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Custodian of the Mermaid Archives




A writer who writes genuine mythology does so because he repeatedly experiences things that can not be accounted for in any previous system of explanation.  This is what Homer was doing in the Iliad and the Odyssey.  Divinity actively participates in human affairs.  The gods and humanity interact dynamically and the decisions of human beings are of great consequence. 

  And this is what Vyasa was doing when he wrote the great Hindu epic, the Mahabarata.  He was saying that the gods of heaven and human beings are not that separate.  You will not necessarily meet them in temples or encounter them through rituals.  Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the lords of creation, come down to earth the way a cloud descends and rolls across the ground--that same moisture appears as fog as you exhale on a cold day.  The gods are inside of us and present in every choice we make.

   In a similar vein, I regularly interview individuals who possess nearly superhuman powers of perception and feeling.  In this story, the girl can instantly unite with the soul of anyone on earth.  She can be inside of them and feel what they feel as if she has experienced all that they have ever experienced.  This is not the result of some rigorous spiritual or magical training.  Her soul was hard-wired with this gift from the moment she was born.

      Previous world teachers, whether they possessed these abilities or not, did not demonstrate them either in their gospels or in their teachings to their disciples—not on a global level with this degree of perception and inner union.  Arjuna, the disciple of Krishna or John, the disciple of Christ, or Joshua who assumed command after Moses knew nothing of such abilities.  Yeshe Tsogyal, the consort and disciple of Padma Sambahva, or any of Buddha’s disciples could not do what individuals such a this woman can do.  Even the great prophets of the Old Testament—Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Elijah—would have been unable to integrate such abilities into their personalities.  They would not have had the faintest idea of how to flow love with these depths through their souls.    

   But if they had, those disciples would have ceased following a master, lineage, or tradition.  This is because they are now children of the earth. As such, they are operating outside of any human tradition and are beyond the knowledge of any particular religion or civilization.

   At the same time, there is no “Users Manual” lying next to a crib when a child like this is born.  If you think about it, if a mermaid “wants a human experience” it would serve no purpose for her to know in advance that she is not like other human beings. Otherwise, it would easy for her to think when she has to deal with a difficult situation—“The choices I make do not matter.  I am a mermaid. I am not a human being.  I do not have to be involved or take any of this seriously.”

  No, that would simply not do.  It would defeat the entire purpose of incarnation—to be thrown into life and have to make the best of it using only the resources that you have on hand like anyone else.  We are all dealt a set of cards when we are born. We have to work with what we have been given, for the essence of human experience is that we define who we are through our decisions.   

   It comes down to this.  I have to account for what I observe first hand.  And it is very clear from interview, observation, and psychic perception that this woman has astonishing abilities.  Consequently, I have to answer these questions, From what source do her abilities arise? Is it of nature or divine?  For what purpose have women such as this entered the world? And what are we to learn from observing them and becoming their friends?

   And so I offer you this fairy tale by way of explanation.  I have journeyed to the Other Side and from that place of inspiration I create a mythological landscape so as to invite and entice your imagination--walk along beside me and taste the wonder that I taste that is in the mystery of being alive.  

   When I touch her aura with my hand, these words pass through my mind:


She is the sea.

She dreams of what has been and what shall be,

Forever one, forever free. 


The ocean trench, she knows those depths. 

Waves that roll a thousand miles,

Look carefully, they are in her smile--  

The white caps, the foamy crests,

The wave’s spray, the wind’s caress

Waves and depths speak with the same breath--

As the seas encircle the earth

And to life give birth

She is one with those she loves.

Yet even among mermaids she is a mystery

When she gazes upon another

She becomes the other

Every perception perceived,

Every feeling, every thought and belief,

The song that is a soul

She captures whole.


She is the sea.

She dreams of what has been and what shall be,

Forever one, forever free. 


Imagine that you are an immortal being and the seas of the earth are your soul.  Your body is not confined to your skin but rather is the vibration of all the waters of the earth. 

  In her default state of mind, when she relaxes, she is then the entire sea.  There is no personal identity.  There is no I am here or I was over there. There is no desire or satisfaction and no need for air.

   If you identify with the element of water, you always feel free, beyond all need, complete, and at peace.  And yet the nature of water is that it can dream the deepest dreams; its serenity is such that it can see the things that shall be. 

