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                                                Emedetz, 11-18 degrees Taurus, Solar Sphere


Reason for Evocation: I am interested in health and vitality and how to develop my skills in these areas.  In The Practice of Magical Evocation, Franz Bardon describes briefly the forty-five higher spirits of the sphere of the sun.  He says of Emedetz, “The sixth genius guards and increases the vitality and viability of man, beast, and plant.”  It is inevitable that at some point I would focus on Emedetz.  

    Put briefly, Bardon’s approach to vitality simply and absolutely does not work for me.  I need a different approach altogether.  It is not quantity of energy but quality that is so critical to my health, equilibrium, and ability to heal. 

    But Bardon also understands these things.  He mentions and describes a great number of spirits who specialize in alchemy, the philosopher’s stone, magical healing, and a vast variety of ways for working with the life force.  This spirit’s aura involves one such alternative.  




The sphere of the sun is so astonishing that it requires a much longer introduction than I am going to present here.  All the same, I will try to touch on some of the ways in which this sphere is unique and how it fits into the planetary hierarchy. 


The Bardon System


According to the Bardon system, you begin training your body, emotions, and mind over a number of years.  In the process, you develop an amazing degree of concentration, world level psychic abilities, and an emotional balance beyond the wisdom of contemporary psychology.     

    Along the way you penetrate with your awareness in the realms of the spirits who dwell in nature—the undines, sylphs, gnomes, and salamanders.  Then you enter the earthzone, the higher spiritual realm surrounding our planet and study with some of the 360 spirits who oversee human and planetary evolution.  

   After this you begin an even greater journey sojourning among the spirits who dwell in the auras of the other planets as well as the sun.  Bardon recommends following a specific order and getting to know very well at least several spirits from each of these spheres: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  There are also spirits in Uranus and Neptune but Bardon does not name or describe these.


My Method


 I have described my brief contacts with a number of spirits from many of these spheres. I am not engage in any kind of traditional evocation when I do this.  My nervous system and past karma are quite different from Bardon’s.  In many ways I am far more constrained and limited than he is in regard to condensing and controlling energies.  In other ways, I am permitted to engage in many kinds of activities his karma would not allow him to pursue.  We are all different.       

    I do interviews with spirits.  Bardon calls this “mental wandering.” You simply send your mind into the domain of a spirit.  Then you interact in any one of countless ways with that spirit in order to gain answers to your questions, study with the spirit, or set up some sort of program for accomplishing something.  

    So with all due respect to tradition, I simply sit down for four hours or more with a pot of coffee and send my mind into the domain of the spirit.  There are also again countless ways to interact with spirits without sending your mind anywhere at all. You simply reproduce in yourself or your environment the vibration of the spirit and study that vibration in a way that you find comfortable and informative.  I pursue those methods as well.

     Namely, my subconscious and body are sufficiently trained that when I think of a spirit (I do not in any way need that spirit’s name), that spirit’s vibration will appear instantly within my etheric, astral, mental, or akashic body with the degree of intensity I desire.  In this way, by simply focusing within myself I have a fair approximation of how the spirit would appear if it were here with me in my room. 

   In this essay, I use this method as well as condensing the light of the sun sufficiently so that to some degree the spirit is present in my room externally.  Think of downloading from the internet or streaming video.  The message pops up on your computer screen—“Please wait while we readjust your internet connection to a slower speed to allow for uninterrupted video.”

    Quality depends on your ram capacity, your modem connection, your audio and video cards, and so forth.  In a similar way, your connections with spirits depend greatly on your level of concentration and your psychic abilities, your will power, and also the divine intentions to which you are aligned.     

    In a nutshell, part of what I do to enter the solar sphere is to visualize the brilliant light of the sun in and around me out to the boundaries of the sky.  I then “switch” the vibration of this light to the actual vibration of the sun.  And then I place my mind directly within the akasha of the solar sphere. 

   First you learn to project your mind into a stone, a tree, and people.  After a while you move on to elementals in nature and then spirits closer to the physical world.  After that you move on to other spheres.  It is just a matter of time and patience and prolonged practice.  

