:22:22 AM Changeling: She came and touched my face, kissed me, swan through me, and then allowed me to drink from her magnetism.

  6:22:47 AM William Mistele: Like nectar flowing through you kind of feeling.

 6:23:17 AM William Mistele: So you can add in Istiphul on occasion to enrich or learn more about magnetism and love as she does it.

 6:24:04 AM William Mistele: Being in her presence is sometimes like being in an electrical storm because she sets off mini volts of electricity discharging from all the nerve cells in my body but that is just a reaction.

 6:24:17 AM Changeling: yes

 6:24:21 AM Changeling: I think it is similar to what occurred in me.

 6:24:26 AM William Mistele: This time it was the pure flowing magnetism moving through me.

 6:24:46 AM Changeling: yes

 6:24:50 AM Changeling: Its wonderful.


 12:50:53 PM William Mistele: In fifteen seconds I will be a tiny dot in your solar plexus about two inches above your navel in the center of your body and I'll breathe in about five breaths of vitality accumulating it.

 12:53:45 PM William Mistele: okay?

 12:53:53 PM Changeling: Ffelt really good :) A ice heat sensation.

 12:53:59 PM Changeling: But warm soothing heat.

 12:54:30 PM William Mistele: yeah, Bardon favors fiery light as healing energy; you naturally send watery healing energy when you heal.  I have to figure out how to teach others that as well.

 12:54:47 PM Changeling: I should learn how to use the fiery too, for when its needed.

 12:55:05 PM William Mistele: Okay, I'll take a minute and dissolve this energy in you which I gathered.

 12:55:12 PM Changeling: okay

 12:56:37 PM William Mistele: It should be mostly gone now.

 12:56:59 PM Changeling: Yeah. My abdomen reacted physically haha, weird but cool.


 12:57:46 PM William Mistele: Next is concentrating on a cold sensation.  Simply concentrate for a minute on both hands being in icy cold water; I'll imagine my hands are inside your hands doing the same.

 12:57:54 PM Changeling: okay sounds good.

 12:57:58 PM William Mistele: Or inside of ice.

 12:59:37 PM William Mistele: How was that? Okay?

 1:00:15 PM Changeling: Very much so!

 1:00:27 PM Changeling: My hands are still cold.

 1:02:05 PM Changeling: My hands are physically cold.

 1:02:15 PM Changeling: And becoming red and blotchy.

 1:02:22 PM Changeling: Almost like the beginning of frostbit.

 1:02:31 PM William Mistele: OH, okay, I'll dissolve the cold now, give me a minute or two.

 1:02:46 PM Changeling: No its fine.

 1:02:51 PM Changeling: I dont mind working with cold. I like it.

 1:02:52 PM Changeling: Keep doing the cold.

 1:05:22 PM Changeling: Nice.

 1:05:32 PM Changeling: I like this way of working a lot.

  1:07:22 PM Changeling: I pictured myself in the arctic surrounded by ice and water. Istiphul was also there & you but not physically.

  1:07:39 PM Changeling: haha. ym typin get so bad when im not fully back yet.


 1:10:39 PM William Mistele: So that is the kind of thing you do for others using the sea of love meditation—you add the icy cold water sensation to the love feeling which is more a magnetic thing which is more effective for you. 


  9:48:56 AM William Mistele: I did a hour and a half interview with a local mermaid woman whose aura is like the sea. 

  9:49:29 AM Changeling: Wow! Great! What did you gain?

  9:50:41 AM William Mistele: She feels the sea surrounding all of the time.   I kept asking her, have you ever told anyone else about these experiences you are sharing with me and she would say no.  She "zaps" people just walking down the street making them feel better.  She has always has seen fairies, and she used to get stalked by men until she put an end to it. 

 9:51:14 AM Changeling: Stopped zapping people?

 9:51:24 AM William Mistele: She emits "vapor" from the ocean she senses around herself to heal others.

 9:51:35 AM Changeling: nice :)

 9:52:02 AM William Mistele: She automatically sends energy to whoever she is near.  She doesn't call it healing and it is automatic but after she sends it she notices the different colors the energy assumes for each person.

 9:52:18 AM Changeling: Wow! Very cool.

 9:52:45 AM William Mistele: She feels she is already right now in heaven and that whatever is happening is where she is supposed to be.

 9:53:12 AM Changeling: Whoa, she is very blessed and very wise to feel that way.

 9:53:30 AM Changeling: Its one thing to know it, but to actually feel it is something else.

 9:53:33 AM William Mistele: It takes me hours to recover from just being around her.

 9:54:40 AM William Mistele: I lose my sense of physical balance. She says that "astral" travel for her is like being in thick jello and that there is no up or down, you just flow through it and that you go wherever you want to go. That is partly why I lose my sense of balance around her because this jello space gets into my aura.

 9:54:59 AM Changeling: hahaha

 9:55:00 AM William Mistele: I'll try to transcribe the interview soon. 

 9:55:50 AM William Mistele: She reflected on my point that she had never told anyone about her experiences which in effect I pointed it out to her.

 9:57:15 AM Changeling: Haha you do that for a lot of us, point out things we don’t know we do.

 9:58:54 AM William Mistele: She says breaking up with a deep lover is like a strong and deep river that suddenly stops flowing through you.  She doesn't complain or try to cling to it like a human woman but simply asks to herself, Where is the next river?  She says human women, and this is a woman who is very gentle and kind, that human women are vindictive, mean, and jealous. 

 9:59:16 AM Changeling: ;)


10:09:09 AM William Mistele: So, today, five minutes?

10:09:18 AM Changeling: Were you doing some meditations on me yesterday  working on peace and bliss?

 10:09:27 AM William Mistele: I was talking about you in the mermaid woman’s presence.  You probably sensed her aura which for me is like the Atlantic Ocean. 

 10:09:37 AM Changeling: haha okay, then I was just feeling it.


  10:12:23 AM William Mistele: Tell me about Istiphul's kiss sometime. I have several pages written on her kiss.

 10:12:40 AM Changeling: It was magnetic to say the least.

 10:13:39 AM Changeling: She grabbed my face, not harshly just strongly and kissed me, and our energies swirled together,… I want to say it was like two sisters kissing but that is inaccurate.

 10:13:57 AM Changeling: It was like the two of us becoming one being , but different aspects of itself uniting.

  10:14:09 AM Changeling: Strong, passionate, wise, playful, and loving.

  10:14:23 AM Changeling: Then she flowed right into me.

 10:15:05 AM Changeling: Head first, through me like a playful and omniscient cascade of water.

 10:15:19 AM William Mistele: That is really neat.

 10:15:39 AM Changeling: Then back out,  allowed me to drink form her magnetism, and then flowed off ;)

 10:15:53 AM William Mistele: wow

 10:16:23 AM Changeling: yeah :)

 10:17:23 AM William Mistele: My description—“If Helen of Tray at been a beautiful as Istiphul, it would not have been the Greeks and Trojans but the entire world at war over the right to kiss her lips.”

  10:17:57 AM Changeling: She has been around me a lot and so have a lot of other water beings that I feel familiar around but don’t know yet in this skin.

  10:18:11 AM William Mistele: I wonder if I should introduce you to some of the mermen that Bardon describes? I don't want to take your focus away from this world though. lol

 10:23:06 AM Changeling: I would love to meet these mermen!

 10:23:20 AM Changeling: I’m always open to pretty much everything.


 7:34:47 AM William Mistele: Hi, back.  Here is a picture of the local mermaid woman. I mentioned when she was little that she could flick her fingers and cause someone to fall down.  But she decided right away that that wasn't such a good thing to do.  But at some point she learned to get rid of stalkers.  I didn't press her on that as to how but I imagine she just "wills" them to depart or to leave her alone.

 8:06:55 AM Changeling: She is really beautiful.


  8:09:01 AM Changeling: Do you have any effects like that after speaking with me? I hope not. I try to be quite conscious of how I affect people and try not to take them too far out of their element so to speak.

 8:09:22 AM Changeling: It happens to me with other elements especially air and fire.

 8:10:04 AM William Mistele: No, there is nothing dangerous yet about you.  You as a planetary treasure to be preserved and protected at all costs.


  8:15:06 AM William Mistele: You really get inside of another, not just immersing them in your aura; you are like an apprentice to Istiphul who specializes in joining two as one in a sacred space of love, not just joining or oneness but a oneness that is absolute, total, completely, past, present, and future too.  You can't dream or imagine this sort of thing until you run into it.

 8:15:22 AM Changeling: :)

 8:16:22 AM Changeling: Thanks.  I’m so happy that you are able to understand it. Now I can talk about it to someone who is physical.  I find it easy to do with you though.

 8:17:14 AM William Mistele: Why not at least try to explain it to someone for whom connecting from inside to another is an important issue?

 8:17:55 AM Changeling: I do try to explain and a lot of people at least try to understand.

 8:18:04 AM Changeling: But you the first who recognizes it and speaks it to me.

 8:22:06 AM William Mistele: I wrote my story about Karl, the Master, and the Mermaid after meditating with you. I must have already mentioned this: where a mermaid in a woman puts to an end a magician's spiritual growth because her inner connection to him is so absolute and overpowering.  But you are already here in a body of your own and not possessing a woman's body as in those cases. All the same, our first meditation together suspended my psychic abilities for three hours until the spell wore off because you effortlessly join with another on an etheric level--that is, it is not like your astral body but you are blended totally with the biochemical vitality of the body.  This isn’t like another local girl woo extends her aura through her boyfriend all the time.  She doesn't know how to extend her etheric body in that way but I'll have too see if I can get her to do that too.

 8:24:46 AM William Mistele: Your telekinetic abilities mean you are more closely tied with your consciousness to the physical world as is the girl who with her flick of the fingers can cause someone to fall down. Human beings do not generally have that tie to the physical world with the energy inside of themselves; maybe before in Atlantis but not in this civilization.  So when it comes to love, there it is again. You  do Istiphul's kind of love and she is the best on the earth in that area.

 8:26:54 AM Changeling: :>

 8:27:08 AM Changeling: Wow Bill, sorry for suspending your psychic abilities.

 8:28:59 AM William Mistele: No, no.  It was an experience with undine style love. Love suspends everything as you must know overriding all other concerns and purposes.




Changeling Transcript Three




 This is the third in a series of on-line conversations between me and a girl who is on the other side of the world.  This girl meets perfectly all fifteen traits of mermaid women. 

  Besides having the ability to move small objects with her mind, she can instantly sense any energy or feeling I surround myself with.  So in this and in other transcripts, I “tune into” or create an energy field mirroring someone’s aura and the changeling immediately begins commenting on it in response. 

  Some of the individuals we “tune into” can also immediately sense that we are thinking of them.  I noticed in this manuscript that the advice I asked the hard core mermaid woman for in regard to the changeling had already been “heard” and put into practice since it was not something the changeling had previously been doing.



 Changeling: heyy bill

 [8:50:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Hi, are you getting any sleep?

 [8:51:14 AM] Changeling: um I was awake for 35 hours haha, then went to sleep for 5, just woke up

 [8:51:34 AM] Changeling: and have been lazing in bed reading e-mails and such

[8:51:40 AM] Changeling: how are you doing?

[8:51:56 AM] Changeling: did you sleep well?

[8:52:03 AM] Wiliam Mistele: pretty good.  Did some fascinating interviews this last week, a photo shoot, and so forth.

[8:52:14 AM] Changeling: great!!!

 [8:52:38 AM] Wiliam Mistele: last night slept well.

[8:53:39 AM] Changeling: ah!  very cool! I’ve been so distracted the last week with my family and crazy schedule. I haven’t been doing very much , just the sea of love, and did some good magnetism and love meditations at a beautiful lake in Switzerland.

 [8:57:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: You are a whirlwind of social engagement and emotional life.

[8:57:40 AM] Changeling: haha you nailed it

 [8:58:47 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Thank you for chatting. We shall speak more when you are back in a "normal" schedule.

[8:59:11 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I don't want to wear you out.

