Copyright © 2009 by William R. Mistele



To Eva Cassidy, Poem II


Let’s see how quickly your singing

Can make me cry,

I don’t know why

It takes only three lines

“Upon the fields of barley …”

And then the tears fly.


I love you so much

I do not need your skin to touch

I find your heart inside mine

Every time I hear your voice

I celebrate the light with which your life shines


The tears are not loss

I feel cleansed inside

I look forward to another time

Like waiting in darkness for Dawn

Her rays are diamond sharp

The cutting edge of the moment

The past dying

The future unfolding:

To give all of one’s heart

Is the challenge  

Without limitation, reservation, or restriction   


Dare I again listen?

I am carried away on the wings of your voice

The winds of your heart

The strings of your harp

To a place I know not

But this I know:

Only in a place such as this

Can one let go and flow

To find again what is lost

The dream of what shall be

Your voice creates a path of light

Before me