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                     The Double Changeling




The model emailed me from out of the blue.  I had never visited her continent.  And she had never been to Hawaii. 

   After reading her email, I looked at her portfolio.  She had worked with a great many photographers and posed in many different styles.  Yet of all her pictures only one appealed to me—where she was standing on a beach facing the sea. 

   If it had not been for that photo, I would have missed working with her.  When I look at a model’s portfolio, I can not easily read her energy unless the picture is of her out in nature free of objects made by humanity.  

   As I gazed upon her standing on the beach, I briefly entered her astral body and felt her energy from within.  And then I wrote a poem and sent it to her.  (See the poem, The Beach, at the end). 

    She had the aura of a high ranking undine.  In such a case, the undine’s aura is pure magnetic energy.  Based on what I sensed, I scheduled three days of shooting on five different beaches.  We ended up shooting for six days.    

   When I began my undine project, I had thought it would take me five years to find a model that could portray the feeling and sensuality of an undine queen.  I thought that maybe if I were lucky I would get the right light, the perfect location, and just the right pose from a woman.  The image would enable the viewer to use his imagination to see the beauty that exists on the inner planes.

    As it turns out, my project was poorly formulated.  It does not matter how sensual, loving, or skilled a model is, if she does not have the actual vibration of an undine, then the picture, even if it is a well-constructed symbol, can not represent what exists in the other world.  The girl has to actually have the energy from the inner planes to serve as a guide to viewers in our world. 

    Yet here I was a mere six months into my project and I already had found what I wanted.  Or rather, it was as if the undine queens sent her to me.  Like me, they were curious to see if human beings could see and appreciate the essence of the feminine mysteries when they are placed right in front of them. 

   The girl tells me that no one takes pictures of her the way I do.    In the moment they are taken and in the way they are presented, her magnetic energy shines though.  Contemplate them and you enter another world.

    I also had the model tell me her life story which I videotaped.  In one story, when she was young, around nine years of age, her father took her on his boat out to the Great Barrier Reef.  For reasons no one has yet explained, he left her floating on a rubber raft, the kind you find in a swimming pool.  There she remained for six hours by herself without land or ship in sight.  And then he came back. 

   When she told me this story, I thought, Ah, that explains it then—why she alone of any woman I have ever met has an undine’s magnetic aura around her. 

   I imagined that the mermaids came up beside her as she floated there on a raft.  And then they thought, “How many centuries has it been since we have found a young woman abandoned at sea, and she is not even in a life boat but floating inches above the waves?   Let us therefore make her one of our own.  We shall imbue her with our energy that she alone among mankind might learn to be free.”

  But another woman with close ties to the realm of mermaids explained to me that I had the story wrong.  She recognized this woman as one of three mermaids with whom she long ago swam in the sea.  In fact, several psychics mentioned that I had a model loved by the undine queens and who they considered to be their sister.  

  In another life time long ago, the girl had been a human being.  And in the entire history of humanity, she alone, on her own initiative, gained permission to enter the realm of mermaids and to become one of them, with all privileges and gifts extended.     

   And she alone has returned after a thousand years as a mermaid to incarnate again as a human being.  I took the opportunity to look into these things with my clairsentient abilities.  And so this story I have and will now tell you of a woman I know who, once long ago, converted into being a mermaid and then returned to walk again among mankind. 



                            The Time of Atlantis


Her name was Suramyn.  She lived in Atlantis in a time when that land had attained a high level of civilization.  She was a beautiful woman, friendly, outgoing, and caring.  She had something that was of value in any age of the world—her life was satisfying and fulfilling.    

   If Suramyn had a flaw or a disturbing quality, it was this: she possessed an uncanny, an unmeasured level of curiosity.  It was not an obsession.  It was never a distraction.  She just made observations concerning unusual things that other people did not see. 

   And then she took time to follow up.  She tried to discover a reason to explain something that was out of place or that was not in accord with conventional modes of understanding. 

    At the time in which she lived, there were genuine neighborhoods.  You could walk down the street and see familiar faces.  It was not at all odd to strike up a conversation with a stranger and go on talking for hours.  It was possible to meet someone by chance and make a life long friend.  It was a time and a place where it felt good to be alive.  The city was in harmony with nature, with the earth and the sky.

