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                              Lunar Zone, 9th Mansion, Emzhebyp


This spirit oversees ailments related to the moon: epileptic fits, obsession, hysteria, lunacy.  I am working with this spirit because, like the spirit in 26 degrees Virgo in the earthzone, I know a number of individuals who have mental problems, sometimes due to mistakes in magical practice.

   Unlike many spirits that expose you to new and unusual “spiritual” things, this spirit brings you back to earth.  Rather than taking you into a state of rapture and vision, it brings you down to where you need to be in the present.      


                                                            Lunar Zone


The lunar vibration in the Earthzone


Within the earthzone or sphere of light surrounding our planet, you can attune your self to the moon’s aura.  In other words, there are fields of energy or vibration that are part of our planet that easily connect to the moon.  This sense is a lot like being out in nature at night under the moon and getting the lunar sense of stillness, peace, contentment, timelessness, and well-being. 

   Various writers describe these sensations.  For example, Frank Waters describes being adrift in a sea of motionless time in which you come to realize there are worlds enough for becoming yourself.  You might get a similar sense rafting down the Colorado or some other river. 

   But these feeling produced in nature are a reflection, a sense of being surrounded or immersed to some extent in a peace that is external to the self.  The lunar zone by contrast is these feelings: it is the source of them and has a cosmic depth to them.  It is a little like seeing something in the distance versus seeing it close up; it is like experiencing something vicariously versus having it a part of you; talking to someone on the phone versus being with that person.  



Lunar Zone


If you do your basic training and practice working with akasha, you can usually connect to the earthzone or the greater sphere of akasha surrounding the entire planet.  Our planet has a fascinating vibration with many aspects to it. 

  But if you can get into the akasha of the earthzone and study it, you can probably without too much difficulty get into the akasha of the lunar zone as well.  It is a matter of projecting your mind.  Sensing something and then connecting to it directly or entering it. It takes pure spiritual will but also equally simply learning to be still and to perceive something, relying on your psychic abilities to draw you close.

   My experience is similar to what Bardon describes about students first visiting the lunar zone. It is somewhat disorienting.  It has a vast inner expansiveness.  It takes a while to get used to it through repeated visits.  But eventually it feels familiar, like being home.


Method: I often simply sit and meditate in the akasha of a particular planetary zone.  After a while, I meditate with a specific spirit of that zone.  It is kind of like going and sitting with a Zen master once a week or however often you wish.  Gradually, something of this tuning into the spirit’s aura comes back with you to everyday consciousness. 

   You can do the same for others.  Meditate with the spirit and connect to another person as you do so.  Ask for insights and ways to be of assistance either magically or otherwise. 

  Bringing the spirit down through the planes to the physical world through force of imagination simply makes the procedure move effective.  The results are quicker.  If you want physical brain changes in terms of healing a serious mental illness, you probably need the physical plane presence of the spirit.  

   I visualize the lunar light, a kind of silvery white with a slight violet tinge filling the whole sky in my mind above, below, and around me.  To the light I add the qualities of the spirit I am working with. I do this for whatever plane I am meditating with the spirit on.  Recall that “akasha” is a sense of penetrating through space and time and that you are this vast space without reference to location or form.  

  For the physical plane, I condense or collect this light on the physical plane so there is a strong, dense feeling of light present in a space in which I have the spirit appear. The light is the energy the spirit requires to influence our world.   


I often get slightly different feelings when I project into the lunar zone.  These feelings are like learning to let go, to relax, to go with the flow; things take time.  It is okay to be weak, incomplete, fragile, vulnerable, in process, on a journey, at the beginning rather than at the end.  The lunar zone is very accepting and very supportive of the inward emotional life, offering serenity and calm peace in order to get through life without panicking, anxiety attacks, mental aberrations, obsessions, rigidity, etc.

   With lunar serenity, you can take things as they come and not have to force them and twist them in order to feel you are making progress.  

    I really need this inner peace, serenity, contentment, and stillness to give myself to various tasks, such as writing and publishing and teaching.  Otherwise I am too nervous, impatient, frustrated, distracted, obsessive, rushed, worrisome, and without the nurturing necessary to get the task done.


The lunar zone represents and embodies a place completely safe and secure inside yourself where you can let go and flow and be renewed until you feel so complete that you can also again enter and renew the world.

   It captures the energies of the universe and channels them into our souls as dreams that bring us to life and present us with unimaginable treasures. 

  It is nurturing, sheltering, and supportive. 