[8:59:57 AM] Changeling: I don’t mind chatting with you, we haven’t spoken in a while, and its refreshing to speak with you

[9:02:00 AM] Wiliam Mistele: A girl told me, after much patience and coaching, that she and her husband "share the same soul." The 12 traits of mermaid women don't apply to her but she seems like him to be from the "next race" that replaces human beings. They are deeply connected. She says that lifetime after lifetime he incarnates and finds her again so they can be together.  I found that very disturbing that it takes another race to attain such connected love whereas human beings, all 6.8 billion, have not risen to that level among them all.

[9:03:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: And I found a model, who has strong water, should be a mermaid woman, but also the twelve traits do not apply to. Though she is very receptive to being directed which is quite difficult to get out of even very skilled models so I am exploring that one also.

[9:04:17 AM] Changeling: cool!

[9:04:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Noe, the local mermaid woman who is strong mermaid more than human is like a perfect telepath in reading other's minds as in cards: she can tell what cards another person is holding with perfect accuracy if that person has glanced down at their cards. 

9:04:52 AM] Changeling: WOW!

[9:04:54 AM] Changeling: that’s awesome

[9:06:24 AM] Wiliam Mistele: she said in regard to stalkers: if you put a "bubble" around your self to block your energy, then the stalker has no reason to stalk you since your energy is no longer available. And that she also just thinks "invisible" and people have a hard time seeing her.

[9:06:39 AM] Changeling: I’ve been doing that too lately!

[9:06:41 AM] Changeling: It works very well

[9:06:56 AM] Changeling: The bubble and invisible I can do it for other people as well

[9:07:10 AM] Wiliam Mistele: neat

[9:07:11 AM] Changeling: I just think my friend invisible and shielded and she is

[9:07:21 AM] Changeling: using her own energy and some universal

Wiliam Mistele: And also she can "slow time" so that if someone is falling down and she is not near enough to catch that person she can slow time and get there to catch them.  I never heard of that one before.

[9:07:40 AM] Changeling: wow!

[9:08:03 AM] Changeling: i will have to try that one out

[9:08:05 AM] Changeling: the time thing

 [9:08:19 AM] Wiliam Mistele: right.  Sounds like science fiction.

[9:08:29 AM] Changeling: well its never far from the truth really

[9:08:46 AM] Changeling: my right ear just got some weird pressure, are you doing that?

[9:08:52 AM] Wiliam Mistele: not me.

[9:08:54 AM] Changeling: mmk

[9:09:06 AM] Wiliam Mistele: i am just laughing at our train of thought

[9:09:10 AM] Changeling: HAHA

[9:09:12 AM] Changeling: yeah

 [9:09:45 AM] Changeling: okay I’m going to go make some food. I’ll be back in about half an hour if you’re still around

[9:09:58 AM] Wiliam Mistele: ok, take care, love you always, bye


[9:35:33 AM] Changeling: hey Bill, I’m back

[9:35:59 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I feel spoiled you are spending time with me.

[9:36:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: haha

[9:36:36 AM] Changeling: :) i enjoy spending time speaking with you, naturally!

[9:37:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: a guy who often writes mentioned that his young daughter, maybe age two or three, wants to spend lots of time in the bathtub. I must have asked you if you did that a lot as a child?

[9:37:40 AM] Changeling: Oh my god I was a freak for baths

[9:37:41 AM] Changeling: I still am

[9:37:45 AM] Wiliam Mistele: he had read my undines book and then he has this child and now wonders if she is a mermaid.

[9:37:51 AM] Changeling: I don’t have a bathtub in this apartment and its really affecting me

[9:37:58 AM] Changeling: and swimming

[9:38:02 AM] Wiliam Mistele: how many hours a day would you if you could spend in the tube?

[9:38:05 AM] Changeling: always wanted to go swimming

[9:38:17 AM] Changeling: 2 or 3 easy

[9:38:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Did you swim human style or with feet together mermaid style?

[9:38:41 AM] Changeling:I used to be afraid of lakes though and the ocean, not the water but things that swan in them that could pull me under or grab my feet

[9:38:52 AM] Changeling: uhm both, really

[9:39:18 AM] Changeling: I just liked to splash around and dive

[9:39:22 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, here is her energy, the daughter who likes baths:

[9:39:49 AM] Changeling: she’s got a lot of laughter

[9:40:13 AM] Changeling: slippery and playful, mischievous a little but in an innocent way

[9:40:33 AM] Wiliam Mistele: thank you, you are fantastic

[9:40:55 AM] Changeling: :) she’s gorgeous I like her

[9:41:16 AM] Wiliam Mistele: now this is technical so abide with me. "Real" mermaids according to hermetic magicians don't have the akashic body so here is what I sense of her "akashic body" see if you get anything at  all

[9:42:07 AM] Changeling: uhm, like turquoise fuzz. I don’t know its strange.

[9:43:10 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, it is a trade off: millions of years as a mermaid in the sea or a soul of a human being incarnating over and over again in human form as part of human karmic history. I am not sure humanity as a race will be here much longer so it is questionable if a mermaid would really want to join this race of beings

[9:43:57 AM] Changeling: yeah, I often wonder why any of them stick around

[9:44:21 AM] Changeling: Idon’t have an answer for it right now, other than their desire to help things reach potential

[9:44:41 AM] Wiliam Mistele: some fall in love with a human male, is that possible from your perspective?

[9:45:31 AM] Changeling: uh huh, there is a longing for a strong masculine energy to help balance the intensely feminine energy that we embody.

[9:46:01 AM] Changeling: I have trouble saying “we” because I’m not completely convinced that I’m 100% mermaid, I’ve been wondering about it lately.

[9:46:06 AM] Wiliam Mistele: kind of like the ocean itself seeks to give and to receive love and it takes whatever race is available and seeks to attain a high level of love

[9:47:26 AM] Wiliam Mistele: I told someone, "God alone knows who is a mermaid and who has what kind of soul." My “commission” is to challenge the imagination to transform the world. It is just a whole lot easier sometimes to say that so and so is a mermaid who is here “visiting from the Other Side on holiday” than to try to say this human woman has these remarkable abilities and feelings that all other women who are human can not even understand.

[9:48:09 AM] Wiliam Mistele: So I am after results and never beliefs.

[9:48:16 AM] Changeling: That’s decent.

[9:48:29 AM] Changeling: Intelligent you are but we already knew that

[9:48:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is the "akashic body" or lack of the merman you know.

[9:49:20 AM] Changeling: sorry, I can’t even work with him right now.  I don’t know what’s up.

[9:49:27 AM] Wiliam Mistele: ok

[9:50:48 AM] Changeling: Even including him in the water meditations lately has been like nails driving into me.. and its coming from both sides his and mine, ..I love him deeply and he loves me buttt ..

[9:51:06 AM] Changeling: there needs to be some separation right now I think.

[9:51:12 AM] Wiliam Mistele: Sorry.  We shall move on to other topics

[9:51:18 AM] Changeling: no its completely ok

[9:51:32 AM] Wiliam Mistele: “Separation” is not a word in your vocabulary. Must be very difficult

[9:51:54 AM] Changeling: its so strange for me, I don’t really know what’s going on, it seems that you should always be able to include anything in love, but sometimes you cant do it the way you think you should.

[9:52:06 AM] Changeling: mwah, I guess I’ll just have to expand my vocabulary then, won’t I?

[9:52:19 AM] Wiliam Mistele: good for you!!!!!!!!

[9:52:30 AM] Changeling: ;)

[9:52:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: we'll come back to that later maybe

[9:52:47 AM] Changeling: okay

[9:52:57 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is the girl and her relationship with her husband who she says, “share the same soul.”

[9:53:57 AM] Changeling: Siamese twins, two different bodies connected at the core. sticky.

[9:55:00 AM] Changeling: inside there’s like a glowing pink and purple sort of light, outside it seems a little yellow,

[9:55:20 AM] Changeling: there a low sounding vibration to it, low in frequency not energy.

[9:55:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: so it doesn't feel organic/natural/healthy love for you?

[9:55:51 AM] Changeling: its strange

 [9:56:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: she looks very happy as in so right and so secret so as not to make others upset

[9:56:29 AM] Changeling: this may sound strange but the word that comes to mind is neo-primitive

[9:56:31 AM] Wiliam Mistele: they as a race are used to writing their own rules for just about everything

[9:56:42 AM] Changeling: yeah!

[9:57:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: This couple is I think maybe unique because they were just pursuing this in their own way and their race doesn't usually get into social interactions a whole lot.

 [9:58:13 AM] Wiliam Mistele: compare them to what I imagine is possible for you: in terms of bonding/connecting/flowing through another:

[9:59:44 AM] Changeling: mine seems more "organic" free flowing, and embracing...theirs seems streamlined, efficient, deeply connected and almost competitive.

[10:00:19 AM] Changeling: I say organic, but I mean something else. I can’t think of the word right now though

[10:00:42 AM] Changeling: deeply connected to one or a few people rather then all encompassing

[10:00:53 AM] Wiliam Mistele: yes, yours is subtle, sensitive, gentle, and one hundred per cent attuned and within another while at the same time being also independent like the sea which is never exhausted or finalized in a specific relationship, even though it is so one with the other.

[10:01:10 AM] Changeling: mhm

[10:02:03 AM] Wiliam Mistele: their race doesn't pursue nature on earth even though it is so easy for them to do so. They don't look for outside inspiration since they are so inspired from within and self-motivated.  It is very odd, funny, ironic to be so advanced and yet so unconcerned.

[10:02:49 AM] Changeling: yeah!

[10:02:54 AM] Wiliam Mistele: here is my last model who has water inside but doesn’t have any of the 12 traits, I'll do both her water and her aura

[10:03:41 AM] Changeling: herm. There are walls around her but inside she is soft and  warm

[10:04:29 AM] Wiliam Mistele: like I say, she is a new type: water is there in force but no consciousness of it in her mind

[10:04:55 AM] Wiliam Mistele: and here is her water energy by itself:

[10:06:44 AM] Wiliam Mistele: anything?

[10:08:18 AM] Changeling: herm

[10:08:45 AM] Changeling: its like wringing out a sponge almost, lots of water you just have to extract it a little bit at a time

[10:09:18 AM] Wiliam Mistele: and here is a six year old who Ronda says is a mermaid

[10:10:13 AM] Changeling: she’s got lots of energy, beautiful

[10:10:59 AM] Wiliam Mistele: so back to the guy with the daughter in the tub: is there something you would pass on for the parents as advice?

[10:11:34 AM] Changeling: let her play in the water as much as possible, but also try to get her around friends that can ground her.

[10:12:01 AM] Changeling: she’s influenced easily by others at this age, so she needs strong good balancing people around her

[10:12:16 AM] Wiliam Mistele: how about having aquariums in the house?

[10:12:32 AM] Changeling: sure why not? But she’ll probably end up sticking her hands in then

[10:12:37 AM] Changeling: so no piranhas!

[10:12:40 AM] Wiliam Mistele: haha

 [10:13:03 AM] Changeling: it would be good to get her to help clean the aquariums too, naturally.

[10:13:22 AM] Changeling: she might not like it very much but it will teach her responsibility for a water habitat


 [10:17:49 AM] Changeling: I’m getting tired now Bill. Its late at night my time.

 [10:18:21 AM] Wiliam Mistele: okay, love you lots

[10:18:54 AM] Changeling: love you too,

[[10:19:22 AM] Wiliam Mistele: take care and thanks soooooooooo much

[10:19:33 AM] Changeling: thank you Bill

 [10:19:42 AM] Wiliam Mistele: bye

[10:19:48 AM] Changeling: bye



Conversation: On Relationships with Men




This discussion is about men who focus on controlling and/or only having sex with a woman.  She responded to my global casting call, but had never been to Hawaii.  We did six days of shoots.  I wrote the story for her called Double Changeling. 

  These “hard core” mermaid type women do not like to wear bathing suits, so we did almost all nude shoots. 

   The male editor reviewing my book on undines thought it would be great to use pictures of her in the book.  But the female editors did not even want to have pictures of women representing undines in the book lest it offend readers who have preconceived ideas about what mermaids are and what they should look like. 

