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                       The Cosmic Letter L





I am pursuing this cosmic letter L as well as a few others such as the cosmic letter A and B in relation to an essay I am writing about Franz Bardon’s breathing exercises.  The essay is called, On Attaining Physical Immortality. 

   Bardon does not tell you this but if you master deeply the first five chapters of Initiation into Hermetics, it is within your ability to attain physical immortality.   If you spend time with some of the spirits of the earthzone specializing in pranayama or with Emedetz of the solar sphere, it is impossible to miss this.  In fact, for Bardon, those students who specialize in healing will acquire much greater gifts than the potential for physical immortality.   

  The cosmic letter L is a supplement to this practice.  The letter L presents a comparison and a contrast, backup, and a related area of study.  

   Specifically, Bardon says of the letter L: “In the material world, the quabbalist will gain perfect health, beauty and harmony and will become absolute master of his own vitality.  This means being able to give his body permanent youth and appeal.”          

    In regard to another letter combination, C-L, Bardon says, “Embodied in food and drink, it increases vitality and health, and when food is permanently impregnated with this formula, one will stop growing old.”

   Bardon is not talking about a cosmetic look of being youthful and not appearing to age.  He means you “stop growing old.”  The cosmic language can be used in such a way so as to change the vibration of matter and the physiology of the body.  This is precisely what he is suggesting.  This possibility is much easier to understand by working with the breathing exercises in the first three chapters of Initiation into Hermetics.  In this essay, I am simply describing the function of this cosmic letter in order to better clarify the relation of the four planes to life force and vitality in the physical body.  


There are non-magical ways to do magic.  These are often much slower and may only equal about two or three per cent of the results you get from the hard-core practices.  In a non-magical approach to the cosmic letter L, think of twenty or so experiences you have had when you felt harmonious.  I recall such things as winning a sport’s competition, singing a song, gaining a second wind when running, finding some hidden vista at the end of a mountain hike, getting a perfect model to pose in a perfect position and capturing that on digital, writing a poem that appears from no where and that reveals something unknown, etc.   

  Among other things, harmony is a feeling and that feeling is energy.  It is a vibration both personal, collective, global, and cosmic.  And so this energy appears in different ways on four different planes—the physical, astral, mental, and akashic. 

   However, you do not have to create the cosmic letter L using a three sense concentration that you have mastered by practicing for five to ten years.  You can contemplate, meditate, and imagine these same themes.  In fact, there are spirits who specialize in teaching just that. 

  All the same, you can do calisthenics for thirty minutes a day to stay in shape.  But this will neither produce the strength that comes from working out with weights nor the endurance that develops from spending two to three hours a day in a well-designed training program.  If you want professional results, you have to acquire the expertise, log the hours, and do the work. 

   In order to be perfectly clear, the cosmic language is based on an extremely rigorous set of practices.  When done right, it is like putting the Hubble Telescope in orbit around the planet.  It is after all—a cosmic level of perception and knowledge. 

   On the other hand, all the cosmic letters describe the way the universe operates.  An amateur astronomer in Australia happens to have discovered more stars exploding in the universe than all the professional astronomers put together.  And Albert Einstein was a postal clerk when his theories charted the future history of physics. There are tradeoffs; everyone gets to approach these matters in their own way and in their own time.   


To offer a quick contrast, the cosmic letter A is wisdom while the cosmic letter L is harmony.  The letter A is more about clarity and openness like the blue sky whereas the letter L enjoys having everything in balance and where it belongs.  It is like a forest deep and green.

  The A is expansive and deals with vastness whereas the L is more tactile—it vibrates in and with everything that exists simultaneously.

  The A is like a soprano singing—high and pure whereas L is like a baritone singing—deep and rich. 


The three sense concentrations for L are olive green, the air element, and the note of “F.” The three put together give a sense of being able to see what can be, perceiving exactly the way the world is, and feeling absolutely free to choose your own course of action.  The L as a cheerleader shouts out, “Here is your highest path—attain it!  Here is a way to walk in harmony and beauty—Go for it!”  


