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                           The Cosmic Letter B




I am including this cosmic letter B, along with the letters A, C, and L, in my discussion of Bardon’s breathing exercises.  All of these letters relate to health, the act of sensing and breathing in energy from the air, or to healing. 

   The letter B in particular is focused on healing.  Bardon says those who master it on a physical level acquire the ability through using the electric and magnetic fluids to heal any disease. 

  Though I am just a beginner in regard to working with life force, I find it fairly easy to follow Bardon’s train of thought.  And so this essay after a few quick meditations with the letter B, done in order to make an appraisal of the letter’s possibilities.  




Think of a man and woman who have married.  We have all seen the image of the man in a tux and the woman in a wedding gown on the top of a wedding cake.  The image for the letter B is more like the man and a woman standing across from each other inside of a crystal ball.

   The male and the female unite and join in such a way that there is a third energy field created that surrounds and penetrates both.  It does not diminish the polarity or strength of the male or the female.  Instead, it amplifies their polarities, heightening them, while holding both within a stable and purpose driven awareness.  Each is fully a part of the other while also retaining its own nature and identity. 

  The letter B encompasses opposites, the magnetic and the electric, stabilizing their connection and holding them in unity.  

   The images I get from nature is the surface of the sun exploding with great bursts of plasma in huge arches of flame.  And at the same time the sun and the planets have their magnetic fields that protect them and redirect the solar plasma and solar radiation. 

   Someone who has mastered this energy is, I imagine, like a god.  When he concentrates the electric and magnetic automatically come into play to materialize what he wants done.  The individual may be in the form of a man or a woman.  But he or she is fully joined with the opposite gender from inside so that there is a dynamic increase in power far beyond that of one individual. 

   The healing and power over life and death Bardon attributes to this letter is a function of being able to extend your own or to create a magnetic field and then extend it into someone else. This provides a deep connection and oneness with the other typical of the kind of clairsentient and empathic healing spontaneously used by undines and mermaid women.  At the same time, the electrical element of will is present in that it then reconfigures the magnetic field in a way that brings about the change that is desired. 

  The letter B seems to easily generate insight into health issues and problems and offers an intuitive understanding of how to remedy them.  It is not a thinking process, a matter of analysis, or diagnosis so much.  It is a direct inner connection to what is observed with an awareness of how electric and magnetic energies can be brought to bear in order to produce harmony and health.





The astral level of the letter B is tantra in its magical aspect.  We can talk about personal feeling.  Within the sphere of individual’s sensual and emotional experience, the letter B produces a dynamic tension as extreme stress united to total bliss. 

   We all know this whether in sex or in sports or a quest—you push yourself to your absolute limit and, at that point, knowing you have gone beyond everything you were before, there is an epiphany, a release, a vision, and insight.  The world and you are now different.  They are seen and experienced in a new way.  The possibilities of life, previously hidden, now surround you and are within your grasp.

    This is where it becomes interesting.  There is a genuine and enduring conflict between human and divine.  I sometimes refer to the sign of Gemini: “Two brothers, one mortal and one divine, out of friendship their fates forever entwined.” The human part of oneself is loaded with unresolved conflicts and unfulfilled dreams and desires.  But there is the other part of oneself—the spiritual identity that you are developing over years of training. 

  The human part says, “I have these needs and desires to satisfy, otherwise I will lose my motivation and inspiration to practice and to serve.” And the divine part replies, “I can give you all that you request.  I just can not give it to you right now.  These things belong to the person you shall become, the one you are meant to be.”

   For the letter B on the astral plane, there is the side of oneself like in the song, “And the world shall be better for this that one man though scorned and covered with scars still stove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable star.”  There is that side of striving and living amid conflict that unfolds in all of our lives. 