   One day Suramyn met a young couple and their five year old child.  The child loved to play in the water for many hours each day.  Suramyn told the parents a number of stories about similar children. 

   The man, Jaham, was an initiate of the mysteries.  Though Suramyn was not undergoing any formal magical training, she was highly intuitive.  Jaham did not mind answering her questions or speaking at length about his training.  He sensed something different about her.  She had the light in her eyes and the vibration in her aura of a person whom you can trust without reservation.  

   In fact, all four of them formed an instant rapport.  If you walked by and notice how relaxed and comfortable they were you might think that they were family.  This small group radiated a feeling of peace.    

   All the same, in spite of the instant rapport, the trust, and the sharing, Suramyn’s nerves were on high alert.  Suramyn knew from some mysterious depth of wisdom within herself that this woman she was speaking with, a woman so casual and content, was not a human being.                

   Though this was Suramyn’s conclusion, she also accepted the woman.  There was no sense of foreboding or of something being amiss.  Suramyn had already come to the realization that life has many things within it that defy explanation.  Yet Suramyn was also patient.  She would wait for the right time and find the right way to talk to this woman about the unique qualities the woman possessed. 

    Suramyn also saw something she had never seen before in any relationship between a man and a woman.  The two were connected to each other from within, as if vitality was continuously flowing between them.   

  Lovers can become entwined, co-dependent, and need each other to an extreme degree.  But this was different.  A spark is fired within the heart.  The heart beats.  Blood circulates into the lungs and through the rest of the body.  There is vitality present for actions or for simply maintaining the body’s health and physical functions.  

   But these two shared some sort of psychic mechanism or magical connection.  The vitality in one was free to flow through and join with the vitality in the other.  This is not typical of normal human beings no matter how much they may depend upon each other emotionally. 

   What Suramyn could perceive but what she did not have the words to describe is that this was a case of a mermaid who had been called by a magician to enter and to take possession of the body of a woman.  One day a woman, who was anemic and who had pneumonia, died of respiratory failure.  But within a minute or two of the heart stopping, the heart resumed beating.  

    The girl recovered quickly.  The fever, the infection, the respiratory problems were gone.  She got up, acted normal, spent time with her parents. And then within a month, she walked out the front door and never returned home.

    The mermaid had been called by the mage to enter a woman in order to become his lover.  Having done this, the two were now bound together.  She required his love in order to remain in a woman’s body.  And his soul was so blended with hers that if they ended their relationship, the suddenly loss of soul energy would have been so great he would have died from the shock.  The matrix joining his astral and physical body was integrated into the connection of her body and soul as well.   

    Jaham had met her in this way.  He was very gifted in magic and had the makings of a true adept.  However, he was a shy and quiet kind of guy. 

  As a member of an elite magical order, he was permitted to study in an arcane library.  There he came across an obscure magical text quite by accident.  He opened the book at random.  There on a page were sigils drawn by pen in blue and silver ink.  When he gazed upon one sigil, the magical lines and circles came to life.  Like a picture in a comic book or scene in a movie, bright light of turquoise fire blazed up from out of the lines five inches into the air.

   Then the mermaid’s whose sigil it was appeared in front of him.  Understand.  He had not done anything.  He had spoken no word of power.  He waved no wand.  There had been no meditation, contemplation, or trance like concentration.  This all happened of its own accord.

    Having described the moment, it should also be said that if he had wished he could have called this mermaid to appear or to enter a woman’s body as well.  Those actions would have presented him with no difficulty.  It would have been next to nothing for him to accomplish these things.  

   Arcane libraries such as this one are quiet and formal.  They are serious and those who enter exercise rigorous mental discipline.  On this particular day, no one else was on the same floor.  He and the mermaid were left to themselves.

   She shimmered, her blue-green, silver, and violet colors pulsing in the air.  And then the transition was complete.  She fully materialized from out of the air right there before him.    

   I have been in what was at the time perhaps the largest occult library in the world.  It is attached to the Theosophical Society grounds in Wheaton, Illinois.  A young Wiccan took me there and showed me around. 