Physical Plane


The olive green color relates to harmony and also to feeling cheerful, bright, upbeat,

  The sound of “F” is like a trumpet, a call to action or announcing the beginning of a pageant.  It is festive yet noble.

   The sensation of air or weightlessness is a hypersensitivity to and very penetrating awareness of the air element.


Together the three sense concentrations develop an extreme sensitivity to the air element so that in inhaling the body is highly attuned to breath and the vitality in the breath, that is, the body is in sync and vibrates easily with the air element.  The vitality in air is now more effective in interacting with the body in a harmonious and balanced way. 

   Breathing becomes very vitalizing, renewing, and rejuvenating.  If there was a fountain of youth, this vibration gives the feeling of what it would feel like sitting its waters.

  It is extremely relaxing. It is in harmony with all of life and all of life’s transitions and stages.  

   We could say that the L vibration intensifies and amplifies the effectiveness of vitality in the body to a super high level.  The divine virtues and awareness of the majesty of God on the akashic level translate into immortality of the body on the physical level—you are supercharged with life force.  In other words, when the divine appears in the physical world, it has a wealth of energy.  

   This is neither the pranayama mentioned by a spirit sometimes referred to as Romasara in Leo in the earthzone nor is it the immense radiance of the solar spirit named Emedetz.  Rather, this vibration is the power of the divine voice, the creative Word, creating something out of nothing.  It takes the ordinary and imbues it with divine virtues.  And the vitality is sustained by the connection to the inner planes.     

   In brief, the divine virtues of the akashic plane which is all-knowing, the equilibrium of the mental plane with its magic circle of wisdom, and the kingdoms of feeling and joy within the astral manifest in the body as physical vitality that is uplifted, refined, renewed, and rejuvenated.      




The L on this level creates a tremendous emotional integration and independence.  Your feelings are lit up from within as if you have become a king of your own astral kingdom.  Focus on any feeling and in your kingdom you have already mapped it and designated it as a natural wonder: that feeling is embodied in the equivalent of a forest preserve you can explore, a shrine or temple where it is celebrated, a theater where it is dramatized, or a symposium where poets, dancers, and singers express it through their arts.

   In other words, you have the capacity to give great attention to any feeling that you have, to anything that makes you feel alive.  You do not operate out of a deficiency or make decisions based on scarcity.  You are rich in resources of inspiration, receptivity, and soulful expression.  

   Note: I made my web site video about Franz Bardon four hours after this astral meditation.  That video for me is like a meditation and a reminder to myself of an astral kingdom of feeling that exists within me. 


Like Lothlorien’s kingdom of elves in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the letter L’s astral vibration produces an inner kingdom of peace amid the surrounding conflicts in the world.  For example, imagine each night as you dream being able to meet and spend time together with your life long friends and those you love.  In the morning when you awake, you feel more alive and animated in your astral body.

  You can also sense the vibration of others and feel them within your own body. This is more than empathy.  This is harmony and knowledge.  It goes after attunement rather than union or power.    

   Bardon says you become able to perceive the astral equilibrium within any person.      





For every pleasure, there is a price you pay, an experience to gain, an ideal to attain, a path through darkness into light, a treasure to claim, and a trade off; if you can see each sensory experience and feeling in terms of its desire and manifold aspects, then you can sense the plus and the minus—there is always something to take and something to give.

    The L vibration on the mental plane produces a judicial temperament.  You understand the complexity of life and also the balance of life.  There is always a negotiation taking place within oneself, with akasha, or a real situation or person that can give you exactly and precisely what you want in terms of pleasure, experience, fame, wisdom, power, health, etc.  But there is also something you must pay in return, a payment schedule to arrange--short or long term or a balloon payment, something to trade or barter, starting low and reaching for the heights going step by step or suddenly like lightning leaping across a void between the earth and the sky.

