Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele            



                                            Note 1: Though living for eons or millions of years, nature spirits of this rank still  

                                                             do not possess the fifth element found in human souls.  As such, if and

                                                            when they die, they become no more than “the foam upon the waves.” 

                                                           Perhaps when humanity is more graced with magical power and

                                                         wisdom, it shall find a way to insure that the beauty of these being

 forever endures.    


                                           Note 2: I created Ermot’s vibration one by one in each of my four bodies--the  

                                                          physical, astral, mental, and akashic--and so these poems belong to him.     



    Poems by the Merman Ermot


The Physical Body




Is a mountain stream separate from the waterfall it plunges over?

Is the mountain pool separate from the stream that continues on?

So it is with lovers—

As one stream

Their souls like water

They flow in and through each other



The Astral Body




Light is ecstasy

The fire is desire

The wick is pain

The candle is the body

Waiting to awaken




Watch the surface of a pool freeze over

With the onset of winter.


Watch the sky fill with stars

As twilight dies


In the dead of night

In the dead of winter

Filled with the songs of stars

Frozen in space

For another’s embrace

A lover waits. 




Love is drama


In Act One   

The suspense is intense

It begins in the inciting incident:

Something happens you did not expect

The ordinary is interrupted

The accepted is broken

Something is lost

Something is missing

The tension in the air is electric   


In Act Two,

Love has a hold on you

Whether you want it or not

Love declares,  

I will find you


It does not matter your loss

Your despair, your fear

Or the obstacles far or near

This is the arch of the plot


The climax of the story is always the same

You must choose

To wager all

Or else you lose  


In Act Three,

What else could it be?

You are set free,

The lover is in your dreams

The Great Mystery, the epiphany,

The wonder of flesh, heartbeat, and breath,

In your heart you and another  

Will never be a separate.  


My story is lightning in the dark

It is the unknown, the forgotten, and the “to be”

Captured, led captive,

Or set free as desire seeks

To satisfy its needs.


My story blends despair and rapture

Into one drink

It is the taste

Of hunger and delight mixed together

To remake your life.  


My story is told again and again

In you and in everyone around you


It is life unfolding

It is the gate of joy

Opening and closing.  



The Mental Body




The mind is the realm

Of philosophy, ideas, concepts,

Of investigative abilities

I use none of these


My mind is the drop of water

Falling from a leaf

A tear running down your cheek,

A river flowing to the sea.


It is true the mind sets priorities

Time frames for actions

Weighing gain against loss

Failure against opportunity


These are my priorities:

I hold in one hand a vision of the future

Your hopes and your dreams


And in the other hand

Your desires and needs

Your fears, your limitations

The reality of your situation


I weigh the two together

I measure

Heartbreak against peace

Love against loss

I compare the future and the past

To discover what can last  


This war is waged not in the world

Or in your flesh

But in your heart and in your breath


In every moment

Love is a seed beneath the ground

Silently waiting

For the year to turn round


It is the sprout breaking free

As the rays of the sun

Anoint it with a song of ecstasy


It is the fruit of the Tree of Life

Healing all beings

Its taste revealing to each

A path of light


In every moment it is all three

But it is in the seed that love carries

The dreams of what shall be.



The Akashic Body




Though almost immortal

I lack a human soul--

In me you will not find

A trace of divinity  


But if I had a body of pure light

That implants in every human being

The possibilities of limitless creativity

My desire would be to teach lovers

As they join

To unleash in each other

The powers of creation

Separation and reunion would be seen

As a divine celebration

And instead of the desire to possess in the caress

In the touch of skin upon skin

They would each find within

A sea of compassion

And a river

In whose waters

We are born and reborn again and again.