  I thought that to be hysterically funny.  The entire Western world knows almost nothing about mermaids.  Almost all fairy tales in world literature are completely misleading.  Mermaids in personality are nothing like human women.  See my Fifteen Traits of Mermaid Women, which is a genuine study in anthropology describing a type of personality never mentioned before in world literature.

  I told one female editor, “This may be your last chance to use this woman as a model in a book.”  By saying “your chance” I meant the human race may not have another chance.  She is sent in as a final warning to a civilization to get their act together or else cease to exist.  She has the most powerful aura of anyone I have ever tuned into on earth.  Her power is beyond the knowledge of our race of Homo sapiens.  But it takes a genuine community oriented toward the love and magic of water to “activate” her powers.  Such a community has never existed before on earth.  It is not her job to lead us.  It is our job to welcome her. 

     All the same, I thought I would post this brief except from her interview because it is so funny to me about how she describes her experiences with human males.  She is not coming from a feminist position that women have been abused.  She is coming from a position that love is free flowing and everywhere and that there is no need to interfere with that flow. 



Bill: The question you might ask certain kinds of men to help clarify the relationship, “Do you feel there is something good that comes from being around me that is different from just wanting to have sex with me?”


K: It is so interesting just to ask someone this and “and get out there right in front of everything else.”


Bill: As a very attractive model, you must often confront the typical kind of male responses to women such as yourself?


K: Such as?


Bill: You probably get stalkers?


K: No.


Bill: Any very wealthy people asked you to marry him?


K: No. No one has asked me to marry him.


Bill: Really?


K: They will talk about it but I notice in America people get married much younger, like some are already divorced who are younger than me.  Which in a way is very romantic in that they get caught up in it.  Here in the United States you make romantic movies so people are influenced—they get to know each other for two months and they say, “Oh, let’s get married.  It has been two months.”

  But none of my friends have gotten married.  I haven’t been to a wedding since I was nine.  My parents are not married so I like the idea of marriage. It is very romantic.


Bill: It is way for example that guys want to make the relationship permanent so that the woman does not get away from them.


K: Oh. When I was going through the phase of the boyfriends picking me and my not picking them I did get this they would tell me I was the girl they wanted to spend the rest of their life with kind of stuff. But they did not go out and buy a ring and ask me to marry them.

  I have had one boyfriend for two years and another for three years and that is most of my twenties so I haven’t had that much experience yet.

  But then it came to me that all these men were picking me.


Bill: Looking at your portfolio you must have known something like a hundred and fifty photographers. 


K: I don’t know I never counted them.


Bill: And some of them must take a real interest in you personally.


K: I try to keep my personal and professional life separate.


Bill: All the same, there must be these really creative photographers who are very charming, have their lives together, and it feels good just to be around them, and they are a lot of fun?


K: Yeah.


Bill: And who you know are capable of being completely loyal to you.


K: Yes.


Bill: And you have met at least three people like that.


K: Yes. I have. I have to be careful.  If you are not really into that person it is not right to be with them even if they are a “textbook catch.” 


Bill: But you must have met at least three people who were really right?


K: When I stopped looking for someone it was really nice to be single and alone.  But when you stop needing someone it is like that is when the right person comes along.  But I am very cautious in that you have to get to know someone really well. 


Bill: So you have a discovery process?


K: Yeah, because before the men would just rush in and this was a problem because they didn’t know me. They fell in love with something else.  They didn’t love me as a person.


Bill: Were these accomplished individuals?


K: My last two boyfriends didn’t have cars, so money has not been a big thing for me.


Bill: If I can put it this way, a woman with your level of beauty as a model must have a selection of the top one per cent of the available males across the board without limitation of social class, nationality, etc. 


K: It took me a while to realize that.


Bill: You can date these creative artist types but you also have this magic card that allows you access to the highly successful and remarkable men.


K:  Let me give you an example. There is an age for guys around twenty seven or so and they think ….


Bill: Oh, this is great.


K: And they think, “Oh my God, I have got to have this career, I have got to have this 2.2 kids, a white picket fence, and this, this, this, and this. Whew, I have got to get a girlfriend now.  Oh, everyone is looking at that chick.  Hey, I want that one.  I’ll go talk to her.  She’s nice. Great. “Do you want to have a key to my house? I want you to meet my mom and dad.”

  But the next thing is he says, “Um, why are you doing that? I don’t like you doing that.  What did you just say? Is that how you usually speak?”

  And I’ll be like relaxed or something.

 And he says, You know, I am going to try to control you know because I don’t like you as a person but I like the whole package: I like the outside and I am telling myself I love the inside but I may be deceiving myself because I don’t think you and I work but I am going to just try to control you.

   I am not going to accept you as you are, because you don’t constantly hug me or because you looked at someone else or you hugged someone else or you didn’t tie your shoelaces the way I tie my shoelaces.  And this is your problem not mine.

  And I think, Why can’t you just love me and think that I am special for me and just accept me?

  And he says in effect, No, I am not going to accept you.  You have to conform to my way.  You are the one with the problem, blah, blah, blah.       

  And I will say, “Can we talk about this?”

  And he says, “No, you are being selfish. It is my way or the highway.”

  So, they really didn’t know me and I would get very hurt and I didn’t used to know how to express my hurt very well. And I would be upset and confused. 

   And I couldn’t understand, Why don’t they love me for me? Why do these men keep wanting me to be this other person? I am tolerant.  I accept all these different things about a man.  Why can’t he find balance and equal acceptance of me? Why should I have to scoop ice cream the way he does or I would like to go do different things like modeling, that is a big one. 

   I would let him do whatever he wants.  I think there should be an equal balance. I mean, I offer great freedom to a man and his choices but please let me have the freedom to do what I want to do.

  I would find these guys and they would be so unhappy with me.  And at the same time they needed me so much and thought I was the perfect girl for them, but I really wasn’t because they did not really know me.  They liked the outside but they wanted to remake the inside.  And if she won’t change, then damn this woman, she is a psycho person. 

  If she won’t conform, then I am going to think she is nuts and I am going to tell her she is nuts.  And I am going to put her down and make her think that she is the one who is going crazy.


Bill: So you have been through that more than once?


K: I have had a couple of relationships like that.


Bill: It is like they are hiring you to fulfill a job description.  So you have to live up to the job description or you are fired.


K: Yeah. I started reading books so I wouldn’t be dating the same kind of person over and over.  And I needed to look at what I was doing in choosing certain men and why I was doing it.  And I needed to change that and take responsibility for it.

   I started dating this other guy who was unlike all the previous men. And he was kind of like everything society tells you to have in a man.  He was self-sufficient, he was educated, he had money, nice car, blah, blah, blah, but (snapping fingers) there was no chemistry going on at all.

 So I thought maybe I like the other guys because they involve issues with my past.  So I asked myself, Does that mean I have to be with these other type of men from the past to feel the passionate spark?

    But I said to myself, No wait a minute.  I can have the balance of finding someone I am attracted to emotionally and physically, it was just that all of them picked me. Obviously I was drawn to them. 

   And then I met men like yourself who are saying, “You can have any man you want.  And I say to myself, Really? But I had very low self-esteem and I don’t want to go to the opposite and feel I am so valuable.  Because I have seen people like that.  I think you should be appreciative and humble.  I would like to achieve that.  I had always been told you can’t be happy. You have to learn to compromise and maybe I went along with that too much.    


Bill: So we were talking about breaking the cycle of having men picking you ….


K: And for me to come to terms with my accepting being able to pick the partner.


Bill: There is at times an irrational, overpowering attraction that characterizes the chemistry in some relationships.  Without it, as one woman told me, she didn’t feel a powerful attraction to her husband when she married him.  So when they had hard times she said, “I’ll love you always but you are more like a brother and goodbye.”

  With some relationships, the partners will actually say things like, “I can’t imagine living my life without you. My life was not in focus until I met you.  I feel things with you I never felt with anyone else. I feel we were meant to be together.”


K: (Rising up in her chair) But, but, but, they really say that?  ….that is very romantic; but, that is lovely, but I am pitying that person because that poor person (holding her chest) can not find those things within themselves? I mean it is out there in the beauty of life; I mean you are born alone and you die alone.     

   I like the idea of finding the right person but I think you should find happiness within yourself rather than living it through someone else.

  That I can’t live my life without you kind of thing is wonderful if the other person is mutually feeling that way. But there are the guys who do that kind of blackmail, “If you leave me I will commit suicide.”

  I am just wondering what is behind the feeling that the other person is so irreplaceable and unique—is it something beautiful or is it selfish?


Bill: How about if it was just someone you really wanted, like, this person would be great for my life ….


K: Oh, lovely.


Bill: You have had that feeling?


K: Yes, I have had feelings like that, briefly. And I get caught up in the guys who fall for me where I say, “Well, maybe he is like that—maybe he is different from the last one.  And I have been in love and I still reflect on some of the nicest times shared together.

  The ones I had the long terms relationships with I was in love with. 

   I actually feel happiest when I am by myself.  I feel guilty when I have a boyfriend, like if I go and have fun or if I feel happy without him ….


Bill: I have observed that women who are very content inside are also extremely independent.  They can be in very deep relationships but they can also be without the relationship and not feel the pain of the loss.  They just know how to live by themselves. 

  You know how to live by yourself successfully; it feels good, so you are measuring relationships by, Is it going to add or subtract from what I already have?


K: It is like I have always been with these guys since I was seventeen.  If I breakup with one another comes along right away—it is not that I am looking, but I would say, “It is like this person really likes me.  It is like love; everyone used to tell me I was ugly in school.  This is wonderful.  Oh my God.  I have never heard such beautiful words before.  I remember the first time I heard someone say I was beautiful.  Me, I always imagined myself as being so plain.  And that was only recently too.

  So I liked the feeling of being by myself and not having to constantly worry about this other person and be responsible for how he feels where every little decision I make would be the wrong decision.  That was really depressing me.


Bill: Do you extend your aura around some of these individuals so that at will you can sense what is going on with them?

  Just sitting here in your aura, I notice that my psychic abilities are greatly enhanced.  For example, this man you were talking about is very staid, and also strong, like he can respond really well in a crisis.  But he could easily live by himself for six months in a cabin and not miss being around other people.    


K: Yeah, he does live by himself in a cabin.  I have warnings going off not to extend my sensitivity in that way.  I think I am not ready at this time to confront the karma of being that open. 

  I am highly sensitive to people’s energy. If I walk into a room …. I think I know where you are coming from now.

   I mean I knew someone who was lying on a couch and I would pick up straight away that he was depressed or I would meet someone in a store I had met once before and I would pick up what was going on inside that person, like he was upset. And it is hard to sometimes figure out if he is just upset or if he is upset at you, or I would feel so involved with another’s emotions sensing them and wanting so much for them to feel better.




  Humorous Stories  


                         Karl, the Master, and the Undine


“Master!,” Karl exclaimed. 

   A shadowy form took shape in the corner of the room where the curtains between the window and the balcony left the wall bare.  At first a dark haze, then dim like an oil lamp, it quickly took shape and began to shine brilliant like the sun until the entire room was wrapped in a soft, warm, golden light.  

  “I have warned you before,” the master spoke stern and disapproving, the words struck from the air like notes plucked from a string base or cello.  “Don’t you realize what you are at risk of losing?”

  “But master,” Karl insisted, trying hard not to retreat, “No other man on earth feels love this deep.  Her touch makes me feel complete.  Whether I am with her or we are far apart, the bliss remains the same.  She is inside of me, part of me, one with me. Even as we speak, she hears your voice and mine; and all the time her love flows through me like a river and surrounds me like the sea.”

  “Karl, Karl, don’t you think I haven’t heard this all before?  I have spoken the same words of warning to others just like you. And like you, my demands they refuse.

   “There is still time.  You are still able to choose.  The pack is not yet sealed. You can undo this enchantment if you choose.”

  “Master.  I love you so much.  You have taught me wisdom and granted keys to magic beyond the knowledge of this age.  But I think in regard to love your wisdom has something missing.   If you could feel what I feel you would know as I know that love such as this is sacred—it opens doors of the heart that no key can unlock.”   