    Some people are ready to give up when they start encountering lots of difficulties with this training.  Magic is not always a good idea.  It makes life more difficult, not easier.  

    But some individuals have purposes to accomplish, missions to fulfill, like a general who enters the world to bring a war to a close, like a scientist who enters the world to offer new knowledge to mankind—your motivation and your perseverance are a function of your purpose. 

   Or as Bridget Fonda says in the movie, Point of No Return, “The little things don’t bother me.” When you are on a mission, you stay focused.  You have all the same distractions as everyone else.  It is just that you have greater responsibility because the power you hold affects so many other people.       

   In the beginning, when you get to the solar sphere it can be fairly overwhelming.  But in time you get a feel for what these spirits are up to, how they think and perceive the universe, and the authority and inspiration through which they operate.   


The Hierarchy


Each sphere in our solar system has its own themes.  Put simply, the spirits of the earth are oriented toward accomplishing things.  In traditional fiction, an evoked spirit would say upon appearing, “For what purpose am I called?”  In other words, what do you want done?  

   In our world, there is always a plan of action unfolding.  If you do not have your own, someone will be happy to supply you with one.  Failure to participate is almost the worst thing you can do on this planet. 

    Your “niche” as I mention under Ten Rules for Spiritual Beginners in Rule 10 is found by combing the greatest passion within you with some sort of worthwhile action in the external world.  Magic can not do this for you.    

   The 360 earthzone spirits consider our planet to be like a university.  You are here to learn something—how to grow, how to serve others, or how to work through some challenge in life.  No where will you find so many obstacles and difficulties.  And so no where else are you offered such a high learning curve. 

   In the Odyssey, the gods loved Odysseus because he was so inventive.  He could solve problem after problem and yet never forget his mission.  Circumstances forced him again and again to abandon his priorities but he always found a way to return to them.  Our limitations are meant to be overcome and we do this by learning, by mastering them; and learning often requires ingenuity, creativity, and applying our abilities in new ways.    

    If you enter the solar sphere without passing through the sphere of the Moon, you lose the rhythm of life, an awareness of the time and the seasons in which things manifest.  Your prophets or your ideals are at war with nature.  The prophets have visions that they think will come to pass very soon when in fact the visions are conditioned on your response to them.  And the ideals are embodied in external morality rather than as something to find in your self through self-transformation.        

   Without the inner peace and a feeling of oneness with the universe of the Lunar sphere, individuals have no sense of creating a “spiritual environment” though which they are reborn as spirits.  They neither understand the laws governing the spiritual realms nor do they have any sense of a path to perfection.    
   Without Mercury, the Sun presents great light but because the mind is weak you get fanaticism and individuals obsessed with doctrines.  They simply do not know how to think.  They do comprehend problems in all aspects and variations.

    They do not know how to use “the light” to solve problems as they arise.  And a world teacher from the sun who fails to teach his disciples about Mercury fails to pass down his knowledge to his disciples.  So those who follow him see him as an idol, an ideal, or as god but can not find the divine within themselves that the teacher has in himself.   

    If you enter the solar sphere without Venus, you can become a world teacher but you still lack empathy—how to connect directly to the person in front of you.  You lack an appreciation of art, of personal harmony, and of the ways in which the attraction between opposites is an expression of beauty. 

    Almost all religions on earth know nothing about Venus.  You can observe this absence for yourself.  Even when religious people or “masters” carefully “listen” to you, they only listen in order to further their agendas rather than actually caring about you as a person.  If they really listened, they would seek to discover and to bring to life the sacred that is inside of you rather than the sacred that their doctrines celebrate. 

   A Venus spirit, like a great undine, will seek to fulfill and to realize the unique vision hidden within you.  In their presence, you taste what it is to feel whole and complete.  Through their aura touching your aura, you enter a vision and experience here and now all that you will one day attain.  I have experienced this many times through contact with specific individuals and spirits but never though contact with a teacher, master, or guru.    

   Preparation is necessary for working with the Sun.  The Sun has immense resources but Mars overcomes obstacles that require superhuman energy and will power.  Mars will get the job done. 

   Even Christ had the influence of Jupiter early in life. Three wise men came bearing expensive gifts.  Those gifts financed Christ’s sojourn in Egypt.  Jupiter expands life’s opportunities and the conditions under which one exists.    