  But there is the other side, the impersonal, magical level of feeling. As one’s spiritual identity develops, perhaps it is the goddess Kundalini, a mammoth serpent of ferocious power that uncoils within your body ascending through your charkas. But instead of using your mind and body to seize whatever she can grasp to devour it (so typical in the experience of many yogis and Swamis early in their careers), she has become your perfect servant.  She flows through your nerves with beauty and harmony.  There is then no longer fear or instability or raging passions, only peace and serenity.

   On a personal level, it is almost impossible to see through the eyes of the opposite gender when it comes to understanding the deep mysteries of the masculine and feminine.  In the letter B, however, we see not just through the eyes of the opposite gender.  We go beyond all gender conflicts and find within ourselves the masculine and the feminine mysteries in their full power each separate and also perfectly joined.   

  This is exactly what is required to accomplish high level magic and to serve the divine.  The feminine, in its deep, cosmic mystery, is embodied in the magnetic fluid as the ability to become absolutely one with anything under any and all historical conditions and circumstances.  This includes the power to heal, to inspire, to perfectly love, and to fulfill.          

   The masculine, embodied in the electric fluid, has the ability to take any fate and to change it, to reveal any destiny, and to create out of nothing and manifest the vision it sees in its heart.  As with the magnetic fluid and the feminine mystery, there is no limit to its power.   

   Though there might appear to be an advantage to the masculine electric fluid, drawing that conclusion would be an absolute mistake.  Human history has nothing to contribute to the discussion of gender differences as they relate to magic.  The magnetic controls the electric even as the stars and galaxies require the open, empty space of the universe in which to appear, and from out of which the stars take shape and attain individual definition.

  The magnetic holds the electric, shapes it, amplifies it, and defines its identity.  A man need only find a woman who loves him with all of her heart and everything he was, thinks he is, and everything he will become now appears and exists in a different light.  Do not ask your neighbor about this.  Ask the greatest artists, writers, and the most powerful people on the planet.  Most likely, many of them can explain to you how a woman changed their lives in a way they could never have done on their own.     

  On the astral level, then, you find and experience within yourself the full masculine and the full feminine powers separate and also joined as one.  On this level, it is no longer a personal experience.  This height of creative power turns you into an agent of Divine Providence. 

  Human beings, when even a faint contact with this level of power occurs, begin to act out as if they have become characters reading from a script of a comedy or a tragedy: “You touched me and then left me and now I no longer feel ___(pick one or two: peace, bliss, ecstasy, true love, purpose, fulfillment, trust, happiness, wonder, hope, healing, wholeness, etc….).”  And then they rage or mope because the treasure has been taken from them by the former lover when he or she departed.  Like I say, it is indeed genuine tragedy, comedy, or both.

  With the letter B, it is not that way.  The full power to create exists within you. There is no one else you need depend on or need to pursue in order to rise to the height of your creative power or to fulfill the deepest visions in life. 

   On this level, it is wise to see yourself in advance turning into an agent of Divine Providence.  Otherwise, when the power rises up within you, it will search through your soul seeking to seize upon any element it can find of selfishness, insecurity, or pride.  The power then uncoils like a mammoth serpent ravenous to devour whatever it feels is required to sustain its existence.  The kundalini, the serpent power, does not know how to let go and flow.  Its very essence and existence are defined by its hunger and craving for power.  As long as ego is present, it remains insatiable.

   By contrast, with the letter B, you yourself create the power.  There is nothing outside of your self to depend upon. 

  This is a high level of tantra. In the images in Tibetan tankas and yidams, there are often pictures of a man united with a woman who together represent an aspect or vision of the divine.  Beginners in meditation may be told to visualize themselves as a figure of the same gender in the tanka; a woman for example is told to see herself as the consort of Padma Sambhava or of Kalachakra; and the male practitioner is told to see himself as the male guru in the yidam. But a more advanced practitioner of tantra will tell you that you do not assume just one side or the other, the male or the female. You become the entire yidam, both the male and the female who are joined. 