11/1/08: again, the sense of a womb—the child doesn’t become a captain, a musician, a counselor, a blacksmith overnight.  It takes time to grow. You need the protective environment.

   Still, seven fathers in my family going back in time were very much involved in the external world: the world determined their courses of action, their opportunities, and their goals.

   The moon by contrast is the longing to be complete, the deeper dreams and needs.  These they occasional sought but not with great inner inspiration guiding them.  I have been very involved with the lunar zone in terms of seeking what has been missing, but I have not had the inner peace, happiness, and serenity that empower these searches.

  In a sense, the lunar zone is the plan of action involving the inner life of the soul.  As in, Ah, here is the dream, the ideal of establishing peace on earth; and here is Isaiah in his position speaking those words with this source of inspiration.  And here is human history and the obstacles you confront. 

     And here are the sources, your spiritual resources on the inner planes which you can utilize as pure magical and divine contacts to accomplish your goals quite independent of whatever is occurring or how difficult the situations may be in the external world.  There are always resources on the inner planes far more powerful than the momentum and urgent needs of external reality.     

   So work quietly, patiently, with great inner peace and serenity, and you will accomplish far more than anything the outer world of human endeavor can imagine.  You change the outer world by working from within.  Know and control the soul and its inspiration and world responds to your intentions.  .


11/7/08: The lunar zone paves the way so the light can appear on earth by finding the right time and space and place.  It is the rhythm of life that underlies all change, as the tides go in and out, the seasons change, the seasons of life, the seasons of civilization, or religion, of spirit, of technology and industry, of family history, of groups, of nations, etc. as they rise and fall. 

  It is very magnetic and receptive, womblike, as compared to the dynamo of the earthzone which is far more electric by contrast.

  Again, very serene: so that you move precisely at the speed you need to move at in order to be on track, to attain your destiny, by extending your very best effort over a very long period of time without distraction or impurities or lower desires contaminating your efforts. 

   Without the serenity, the inward focus in complete stillness, the project or vision to be attained gets lost in the distractions of the outer world with all its passion, pain, wasted efforts, false directions, mistakes, errors, and illusions of fake success.  If you have the serenity, the emotional depth and purity, your power to create just gets stronger and stronger.    


Ninth Mansion: What I sense here is a great purity and stillness of purpose. It loves to perfect the form so that is harmonious and artistic and beautiful, well proportioned. It also loves wealth as an expression or for the sake of serenity and peace, happiness and an expression of a state of grace. 


Plane and Domain: The vibration of this spirit’s “location” in the akasha of the lunar zone is very grounded, down to earth, practical, content—the astral body is held together so there are no disturbances to consciousness.

   This may not seem like much but take in to account that we are surrounded by this immense and vastly mysterious astral plane of the earth and the moon.  Anyone who is open to this plane is at risk for losing clarity of perception and rationality in consciousness.  This level of lunar akasha in effect prevents these distortions to consciousness. 

    The individual can function in daily life within a specific time and place in history.  There is no suffering from the kind of fatal déjà vu or overpowering past life connections or astral plane visions that destroy the simplicity of drinking a beer in a pub or reading a good book for enjoyment.  Lose the focus on the present moment and your astral body is caught in a whirlpool of dreams that are as easily horrible as they are wonderful, but which in both cases steal from your ability to function and operate in daily life.   


Inner Source of Inspiration:  It is the nature of Divine Providence that it allows for consciousness to operate within a limited environment in which the body, emotions, mind, and spirit can function on a personal level, experiencing things first hand without the distortions and storms of the inner planes tossing it about like a small ship during a storm at sea.

   Consciousness should be protected so there is integration, strength, and balance.  

   You should be able to experience happiness, contentment, and a feeling of completion within a specific limited environment.  This creates a great power of self integration which is necessary for that time when you wish to cross over your boundaries and enter new situations to develop new skills and accept new challenges.  You take the feeling of integration from your previous situation and stage of life with you as an asset and resource as you explore the new. 


Sigil: The sigil has a strong magnetism that draws you into the present moment and into a state of inner peace.  (Note: these spirit’s sigils can be found in Bardon’s book, The Practice of Magical Evocation and also various places on line. There are many ways to work with sigils.  One simple one is to visualize it in front of you or draw it with your finger in the air on three planes—the mental, astral, and physical—while imagining it to contain the spirit’s qualities. A powerful visualization is in itself a small evocation.) 


The Spirit’s Outer Aura: This vibration enables you to calm down, to focus on the present so there are no distortions to consciousness. It is very soothing and healing.

