The Lunar Spirit Emvatibe


Copyright (C) 2000 by William Mistele.  All rights reserved.  From the forthcoming book, Spirits of the Planetary Spheres.

     Note.  According to Franz Bardon in his book, The Practice of Magical Evocation, Emvatibe is the head of the fourth lunar mansion.


Method.  The method I use today is very simple.  For the earthzone, I imagine dark, ultra-violet light around me in all directions without anything else being present.  And there is the sensation of being formless and penetrating through space and time.  I then focus my intent on being in the earthzone.  With the lunar sphere, I also imagine a sensation of penetrating through space and time.  Added to this sensation, I visualize silvery white light around myself in all directions.  The sense of open space filled with one vibration of light assists the mind in gaining direct access to the consciousness of the particular planetary sphere.


Ascending into the Earthzone.  It is customary to project one’s mind briefly into the akasha of the planet earth before moving into higher spheres.  The akasha of the earthzone is always a new experience for me.  Today I find the akasha of the earthzone to be very psychic and sensitive.  But there is still this aspect that is practical and urgent.  It seems to be saying, “Let’s get something done.  Let’s accomplish something.” 

    At the same time, I get this sense of Losimon, a spirit in Cancer who teaches about the history of religions and initiations in past ages.  I have an image of a man carrying torches and wearing a mask who is initiating children ages ago.  With this image is a feeling of compassion and sympathy for the struggle of life, for all the sacrifice that has occurred as we as a race have worked to build a civilization and to stay alive.  The path of life for humanity has indeed involved great suffering and tragedy but also it is surrounded by immense beauty and the wonder that what is within us has barely been seen it is so great and awesome.

    Being here in akasha is a little like being able to look back in time and perceive through the senses of anyone who has ever been alive on earth.  As I think different thoughts or as different images enter my mind, I automatically recall or relive an experience with someone in history who has felt that experience in the same way.  It would seem that human experience is part of a collective treasury.  It is completely open for individuals to draw up to enrich their understanding of life on earth.


Lunar Zone.  With the earthzone, there is this drive for spirit to manifest on the physical plane.  With the lunar zone, this drive is not present.  In place of the theme to materialize some purpose, the lunar zone emphasizes a oneness of space and time.  The past and future are interwoven.  Purposes begin with needs, desires, dreams, and ideals and are one day satisfied and fulfilled within the earthzone.  But the lunar zone senses that the desire and the satisfaction, the purpose and its fulfillment are a part of each other and already joined within the akasha of the lunar zone.  If you suspend time, then you already feel completed.  If you enter a dream fully, then you already embody the life of that dream within yourself.

    There is obviously a real trick to understanding the lunar zone.  This vibration I am sitting within has no need to be practical or intense about trying to accomplish a purpose in the world because it already is within a state of complete enlightenment.  It is already complete within itself. 

    But you would not want to assume that the lunar vibration is inactive, inattentive, or lacking in strength and virility.  You would never want to cross swords with this energy.  It has already crossed an abyss of despair, nightmare, and suffering and so now exists within a state of perfect peace--all dues have already been paid; all obstacles have already been surmounted.  You cannot find any weakness within it. 

    It may not seem like it is engaged in productive work due to its being so serene, but the work this vibration accomplishes proceeds from an inner vision that is totally real and more powerful than anything that opposes it.  The lunar vibration may not seem down to earth.  In fact, it seems otherworldly.  But the lunar vibration has the wealth of all the other planets available to fulfill its purposes. 

     The great advantage of embodying such an absolutely outrageous sense of inner peace and detachment is that when you look at your life, you immediately see what is worth doing and what you wish to avoid doing.  Consequently, everything you do results in building up your strength and sustaining a feeling of being in harmony with the universe.


Emvatibe’s Domain.  Overlaying the tree of the life and the ten sephiroth of the Quabbalah on to the system of the seven chakras, the lunar zone becomes analogous to the second chakra in human beings.  The second chakra relates to sex, sensuality, satisfaction, contentment, serenity, family, etc.  Individuals with strong second chakras, similar to lunar spirits, are very independent.  They know intuitively what they like and do not like without having to think about it.  And they hate being interfered with.  Their independence means they are highly protective of their own space and of those they care about.

    Emvatibe’s domain in the lunar akasha is fiercely protective and openly hostile to any malicious intentions.  It destroys those who have a desire to destroy.  This is reminiscent of a saying by Krishna, “I have entered the world to destroy the destroyers.”  Krishna is the avatar in Hindu mythology of Vishnu--the preserver of the world.  And in Hindu yoga Vishnu presides over the second chakra.