   Every pleasure, desire, want, need, ideal or dream has a story to tell when you have passed through the experience. Life is such a story and you will be asked to contribute to the script.


(What is the great story? It is not the same story told in a thousand different ways as Joseph Campbell claims.  It is specific and has unique content.  In fact it has nothing to do with the masculine or the hero’s quest.  It is about being pregnant with beauty and giving birth to this beauty in, through, and with love. 

  The only true story told on this planet is about how love transforms the world and the consequences of failure.  Entire races have in the past and shall in the future go extinct because the stories their bards tell do not arise from the heart of the earth.  In the thousand stories of mythology that Joseph Campbell tracks, the heroes have already failed before their stories even began--it is not possible for a man to accomplish the highest mission without full knowledge and cooperation of the feminine.  And the feminine aspect of the earth—the knowledge of the magnetic fluid--has not been taught in any civilization, religion, wisdom tradition, or culture. The mythologies that appear in human civilization know nothing about it or else they have been forbidden to reveal it.)


The cosmic letter A develops great clarity.  The letter L also has great clarity but it sees the potential for harmony—how to make things beautiful.  For example, it will notice how a very small change in response here or there will produce an entirely different outcome.

  The cosmic letter G on the mental plane produces a divine grace, a divine peace. Here in L the mind feels like it is in a state of great harmony, balance, peace, and serenity.

   L on the mental plane gives perception into the law of karma.  If you have the five elements strong and positive within you, you tend to get strong and positive experiences in life.  If the five elements are weak or negative, you will tend to get weak or negative results.  The story of each person’s life is a story about how the five elements operate within him and within his society. The same applies to religions, nations, and civilizations.

  If you have the highest divine virtues of the four elements operating within you, then you are like a god among mortal men.  You hardly need recognition. You freely accomplish your purposes whether you are seen or unseen.       

   Take for example the element of fire in the astral body relating to will.  With the vibration of L, it is easier to see how inner feelings relate to external experience.  If fire is weak or negative within oneself, external situations tend to produce anger, rage, hostility animosity, and the desire to destroy or engage in passive aggressive actions.

  On the other hand, through one’s responses to external situations, one can develop a divine level of will, the desire to create, to make things new, to forge your own way, and to do the right thing.  These inner qualities then produce different experiences.  Bardon says about some internal energies, “Others will perceive the superiority of your astral body and not interfere with you.”

  When an element is weak or negative in your astral body, you tend to desire immersion in the element through external experience in order to become better acquainted with that aspect of life that you are missing out on.  This is perfectly natural though not the best approach.  Through the experience, it becomes clear that there is a difference between someone being obsessed with you and genuine love, between striking out on your own to gain your own experience and proceeding in a balanced manner, and between a drug-induced high and genuine happiness, etc. 

   The passive or negative will give you results immediately and experiences you can go through right now. The positive will give you far more in terms of benefits but it will make you work for it; you learn to master experience rather than being a passive beneficiary of that element where things are simply handed to you.      

   There is a similarity here to the idea of the shadow in psychology.  If you ignore and repress the dark side of your desires and personality, you lose contact with the feeling of being alive.  You may have order, safety, and security, but you sacrifice your connection to your own primal energy.  On the other hand, if you give into your dark desires, the resulting experiences can be gross and disgusting.  You risk sacrificing love for sensory gratification—the pleasure is there but without a soulful connection.

   What is required for the shadow is to give it your full attention and yet not give into it.  It is a guide, not an identity.  It points out through its promptings when you need to create or do something new with yourself. 

  In magic, you can directly work with the positive version of the passive, weak, or negative elements.  You can, for example, evoke heat and fire in your self while concentrating on the quality of being in charge and acting out of purpose while avoiding harming or manipulating others.  This immediately changes your aura and personality, introducing new emotional forces while guiding them in a completely positive direction.     

  Bardon mentions in describing a spirit in Leo in the earthzone that those students who have as yet not mastered all their passions can consult with this spirit in regard to attaining magical equilibrium.  We could also say that practicing the letter L on the mental plane produces a fantastic level of insight into attaining a balance between the elements inside of oneself. 

