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Evocation of Ebvep, Head of  the Eleventh Moon Mansion 

In this place
Time pauses from its relentless pace
To show another face--
The union where opposites embrace.

According to Franz Bardon, Ebvep governs the eleventh of the
twenty-eight mansions of the moon.  Bardon says of Ebvep that he
teaches the magician how to bring about incredible phenomena. 
Bardon says these phenomena are so powerful they would make a
non-initiate tremble with dread and horror.  Ebvep specializes in
etheric energy and the natural world. 
    Ebvep has an immense concentration.  It is very penetrating and
subtle. It is hard to even notice because it is so relaxed and refined. 
    Before working with Ebvep, I usually practiced evocation for
about an hour.  But Ebvep said to me, "Come back when you have
learned to condense lunar energy with more power and meditate
with me as you do with your Zen master."   After I did this it has
become easy for me to meditate with spirits for three to four hours
such that I barely notice time passing.
   Ebvep may not meet many individuals' standards for what is
regarded as spiritual.  Ebvep does not seem to be like many spirits of
the earthzone who offer wisdom and methods for individual growth
and enlightenment.  Instead, Ebvep's primary interests are in the
deep structure and currents of force which underlie nature, space,
and time.  In this sense, an astrophysicist and an ecologist
specializing in the biosphere and planetary evolution share more in
common with Ebvep than the individual who yearns for spiritual
   But part of the evolution of mind involves a stage in which
individuals learn to project their consciousness directly into physical
matter.  You attune your mind to the vibrations of the elements in
the periodic table.  The mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms each
speak to you on a level beyond what contemporary psychology
could ever imagine or wish to probe.  
   However, if your greater purpose is to become a microcosm
reflecting the greater macrocosm in all of its many aspects, then it
would be natural at some point to work with Ebvep.  Along with his
immense powers which might be frightening to some, he is also
astonishingly beautiful.  He embodies a peace which only highly
evolved spiritual beings know.  The mysterious, often obscure and
hidden energies which shape life on our planet flow through his

14-21 Degrees Leo.  The energy on the higher planes of the
earthzone in these degrees of Leo reflect great confidence and
mastery.  There is an implacable and crushing power present.  This
is like the authority of a king whose powers are of divine origin and
who enjoys divine protection.

Entering the Lunar Sphere.  Surrounded by lunar light, it is easy to
imagine being completely happy, content, and satisfied.  It is natural
to envision your life as being completely fulfilled.  The lunar zone is
like virtual reality.  Your images and dreams are experienced as
being fully alive right now.  Time past, present, and future
intermingle and flow through each other.  Instead of seeing yourself
as living within a specific century and society, you feel that the
present, the distant past, and the far future embrace and celebrate
each other's accomplishments.
    This is the positive side of the lunar sphere.  Whatever your
external circumstances or the quality of your inner life, entering here
your soul feels complete and whole.  There are some amazing
advantages to this perspective.  Traditions can be fully appreciated. 
The limitations of the physical plane are fully accepted.  At the same
time, the wild and unexpected magick of the future with its
unknown and dazzling power are also embraced and taken into your
heart.  You both accept what has gone before and unite with the
power to create and to recreate.  Time past, present, and future are
blended into one taste.  
   This utter freedom of exploring dreams and visions and also the
profound acceptance of life's limitations characterize all the spirits of
the lunar sphere.  The higher spirits are in effect masters of the
connections between what is and what can be.  

Ebvep's Domain.  I shift my awareness into the sphere of the moon
and into the level of akasha where the head of the eleventh moon
station resides.  I get the image of a fisherman casting a net.  In this
case, the net is a huge magnetic field which takes control of
whatever it wishes.  Its lines of force align with and then bind with
the energies of the electromagnetic spectrum within any physical
     Expressed another way, this energy is like a generator which
captures cosmic energies and condenses them.  The eleventh moon
mansion holds within it the ability to extend your mind over a vast
distance and synchronize your brain waves to whatever vibrations of
matter are there.  This involves a deep trance in which your body
becomes sensitive like a tuning fork and dynamic like an electrical

Ebvep's Inner Source of Inspiration.  Consciousness can include
within itself the fundamental forces which are at work shaping a
planet--gravity, the movement of the tectonic plates, tides, magnetic
fields, the uplifting of mountain ranges, etc.  In other words, the
atmosphere, oceans, mountains, and pools of magma beneath the
earth are all part of what consciousness can encompass.  The planet
earth and the moon are not separate from our bodies.  Our auras
and vibratory fields and their auras and vibratory fields
interpenetrate, influence, and transform each other.

