What Christ was saying in the sermon on the Mount from one point of view was totally shocking.  He was saying you don't need to go to the temple, keep the rituals, obey the laws of Moses, or even be a Jew to enter the kingdom of heaven.  
   How utterly and absolutely sarcastic and anti establishment can you get than that?
   It is like addressing the religious people today and saying, "No, you don't need to believe in the Bible or in me.  You don't need to go to church or take communion or think about any theology. All you need to do is to be these things and you shall enter the kingdom of God, be as His children, and accomplish His purposes on earth."
  But my version could actually in my mind be spoken by Christ in the so called Millennium, when Christ is king of the earth.  At which point faith and belief are irrelevant.  And then he would say, "If you want to be a spiritual being, you will need to put on spiritual qualities.  There is no way to avoid this."