   I was fascinated by the Tibetan and Hindu yoga texts that could not be easily found anywhere else.  I doubt very much that a mermaid would ever appear in that place.  At tea time the library is abandoned.  If I was there they would tell me, “Watch over things until we return.”

   The theosophists I met there were very nice people--well-intentioned and gentle.  For genuine magic, however, you would have to look elsewhere.       

   Atlantis was a different time and a different civilization.  If you practiced magic you probably knew a few individuals personally who spoke with spirits from the inner planes a few times each month.  Something of the others’ capacity and possibility would rub off on you. 

    Spirits sense these possibilities.  It is in the air.  The distance between our world and the next is not so far. 

   What was it like for a magician to have a mermaid appear out of thin air?  Sometimes an individual will work for decades on a project and finally find what he is looking for.  In this case, the man faced the epiphany, the conclusion and resolution of all his questions without having to spend the decades of searching. 

   Deep inside of him, Jaham felt that underlying the elements of nature was a profound love.  He just never knew how to get in touch with it.  And now here, standing in a gate that opens to another realm, was a spirit whose entire being exists to celebrate that love.

   Sometimes these explosions of emotion happen by simply meeting the right person.  The flow of energy occurs outside of the conscious mind.  Briefly, the ego is denied.  But this is not an apocalypse.  It is the beginning of a journey to a destination that exists beyond imagination. 

    What was it like for the mermaid to appear without intention or volition in our world in the presence of a young mage?  She extended her field of awareness right through his body.  She could feel what he feels.  She felt the heartbeat, the pulsing of blood, and the muscle tension.  She sensed his mind and his emotions.  She sensed and entered dreams he had as a child. 

   Beneath the outer events of his life, she felt the inner flow like a stream on its way to the sea.  She heard the questions he formed in his mind and also the questions he had yet to ask about the major choices he had made in life. 

  She felt very safe and very comfortable in his presence.  This is in part because he was a good man.  And this was also because her specialty was the art of transformation.  She saw that his changes were things she could assist him with.  And finally, she thought, here, with this man, the love can flow very deep.      

   As a skilled magician, when she appeared his concentration went into high gear.  He stopped all thinking.  His mind was empty like a mirror.    

  And as a mirror is unafraid of the image that appears within it, he opened himself to sense what was in front of him.  He found himself surrounded by the sea—the sky, the winds, the waves, and the depths.  But this was not a set of sensory perceptions.  He felt their energy flowing through him.  

   The wind was relaxing and he sensed the air within water and the way fish were breathing.  The waves and the white caps were rolling.  But he felt them to be like children playing, shouting with glee and dancing to some silent melody. 

  And at the core of his being, speaking with his own heart and voice, these words appeared through telepathy:


Come home.  You need no pardon or quest before you take your rest.  Love is a way of being.  On this path you will be forever free.


And then she vanished.  Jaham was left to himself in a library among men given to prolonged study.  It was quiet as before.  Nothing stirred in the shadows.  But the phrase, “initiate of the mysteries,” took on a completely different meaning.   

   He stood up.  He looked around.  He sensed that the memory of what had just happened was already fading away in his brain.  The sights, sounds, routines, and behaviors of daily life were already asserting themselves.  They demanded that he forget and return to the world he shares in common with other human beings.

    But this he would not do.  He looked again at the page in the book and then he carefully copied the sigil.  He rolled the piece of paper up and put it in his vest pocket near to his heart.  He returned the book to the drawer from which it has been taken.  And then he went home to take a nap.  Though elated, he was also exhausted.        


There was a festival at night two weeks after Suramyn first met Jaidin.  The two sat next to a lake.  The celebration was on the other side.  They sipped a fermented tea.  They splashed their feet in the water.  They laughed as they told each other stories about the ways of men.    

  Then Suramyn says casually, “Tell me about your race.”

   Jaidin replies, “Why do ask me this?”

   Suramyn answers, “Because whenever I am near you I sense there is a sea of love that encircles this planet.  It is like a song.  It fills my ears with wonder and beauty. 

    “Do not hold back.  I wish only to make this song part of my self.”

    Jaidin sits staring into Suramyn’s eyes.

    Suramyn goes on, “You are more feminine than any woman I have ever met.  Yet there is nothing vulnerable about you.”