    Franz Bardon describes Emvatibe as knowing someone’s malicious intentions even at the moment when they are formulated.  Krishna in the Mahabarata was like that.  In a great conflict, Krishna was trying to avoid war and work toward peace.  He went around before the war and talked to the principle parties in the conflict.  He discussed with them and also revealed to them their innermost desires.  But he was also completely transcendent.  He saw the ending from the beginning.  At the beginning of the final battle and standing in the midst of the battlefield, he pauses and reveals to Arjuna the words written in the Bhagavad-Gita.  He says, “I have already defeated all these armies.”


Emvatibe’s Inner Source of Inspiration.  “It is the nature of the universe to offer diverse habitats so that a shoot from the smallest seed and the most fragile flower or butterfly can flourish and survive.  This diversity and fragility derive from ecstasy.  This ecstasy delights in an endless variety of new things ceaselessly appearing.  Even so, for the individual whose spirit is clear, protection is always near.”


Outer Aura.  Emvatibe is extremely penetrating, subtle, and wise.  His aura is gigantic.  He immediately can sense in one moment everyone who is involved with you and everything influencing you.  

    The net effect is that Emvatibe builds your strength and independence.  He assists you in making wise choices and developing clarity in action.  Emvatibe’s point of view includes the view point of Saturn which is, “Everyone has the right to make their own choices and to learn from their own experience.  Other people have the right, if they so choose, to abuse their power and to try to interfere with you.”  Saturn monitors this situation and demonstrates though consequences that there is great price to be paid for such abuse.  Saturn, however, only requires that these consequences occur at some unspecified point in time.

    Emvatibe, by contrast, is an enforcer who makes those consequences happen here and now rather than further down the road.  If your connection to Emvatibe is strong, he will put an immediate end to someone’s attempt to interfere with you.  This is his divine commission and there is no limit on his authority to assist you in this regard.  If someone has a lesson to learn about avoiding being malicious, then now is as a good a time to learn as any.  Meditating with Emvatibe is itself a magical ritual in self-protection.

    In the martial art of Aikido, you do not confront aggressive energy directly.  You step out of its way while remaining yourself in harmony.  The other individual, you could say, then falls down due to the imbalance in his own action.  Similarly, when you embody Emvatibe’s aura in yourself, you are stepping out of the way of the aggressive energy while remaining in harmony with the laws of the universe.  The light of your consciousness reveals the truth and, when exposed to the truth, the force of malicious action returns immediately to the individual who initiates it.

     To put it another way, you are fully aware of energy, action, and intent, but you are in a formless state of consciousness.  Within Emvatibe’s vibration, which is also an aspect of lunar akasha, you possess no identity.  There is no one who can be attacked.  There is nothing to defend.  There is nothing that can be threatened and so there is nothing to flee from or be afraid of. 

     There is only the truth of intention, decision, and action and the consequences that result.  Under the law of the universe and the law of love, there is a time for change and change often involves destroying something old so something new can arise.  But if you seek to destroy prematurely without wisdom, then you are responsible for the consequences. You must make right what you have undone.  And if you seek to destroy out of malicious intent--such things as greed, jealously, hatred, arrogance-- then you yourself shall be destroyed.  In effect, Emvatibe produces immediate consequences in exact proportion to the abuse of power that is present.  You cannot put it more simple than that.


Inner Aura.  Now this auric vibration is something I have not run into before.  Emvatibe has the ability to consider the essence of an individual’s spirit, thoughts, feelings, and life force quite independent of the circumstances under which the individual has developed or the situation he is currently in.  There is some omnipresent capacity here.  He is able to hold another’s consciousness within his own mind.  And then--this is the interesting part--he can seal that individual’s aura so that nothing evil or malicious can get out.  That is, the capacity to do something negative within the external world is stopped.  The negativity remains within the individual like poison locked in a bottle.

     How does he do this?  Remember that the lunar zone suspends space and time.  In it, there is a joining of desire and satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment, intention and completion.  When Emvatibe’s energy is present, everything in the outer world becomes a mirror reflecting back to the individual’s that individual’s intentions. 

     If you seek to bless, then the world blesses you.  If you seek to harm, then that harm is right there in your face.  Like other spirits of the moon, the lunar vibration is like a world of dreams in which you experience what you desire and wish for as if it is a hundred per cent real and already complete.  Emvatibe’s specialty is turning the world into a dream where the stalker is stalked and the perpetrator falls victim to his own machinations.

     On the other hand, for those wishing to meditate with Emvatibe and embody his qualities, Emvatibe’s inner aura is a state of complete transcendence.  In it, nothing interferes with you.  Nothing disturbs or bothers you.  You are free to develop within and express through yourself the most fragile beauty and the most delicate feelings precisely because there is this ferocity of protection in and around you.