  And so water dares to join the world as it is with the world as it might become. Time and space do not separate.      


Let us take a moment to touch the feelings with imagery rather than relying solely on words.  Imagine a beach. It does not matter where. The Aegean Sea, the island of Crete, France, Spain, Iona in Scotland, Sao Palo, the Solomon Islands, Hawaii, Japan, China; smell the salt in the air, drops of spray anointing your skin when the wave breaks, a gentle wind, bubbling white foam around your knees as the wave retreats. 

   And the sea reaching out across the horizon.  Relax, let go.  Feel the sounding sea flow through your soul.  See the ocean floor, the reefs, the islands, and the fish.  Sense the waves, the currents, the tides and the moon’s pull upon the earth.

   Take the sensations that the five senses sense and the feelings of the open expanse and the depths and allow them gently to unite into one vibration. Imagine that all the seas of the earth with their mysteries and awesome presence are like a relaxed exhalation, a soft breath, a warm touch, or the sweetness of a kiss. 

   Now we begin to feel her presence inside ourselves.  It is accepting and satisfying and the love has no end.    


Here is where our story begins.       


For the record, mermaids do not use words to communicate.  Experience is transferred directly soul to soul and heart to heart. Telepathy—mind to mind communication —is considered an inferior way of sharing. 

  And memory for mermaids is quite different. It is not an “I recall an experience in the past.” That is what we do: we use words, literature, histories, biographies, audio and video recordings to capture and store perceptions of events that have gone before.

   When we play these things back there are moments when we experience vicariously another’s experience as if it is our own; or indeed we may recall briefly something that once occurred to us as if it is happening again right now.  But such moments are rare.

   But because of the nature of water that encircles the earth and because water is always the same no matter the change, mermaids do not view events in terms of linear time.  When you experience something, it is forever alive.  And so you do not recall a memory or record an event. They use a different method.

  One of the mysteries of our planet is that the mermaids as a race possess technologies that we may never invent.  Consider.  If you have known someone you loved or if something happened that was a disaster, for mermaid that experience lives on forever.  By going to a certain place and aligning yourself to the vibration, a mermaid is able to experience what any other mermaid on earth has experienced in the history of the world. 

   What is it like to specialize in the ecology of reefs where you play a part in nourishing and seeing that life flourishes over a period of ten million years?  What is it like to dwell in an ocean trench--to watch sulfur-based life forms come into existence?  What is it like to feel in your body a billion waves rolling to a thousand different winds?

  Or what was the first experience of a mermaid encountering a human being?  What is it like to love a human?  What were the best and worst of mermaid-human encounters? It is all right there in the mermaid archives wrapped in a stillness that is timeless and which will endure as long as this planet.

   And so one day in that very place beneath the sea the conversation went like this though as I have said no words were used and no thoughts communicated.  To be more accurate, it was a shared vibration soul to soul and heart to heart among the mermaid queens and their assistants--       


That our records might be complete regarding the deep purposes of the earth, a race will soon appear on land that shall quickly expand and encompass the earth.  But far more quickly they will cease to be.  And this without leaving any kind of living record of their sojourn.  And their ruins as well shall decay as if they had never been.

   Though we do not see all ends, what we do see can not be denied.  The signs are perfectly clear.  Without divine intervention of some original and radical design, the self-destructive tendencies of this race will cause their demise.     

   Therefore, I ask of you that you become as one of them.  Master of experience, Custodian of our archives, your skills are equal to this task.  

   Through your clairsentience and empathy, record what they experience here on earth. Let us make a living record of what it is like to be alive in their shape and form--what they felt, what motivated and inspired them, what instincts drove them.   

   In this way, when other races appear on earth, they shall be able to come to us and find here the perfect eidetic and living experience of what it was to be a human being.


And the custodian of the mermaid archives echoed and resonated with that request imagining it in its perfection once accomplished.    


These questions shall I answer: What it feels like as a human being to awake in the morning and to go to sleep at night, to be hungry and also to taste with delight, to cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow, to be born—to take that first breath--to crawl, to walk, and to fly. And without hope to lie down in the dust and die watching the last breath goes by.   