   Instead of being caught in a whirlwind of passion or emotional confusion, the L says in effect, “Yes, there is a whirlwind of passion right here in front of you and inside of you.  But being caught in it is not what you really want.  Look.  What you really want is over here, just off to the side.  And you are free right now to follow this other path.  There is nothing in the universe preventing you from doing so.”  The L has this magical way of inspiring and producing insight.




On the akashic plane: the color of dark or olive green usually refers to harmonizing body, soul, and mind but here it reveals patterns.  In this case, it seeks to reveal (to illuminate) the highest and the best outcomes among all other options and possibilities life presents to us.  This is so you understand why things are the way they are and how they might be different. 

  The sound of F reveals the world exactly the way it is right now.  It is like a highly refined sonar but instantaneous—it sends out a signal that vibrates within whatever exists and in so doing reveals its nature.   

   The sensation of air or weightlessness enforces a sense of freedom.  Its energy field strives to empower you to be absolutely free to choose your own course of action.  It suspends gravity so that whatever binds you vanishes into thin air.  At the same time, it gives the feeling that everything is where it is supposed to be. 


Franz Bardon says that the letter L on the akashic plane refers to the highest divine virtues.  It reveals the Divine Majesty or the greatness of God in the form of the purest virtues. 

    I recall a number of years ago having some difficulty working with this letter on the akashic level.  This time, however, it felt completely comfortable as in “Hey! This is really neat.  I could sit here for hours just meditating without any sense of strain or effort.”

   Last year, I also had trouble with this letter because it is more confining and focused than the letter A which I have a greater affinity for.  But after four months of doing Bardon’s breathing exercises for two or more hours per day, the letter L now feels completely comfortable on a physical level as well.


On the akashic level, the letter L is like the custodian of the Library of Congress of the akasha.  We can as others refer to it as the Akashic records.  But that does not put us right there inside of it so it is a personal experience. 

  Think of every major figure in history—you are inside of their minds and observing their lives as they unfold.  You are with them as they struggle with the most important choices of their lives. You see how these events shaped history and you understand how things that went one way might have gone another. 

   There is more.  With the letter L on the akashic plane, you feel like you are viewing life through the eyes of divinity.  You see the world as everyone else sees it and you also see the world as if you have stepped into this world from out of the vastness of eternity and brought with you the wisdom of countless ages and civilizations.   

   If the cosmic letter L have been practiced by the Caesars of the Roman Empire and their senators, we would now have colonies in other solar systems—they would have discovered the periodic table, telescopes, and microscopes in 27 BC; and the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution or their equivalents would have been written in 300 AD.

   Consider King David of Israel.  David had exterminated, that is, wiped out and put an historical end to the kingdoms and the races of the Ammonites and Moabites.  He put to death every male adult and child among these people and sold the women and female children into slavery.  Next he had his army besieging a city of the Edomites.  What could possible divert the king’s attention from his relentless craving to annihilate any external threats to his kingdom?   

  One night he gazed from his balcony looking down upon the Hittite’s wife named Bathsheba.  And so we have the story of how King David kills the woman’s husband to marry Bathsheba.

   If King David had been practicing the cosmic letter L, he would have seen in that very moment, amid lust so great that he was willing to rend and to suspend his craving for war, that it was not the woman he wanted.  It was the son that she would bare. He wanted that heir.  The Bathsheba’s second child would have the soul of Solomon who God would make so wise there would be no one else like him before or after in the history of time. 

   David had options.  He could have arranged for the child to be taught in the palace and, when of legal age, adopted as his heir.                 

   But because King David murdered Bathsheba’s husband, Solomon was cursed and unable his entire life, for all his thousand concubines and wives, to find a woman he could trust and love.  For this reason, Israel was divided shortly after Solomon died—wisdom of that degree requires above all else love in order for it to be passed on. 