    The two sit quietly.  What is passing between them now is beyond the commerce of language.  Some ancient skill is being activated within Suramyn.  Some latent and hidden ability rises up from unknown depths within her soul. 

  Jaham had sensed it.  He saw that Suramyn had a quality of character that was beyond the knowledge of magic.  He let it go by because he knew that some things in life you can only witness and not comprehend.  They are beyond all understanding.

   There is a back story to these events.  Suramyn herself does not recall them.  But I will share her story with you.  In a former lifetime, Suramyn had asked for a gift to help her understand the divine.  In response to her request, she was given the ability to get inside of anything or any spirit—to sense it from within. 

   On a level deeper than telepathy, she could sense the inner essence, the magical name, or the inspiration and motivation that defined the nature of any creature or being.  This gift was on par with the gift given by God to Solomon.  Solomon was granted wisdom beyond the knowledge of all mankind.  To a similar extent, this woman’s gift allowed her, when she fully concentrated, to penetrate the mysteries of time and to see the unfolding purposes of the divine.  

   Unlike Solomon, she was not the judge of a nation.  She built no temple to God.  She founded no new religion.  She had no scribes or disciples recording her words and actions.  She kept her gift to herself.  And yet, though all her many incarnations, the divine turns to her again and again to fulfill its purposes.  After all, she knows how to listen; she recognizes the voice of the divine when it speaks.

   Jaidin and Suramyn sit silently for at least ten minutes.  Suramyn gives herself completely to the feeling of Jaidin’s aura as it flows through her.  And as mermaids are capable of doing easily, Jaidin just lets go so that she no longer senses her self at all.  Though her lungs continue to breath and the heartbeat maintains its rhythm, she is no longer confined to a woman’s body.  She has returned to the realm of mermaids.  Her consciousness joins with the sea that encircles the world.    

    Then Jaidin speaks telepathically to Suramyn, “You are like a sister.” But on another level Jaidin notes beyond thought or mental vibration, “She is like one of us.  There is barely a trace to be found that signifies a difference.” 

   Jaidin speaks aloud, “You ask me about my race.  Words can do nothing.  Take my hand.”

   As Suramyn takes Jaidin’s hand, Suramyn is transported into the realm of mermaids and among mermaids whom Jaidin knows well.  Some are singing.  Others are in meditation or trance.  And others go about doing things that mermaids do. 

  What do mermaids do? Consider water where there is a flow of energy, temperature shifting, ice melting or freezing, currents and tides moving, waves breaking, white caps forming, fish flourishing, reefs growing, etc.  In any of these situations mermaids are free to take an interest, to observe, to learn, or to become involved by enhancing the process. 

  Jaidin asks Suramyn speaking telepathically, “What do you see?”

After a few moments, Suramyn responds, “My body is not right for this world.  I do not have the right senses to perceive.”

   Jaidin calls another mermaid over.  This other mermaid approaches and Jaidin says to her, “She wishes to feel the love we feel.”

  And then immediately the other mermaid and Suramyn join as one within the mermaid’s body.  And this second mermaid sees as well that Suramyn is no longer a human being but one of their own kind and of their own heart.  For some, when they taste this expanse of love, it is not something they can ignore or find it easy to leave behind.  

   A short time later Suramyn and Jaidin return to their physical bodies.  Jaidin says to Suramyn, “Go swim in a lake.  Spend time in the sea.  Float in a pool.  When you are ready, simply concentrate and you may join with this mermaid or another for as long as you want.  You may do this but remember not to remain so long that your body suffers damage from the journey.”    

   Suramyn spent time in water every week and sometimes for hours every day.  She also spent a similar amount of time in the realm of undines.  She did so until that realm became part of her life, more right than human life.  She entered the bodies of many different undines until she found the undine queens themselves and entered them as well to experience and taste their innermost essence. 

   Some women I have met have a similar ability.  They can simply blend their souls with another person’s so the two share the same feelings and perceptions.  Call it transference of consciousness, mental or astral projection; call it undine empathy; call it the study of omnipresence; call it love; call it what life is ultimately all about: becoming one. 

