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Cigila, 28 degrees Pisces, Divine Virtues and Missions. 

Reason for Evocation:  Cigila is one of the first spirits I
worked with decades ago.  I immediately had a prophetic
dream about a world event which Cigila wished to
prevent.  Karma can be like a balloon payment in which
all the debt comes due at once. In this case,  it causes
terrible suffering.  On the other hand, karma can also be
satisfied in ways which are relatively mild and which
bring fulfillment to all concerned.  Cigila specializes in
unfolding the future so it becomes a path of light, love,
and wisdom.  
    I would like to work with Cigila now in order to focus
on his methods of development and to seek guidance in
various areas.  Cigila is a quality control expert.  He
keeps your priorities straight and he upgrades your
    Bardon says of Cigila, "Since this head is a special
initiator into, and a teacher of, magical quabbalistic
mysticism, he can make the magician acquainted with
secret methods which enable the latter to develop within
himself in all three planes--the mental, the astral, and the
physical--the most perfect divine virtues by the help of
magic and quabbalah.  Having developed within himself
these virtues, the magician will then find it easy to
acquire all those faculties which are connected to these
virtues.  The magician following these secret methods
becomes more and more mature in fulfilling carefully
certain tasks according to the will of Divine Providence."
Pisces in the Earthzone: Let me pause a moment as I
focus my mind within the akasha of the earthzone
relating to Pisces.  Pisces senses the oneness of life.  This
oneness is vast and rich.  It is hauntingly beautiful and
majestic.  Pisces delights in the matrix in which we all
"live, move, and have our being."  This energy field,
extending everywhere, is so vital and endearing you feel
as if you need to protect it as if it is your own blood.  
     I do not mean to get carried away with this but the
akashic level of Pisces energy is rather intoxicating and
mystical. When I look at the leaves of the papaya tree or
listen to the dove, the vitality within them and even their
form seem part of myself--I want to honor and celebrate
their life.  Pisces inspires the desire to give back.  This is
not the serious, taking responsibility typical of Capricorn. 
With Pisces, you give because you are inspired--you
enjoy the movement of energy flowing through you to
28th Degree of Pisces:  This degree demonstrates the
oneness of life.  It makes the sacred concrete.  It takes an
ideal and makes it into real organizations, ministries, and
charities.  It is not a particularly religious outlook.  It just
sees in advance what is needed so there is safety and
healing instead of danger and pain.

 Cigila's Domain: When you rise a little higher on the
plane of the akasha, you run into a vibration more
specific to Cigila.  This is the ideal of the servant.  But
this servant makes sure he is in harmony with the
universe and a representative of Divine Providence.
Cigila exists to empower those who wish to play this role
so that at some point the work you accomplish is indeed
the work of Divine Providence.  

Cigila's Sigil:  We have come to the end of the age of
Pisces which has encompassed two thousand years.  It is
fitting, therefore, to consider how the Piscean ideals of
love, caring, nurturing, devotion, faith, and service can
be distilled into one spiritual awareness.  Cigila's sigil is
this vision.  
    The downside of Pisces will always remain--fanaticism
and self-hatred; religious bigotry and self-righteousness;
selfishness, greed, and craving for power disguised as
faith, piety, and idealism.  But it is also possible to find
and integrate within our own awareness a feeling of
being joined to life and being one with the universe.  Yet
this oneness is not a mystical introversion and passive
withdrawal from life seeking self-enlightenment.  It
actively shapes the world.  This enlightened spirit of love
and service is the energy in Cigila's sigil. 

Cigila's Inner Source of Inspiration:  It is the nature of
Divine Providence to embrace the universe.  It holds all
things within its heart guarding and guiding them,
empowering and inspiring so they can attain fulfillment. 
It sees the beginnings and it knows the ends.  Its
motivation is a love and ecstasy beyond all
    What you have to understand about Cigila is that he is
familiar with the inner mysteries of Divine Providence. 
For this reason, he has been granted incredible latitude
when it comes to making changes which alter history and
shape the future.  A magician, then, who is adequately
trained and inspired by Cigila can temporarily become an
agent of Divine Providence.  Though the magician
remains an individual with his own personality, he also is
invested with special authority to accomplish designated
missions.  This is a Pisces thing--the greater harmony of
the universe moves through you both as love and power. 