Note.  The next day after I did the above meditation/evocation of Emvatibe, I was involved in a role I sometimes play as a public advocate.  I advocate a change, small or large, in some public institution--the court system, the legislature, the school system, some organization, etc.  In this case, I was only asking for a very small change in someone’s behavior.  But I think in part due to Emvatibe’s influence, I became like a mirror--anyone who opposed me saw their worst fear staring back at them.  Other individuals--complete strangers--were incredibly friendly, as if I were their best friend. 

    I would have to say that Emvatibe’s influence is incredibly intense.  It helps to have a lot of experience and to know what you are doing, that is, you need the earthzone’s practical and down to earth understanding of how to solve problems prior to working with the lunar zone.  In this case, I had these things so the intensity of Emvatibe’s vibration was able to move through me without causing undo stress to myself.  Still, I would recommend not using a spirit like this for specific actions unless your purpose is very clear and you have no other remedies.


Akashic Plane.  In the lunar zone, Emvatibe, like the lunar akasha, enables you to be free from identifying with form.  You need no identity because you are pure awareness.  Time and space do not condition or confine your consciousness.

    This formless state of awareness is also part of the earthzone akasha.  But the akasha of the earthzone is “busy” overseeing, maintaining, and creating the mental, astral, and physical planes of our planet.  The earthzone has a special interest in producing material results.

    When you bring Emvatibe’s presence onto the akashic plane of the earthzone, you bring the ferocity of Emvatibe’s sense of protection to bear on life in our world.  The result is that your intuition becomes highly sensitized to perceiving with great clarity your strengths and weaknesses, your limitations and vulnerabilities, your circumstances and every condition that has made you who you are. 

     As I meditate with Emvatibe on this plane, it is kind of like spontaneously reviewing all of my best memories from childhood.  Every memory that brings satisfaction, contentment, happiness, and peace flows through my mind.  It is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

    Now some individuals may confront you at times with the intent of producing guilt or trying to make you feel inadequate or tell you that your ideas are wrong.  They will tell you that your experiences are insignificant or that your personal history is of no value.  But you have a right to your own thoughts and feelings.  And growing up, like being alive, is a miracle in itself.  It is something to be cherished with the greatest appreciation. 

    On this level, then, Emvatibe reminds us we have a right to our own feelings and thoughts.  The ground from which we have sprung, our roots and family history, is necessary and invaluable.  No one, no being or spirit, has a right to interfere with what inspires you and the sources of life that nourish you.  Emvatibe is incredibly vehement on this point.  Life is a great gift and you have a right to protect that gift under all circumstances and in all situations of space and time.

    As I meditate further with Emvatibe, I notice he has the ability to unravel the different threads of meaning moving through my life.  He points out the continuities and the discontinuities in my experience.  The different stages of life contained very different experiences and yet the same themes persisted even if they wore different cloaks.  Emvatibe has this capacity to show you at the same time your personal history, your spiritual life, and your cosmic destiny.  For Emvatibe, each of these three things protects, nourishes, and reveals the nature of the other two. 

     If the spiritual being you will one day become is important, then so are your fondest memories and the things in life that have brought you joy and pleasure.  These cannot be separated from each other.  In the lunar zone, your personal strength is a joining of your personality with the divinity within yourself.  These seeming opposites are united in the presence of a spirit like Emvatibe.

     This akashic perspective is extremely important.  Many times negative energy can only influence us if it has some kind of hook or tie to us.  It uses our own errors and weaknesses of character to infiltrate and weaken our will.  But if you have a really healthy self-appreciation and cherish all the good that has happened to you in life, then you do not open yourself up to receive the negative.  You sense its nature early on and simply turn away from it.  You realize it is not part of yourself and that you wish to have nothing to do with it.

     On another occasion when I work with Emvatibe on the akashic plane, I am again impressed by the degree to which he takes me back into many times and places within my memory.  There is so much feeling and emotion I have not yet processed.  Emvatibe is a little like a poet, a musician, a dramatist, a screenwriter and movie director, and a therapist all rolled into one. 

     I can hear music that accompanies certain memories.  I view myself at times through the eyes of a painter who has captured the mood and texture of a cabin I once lived in.  I see myself as a character in a novel finding his way through a maze in search of his remote destiny.  Emvatibe brings great sensitivity and artistic imagination to highlight the details and themes portrayed in different situations of life.  At this point in time, I would have to say that Emvatibe wins hands down as the most skilled, insightful, personable, and friendly therapist of any spirit I have worked with.