  And so, for example, many of the mermaid women I know report that their encounters with others on the astral plane are like two spheres of energy joining.  They say it is far beyond any experience of sex they have had in the physical world; and mermaid women are often naturally gifted and uninhibited when it comes to sexuality.  They are merely reporting on the way the electric and magnetic fluids work on the astral plane: unlike in our world, the opposite energies can far more easily work, blend, and unite with great harmony.              





Bardon says of letter B on the mental level, “His mastery of the letter B will give the quabbalist perfect control of the electric and the magnetic fluids in all spheres and planes.”  Okay.  Here we are now.  How does this work?

  In other letters, Bardon mentions for the letter M that the astral plane develops mastery of the magnetic fluid.  It should. The letter M is the foundation for all water magic and energy in the universe.  On the other hand, the letter S on the mental plane develops the opposite—the electric fluid.  The S is like a cosmic form of primordial fire, like electrons stripped from their atoms. 

  The letter B is taught in your high school shop class.  It begins perhaps with a horseshoe magnet.  And what does a horseshoe magnet feel like?  Well, there you are as a piece of metal with north and south poles built into your form.  You are peaceful, quiet, and enjoy having a nice magnetic field arrayed in space around you. 

  For the magnet, when something comes near to it with a magnetic charge, it pushes and pulls with physical force like a weight lifter in an arm wrestling contest.  

    Now throw in some copper.  Copper, by contrast to iron, has an adrenal rush—it goes wild.  The electrons in the shells of its atoms dance from atom to atom with such abandon it is easy to get an electrical spark; and for the earth and cloud, it is lightning and not a spark that arcs.

    Now for your shop class in high school you insulate and then coil copper wire around a piece of iron.  Then you spin the iron between the North and South poles of the horseshoe magnet and electrons flow.  You get electricity which can then be converted elsewhere into mechanical force.

   In this example, there are moving parts.  Thunderstorms also move.  The clouds polarize sending positive and negative charges to different parts.  And the earth below responds to the charges in the cloud until resistance is overcome and lightning occurs. 

  Whether in the shop class or out in nature, we can observe the interaction of electricity and magnetism.

   The cosmic letter B takes the lightning storm and the earth below and freezes them in the instant before the lightning strikes.  You are at the height of the opposite polarities of negative and positive charges; the magnetism is at its height of power also.  But in this case, there is a third energy field that contains, holds, and maintains the charges, magnetism, electricity, and polarities.

   On the astral level, the energy field of the cosmic letter B holds together opposite feelings or emotional images.  Like a man and a woman, imagine every feeling and sensation their attraction can produce.  The cosmic letter B can recreate those feelings one by one or all at once.  It reproduces the polarity of attraction and then heightens whatever expression of that polarity you are focusing on.    

   On the mental level, the polarity is the actual magnetic and electric fluids.  You contain their opposite energies in this field of awareness without diminishing the charge and strength of either. 

  If we conjured up the mythical Zeus and asked him, “Say, how do you hurl those lightning bolts around?” Zeus might reply, “Well, the other gods don’t know how, but I just pull what you call electricity out of the earth or the sky and then I throw it in the form of lightning and it goes wherever I want according to my thoughts.” 

  Now, there is a guy who understands the cosmic letter B on the mental plane.  You evoke the letter B in your mind and then you concentrate on something and the electric and magnetic energies align in such as way so as to accomplish your purpose.

   The only difference is that you have to add in the god Neptune as well.  You need the magnetism of the seas to balance and be equal in strength to the lightning of Zeus.  And then you would have the mythical imagery necessary to portray the letter B in its creative power.

    In a car battery, the electricity that starts the engine and runs the parking lights and radio when you are parked is stored in chemical form.  In the cosmic letter B, the magnetism and electrical charge are stored in an energy field you create with your three sense concentration. 

   If I think “electrical fluid,” the energy field of the letter B now in and around me reconfigures so that the only thing in my awareness is an electrical charge like lightning arcing between a cloud and the earth.  Except the lightning does not vanish in an instant.  It goes on and on; time has stopped and so I can observe and learn about electricity.