    In my experience, Cigila is one of a few beings who
has a special tie to the great spirit overshadowing our
solar system.  The greater spirit's essence is love.  From
this perspective, all power, wisdom, faith, knowledge,
and also history are servants of love.  They exist to
unfold its purposes.  Cigila teaches the virtue needed to
become conscious of this love.  He also teaches through
case studies and specific details how to apply this love so
its reality is embodied and its influence becomes a
permanent part of our world.  
    Consider--Chimirgu, one of the Aquarian earthzone
spirits, is like a cosmic Zen master.  He shows you how
to attain emptiness of mind so you can become one with
any being or spirit. Cigila, by comparison, takes this
akashic Zen oneness and applies it.  You embody akashic
emptiness even as you join the board of the World Bank,
act as an ambassador at the United Nations, write TV
sitcoms, discover new things as a scientist, work as a
public advocate for justice and mercy, for ecology and
consumer interests, teach and raise children, etc.  There
is no end to the projects Cigila considers important for
assisting mankind's development.  Your contribution is a
function of your past life experience, your present
maturity, and your situation in life.

Cigila's Outer Aura:  As I concentrate on Cigila, he
appears before me.  It might be easy to mistake him for
an angel but he is much too concerned with details and
with what is required to bring about changes in the
world.  It might be easy to feel his presence as being
sacred and holy but there is not a trace of anything
religious about him.  His presence is an absolute clarity. 
I always get the impression from his energy of a bell that
is ringing offering the experience of being one with the
innermost dreams and visions of life--offering healing and
creating peace;  it is a sense of giving of yourself,
without recognition or acknowledgment, so that the
world is made new in unimaginably rich, wonderful, and
satisfying ways. 
   If Cigila were incarnated, he would be the teacher I
have always wanted to meet.  He would be a student of
the wisdom of all traditions.  He would know more about
the issues which concern our planet than any politician,
scientist, ecologist,  activist, or head of any intelligence
service.  And when he speaks, he would speak with the
voice of the Earth about how you can use your life in the
most beneficial and far reaching way to assist mankind.  
   Of course, this is part of the reason for becoming a
magician--you are a little more sensitive to what is
missing from life and you have the power and the means
to discover what can be done to remedy that condition.  I
could spend hours just sitting here meditating with Cigila
without bothering to think one thought except perhaps
this--what a great heart Cigila has. 
    There is also a profound stillness in Cigila's aura. For
me, it is the perfection of the words, "Be still and know
that I am God."  But this stillness is not so much about a
personal relationship to God or a religion's understanding
of a deity.  
    A magician is not restricted to the agendas enunciated
in historical religions.  Though not without a personal
vision of God, he is, and wisely so, interested in
embodying in himself to whatever extent he can the
attributes of Divine Providence.  In this sense, Cigila's
aura says, "Be still and know that God is within you. 
Know and experience in this stillness that you are a
vehicle for Divine power, wisdom, and love."
Inner Aura:   Cigila is a divine being who, surrounded by
the knowledge and beauty of the universe, studies the
earth.  Like a clairvoyant magician with a crystal ball, he
looks for those who are ready to transform the world. 
He reveals visions of human needs and what may be done
to ease the pain and fulfill the dreams.  His images are
very specific, the situations very concrete and detailed. 
A president of the United States could only dream of
having an intelligence report this accurate with
recommendations about what steps to take to remedy a
conflict before it occurs. 
    One of the interesting things about Cigila is his
attitude toward commitment. Pisces is a sign of service
but in order to serve you must first undergo training
appropriate for your work.  Cigila accelerates your
learning schedule.  Wisdom is made available to you
which could not otherwise be easily found.  
   In other words, Cigila has a fabulous way of
developing your identity as a spiritual being.  You
perceive the world with great sensitivity and prophetic
vision.  The extent and strength of your perception is
astonishing. Yet for Cigila, divine beings take
responsibility for particular areas of life.  Service keeps
you grounded and practical.  Without working on behalf
of mankind, Cigila's transcendental power could begin to
dissolve an individual's ties to the world in which he has

Akashic Plane:  On the akashic plane, you sense immense
power and spaciousness in Cigila's consciousness. 
Consider four of the twenty-four elemental beings Franz
Bardon describes in his second book.  Cargoste is nearly
aware of the entire atmosphere of the earth.  Pyrhum is
aware of all the magma beneath the earth.  Isaphil is
aware of the history of the seas.  Mentifil penetrates with
his mind through the atomic vibration of all the elements
in the periodic table.   
