Make Me a Farmer


Because I want to spend a life time

With the woman in the picture

Her breasts are tenderness

Like a river that I shall sit beside

And there in peace abide

So sweet I will wish no more

Nor will I seek another dream

Though despair would claim me

Though sorrow oppress me

I will tell them I am not free

Depart from me

I am quite busy

With the woman in the picture who sits beside me

Time will come by

And say, “Its over.”

But I will reply,

“This one time you are wrong.

The lady in the picture

Has a bliss that lasts forever.”

Look again all of you who are blind

She is one of those who appears

Once or twice in every century

To reveal the taste of an ecstasy 

That is so hidden it is forbidden

To all but those who know

In the depths of their souls pure freedom.