"Castle Mysterium, boons, and visions--have you been snifing glue,
drinking bad wine, or else....you are not one of those wierd cult types,
are you?" 
   The stranger replies, "I enjoy good humor.  Laughter is like a cool
rain on a hot day.  As for cults, I reckon we choose to believe what suits
us. But I don't think I could find happiness by living in someone else's
   You ask, "Is truth subjective then, something in the end we make up for
   The stranger says, "I am not sure we need more than subjective
    You say, "But how do you know when your personal truth amounts to
    He says,"When your worst critics give you compliments as Shakespeare's
critic once said of him, `He was a man not just for his time but for all
ages of the world.'"