    But Cigila could evoke these four and the other
twenty elemental beings and be aware of all they are
aware of without the faintest disturbance or tension
occurring within his consciousness.  Beings like Cigila
exist to keep magicians on the right track.  They offer a
taste of what it is like to be joined to Divine Providence. 
They also offer a standard to measure yourself against so
you make something wonderful of your life.  Instead of
wasting decades searching in the wrong places or
assuming you are at the height of your powers, they
show you a vision of what you can really do if you align
yourself with Divine Providence.  
     On the akashic plane, you can sense how these
earthzone spirits influence the entire earth with their
auras.  They emanate an inspiration extending
everywhere on the planet.  More specifically, there is a
nearly incomprehensible stillness which Cigila's aura
emanates on the akashic plane.  It is a stillness containing
power, wisdom, love, and enlightenment all blended into
one without distinction. 
    A magician should feel comfortable in evoking within
himself a meditative trance of this nature.  It is pure
transcendence.  It is a state of mind in which you know
yourself to be a spiritual being in harmony with the
universe.  In this place of spirit, there is no need for faith
or conviction, for beliefs and commitments or ideals and
aspirations.  You exist within oneness and completion
and nothing within the worlds of form can shake or
disturb this harmony.

Mental Plane:  When you bring this cosmic oneness
down to the mental plane, you develop a mind which is
crystal clear, relaxed, still, and free of all strain and
tension.  Clarity and openness of mind are divine virtues
and Cigila embodies this to a level of perfection.  You
might try this.  Relax and imagine your mind is clear and
open like a vast space free of all boundaries and
limitations.  When this feels completely familiar and easy,
then you have an approximation of Cigila's energy.
    Another way of saying this is that on the mental plane
the mind can embody complete freedom.  Thoughts,
ideas, theories, philosophies, and doctrines have no
power over you.  They are neither the tracks your mind
travels down like a train nor do they exercise weight and
momentum like stones dropped into a pond blurring what
is seen beneath.  You are free to use thoughts to express
yourself but your consciousness is in a space thoughts
can not reach. It is the place from where thinking
originates.  It is pure intuition without mental exertion.  
    I once asked an acupuncturist if there was an
acupuncture point which could stop an individual from
thinking.  She put a needle in a point in my neck and,
sure enough, for the next three hours I found it difficult
to think any thoughts.  At that time when I was worrying
too much, it was a relief. 
   Since Cigila specializes in Divine virtues, meditating
with him on the mental plane is one way to learn to stop
thoughts and develop an inner stillness.  This is not a
form of mind control which takes years to master.  Cigila
emanates a very loving energy and a oneness with all
things which is also pure perception.  
     Since love is nurturing and protective, you can let go
when you are sitting within Cigila's aura.  You do not
need to worry about what is happening to your identity
or whether your will might be compromised or become
weak because you are relying on another's support.  You
can join with this stillness and make it your own.
    Of course, having a mind free of thoughts is one kind
of meditation.  What Cigila is doing is making the mind
like a crystal ball used in magick.  The stillness of this
mind is able to gather, condense, focus, and transform
light and energy.  It has the clarity, purity, and structure
of silent power. 
      For me, there are as many kinds of enlightenment and
powers as there are stars in the sky.  The point is to find
that enlightenment which can benefit the world in which
you live.  Otherwise, you can explore countless paths of
spirit which, though fascinating and real, mean less than
nothing to your world and offer no genuine illumination
to your society.  Consequently, Cigila is a great teacher
showing how to combine the incredible power developed
through practicing magick with concrete service to
Astral Plane:  Again, in the spirit of Pisces, Cigila senses
the one life which is the matrix for everything that exists. 
Cigila's aura is like a prayer that mankind be inspired to
take responsibility for its own history.  Cigila's aura
awakens an awareness of what is in the future and how it
can be changed so that the purposes of love are better
served.   This perception is the natural result of a special
kind of trance Cigila evokes.  As with some other spirits,
as I meditate with Cigila I have the impression of being
inside a crystal ball.  This ball of energy is the perfection
of the four elements on the astral plane. 
   The earth element is present as solidity and endurance. 
Developing this aspect of the earth element leads to
astral immortality because the astral body is free of
decay.  In effect, when you incarnate, your abilities from
former lives come through much more quickly.  You do
not have to develop your mind and spirit so much to get
in touch with who you once were.