   Suramyn had two other close female friends.  Both of them notice how Suramyn was changing as the years went by.  There was a great power that surrounded Suramyn.  It was hard to define.  It was like sitting next to the sea with a great storm bearing down on the shore. 

   But the storm was silent and invisible. There were no splashing waves crashing down or winds blowing through your hair.  All the same, the power was there—a force of water thick in the air though there was obviously no change in humidity. 

   One of the friends warned Suramyn saying, “Don’t get carried away with whatever you are doing.”

   The other friend’s response was different.  She felt that whatever Suramyn was doing was very deep.  Her attitude was “it is beyond me.” 

   Over the years, Suramyn used her spiritual abilities to carefully explore the undine realm.  She made contacts.  The undine queens were all aware of her presence.  For example, Suramyn joined a number of times with the undine queen named Isaphil. 

   As a general rule, those with magical training would never do such a thing.  They are cautious when it comes to spirits.  They worry about things like “magical authority.”  They may talk about the importance of love; but you would be hard pressed in any century to find one magician who favors love over will.   

   And so mages keep a distance.  They stand in “magic circles” and evoke spirits into mirrors or triangles drawn on the floor.  They love duality—“It is a matter of keeping the spirit there and myself here so there is a separation that is not violated.” In this way, things remain formal and clear. 

  Such is the nature of magic when it is defined and pursued by men.  They forget their own training—the mind is a mirror and so it is unafraid of what appears within it.  If your mind is indeed clear, then there is no separation between you and the spirit.  And if you focus so that there is no ego in your consciousness, then you and the spirit that appears are already one. 

   Suramyn had no need of academic or theoretical discussions to pave the way for her to make spiritual connections.  Her knowledge was of the heart.  This was the case when she met Isaphil.

   As with Suramyn’s interaction with Jaidin, when Suramyn was in front of Isaphil, she felt the undine queen’s aura flowing through her.  In this case, the magnetic field of the undine was extremely pure and refined.  Looking at the undine is like looking at the light of the moon shining through the form of a woman. 

    Being in the presence of the undine queen and blending your energy with hers is like entering a state of stillness.  The universe is free to be reflected though you—its movements, its seasons, rhythms, and ages, its changes, and visions of what shall come to be.  

   The undine queen was impressed that a mortal could share her heart.  As one who carries a great mystery within her soul, the queen sensed that one day her burden would be lifted.  If this girl could come so far, then soon enough another would come further.  And then she would be at last free.  The love and stillness in which she exists would be passed on to a race capable of embodying the wonder that this planet was created to share.

    What kind of conversation does a mortal such as Suramyn have with the undine queen Isaphil?  If we put it into words, it would go like this.  Suramyn: “I see what you see and I feel what you feel—the drive to make a dream real of the earth and the inner peace with the universe of the moon are not separate; in you, the earth and the moon are one. I stand as you, free of time; I see the ages unfold. 

   “Time is a sea.  And for those who perceive its depths, they see where every need will be met and every dream fulfilled.  Like a navigator who plots a ship’s course, the heart charts with purity and love a path to its home port.”

  In this way, by joining with their auras, Suramyn came to know things no other human being has ever learned about the undine queens.  And so one day Suramyn spoke to an undine queen saying, “I belong here with you and not with the human race.” Here is the poetic version of this conversation-- 


She addressed the undine queens

With words never before heard

Is not my love of water the same as yours?

The lakes, the rivers, the streams, the seas—

One taste, one embrace?  

Is not my love everywhere in every moment

Your own reflection, your own perfection?

Do I not know how to let go and flow?

There is no past or future

No wisdom or destiny

The sea shall encompass each with ecstasy. 


Others had tried before.  But no mortal had every joined with the race of undines.  Too much of the human remained alive to make the transition.  They were unable to become one with water.  

   Magic will only take you so far.  You can acquire a temporary visa or a travel permit.  You can enter in disguise as an illegal alien and try to blend in. 

   Even great words of power that create the essence of the undine vibration can only carry so much water.  The spells wear out.  The soul finds itself in over its head.  And then the person washes up on the shore so to speak, cast out, because to fit in here you have to find pure love in your heart.     