  There is a deep appreciation of the physical world as a support for consciousness.  Again, it is very content, peaceful.


We can use the word “magical” to describe some of the states of consciousness this spirit produces:   


Magical contentment: You are in the present moment and so free of distractions, irritations, complaints, and longings that you can focus with a hundred per cent of your being on your priorities and follow through on attaining what you seek to manifest.  You can be on a great quest, but you avoid the melodrama of emotional highs and lows, the inflations and deflations of ego that accompany such endeavors. 

    There is “an inner silence in which there is no comparing of oneself to others in either a good or bad way; there is no assumption that the world should be different. There is instead a pure ecstasy combined with superhuman patience.”  This is probably necessary for someone practicing Bardon’s system.  Get the inner silence and everything falls into place.  The commotions of personal struggle and daily frustrations dim by comparison to this inner light. 

  It takes magic to learn magic or, at least, an individual needs a high level of commitment.  This magical contentment is the kind of magic you need to bring to your studies in order to succeed.


Magical happiness: There is this constant welling up from within of emotions that feel good and overflow from you into your surroundings.  Like a well that you can drink from, it satisfies and gratifies desires without having to actually do anything.

   Occasionally, I meet someone who radiates happiness.  Maybe they are born with it.  But the feelings they radiate occur without reference to external events or how well things are going in the individual’s life.  There is an inner world full of light that illuminates them from within.  This is exactly the nature of the lunar vibration.  


Magical delight: The five senses are constantly gaining new insight through their perceptions; there is no end to the wonder and explorations that are hidden within them.  The nerves are not in sensory deprivation mode so that you feel like you are missing out on life and they are not over stimulated requiring you to withdraw or do something to deaden or numb the sensations.  Your sensory perceptions are like watching a really great movie that is pure enjoyment or being in a dream the kind you wake up from and feel totally renewed and refreshed.  This is this spirit’s vibration, energy, and awareness at work.         


Inner Aura: The spirit has a strong magnetism that draws you to your physical body and the physical world so you feel warm and cozy and very connected to the immediate reality surrounding you.


Akasha: Bring the spirit’s vibration down into the akashic plane of our planet and it produces a feeling of being very strong, stable, and unshakeable in your mind


Mental: On the mental plane, the brain, mind, and body are interwoven together, very calm.  


Astral: On the astral plane, the spirit’s vibration generates feelings of being relaxed, calm, peaceful, responsive, vivacious, self-accepting, and fully present in the here and now.


Physical: On the physical plane, all distractions and mental aberrations are pushed off to the side. Stable, grounded, realistic, pertinent, focused, here and now, the brain is rewired, mental illness removed, almost like psychic surgery—the vibration gets inside the brain, rerouting the connections and functions.  It is like a neurological bypass on the brain instead of the heart. It brings the personality back into focus as the primary functioning unit of the psyche rather than experience being controlled by some psychological complex, neurological malfunction, or chemical imbalance.  


Problems: there can be a great many ways the four bodies—physical, astral, mental, and or spiritual can be injured and damaged from past actions.  The spirit acts to heal and restore.  Awareness overrides karma.  This spirit is the divine presence and awareness that correctly dissolves the past injuries and offers healing so an individual can return to normal consciousness.


In general, the spirit also produces a completely still physical pose or asana that is totally free of anxiety, distraction, thoughts, etc.  It is a stillness of mind and body.



Note: Spirits are not Santa Claus.  At Christmas, parents leave the gifts which they have purchased or made for their children.  You have to provide the energy for the spirit to work.  There are nations where education is free.  But even there someone somewhere is paying for it.  If not the taxpayer then someone else is buying the goods of that nation which then has a surplus of wealth to spend on its own citizens.  An evocation is expensive—it costs energy and the training that produces that energy.    

   Gurus may seem at times to be generous and kind but actually they almost always have very rigorous requirements and heavy burdens they place on their disciples.  Want unconditional love from a religious tradition? Sure thing, sign here, join us, and, Oh, by the way, be ready to sacrifice your life for our cause.  We can give you all the unconditional love you want as long as you sign your soul over to the tradition.

   So why again do you have to provide energy to a spirit so the spirit can produce effects? It is so you retain your autonomy and independence.  Otherwise, you fall under the influence of the spirit who is now treating you as a dependent or like a spiritual orphan, someone perhaps to show mercy to but who also needs to be controlled for his or her own good.  You never want to place your self in a dependent relationship to a spirit.  Spiritually speaking, it is very rude.