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Choice of Karen: 

There is no question that you have made the right choice.  You and Karen
marry and the two of you are as happy as can be.  Karen delights in you
all the days of your life.  And each night when you wake for a few moments
and reach out and place your hand on her hip, you are still amazed at the
beauty she has brought to you.  As you sleep beside her, you seem
to be able to hear the sounds of the sea with a soft mist drifting near
and a faint spray splashing by your ear.  You awake in the morning feeling
like a wave breaking on a beach--in love such as this there is release and

   And what of Castle Mysterium and hero's journey?  Ah, you are much too
clever to be fooled by vague dreams or sucked into quests for mythical
legendary artifacts and esoteric powers vast.  But still, you can see into
your own future, that with the extreme wealth you are acquiring, you will
need to give something back one day to establish your fame and insure your
   This is why, on the side, you decide to run your own covert operations,
at least in terms of searching for Castle Mysterium.  As a man used to
giving orders and having them followed completely, you realize you can
hire others to accomplish any particular task which needs to get done.  It
is not the job or the work or the workman which are the rare commodity.
It is the man with vision who mates with fortune.   If anyone can do it,
you will attain to your destiny.  And in this regard you plan to keep all
options open. 
   So, in effect, as one of your projects bearing on your unknown self
within you, you decide to sublimate your curiosity transferring the search
for wisdom to others through whom you live vicariously.  You hire a women
you once knew named Maria who remarkably has remained single all these
years.  You place her in charge of a research foundation you establish
which delves into mysteries unexplored and ignored by conventional
religion and wisdom. 
   Maria reports to you once or twice a year.  You do not like to see her
too often. The temptation is too much.  But you recognize a sure thing
when you see it.  You understand about fate and opportunity.  Maria is
like bait you place and then wait in order to capture the mysteries.  She
is a sure thing.  She has enough beauty to loose the bands of Orion. 
     But where did you get such ambition in search of understanding?
Well, its obvious.  You are a businessman in command.  You can read human
beings like the back of your hand.  And whereas other men of success are
content to let their curiosity die or lie dormant because of their stark
raving insane attachment to conformity, you are not deluded.  You perceive
very clearly that the human race is just at its beginning.  In fact, all
of human history so far amounts to no more than a prelude to those things
that shall be. 

The choice now is which of these instructions do you give to Maria?  Be
careful with your choice.  A strange power is about to be placed upon your
shoulders like a mantel the Goddess of the Earth loans to those in each
age who are willing to be Her champions.

Do you have the foundation Maria oversees consolidate a spiritual
anthropology?  That is, she designates individuals to search out the
secrets in all the world's religions and spiritual traditions.  And then
she refines, distills, and condenses these tidbits and pieces of wisdom
into one integrated, transreligious system.  After all, there is only one
truth of the universe and it is obvious to you that each tradition only
envisions a small piece of the whole.  

Do you have Maria set up a research team of highly skilled occultists and
psychics whose task it is to design a universal training system of the
mind?  There is no tradition or anthropology involved.  The method is
empirical and experimental.  
    You emphasize remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, and
clairvoyance--all those little tricks kings and queens would have wished
to possess but never were quite relentless enough or determined to follow
through because they lacked vision and did not wish to benefit anyone but
themselves.  You, however, desire a breakthrew in educational methods and
procedures so that the doors of perception will now at last be open to
mankind forever.

Or, do you choose a third alternative. You set up a little retreat center
not far from where you live.  Maria you keep busy attending to research on
other continents thank goodness for physical distance.  To this center,
you invite well-known and relatively unknown masters of the inner worlds
to share their secrets and their wisdom so it can be recorded for
posterity.  You do this because you like to dip your fingers into the pie
on occasion, so to speak,  to see how it tastes and what is still missing
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