   This ball of energy has water's sensitivity.  You see the
and feel the future.  There is also the clarity of air and
high level of mental vibration.  And fire is present as a
power which can extend itself anywhere it chooses. 
   I ask Cigila, "What am I missing?"
Cigila replies, "Pause and sense directly the astral plane
around you as I perceive it.  What do you see?"  
    I reply, "I see the way your stillness reflects all that
exists on the astral plane.  You embody whatever being
or energy you focus on and you also offer protection." 
   Cigila says, "Yes. I do this.  But what you are missing
is the inspiration.  The service I offer is a celebration of
giving.  It is the love of Divine Providence in action.  In
my presence, human beings learn to see not only the
fulfillment of their own needs but the fulfillment of the
world’s needs.  
     "To move from selfishness to giving requires being
anointed with beauty and love.  The soul experiences
freedom and the heart a oneness with life. There are no
limitations, no boundaries or restrictions, placed on what
love may accomplish.  Nothing may interfere with the
dreams or ideals you choose to make real when you
embody the love of Divine Providence."
   As I meditate more with Cigila on the astral plane, I
fall into a state of ecstasy.  This is a familiar heart chakra
experience--it is feeling every cell in your body saturated
and overflowing with love.  It is breathtaking.  It steals
selfishness from you.  It annihilates sorrow.  It the
destruction of depression and sadness.  It is the end of
jealousy and vanity.  It is an ocean of compassion so vast
and rich that fear drowns in it and is no more to be
    This love finds every need and desire within your soul
and satisfies them so completely that you are transported
on to another level.  You meet your better self.  You feel
you have become your own guardian angel--a being of
light whose purposes are all universal and whose work is
   It is said in kundalini yoga when you awaken the
power in the Muladhara chakra and join it with the
crown chakra you see a light brighter than ten thousand
suns.  To meditate with Cigila here on the astral plane is
to perceive ten thousand civilizations rise and fall before
your eyes.  And then the question is put to you, "What
part will you play as you incarnate among these worlds? 
What divine gifts will you share and impart to others? 
What work will you accomplish as a token and symbol of
the infinite light and love which shines within your soul?"
    The service you undertake is not based on morality or
ethics though those are important.  It is neither derived
from a religious ideal nor is it the application of a general
principle or abstract conception.  It arises out of ecstasy. 
You are able to give because you are filled to
overflowing.  Whatever your situation in life, however
dark your path may be, you remain free in your soul to
dip a cup into a light and love which shines to the ends of
the universe.  You may drink as much as you want of this
divine energy.  Those who serve the light have
discovered there is no end to the power and wisdom
which exists within them.  Actions and service inspired
by the oneness of life will remain and be effective as long
as consciousness exists within the universe. 
Physical Plane:  To perform service in a way which
reflects the purposes and inspiration of Divine
Providence requires an extraordinary training system and
magical development.  In this regard, Cigila is similar to
Amalomi with whose assistance Franz Bardon wrote the
book, The Key to the True Quabbalah.  Cigila motivates
an individual to embody within himself the various
energies of the universe so that his microcosm reflects
the laws and harmony of the macrocosm.
    Cigila's primary interest is teaching how the purposes
of Divine Providence can manifest through you.  This
requires you to universalize your physical, astral, and
mental bodies.  To this end, you learn consciously to
control and direct the energies of the four elements, the
ten sephiroth, the planetary spheres, and also the cosmic
    Ideally, you train in all these things first and then you
work to apply them.  In practice, this training is extended
over many life times.  In one incarnation, you may be
working on perfecting the mind to think and to
contemplate.  As a member of your society, you make
contributions in the areas of ethics, philosophy, or
    In another life time, you may be a troubadour or bard
who seeks to express through poetry the perfected ideal
of love. Your aura is saturated with the emerald green of
Venus. And then again at another time, you may take
into your hands the power of Mars and Jupiter to govern
and to rule effectively.  Your training is not complete
until you are free to serve in any way which is required
to meet the needs of the world.  If you embody the
energies of the universe within yourself, then you are
also free to share its wealth according to each situation
you enter.
    Consequently, Cigila has several different interests. 
He inspires you to train as a genuine Quabbalistic
magician who seeks to perfect himself.  And he also
points out with a great skill that, given your past life
accomplishments, there are things you can do right now
for the world to alleviate suffering and to benefit human
development.  Self-mastery and service, in Cigila's mind,
are a joint endeavor.  