Sigil.  Ebvep's sigil evokes a pure form of awareness which has no
need of thoughts. It taps into the part of the brain we do not usually
access.  Concentrating on this sigil has the effect of expanding your
consciousness so you feel you are like the light of the moon--your
awareness extends over a vast space. 
    One theory has it that billions of years ago an asteroid collided
with our planet.  The impact broke off part of the earth.  Eventually
the moon formed from the fragments which were hurled into space.  
In a sense, the moon is part of the earth.  In other words, the
vibration and aura of the earth and of the moon are closely tied to
each other.
     The moon has also been exerting a gravitational pull upon the
tides of the earth for countless eons.  You could say that a spirit like
Ebvep has learned to make that magnetic force and gravitational
attraction part of his own consciousness.  He has learned to direct
magnetic tides at will.

Ebvep's Outer Aura.  As I call to Ebvep, he appears.  His aura, as
with the eleventh house and the sign of Leo, is very powerful. 
There is also something mysterious about him.  His consciousness
extends similar to a vast, gravitational field exerting its influence
over a wide range of phenomena.  This is not the sweet and serene
lunar goddess who is cloaked in the beauty of silvery moonbeams. 
No, it is more like Ebvep, with huge hands of magnetic force,
reaches into and scans the oceans, the mountains, and the depths of
the earth.  The gravitational pull of the moon is in part his mind at
     It takes me a few minutes to align my mind to Ebvep's.  It seems
to help a lot that I have worked with the cosmic letter E for many
years.  Ebvep likes to sense entire mountain ranges.  He seems to be
especially aware of fault lines and the electronic vibrations of
minerals.  It would be easy to imagine Ebvep playing the role of the
father of the moon goddess in the children's story Kaguhime.  In
that story, an entire army temporarily goes mad when it tries to
prevent a lunar spirit from calling his daughter home. 