   Saturn keeps an eye on the bottom line so you do not waste time. If you do not use your opportunities and all the gifts that have been given, then Saturn steps in and subtracts, taking away so that you appreciate the value of what you have.  Saturn’s job is to keep you focused on the deepest lessons you need to learn.  Christ said to his disciples, “You only have me for a little time.” He had Saturn walking beside him.

     Uranus offers new powers, new magic, new things that never before existed.  Uranus is not just the unexpected.  It offers skills in performing original acts of creation.  

    And Neptune is there to remind us that there is no separation.  We are all joined as one in every breath and in every element of life that nurtures us.  But don’t worry about Neptune.  If you truly love then you already know this. 


The Light


The fuel of the sun is the conversion of hydrogen to helium.  It is fusion.  Fusion requires temperatures of around forty million degrees.  Nature on earth does not produce this temperature.  

   One difficulty with trying to reproduce this process in a laboratory is that the temperature involved melts anything near it.  You can not contain the reaction and turn it to a productive end unless you can sustain it in a limited place.  One possible method is to use a magnetic containment field that holds the fusing material together through the power magnetism.  As yet we do not know how to use magnetism in this way.   

   This difficulty is similar to the process of working with the solar sphere.  The light is so bright that you need to master certain requisites so that the light does not destroy human consciousness.  Put simply, you need to master the four elements in nature in terms of their energies. 

   You need the balancing or neutralizing power of the air element seen in the atmosphere of the earth.  You need a mind clear and open as the blue sky.  You need embody in your self the magnetism in the waters of the earth—the oceans, the lakes, and the streams. You need that nurturing consciousness and pure clairsentience.

  You need the earth element—the internal silence belonging to matter and minerals.  Without being able to embody in your consciousness the density of physical matter, to be comfortable with that enduring vibration, then the density in the sun, the gravity that causes fusion to occur, will tend to dissolve your ego and identity.

   And you need experience with fire.  The light of each planetary sphere is analogous to fire, since the light arises from fire and heat.  But nature here is also a clue—you need to feel comfortable with the domains of salamanders since they incorporate in themselves the intensity of fire in a great many ways to produce will power. 

    We can meet great will power in human beings.  Sometimes in history you meet generals who have wills of steel.  Occasionally we find someone who is like a volcano exploding.  The will is like a pyroclastic flow: like the side of a mountain vaporizing into hot gas and ash.  They attempt to dominate entire nations by unleashing the devastating force in their emotions.  Others with great will can not analyze or understand what they are confronting in such a man because the power is so overwhelming.

    Then we come to the sun with its fire of fusion.  The light it radiates originates in itself.  It burns its own fuel, converting matter to pure energy. 

   From my experience, the spirits of the sun are different from all other spirits in our solar system.  Seek to penetrate any spirit and you can discover its inner source of inspiration.  The higher spirits, in one way or another, are inspired by Divine Providence. 

    I often will summarize this inspiration by describing a spirit as saying, “It is the nature of Divine Providence to offer all beings a path to perfection.  I exist to demonstrate this by enabling you to take the first on your path by resolving any conflicts that confront you.” (Achaiah of the sphere of Mercury). 

     But the higher solar spirits are not just inspired by Divine Providence.  Within themselves, there is a mirror of akasha, so pure and deep, Divine Providence or some aspect of God, if you will, is reflected directly through them.  If you hold a mirror and reflect through it the light of the sun, then the light you see reflected is the actual photons that the sun emitted.

   When you meet these solar beings it is like that.  You see not a spirit but the light of Divine Providence itself.  They are united from within with the Creator.  In the Bible, the angel Gabriel says, “I am Gabriel who stands in the presence of God.”

    Gabriel has a commission and an authority.  But when you behold this wondrous being, you still do not see God within him.  You will never hear Gabriel say, “I and the Father are one.”  A world teacher who embodies within himself the light of one of these solar spirits can indeed speak in this way—in the sense of the mirror—“the light that you see in me is the light that God emits.” 

