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Note: I can imagine that some readers will complain that I am not
presenting this material as a master who offers that if you do this
you will get something quick.  They would insist that if in fact I
knew Emrudue, I would be marketing my material on commercial
TV explaining how to get your first millions dollars with ease. 
   In fact, some of my real skills are exactly the opposite.  Like
Saturn, I specialize in slowing things down.  When I am pursuing
something, I do not place a time limit on finding it.  And I often do
not measure my success by human standards.  This permits me to
see myself as a student rather than as a master, as someone who is
constantly learning and guided by his sense of wonder. 

Emrudue, the Head of the Seventh Moon Mansion

Franz Bardon says of Emrudue, "If a person not initiated into magic
wears the seal of the seventh head of the moon sphere,
manufactured during the astrological period of the seventh moon
station and engraved on a silver plate, he or she will have good luck
and success, and, above all, have any earthly desire fulfilled.  The
trained magician, having got into contact with this head, will be
taught how to realize all his wishes by force of moon magic, no
matter whether they concern the mental, astral or physical world. 
Emrudue brings the magician good luck and success and likes to put
his subordinates as familiar spirits at the later's disposal."

Now if that isn't a fascinating and intriguing description of a spirit. 
Emrudue deserves at least a book.  And with the book there should
be a community that works with him over several centuries to gather
and understand the experiences that result.  Then I think the nature
of this spirit might be brought into focus. 
   If I were teaching a three hour college course on Emrudue's nature
and work, I would spend several weeks with introductory material.  I
would review the Prajnaparamita ritual, a Buddhist means for
overcoming obstacles.  I would introduce the basics of Silva mind
control involving telepathy and visualizing desired outcomes.  
    I would discuss goal setting and planning for success.  I would
review Ira Progoff's intensive journal method for correlating inner
and outer life influences and determining the quickest route to
moving forward according to the inner flow of your life. I would
discuss a coven's use of a cone of power, affirmations,  elemental
magick, electro-magnetic volting, formula magick, and the means
for placing causes within akasha. 
    Then I would spend several weeks discussing, illustrating, and
offering lab work and  experiments for understanding the difference
between the earthzone and lunar spheres.  A number of earthzone
spirits, according to Bardon, are very friendly with and ready to be
of assistance to the magician.  To give a comparison, Bardon says of
Siria, 10 degrees Pisces, "Special occult methods revealed to the
magician by this head will bring him--depending on his degree of
maturity--happiness, wealth, honor, riches and respect without
influencing his karma in a negative way.  Siria can fulfill the
magician's any wish in this respect."  
  Siria can get away with fulfilling your wishes without adversely
impacting your karma because he makes you radiant inside.  This
radiance of light dissolves your karmic limitations.  If you outgrow
your weaknesses and faults and if you understand the passive and
negative aspects of the elements which you have expressed in the
past, then they no longer exert any control over you.  Siria's attitude
is that life is meant to be fulfilled.  Emrudue has a similar approach
though his inspiration is even more remarkable.
    The following pages are a brief introduction, the first one or two
chapters, of a book on Emrudue.  As you will see, I am impressed
by Emrudue and I find his approach both astonishingly refreshing
and something new to my experience. 
Preliminary Comments

When I think about the idea of realizing wishes, I am involved with
the following topics and considerations. 

1.  I mention under Basic Training on my web page, chapter 2
psychic level, how the subconscious expects the conscious mind to
present it with concrete emotions, pictures, and persuasive,
charismatic purposes before it is willing to transfer the energy from
one set of routines to another or to make changes.  Learning to gain
the cooperation of your subconscious is basic to realizing wishes. 
The resistance within ourselves is what often deters us from
achieving our goals.
2. At some point I will write a psychology of the planetary spheres. 
In astrology, the planetary influences are presented in a fairly clear
manner.  On a more magical level, the auras of the planets reflect
aspects of our human and divine nature.  In terms of wishes, the
planets relate to the wholeness of the self.  Each planetary sphere
presents us with a different emphasis and picture of the purposes,
values, virtues, and goals of life.
   Each sphere has its own way of fulfilling wishes through its
emphasis on methods, ideals, etc.  Getting what you want involves
the power of a sphere applied to action.   Internalizing the qualities
of a sphere so you embody its highest insights and wisdom is the
virtue side of the sphere.  Power and virtue dovetail on each other. 
They are not separate.  If you have high virtue, you naturally seek to
be of service with it.  If you want to accomplish great things, it is
natural to acquire the virtues or training necessary to do that.
   In particular, the Saturnian sphere has an extremely strong
influence over me.  So much so that I have come to consider myself
an apprentice to the Judges of Saturn.  From the point of view of
Saturn, the idea is not to use magick to accelerate the speed with
which you get what you want.  
    Saturn's approach is the opposite--viz., appreciate the situation
you are in right now since it offers you your best chance to learn. 
This is not to say that you should accept unsatisfactory living
conditions.  Saturn's perspective is that you should realize that the
purpose of life is to attain freedom and enlightenment.  All
limitations exist to motivate you and offer you a chance to do this. 
See also my description of Trapi, a spirit in Capricorn of the
earthzone relating to love and karma. 
   To paraphrase a Zen quote, if your ego dissolves, then your
problems dissolve as well.  To put it another way, if you become
enlightened, then there is nothing you can not do.  If you expand
your consciousness, then of course you see a personal problem from
a larger perspective and the situation dramatically changes.   
    A magician, unlike a monk, is not ready to detach himself from
his responsibility to society or the part he plays in the world. 
Through training, he very gradually brings his personal identity into
alignment with his spiritual consciousness and will. His personal
needs are at the very least involved in an alchemical process--he is
conscious of them and uses them to transform himself.
   I would assume from working with Emrudue that I would be able
to put my personal needs and desires in perspective.  I would sense
the best way to be happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.  And I would also
have enhanced psychic and magical abilities for doing this.  Here at
the beginning, I do not know how or in what way Emrudue works,
but these are my expectations at the outset.