  If I think “magnetic fluid,” the energy field of the B again reconfigures itself into magnetism, in this instance, of the sea.  I feel eons of time and the sea absorbing the vibration of the stars into themselves.  And then I feel that oneness that the seas feel.

   In both examples, the opposite charge is still present.  But it is pushed off to the side so I can focus on one or the other or their combination. 


Bardon also says of the cosmic letter B on the mental level “The quabbalist will thereby ….be given the power to change any fate.  But he will never cause a change in the planned karma of a human being without a good reason and approval by Divine Providence; he will not cause any chaos.”          

   Want a well-meaning and good-intentioned way to cause chaos in someone’s “planned karma?”  Just take someone who is terminally ill and completely cure the individual.  I keep telling some of the healers I know that if you are going to do that, heal someone who is otherwise about to die, you can’t just stop with the body. 

   There is a survivor’s syndrome.  It goes like this: “I was supposed be dead.  My doctors all said so.  But here I am, by the power of some psychic healer, cheating death, still alive and kicking.  Why, at any moment, then, my planned karma might reactivate noticing I am still alive and it will kill me by some other means.” Or else, “Here I am still alive when I was supposed to be gone—I had finished up the purposes set out for this incarnation.  Why am I still here?  I feel that I no longer belong.”

  In other words, heal the terminal patient, but also give them a new purpose.  Some people are so negative that you had better put that new purpose in writing and have them sign off on it as a commitment before you begin the healing process.  Otherwise, they will look around for someone to blame for the “chaos” they feel inside from still being alive. 

  There are exceptions, but Homo sapiens are known for being ungrateful.  They often think the world owes them.  Help them in a positive way and they may well decide you have violated their integrity and made a hole in their soul.  The negativity they cling too often appears to them as something that protects them from the emptiness they would otherwise feel inside.  I have observed this response a number of times.

   Okay.  So, here we are meditating in the cosmic letter B on the mental plane.  Focus on someone you care about who has a serious problem, such as a broken heart, a loss of trust, inability to proceed in life in a meaningful way, etc.  Visualize the other right there with you inside the energy field of the letter B.  Then allow the vibration of the letter B to inform you of the other’s situation and the solution. 

   What I see in one example is that the magnetism in the letter B enfolds this person in sea of love.  It is total acceptance, oneness--all separation overcome.  You are the magnetism; you are love; and you are one with this person providing support and tenderness out to infinity.

   But that is not enough to get the job done.  The electric is also required.  Like with a piece of iron that was once magnetized but was hit with a hammer, the iron atoms are no longer aligned to produce a consistent magnetic field.  The individual’s emotional makeup and astral body have been serious damaged.  You can love the individual all you want but, in this case, that is not going to take away the pain.    

  The electric then appears on the seen.  It takes the individual and recharges him or her, offering new inspiration and illumination.  Above all else, there is now the feeling that life has been made new.  What has gone before is now no more.  Shame, guilt, and pain—it is as if they were never there.  The electric can do that—it can revitalize or create a new spirit.

  This is called as Bardon says, “Changing the planned karma” of another human being by using the electric and magnetic energies.  You provide love; you provide inspiration and illumination.  Without this intervention, life may never offer this individual such an experience of healing in this incarnation though a natural unfolding of events.

  But you accomplish this through a magical and creative action.  Your use of the electric and magnetic fluids either will cause situations to unfold or else simply produce the effects within the individual’s soul as if he or she had undergone many repeated experiences with love and inspiration.   

  The problem is, as Bardon says, you had better have a really good purpose to fulfill by intervening in this way.  Or, as I told one individual who is naturally and yet extraordinarily gifted in magical capacity, “You only need to be inspired to do this.” 

   In other words, your love must be deep enough so that you initiate, oversee, and then bring to completion the purposes you seek to fulfill; while at the same time insuring that everything that was supposed to be learned is still learned though now under more ideal conditions.” 

  Where do you get such purposes? Divine Providence or akasha offers purposes without end.  We are surrounded, as I point out, by infinite opportunities.  You just have to seize them and then find a way for them to play a part in our world.   

