Copyright (C) 2000 by William Mistele. All rights reserved. From the forthcoming book,Spirits of the Planetary Spheres.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††† EMNASUT, #1 SUN SPIRIT


Reason for Evocation.Franz Bardon says in regard to the sun sphere, ďIt is the sphere of our cosmos that is most difficult to control.ĒHe also says, ďFor the readers information it is pointed out in this connection that the negative intelligences living in the Sun and the Mars sphere are the most dangerous ones of our whole cosmic hierarchy.Ē

†††† And in regard to Emnasut Bardon says,ďThe first genius of the Sun sphere guards and controls the original element of fire in the whole cosmic hierarchy, on all planets and in all spheres.ĒSince fire is analogous to will power, Emnasut also has an influence on the evolution of will both in individuals and in societies.Emnasut in particular seems to offer a special kind of inspiration for those interested in transforming, guarding and overseeing the evolution of political will on our planet.

†††† It is part of human history that political order often has been expressed as a simple desire to attain and maintain control and order.To avoid civil wars, ward off external invasions, and to deal with the disasters, upheavals, and catastrophes, individuals have often struggled to develop centralized power.In situations of high conflict, this has often reduced to gaining control by eliminating your opposition.Once in complete control, a ruler can then maintain order as an expression of his or her will and vision.

†††† In that this process was often highly destructive and negative, the negative counterpart of Emnasut has played an active role in our history.Pure will to power with it ferocity, domination, implacable hated, and Machiavellian cunning have always been present in every age and century.Through the course of political evolution leading to responsible and lawful societies, we have moved toward the positive and away from the negative.And so to comprehend ourselves, our history, and to avoid unnecessary regressions back into the negative, it is appropriate to probe the wisdom and inspiration of Emnasut--one perfect embodiment of the highest aspect of will.

†††† Since political evolution on earth is an area I am especially interested in, I have often observed the negative side of Emnasut as embodied in individuals in our times.The task of true power is not to convert or overcome by force.The task is to inspire by example and, when necessary, fully to inform others of the consequences of their actions.

†††† It is the nature of life on our planet that in every century some individual will make a serious attempt at conquering the world.Yet it is also true that a major defining point of the last two millennia was when Christ was given the opportunity to rule over all nations of the earth and he refused.He considered service to be a higher ideal and, as a matter of fact, as a greater and more enduring expression of his power.Until a race ascends and becomes perfectly enlightened, the struggle for power--and also for survival--will always remain.Power should never be underestimated.In any form, positive or negative, power should be respected for the part it has to play in the development of consciousness and the need to take responsibility for the world in which we live.

††† Power is a divine virtue and always has a purpose to serve.And as I frequently point out, Divine Providence has placed no limits on the amount of power an individual can acquire.To know God is also to partake of his creative power and this is part our destiny as individuals and as a race.

†††† There is an interesting dramatic moment in the movie, Crimson Tide, when the captain of a nuclear submarine asks his chief operating officer his opinion on who the real enemy is.If I recall accurately, the officer responds, ďIn a nuclear age, war is the enemy.ĒWe have come to a turning point in our history.We have been forced to confront ourselves--either we live together in peace or we suffer massive destruction.Through necessity, we have been force to look into the faces of both the positive and the negative.I will attempt to explore the depths and mysteries of these powers in this essay.

†††† Note.Of all the spirits in our solar system, the spirits of the sun have been the most difficult for me to describe accurately.But in the last year I have come to feel comfortable working with them.I had to first learn to visualize extremely bright, white light like that of the sun.I have been visualizing brilliant white light every day for the last ten years so it was natural that at some point I would develop an affinity for this vibration.

†††† The other problem I had was being able to balance solar energy with its opposite.For me, the light and vibration of the sun are extremely yang.As is the case sometimes with Christian evangelists, missionaries, or priests, those who try to embody the light too quickly before they understand human nature often fall victim to fanaticism, arrogance, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness, and an unmitigated lust for power.

†††† The opposite of solar light--the cosmic feminine or yin in one aspect--is the emptiness of cosmic space.The void contains all the stars and galaxies in our universe.Almost every day I meditate briefly out in the empty region between the arms of our galaxy or in some open space amid a cluster of galaxies.At this point in time, then, I feel comfortable with the yang, creative, all-powerful, and self-originating solar principle because I embrace it opposite--cosmic emptiness, pure receptivity, and openness.