3.  I think as a teaching tool it may be useful for some individuals to
distinguish between higher and lower magick.  But as I work with
the various heads of the lunar zone, I notice that all aspects of life
experience have their place in the process of becoming whole and
wise.  If the point of distinguishing between higher and lower
magick is to say that you should always consider things from the
point of view of the highest light, conscience, intuition, and a
guiding spirit before formulating a wish, then that goes without
   But if this distinction between higher and lower somehow implies
that material desires are somehow of lessor importance in life, some
of the lunar spirits would immediately stand up and object.  From
their point of view, the material universe has been created in order
to celebrate love.  You are going against the laws of the universe
and generating karma if you leave physical happiness and
gratification out of your equation for the meaning and purpose of
life.  If you seek the physical and ignore the spirit, you generate
horrible karma. If you seek the spirit and ignore the physical, you
generate horrible karma.  This is because the two are a part of the
same design.
   For example, in the scheme of things, enjoying sex is just as
important as communing with God.  If you do the "higher" at the
expense of the "lower" you have a demon waiting for you behind a
door and he is slowing prying out the hinges and picking the lock in
order to get to you.  This is because God created that demon to
remind you of the importance of sexuality as a key to discovering
who you are.  The demon's authority and commission are activated
by your act of repression.  The demon represents your blind spot--
an essential area of life which you have written off as unworthy of
your attention. 
    If you pursue sex at the expense of communing with God, there
is another demon waiting for you.  His power derives from the
creativity in life you have left behind because if anything God is
creative and that power is the essence of your being.   This demon
haunts an abyss of  chaos.  He is authorized to bring that chaos into
your life.  The reason is that divine creativity is unafraid of
emptiness and any abyss.  It seeks them out because that is the space
of the imagination which it requires to create.  The creator is
unafraid and freely and willingly enters the unknown in order to
make something new.

4.  When I read Bardon's description of Emrudue, the question
immediately comes to my mind, Do I really desire that my wishes be
fulfilled?  There is that old adage--watch out what you wish for. 
You may get it.  
    So why am I hesitant to work with this spirit?  Do I feel that if
more of my desires were fulfilled they would cause harm to myself
and to others as well?  Can I place my desires in context so I
understand each in terms of how it brings an aspect of my self into
alignment with the totality of who I am, so that I am more integrated
and fulfilled as a result?  This is one of the lessons in life for Virgos-
-to learn that in order to serve others they first must take care of
themselves.  To be of benefit to others is in part to overflow with
the energies of life.  I will pursue Emrudue on this question--how
much satisfaction and gratification are permitted to me?.

5. There are lots of very funny and insightful stories about wishing. 
Some of these view wishes in terms of what happens if you work
with the negative principle.  A person wishes for more free time and
so the next day she gets fired from her job.  Now she has lots of
free time.  Another person wishes for the money to go on vacation
and then his house burns down.  Now he has money from the
insurance company for the vacation he wanted. 
   In one movie, a man was granted a number of wishes which he
used to get the woman he wanted.  But after each wish, something
was wrong. If he wished that the two of them loved each other, his
wish was granted.  But she, it turned out, was married to a wealthy
man and he was the gardener in the yard.  
   Gradually, he added conditions so that his wishes would be more
exact.  When he got to his last wish,  he put in all the conditions he
could think of--they would love each other and no one else.  They
would have no one else in love with them.  They would live together
in one place for the rest of their lives.  The final wish was granted
and as he looked into her eyes he found to his dismay they were
both now nuns sharing the same room in a monastery.
    In order to prevent the absurd, some groups, therefore, insist on a
clause being added to every wish or prayer.  For example, "May I
have what I request if it serves the greater good," "if it benefits all
concerned, " "if it is God's will," or, "if it brings wisdom and love
into my life," etc.  Emrudue, as a guardian of light and love,
embodies this kind of clause.  It is built into everything he does.
6. Finally, one historical aspect of most religions is that they often
condone and even encourage practitioners to make requests.  Again,
there are interesting and at times funny examples of individuals
praying, "God, if you get me out of this, I will do such and such in
return."  One quality of the Quabbalistic sephiroth of Chockmah or
wisdom, as compared to Binah or understanding, is that Chockmah
implies cooperating with the divine.  You can make deals and
negotiate.  When you work as partners, you get more done.
   Buddhists do not often do this since they are move involved with
Binah which relates to enlightenment.  Tibetan Buddhists, however,
do have gods of wealth and also the Green Tara which specialize in
granting requests and bringing happiness.  Businessmen often align
more with Binah.  They like to accomplish things by themselves
through their own efforts.  
    But a general like Patton will do whatever he needs to do to
accomplish his mission and to fulfill his destiny.  Therefore, Patton
will issue an order for a minister to write him a prayer which he can
read to God so that God will clear the clouds so the planes can
bomb the enemy.  And the clouds cleared. 
   Chockmah is concerned with destiny--with fulfilling personal and
world historic purposes.  The implication is that when you talk to
God point out to him in his own terms and words something which
you can do which fulfills his larger purposes.  Argue your case.  Say
that you share his commitments.  Say, "By the way, in order for me
to be effective, here is a list of my needs.  Assist me with these and I
will be better able to serve." 
   God asked Moses to go down to Egypt to free an enslaved people. 
Moses argued, "I can not speak.  Give me therefore Aaron to speak
for me."  Moses stuck to his guns on this point so God gave in. 
Moses also argued at later dates for changes in God's programs. 
God occasionally changed the law he had previously given.  Moses
had an edge over Lot whose requests never worked out.  Moses
sought to join his own agenda and God's agenda into one program. 
He shaped his requests accordingly.
    The earthzone spirit Cigila in Pisces has a long list of divine
purposes or missions waiting to be fulfilled.  If you should ever run
into Cigila or get a referral from him, you certainly are entitled to
ask for whatever you need.  The trick is that your commitment must
be total.  It is really hard for the divine world to resist assisting
whose wills shine as bright and radiant as the sun. 
Ascending the Planes