Ebvep's Inner Aura.  I sense what I would call the longing in matter
to grow and to interact with life.  I ask Ebvep about this.  He replies,
"My awareness encompasses the matrix of both matter and life.  If
you enter the tree with your mind, you can feel as it feels the earth
and the sky, water and heat,  insect, animal, and forest all playing a
part in the unfolding of its being. 
    "If you enter the rock, you can feel its willingness to yield to
water, to pressure and to heat.  It is willing to split, to be shattered,
and to turn into sand.  Matter and spirit mold and shape each other. 
They are each other's blood and breath.  
    "You may not be fully acquainted with the magnitude and depth
of this interaction but the words which you use to describe the
process of life are actually the same which cause mountains to rise
and oceans to appear and to cease to exist.  These words are desire,
need, excitement, passion, and satisfaction though they also, as with
you, join with patience, perseverance, commitment, and peace.  I
am within the changes of nature.  I am within the changes of spirit. 
I celebrate their union and their bliss."
   I ask Ebvep, "Tell me about the matrix of life?"
   He replies, "To understand the evolution of your species, you
must first find inner peace.  You have been fighters and warriors
since the beginning striving to survive, to sleep, and to eat.  Yet even
in the beginning long before the dawn of civilization the wonder of
being alive seized members of your race and granted them a taste of
cosmic peace. 
    "Having laid his traps, the hunter waits with his spear on his lap
for the sun to rise.  Even amid the struggle to survive, he beholds
the beauty of the skies.  The stars are his companions and the wind
is the breath of his mistress.  The hills, valleys, rivers, and forests
are the contours of her body.  The fruits, herbs, and animals are the
nourishing pleasure of her breasts. 
    "He perceives so clearly what you in your time do not see--that
nature and the universe and the soul of a human being freely
intermingle.  They absorb and transform each other.  They are one
      "Tinkering, capturing, testing, probing, designing, and
producing--your civilization takes a small sip of the bliss which
surges through the matrix supporting your existence.  You only
survey and measure a tiny part of the fields of force which regulate
your lives.  
    "And though you still hunt and struggle to survive, your wars are
more professional, your tactics more conceptual.  You no longer
listen to the pulse of your heart and the rhythm of your breath as
you wait in the dark to see if your longing shall be satisfied at dawn. 
You no longer nourish and guard your hunger like a fire you must
keep alive in order to stay warm. You no longer track your desire to
its habitation in a wilderness of the unknown. 
    "And so you no longer perceive the wonder of the world.  Its
mystery does not flow through you.  Its pleasure does not fall upon
you.  Its beauty does not take you into its arms.
    "Consciousness can map the structure, write the formulas,
theorize, and apply new technologies.  But consciousness can also
encompass and unite with the vibratory fields on all planes and
levels of the object or the life which you would know.  The matrix
of life is a oneness encompassing all the parts it enfolds.  But this
oneness is not impersonal and cold.  It is in fact wild and exuberant,
ecstatic and intoxicating.  
     "It impregnates and it is pregnant.  It gives birth.  It grows and it
searches.  It is in its essence captivated by the desire to create and to
recreate.  Yet this impulse is not anxious, haunted, or desperate.  I
tell you, this matrix of life creates out of joy and its peace
encompasses the stars at night. 
    "Your poet, William Blake who was my friend, spoke to the
Earth whom I love when he said, `Why wilt thou not return?'  There
is no need for separation.  Even as the child studies language and
science, he can also celebrate the mystery of being alive.  It is
unnecessary to surrender his wonder and beauty to the need of the
rational mind to analyze. 
    "The matrix of life speaks through the heart.  And the heart holds
as sacred every need and desire.  Every dream, longing, and quest
has its place and time to manifest and be satisfied.  Everything that
exists consciousness can cherish and protect, include and transform,
and recreate out of joy and bliss."
Pathworking.  I do a brief pathworking on Ebvep's image of the
matrix of life.  A pathworking is an exploration of imagery, feeling,
and intuition. It is a process in which the five senses, feeling, and
conscious questions freely associate with each other and exchange
perceptions and points of view. 
   As I begin, I see a woman in front of me whose aura reflects the
matrix of life.  Her beauty takes the passion and desire, the craving
and needs of the man into her body.  She transforms as she draws in
and accepts.  Pleasure and bliss, ecstasy and union are her gifts.  
   She takes all that the man is into her heart.  And there his desire
becomes the flame on her alter.  There the man and the woman
celebrate and reflect in themselves the universe of which they are a
part.  Their joining is now a sacred ritual.  The depths of life and the
matrix joining matter and spirit flow through their love. 
    I have to say that this is one of the nicest images of tantra, of the
union of masculine and feminine, I have seen so far in my work
with the Bardon spirits.  Ebvep's vision of the joining of opposites is
very appealing to me.  It is deep and strong enough that the sorrow,
loneliness, separation, isolation, and loss which are seemingly
inherent in life can not touch or come near to it.  This is because it
embraces the entire matrix of life and death and the evolution of
matter and spirit. 
   Having been granted a taste of this lunar elixir, I find there is a
place of sorrow within my heart where the pain is finally released
and the loneliness is now embraced by love. 
   I ask Ebvep to tell me more about inner peace. 
   He replies, "Inner peace is the ecstasy a creator brings to his work. 
Before he begins to plan, imagine, think or conceive of what shall
be, he enters a state of emptiness and a void fills his being.  There
he perfects his receptivity.  There the fire animating life, the breath
of spirit, the harmony of the stars, and the secret desires hidden in
matter--these flow through his heart. 
    "He absorbs the tension which holds opposites apart.  He
becomes the bliss enticing their union.  His ecstasy is the light
penetrating the fabric of life.  As the adept who has attained oneness
with his beloved, the creator embraces the unknown and makes it
his home.  He holds it in his soul until the two are transformed.
    "This passion and rapture to create and to be transformed, this
penetrating emptiness which is a oneness with all it beholds, this
journey into the unknown which is simultaneously a coming home--
this is the inner peace of which I speak.  It is a celebration that has
no end.  It is the ecstasy which makes the universe its friend. 
    "It is a silence listening so well every voice is heard, every soul
discovers its song, every person finds a quest to fulfill.  You become
a well overflowing with the waters of life and also a void reflecting
the stars and the night.  You contain all of this in your depths and
your heart never loses its passion to participate in the drama of
    "A titanic explosion of joy shines from the serene light of your
eyes.  A fire storm of rapture and the thunder of pleasure throb and
echo in the soft, gentle words that you speak.  Love is not robbed of
its bliss by sorrow, loss, and emptiness.  It remembers its destiny
and its peace."
 The Akashic Plane of the Earth