Emnasutís Domain.If you put aside the astrophysics, the nuclear physics, and the chemistry--that is, if you look at them symbolically--for a star to ignite and continue burning bright, there has to be a certain amount of enthusiasm present.You have to be empowered from within.In Emnasutís domain of the solar sphere, there is a feeling that who you are is absolutely original and that you are destined to create something new and wonderful.Here you find the energy and consciousness that embody this authority, power, and will.


Emnasutís Sigil.This sigil presents you with the consciousness of the physical being of the sun.You sense the heat, the brilliant light, the solar storms and flares, and the nuclear engine driving the star.The enlightened mind is simply aware of things as they are.In magick, a major technique is to imagine you are what you are observing.It is appropriate then to become acquainted with this contemplation of imagining you are the sun with all the size, immensity of power, heat, and brilliant light this image entails.Again, the exercise or challenge embodied in this sigil is to see and comprehend the sun as it is in its shape, weight, history, power, radiation, etc.


Emnasutís Inner Source of Inspiration.If you are going to fulfill a purpose, then you need to expend the power that is required for fulfilling this purpose.To speak of God in personal terms, the way Emnasut sees it, God chose to create our solar system.You can imagine this as God extending the palms of his hands and there is nothing--an empty void--between them.And then, through an act of creative will, He creates our sun and solar system. Where there was nothing now there is a star between his palms or a universe if you prefer the expanded image.

†††† The point is you are moving from nothing, from pure intention, to manifestation, in this case, the fire and light of a star.It is this ability to stand amid a void of emptiness and create and then maintain something of wonder and beauty that is Emnasutís inner source of inspiration.This is the vision, the motivation, the power, and the purpose that is at the center of Emnasutís heart.To put it simply, you create a wonder and then sustain its existence.


Outer Aura.To speak metaphorically, if this were the will of a ruler of a nation, his or her will would be within and inspiring and guiding the personal will of every other individual in that country.On a more technical level, it is more accurate to say that in any moment Emnasut is aware of every kind of fire in any location in our solar system.This is a very spectacular and dramatic perspective.Let us follow this theme for a few moments.

††† Imagine holding in your consciousness the different kinds of fire throughout the planetary system.There is the ten thousand degree fire at the surface of the sun and the millions of degrees of temperature in hydrogen fusion that powers the sun.In addition to these nuclear fires and solar flares, there is the heat the sunís light passes on to each planet.There is the high temperatures on Mercury, the electrical storms and high atmospheric heat on Venus.There is the molten core at the center of the earth--the remnant of the early earth that was so hot continents and landmasses had not yet formed.

†††† There is the intense heat, one of the hottest spots in the solar system, where the solar wind collides with Jupiterís magnetosphere.There are volcanic explosions and tides on Io, one of Jupiterís moons, where the moonís crust is constantly churning and being crushed under the impact of Jupiterís intense gravity.And there are the explosions such as when comets and asteroids collide with planets.To restate this, Emnasut holds within his consciousness at the same moment all of these different kinds of fire throughout the solar system.

†††† A good astronomer and astrophysicist can describe in great detail what we know about these kinds of fire and explosions.But our astronomer has not yet learned to transfer his consciousness directly into these events and phenomena.He cannot observe, feel, and measure the molten fires at the center of the earth expanding his consciousness to encompass this mass.But Emnasut does this automatically as if it is the most natural of things.

†††† Basically, then, Emnasutís outer aura embodies a consciousness of brilliant light, nuclear fire, and expansive power held stable and enduring over billions of years of time.Translating this into human terms, we have an expansion of awareness inspired by the highest light and producing enduring results--a work not just great but of cosmic stature that is utterly magnificent and uniquely creative.


Inner Aura.It is the will of the Greater Spirit who has created and who indwells our solar system that every opposition or conflict be used to create a new harmony.There is a very special kind of emptiness or akasha the spirits of the solar sphere maintain within themselves.There is no greed, fear, insecurity, or attachment found within it.It is perfectly open, pure, and totally receptive.It co-creates with the Creator a world in which harmony prevails.

††† It is fair to say, that is, it is a useful and accurate metaphor, to express the light of the sun as not just photons but as an act of co-creation, of Divine Lovers making love.The writers of the four Gospels could not conceive of this.Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John portrayed Christ in the image of a king, a servant, a healer, and a savior.

†††† The Apostle Paul took a further step.He imagined the church to be the bride of Christ.But here again there are serious cultural limitations imposed upon the female image.The task of the church for the Apostle Paul at best would be like Mary, the mother of Christ, who was chosen by God as the vessel for Christís incarnation.Mary did not participate in the decision making process other than in a passive way by acquiescing to the divine will through being receptive, pure, and trusting the words spoken to her by the archangel Gabriel.

