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winning Maria's hand in marriage.  Believe me.  It wasn't easy.

Choice of Maria 

You have chosen to turn away from sweet warmth of spring.  Intoxicated by
desire, you would taste instead the breasts of fall uncovering their icy
beauty and solitary mysteries of ecstasy on the pale, white slopes of
   After you marry Maria, you continue working at wood cutting for two
years.  But you can't concentrate and your heart is not in your work.
Living with Maria is too distracting. Woman of such beauty with eyes of
such fragility and delicate luminous sensuality make remaining at a steady
job impossible.   
  You have a small amount of capital you have built up in two years so you
sell your business.  You use the savings to travel with Maria to find a
place where the heart no longer aches--you want some scenery, mountains
and lakes where the nature spirits still speak and are also willing to
live in peace with the human race.
    You find some wonderful woods with lakes in which to live.  Very
pretty and full of soft serenity.  But you come to see that whatever it is
that is inside Maria, it has taken hold of you.  It has weakened your will
and you can't quite see the way life is meant to be.  You feel you are
sinking into passivity. 
   Maria sees her effect on you and decides you need a little more action
and some communal activity to boost your spirits.  The two of you open a
little shop and sell assorted novelties such as incense, various
traditional herbals remedies--spice for your bath, concoctions for your
health, virility, love life, and emotional tranquility.  You cater to
mankind's dreams to have romance and a little mystery in just the right
proportions to balance everyday routines.  Maria, of course, does all the
usual stuff--Tarot readings, astrology, palmistry, etc. 
   The shop does well enough.  You can't complain.  And Maria has gotten
quite a following what with her rituals and ceremonies out in the groves
and fields at night under the full moon.  She become  a local celebrity of
sorts.  After all, this sort of thing was in her blood all along.  She is
a natural born priestess if there ever was such a thing. 
Do you

Take a break for a summer and go off on your own in search of Castle
Mysterium?  The thing is you love her goddess religion with its nature
energies but your conscience knows intuitively that the male spirit is not
a lessor quantity.  And you still have that map given to you by the
stranger lying around some place.  You are sure you can dig it up and make
some sense of it if you try hard enough.


Do you try to evoke your guardian angel?  I suppose it comes from your
business background.  You always had a thing about quality control.  You
want a basic ritual which upgrades your life potential and you have
acquired under somewhat mysterious circumstances a few old manuscripts
which speak in detail of how to reach your highest ideals. Click Here