  The master smiled and then nearly cried, “I see where this is going.  But just so that I am clear beyond all doubt, I’ll say it again: it is her very nature to fuse with you from within.  I’ll grant you that. Human women can neither compete with nor offer to give pleasure so deep. 

  “And there is no question about her motives: her entire being exists to love.  She will heal you and renew you.  Her hands alone caressing your skin will add twenty years to your life span. You will not age in outer form; you will always appear as a middle aged man even when all your other friends have died.

  “But access to the deeper mysteries of life will then be beyond your reach.  She borrows and depends on the fifth element in you, the akasha.  And her inner connection to you bends its light so that like a magic mirror, when you gaze upon it, you can only see her face; the divine pageantry of the greater universe unfolding will be now beyond your sight.

   “You will lose your appetite for all other spheres and planes.  Her astral domain will remain, a place of refuge, a home, and a kingdom of the soul; but beyond the bliss and ecstasy, the rapture and pleasure of her touch, beyond the dreams of the lakes, rivers, and seas—you will soon enough desire no more than the magic found within water--to give and to share love with its serene visions and its prophecies of the past, present, and future.  I had hoped that you ascend to so much more.”

  “Master, there is yet one thing your accounting fails to consider. If I were to imbue her with a human soul, granting her through magic and with the blessing of spirit the Akashic element, then she would one day be like me.  Together we shall ascend, loving each other, now and forever. 

  “This is not a selfish desire. By bringing her over from the Other Side, even you must admit, a new treasure shall be offered to mankind.  It is true that her love overshadows me like the leaves of a tree shade the ground beneath from the sun.  It is true that the dreams of the sea are gradually becoming my dreams so that I only desire to be within her love and to partake of her divine sensuality.

  “But don’t you see? If she is brought over and a human soul acquires, it is humanity that will be set free.  Love such as this has been denied to mankind since the dawn of time.  Not a trace of it has found breath or words to express it, not from any sage, mage, poet, or artist in any age. 

  “This is a moment unlike any other.  If I do not diverge from my own path to perfection, this gift will be lost to mankind.  If she remains, her very presence shall inspire the beginning of a new age. 

  “And furthermore, I already have publishers standing ready to publish her autobiography, groups and assemblies ready to hear her voice, the songs she sings, to see her dance, and feel the energy with which she heals.”

  The master gives Karl a long, dour look.

  Karl goes on, “Have you never visited the sphere of Uranus?”

  “You know I have.”

  “Then you know full well there is a time to keep the keys to the mysteries well hidden and there is a time to reveal new things to the world.  Even as we speak I can feel her love saturating every cell in my body.  There is nothing that I now am that is also not within and a part of her. 

  “But I tell you, this apparent act of selfishness on my part is one of the few exceptions to all wisdom traditions in regard to remaining detached.  For as you know also from your journeys to the lunar sphere, the Lords of that sphere proclaim and make it perfectly clear: In all of the world, there is no greater treasure to be found than a woman who loves a man with all of her heart. 

   “This love is within my grasp. I will not let it pass. It will last.  And when I die the world I leave behind will be forever changed. Mankind will never be the same.  The reason is that henceforth the path of wisdom and the path of love will walk hand in hand; even our children will sense it: as they look out at the world, their eyes of innocence will also be the eyes of wisdom, for they will see and believe that love has no end.”

  The master, his aura still shimmering, illuminating the room lit from a light within, slowly scratches the skin of his holographic chin.  He goes on, “I shall make inquiries and discuss with higher spirits the divine designs. The reason we have not taught this undine love is that its touch must remain hidden, its bliss forever forbidden to mankind.  Others have felt it before and their souls were so carried away by its currents that the entire race was faced with a dark fate.  For example, we would never have invented science.  We would still be riding horses.  People would be so content they would never invent.

  “But for some reason, your inner fusion with this woman does not dampen the light within your soul.  Like you suggest, it appears the two of you are opening a gate to a path of spirit concealed within nature and yet now revealed.  Even the wise do not see all ends.  I’ll be back another time and we shall continue this discussion.”

  And having finished speaking, the room slowly regained the colors and tones of late afternoon, the sun’s rays drifting again through the curtains and splashing down on the wooden floor.  And now the master’s light is no more.  His form and dour visage are both gone.

   The undine, from far away, speaks mind to mind with Karl as is her habit. 

    Kerara: “He felt solid like a rock, the fire in his chest compressed yet his mind vast like the sky.  He was not very relaxed.  And I wonder if he has ever felt happiness.  To say the least, he is weak in his knowledge of the seas, the rivers and the streams.  There are voids within his soul where love does not go.”

    “Is this why you choose me? You sense something missing and do not wish to be like him?”                    

     Karl: “It is not like that.  It is not a comparison.  Having met you I refuse to pursue wisdom without love by my side.  If I do not seize the gift when it is in front of me, there is the chance I will never find it again.” 

   Kerara: “I understand, my love.  As long as time exists and even on the Other Side where touch is no longer physical but heart to heart and soul to soul, you shall have my love.”      


The Undine’s Poem--Song of the Changeling


I am water

I am what I was before

I have only changed the outer form


I am water

I am more now than heartbeat or breath

My secret dreams, my innermost needs?

I am raging and daring and craving—

The essence of love that has no end

My secret name is desire set aflame:

I ask you,

Where does the sun burn so bright

As when its passion unites with ice?

The haunted soul with its abandoned love

Frozen and cold?

I go where others can not

I am the sparks that arc illuminating

The dark chambers of the heart 

My songs are citrine, violet, vermillion, and lilac

By what authority do I claim what is lost?

Have you never seen me dancing naked?

Dazzling his rays ravish me

In the curves and crests

Golden his caress finds me, binds me

In a billion waves

His ecstasy sets me free 


I am water

I am what I shall be

I am the sea

With its endless dream

Of being one and of being free




Through art, you are able to solve problems that otherwise have no solution. 

                                                              --the poet at work


The Master, the Student, and the Mermaid Woman


The Student: Master, I have been practicing the lessons you teach on elemental beings.  There are sylphs who have made me a life long friend.  There are gnomes who consider me to be one of their own.  A few salamanders have gone so far as to designate cinder cones and minor volcanoes as under my authority and part of my domain so that I can practice fire magic on magma and lava.

   But I am having trouble with my first mermaid contact. Can you give me some tips?


The Master:  I have never heard of that—a magician exerting a proprietary interest in a cinder cone? How very odd.

  Now then, on this other matter, what procedure are you following with regard to mermaids and what are your results?


There is this mermaid.  Her aura is like an explosion of joy.  She is like the Pleiades, that is, unique and charming beyond belief. Her innocence and natural affection are beyond the knowledge of women on earth. 


We have covered all of this before—as above, so below.  If you think and feel like you are one with a woman, whether human or mermaid, she will eventually respond to you.  It can be a slow process, but the results are inevitable.  Or are you just short on patience and forgotten the supreme lesson in initiation which is enduring without ego in silence until what you desire appears? 


Patience is my middle name.  But still she does not respond.


You matched her energy? You reproduce her aura in your self?   You became the energy field in which she exists and that nurtures her being?  You were one with her from within?


Oh yes.


Hum. You have been doing the exercise with your hands in a bowl of water every day in which you practice becoming one with water in both sensation and vibration? 


Yes. I even shiver and shake with the cold,     


Have you checked her point of view?  What do you observe when you are one with her so that nothing else exists in your consciousness? And you know the difference between mental plane mirror like clarity used in contemplation and astral empathy that embodies the etheric as well?


Yes, yes I do.  Nothing else exists in my consciousness but the mermaid and me. 


Let me take a look.

  Are you trying to pull a fast one on me? This is not a mermaid.  It is a woman with a mermaid’s aura.  What are you trying to do? Get me to advise you on how to get this girl to sleep with you?


Would that be wrong? Is it not the case that you said the two procedures the same?  You think and feel you are one with the other and then she responds.  Human, natural, or divine—all beings and spirits respond.  

  I know for a fact that this entire subject is a matter of humor for you.  All you need do is pass your hand over a woman’s body and she instantly falls into a state of pure bliss.  And from that moment on you are her sun and her moon.  But I can not do that.  I am still a beginner in the magic of Venus.  And so I require a few tips on the divine art.   


You should have been a lawyer.  You could persuade a devil to renounce evil.


  (Pausing, reflecting, for a moment with wistful, dreamlike longing)


 In matters such as this, as a magician grows older, inevitably there comes a point in time when his mastery of the life force, of the elixir of life, is so powerful all youthful passions are reactivated in both body and soul.

   He not only looks and feels younger.  Primal sensuality and primordial hungers awaken.  In this moment, it is incredibly easy to forget that he is wise and go chasing like any stupid kid after women, like Krishna with  the women in the fields herding cows, or like Solomon with his thousand wives and concubines. Even world teachers have these problems because their auras can easily cause women to lose all inhibitions.       


(Returning to a normal voice)


 I told you, this thing about imagining you are one with a woman--it can be a slow process. On average, it can take up to two years.  Why the rush?


She appears to be on the verge of responding, the way a heartbeat is on the verge of pounding or a wave on the verge of breaking as it rises up or the sun on the verge of lifting above the horizon at dawn or lightning on the


I get it, enough.

  Of all my students you are the one who is most unlucky in love.  It is without parallel.  Some cosmic mystery holds you in its grasp. It seeks to manifest on earth by plaguing you with woe until its beauty is able to unfold. 

   If I can not solve a genuine problem of a student with my own skill and knowledge, then like other masters in my line, I have the ability to grant you immortality until you figure out how to solve the problem on your own. 


You would do that for me?


It won’t come to that. 

   Try this.  Wait a moment.  Wait! There is another mermaid woman you know—

  This is most peculiar.  Only one in four thousand women is a mermaid type woman.  It is hard enough to meet one.  Some people never do.  And here you know already two. I didn’t meet one until I was in my fifties and here you are only twenty-four.  

  She has the aura of a stream at the beginning of a valley.  If you mastered her energy you would not even be asking me these foolish questions.  Enter her aura and study her.  The first one may be like the Pleiades. But the second is like a gate to the Mysteries. Join with her watery flow. 

   Have you never heard the saying, Blessed are those who let go and flow as each moment unfolds,


…. for they shall see through the eyes of God.


Do you know why that is so? No one understands this beatitude.  The present moment is the mysterious nexus that holds history in its grasp, through which all things pass.  The Great Now, the ineffable, the unknowable, the Divine Majesty, the akasha, appearing concrete, graphic, and in kinesthetic sensuality.

   This mermaid’s mystery is the art of seeing through the eyes of God. This is a feminine mystery and those who are initiates of the masculine powers are almost incapable of comprehending it. 

  It is wonder and the newness life.  Or, to put simply, it is innocence that wisdom can not fathom and that topples empires and overthrows all dictators.


Wait. Wait. You have some sort agenda you are pursuing, don’t you? You tolerate the weaknesses and folly of your students by making fun of us.  You pretend to help in a begrudging manner while all the time you are tricking us into becoming enlightened.  Tell me my analysis is wrong. 


If that were the case, what would your folly be? 


My need for intimacy with women. 


(laughing wholeheartedly) You think I am reframing your need for intimacy with a woman so that the girl disappears and you are left with a magic mirror when you gaze upon her? And in that mirror you see a divine path unfolding? Ordinary life would then be like a gladiatorial arena where you fight not to the death, but where every desire and sensation shines with inner illumination. 

  Such a quant idea.  Almost cute.  Even adorable for you to take my words in that way.    


You are persuading me to study women so as to internalize their energy. In this way, I would be free of the need to sleep with them.  Maybe be friends and hang out in order to learn.  But the physical intimacy for you is redundant and unnecessary.  It is emotional support but offers little if anything to improve my learning curve.


 You don’t like my approach?  


You are turning me into a spiritual vampire.  I notice an attractive woman I would like to get to know and be with. And instead of sleeping with her I simply study her energy and the feelings and sensuality that accompany it.  Then I make not her but her energy a part of myself. 


