For music, try searching “eva cassidy” “fields of gold”                                                          


                                                                             Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele 


     To Eva Cassidy (singing Fields of Gold)


I’ll remember you

As the West wind dreams

I’ll walk beside you

In fields, among trees, by streams

You are near

Whispering in my ear

“Day and night

Dance as one

Even the moon and sun

Cross paths at noon

Spend time together at twilight”


Borrow my heart

Stay a while

Do not so quickly depart

How much I would give to see you smile

Your love is a stream

Walking upon these shores a dream

The years pass away

Who is to say

We were not here

Crossing paths in my heartbeat

Spending time together at twilight

Flowing through my tears

The moon and sun dance as one.