   For this reason, there is something wildly creative and cosmic in depth along with the perfection of beauty, of a nearly incomprehensible harmony, being reflected through these spirits.  They have the power to heal, to restore to life, and to guard, to reveal, and to empower all paths of life.                  

    I remember one time touching a woman who had hidden deep within her a direct connection to solar sphere.  With that touch an individual might say, “Experiencing this justifies all the suffering that exists in life—the beauty is that great, the healing that complete.”  If there is a song that the universe is singing, then the light that the stars emit carries this song in its vibrations.  This woman had a trace of that vibration within her body.  I was able to follow it back to its source.   

    If we gave voice to Emedetz’s inner source of inspiration it would be something like, “In me you witness the glory of God manifesting within your body as the perfection of health, as immortality, and Divine being.”  The difference between a spirit like Achaiah and Emedetz is that Emedetz does not demonstrate an aspect of Divine Providence in action.  Emedetz is an aspect of Divine Providence in its perfection.    

    From my point of view, any one of the forty-five spirits Bardon mentions in the solar sphere could easily start a new world religion on earth equal or far greater than anything we have previously known.  But such intervention in human history requires certain requisites. 

   For Christ to appear there had to be eighteen hundred years of Jewish history full of prophets and individuals also—individuals both seeking the divine and failing to seek the divine.  Even so, there were few if any genuine examples of individuals motivated by divine will to embody love on earth. 

   And here we are now.  We might still wonder after another two thousand years how many individuals not only have sought to love, but have sought to love by being illuminated from with the full force of divine inspiration motivating them.  The wisdom and being of these spirits of the sun do not come cheap. 

   Part of the price of interacting with them is to learn to do what they do: to embody in yourself pure emptiness of akasha, so deep, so vast and pure, that the divine can be reflected through you without distortion and without destroying civilization in the process.              


The Story


We have heard the tale told by Joseph Campbell that summarizes the essence of all mythologies on earth.  It goes like this: 

Though living in safe, secure, and familiar circumstances, the hero is called, accidentally stumbles, or else is tricked into crossing the boundary demarcating the familiar world and the unknown.  He leaves behind the setting of family and protective community.  In doing so, he bypasses the shadowy figures or culturally sanctioned guardians who watch over the boundaries leading into the unknown. 

 Because he travels beyond the safe limits of conventional knowledge, he acquires unusual companions—animal, human, or divine—who aid him in his journey.  Along the way, he overcomes dangers, traps, and monsters.  Finally, after undergoing a supreme ordeal, he discovers various kinds of treasures.  But the journey is not yet complete.  These treasures must be brought back and shared with others, for the value of what he finds is not known to him or us until it is established within the human community.

Well, that is Joseph Campbell, the mythologist.  When I enter the sphere of the sun, I hear this story told in a different way. 

   You hear it not from the point of view of an anthropologist, a literary scholar, or a student of religion.  It is not a story about a hero at all.  It is a story about the journey of the soul.  Whether it is Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Hermes Trismegistus, Lao Tzu, or another it goes like this:   


A world teacher descends from the sphere of the sun, a realm of pure light.  He puts on human form, accepting human limitations. 

    There is a drama in how his life unfolds. A good story always has drama, conflict and resolution. You have to do something to catch people’s attention.   

    But the story is not about a hero. It is not a drama that takes place “out there and performed by another.”  No, the story is about the possibilities of light unfolding within you.  The teacher comes not when life is bright.  He appears when things are dark, where there are suffering and loss.   

   He meets us in our darkest place.  Extending his hand as a friend and guide, he offers to lead us out of the darkness and back into the light.  


The darkness in life is sometimes very great.  But a spirit of the sun can say, “There is no darkness I have not been within; there is no loss that I have not felt;” (the empathy here is perfect—you can see that he feels exactly what you feel within yourself);

  He goes on, “But the beauty I taste is so great that I can create a path that will take you to where you may be healed and made whole again, revealing along the way that like me you too have within you the ability to command the powers of creation.”    


I had a referral from a model I had worked with.  I took some time to meditate on the aura of this individual I had not yet met. It seemed to me she embodied the cosmic letter UE which, among other things, creates the ability to see how the future unfolds.  True, this was latent within her.  But it was still perfectly clear to me. The letter UE is analogous in my mind to the fire and compassion of the sun.  (see  for the poem I wrote for a picture this model took of a bridge in Colorado near where I once lived).   