You are not injuring her.  A mirror, or a magic mirror for that matter, neither possesses nor is it possessed.  It neither grasps after beauty nor does it flee what is undesirable. Where is the vampire?


(like an attorney interrogating a hostile witness with leading questions)

  Women for you are steppingstone across the stream of illusion and on the other side is enlightenment. 


Is there a question?


Where is the love if there is no giving and receiving?


You have just made my point.  Where is the love if all you want from the beautiful, attractive girl is to sleep with her?  What is the energy you exchange or trade under those conditions? 


Well, I hope she would like me and to be with me. I am not without appeal you know.


No, in your scenario you use the girl to give you what you do not have in yourself--namely, the ability to let go and flow and be pure innocence, new in every moment.  There is nothing you possess that you could give her in exchange for the gift she gives you. Not this girl. 


I have magical abilities, possessions, wealth, success, social contacts, and all the support associated with intimate contact—warmth, affection, attention, listening skills galore, friendship, caring, wanting, needing, helping, assisting,  …..


Again, you make my point.  You have nothing equal in value to what she offers you.


Say it again.  What is she giving me?


If I put that girl inside of you so that she was one hundred per cent a part of you, that is, the feelings within her soul, this would put you twenty if not forty years ahead on your path.  You would have become in that moment ten times more of a man and a magician than you are now. 


Okay, now, you are saying that women possess, no, embody the mysteries of life and love on a level unknown and unrecognized both by men and by almost any other wisdom tradition.  Am I following your train of thought on this?


Exactly!  How nice to have a student who is so bright.


(asking himself aloud) So, have I been tricked into taking one giant leap forward on the path of enlightenment?




There is always a trick to these things.  How exactly, precisely, give me a few tips out of your cache of endless cosmic wisdom on how to join with and be one with a woman.


You make it sound so difficult when it is so simple a child could grasp the method.  Visualize her now in front of you.


Yes. I can do this. 


Do you feel your aura and her aura also?


Clearly. As you say, this is child’s play.


You can sense also how your aura and her aura touch and now flow into and through each other?


Yes, this too is perfectly clear. I just never thought it in those terms before.   


Now then, gently breathe vitality from the air into your body. 


Yes, I am doing this.


What do you observe happening?


Our two auras begin to flow through each others with greater strength and harmony.   


And now you must use art to take the next step.


Art? Why art? You are not diverting my focus through another one of your tricks? 


Art uses the magic of the astral plane—its concrete and graphic imagery enable feelings to flow with a depth and strength otherwise unattainable by the imagination or an individual’s normal range of emotions.   


(And the master, waving his hand in the air, a rich magnetic field of energy passes through the student)


What is now unfolding before you is a vision from the Other Side.  And yet it is you and this girl also, is it not, who are the arc of the plot? The images are your actual auras interacting right now in this moment.  Tell me how this story goes.


The year is 1307.  The Church, in great treachery and malice, seeks to destroy all of the Knights Templar throughout Europe.  A few manage to escape:


The knight gazes upon his own body lying next to a small stream in a green field at the edge of a mountain cliff.  He turns and looks at young woman sitting next to him. 

  He says to her, “I am dead and you are an angel.” 

  She replies, “I am not an angel and you are not dead.”

  He looks about himself at the hills, the trees, the stream, the forest, the sky and clouds.  He says, “Each thing here shines with its own inner light.  The colors here are a thousand times brighter and clearer than they are in my world.”

  “I have heard others say those same words,” she replies.

   The knight: “And you, even now, your inner light flows through me even as this stream.  This is a very unusual dream.”

 “It is not a dream,” she says calmly.

 Knight: “It is like you and the stream are the same energy, the same being.  And you and I are also the same energy, the same being.

   “Tell me, child of the mysteries, in what world, in what reality, does beauty such as this exist? Tell me so that when I awaken in my body I may make it my life quest to find this place again, to find you again that we might be even as we are now.” 


“You are a human being,” she replies.  “I am from a race that by God’s grace does not require spoken words in order to express feeling, does not need medicine in order to heal, and we do not require passion or compassion in order to love. 

   “But you, you must speak words in order to feel.  Speak aloud now what you sense this place to be.  Speak, so that when you awaken you will know this is not a dream and you will remember everything you have heard and seen.”   

The knight replies as he gazes into her eyes,   


The stream begins

Where the clouds drift

Enfolding the hills in mist

Moisture so thick 

The waters runs wild

Dancing in the rain like a child

The current, the pulse, the flow,

Here are secrets only love knows—

How to be one with another’s soul.


Knight: “Will you speak to me again? Will you come to me and guide me? Will you be to me even as you are now, part of my own being?”


She replies, “As the sky is a part of the stream, and the earth, and the valley.  As the stream nurtures all things, even so I shall be a part of your soul.  Forever free, in love and in beauty, as one stream our lives shall unfold.”      


I understand now, master.  My eyes are opened.  My heart is now free of doubt.  My senses are clear.  My spirit is renewed through the power of divine art.


Go in peace.  Walk the path of beauty until the ends of eternity. 



The Knight, the Merman, and the Maiden


For the merman Ermot, the waters of the stream breathe and sigh, caressed by air, hiding in sand, seeping beneath rocks, falling in space, and circling in mountain pools.  Tiny currents crisscross at the edge of mirror-like water as it enfolds and flows around a rock.  The waters dip and turn, the bubbling ripples like hands of a dancer telling a story as they move in countless swirls and curves.  And on it goes, forever new, forever changing, drifting downstream to the sea, the waters of the stream laugh and dance like young girls carrying baskets of fresh fruit to a joyful celebration. 

    Not so the knight riding a mighty warhorse returning from foreign lands.  As he crosses the stream, he is weary and worn, his heart damaged and torn.  High ideals to which he is sworn—all the light and justice with which they did shine—the time of dreams such as these—they have expired. 

   The knight hears the hooves splashing in the water.  The merman hears with the ears of the water and foresees the future.  The knight has just entered the dream of a being from another domain, from a land so far away it has neither entered into nor is it portrayed in any of mankind’s mythologies.

   And in this moment, the merman is within the heart of the knight and sees the future open before him.  The path to the left that the knight plans to take, it leads to a home that is cold and empty. There the years and decades will fade away. There a life will lose its light and night shall fall with the knight wondering what was the meaning of it all.

   The horse stops where the road forks.  The knight does not realize his hands have pulled back on the reins.  “To the left is where I should go.  But life seems to flow the other way.  My castle waits. My lands require their lord. I have duties. I have a place in society I must take.”

  But life flows the other way. Without a thought crossing his mind, the reins pull to the right.  The horse turns. A day passes and a night.

   Another fork in the road.  “I know the way to a great city lies to the right,” the knight says to himself.  “To the left there are valleys and dark forests, places that are not well-marked.”

  Like a strong undertow, like a ship that rises up to ride a wave down its face, like praying all night in a church and the first rays of dawn make the candle’s flames obsolete, the way to the left calls out like a song. 

  The knight speaks aloud, “I have been to the city.  I am well-known in that place.  There is honor and respect and brothers in arms who will welcome me into their homes.  Why then would I choose to wander alone?”

  His hands on the reins decide for him. The horse turns to the left and knight follows another lonely road.

  Two days later, the knight enters a tavern.  The master of the house brings him mead, hot soup, and coarse bread.  And then the master’s daughter comes out.  She touches the knight’s shoulder from behind him and asks, “Is there anything else you require?”   

  Invisible to mortal eyes, a merman sits at a table in the corner.  He watches the dream unfold.  He watches as the knight turns and looks into the girl’s eyes.  In that moment ten thousand years of water splashing and dancing in streams all over England and all the feelings that lovers’ hearts may dream—these feelings flow from one through the other like water being poured into water.

  Another year later, the merman sits again unseen in the corner of a great hall in the knight’s castle at a wedding festival.  Early in the morning, just before dawn, the knight rises from the marriage bed and sits by the widow watching the indigo light of night fade as rays of rose and pink begin to play upon the horizon. 

  And then recites this poem for the girl from the tavern whom he has just married.  These are the very words the merman heard when the knight’s horse first entered the stream, words from a dream in the mind of a being from a race of a land so far away they as yet have no place among the stories of humanity—words that have now become reality--


On this night


On this night

The howling in the trees is gone

The wind sings a sweet song

The volcano’s devouring flames

Becomes tame

On this night

Because you are in my arms


On this night

The most bitter tears

The lost soul

The love that has grown cold

All terror and fear

Are images in a mirror

And now they are gone

Because I hold you in my arms


On this night

Decades thrown away

Dreams that would not stay

Hopes I could not defend

The broken heart that will not mend

But on this night

Love has found me again

She is my friend

Because you hold me in your arms




The Master and the Student


Student: Master, my soul is torn and my heart is at war with itself.


Master: Don’t tell me.  It involves some girl no doubt.


Yes, yes, exactly. 


And you think I have some sort of illumination to offer you? Some tip I can suggest that will make your conflict vanish?


Yes, I am absolutely certain that you possess such a tip.


Very well, then, tell me precisely what you want from me?


I don’t wish to become numb or without feeling.  I just want you to make the pain go away. 


(Singing a rehearsed song):


With a little help from you,

With just a tip or two

I want to feel love flowing.

I want to start glowing. 

I want the knowing

That comes

When my heart and another’s are one. 

I want love to shine like the sun in the sky above. 

I want to feel her body shivering and quivering in my embrace. 

I want her to let go and give me her soul

Because there is no place 

She would rather be than in my arms, lying by my side,

Holding me tight with all of he might.  


I’d work on the lyrics and the rhyme because that song as it is won’t make you a dime. 


But you get my drift? And you’ll give me a tip?

You’ll have to be specific because unless you say the right words I can’t shape a result to match your intent. 


Well, try this.  She is not really a human woman.  She is a mermaid type woman.  I mean, I like human women.  Some are very warm and cuddly.  They can bond and care about you so you know they are in love. 

   But it is impossible to not miss that human women are without depth when it comes to love. It is like they touch love for a moment and then it is all about social commitment and careers for them. 

  They just don’t feel in their souls how to let go and flow like a stream of water, or be cool like a pool beneath a falls, live wild in purity and outrageous in serenity like a frozen arctic bay, be deep like the sea with its dreams of being one and being free, or peaceful like a river that flows like a heart that loves forever. 

  Do you know what I mean?


She is all of that for you, is she?


Oh yes. Exactly like that.


We, that is, humanity, have reached that moment in history when women are free to unite with their opposite, to attain strength and to acquire all abilities.   They seek an inner strength previously denied to them and this usually is found by seeking a career in the world.  That is what is going on. 

  And so it must he that men too must undertake a journey, not outward into the world, for this they have already mastered.  No, men must turn inward and find within themselves the mysterious beauty of the feminine. 

  The girl you have met is nothing more than a magic mirror. True, she is about one among ten thousand women—her innocence and purity are that rare.  But notwithstanding, what you see and feel when you gaze upon her is nothing more than the treasure that is found at the end of your own spiritual journey.  Men must capture the beauty of women and bring it to life within their own hearts, just as they have already explored the depths, breath, and heights of the earth. 


This little speech of yours I have heard before.  The psychologists call it recapturing projection.  Spiritual anthropologists call it attaining transcendence.  King Udishtera called it uniting with one’s opposite.  The alchemists call it androgyny.  Taoists call it Wugi. 

  The mythologists call it following one’s bliss. The shamans call it walking upon a path of beauty.  The gnomes call it always being at home wherever one may roam.  The sylphs consider it to be the first light of dawn, but for the salamanders (and for the black knight who confronted King Arthur) it is absolute sovereignty.  And yet for the undines, like this woman, the vibration in water is an endless song of ecstasy. 

   The tip I want precisely and exactly from you is how to have and to share this ecstasy that is within this girl.  Can you do this or must I look elsewhere for an answer?


(slowly clapping his hands at the student’s exposition)


I can see you have put some thought into this--      

(misquoting the student) “Shivering and quivering in your arms,  

No place she would rather be than in your embrace, side by side, holding you tight with all of her might.”


How long does it take to get a passport?