   If David had practiced the cosmic letter L, instead of the Dialogues of Plato and the metaphysics of Aristotle, we would be reading the Wisdom of Solomon in our first semester philosophy classes in college. But wisdom departed from Israel to seek another land where it could unfold its plans. 

   When you are promoted from being a shepherd into being King of Israel, events move swiftly.  There is not always time to sit back and reflect.  You do what you need to do to sustain power and maintain order.  But this is what the letter L is all about—grasping the horns of complexity and perceiving a path of harmony.     

  The L says on the akashic plane,  

   “Look. You have these opportunities.  Take advantage of them.  Simplify your lives.  Live with integrity. Take care of your basic needs and necessities.  Use forbearance and foresight but above all else put your best energy into self-transformation—change yourself and you change the world.  This planet and humanity benefit every time a soul become enlightened or attains a high spiritual ideal.  The benefit remains forever a part of the planet’s vibration.

    “For goodness sakes, get the divine light inside of yourself so you can love, work, and create as a divine being otherwise you spend entire life times just struggling to make ends meet and sort through your feelings.

   “Somehow, somewhere make room in your life for the divine light to shine through you.  In this way, wars shall be turned into peace, conflict into harmony, and pain into beauty.”

One immediate practical consequence of the L on the akashic level is that you can ignore a vast amount of irrelevant choices because you sense immediately the choice that brings the best results.  “Magic is a study of how to make the best choices in life.” This is the source from which that quote arises.

   There is in this vibration a dynamic driving tension and passion in quest of harmony and at the same time you sense an exhilarating joy and freedom that penetrates everything.  This light and feeling give you a tremendous advantage when it comes to recreating the situations you move through in life. 

   If the L akasha were a temple, it would be a temple that celebrates beauty.  And if you entered, your life would be the central ceremony.  The celebration would be the telling of the story of your life—past, present, and future—what you have been, what you are, and what you can become. 

  And in the telling, the listeners present relive your experiences as if they have become their own.  You are then joined to a community and the community is joined to all others who love throughout the universe.    




As is true of all the cosmic letters, the akashic plane offers an unmistakable and brilliant light that demonstrates the existence and active presence of Divine Providence in one of its many aspects.  This presence and awareness transcends culture, religion, and even global consciousness.  It is cosmic and it is an awareness a magician can come to embody in himself.

   The light here in letter L says in effect, “It is the nature of Divine Providence to reveal itself as a perfection of harmony that is at the foundation of everything that exists.”

  When this akashic awareness is brought down to the mental plane where the mind operates, it becomes an understanding and insight into the mechanics of how life operates.  The four elements, in their passive and negative aspects, are like a quagmire and labyrinth, an impenetrable darkness where losing one’s way in life seems to be inevitable. 

   However, the insight of the vibration of L on the mental plane produces an awareness like that of an astronomer examining the light spectrum emitted by a star.  From the bands of light he can detect the exact composition of the star, its age, temperature, and its fate.  L is just like that.  For L, the vibration of an element in an individual’s aura reveals precisely the maturity and experience of that individual. 

  At the same time, the quality and strength of the elements in an individual reveal that person’s path of development—the karma, the self-awareness, and the divine gifts hidden but already present in the person and waiting to be claimed.         

   The L on the astral takes every feeling that makes a person feel alive and perfects it.  What is experienced in the outer world is brought inside, refined, and established as a permanent presence of life-renewing energy and inspiration.  At the same time, what is within the individual is reproduced outside of oneself, enriching the world.

   The divine awareness, the mental clarity, and the astral feeling of being alive produce in the body, in the physical world, the perfection of vitality and health.  To put it bluntly, you do not have good health if there are serious imbalances in your emotional make up.  You do not have good health if your life style is wanton, careless, and indolent.

  The radiant, self-renewing vitality the L produces in the body is created from an internal transcendence in which the individual is joined and fused to an undying level of inspiration and light that radiates from inside.  All four planes together create physical immortality, the outer form and life of the body being sustained and illuminated by the inner.