   What followed has only happened perhaps once or twice in the history of the human race on this planet.  The undine queens met in a council to discuss this thing--Suramyn’s request.  

   There were arguments pro and con.  The issues had to be carefully weighed. 

   Against her: She is a human being. She can visit but she can not stay.  She thinks she knows what she wants but she does not. She will not fit in.  She can not share our dreams.

   A greater objection was this: the divine sets the boundaries separating the different evolutions.  The human race has a destiny quite different from our own.  Allowing her to remain here would create an imbalance.  There would be unforeseen consequences—the fates and destinies of the two realms would be joined.  

   And for her: She can change her aura so there is only a faint trace of yellow brown light down the back--if it was not for that she would be so much one of us that there is no other difference.

   Other mermaids already respect her as an undine of high rank.  She loves with our love, though her dreams may never be fully our own, it is not for us to forbid entrance to one who has already so fully crossed over.

   It came down to this: It is not our decision.  She is guided by an inner vision and is under the protection of the divine.  So she may remain until she is called away.

   Or, as the poem states: 


Council is taken, all problems debated,

A decision rendered:

If you will step aside from mankind

All privileges and gifts of the undines   

Shall be granted

For as long as you wish to remain

Until that day the divine

Sets before you another way


As Suramyn grew older and was in her forties, she could have risen to a position of power and honor.  Her very presence was charismatic.  People she met felt a satisfaction just from being around her.  But she chose not to go that way.      

   Though more and more she focused on another realm, you have to understand the bottom line.  Fairy itself was not her fascination.  She was seeking to embody within herself the mystery of love.  And if her path led her to cross over the boundaries that guard mankind, then she was willing to leave mankind behind.   Sometimes the divine authorizes a quest on the basis of what is sought.  The goal itself overrules all objections.

    Did she have no lovers?  There were men who approached her.  Like men do, they viewed her as a potential partner with whom to share love, or as an asset that would enhance their lives.  They flirted with her and tried to bargain.  But then they backed off. They sensed that she was strangely protected from their desires.   Her path was in another direction.  

   One man, however, understood. She was not meant to be a lover, rather a muse.  She poured out inspiration for someone who was receptive to what she had to give.  Like the husband of Jaidin, this man was an initiate of the mysteries.

   She liked him and was friendly.  But he always felt somewhat awkward in her presence.  He was unable to attain mutual empathy.  Though she was aware of everything about him, he could only see her as a creature from a dream. 

  But as I said, he appreciated her as a muse.  And you can see this perhaps in the words he wrote:


I love your eyes

So quiet and peaceful--

A place to let go and forget who I am

Until I awaken to the sound

Of waves breaking on the shore

And the scent of the sea

I see the man I was meant to be

Walking toward me

Your eyes dream him into being.  


The description of her effect on him suggests that she was already acquiring some of the traits of the undine queens.  Namely, without effort and from being in her presence she could bring to life the desires of the heart that were hidden in others.

    It was not until she died that she crossed over to the Otherside.  While still alive, she lived as a human being.  But when death came, her soul made the transition.  Her intentions and the welcome of another realm were sufficient to determine her destination.

    She remained as a mermaid in the sea for a thousand years.  She swam and played in a group of three.  I have described in A Mermaid’s Story one of the two other mermaids in her group.  The third mermaid I describe in my story, Caelius Aurelius Luscus and the Mermaid. I have been very fortunate, to say the least, to meet in person all there.   

   What is it like to spend a thousand years as a mermaid of high rank in the sea?  You have your identity, your curiosity, you make decisions every single day, but there really is no you: there is just this boundless embrace of unending love that surrounds you. 

   Beyond the knowledge of mankind, at the core of one’s being and many levels deeper than what the conscious mind of a person could ever conceive, she felt a completion—a love that only the hands of the divine could ever imagine or define or call into being.

   One of the other mermaids described her this way—she was funky.   She fit in fine.  No one ever objected.  But she was always curious, willing to try new things that mermaids would most likely never imagine or dream. 

   Whereas a mermaid would take something for granted, like a reef, and blend with its energy or enhance it so it flourished, Suramyn was thinking options.  Why is no reef surrounding that atoll?  Why can a reef not thrive deeper beneath the water?  How do reefs in others seas flourish as compared to these?