And how about citizenship?


Something like five years with a green card.


Even so, you must go and become a citizen of the realm of mermaids. Five years seems about right.  After all, you are seeking membership in a spiritual realm and not just another nation.    

  The unique trait of mermaids is their empathy.  It is not “I feel what others’ feel.”  It is “I am one with the sea and with all water on earth.  And this magnetic field of energy that cloaks the earth in unfathomable beauty is itself unending love.”

   This vibration of love human women know nothing about.  They do not want it.  They have never tasted it. There is not a trace of it that has appeared within human history.  Like all human beings deep down, human women want to be free and to attain to their destiny. And at this time in history the power they seek is the power to shape, command, and to change the world.  To do this they must move among men and then ascend in their own unique way.  

  These mermaid women are altogether different.  They have always existed in history but they have had to disguise themselves in order to survive.  And so no one has ever seen them before until now.

    When I say the girl is a magic mirror for you I am not saying she is an illusion.  A real spirit appears in a real way in a magic mirror.  The spirit is really there in its full presence and power.

  Even so, you must make your mind empty, your heart clear, and  your soul absolutely receptive as you focus your attention upon her. 

    If you gaze in this way you will feel one with her.  But all the same as I say you must become a member of her kingdom, gaining duel citizenship, in effect turning yourself into a merman. 

  Because without this attainment even if you feel one with her and she loves you in return, the love you share will fade away as if it never existed.  Because her kingdom, instead of being a part of your heart, will vanish away like a mirage that fades with the setting sun.

  To be by her side, for your love to abide, you must be even as she is, one with the sea, feeling its ecstasy, a love that in every moment is everywhere forever free even as it is one with another in love.

   At this time in history, only men desire such love.  You must become this love before the two of you can be one.


Master, I would never argue, but there must be exceptions to your rule regarding human women. However, I understand the tip you are giving. 

 You are saying that even though she is here in human form she actually belongs to another kingdom.  And that even though she might shape and quiver and shiver in my arms, she would be no more than an actress playing a part unless ….

  Let me put it this way, can you marry a spirit? Can you love an image that appears in a magic mirror? Can those who dwell in separate realms ever really attain to love with each other?


You don’t remember all of my speeches, do you? Did I not point out that mermaid women are more human than we are? They know more about how to love, how to feel, and how to give and to receive.

   Except these separate realms are joined the human race will soon be extinct.  It has always been that men have a stronger survival instinct than women.  They are more alert to danger and perceive the nature and the power that defines boundaries. 

  The mermaid woman—her purity of soul, her innocence beyond the knowledge of humanity, the joy that shines in her aura like the Northern lights rippling across the sky at night—she is what you are meant to become. 

  Without such love ruling the hearts of those with great power, mankind has not one chance in a million of surviving this millennium. 

  And so this pain in your soul is a great gift, a gift you must strive to possess--


She is your magic mirror

To love without fear

Free to be one

With anyone far or near

This sea has no shores

Its taste is ecstasy

Its waves are bliss

And in every moment

Its beauty is endless.


The mermaid woman will love you when you are one with the sea even as is she.


Five years you say? Already I feel my pain has gone away.  Women are not the opposite of men.  Rather, it is the feminine in nature that we must make our friend.  As above, so below—to be one with another’s soul is to be one with the greater whole.  There are no sort cuts.  But true love will always be a celebration of the Divine Majesty and the guardian of history even if its path leads through the depths of the sea.




Email Questions and Answers


Question: Bardon and your self note that undines dance erotically, not to mention that you've referred in the past to either models or actors you've come across who can become so empty that they can in a way become perfect vessels or mirrors. These auxiliary things seem to me somehow related to "watery arts."


Reply: I asked one of the hard core mermaid women who does performing arts to sing or dance as a mermaid.  I’ll keep you posted.  
   It is tricky, kind of like the Hopi Indians. They say during a Katchina dance that those with the third eye can "see" the spirit in the dancer as can hula masters "see" which dancer is embodying the goddess of the hula.  So there might be some of that--if the girl really is dancing as a mermaid some may see it and some may not. 

   But then again the "performing artist" is to be able to "project" so everyone can see it.  The hard core mermaid women all send energy to others everyday in some mode or another and they use water energy as they do that so I imagine doing the sea of love exercise as I am pursuing it fits closely to what they can do. 

   I keep running various women through the “sea of love” meditation and just about all women can do that in some form or another.  But the cultural element of why they would do it is almost always missing; on the other hand, some mermaid women will say, "I do that all the time with my boyfriend.  I just never thought about putting it into words." It could be the context of viewing a movie that  the audience would understand what is occurring.  



Question: Is it best to finish the undine empathy correspondence course now or after I finish some steps in Initiation into Hermetics? I have been working with IIH for a few years not made much progress.  I do want to learn about the water element and the feminine aspect of the divine.


Answer: My correspondence course is designed for the general public who have no knowledge of Bardon.  For Bardon students, it is a supplement--I add in various exercises that go "in-between" some of Bardon's exercises. 

  In all cases, it is an advantage to be practicing Bardon.  But empathy is also a natural human function and personality trait.  In a lot of ways, there is nothing magical about it.  You can actually meet in real life full fledge mermaids in women's bodies, and mermen too in men's bodies for that matter, so I am only identifying what is already here in human form.  Once they are here then they are part of our civilization and an average guy can take an interest in how they experience things just as the tabloids can follow events in the daily life of Sandra Bullock or Brad Pitt.  They too are human beings though pretty good at their job as actors. 

  What I do with water can be done with the other elements as well.  I am just focused on water because our world seems very weak in that particular area.  Any individual may need other elements to work on which are more important for that individual's development.

  But in short, my course says that "it is alright to feel deep and profound inner peace, contentment, serenity, tranquility, happiness--all within oneself--as well as being able to feel what other people feel and to easily extend one's aura in and through others to heal them and to offer a sense of connection and love."

  Those things above that I just mentioned have so little value and are so rarely taught in a meaningful way in our world and among our traditions that my course helps make up for that.  Peace is infinite and so is love.  These are things that water on this planet in particular exists to teach, to experience first hand in a profound non-religious way, and to embody within oneself. No race of beings that exists on earth should fail to observe and learn this.



Question: It was a nice sunny day and two young women walked into a cafe I was sitting in. I didn't even see them at first, but I felt a presence very energetic and youthful, and my eyes were automatically directed towards these beautiful women. It was as if some strange force had pulled me towards them they were very magnetic. It was as if I could see their soul and I felt a jolly and pure energy surrounding me. Then I made eye contact with one of

 them and she gave me this sincere smile that automatically made me smile too. Suddenly I just felt happy and relaxed.

    Since that day I haven't been able to look at women like I used to do. No woman attracts me now, because I haven't been able to find such beautiful presence.

  What is this "soul connection" (as I call it)? I really felt they were "feminine" because their energy was really feminine, like that energy you speak of that undines have.  I really felt they were pure, they were something different from the average girl.  They really made me feel this nice energy I hadn't felt before. Weird thing is, nobody really noticed them. Why was I automatically drawn towards them without even looking at first?

  Its really nice when you experience the essence of the young woman. How can I bring it more into my life.  I kind of miss that presence. How can I attract that good energy?


Response: Nice comments. Thanks for sharing.

  Until recently, I had met a total of eight mermaid type women in my entire life. They are extremely difficult to even identify sometimes because some of them have learned to conceal that beautiful loving energy they naturally give off.  What chance is someone who embodies pure innocence having of surviving among human beings without disguising who they are?

   You were not mistaken about these two women. Each of them has a strong presence of water in their auras and each of them identifies in their personal feelings with water to the extent they feel joined from within to nature.  If you find such women again, whether you know them or not, you might refer them to my web site and my global casting call for mermaid type women who can portray the beauty of water in nature. 

   To connect to such women on a personal level, I have to sometimes simply change my aura to match the exact energy of their aura until they "feel" me as flowing in and through them as their own energy and then they share with me as if I am a part of them. 

  Mermaids do what no human woman ever does: when they are in the sea as they approach each other they naturally, without effort or thought, become one with each other.  The mermaids in human bodies quickly learn that human beings do not do this.  They learn that human beings abuse them because of the natural way they give and feel. 

  See my article on Basic Water meditation as a simple way of acquiring that pure energy they have.  Sometimes people fail to notice the flowing mermaid woman's aura because it is not something they have met before and so it is not familiar enough to even identify or respond to. It is the opposite of the strong/assertive/look at me aura of many women in this age.

  In any case, if you internalize the water in your self it is easier to connect to such women.  If you pursue a project the undine queens like, the queens themselves send you these women.  That does not always make it easier to connect to them but at least they are around so you can work with them and learn from them.

  Last night, I interviewed a woman who I thought was a mermaid woman because of her powerful magnetic aura. It turned out she was what I call a Persian, the next race that replaces human beings. I haven't met enough of them yet to form a list of their traits.  The one question that seems to fit them that I have devised so far is, “Do you pursue something with great intensity that you have absolutely no need or interest in sharing with anyone else?”  They are extremely self motivated and do not look for inspiration outside of themselves. 

  The girl I met, after  much coaching and patience on  my part, told me that she and her husband "shared the same soul" and that "life time after life time he incarnates and finds her so they can be together again."

  Even the mermaid women have trouble sharing the same soul, even when mermen are available.  But that type of bonding is not a mermaid quality. Mermaid women do not bond. They can be loyal but they never need another person in the sense that they become dependent except as Bardon warns against when a magician calls a mermaid into a woman's body to marry her--in that case, there is a magical pact that must not be broken and is obviously a kind of deep bonding. 

   And so, on a personal note, I have to say that on average it takes me six months to two years to get a mermaid women to even talk to me about herself.  I learn from each of them and study each to internalize their watery/magnetic energy in myself; but I am also slowly arriving at a point where, after learning to flow, let go, be a sea of love, send healing energy every day to others using watery energy, and generally be water in very being, I think it is sooooooooooo much easier to simply relate to a good old fashioned human woman who genuinely loves.  Because she at least does appreciate a need to feel connected in a mutually satisfying way. 

  A different mermaid woman I talked to last night had her boyfriend read my essay on "Conflicts between Mermaid Women and the Men They Love" and so she tries to show appreciation for the energy he does give her (even though typical human males do not "give" much energy) and he understands better that there is no need on his part to have her depend on him for her to freely give him her love. But all the mermaid women are slightly different in the way they flow love and healing energy through others, just as water is different in countless ways in nature as to how it flows or shapes itself to its environment.         


Question: Been wondering some things.


1) Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume that an undine's beauty is an extension of the magnetism she embodies. The beauty inherent in magnetism manifesting in an outward form which the magician perceives. My question is, can natural beauty exclusively, as in a beautiful woman or handsome man, be used magically? As in, someone who is incredibly good looking somehow infusing their physical trait of beauty with something that the onlooker who "admires" them can learn from whether consciously or unconsciously. Is the physical trait itself capable of being developed as a teaching tool magically? 


2) If magnetism houses the feminine mysteries, what are the things that mermen possess that allows them to be "male" despite being composed solely of water? In other words, how can they exist amidst such deep femininity and yet have that obvious gender distinction of maleness?     



Answer: Marilyn Monroe had in addition to her physical beauty, from my point of view, a telepathic transmitting vibration which communicated to both genders: women desire love and men desire sex.  She combined both vibrations. This was pure magic  though she wasn't conscious of it I imagine.
 The etheric vibration, that is, the quality and strength of an individual’s vitality, grabs hold of people, since it is like a physical force.  Astral attraction connects to your feelings so you are more aware of its influence on you, as in, it feels great to be around her versus etheric: my body turned me around and I started following the girl down the street but I don't know why.
   I have an interview with a hard core mermaid woman on my site.  She was giving advice for the other woman I have transcripts of about how to prevent or get rid of stalkers.  Men see them on the street and they start following them.  She said she puts a “bubble” around herself that blocks the man from sensing her energy and so there is nothing to stalk or she just says the word "invisible" and people have a hard time focusing on her.  So, the opposite would be to radiate energy freely offering itself to others.  Vulnerability, whatever its actual meaning, is like a sign for stalkers saying, “Free energy.  Come and take it.”  
   My track coach in high school emitted and anointed his team members with a sense of taking charge and reaching your highest capability physically.  He had the vibe with him all the time and it rubbed off on the team.  He did not always know consciously how to say the right words or to focus it for each individual but the vibration was always there subliminally and often produced great results.   
  Mantak Chia, the Taoist teacher, points out that if his class starts getting sleepy he just breathes some energy through his testicles and emits it with his eyes and everyone perks up. 