As with other spirits, I meditate with Ebvep on the four planes of
the earthzone.  On the akashic plane, Ebvep says to me, "If you
tried to comprehend the dimension of my awareness and the orbit of
my power,  you would have to become a raindrop falling down,
darting through the wind, tumbling, revolving;  and the cloud from
which it came, drifting in the sky with its moist, wet presence, cold
receptive, and yielding;  and the ocean into which the raindrop
dissolves deep, vast, sensual and magnetic from horizon to horizon--

My awareness is like an abyss
It penetrates all that exists
As the moon's light
Fills the night
Casting shadows where no sun shines
Raising tides where no winds blow.
As close as breath to life, as darkness to night
As tenderness to love
As light to the morning sun
I am the serenity of the moon
I am the source from which peace comes. 

Compared to the moon, the akasha of the earthzone is highly
electrical.  It is active in planning to manifest things.  The lunar zone
is more magnetic, more receptive and reflective.  
   When you bring the lunar zone down into the akasha of the
earthzone you get great stillness.  This stillness is not particularly
goal oriented.  It does not try to manifest anything.  It shines with a
sense of inner completion.  
    Everything that shall be can already be seen based on what has
gone before.  Even when the creator, the magician, enters a void of
emptiness in order to create something completely new and without
precedent, that void he enters still exists on the inner planes. You
can encompass it with your mind and imagination.  The new thing
the magician envisions you can already sense within your heart. 
   This is not to say that the lunar influence is not active.  Rather, its
actions are more a celebration, a statement of the wholeness of life
and oneness with the universe than they are an act of will seeking to
exert an influence.  If Ebvep were acting to overthrow a dictator or
heal a dying person, his magick would be like an invitation. 
     It would be as if he were saying, "Here, let me help you
understand the oneness of life.  You do not need to cling to your
identity and act out of your insecurity.  The past does not define
who you are.  There are more treasures to be found in yielding than
in possessing--open yourself so you are a vessel filled with the song
of life and radiant with the beauty of the universe."

The Mental Plane

Ebvep is one of those spirits in whose presence it is easy to fall
asleep because of the intensity of his concentration.  Before his
aura, it is easy to imagine I am sitting on the moon and feeling the
moon's gravitational pull upon the earth and the oceans.  And also I
imagine I am sitting in a desert, forest, or mountain range and
feeling a gravitational force extending out from my body.  My
awareness blends with the etheric and molecular vibrations of the
physical world around me.
    A way to get a sense of Ebvep's mode of awareness is to visualize
yourself in a small boat under a full moon in the middle of the
ocean.  You feel the lines of gravitational and magnetic force in the
sea as if they flow through and extend from your own body.  The
entire expanse of the sea from horizon to horizon is locked into and
synchronized to the vibration of your aura.  You feel joined to and
one with the ocean.  
    This kind of meditation expands the aura.  And it gives a feeling
of being connected to nature.  Like many spirits, Ebvep sees one
energy field encompassing the earth and all that is within it.  Ebvep's
wisdom is the awareness of the tides, the rippling movement, and
flow of forces shaping the world. 
     On the mental plane, Ebvep has the most awareness of nature
which I have ever run into.  In terms of the earth and the moon, in
my experience the only thing similar to Ebvep's awareness is the
mind of Cigila who is a spirit in the earthzone.  Cigila has the
concentration of a master who is a perfected servant of Divine
Providence.  His mind is a genuine reflection of the divine majesty. 
   But Ebvep's awareness on the mental plane is most vast and
penetrating.  The image I have in my mind of him is of a
thermonuclear explosion.  Like the sign of Leo which the eleventh
mansion of the moon is a part, Ebvep's mind is very expansive,
bright, and commanding. 
  I ask him to say something about this.  Ebvep replies, "I perceive
the stability and harmony within the four elements of nature.  But it
is impossible for me not to see the potentials for releasing energy. 
With a small change in wind velocity, direction, and temperature,
you get a level five hurricane where there was once fair weather. 
With a small landslide on the cliffs of an ocean trench, you get a
ninety foot tsunami bearing down on a beach.  
   "With a slight shift in pressure and the chemical composition of
magma, you get a Mount St. Helens exploding with a pyroclastic
surge.  With a few small alterations in gravity waves and magnetic
flows beneath the ground, you get a level nine earthquake on the
Richter scale.  
   "I am aware of all of these things.  I perceive the harmony and the
enduring stability within nature but also the place and time of
upheaval and cataclysm.  The same principles apply to history,
civilization, and the human psyche.  If you perceive the densest
vibrations of matter and energy with your mind so you are one with
them, then naturally you are aware of the patterns and cycles of
unfolding time. The transformations of spirit, the fulfillment of
wishes, and the secrets of immortality are part of your knowledge.
    "The infant asleep in its mother's arms is under my protection.  It
tastes the peace which is part of me.  But to know my joy that infant
must one day consciously seek and unite with the divine mother, the
Soul of the Earth. He must become Her champion and Her
companion.  He must dream Her dreams, love Her as a lover, and
share Her pleasures.  
   "Then he will have free access to all of my treasures.  I will greet
him as a brother and teach him to accomplish all that he seeks."