    These two activities might seem to conflict.  But part
of the job of a magician is to weigh the purposes and
needs of time with those of eternity and to mediate
between the two.  A magician is transcendent and also
physically present.  He deals with the pressures and
demands of physical circumstances without
compromising his divine intuition.  You could say Cigila
is a specialist who teaches the highest virtues and also
offers commissions enabling magicians to be of service. 
      When you seek to serve others following your divine
inspiration and under Cigila's supervision, you are
granted special magical powers to fulfill your mission.
The love Cigila channels contains within it nearly
incomprehensible levels of power.  As this love flows
through you, you naturally are able to perform on a
higher level than anything you might have imagined
   Of course, karma has to be worked out.  But now the
negative influences of the four elements no longer weigh
upon you.  You see your limitations from a universal
perspective and you enjoy giving back and helping others
who need your assistance.  And further, your karma no
longer presents on obstacle to accomplishing remarkable
things for others. You maintain a balance between your
personal sphere of activity and your divine work. 

Common Difficulties/Imbalances:  The reason Cigila
prefers individual's who have been magicians in previous
life times is because his level of power requires someone
who has already worked through the basic issues of
magick.  The ability to shift in and out of a spiritual
identity has already been established.  The ability to take
hold of karma and transform it through spiritual will, this
too is a basic requirement.  There is a need to look at
your life situation from the point of view of your
personality and also from the view of your spirit. This
internal dialogue you have practiced many times before.  
    The personality says, "Here are my needs.  I am not
going to get very far without meeting them."  And the
spirit replies, "Since you have committed yourself to a
higher purpose, here is what we can do with your
situation.  Your karma can be resolved in an instant as
long as you make it a part of a different equation:  the
hatred you have inside you?  It is now love.  Your
obsessions we turn into wisdom.  And your fear--see the
divine power concealed within it.  These transformations
come from above."
   Unless you have done this before, you are not ready to
look into the mirror of akasha.  You are not ready to feel
in your heart the light of endless stars and the expanse of
the universe.  The vision is too terrifying.  It would be a
wilderness without landmarks, paths, or guides.  A
magician at some point is required to make his own maps
because a magician forges new paths of spirit for a
society which is struggling to overcome the darkness
within itself.
    There are other differences to consider.  Individuals
without a thorough training in magick from previous
lives are involved in a discovery process.  They ask
themselves questions such as, "Is magick real?”  “Why
isn’t my faith stronger?”  “Why don’t other people
recognize how important I am?”
    Or, if they can prove to themselves that they are
clairvoyant or telepathic, they ask, "What can or should I
do with this?  Shall I use my supernatural abilities to
make money or to exercise power over others?  Or shall
I discover if there really is a spiritual world with beings
of light and angelic nature hovering just out of sight?"  
   And they also sometimes say, "I shall be cautious with
my powers.  I do not want to know things which will
make me different from others or which will disturb or
threaten my identity."  Individuals exploring magick for
the first time have many issues to explore and to resolve. 
   Others who have been magicians before also may not
be interested in working with spirits like Cigila.  These
are individuals whom Buddhists sometimes refer to as
arhats.  They have attained a degree of enlightenment
through their own means.  They are fiercely independent
and cherish their autonomy.  When they reincarnate, they
automatically sense the power within themselves and
desire to develop it further.  
   But the main theme governing their development is
accomplishing things through their own efforts.  They
take pride in what they do and wish to be dependent on
no one else.  Such individuals may choose to become
businessmen rather than magicians.  This is because
business celebrates and rewards in obvious ways those
who are dynamic and powerful in accomplishing their
   In a story I wrote about Balaam, I contrast the
historical magician Balaam to Moses.  Balaam
unequivocally demonstrated to himself his power to
control fate.  Balaam was also interested in acquiring
knowledge of God and akasha.  This he did but his
interest was limited. 
   Moses also sought to master himself and his karma. 
But because of his inspiration, Moses had an interest in
acquiring power like unto the Creator.  The difference
between Balaam and Moses was a matter of the heart.
    It is in the heart that we learn to perceive the
interconnection of all beings.  The creator cares for and
nurtures the world.  When he creates, he creates out of
the inspiration of love and beauty.  There is no separation
during this activity.  Your gazes pierces the veils of  past,
present, and future and all beings fall under your
protection.  It is this individual who adores and
appreciates the creativity of Divine Providence whom
Cigila is best suited to assist.