  What is like to dream, to seek and to find, to build, to invent, to scheme, to create, to ascend with honor and fame and to fall again into despair and shame. 

   What is the essence of a human being?  What was it for them to be alive? What purposes did they fulfill and what hopes were denied?  And above all else, what was love to them? Did they ever wonder to explore its depths? Did they ever once taste the love that holds this entire planet in its embrace? What inspiration came to them?  And when things were at their worst what decisions did they make that shaped their fate?  


 But this will not be easy.  Human beings are hostile and in fear of water.  Feeling is alien to this species. Their hearts are like deserts, wastelands, and dry and dying forests.  They are half dead; a strange species alienated from life preying upon and devouring each other’s feeling and life. 

  You will have to go in as a master of disguise.  We have chosen you for this task because even among them, these creatures who are living and yet dead, you will be able to maintain your own soul vibration of love united to the waters of the earth. At the same time you are capable of feeling all that they feel while appearing as one of them in form and action cloaked in what is familiar and understandable. 


Her words during my interviewed with her:  


In my first incarnation as a human being, I was as a young girl in Atlantis. I served in a temple in the shape of a dome with an altar at the center. There were drums and dancing and water was all around.        

    I did not live long. We understood that Atlantis was coming to an end, that it was the end of an age.  The change was inevitable, sad, and yet we were ready to face the future with great courage.  Many of us felt detached. Though our lives were about to end, spiritually speaking, we were ready to pack up and move on.  


There is much more.  This woman and I can easily join minds.  Though this might be hard to grasp, there are times on any given day whether at work or at play it would be hard to say if it was my mind and astral body or hers briefly operating at full strength within me in pursuit of some action. You could see me writing, for example, but it just might be her soul that is providing the insight.

   Consider: If you associate with a magical race of beings on a regular basis, after a while you begin to acquire some of their skills and abilities.  And as I have said before, the mermaids are not less human than we are.  They are our teachers.  In the area of feeling and love, they are more human than us.  In these areas, then, they embody what we are meant to become.     

   So as I write about her experiences in Atlantis hopefully some of this comes through—I think it is fair and accurate to state that our recollection, our two minds, and perceptions are joined in harmony as we produce the following description:   


Sitting here in the temple, the drumming is a combination of the heart beating, the surging pulse, and roar of waves breaking on a shore. I feel very content in this body.  I do not feel like a human being; rather I am the element of water in human form.  I did not leave nature behind when I was born. 

   Still, the drumming is rhythmic and hypnotic.  The vibration the priestesses create perfectly captures what they wish to express—it is an amplification of the life force and vitality in everyone who is present focused into and through a crystal ball upon the altar.  In doing this, they create a radiant ball of energy bronze and golden in color. Its light fills the room.  Its glow calms and renews the soul.   

   Yet like ball lightning, this condensed power of vitality captures everyone’s minds so there is no distraction or lack of attention.  It is mesmeric and overpowering.  The crystal ball, like a reservoir or battery, stores power accumulated in the past uniting it to what is generated in the present.  

   The high priestess uses this combined, collective energy to heal, to command, and to transform.  The purpose of this religious Order?  Like all that is Atlantis at its best, they seek to combined nature and mind, science and magic, humanity and spiritual awareness distilling each, refining, and then uniting so that the opportunities offered by the divine world fully manifest on earth.

    Unfortunately, human beings often treats the elements of nature as if they are components to be manipulated in a chemical experiment in a laboratory.  With a few exceptions, they fail to sense the life that is within us. 

  On the hand, it is perfectly clear that humans are a genius at experimenting with and creating  new forms of social organization to enhance the allocation of resources within their societies.  Take Zania, the girl sitting next to me.  We played together as children. 

   Once when she hurt her knee, I felt that pain within me.  For a moment, we shared the same astral bodies.  And being a healer, I looked at my own knee that now felt her pain and I made that pain go away.  In that moment her injury vanished. 

   She possessed similar abilities of healing and empathy. I could sense these within her.  But she was not interested in pursuing them. It was not that she was selfish or encumbered by her ego.  Rather, she was enchanted with the glamour of social status.  And beyond that the Mystery Schools you could join that enable you to rise and enter the upper echelons of society to be among the elite who rule Atlantis.