The Astral Plane

To summarize our progress so far, working with Ebvep on the
akashic plane produces an immense awareness extending over great
distances.  It is especially focused on the etheric vibration of the
world.  Ebvep senses the one vibratory field of energy underlying
matter in nature.
    The mental plane is focused more on the structure, the fabric of
causes, and the interconnections of the world.  Here Ebvep's
awareness discerns the causes underlying events and shaping what is
to be.   The astral plane is more involved with the forces of
attraction and repulsion.  Ebvep notices, for example, the way
matter stores and releases energy.  The mountain contains a
reservoir of energy waiting to be released and to influence the world
as does the sea, the atmosphere, the tree, the rock, and individual
   To meditate with Ebvep on the astral plane is to sense the weight
of the mountain and the forces subjecting it to erosion. With human
beings, Ebvep brings out the deepest feelings within them.  These
feelings, though otherwise obscure and far below consciousness, are
now fully expressed and the life within them is fully revealed.  You
discover what it is like to be integrated from the deepest levels of
your material being to your highest spirit.  
   The astral provides this heightened sensitivity to what is hidden
within yourself and within life.  The astral receptivity enables this
subtle and hidden aspects of your self to be revealed.  Instead of
getting to know yourself in different ways during each stage of your
life, you now experience the totality of who you are.  The infant, the
child, the young man, the husband, the father, the elder--they are all
joined as one.  They share each other's feelings, perspectives and
     If on the mental plane, Ebvep's mind is like a nuclear explosion,
on the astral his aura is like the magnetic field which can contain and
hold in check a nuclear explosion.  He embodies all that preserves
and conserves life.  If you are weak, he will remind you of your
strength.  If you are arrogant, he will remind you of your faults. If
you are confused, he will remind you of the determination you
possess.  If you are sad, he will take you back and revive you with a
drink from the well of happiness which you discovered one day long
ago when you went exploring on your own.
    Your life has been shaped by the limitations and experiences you
have passed through.  Your life is also like the light of the moon.  It
reflects a source of dazzling power, a light shining outward and
communing with billions of other stars.  You are a joining of matter
and spirit and the two are constantly searching for each other's
    Ebvep says, "When you meditate, light a candle.  The yin is the
darkness, the wax, the cool air, and the silence receptive and
enticing.  The yang is the flame, the heat, the wick, the flickering
and the sizzling hiss.  
   "My wisdom is hidden in the silent womb of the earth four billion
years old.  Yet I am here also.  I am the fire inhaling air, clinging to
the wick, and drinking the wax with hungry lips.  I am breath
exhaling light ravishing the darkness with delight.  I am where desire
and gratification, masculine and feminine,  the dance of opposites
unite.  I am the tension in their separation and the ecstasy in their
The Physical Plane

Ebvep says, "It is most interesting.  Those who visit me usually seek
high honor, great power, or treasures of wealth and wisdom hidden
in land or sea beyond the knowledge of  their civilization.  But you
are not as these.  You seek me as a lover the beloved or a friend the
love of a friend.  Therefore, I grant you this boon:  Nothing shall
trouble you within the sphere of the moon.  No dream shall hide
from you its meaning.  No sorrow, regret, or loss shall tear you with
its claws.  From you peace shall flow like a stream."