   The feminine is different from the masculine.  Men go off by themselves.  They may chart their own course.  They set their own goals.  They do what they must do because that is what it is like to be a man.  They separate and then they come back.  They reunite when the time is right.    

   Women are like a circle that expands and contracts.  They maintain close contact.  They flow in and through each other, preferring to stay together.

   If one should separate and go off by herself, the separation remains external.  She is still joined to the others from within.  The self does not need to separate to the same extent in order to define one’s identity.     

   In a way this is the difference between fire and water.  The man needs to test his boundaries to find his strength and claim his power.  He must go on a quest to define and refine who he is.   

   By contrast, the very nature of a woman’s body contains the mystery of being one with another.  Sharing feelings and experiences with others is a celebration of the mystery within.  Mermaids may join in a group of three because in this way love flows more freely. 

   At the same time, each member of this group had her own unique interests.  One was like Isaphil.  She sang of serenity and the moon and earth joining the inner and outer worlds in peace and harmony. 

  The other preferred to explore the ocean depths, the ocean trench, and the mountain ranges and valleys of the ocean floor. 

   Suramyn learned from both.  She could capture the beauty of the world, reflecting and holding its images in the stillness of her heart. 

   And she could also focus her being on the power of water—how it turns solid as ice and remains itself even with the pressure of a mile of water pressing down upon it.  She was aware that water has the power of solid rock and can also pick up boulders and hurl them about.  That kind of power was becoming part of her.

   One day, as the undine queens had foreseen, Suramyn received the call.  The sea became silent.  The songs of whales a thousand miles away, the splashing waves, the moaning deep, the sounds of fish nibbling a reef, even the electrical pulse in the presence of a shark—in her ears, everything was turned off.

   And in the silence she heard these words spoken clearly even though no one else on earth could have heard:  


Return Oh human child

From the sacred and the wild

From the sea so filled with beauty

It is time

Walk again among mankind 


Who spoke those words?  And for what purpose was she called?           

   Murjel is one of the twelve highest spirits who exist within the sphere of Jupiter.  She presides over the astrological sign of Cancer.  Her specialty is water, and all manner of fluids and every form of magnetism. 

  The planet earth has water on its surface in liquid form.  But other planets have seas of liquids, even if these are of other chemicals such as methane.   Murjel is aware of fluids everywhere they flow. Even the sun has great flowing masses and a powerful magnetic field.

   Murjel is an example of a spirit whose heart can embrace the diversity of an entire solar system.  Amid all the complexity of a star with planets and moons, an asteroid belt, and an Oort cloud further out, she can sense the entire system as one encompassing vibration. 

   As a great spirit with immense vision, she takes an interest in a specific planet when a civilization is undergoing a major transition.  In such a case, she is free to intervene at her own discretion.  She offers a path of love, illuminates it, and assists those who travel upon it to attain completion. 

     Murjel spoke to Suramyn, “You are needed elsewhere.  I would not call unless the same love that created the realm in which you exist did not set before you another task. I promise you this: the sea of love that you taste today will in no way be less but soon enough far greater and more wondrous.” 

   Suramyn could not refuse the voice of the divine that holds in its grasp the fate of mankind and the entire planet in all its spiritual domains and separate evolutions.

   Suramyn felt the sea slowly drain away.  And not long afterward she awoke as a human child.  She still felt the sea of love inside of her. 

   But on the outside she was surrounded by the desolation that is an advanced human civilization.  It is a place where there is little or no sharing heart to heart, in which human beings have not learned how to become one with each other in any moment, in which feelings are secondary to other commitments, and in which love is rationed and treated as a possession. 

   She was born into Atlantis in a later age.  There were three women present who assisted with the birth.  Everything went well.  She took her first breath.  And shortly later they heard her make a sad, plaintive cry.  Two of those women went home that night and cried themselves to sleep.  They did not know why. 

   She grew up to be a beautiful, loving woman.  She knew key players in that civilization.  She was ignored in that time just as she is ignored and unappreciated now.  Men love her physical beauty.  But they do not perceive the soul inside. 

   Human beings are obsessed with knowledge, technology, and power.  Even those who knew better failed to offer love or honor.  Their hearts were elsewhere.  