††† Solomon, who made a more serious study of the matter with his hundreds of wives and concubines and who was granted wisdom by God, was able to speak with greater truth.Like the woman in the Song of Solomon who yearns with all of her heart for her loverís touch, the process of uniting with the Divine Light requires all of your heart.Solomon, in his Song, envisioned what none of his wives or concubines were offering to him--a lover who seeks to be one with him.

†††† Other than through the words of a few saints, the church cannot imagine that human nature allows for this passion for Divine union.Emnasutís inner aura, however, proclaims to all sentient beings that such passion is not only natural.It is written into the laws of the universe and its song and signature--its cosmic vibration--is stamped on every photon of light that the sun emits.If there is any one idea that I wish to convey in this essay, it is that the inspiration and light of the higher spirits of the sun derive directly from the ecstasy of dwelling in Godís presence regardless of whether you conceive of this presence personified as God or as Unpersonified Divine Providence.

†††† I have stated that in Emnasutís inner aura there is a will to turn any conflict or opposition into harmony by a creative act of will.This is not easy to do.The despair, pain, loss, and injustice that plague human experience through the ages have indeed been great.The motive force Emnasut uses to turn conflict into harmony, darkness into light, and pain into beauty derives from his ecstasy of being joined to the Creator.

††† There is this incredible heart experience and initiation--of not only being saturated with love through your entire being but jointly creating love together--that inspires him to lay hold of every sorrow and conflict and to transform it with divine power.It does not matter how great the suffering, darkness, pain, loss, despair, and destruction have been.The love experienced first hand is infinitely greater.

††† And so it is that occasionally from time to time a church mystic has broken away from the rigidity of doctrine and the piety of belief to taste and experience this love.This is seen in the words of the 15th century mystic, St. John of the Cross, known for his work, The Dark Night of the Soul.This was put to music by Loreena McKinnett in her album, The Mask and the Mirror.St. Johnís words,


I lost myself to him

And laid my face upon my loverís breast

And care and grief grew dim

As in the morningís mist became the light.


In the sphere of Venus, we learn how to become one with another person as the most intimate act of love.Such intimacy and union are also a symbol, a token, and a manifestation of the oneness we are able to attain with the universe, with Divine Providence, and with the Creator.In the sphere of the sun, this oneness with another enters a cosmic dimension.The union has the intimacy of being with a lover, but it also has the inspiration, power, and creativity of God within it.

†††† It is said sometimes that the great world teachers enter our world descending from the solar sphere or else guided by the sunís inspiration.They can see divinity hidden everywhere and in everyone because their inner union with God is so great.This is like Mother Teresa who says Christ is hidden in disguise in every person.

†††† The world teachers have expansiveness and enduring inspiration.Everything in life is subject to transformation and everything in life is held in Godís love.To give and to serve with inexhaustible energy are simply to experience first hand this love that is without being or end and that encompasses the universe. The spirits of the solar sphere are teachers who embody and who reveal this experience.

†††† St. John of the Cross goes on,


Oh night thou was my guide

Oh night more loving than the rising sun

Oh night that joined the lover

To the beloved one

Transforming each of them into the other


You have to have room enough in your heart if you are going to join and to unite with another.To allow the powers of creation and the Creator to appear within your heart, you have to have an open space as vast as a void, an abyss, and a cosmic emptiness.Another Christian saint, St. Columba, spoke to God in this way, ďOh god I am nothing.I am void.Yet in my emptiness I am here for you to fill.Ē

††† It is one thing to love the light and to appreciate all that the solar radiance has done in furthering and inspiring human evolution.But to know the source of the light and the inspiration by which it shines you must embrace an emptiness big enough to find the presence of the Creator.ďBe still and know that I am GodĒ is but a first step.ďLove God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strengthĒ may be a command offered to priests who loved rules, strict behavior codes, and commandments.But it is also a disguised wish--an invitation on the part of God to come and join with Him in creating.

†††† And so again the words of St. John of the Cross, ďOh night thou was my guide.ĒThe light of the sun and the radiance of the saint are seen on the outside.But the light derives from a unique and intimate joining that takes place within a stillness and an inner vastness.It has no boundaries and cannot be measured, for the love itself is without boundaries or measure.

††† From time to time when I enter the domains and meditate with different spirits, I encounter a place that feels like home.It is so full of beauty and love I feel like I never want to leave.It is as if there is nowhere else I need to be.The peace is so complete.This is one such place, here within the heart of Emnasut.