As we continue meditating, Ebvep says, "The great yogis of the
earth know me.  They have found their way into my serenity."
   Ebvep and I then visit three great teachers in different Oriental
traditions.  Each of these masters acknowledges our presence. 
Ebvep shows me how each of them embodies an aspect of his
     The heart of the third master, for example,  is like a sea of
compassion.  When this master notices us, he stops his chanting and
puts his hands on his lap.  He leans forward and stares at me.  
    He says,  "You do not understand that human beings crave true
freedom.  When you speak, let your words be as the fragrance of a
flower, the incense arising from a heart that loves.  More than
hypnotic metaphors or treasures found in profound visions, others
seek your love.  Give them this if you wish your poems to taste like
bliss, if you want your words to heal their hearts."
     In the beginning as Bardon suggests,  it was difficult for me to
contact Ebvep and meditate with him.  He demanded I create a very
dense and highly charged field of silvery light as a medium through
which he could manifest.  When I accomplish this,  it become very
satisfying to work with him.  
    A year or so later, several other spirits drew my attention back to
the lunar zone.  It seemed the time was right to work more
extensively in this sphere of light.  Slowly, the lunar zone is
becoming familiar to me, like second nature.  What has changed is
my ability to become completely empty and to extend my awareness
for greater distances. 
    Many of the Bardon spirits have a lot to say about love,
relationships, wealth, magical power, and so forth.  At first, I
thought Ebvep was more a representative of the primordial forces of
gravity and magnetism as they exist in nature.  This he surely is. 
But as I work with him, I find he is also quite capable of addressing
my personal needs as well.  Like Jachil in the earthzone, Ebvep has
a real flair for showing me how the desires in the center of my heart
are seen in the movement of energies in nature.  Again, personal
and transpersonal flow through each other.
    11/10/98: Tues.  Last night after working with Ebvep, I had a
lucid dream.  I woke up amid a dream and was fully aware that my
body was still asleep.  I said to one individual with whom I was
talking, "I feel so awake I will remember this conversation when I
wake up."  And so I did.  Ebvep brings to consciousness the deeper
aspects of the brain. 
     11/12/98: Thurs.  Ebvep on the physical plane is what a legion
of Jeddi knights might learn to master if ever such spiritual warriors
came into existence.  They sense the force in matter and learn to
control it directly with their minds.  Ebvep easily extends his
awareness into the four elements of nature.  With this ability, it is
very easy and natural to communicate with the beings dwelling
within the four elements.  They seem to hold in awe the individual
who has united with their own element to an extent even they have
not achieved.
    I take a few moments to consider why I like Ebvep's aura so
much on the physical level.  I consider the Christian college I once
attended.  Immersed within Ebvep's aura, I can feel the entire
history of Protestant Christianity from its conception to the present
and how the active parts of that tradition are embodied within the
college.  I can sense the history of all the individuals who attended
this college.  I can look into their minds and feel their feelings.  I can
sense how the institution served them. It offered them a means for
preserving their devotion and commitment to service.  And it
offered them an opportunity to develop their skills and their minds. 
   But no where in the tradition is their even the remotest awareness
of the power underlying nature or which is inherent in spirit.  There
are indeed times when they utilized faith to accomplish miracles. 
But this was power applied through proxy.  They never dreamed of
discovering and internalizing the power of nature and spirit within
   And so when they read about their prophets, they imagine
prophecy to be dead and gone.  It still speaks of what shall be but
the act of meeting face to face with God or angels as did Jacob,
Moses, Balaam, Isaiah, etc.,--this is again not a possibility their
hearts would ever consider.  Spiritually, speaking, they have fallen
asleep amid their enthusiasm to be men of faith, service, and
masters of productivity.  
   I obviously like Ebvep's perspective since it is so inclusive.  He
takes in everything and presents the good and the bad as a summary
in one picture and one feeling of wholeness.  
As I gaze at the city of Detroit, I certainly notice the productivity
and industry.  But what is most noticeable is the amount of
desperation and despair which is thick in the air.  So many lives are
plagued by hopelessness. 
    There are no festivals in this city which contain visions of
unification or which dream dreams of being fulfilled in the course of