I slowly ascend the four planes spending time on each to build my
associations and to sense its nature.  I enjoy working with each
plane.  I have arrived in my practice at where if I say for example, 
"the astral plane," my aura automatically locks into and synchronizes
with the vibration of the astral plane without any conscious effort on
my part.  Occasionally, if something falls off the table I will catch it
before it gets to the ground.  If you are trained well, you do not
have to think in order to get results. 
     When I arrive on the akashic plane, I notice aspects of life which
are not part of human civilization.  It is as if the earth itself has a
voice and it says, "Your accomplishments and civilizations are
productive and evolving.  But you forget the very reason I exist--I
am here so that you might learn to reflect the greater universe within
yourself.  If you forget this, then all your accomplishments are
worthless."  Akasha seems to already know where I am heading. 
   Next I move to the lunar zone. Being here is like being
surrounded by the light of the full moon filling a space as vast as the
sky.  I ask myself how I feel about being in this energy field.  I focus
on my specific feeling which is a little odd.  It is the feeling of
viewing the physical world from the point of view of the inner
planes.  It is like I can sense what is about to manifest.  Some
desires and intentions and dreams are strong enough that they are in
effect designated to become real.  They already bear the full power
and force required to appear.  The situation and time of their
appearance are already specified.
    Reality from this perspective is not just the visible world.  It
includes an ability to see what is going to happen next.  If I shift
from feelings to symbols or images, I get a slightly different picture. 
Being in the lunar zone is like being able to pick up a phone and
have a conversation with yourself.  But the self you are talking to is
three days, three weeks, three months, three years, or thirty years in
the future.  
   The conversation centers around what you need to do now to
make things turn out right and to take advantage of the opportunities
coming your way.  Here is what to avoid and here is where you
should be focusing yourself.  The lunar zone is very much like this. 
Time is suspended.  The physical world is not the only place that
you dwell.  Time past and time future are intimately involved with
each other.  Your consciousness is in no way limited by your
physical circumstances. 
   Of course, having a conversation with someone who feels he is
wiser or more experienced than you, even if it is yourself, can lead
to arguments and disagreements.  You might hear yourself saying, "I
don't believe you. You have to be kidding. I can't even imagine what
you are talking about."  Perhaps some things have to be
experienced, to be passed through, before you are willing or ready
to accept and deal with them.  
Seventh Moon Mansion in Astrology.  From a psychological or
astrological view point, the seventh moon mansion, relating to
Gemini, is very alert and concise.  It is aware of details and the
specifics of what causes things to happen.  It loves communication
but communication which is productive and shared without holding
anything back.
    It says, "Here is the situation as it exists.  Now what do you want
to do about it?"
Once you answer it says, "Ok, then here are your alternatives and
what you have to do if you want to pursue them."  It is very matter
of fact but also very forceful and direct.
The Seventh Moon Mansion from Emrudue's Point of View.  For
Emrudue, what you want is already a part of you.  A wish is a way
of sensing something deep within you.  You feel separated from it. 
For example, you may have a cabin in the wilderness and want to
gain access to water but you do not know where to look. And so
you imagine looking for an underground stream or finding where
the water table is nearest to the surface.  But the water is right
beneath your feet.  
     The message of the seventh moon mansion is that you are life
overflowing with abundance. You already possess the water beneath
the ground.  It is ready to take on whatever form and shape you
wish to give it. It is ready to burst forth and to overflow.  In other
words, the great treasures of life are already within you.  You do not
need to go search for them.  You only need to be aware of what
already exists and then what you desire easily manifests. 
   Emrudue is not suggesting that for a human being it is easy to
fulfill a wish.  He is saying that if you see with psychic and spiritual
vision the reality of the world, then you will see the incredible
wealth and abundance which are available to you if you just reach
out for them.  You are not reaching to grasp something with your
hand out of thin air. You are instead reaching for something which
is already quite close but which you and most other individuals do
not see. 
    This is not to suggest that karma is not important.  Karma is a
way of learning from living within specific circumstances and
limitations.  There limitations are not always fair or nice.  They can
be terrifying and horrible, the stuff of despair and nightmare, but
they remain an opportunity to learn and to grow.  
   When you are aware of all the factors which control the situation
you are in and you know how to change that situation, then
obviously you are no longer subject to that karma.  You have
transcended it.  It has no influence over you.  
   You can want something which is not permitted by your karma. 
For example, you are supposed to learn how to manage your
finances but you want someone to pay your bills for you.  Your
wish short circuits the process through which you are meant to
learn. You get the money and you still have not learned how to
balance your check book.  And so the situation reoccurs again and
again until you take charge of it and master it. 
   For Emrudue, the wish to be financially independent is not
separate from learning to be financially responsibility and working
for a living.  For Emrudue, wealth is already within and around you. 
If you worked with Emrudue, you would end up finding it very
enjoyable to work through each and every detail involved in
succeeding financially and you would also have the free time you
want or the things you wished to acquire with money. 
   For Emrudue, life can be very happy and satisfying even where
there is great struggle and conflict in your life.  Happiness and
satisfaction are simply a function of how much of yourself and of
the inner planes you are aware of.  Again, for Emrudue, the outer
world and the inner planes are not separate from each other.  They
are one world and reality. 
   It could take an individual twenty or thirty years or more to work
through his unmet childhood need to be loved and to give love.  But
if he is aware right now of what it is to love and to be loved so that
it is one hundred per cent real to him, then the need to work through
the problem is gone.   His awareness of the reality of love shatters
the illusion of separation which binds him.  He is right now what he
desires to become.  
     From this moment forward, he has a magical influence on
everyone around him.  Love manifests without effort.   The reality
of the inner feeling and vision are strong enough that they flow
automatically through him. 
    Once again, this is a lunar perspective and not the perspective of
the earthzone.  The aura of our planet is not so receptive and
magnetic.  The earth by contrast is electrical.  We plan goals and
take charge of the means for accomplishing our goals.  This is will
in action.  We get things done and we are truly gifted as a race at
doing this. 
   But when we get really good at what we do the lunar zone steps in
to remind us about its perspective.  Again, it says, "The main
purpose of life is to reflect within yourself the beauty and harmony
of the greater universe.  All your activities and accomplishments are
worthless, just busy activity, unless the well at the core of your soul
overflows wtih cosmic love."
   The difference in point of view is that for the moon the outer
world is seen as an expression of your inner self--the energies which
shape the world all exist within you.  This is not a dreamy or
mystical perspective.  In fact, the lunar zone happens to work with
denser and more powerful energies than those which we usually
work with on earth.  For Emrudue, if you dream something strong
enough you can make it happen.  The art of dreaming has as much
if not more responsibility and accountable than the world we call
Emrudue's Domain within Lunar Zone.  This is the vibratory or
energy field which this spirit inhabits.  Emrudue occupies a special
place in the lunar sphere.  His orientation enables the highest aspects
of Divine Providence to be expressed in physical existence without
losing cosmic peace and bliss.  This is one of the main purposes
behind the lunar sphere--to enable reality to be in harmony with the
   Again, this is not dreamy or mystical.  Emrudue is intensely
practical.  His interest is in asking, "What do you need so that your
sense of peace is complete?  This is then what you can do to make
your situation in life more complete."  His authority and power in
this area derives from his immense awareness of the purposes which
control the world and the active and passive elements in each

