You have chosen to keep your options open not knowing if magick exists or
even if it does if it is your path or quest.  
   The stranger gazes at you after you ask for a map.  He is concerned
that you do not possess the will to find the way on your own and also that
the map might fall into the hands of those who could cause harm. 
  He says to you, "There are others who pass this way.  I will have one or
two stop by in  a few years to see if you still wish for directions."

DO YOU return to your own life? If so, the years pass with no
word of stangers such as this.  But one night you have a long, long dream
as real as life though very odd. Click here to
see your long dream before continuing.


DO YOU insist he give your directions?  You explain to him
that you must have this information.  He asks, "How do  I know I can
trust you?"  Take a moment and visualize your own answer.  
   He looks into your eyes after you reply and says, "I will draw you a
map. But before you  come  you  must  wait for a sign.  
   You return home with the map the next day  after delivering  wood.  But
within a short period of time you fall madly in love.  But there is some
enchantment afoot.  Though life is drab and simple and everything always
predictable, you have fallen in love with two women. Click here to skip the dream and go on