   And yet, without such a purpose, take away someone’s ability to damage, to injure, and to harm themselves or others and you will be applauded by the demons for stealing that individual’s freedom.  You have interfered with the karma—how are they ever going to learn about the process of changing negative experiences into positive ones without going through those experiences?  On the other hand, there is always a faster way to learn if you are present and informing their conscience. 

   As in the move, Dave, the president turns to a cabinet member who objects to the president’s redirecting money to help homeless children; the president says to the cabinet member while reporters’ cameras are clicking, “You don’t really want to take this money away from those children, do you?” And the cabinet member says as he glances over at the cameramen, “No Mr. President, I do not.”  Like the ghost of Christmas future, if you appear at the right time and in the right way when others are make crucial decisions, even a Scrooge will make a better choice.   




“It is the nature of Divine Providence to use attraction and repulsion to create inspiration and to motivate individuals to change.  Through the correct use of polar energies, an individual attains his highest learning curve and his greatest creativity.”   


As I meditate here, the akashic level appears in the form of one question, “What is the full potential?” The full potential of life, your life, your work, your job, your practice, your relationship(s), and community can only be seen in the light of the greatest polarities of life—the electric and the magnetic.

   On this level, for the magnetic, it is all-embracing love (totally accepting, receptive, and one) as it can manifest in countless ways according to the needs of each individual and situation.  And, for the electric, it is indomitable will and limitless power fashioning and shaping itself, engineering itself to appear according to the purpose it wishes to fulfill. 

   View any situation from one side or the other but without both together and you cheat your self of life’s potential.  And so, in a humorous vein, the Sith Lord in Star Wars says to himself, “The full potential? Why that would be me in charge of the galaxy.  Those Jeddi are wimps. They only use their wills after the fact to resolve a crisis that has already happened.”

  Or, even more clever, like Sauron in Middle Earth who says, “The full potential? I’ll tell you about the full potential.  It is me crafting with great ingenuity for the elves, the dwarves, and humans the perfect gifts that embody the very spiritual and soulful essence of their races.  I raise them to their height of glory and then I unite them by taking possession of their wills; I do what they have failed to do, to seek and to find their greatest potentials.”  

  So the negative principle steps in to pursue its false or negative ideal when the genuine, truly inspired ideal has been ignored by those who are positive. 

   The polarities as the masculine and feminine in their full power can be difficult to embrace at the same time to say the least.  Pursue power without a full comprehension and oneness with love and it turns negative.  The greater the power you possess the greater your isolation is the usual rule of thumb. 

  And pursue love, the oneness with all things, and your contentment and inner peace rise so high that without thinking or noticing you have in effect left the world behind.  It is not that you do not have compassion; you are helping others all the time, anyone who appears within your life in fact.  It just never occurs to you that you could help millions just as easily as you are doing now with a few.

    And so the question, What is the full potential of life? It is the full power of the masculine as divine electrical fluid and the full power of the feminine as divine magnetic fluid flowing in and through each other in every moment of time.  Neither one is less because of this.  Rather they are maintained at their highest level of creativity through this joining. 

  There comes a time in your practice when you can actually experience this on an astral level: in any moment, you are free to feel and to join astral bodies and minds with others as is appropriate for initiates and for those who belong to a spiritual community.  It is like the other individual’s astral body is accessible to you to the extent that it feels like your own.  You are that connected on the inner planes.

   In this case, the one with love always is joined to the one who has a divine purpose and the one with will and power is always joined to a love that encompasses everything that he is and envisions.

   To quote the poet translating Lao Tsu in regard to uniting the  opposite powers and energies of the genders,


One who has the wings of a man

And the wings of a woman also

Is in himself a womb of the world

And being a womb of the world

He continuously, endlessly gives birth.


One who is the highest of men

And the humblest also

Is in himself an image of the world

And being an image of the world

He is continuously, endlessly

The dwelling place of creation.