   We talked on the phone.  I explained to her my concept for a shoot using her as the model.  The idea came from envisioning her future spiritual path in life.  It seemed fitting since she was preparing in her studies to dedicate her life to healing others in third world nations. 

    My concept for the shoot was similar to a Navaho healing ceremony involving sand painting.  In the ceremony, you take an individual who has lost his or her path of life.  There is depression, illness, emotional wounds, etc.   

   In effect, during the ceremony, you reenter the past and bring to life the pain, the loss, the failure, the confusion, the wounds to the soul, the hatred and malice directed at them.  You revive it all so it is fully present and again experienced.  But you do this within a context of immense beauty and harmony, surrounded with the stories of the gods and goddesses who created the universe and all life within it.   

    You explain again the mystery of creation and the wonder of life.  And then, as the beauty walks off, that beauty takes the pain and the loss with it.  It is gone, departed.  The past is then no more than a faint memory as if it once belonged to someone else’s story. 

    The ceremony is over, the sacred space dissolved.  But the individual, freed of the pain and wounds of the past, now sees that a path of beauty lies before her.   She is restored to the path of life and sees that the wonder of life is fully alive within her and all that life holds lies before her waiting to be discovered through her choices and her actions.  The treasures she shall find shall become gifts she in turn shall give to others to enrich their lives.

     After I had explained this much, the model said to me, I understand exactly the concept you have and I already have pictures in my mind of how to do this shoot. 

     The Navaho medicine man, though his chanting, his ritual implements, his feather, his sand painting does not just bestow on the other person a great abundance of vitality.  The medicine is not simply restoring the body to harmony.

     No, the healing power the Navaho uses is in the quality: the entire song of creation, the restoration of the great harmony, the beauty of the universe unfolding.  It is the song that captures the unfolding of life on all four planes that makes the healing effective and permanent. 

    The Navaho healing ceremony is not a story you hear told.  It is not a ceremony a priest performs for you.  Rather, it is a story you enter into and participate in as an active agent whose choices determine the outcome.  The “mythical” becomes alive within you and for a moment the powers of creation flow through you.  

    The spirits of the sun are like that.  From their point of view, the goal is not to seek God’s face or to “stand in His presence.” The goal is to become so clear and open that the powers of creation flow through you.


Projecting into the Sphere of the Sun  


The light of this sphere is dazzling, brilliant, and fiery radiant.  There is a cosmic purity and wild virility.  

   Here form and emptiness, matter and energy, life and spirit are like two lovers dancing together endlessly.  Here all elements and all aspects of life are formed from out of fusion and light. 


The Sun in Taurus


There is great joy in work, as in the Great Work.  Those with strong Taurus influence have tremendous energy for work as is present here.  



11-18 Degrees Taurus


This energy is calm, steady, and determined



The Spirit’s Domain


This is like a cosmic furnace or a hole in space and time.  But unlike a black hole that absorbs into itself whatever it touches this presence emanates vitality and light from the invisible realms of spirit into the physical worlds of form.  It overflows, pouring out its wealth and abundance.  



Inner Source of Inspiration


Inside the spirit is the empty mirror of akasha—pure nothingness of Divine Presence, the Unmanifest, to which it is united and one. 

    From within and from out of this emptiness and nothingness is the creation of infinite energy to empower the unfolding of the universe.  Specifically, it unleashes its energy so all created beings might attain the highest.  The goal is to be in the end absolutely one with the power and originality and being of the Creator, as the children become like the father.   



A Solar Spirit’s Inner Mirror of Emptiness: Akasha


The spirit’s inner emptiness is a formless awareness that is aware of every aspect of life as it exists in every creature that has life.  It is aware of the creature’s biochemistry, its form, its environment, how it thrives, its rhythms and seasons of life, what it feeds on, how it processes and exchanges energy with its environment and with its ecology niche,

   The spirit’s awareness encompasses all of this.  If you focused on a bird, you would see the entire life cycle of the bird, its strengths and limitations, what it feeds upon, what feeds upon it, the part it plays in its environment, the evolutionary forces at work in its design, and the kinds of awareness and perception that is natural to a bird’s existence.