Sigil.  As I quoted at the beginning, Franz Bardon refers to how a
layman can use Emrudue's sigil.  At first glance, it appears Bardon is
suspending his normal rules regarding spirits and planes.  Bardon
normally insists a student work through the three planes and the four
elements before going to the earthzone.  Each planetary zone after
the earth's must be approached one after the other in a systematic
manner.  With this sigil, he seems to suggest an individual can work
directly with the lunar sphere without meeting these requirements.  
   Emrudue's sigil is a magical image which materializes things.  This
sigil makes wishes become real if you want to put it that way.  It is
more than an attractive force drawing to you what you want.  It is
more like a force of gravity--the power of desire focused through it
becomes stronger than reality. 
  Part of the diagram of this sigil is a triangle.  The triangle
symbolizes the alignment of the mental, astral, and physical planes
so that a way is opened for something can come into being, so that a
purpose or desire can manifest. This is like having a purpose which
you envision with complete conviction.  You think about it, feel it,
and your etheric body vibrates with it.  It has enough strength that
you feel that this is real and that the material world is a dream by
comparison.  A dream is overcome by the weight of the world as
you wake up in the morning.  But Emrudue has the weight of fate
and destiny on his side.  
   One application in using this sigil is to visualize the sigil very
clearly on the mental, astral, and etheric planes.  If you want to play
an active role in bringing something about, you add the akashic
plane as well.  This means, you get a feeling or sense of each of the
planes and you visualize and feel the sigil on each one of those
   On the etheric plane, the sigil feels solid, real, and charged with
life force.  On the astral plane, the sigil is full of feeling.  It
all the life and desire of what you want within it.  On the mental
plane, the sigil represents an extremely clear understanding of what
it is you want--the importance, significance, wisdom behind it.  On
the akashic plane, the sigil embodies absolutely certainty, as with the
symbol of the triangle, that the planes are perfectly aligned to
manifest the spirit which in this case is expressed through your
   Then you visualize within this energy field, image, or vortex of
energy specifically what you want.  Again, you see it, feel it, and
think it as being real.  If you can imagine a hundred per cent of
Emrudue's will, power, wisdom, and magick are present within this
sigil, then this will go a long way to assisting you.  
    Imagining the spirit to be embodied in the sigil is an act of
cooperation.  The spirit represents a resource you utilize to
accomplish an objective.  You will know when you are beginning to
get this because you will feel a compelling and overpowering force
centered on your desire.
   Obviously, there is no need to work with a spirit or a sigil to apply
the general principles of visualizing, feeling, thinking, planning, and
imagining concretely the fulfillment of what you desire.  These
things are natural and successful individuals are often very skilled at
doing them well without turning inward and using spiritual or
magical methods.  The advantage to using a little magical technique
is that it activates parts of our brain and also our spiritual power
which we may not be accustomed to using.  And also, cooperating
with the divine world and asking for its assistance is as natural as

Inner Source of Inspiration.  Emrudue's inner source of inspiration
is a way of being.  Like the lunar spirit Ebvep, Emrudue's inspiration
takes place within a state of consciousness which we normally
ascribe to deep, dreamless sleep.  The focus is on the etheric body
and material existence.  The idea is to discover, to feel, and to see
within yourself cosmic peace. This peace is being in harmony with
or reflecting the universe within yourself.  
   But this is not something abstract.  It is not like a mirror reflecting
the stars at night.  It is a very dense etheric vibration.  When you are
in it, you feel the stars and galaxies are within you and that they are
an expression of divine order and wonderful, unfathomable beauty.
   I have not found this vibration within any religion on earth or
within any master who exists on our planet.  You have to see the
earth from the point of view of the moon and the solar system, and
the galaxy as well as the greater universe.  But this point of view is
not detached, aloof, or distant.  Instead, it is a way of perceiving that
the essence of every being and thing is alive within you and honored
by you. 
   When you inhale deeply, you can feel the vitality in the air surge
through your body.  When you draw in Emrudue's inspiration, the
energy which surges through your body is just as vital and
energizing.  But to your breath is added an elixir which banishes
forever from your body the feelings of loneliness, separation,
failure, sorrow, loss, and regret.  
   This inspiration is obviously obtained through a state of relaxed
meditation or deep trance.  Within it now, it feels totally natural and
organic.  It seems so obviously true and it also feels that it expresses
who I am.  
   I am sure in a few hours when I am no longer meditating as a
magician, normal awareness which involves a degree of anxiety and
uncertainty will return to me.  To internalize spiritual qualities like
this takes some work.  Yet the advantages in operating from within
this state of peace and harmony are clear.  
    When you view your life and seek to make it more beautiful and
complete, you do so from a state of mind which knows with
absolute certainly that peace, harmony, happiness, fulfillment, and
satisfaction are the nature of Divine Providence in manifestation. 
You feel it. You see it.  Your whole body is vibrating with it.  
   Consequently, when you work with a spirit like Emrudue, you are
going to have a much stronger connection to him if you already
understand what inspires him.  Do not hold back or shy away from
these depths.  This is not the time to be coy and full of doubt.  The
idea is for your voice to become the voice which speaks from the
core of Emrudue's being.  Seek to share the same intuitions and
    Let's try a brief meditation for getting into this state of
Relax and sit still.  And then think that there is one vibration
underlying everything that exists.  This is a state of perfect peace,
harmony, love, bliss, wisdom, and divine order.   Everything is
within this vibration and derives from it. 
   The cloud in the sky. It is moist and light. It is shaped by wind
shifts, temperature, and humidity and it nourishes the earth.  The
electro-magnetic and molecular vibration of the cloud are not
separate from your body.  The vibration of the cloud taken as a
whole and the sky, the sea, the mountains, the trees, the animals, the
moon, the planets, the sun, and all the rest of the universe as well
are vibrating within you.
   In this moment, your aura shifts so that the great harmony
underlying everything that exists is reflected within you.  It is dense,
satisfying, and rich.  All that has gone before and all that shall be are
encompassed in this moment so that nothing is left out, lost, or
unrecognized for the place it holds and the part it plays.  The
universe has one taste in which are blended an ecstatic peace and an
infinite creativity encompassed by stillness. 
   Now this state of mind is what I would indeed call mystical.  But
that does not make it distant or unobtainable.  It is not so different
really from sitting in the moonlight and relaxing.  And as that lunar
light bathes your body, you sense that time is suspended.  Anything
you have, do, or will desire you imagine and then experience as
already being satisfied right now in this moment.  This is just a
matter of letting go and feeling free--you open mind so it is like the
sky through which the moonlight passes;  you open your heart so
that you greet all of life with love and compassion. 
    A treasure like this is inside of all of us.  Some individuals write
me and say they can experience what I write about almost as soon as
they read it.  Others like myself train for decades as a magician to
arrive at a trance in which the pain and isolation finally dissolve. 
We each have our own path.  But the truth is our paths are not
separate.  There are times and places where they all connect to
become one joyful celebration.  This inspiration of Emrudue's is
certainly one of them.
Emrudue's Outer Auras.  Emrudue is the inner and the outer
experience of happiness, contentment, peace, satisfaction,
completion, fulfillment, and success.  Emrudue is like a vast, dense
energy field of metallic silver which materializes what you desire. 
(see the gnome Mentifil's description of silver).  Like the aura of
Enchede, another lunar head, it is wonderful just to sit in it and
become one with it.
     This lunar, silvery energy  is very good at fulfilling wishes on the
three planes. If this were sex magick or tantra, there would be so
much attractive force and power in the way you make love that you
would automatically draw to you whatever you wished.
    Desire or the intense wish is like the magical and more masculine
electrical fluid: demanding, commanding, possessing, ordering,
assertive, forceful, etc.  The feminine, magnetic fluid symbolized by
a woman's body and beauty then amplifies that wish with its
receptive and attractive powers which gather the energy needed to
fulfill it.  
    If you employ enough will, you can get what you want.  If you do
so with wisdom, the results are harmonious.  If you do so with love,
the results nourish and fulfill yourself and others.  And if you do so
guided by the highest spirit, your accomplishments endure through
all ages of the world.