Mental Plane.  The mental plane is very Saturnian and serious.  It dissolves anything negative influencing you.  Your mind is like a metal smelter--your outlook is so intent you carefully weigh and then burn away anything impure that seeks to reach out to you.  In other words, you see through deception, dishonesty, and deceit.  Negative energy does not like Saturn.  Saturn is a pit into which negative energy falls and from which it cannot escape.

     Another way of saying this is that the negative often uses control, manipulation, domination, and force to exercise its influence.  But Saturn is simply more in control and more thorough in its dealing than negative energy.  In practical terms, this means you retain complete control over every aspect of the decisions and choices you make in life.  You do not yield your power and will at anytime to others in a way that they can take advantage of you.

     Car salesmen are sometimes very negative.  They use deceit and manipulation to get you to pay more rather than less.  This is their job.  It is what they are getting paid to do.  If you work with a car salesman and already possess all the information you need to decide on which car to buy and at what price, the salesman’s negative influence is greatly reduced. 

    At the last moment when you read through the final contract, you may notice the salesman has slipped in costs that were not agreed upon.  At this point, you can stop the process and withdraw unless the original agreement is maintained.  The salesman is just trying to get you to yield your will to him after he has spend so much time pretending to be your friend while discussing contractual details.  A Saturnian will points out immediately the inequity of the situation and makes it the topic of discussion. 

     When your Saturnian energy is really strong, negative individuals will often avoid trying to take advantage of you.  They can see right away that trying to manipulate you will cost them more than their effort is worth.  Of course, you can just explain at the beginning that you will call attention to any action that you feel is manipulative and, if it warrants, you will seek consequences for the other’s behavior.  But again, this is not a matter of words.  It is a matter of will and its effectiveness often depends on your amount of experience.

     Franz Bardon points out that negative spirits respect and are willing to serve a genuine magician.  In a similar way, an experienced negotiator knows quite well how to get results when working with negative individuals.  It is part of the job training.  You speak the language of the people you are talking to so they understand you and they see clearly the situation they are in.  On the mental plane, Emvatibe embodies this kind of tough, straight-forward, move to the bottom-line kind of discussion.


Astral Plane.  The astral plane actively returns negative energy directed toward you back to its source.  With Emvatibe’s presence on the astral plane, you in effect bring down the akasha of the lunar sphere to act as a protective force.  This lunar akasha dissolves space and time around those who wish you harm trapping them in an abyss.  The net effect is that they become ineffective.  They are unable to harm others because they become preoccupied with suddenly emerging problems that confront them.

     Emvatibe creates an abuse free zone on the astral plane.  Individuals are not permitted to use emotional coercion, hated, fear, domination, greed, or intimidation in this energy field.  If you want to be negative, you have to go somewhere else.  If individuals persist in trying to be negative, they are confronted with a lunar spirit of immense power and implacable will authorized by Divine Providence to offer protection. 

     Of course, the idea of meditating with Emvatibe is that you learn to embody his qualities in yourself.  An evocation of Emvatibe takes a lot of effort and it also takes time to form a strong connection to him and to become familiar with his powers and abilities.  But the idea is to become so familiar with his energy that almost without effort you can evoke the lunar vibration into your aura suspending space and time in the process.  The consequence is that you immediately put into effect an abuse free zone here on earth around what you wish to protect.


Physical Plane.  If you bring Emvatibe down so he manifests in our physical world, his influence is more immediate and effective.  As I have mentioned in describing his aura, he has a great ferocity when it comes to offering protection.  This is his area of authority and the protection he offers is of the nature of a divine mission. 

     It is like having a great samurai, warrior general by your side who happens to play an incredibly beautiful flute and write absolutely enchanting poetry.  Emvatibe’s presence is extremely ferocious and in the same moment completely natural and serene.

     I once was reading a book at a Barne’s and Noble Bookstore nearby.  Suddenly I felt myself under psychic attack.  There was the great weight and force being placed upon me.  I stopped reading my book and carefully considered this power being thrown at me.  But since the energy was so heavy and dense, I spoke the name of a gnome magician I know fairly well.  I said to him, “This is your kind of energy.  Why don’t you do something it?”  Immediately the psychic attack ceased and I quietly turned back to reading my book.

    I imagine it is like that with Emvatibe.  You get to know him fairly well.  Then when you find yourself in need of his help, he is right there beside you bringing the full force of his will and magick to bear on the problem. 

    Franz Bardon mentions that it is always a good idea to do your own magick.  You only rely on spirits to solve problems if you are in a pinch and too busy to take the time to do it yourself.  The goal is to internalize some or all of a spirit’s qualities and powers within yourself so that you mature and become wise in the process.  Yet it is also the case that sometimes some problems disappear soon after they arise for the simple reason that you have the right person or spirit to consult with about the problem.  When you have the right perspective on a problem you are able to do what you need to do and then get on with your life.