   My uncle worked for General Motors.  During World War II, there was a threat of a union strike.  The management was worried that the union might take over the factories.  My uncle, to protect the designs, had all the plans for everything manufactured by General Motors in the trunk of his car. 

   You could say in a similar way that this spirit has all the plans and designs for all the creatures that are alive in this solar system not in the trunk of a car.  To change the metaphor, he has them written on the palms of his hands.       


Outer Aura


As the sun powers the solar system, the spirit powers the psyche—offering order, clarity, purpose, and boundless energy.

   If in human form, this spirit would have the aura of an individual who could enliven everyone in an entire city with his vitality and presence.  It is an absolutely beautiful energy!   


Inner Aura


Relaxed, peaceful, purposeful, calm, divine health



Akasha Plane of the Earthzone


Bring the spirit from its sphere into the akashic plane of our planet and you get a radiant and powerful life force.  This is your superhero or superman level of life force.

     The Shekinah and also the archangel of the sun called Metatron are referred to as the angels of God’s presence.  Emedetz could be called the agent, the representative, and the perfect image for the presence of God.  He is God’s will embodied in the vitality that underlies and renews all of life.  The divine will power here is immense.

    Part of what this spirit’s presence here suggests is that in order to heal an individual also needs immense spiritual will.  Healing is not just about restoring balance and sending in energy.  It involves an act of creation from a spiritual level as seen in this spirit.  



Mental Plane


On the mental plane of our planet, Emedetz takes us into the realm of gods and gurus.  These dwell within a sea of vitality.  Waves of energy and bliss radiant from them.  

    They are like coaches yelling at their players during half time, demanding and commanding with sympathy and tough love: “Get your life force into your sushuma so that it moves through all your chakras purifying them uniting the primal energy with the crown chakra.  Then waves of bliss will flow down through your body.” 

    Or, “Get your chi cooking into the cauldron in your belly so that by steaming the five elements, fusing and uniting them you create the golden flower of immortality within your body.  There are eight immortals.  Become the ninth.”     

    Or, “Take the most primitive, resistant and obscure matter and work it, work it, join it under tremendous concentration with its opposite, let it fuse and unite, take all the diversity of the energies of  nature and bring them together until nature itself is perfected as the alchemical Quintessence of life.”

     The mental plane is the awareness of the akashic level engaged in planning specific actions.  In one movie, as Christ raises Lazarus from the dead, played by Max von Sydow, Christ says, “Come ye spirits of the four winds ….”

   He speaks with a voice of authority commanding the spirits to raise Lazarus.  The actor does a nice job of speaking as if he has power over the life force that can bring another back to life.

    The mental plane is a very nice energy to mediate in.  Again, it is a reminder that to heal you also need will.  From this spirit’s presence you learn a will that is pure, unmitigated, unending, and embodying infinite divine power to create and make life new. 

    I have mention before, I am not a healer.  My main focus is to set boundaries for those who abuse their powers.  In this endeavor, I do not heal.  I am like Saturn--I restrict and I destroy in order to preserve life on earth.  

    But Emedetz provides another path.  Master this, meditate here for years and in the end if your karma permits there are simply no limitations placed upon what you may heal.  As Christ might have said when asked, “By what authority do you heal? The answer: “To show forth the glory of God.”  The glory of God is literally in the vitality one creates.  



The Astral Plane


This is the vibration of the philosopher’s stone.  There is a great enhancement of life force so that, like gold, it does not deteriorate in quality.  There is perseverance, stability, a prolonging of life, and astral immortality.  There is a renewing, rejuvenating, and an internal self-generating capacity.    

    One of the qualities here is the perfection of equilibrium, the great harmony of life: bring together and balance the four elements in yourself and in another.  Often, just explaining what is missing in a relationship, the element that is weak or negative, starts a change so that love returns.  With a little effort, you can create the missing element. Or else a gift between the partners is exchanged and the relationship can move on to the next stage. 