 The wish is in a sense an experience of emptiness which you want
filled.  Emrudue is the akasha which penetrates that emptiness with
lunar light of completion and fulfillment and also the energy
accumulation which brings that wish into manifestation.  Emrudue is
the enhanced magical power which joins the wish to its fulfillment. 
This is the nature of the lunar zone--the realm of dream and the gate
through which all intentions and causes must pass before they can
result in effects which manifest.  Naturally, there is a spirit who is
master of this gate and of the procedures governing manifestation of
desires in our world.

Emrudue has a sense of absolute satisfaction and gratification. This
spirit has a very great deal of authority to grant wishes or, more
clearly, to empower you to fulfill your wishes.  This authority is
based on his understanding of the interaction and connection
between the inner planes of thought, dream, and desire and the
outer world of manifestation shaped by space, time, and limitation. 
He comprehends both worlds at once and so with ease can facilitate
and indicate the quickest route to follow to gain the experience you
    In another session,  I recall some of the unfulfilled desires which
have haunted my life.  Meditating with this spirit is kind of like
processing the hidden and stifled desires in yourself.  You revisit
them and feel the full force and sway they have had and perhaps still
have over your psyche and inner life. 
    The idea is to view your life from the point of view of the light,
the vast sea of this spirit's light which surrounds your life.  You see
yourself from the point of view of the cosmic power of fulfilling
wishes in order to fulfil your life experience and to know what it is
to be whole inside.
  In another session, I notice again how Emrudue's outer aura is a
very thick, rich, and dense energy.  It has the qualities of  being
blessed with luck, success, fulfillment, and happiness.  This is the
foundation of inner satisfaction, of being attuned to the universe,
which an individual needs in order to do his best work in life.  This
is a spiritual stance, a way of looking at the outer events of your life
from an inner state of contentment and profound peace.