   If Murjel herself could have appeared to one of the leaders of that world in a dream saying, “I have sent this woman to teach you about love before it is too late and you destroy yourselves.”

    But the response would have been: “I just don’t get it.  Nothing in me responds to what you are revealing.”  

   Darkness was beginning to fall over the civilization of Atlantis.  Still ahead of us in technology and science not to mention magic, powerful factions were forming that would tear that society apart.  When given too much leisure, individuals can be brilliant, creative, adventurous, and playful too.  And yet their hearts can become jaded.  If a people lose their sense of wonder and an appreciation for beauty and love, they can still do amazing things.  But the glory they seek is short lived and they may come to a sudden end.

   I have written more about those times in my story, The Feminine Mysteries, and in my screenplay, Fall of Atlantis.

   Still, from the point of view of Murjel and other higher spirits who preside over entire evolutions, Suramyn was not just a gift to Atlantis.  She would be offered again to another civilization as it too moves inevitably toward its own destruction. 

   Yet those with sufficient clairvoyant vision see that she shall be offered and finally received by a race that is ordained to replace mankind, a race more suited to living in harmony with the full beauty that is this planet.  All the same, the opportunity is offered by the divine in case there be a few who change their minds.  A few hundred would be enough to create a new destiny for humanity.  With a genuine response, the world as we know it can become a different place.



                                              The poem that the story unfolds:


Double Changeling


The tale is told

How fairies from the Other Side

A child exchange, a trade is made

But I speak with ease

Of greater mysteries than these:


She addresses the undine queens

With words never before heard

Is not my love of water the same as yours?

The lakes, the rivers, the streams, the seas—

One taste, one embrace?  

Is not my love everywhere in every moment

Your own reflection, your own perfection?

Do I not know how to let go and flow:

There is no past or future

No wisdom or destiny

The sea shall encompass each with ecstasy. 


Council is taken, all problems debated,

A decision rendered:

If you will step aside from mankind

All privileges and gifts of the undines   

Shall be granted

For as long as you wish to remain

Until that day the divine

Sets before you another way


And so for a thousand years

In a group of three she does play

Among the waves, as pure delight,

 A song unlike any other

The sea does sing and dream at night


But now she returns

The divine intervenes

For what purpose am I called? 

My peace disturbed?

What service am I to render to mankind

That the realms of bliss I must leave behind?


Return Oh human child

From the sacred and the wild

From the sea so filled with beauty

It is time

Walk again among mankind 


Think not that humans

Are selfish and greedy

Vulnerable and needy

Blind to the beauty that shines

In the sky, the earth, the trees, the seas,

Rather, imagine what they shall be

If freed of all need

If they were but to taste the love you feel

They would be healed


As once before you did implore

Another realm to open its door

Persuade mankind with your receptive grace

Every moment boundless love does embrace 


Return Oh human child

From the sacred and the wild

From the sea so filled with beauty 

Walk again among mankind 

For what purpose do you ask?

Fulfill this task:

Set them free.




The poem I wrote the model when I first saw her picture:


The Beach


Can a woman be an image of the sea?

If she stands on the beach

Is there more than a naked woman to see? 

If I say to her,

“If you feel it, someone will see it—

I want you to be for a few moments

The entire sea:

I want you to feel that the blood 

Surging through your body

Is the currents and tides 

And the waves circling world,

I want you to feel your breath is the winds

The drives the white caps,

That your skin vibrates

With all the waters of the earth

That the beauty of the seas, lakes, and streams

Is your beauty

That when your lips part

It is the songs of the sea that sing

That where your eyes gaze

You see the dreams of love

That have yet to flow

Through the hearts of humanity ….”

If I ask these things of her

And she gives me what I want

Will others see what I see?

Can anyone do what I can do so easily?

Enter her soul as she stands there

And feel the sea flowing though me

Without limitations, without anxiety,

Without restraint or a ravenous need to take

But rather the desire to celebrate

The power of the heart

To embrace all life on earth

And the wonder of being alive?

In this moment, for a few seconds,

Without any limitations, I am one with this woman

And, I tell you,

 I am surrounded by the beauty of creation.