   Gurus flood a room with the vibration of a chant to mesmerize their students and put them in a certain frame of mind. 
  On the other hand, the hardest part of an advanced soul is to figure out how to communicate the inspiration that motivates him.  You can't just hand it out because it doesn't take well, it makes people ill, sick, delusional, etc.  A student has to be prepared to integrate it into himself.  If the light is too bright, the students all become blind fanatics because they don't know how to see anything; they are blinded. They don't understand that the bright light has many different colors in it.   

   From the point of view of the spirits of Venus, beauty is harmony—it is inherently magical through and through.  Like art, it creates new visions; like love, it creates new feelings; like a spell that resides in the holy well of a creator, its presence and taste take you to back to the beginning when all things were envisioned and created as pure and it takes you to the end when all things shall attain perfection.

  But the best gift of beauty is that it brings together everything you are—it expresses or inspires you to express the totality of who you are right now in this moment through the relationship.

  Physical beauty “suggests” this magical power or offers itself as a “charm” or a reminder of what beauty can do when it is present not just physically but as etheric, astral, mental, and akashic energy also.  It can be quite difficult to realize at times that something so beautiful in form can be so empty of soul when the beauty is only “skin deep.”            


In regard to mermen, I told the one merman in human form I interviewed: Merman are known for their control over weather. And he replied, I can make holes in clouds really easily.
 Bardon's mermen have a flair for weather control; Ermot inspires women in particular to love; he has a flair for streams and rivers versus oceans for mermaids more generally.
  The male, whether merman, spirit, or human, is more territorial conscious, more oriented toward objectives, "they are charged up and like to accomplish great things to justify their existence" said one mermaid describing the male gender across racial lines. 

  Mermaids are water and magnetism. Mermen are more like guardians of water and magnetism.  Neptune, as a male god, oversees the oceans, watches, observes, and is not hesitant to exert his power and authority. 

  A mermaid said that undine queens have authority but you never see them use it.  They are into love as feeling and flowing through another. Though a merman need not think of himself as having an identity or ego, he is always conscious of his power.

  A mermaid lets the power appear in response to another's presence or a situation.  I intend to have the girl in the transcripts observe the mermen described by Bardon.  She actually meets them and interacts while we talk whereas I am more an observer of the aura of these beings. I sense Istiphul's energy but she gets kissed by Istiphul in ways I have never experienced.   

  An actual mermen in a man’s body or a merman type male will have astonishing powers of attraction that women respond to.  As in “With out suggestion on my part, every day a different woman I have never met comes up to me and offers to sleep with me.”  Now that statement will never be made by a human male unless of course he is a rock star or celebrity.  But you see the difference is that the merman is a complete unknown.  He has no public persona, no fame, no glamorous role in the world. The women are responding directly to his aura without having the faintest clue as to why they are doing it.  Mermen (without effort and due to the degree of water in their auras reflecting nature) surround and encompass a woman so she feels like she is being engulfed by a sea of love. 

  On the other hand, a merman who assumes the form of a human male body inherits with that body the kundalini energies that surface as yogis advance on their path—a power at the base of the spine that when activated awakens insatiable hungers that are only assuaged by uniting with the charka at the top of the brain.  It is a long journey of spiritual unfolding full of immense difficulty which the merman women apparently do not encounter when they sojourn here in human form as women.   

  I imagine the whole situation is opposite with salamanders.  The males are dominant and the feminine salamanders are in the minority and do not easily embody their element.


Question:  Speaking of mermaids, and this is going to sound weird.  About the time I got your Undine book from you, my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our only child.  A wonderful blue eyed blonde haired daughter. She adores water.  From the time she  was born she has begged to take baths and showers and would stay in for hours upon hours if we would let her.  I am not saying she is a mermaid, because the odds are far too long for me to think that.  However, I might include a picture at some point and have you take a look. I think she probably just has an affinity for water, but it would be odd if she was a child of the water spirits.  It is just interesting.



Answer: I write about this in one of my stories.  All of the hard core mermaid women were you’re your daughter as children.  They would spend as much time in water as they could as children.  Some still spend up to five hours a day in the bathtub as adults, sometimes submerged so only the nose and mouth are above the water.  Here is an email address for one such woman you might want to consult with.  

   Another mermaid women said in response to my asking about how much time she spent in water as a child, "There is no way to measure the time when you are doing it."

    There are also three more traits to the 12 traits of mermaid women. The real had core mermaid women are able to sense and heal from a distance as a natural act; they also even as children can easily speak with dead/departed people like grandparents who have died; they all have telekinetic abilities as in moving small objects, shorting out electrical devices, able to cause other people to do things; and they all see fairies as children and as adults with accompanying out of body experiences.

  Your daughter is lucky to have such receptive parents to her affinity with water.  The one hard core mermaid woman met a fung sui master who told her she had too much water in her aura and needed to balance with the other elements like metal, etc. She ignored him. That is like saying to an ambassador from another nation: you need to stop being so American or Russian and come over to our side.  Mermaid women are ambassadors to humanity, more advanced than we are.  It is not they but we who are imbalanced by comparison. 

  I did consult with another hard core mermaid woman.  Her advice is to let your daughter spend as much time in water as she wants to.  The thing you can do for her is to make sure she has other happy and healthy children to be around and to learn from since at that age she is very impressionable.  



Question: Many nights when i will first fall asleep different electronic devices will start going off in the room I am in. Its not scary, just strange.

  [Note: this woman has mentioned many times before that when she is suddenly surprised that electrical devices such as computers or even her car will shut off.]


Answer: With most women, if I hold my hand over their arm they can feel pressure or one girl has a strong electric current that flows between us.  If the current were any stronger, it would be painful but she likes the energy even then. 
  We should try to harness your electrical abilities somehow.  I'll have to think about that.  Some way that an electrical current can be demonstrated to move between you and something else.  Then we can put it on
  Maybe float a needle on a piece of cork in a glass of water and make it turn in different directions or get a small compass to turn as you point your finger.  I know it just happens that you affect electrical devices but it must be somewhere just below your consciousness where your nervous system has the ability to take over that activity consciously.  I’ll see if I can get you and the other girl who moves objects to work together on this. 

The birds are now singing.  The magenta light is brightening the sky. It is dawn. I should try to learn to be that pure, that brightening, that new. It seems hard to miss something so obvious since it is there every morning. 

Question: You mention how young men should ideally have the opportunity to be introduced to the fire mysteries by their fathers, or I assume a father figure. Could you please expand on how a man can go about offering this to the young man?

Answer: There is that problem with modern families and spiritual communities.  The Hopi Indians for example initiate the young males into the mother's spiritual clan. Thus there is continuity with the mother even while the bonding with the actual mother is broken by associating with another group. The male in the Hopi is kind of an economic support system.  This has the great advantage that it does not place on the specific father the obligation of raising the awareness of the child. It is a community endeavor.
 The equivalent would be to have the kids attend summer retreats where seminars are being given for both parents and children/teenagers on the practical and theoretical side of the mysteries.  Thus, it is again a group experience, though somewhat outside of society so a spiritual environment can be generated. 
  My line of fathers had great faith.  This was seen in the work ethic and in the relative stability of their emotional lives and in the vast horde of personal contacts they had with others of like mind.  All of which was worthless to me except for the pure electrical cosmic letter K, a sense of absolute sovereignty, they did manage to maintain amid the conservative evangelical faith of theirs. 
  So, other than, "here, read my book on the electrical fluid," I don't quite know how to answer your question.  The community is not yet up and running which creates a gap.

   But in any case, as bad as it is for young men, it is impossible for young women to gain access to the feminine mysteries because no women know anything about the feminine mysteries—that is, the pure magical, magnetic fluid present in Bardon’s hermetic tradition.  I mean, a girl could actually say, Oh yes, my mother/grandmother is a hereditary witch or a healer or in Tahiti the women pass down to their daughters an erotic dance only the women know for eyes only of the to be husband.

 But all of this is next to nothing as compared to the outer world where we are creating antimatter, rewriting DNA, inventing wireless electricity, etc. and where there is a powerful and highly creative endeavor on the part of women to gain, as quickly as possible, access to all professions and decision making that previously were enjoyed by men.

   Then again, I have a number of hard core mermaids to interview so my access to the feminine is not suffering.  When you are in your fifties, you get to ask what is missing from life and then answer your own question as to how to solve the problem.
   I don't feel weak on the fire element or the masculine; the problem I had growing up was on how to “contain” or to “direct” this fire to a positive end. 

  A prophet called the angel of death to destroy the army besieging Jerusalem because that commander insulted God which was unacceptable.  Instead of just insulting the king, which was the whole point of them being there, because God himself was mad at the king.  I hold in my gaze many of the dictators on earth and monitor their actions.  Isaiah didn't have internet so he didn't get around to doing that.

  But like my fathers before me, they never ever had a chance to direct their will properly because they never had a clue as to what genuine love is as a vibration of oneness with all things.  So, to not short out the system, brain, nervous system, astral body, etc. I need the feminine that can contain with ease the fire element both in the soul and in the nuclear weapons rogue nations wish to possess.
 It is a little like, "Here son, here is how to achieve a manly position on the Titanic; let's get you following around the first officer, the captain, the head of security, the chef, or the chief engineer so that you quickly and easily understand what it is to be a man, and by the way, isn't that an iceberg I see up ahead? Never mind, there is still time to be an Oppenheimer, a Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates before the entire system crashes."

  Versus, "Here son, that is called the Titanic.  The reason we are not sailing on it as it leaves today is that they don't have enough life boats. Let's find another ship, slower, less flashy, but something that carries a little less risk, a little less arrogance." 

   That is the problem with being a male in this world--the entire system is self-destructive though incredibly capable in so many ways.  The masculine then needs to be about both how to be a man and how to join with the divine masculine which is totally separate from the social roles related to masculinity.  And yet each of these by necessity strengthens the other--without a solid role in life and a degree of success, there is little chance of ever connecting to the divine or the pure electrical fluid. And without the pure electrical fluid, it is very easy to turn into a CEO who is now in jail for getting carried away with taking too much too fast, or sinking his ship/corporation/political position because he was in a hurry to cross "the Atlantic" or sink a deep ocean oil well without adequate safe guards.  
  I say to myself, Give me any 21 year old woman and within five minutes I can teach her to meditate so that she can produce at will physical sensations in her boyfriend using the sea of love meditation.  Well, maybe one in four women can do that when they are young

  Consequently, it is the men who know instinctively that genuine love is missing from the world altogether.  And so they say to themselves, "Oh, you know something about how mermaids love? That sounds like an energy I would like to reproduce in myself in order to feel more balanced and whole.  I will need to get it through meditation because it definitely is not part of male or female gender roles as we now understand them.”

  Mermaid women do not do romantic attachment; they have no attachment, none, nada, they already feel complete and if you find a woman who can say, "I don't need anyone to support me; I already feel complete; I have within myself a profound feeling of inner peace—always had it and always will," then she herself is probably a mermaid woman. That is what men are sensing which is missing from life. 
  So, to put it simply, to teach the masculine mysteries we will need to incorporate into them an in-depth initiation into the feminine mysteries as a pure, creative power, as one of two equal powers that stand behind the creation of the universe.  Without being able to touch at will a sense of peace and love that are infinite, masculine energy will always have built into a self-destructive element. 
I was meditating last night and I thought of a question to ask. Do undines have negative counterparts-- something like an arch demon? 