Emrudue's Inner Aura.  Emrudue is incredibly aware of the past,
present, and the options and opportunities available in the immediate
and far future. It is like he shows you what ships are leaving the
harbor voyaging to fulfill wishes, dreams, and desires.  He shows
you where to sign up and where to board to undertake and arrive at
those destinations. 
    In another session, the picture I get of Emrudue is that of a fairly
young man, maybe in his early thirties or late twenties. He has bright
eyes and a wonderful smile which makes you smile in return.  He
looks very happy, successful, and content.  
    Perhaps this picture would fit that of a young abbot of a
Benedictine Monastery--his monasteries' chanting album has been
number one of the record charts for a year in Europe and the United
States.  He has just discovered an old, hidden wine cellar in the
basement of the monastery with wine bottles selling at ten thousand
dollars each.  And twice a year on winter and summer solstice the
Archangel Gabriel visits him for three hours to answer whatever
questions he has.  And he has many questions because the leaders of
nations seek this abbot's counsel on how to succeed with their
economies and how to be inspiring to their people.
  But in this case, Emrudue's wealth is not wine or records though
he does know the archangel Gabriel quite well.  His wealth is the
treasures which satisfy the body, soul, and spirit of human beings on
earth through all ages.  The grounds of his monastery contain no
vineyards.  They contain, instead, the peoples and the nations of our
   I have to say that I have never meet a happier individual or spirit
than Emrudue.  For Emrudue, good fortune and spiritual
consciousness are blended into and have one exquisite taste. 
   In one of the movie, Star Trek, the Next Generations, Captain
Picard is caught in a vortex while trying to save a planet from
destruction.  In this place, each individual has whatever he desires or
imagines.  Picard, who once chose to be a starship captain rather
than a family man, finds himself with what he had never
experienced--a family, wife and children on Christmas day.  He is
loving and surrounded by love.  But his destiny calls him and he
must leave this happiness behind to fulfill his mission.  The writers
of Star Trek understood human experience.  Happiness is in part
illusion because it is contingent, brief, and ultimately unsatisfying. 
   For Emrudue, the commander in the special forces, the chairman
of the joint chiefs, and anyone else can have happiness.  He can be
committed to his mission and fulfill his duty.  And he can also be a
loving human being who fills with love everyone around him.  For
Emrudue, there is no conflict or illusion in attaining to this.  It is
something Emrudue has been designated by Divine Providence to
offer as a gift to those who seek it.  And if it is not your fate or a
part of the hand life has dealt you?  Emrudue has the power to
create it.  Again, he has this authority because it is the nature of
Divine Providence to hold nothing back.  Even the 49 Judges of
Saturn must surrender their judgment and severity when and where
the inspiration runs this deep.
    Of course, the monastic impression I have of Emrudue is just my
reaction.  It indicates the deep contemplative quality of his aura
where practicing austerities is not the point.  And also with this
contemplative insight is also a profound appreciation of all that
brings happiness and satisfaction to life.  Others will have their own
associations and impressions of what Emrudue is like for them.
   Meditating here with Emrudue, it is so easy to visualize my entire
life in terms of prosperity and the purposes I have wanted to fulfill. 
I mean, Emrudue gets you to think in terms of happy and satisfying
life situations.  I once lived in a house with 36 rooms.  At another
time, I lived in small, one room cabin.  The closest neighbor was
three miles down the road.  At the time, that was exactly where I
wanted to be. The material circumstances of my life have varied. 
What was important were the spiritual purposes I wanted to fulfill.  I
can see that now.  
   In the past, however, not possessing these depths of perception, I
went through a lot of anguish.  Some of the transitions in my life
have been nightmares.  At this moment, I can appreciate the past. 
The transitions, however, would have been much smoother if I had
understood more about the perspective of spirits such as Emrudue. 
I would not have fallen into the 60's antimaterialism bias which I had
because I was a professional introvert and all my friends and
relatives were extroverts. I would have sought a balance between the
inner and outer worlds at the outset of my journeys. 
Akashic Plane.  On the akasha of the earthzone, Emrudue draws
into focus the meaning of your life.  His presence clarifies the
desires and motivations, needs and ideals, which make you who you
are.  Under the influence of Emrudue's aura, you see yourself from
within a state of happiness, contentment, well-being, and serenity.
    Imagine you have a friend, a kind of soul mate, mentor, and
lover.  And every single time when you visit this person, who
happens to run a retreat center, the needs and cares of your life are
suspended.  The moment you enter this place you find yourself
within a mythical realm which exists to celebrate cosmic peace. 
   This is not to suggest that your intelligence is compromised. On
the contrary, your mental powers of perception are expanded.  If
you took the brilliance of the greatest psychologist, political analyst,
prosecutor, defense attorney, and supreme court judge and rolled
that intelligence and judgment all into one,  then you would have a
taste of this perspective.  That shrewdness, alertness, eye for detail
and situation, history and motivation--all of it is present here.  This
intelligence weighs, evaluates, accepts, and appreciates.  
   With a really good friend and lover, you can discuss every aspect
of your life.  You can be completely transparent. There is no fear in
this level of disclosure because you know you are completely
accepted and embraced.  On the akashic plane, Emrudue provides
this perspective and experience.
I would point out that there is a cosmic aspect, a kind of
astrophysics in Emrudue's outlook.  When I sit in a stone circle on
Mull Island, Scotland, leaning against the standing stone, it is easy
for me to feel and see five thousand years of human history passing
by.  The stone was there during it all.  
   Meditating with Emrudue on the akashic plane is a similar
experience.  It used to be that geologists told us that the oldest
stones on earth were about a billions years old in an outcrop down
in Australia.  Now they say they have found rocks formed on earth
which are two and a half billion years old or older.  Imagine leaning
back against a rock like that and feeling the vibration of the stone.  
  Emrudue recalls when the moon first began to orbit the earth. 
Meditating with Emrudue is recalling the way things began.  You
feel the ancient origins.  And yet time has not grown old.  Time has
just begun to unfold its mysterious and wonderful treasures. 
   In approaching Emrudue, it is natural for individuals to make
requests, "I want a new car.  I want to pay off the debt on my
house. I want a girlfriend.  I want a soul mate to marry and raise a
family with.  I want to succeed in my career.  I want happiness,
satisfaction, and fulfillment, etc."  These requests all have there
place and are within Emrudue's ability to answer.  
   But if you tune into Emrudue, into who he really is, then it is just
as natural to ask, "I want a clairvoyance which allows me to see, a
clairsentience which allows me to feel, a telepathy which allows me
to understand the order and the movement of the universe--of what
was, is, and shall be.  I want to understand the evolution of the
world and our final destiny as a race."  If nothing else, the lunar
zone grants inner mobility--the capacity to move freely and with
ease throughout the entire domain and range of the human psyche
and spirit.  
    I sometimes revisit in my mind the house I lived in as a teenager. 
I walk through the rooms as feelings and sensations come alive.  I
look out of the different windows and see the grounds and trees as
the seasons change--winter, spring, summer, and fall.  I feel the
vibration in the floor as the furnace starts up in the basement.  I hear
the dog barking outside at the ducks splashing down on the lake at
    That house is part of the history of Detroit.  It helped shape who
I was, am, and shall be.   For me, it holds a special set of memories.
   The earth is our house.  It is a very special place.  If you relax and
sense with Emrudue's senses, you can hear the sounds which
occurred over a billions years. You see the seasons appear and
disappear.  You smell the freshness of the air when plants and trees
began to grow.  And then life manifests radiant with instinctual
energy.  All that has happened here shapes who we have been, what
we are, and what we shall become.  Meditating on the akashic plane
with Emrudue is to feel the whole world is part of your soul.