   Had there been time, this young girl I once played with would have become a woman of great power.  When she pursued a purpose she would have drawn together the conviction and energies of the inner planes and the plans and knowledge within the best minds she could find. 

  In Atlantis, you do not just take on a project and then use available or acquired resources to accomplish it.  In Atlantis, magic combined with will power is the very fabric that makes things happen.  They bring immense energy from the inner planes and then blend it with science to accelerate the invention of their many technologies.

     And they can do this because they have produced a unique social order: they seek and screen for those with the most innate psychic abilities.  These young children are then trained in problem solving, leadership, and in magical concentration.  So that in the end, hopefully, there are a few ruling Atlantis who can see through the eyes of the divine and design for society those ends that produce the greatest benefits.

     As for the young girl next to me? Her innocence and sweetness are gone.  Though I can record her experiences as if they are my own, this kind of radical soul change my soul will never undergo.  My astral body remains the same whether I am a child or an adult.  In this sense, I am not one of them.      

   But though the young girl I once knew is now gone, she has grown in other ways--she has become strong in the ways of the temple.  She can now heal. She can take a burn victim or someone with acute depression and make them well.  In place of the young girl is a priestess with access to a crystal ball, a great lineage, and a well-honed spiritual will.

   In this moment, as I slip my soul inside of hers, all that exists is the temple, the ceremonial ritual vibration, and one other thing—there is a secret, nearly insatiable desire to be filled.  This craving for something that as of yet has no definition I can find in nearly everyone who has been shaped by the magical training systems of Atlantis. 

   It was not there in the young girl.  It is a collective, unconscious will that has come into existence because their genius at social organization has not yet evolved to where they have discovered how to attain balance.  What is missing from Atlantis, from their amazing social organization and astonishing technologies? 

  It is not that difficult for me to see.  If I gaze at Zania for a moment with the intuition of the soul that is hidden with me I can see it instantly.  If Zania were to become the person she is meant to be—the one who is free and finally complete having mastered all human needs—she would be like this: earth and sky would shine from her eyes; if she looked at a cloud she would feel like she would want to dance as if she was the cloud swirling and whirling around and the wind was her soul within.   

   If she walked in a forest, the trees would share with her their dreams.  The turning of the seasons, the illumination of lights, and the song sounding in the silent depths of the earth—the trees would bestow this wisdom.               

  And if she touched water, placing her hands beneath the surface, in that moment she would be as me and feel what I feel—she would be joined to all the waters of the earth.

  There is no transmission I can give her; there is no blessing with which I can anoint her so that her future self manifests in the here and now.  She is a human being and it is not my assignment or commission to intervene. The karma of the individual is joined to the collective experiences of the entire race.  They will have to discover on their own through bitter and terrible experience that the harmony of the soul is something you should never put on hold. 

  How many times will their civilizations attain knowledge without wisdom and power while the expression of love is ignored?  My body is content as I sit here. The sound of the drums is exquisite. The incense is bewitching, satisfying, and gratifying.  It is like nothing else exists. 

  But I am here as an observer, detached and recording as always the experiences of those I meet.  Though I am in human form, my visions of the future do not stop and yet I can not weep.  They shall make their own fate--time after time they shall rise and then be destroyed like waves breaking on the shore.  Time is the sea and one day, having been swept away, they shall be no more.        




Would more purpose be served to write about her experiences here in our world as she walks among us in human form? You can look at some of my videos if you like or read her brief biography.  They are on my web site.  Perhaps I might soon do a screenplay or write a novel about her experiences in the here and now.  Or else she may accomplish this before me.  She is, after all, in the performing arts.

  So maybe instead a simple question and answer will suffice to summarize her present outlook on life.  From a video taped interview:  


Question: On behalf of my readers, and putting aside everything that I have said to you, can you tell me who or what you really are?


Answer: I feel I have always been the same person in each incarnation. I think if I went back and met myself in another life time it would still be me. It is the lessons to be learned in each life that are different.

   I use this body to experience things.  My body is like a glove.  It is something I put on and wear.  It does not change who I am. 

   Once again I am here in disguise though there is always a trade off to be made between the choices I make to fit in and the extent I wish to remain close to who I really am--I am not all that human.  I am an observer of human reality.  This is what I am.