Answer: Great question. As it turns out, and this may be my bias here, there are not only no "ugly" mermaids, but there are no negative mermaids either.  In the elemental kingdom, there are negative sylphs, gnomes, and salamanders.  That is, in their astral bodies, they are oriented toward destroying the life or astral body of others. 

  A gnome, Bardon says, may offer you the red lion relating to the philosopher's stone, perhaps because he is being generous, but actually the net effect is that unless you can offer him something of equal value he takes possession of you.  A salamander could easily be hostile as a fire being.  A sylph could be aloof to the degree of wanting you "really gone" from its mind and territory or astral realm. The sylphs at the center of major hurricanes will sometime intentionally seek out a city to hit because of their cold fury.   
  In water in nature, we have the flood, the flash flood, the tsunami, the whirlpool, the riptide, the storm surge, the rouge wave, etc. For human beings, these can be negative and destructive.  But as part of nature, they are balancing and harmonious.  There is no ill will or malice associated with a tsunami when it kills a hundred thousand people. The "wave" is simply balancing the surface and the depths of the ocean, doing what water does, flowing.  You can't get "life giving water" without its basic essence of flowing. 
  But because of the nature of water on earth and the essence of the undine queens, there is an overwhelming and obvious presence in all water on earth of love.  The human race misses what is totally obvious to any mermaid or undine--love is everywhere in every moment and it is never lost.

  I mean, look, I have met now several undines who are now in woman's bodies and without self consciousness or any reason whatsoever they send me healing energy, sometime every week if they sense something out of balance in my body. It is their nature to send healing energy to others in their spare time.  It is what they do as undines--they give and they receive the way the tides rise and fall or a wave rises and breaks on the shore.  I was telling someone else, ask this of a human woman and she will want cash upfront.  

  Water in nature is constantly interacting with other bodies and forms of water—evaporation, moisture, clouds, rain, streams, water tables, lakes, water falls, pools, oceans, etc. with movement and continuity.  A mermaid woman naturally flows and sets up exchange at all times of her energy with others and with her environment.      
  Still, Bardon warns magicians against falling for undine queens' beauty and love, since this amounts to obsession and eventually being "possessed" by them.  But there is again no ill will or malice or possessiveness on their part.  They simply exude a magnetic field and whatever enters that magnetic field falls under its magnetic influence the way a piece of iron becomes magnetized by a stronger field than its own.  This is the way a space ship entering the earth's atmosphere would be under the influence of the earth's gravity and magnetic field.  It is just the way nature operates.  The stronger field of energy influences the weaker.
  And from my point of view, the earth's undines and undine queens are almost unique in this galaxy in terms of their powers of love, perception, and empathy.  So a magician evolving on earth would run into a problem with water here that he would not on countless other planets with higher civilizations in the galaxy—namely, the depth, love, and beauty of the elemental beings within water on earth share in some incomprehensible mystery of love that is behind the creation of the universe.  You will not easily find beings, aliens or spirits, from elsewhere in this galaxy who have been exposed to this wonder. 
 There are no negative counterparts to undines.  There are dangerous undines but not negative ones.  There are mixed elemental beings and demons and spirits of all color and quality that use love, empathy, and sensitivity to do very negative things, such as all Venus spirits that are positive have negative counterparts as do the earthzone spirits. 

  All beings, negative or positive, from the point of view of Saturn, exist to heighten the learning curve of those who encounter them.  Most human beings require exposure to negative experiences before developing the self awareness that they prefer the positive over the negative.  As in it is a lot easier to become a drug dealer than a pharmacist, join the mob than become an FBI agent, become a loan shark than to run a bank, to become a hit man instead of a judge, to become a pimp than to run a really successful and helpful dating service, to con people than to become an effective therapist/counselor, to injure someone than to heal them of that injury, etc. 
  Water needs no negativity associated with it to heighten the learning curve because if you simply swim too far out in the sea you drown or take ten steps to cross the same stream on the wrong day and you get carried away.  Its vastness, depth, currents, and coldness are its nature and that nature not only sustains and brings life into existence on earth; it can easily destroy it as well.  Outer space itself is rather hostile but it is where all the stars, planets, and galaxies have found a home.
 One of the main traits of undine queens in my essay on them is that human beings in their mythologies and fairy tales almost always are writing disinformation and misinformation about them, by projecting the writer's experience with human women on to the "sea maiden's" nature.  Women can be jealous, possessive, insecure, vengeful, indolent, etc.  Mermaids are never that way. If they were in that moment they would cease to be mermaids and transmigrate into the soul or form of a different race of beings.  The mermaid realm, like the Saturn, has its own totally accurate set of akashic records, or in the case of mermaids, every experience of every mermaid on earth is recorded in their archives.    


Question: I a little question for you, in your opinion how do the 

 different planetary spheres see the water element? I'm a little curious about 

 the sphere of Mars in particular.


Answer:  Water on earth is rather amazing since in part it is so rare to have liquid water on the surface of a planet anywhere.  It makes our planet a focus point for spiritual powers that do not easily express themselves anywhere else, so that the spiritual side of water is very strong on earth in ways that exists no where else. 

 Water earth: think the seas as one magic mirror global in size that is like cosmic letter E on the akashic plane--oneness with everything all at once.

 Lunar water vibration: is more clairvoyant--also a magic mirror, but it reflects the unfolding of all things as they move through the planes and manifest in space and time.

 Mercury; the water attaches easily to the magnetism in an electro magnetic volt, in other words, it is kind of like, “Well, let's do some magic.”

 Venus: is like "Let us amplify the power of attraction so we can get thing rolling." Venus takes a feeling and amplifies it so it becomes a creative power for bonding, for being a part of another, for uniting in love, for art, etc.

  The sun: water here is nurturing, receptive as in the little piece in my video on breathing (feminine and infinite, receptive and utterly new in every moment, ....) and also it reflects the greater universe in itself.

 So, Mars water: Mars is always just Mars: “I master the self so that the powers of creation can flow through me.” 

    So it is "I am the ocean; I am the river; I am the ice of the arctic, etc.  Through this power that I am my will is accomplished and obstacles overcome."

  In other words, it can freeze, or resist through its magnetic power or force field, or flow without interference so obstacles are overcome.  It can extend the magnetic field of water in and through  anything so as to take control of it. 

 It is not “love is the law but love under a strong will.” That is all the viewpoint of the personality struggling to deal with issues of control and affection/attraction. For Mars, love, that is the magnetic fluid, ALREADY is all power.  Will is just a small part of what it already controls. Magicians on earth seem to know nothing about magnetism or love on that level.

  Like I say, this planet is off the charts when it comes to the divine/cosmic aspects of feeling/love/magnetism/omnipresence/oneness that the entire planet embodies and sings with.  But trying to engineer a race of beings that can even remotely grasp the uniqueness of the planet on which they dwell is no small feat.


Question: In what way does a man run the risk of becoming imbalanced  by emphasizing water? Say by incorporating the Undine exercises more and more into his practice?

As you well know, in daily life it can become very challenging to attend to all the callings that magic evokes, so it is understood that certain things will take a backseat over others. I've already experienced an overexposure to fire and air and have had to really make efforts to curb them, so while I've decided to dive into with good faith the practices you mention, I'd like to know if you have a head's up the disharmonies.

Answer: In my story about Isaphil, chapter eight, I mention how the guy says to Isaphil that people just need more experience in the external world before turning within and risking overdosing on inner peace.  You lose your edge if there is too much water. That is me talking with his voice in the story.
  It is nice to be able to practice all five elements at the same time so you can keep track of how they are developing in relation to each other. I couldn't work with fire before because it set off too much mental tension.  Now I can with ease because there is lots of water in me to balance it out immediately.  But I had to get the akasha too at the same time.

  I wish to find extremely empathic individuals who can instantly get inside of any world leader and check any abuse of power they are exerting which disturbs political evolution.  It is not that these particular empaths who are adept in water are the ones who would do that.

   It is rather that by developing a powerful, unique, and creative community, almost half human and half undine in membership or skills, other individuals with the will power will use their will power in the context of already having a profound inner peace and sensitivity from belonging to this mermain/human watery community. 
 No one has done this before: create a group composed of both human beings and mermaid type individuals as a community who basically establish the full presence of the mermaid realm on earth.  Some of these women are literally more mermaid than human.  But some sort of training in how to observe them,  interact with them, and learn from them needs to be in place, and so my mermaid empathy class.
  I am working on my introduction to Bardon's breathing exercises which are like "how to attain physical immortality," and that is only a first step in the practice.  And it goes like, here are the directions for how to make a can of Campbell soup.  Bardon's training works like making Campbell's soup for some individuals. You follow the directions and you get the results. 

   But for me, the training is like doing a Manhattan Project.  There are all sorts of new things that need to be invented from scratch in order to get the process to work.   The directions do not work for me as presented.  I do not have laser like concentration hard wired into my nervous system the way Bardon and some of the other students do.   
   All the same, I see the immediate applications for the system for changing human destiny. I wish to create a spiritual weapon that destroys all human weapons of mass destruction.  But this has always been my intention: to balance Oppenheimer's and General Leslie Groves work putting together the Manhattan Project with the wisdom that can see that the new powers human beings have are not abused.

  The opposite of nuclear fire in a nuclear weapon is a cosmic wisdom of akasha since fusing the nucleus is a cosmic power also.  And the opposite of the fire is water and the undine queens are joined from within to the entire magnetic field of the earth.  Their understanding of water trumps any human understanding of nuclear fire.  But it takes human beings to put this into play.
  The mermaid women do not quite function yet socially.  Some are very creative but they just have their own way of interacting with people.  After all, they feel inside like mermaids, not human beings.  By associating with us, they get to understand our limitations and needs and respond more effectively in working with us.  By associating with them, we get to understand the inner peace and sensitivity they embody.  It is a give and take, a learning process. 
  Need the air element? Go hang out with Irish musicians jamming all night in an Irish pub or with a scientist who says there is no greater pleasure than the thrill of scientific discovery. 

  Need fire? Go hang out with a personal trainer or coach who is a former Marine captain or with an alpha male who runs an industry, or even hang out with a volcanologist as he collects lava in a tin can.
  Need earth? Build something, fix up a house, cut gems, run a bulldozer in a construction project.
  Need water? Opps. Nothing available.

  Oceanography and scuba diving won't do it.  There are no social roles that take us into the realms of mermaids the way the other jobs will with earth, air, and fire.  Even clinical psychologists act like they are running scams on their patients, taking money and giving almost no high caliber empathy even remotely equal to a mermaid woman’s built in capacity.  
  Bardon would not notice this. When he concentrates on water he is already in the realm of mermaids.  But almost anyone else falls victim to the scarcity of undine empathy since it does not exist in human culture. 

  So naturally any pursuit of undine empathy almost immediately takes an individual too quickly outside the boundaries of what is familiar and what is already established ways of thinking and feeling.  That is why I am writing all the stories, stories based on interviews with real women who are members of both the human and mermaid realms : to create mythological (and social, psychological, and historical) contexts in which developing the water element within oneself becomes understandable and appreciated on its own terms.
  I put up the Amtophul salamander meditation on fire to indicate some sort of masculine equivalent of undine empathy and immediately someone writes and says how dangerous working with fire is.  But we are all already familiar with anger, rage, impatience, irritation. We already have courses in anger management and setting goals and time management. 

  But we do not have classes in dealing with excessive water like my article on conflicts between mermaid women and the men they love: you can't bond in a normal way with a mermaid woman. 

   Water moves independent of human social interactions.  That article describes one problem arising from excessive water.  Another is how these empaths are constantly taking on others' pain and illness or else getting vampirized psychically by human beings who are starving for the kind of innocent love they radiate.

   In general, then, the first two chapters of the undine empathy class are human modes of empathy.  After that, to role model genuine mermaid empathy, we have to learn to perceive and feel water the way mermaids do.  Here there are astonishing and limitless treasures of beauty, love, and inner peace with the universe.  Yet each individual will have to determine for him or her self the best way to taste and to experience these things. 

   For myself, I continue to work with all five elements.  I just work with water more because as a member of the human race, like other human beings, I start out from birth with a huge deficit in understanding and experience with water as compared to the other elements.