Mental Plane.  Working with Emrudue on the mental plane is very
magical.  As a high spirit, his consciousness penetrates easily
through space and time in all realms and domains of the psyche and
spirit.  Using his abilities, he takes you into a deep state of trance,
again, equivalent to a deep, dreamless sleep.  And then, as in using a
crystal ball for skrying, he leads you to the place within your body,
soul, mind, or spirit from which your desires and wishes arise.  
    You see the source of your deepest needs.  So if there is
something specific you wish for or want, he takes you right there
within yourself and shows you the image and energy of that desire
in its primal and also cosmic power.  You see yourself as the being
you can become if you integrate into your consciousness all that is
hidden within you.
    The undine Istiphul, for example, does something similar.  With
that fabulous sensitivity undines possess, she goes into the core of
your being to discover your deepest needs.  This is something she
does automatically.  It is part of her aura and a way of loving which
she celebrates.  She then guides you to see who you will one day be
when your needs are fulfilled.  She offers you a vision and taste of
that experience.
   I met a psychologist who attempts something similar although
without the psychic perception or sensitivity.  It was her method in
focusing through which she would ask a client, "Imagine that this
thing which concerns you is something solid and real which you can
take into your hands and feel.  What is its texture and shape, its feel
and taste?"  She would then guide her client so he or she would
experience the problem changing into a something valuable which
enriches life rather than as a place where he or she is stuck.
    With Emrudue the process is direct.  He shows you the sacred
energy of life which is beneath your desires.  He then works with
you so that your personal needs and these sacred energies unite. 
The satisfaction and fulfillment are then enduring and utterly
transforming.  In effect, you get what you want but you get a whole
lot more than you could have imagined as well.
   Once again, with this spirit there is no higher or lower magick. 
There is no separation between spiritual and material, between body
or soul.  Every need and desire is sacred no matter how gross the
sensation or intense the craving.  For Emrudue, every vibration,
every density of matter, every energy has its place in the greater
universe.  Every intention serves a purpose.  Every desire is a gate
leading to the transcendence of limitations and also celebrating the
actions and presence of spirit manifesting within the physical
Astral Plane.  Emrudue's aura on the astral plane is a highly charged
and condensed energy of luck, success, wealth, encouragement,
good fortune, and opportunity.   Emrudue's aura is consciousness
and energy.  It applies to and is equally effective in the inner and
outer worlds.  
   It is actually difficult for me sitting here with Emrudue to think of
anything I want.  I already feel I have everything I want.  The
contentment and peace are that complete.  On the other hand, I do
not lose my objectivity about my physical circumstances.  It is
equally clear that for my life to flow more smoothly and to be more
successful, physical circumstances could be changed so that my
inner contentment is fully reflected in the outer world.
   Divine Providence is not stingy or impoverished.  It is so generous
that there is no wealth of spirit, mind, soul, body, or material
possession it is not willing to share with the world.  For Emrudue,
the treasures within the soul and the treasures within the world are
the same vibration.  You can not separate them.
   If you try to cut one off from the other, you deceive and starve
yourself.  You create an artificial barrier which generates karma and
illusion.  "What profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his
soul?" asked Christ.  And what profit a man if he gain
enlightenment or union with God and lose his land, his people, and
his world?  Is this not an equal or greater sin to fail to take
responsibly for the world in which you dwell?   Or, as Lewis Carrol
suggests, our work is the world.
   Occasionally in history there are individuals mentioned who had
both.  Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon were masters of
dreams, visions, and prophecy and they also were in charge of and
responsible for administering empires.  Neither the inner nor the
outer was sacrificed.  
   All of this is to say that material needs and the needs of the soul
are of equal importance.  Emrudue is a perfect embodiment of this
principle.  He would deny nothing because he perceives with divine
vision how everything is interconnected.
    The density of energy here is like working with the gnome
Mentifil on silver, the planetary metal of the moon.  Again, I have a
description of silver on the website under the homepage of gnomes. 
What you imagine in that energy field tends to manifest because the
energy is so pure, dense, and balanced.  

Physical.  So far I have described Emrudue's aura and his presence
on the three inner of planes of our world.  I have explained his
perspective and the principles he embodies as an agent of Divine
Providence. Having said all of this, when Emrudue is present on the
etheric/physical plane, he becomes a force manifesting the things
that you want.  The necessary power applied in just the right way.  
    This energy changes things.  It takes one situation and makes it
into another situation through the accumulated energies on the inner
planes.  It is like water flowing down hill.  The water obeys the law
of gravity.  Similarly, change obeys the laws of the inner planes.  A
well-formulated intention or purpose designed by wisdom and
wrapped in power manifests and becomes reality because this is
what was meant to be.  The laws of life and the universe are written
into it and give expression to it.