   This is not the vitality in Bardon’s exercises.  His work amplifies life force as quantity. On the astral level, this spirit focuses on quality, on balance, each ingredient within vitality is in perfect harmony. 

   You will not get this through practicing pranayamaa or working with breath.  You will not find yogis who embody this or even Tai Chi Chuan masters or Taoists.  They do not penetrate the mysteries of each element to a sufficient degree to capture the entire spectrum of the life in nature on this planet and then distill it, refine it, and perfect it into the quintessence that is present in this energy.

   They may be able to heal broken bones with a touch.  I met a man who could do that.  This level of rejuvenation is not yet taught anywhere on earth. 

    In mythology and in ancient religions, a great king may say, “I have ruled over this kingdom.  I am the sun god” or “I am the Yellow Emperor.”  By mummifying my physical body in a pyramid or in an immense tomb surrounded by an entire army of statutes, my astral body will become immortal. 

    “My energy, my motivation, and my inspiration will then be joined to the land; my life force will then be a foundation of the entire society down through the ages. My personality shall be present to some degree in every human being who is born in this kingdom.” As in Celtic lore, the king is joined to the land.  His spirit renews the land and continues on in each of us. 

    Well, that is the mythology and the implied metaphysics of astral immortality.  In Feng Shui, it is important how you align the bones of your ancestors. The chi in the land flows through the deceased bodies and into the descendants.  If the bones are pointed in the wrong direction or in the wrong setting, the children are sent bad energy.  There is a disturbance in the force, a loss of harmony. 

   The point is that the astral body is important.  Living or dead, its  influence extends and keeps extending to everyone who has an astral connection to the person.      

   That high school teacher who inspired you, that coach in sports who challenged you--something of their force of personality is still alive within you.  If you strengthened that kind of inspiration many times over, then you get the kind of subtle, invisible, but incredible influence that extends to others when the astral body is imbued with this power of self renewal. 

   Another way of discussing this is in terms of the electricity and magnetism in nature.  Emedetz develops in an individual the purest electrical and magnetic energies.

   We might reduce this to one image: a lightning storm at sea. The sea and the clouds embody the magnetic attraction and the lightning is the electricity.  These are present in a small degree in the astral body.  Yet the astral body is able to slowly develop these energies until they equal the powers found in nature. 

    The astral body becomes like a battery: the opposites polarities are fully present and anytime a burst of energy is needed it is there and ready to be unleashed.  But this is not simply quantity of energy as in power.  There is great balance. 

   The electric and magnetic are derived from the four elements: for earth, imagine the vibration in a stone a billion years old--ages of time are like ripples on the surface of a pond.  The air element is in the sky: the biosphere of the earth with a harmony and great clarity of mind. 

    The water element is in the oceans encircling the earth giving birth to life.  Fire is in the volcanoes, at the center of the earth, and in the sun: all these fires are mastered developing the force of will.  You need that skill to produce the philosopher’s stone on the astral plane, the four elements in their most positive, most primordial, and all embracing aspects.     

  And the fifth element: time, all that motivates and inspires, all paths leading to perfection.  You embody these ideals.  You become what Bardon calls the “astral light,” beyond all images, that shines as bright as the sun.  You become the opportunities of life unfolding.  

   In the four elements, then, are peace, harmony, strength, and compassion.  These are balanced, enhanced, and perfected.  If you lack one these four elements, you enter an incarnation facing great difficulties which serve the purpose of furthering your development.  If you already possess the four, you incarnate in order to open the door for others to attain this equilibrium.

   But if you are engaged in magical training, then you identify for yourself what you are missing, what is weak or negative, and then you set up your own training schedule.  You accept the challenge and design your own obstacle course.  You write your own curriculum and do your own field work and your lab experiments. 

    You do not rely on fate or a Saturn return to force you to learn.   You figure out for yourself what you need to learn and then you learn it. You enter the battlefield of life searching for the victories you need in order to gain the balance required to reflect the full depth of the beauty of life within you. 

   If you should succeed in this endeavor, then everything you touch is filled with beauty.  The Sufis say, every soul desires to transform the world though love.  Yes, but there is more. 

