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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The Merman Ermot


Aura: Ermot embodies the presence of rivers, streams, and brooks. He is like their muse.If a stream could have a soul, then you could see that soul reflected in Ermot.


Inner Aura:Pick a stream and then walk up the stream from beginning to end.And also memorize every way and place where the water flows--the way it turns around a rock here but it is different there; the way the currents move and how the water touches, ripples, or splashes on the banks.

††† If you did this then you would have a sense of Ermotís inner aura. His awareness can encompass an entire stream or river from beginning to end.His entire vibration is artistic like a poet or a painter who gazes with delight as he studies his subject.††††††††


Inner Source of Inspiration: What does flowing water do? It brings life to its shores.†† It renews the world.It makes things new.Ermotís inspiration is the same as his loveóhe extends his awareness so it is in and one with flowing water.†††


Physical: Ermotís physical form and presence seem to vary with the stream or river he is near.If it is a small stream though lush woods, he appears gentle and introspective like a contemplative monk.If the streamís flow is fast and dramatic, he is more muscular like an athlete.If the river is the Amazon, he is dynamic and commanding like the captain of a ship.


Etheric: Ermotís etheric body is the sensation of water flowing like as stream through oneís body.It is purifying, cleanings, renewing, and giving life on and on.


Astral: When we study Ermotís astral body, we are not longer dealing with the energy of streams and rivers in nature.Here is where Ermot gets his interest in human beings.He is a master of how energy is exchanged between individualís in love.He understands and perceives the vast variety of ways lovers are connected to each other and how they share their inner life, and energy.Ermot:


Is a mountain stream separate from the waterfall it plunges over?

Is the mountain pool separate from the stream that continues on?

So it is with loversó

As one stream

Their souls like water

Flow in and through each other

In regard to the magic of love, we could say that if you get near Ermot or become inspired by him, you create in your self what he himself loves: you feel this cleansing, purifying, renewing, free flow of energy between you and whomever you love.It is a way of perceiving and it is a way of exchanging energy between you and another.†††

††† Again, if you embody Ermotís energy in your self, then those near to you feel this energy flowing through them as well.Call it magic.Call it hypnotic suggestion.Call it a feeling so strong in you that it influences anyone near you.††††††††

†† Let us pursue this magic of love and the metaphor of flowing water a little further.Imagine that Ermot has studied ten thousand different rivers and streams.He can recall and perceive an entire stream within his mind all at once.Add to this that he can recall vividly the entire history of a stream during the seasons of a year and over the centuries.

†† When Ermot then focuses on two people in love, he can see every way that they have exchanged affection, love, and energy between them.It is like the entire history of a relationship stands clear before him.Has the relationship become a dry river bed? Is it a desert with no oasis?Is it stagnant and dead?Is it damned up or gone underground where the flow is now hidden from the light of the sun and moon?

†† Ermot can create feelings like rain in a desert.He can show where an oasis is hidden whose waters revive and renew.He can show you how to flow and let go so that beauty consumes you as each moment unfolds.Ermot is a muse, an artist, and a poet.††


Mental:One undine says that, compared to undines, men are always charged up.It does not matter if they are men, mermen, or spirits.They like to accomplish great things in order to celebrate the power within them.

†† Mermen, of course, are the male version of the female undines or mermaids.As a merman, Ermot senses the magnetic field of an entire stream or river.He embodies its vibration within himself.It becomes part of his consciousness.The stream, the way it flows, the life within it, and the way it interacts with its surroundings--he studies these to master them.†††

†† There are magnetic fields of energy that move not just though streams but through the valleys around the streams.Ermot senses these as well.He watches their movements.He meditates on them.When you meditate in this way long enough sensing the energy directly, it becomes a part of you.It responds to your will. Ermot can cause rain to fall because the clouds respond to his call.

†† For Ermot, streams and rivers have dreams and visions hidden within them.They sing of beauty and dreams.They sing of what shall be.

†† To sum it up, you could say that Ermot treats a stream or a river like a lover.It is something to care for.He would share and know its deepest secrets and dreams.It is something to become one with so that the life within one flows through the other without barriers or limitations.

†† All the same, to become one with something takes great concentration and will.Ermot possesses these things in a powerful way.Imagine a river that has flowed through mountains for tens of thousands of years.Ermotís mind is deep, majestic, and mysterious like such a river.††††††††