time.  There is a desolation which has control over every community
in that great city. 
   But if you sense, as Ebvep senses, the larger picture and the
history, you are taken back to a time before the European and the
African arrived.  You dwell among the native Americans and live
for years among their tribes with your mind.  Your fellow men and
women are like brothers and sisters.  And though their are wars and
struggles to survive, technology has not taken the upper hand in
determining the course of their lives.  Connections to others are
close and intimate.  You celebrate others' happiness and share in
their sadness.  
   You can see this spirit of community striving desperately to come
alive in our century.  Individuals with power imagine themselves to
be chiefs over their employees. They try to forge bonds which can
not be broken.  They command others binding them to their jobs
and pronouncing what should be their every thought and feeling.  In
this way, they attempt to gain the intimacy of a tribe.  But the effort
is contrived.  
    From Ebvep's perspective, the remedy is to attain a joining of
hearts and minds.  It is not the physical, material involvement with
each other which is important.  It is the ability to work with other
individuals so that you feel one with their hearts.  If you can join
with another's heart and share the other's deepest dreams and
feelings, then there is an explosion of community.  You feel
connected.  You celebrate the joy of being alive.  It is contagious.  
    When enough individuals do this, it is like a nuclear explosion of
love.  The city is lit up from within.  The air is then thick not with
despair but with generosity and compassion.  The leaders of the
communities, ethnic groups, and religions then speak each other's
language and support each other's dreams and ideals.  
    But to pass this way individuals need to find their own roots. 
They need to go back past the shame and the guilt to find the
sources of inspiration which nourish them individually.  And they
need to walk through that darkness which is the other man's
desperation.  They need to feel what it is like to see through others'
eyes and wake up in the morning understanding what is permitted
and forbidden to those individuals to whom hope has evaporated. 
Common Difficulties/Imbalances.  The first problem in working
with Ebvep involves becoming acquainted with the deep levels of
consciousness which he commands.  The best example of this is
learning to wake up when the brain waves are in delta, that is, in
deep, dreamless sleep.  As I have mentioned elsewhere, great yogis
like Swami Rama can demonstrate in a laboratory their ability to
perceive and remember events while they are registering the delta
brain waves of deep sleep or trance.  
    Try this.  Imagine your body is in a state of deep, dreamless
sleep.  You eyes are not shifting for you are seeing no images as in a
dream.  Your breathing is slow and regular.  Your body is relaxed
and lethargic.  Your nerves are tranquilized.  They are no longer
interested in carrying sensations to the brain from the external
world.  And yet your are fully awake and alert. 
   Your consciousness is still centered within your body, but your
body is only a vague presence.  No thoughts, images, sounds, tastes,
or smells come around.  There is nothing to touch, to grasp, or to let
go of. 
   This leads us naturally to the question, What do you do here? 
Where have we arrived?  What is the purpose of this journey and
state of mind?  The answer is that this is the place where
consciousness and the vibration of matter find common ground. 
    The focus of the mind is not so specific.  In this state, it is
difficult for example to transfer your mind into a rock and notice its
qualities.  But it is easy to place your mind within a mountain.  The
mountain is just the right size for the vast space which your
consciousness now occupies.  
   The sea, the atmosphere, the magma beneath the earth--they too
are strangely inviting and willing to share their secrets with you.  If
you imagine you are a river, you do not need a picture of the river
flowing two hundred miles from a mountain range to the sea.  You
do not need to hear the sounds of waves splashing on shores or
smell the moisture the river spreads through the air.  
    Instead, you can feel the vibratory field which is the water of the
river moving above and below the sand and rocks of the river's
bottom.  You can feel the energy in the water and the power in its
momentum.  Your consciousness is then like an open, empty space
and the vibration of the river is all that is within it.  A spirit like
Ebvep can perceive the outer forms of nature. He can also sense the
energy underneath them.  
   This exercise simulates Ebvep's mode of perception.  There is no
separation between the observer and the object observed.  The mind
encompasses and is one with the object of its meditation.  The
energy within what you are observing is experienced as being within
and a part of yourself.