Sure, it is a poem about a sailor (photographer) and a naked woman (model) engaged in a moment of flirting.  But look again--

    I know high initiates who, like the five wizards sent into Middle Earth from Valhalla in Tolkien’s trilogy, had a sacred mission to accomplish.  But like four of the five wizards, the men I know have failed miserably in their missions in this life—they became distracted and are now possessed by being politically correct.  They see no further than cultural clichés.

    Their mission was to reveal the mysteries of love, that is, the secrets of how attraction involves divine interactions.  Consequently, their missions to some extent have been given to me.  So you are stuck with me and my crude poetry.    

     The highest magic on earth, according to Bardon in his first book, is the “volt” in which the magnetic fluid (the essence of the feminine) surrounds the electric fluid (the essence of the masculine).  The poem, then, becomes a discussion of how to accomplish this when in fact this “volt” does not exist in contemporary relationships—it is certainly not politically correct. 

    In the poem, the feminine/magnetic says, “I will contain, purify, and amplify the masculine/electric bringing it to its height of power and might, something that can only be accomplished with my full assistance.  But I will only do this if you see and celebrate the divine within my beauty, acting as my divine consort and in harmony with my love.”

   Warren Buffett, the second richest man in the world, at age seventy-five says, “Don’t put off sex until old age,” or, my paraphrase, “Don’t put off celebrating the divine within the gender connection until it is too late to create enlightenment.” 
    And the girl within the water?  Young women often know how to give themselves to another without limitation.  If a man fails to find something in his life to which he can do the same—give without limitation—then he has failed to find his path in life as a man. 

    But the poem goes much further.  Put simply, no enlightenment without choice—the choice is to lust (or to repress, possess, or enslave the lust) or to see the divinity within the image (the form and light) that shines within your eyes.  When you “see,” the heart, mind, body, and spirit are in harmony; the electric and magnetic move freely in and through each other so that you attain freedom.