Copyright (C) 1998 by William Mistele

                       The Story of Creation 

And seven mighty cosmic angels, Lords of Creation, stood before
the throne of  God.  
     And God spoke and said: "What part  will each of you play in
fulfilling my Will to create  the universe?"
       And the first angel spoke and said: "I shall create the sky and 
the stars that Light might shine forth.  Thereby a trace of Your
Glory and Joy shall echo throughout the universe till the end of
    And the second angel said:  " I shall create the worlds and planets
separating liquid from  earth so that Order might prevail out of
chaos.  Mountains and seas, hills and streams, volcanoes and trees,
clouds flowing, lightning striking--these shall I call into being that
the firmament might bear witness to the notes with which Your
Voice sings."
     And the third angel said:  "I shall bring forth Life upon these
worlds and planets.  All manner of creatures  I shall design that Life
might come to know itself as each gazes into the other's eyes."
     And the fourth angel said: "I shall  grant these creature
Intelligence so that thought and choice might arise.  Thereby living
creatures shall guide and refine Nature itself into its quintessence."
    And the fifth angel said: "I shall place dreams of what can be
within both matter and living beings.  Thereby  ideals shall  take root
and be born even in the darkest place so that  planets, stars, and
creatures  shall walk on paths which lead to Ecstasy."
     And the sixth angel said: "I shall place within the minds of living
beings  a mirror so clear  the stars, planets, and galaxies shall be
reflected therein to perfection.  In this way, they shall attain the
enlightened mind."
    The seventh angel waited a moment, meditating quietly to herself
on what within God's Will was still left undone.   She  then came
forth and stood before all the others.  She  said, speaking both to the
other angels and to God: "I shall create Love and hearts deep
enough to hold the entire universe within themselves.  Thereby, in
the fullness of time, living beings shall unite all creatures, planets,
stars, and angelic powers into One Song--Love and Beauty joined. 
Then and only then will Your Will to create the universe be done."

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