From a few specific meditations I have done with Emrudue, I can
make some comments about how I think your work with Emrudue
will manifest in the physical world after you form a strong
connection to him.  At least, this is my limited experience from what
has happened in the last few weeks.  
    First and foremost, whatever happens you will feel contentment. 
This is not inactivity or complacency.  It is an overwhelming sense
that you no longer feel a need to do anything that is not important to
you. You see your circumstances and actions from a timeless
perspective.  This is again that mythological realm of infinite peace--
the whole universe is one vibration of beauty, love, and justice.  If
you relax, you can feel this to some degree in every breath.  
   Second, the physical changes in your circumstances seem
completely natural.  There is nothing disruptive or unsettling about
them.  It is not like those studies of individuals who win the lottery. 
The vast majority of those winners end up being unhappy and most
of them waste all that money and end up in exactly the same
situations they were in before they won the lottery.
  By contrast, with Emrudue the changes are obviously something
near at hand and already available to you.  It only takes a slight
change of perspective and feeling in yourself and in others around
you to produce an outcome which is very rich and satisfying. 
   The third thing I notice is that even though I request something I
very much want for myself, I do not really feel like the recipient of
something being given to me gratuitously.  I feel that I am a
benefactor and the one who is giving.  It is I who possess an inner
wealth which overflows to those around me.  As I satisfy my inner
needs, I am also expressing real caring and tender love with others. 
There is a flow of energy both ways between myself and others and
I am the one overseeing the process.  
   In other words, the ego is subverted.  The individual feels more
responsible and active rather than greedy or selfish.  Upon this path,
gratification is a taste of enlightenment.  Your consciousness is
    Fourth, there is a degree of processing or self-understanding
which accompanies any action which accelerates your growth and
provides new experience.  Working with Emrudue, I gain insights
into what I really want.  My orientation and outlook are slowly but
continuously changing. 
    This means there is an on-going review of your desires.  If desire
is like a wood fire, you may notice as you consider your situation
from the perspective of Emrudue that you want more.  You may
want the fire produced by coal, coke, electricity, and/or nuclear
   In other words, from the point of view of lunar akasha, of the
transcendence of space and time, it perfectly natural to ask, "What is
the best expression of myself, of my unique human and spiritual
being?"  Loan sharks, credit card companies, and even banks are
often enthusiastic to loan you money without any regard to how you
are going to use it as long as they have a claim against your property
or credit history.  But Emrudue is different.  If anything, he is
genuinely interested in your fulfillment and happiness.  You will
sense this in the process of working with him.
    Fifth,  I would mention that if you meet a really wise teacher, he
will know when to refer you to someone else if being elsewhere is
more important for you.  I have witnessed this happen a few times. 
The teacher said point blank to a would be student that you are not
looking for me but for this other teacher--that is where you belong.  
    You can expect this also from Emrudue, that he will refer you
elsewhere, to another spirit, teacher, or procedure, if he thinks that
is more appropriate or if you need additional assistance.  Some
individuals journey into the occult and magical arts only to be
referred back to the religion of their childhood.  They then perceive
the old rituals and scriptures as full of inspiration having freed
themselves of their hostility toward tradition or their youthful need
to rebel.
   I am sure there is a more I will have to say in the future but these
are some of my comments after working for a few weeks with
   I consider these five points to be very positive.  I think if you look
at Emrudue's inner source of inspiration and the principles he
represents, you can understand his authority, power, and
commission.  I imagine in the negative version of this principle, you
are given what you wish as a way of tricking you into becoming
enslaved to a passion or enticed into losing your freedom.  Given
what you desire, you have less than what you began with. The
negative principle in its essence attempts to prevent your growth.
   With Emrudue, it is also clear that in granting wishes there is
something far more important occurring. Given what you request,
you are no longer the same person who made the request. Your
personal desires and needs have been used as a means to introduce
you to the great harmony and peace which governs the universe. 
You are more than what you were in the beginning.  Your freedom
has increased. 
Using the Sigil.  I will repeat here a few of the comments I made
earlier on about working with Emrudue's sigil and say a little more. 
You can get a copy of Emrudue's sigil from Bardon's book, The
Practice of Magical Evolution.  It is in the back of the book under
the lunar sphere as the seventh spirit listed.  You etch the sigil on a
silver plate or visualize it or draw it with your finger in silvery light
in the air.  If you are etching the sigil on a silver plate, you do so
during the seventh moon mansion.
    Since there are 28 moon mansions according to some theories,
each mansion is about 12.9 degrees.  If you take the first 12.9
degrees of the zodiac in Aries, you have the first moon mansion. 
Each successive mansion is another 12.9 degrees added to the
previous one.  This makes the seventh moon mansion fall roughly
from 90.3 degrees to 103.2 degrees or within the first third of the
constellation of Gemini.  
    Again, I have not worked on this procedure of making a sigil
during the seventh moon mansion.  I will keep you posted if and
when I work on this.  I am sure others will have very clear and
specific ideas as to when the seventh moon mansion occurs--
whenever the moon for example is within these degrees of the
zodiac or when the full moon is within these degrees or when
perhaps the sun moves through these degrees.  I have not really
thought or meditated on this point yet. 
    In any case, etching the sigil on silver during the seventh moon
mansion and then wearing it on your person is what Bardon
suggests for fulfilling a material request. Again, you probably won't
find anything more about that procedure from me since I usually do
not employ physical implements--I have no wand, robe, magick
mirror, crystal ball, not even a picture.  
   I do not wear rings or jewelry.  I do not draw a magical circle
other than in my mind.  I suspect I overdid that sort of thing long
ago and now it is most of the time not appropriate for me to work in
that way.  Then again,  if I excelled at making physical talismans, I
doubt you would have any of these elaborate descriptions of spirits
which I write.  
  I would imagine that it would help to meditate on the silver plate
you use.  For example, imagine the plate to embody the qualities of
silver which I describe under my article on Mentifil. 
   I visualize the sigil on the four planes--physical/etheric, astral,
mental, and akashic.  I draw it with my finger imagining Emrudue's
presence is fully embodied within the sigil.  It sit there and
contemplate the sigil concentrating on it.  And I place or visualize a
wish within the sigil.  The image is like a device for amplifying and
materializing wishes.  
   If you have ever practiced Tibetan Buddhism, you will have
noticed they start you out repeating five different exercises each a
hundred thousand times.  You start with prostrations.  You also
visualize.  If you repeat something enough, it becomes part of you.  
    I don't think it is too much to learn to visualize something so it is
perfectly clear, seems real, and takes on a power of its own so that it
is imbued with sacred energies.  You might have to start drawing
and learning to paint as an artist or develop the eyes of a
photographer before you can visualize.  The eyes can indeed, with
enthusiasm and artistic curiosity, learn to notice every detail about
the things that you see.  The more you notice, the easier it is to
remember which in part is what visualizing involves--holding an
image continuously before your mind.
   I have spent a lot of time describing the feeling of Emrudue's aura. 
You can also learn to recall feelings as an actor, like Anthony
Hopkins, who can immerse himself so well in a part that while he
acts he becomes in his mind the person he is playing.  Magick is
similar.  You concentrate on a feeling--e.g., Emrudue's outer aura,
his inner source of inspiration, his qualities on the four planes, etc.
and then you place that feeling in the sigil.  
  Again, none of this technique is really needed.  If you understand
Emrudue's mind, you hardly need to work with him.  You can do it
on your own.  The advantage of working with another human being
or someone more skilled than you is that your learn faster and often
accomplish more.  Of course, things tend to be more complicated
when you work with others, but that is the nature of life.
   If your visualize a sigil as I suggest, you are also creating a
thoughtform, an elemental or elementary.  You are responsible for
this creation.  You have to get rid of it, dissolve it completely, when
you are done.  If you are very sensitive, you may not at all feel
comfortable having a thoughtform around.  In this case, you can
visualize the sigil as you meditate and then dissolve it when you are
done with your practice. 
   The sigil is also a nice way for connecting to a spirit.  If you want
to know the spirit better and to learn from it, you can use the sigil
when you meditate.  If you visualize it strong enough and put
enough energy into it, this itself is like a minor evocation.  It calls
spirit into your room.  That is, space, time, and the planes are
dissolved and the two of you are there in front of each other.  Some
people are uncomfortable with the use of will which evocation
implies.  But you can emphasize instead that you are practicing
omnipresence--a love which freely interacts with the whole universe.
   I use sigils mostly as a quality control device.  They add something
extra to my meditations.  If there is something specific I am trying to
accomplish, I join minds with the spirit and we work together on it. 
Again, I think Emrudue's sigil is very useful if you visualize the
exact and precise fulfillment of what you want within the sigil as a
picture superimposed over the sigil's design.