   John the Baptist in prison began to have doubts. He sent a messenger to Christ asking if he were the Messiah or not.   Christ replied, “The blind receive their sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.”  His reply to John was, What more would I have to do to convince you that I am sent from above?

   Christ could have also have said, “And I empower others to accomplish this as well.”  Emedetz certainly holds these powers to heal in his hands.



The Physical Plane


The physical plane embodies the three previous planes.  It is the will of God on earth. It is a sea of vitality.  It is the harmonious balance of the elements within the soul.  Bring these together and you have the pure vitality that instantly restores to life and harmony whatever it touches. 

   Again, from the Bible, Christ says, “Who has touched me?” He felt the life force pass out of him to another.  A woman touched Christ’s clothes with faith and was healed. 

   Forget about belief and doctrines.  Those are the codes used by religions to sustain their lineages, hierarchies, and power.  This faith is a transmission line for energy—it says, I am willing to be filled and also to transmit to others what I receive. 

    As with this spirit, there must be a pure emptiness and openness that wishes to be filled.  You have to become nothing in order for the light to pass through you.    

   And again, in a lightning storm there is a great polarity between the sky and the earth.  In an instant the energy moves and the light flashes.  With healing on this level, in an instant the will of the divine, the sea of life force, and the restoration to balance are achieved by a touch, in a glance, or through a word spoken either or aloud or in silence. 

     It is an easy thing for a guru who is worthy of that name to perform shaktipat, a transmission of the essence of the wisdom of his tradition to others.  This is the same here except of a higher dimension. 

   It does not ask the other to train for decades to be worthy of this energy.  Instead, it simply offers gifts to others unendingly like the sun offering its heat and light.  And like the sun, it does this because it is an embodiment of the gift of life. 

   God has many names.  You could say that in this spirit if you listen you can hear God saying, “My name is health; I sustain and restore life: Immorality and healing—there is no end to my gifts.” 

   We eat; we drink; we sleep; we engage in activities.  The physical body is in motion.  But for this energy to appear, there is some mechanism in the etheric body that takes that biochemistry of the physical body and transforms it into pure life force overflowing and extending in space around the body. 

   In the legend of the vampire, the negative version of this, the mechanisms and the “gift” the vampire possesses is the ability to steal another’s life force by drinking the blood.  And so the vampire does not age but continues in the same form without change.   

   The mechanism with this spirit is the akashic body, the spirit, like the sun, imbuing the mental, astral, and physical bodies with life.  The mechanism takes ordinary biochemical energy and transforms it through the emotional balance of the astral, the heightened concentration of the mental, and the eternal limitless awareness of the akashic vastly amplifying and purifying it in the process.  Thus the power to heal, to renew, and to rejuvenate the inner and outer life.   




Bardon mentions how his students can learn to stream life force through their hands to others in order to heal.  I seek the same.  In my case, I want to place my hands and body directly in the sphere of the sun when I attempt to heal someone.  I want to be able to manifest through myself this spirit’s qualities on the four planes at once.  Well, it is not just that I want it.  Saturn expects me to achieve this and wonders why I have not already accomplished it. 

   Since I am so incredibly inept when it comes to healing, this spirit offers me a focal point, someone to meditate with who has the specific kind of energy I need to work on. 

   It is also obvious to me I need to work a great deal more with the water element and the magnetic fluid within it in order to contain and to cool the fiercely intense energy of this spirit.  All the same, I love the direct contact with the original source of vitality this spirit embodies.  When the light is this bright, it dispels the confusion in life.         

   Analogous to the Navaho healing ceremony, an evocation with this spirit is a direct contact with life force and vitality that exists within Divine Being.  You come out of the evocation and you try your hardest to return to normal life as quickly as you can.  The intensity otherwise will short circuit your nervous system so you can not function. 

    But once you return to your life, the brilliance of light left behind, something still remains.  You see in a new way the path that lies before you; you enter that path having tasted the mystery and wonder that one day we shall all embody.        


The wisdom and knowledge of a spirit such as Emedetz will one day be known on earth, not as a brief essay but through the work of a great many healers and physicians.  This shall be perhaps in a hundred years, a thousand years, or in our life time.  It all depends on you and me.