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Astral Plane.  On the astral plane, our contact with Gabriel takes on
more emotion.  It is not an explanation of history or a reassurance
that love governs the universe.  It is divine feeling flowing through
    Even a casual contact with Gabriel can result in overpowering
emotions.  It is said that the shepherds heard the angels sing to them
at the birth of Christ.  I have seen the sky filled with angelic choirs
and heard them singing because this is one effect of being in
Gabriel's presence.  The beauty of Gabriel is astonishing and nearly
paralyzing.  It is one thing to see Gabriel with clairvoyant vision on
the akashic and mental planes.  That is like seeing with your inner
eyes.  But on the astral plane, his presence is as real as if you are
interacting with someone right in front of you.
    The world has a certain momentum and weight which holds
things in place and which also brings about change.  But there are
dreams which have more weight, momentum, and power than all
the forces and necessities which compose the external world and our
social and historical identities.  Those who embody these dreams
within themselves draw the future into the present.  They are the
catalysts which change the world.  What they feel within themselves
shall become what others feel as well. What they see as the ideal will
become the reality.  
   There are self-fulfilling prophecies which are like pyramid
schemes.  People buy into them because of their greed.  But nothing
new is produced in these schemes.  There is only a lot of excitement
and blurring of personal identities.  
     Yet there are also dreams where the charisma of the dreamer is
not arbitrary or designed to manipulate by playing upon others' fears
and desires.  This kind of  prophecy is effective because it proclaims
what love requires of us.  It arises from a fire which is eternal and it
is the channel for a love which nothing can exhaust.  You know
when it touches you because its first taste is satisfying and under its
influence your life finds greater power and is live with a divine

Physical Plane.  To bring Gabriel down to the physical plane, you
need to concentrate and condense the light so it feels solid and
substantial.  The result is that you are then able to express power
with tenderness.  Sensuality and satisfaction flow with divine bliss.
And affection bring healing to others.  As in the incarnation of
Christ, the body becomes a temple of God.  A prophet would say,
"The young men shall dream dreams and the old men see visions." 
Our five senses are illuminated. 
   In this mode of experience, pleasure, satisfaction, and gratification
do not lead to a relentless pursuit of more sensations.  Instead,
pleasure is a bridge to complete freedom.  Satisfaction is initiation
into wisdom and gratification is the experience of transformation. 
Human need and the fulfillment of dreams are part of a sacred
pageantry and divine celebration.
    The body with its nervous system, the senses, physiology,
biochemistry, neurology, the chakras, the meridians, the entire
scientific and occult anatomy of our physical being become an
instrument upon which we play songs of beauty and love.  We learn
the strings, the notes, the harmonies.  Every aspect of human
sensation and physical experience is perceived as a song of bliss and
we seek to master this that we might know and express the divinity
which shines within us.  
     If the Puritans who came to the shores of American had known
Gabriel and called him to the physical plane, they would not be
known for their fierce dedication and strict discipline.  Instead, their
songs and dances would now be celebrated among every people and
nation of the earth.  And the American Indians who all dance and
sing would appreciate more the gift of Gabriel's visions from the
Puritans than the horse which the white man gave to them. 
   The presence of Gabriel can melt the worst guilt and shame of the
Puritan and replace it with happiness and satisfaction.  It is strong
enough to take away the greed of the most avaricious merchant and
replace it with a desire to give.  This is because in Gabriel the
sensuality of the body and the purest flame of the spirit dwell
together in a place of peace.  The treasures of the lunar zone over
which Gabriel preside are contentment, happiness, serenity, and
peace.  Here the veils of time and the barriers separating the inner
and outer worlds are dissolved.  We then understand how to
cooperate with and to express the spirit which dwells within us.
     To meditate with Gabriel on the physical plane is to experience a
cool, clear ecstasy which obviously is meant to be a part of our
physical existence.  There is no end to the depths of this bliss and its
every nuance is filled with visions of how to accept and also to
transform the world in which we live. 

I usually practice evocation.  That is, I create a place where the spirit
can manifest freely in my presence.  I do this primarily through
concentration and meditation.  When I am working with other
people, I like to verbalize aloud a poetic form of what I am doing
through my concentration.  The following is more of an invocation. 
It is a way of calling out as in a prayer and it works when your
feeling is deep enough or there are enough individuals present who
pour the energy of their souls into the effort.

An Invocation of Gabriel

Come Archangel Gabriel, come hold conversation with me.  Come
out of your infinite sea, your sea of Divine ecstasy, that 
sea whose waves are bliss--that sea where time does dissolve.
Come you whose wings shine with the light of eternity.      
     I call you not by myself alone.  See this circle of hearts 
around me arrayed--each a diamond shining furiously.        
Each revealing an aspect of your light                      
See the hunger burning in each of these hearts, a hunger you
can not truly know--for we have come not to worship you but 
to pass through your heart and soul in our journey toward   
the One Light.                                              
    You can not refuse nor resist this request--this call from  
this circle of hearts joined as one.  We call by the power 
of the One Law, the Law of Love which binds the universe    
together, love calling freely to love to come and embrace   
the mystery.                                                
    Glide with your wings through your sea of bliss.            
Come down through space and time to our residence.          
Come and appear and tell us, reveal to us, 
Enfold for us the mystery.        
Come, you who carry in your person the cup of Divine        
Vision--That cup within which are visions around which all  
history does turn, caught in a whirlpool, but which your     
words and the light in your eyes can clear and calm and make
still and peaceful and reveal the mysteries of time, space, 
and wisdom.                                                 
   I bid you, archangel Gabriel, reveal to me your soul, heart,
your visions, that we might complete unhindered our         
journey toward the One Light.                               
   Come in peace and with stillness.  Alight in this very      
room-Join in our circle as your toes touch down--that time  
might be joined with eternity here and now.  Hold steady and
and do not depart so quickly.  Remain with us!              
   Take our hands in your hands, share with us as we do spiral 
and dance toward the center of this circle of love, this    
circle of peace.                                            
    Come Archangel Gabriel, 
We bid you with hearts aglow with  love.                                                         
Come, Come now!                          

Franz Bardon's Cosmic Language and Evocation

There are various ways to create energy fields which assist
in the evocation of a spirit such as Gabriel.  Recently, I visualized
and condensed a silvery light like that of the moon.  In the past, 
I used the cosmic letter E which also relates to the moon's energy.
The letter E is in Gabriel's name and can be used to work
with him.  See my other essays on the cosmic language for how
letters have a symbolic and magical use when it comes to working
spirits.  What follows is an essay I wrote a few years back about
the cosmic letter E for the evocation of Gabriel.
    Briefly, for Franz Bardon, one essential
of evocation is creating a field of energy which makes it   
easy for the celestial being to appear.  Using energy in evocation      
demonstrates one's knowledge of universal laws and shows respect 
for the spirit called.  This is like saying, "I offer to you 
this place where you may appear, a place where the worlds    
come together."                            
     So, briefly too, each "letter" in the true name of a   
being is a reflection of basic building blocks of the       
the universe, in this case, the letter "E" in Gabriel's    
name.  This "letter" "E" has three parts joined as one: a   
sound, a color, and an elemental sensation--these are raw   
building blocks of energy and it is our mind and spirit     
which shapes them like a potter with clay or an artist with   
paint to express them in a specific way.                    
    Letter "E" has a  note of "D" on the central C scale
which in this application is like a vast                                                          
luminous sea.  It lights everything up from within itself,  
not because it is a note you might play on your guitar,     
flute, or organ, but because the mind has the power to      
create ecstasy, and by this sound the mind, your mind, can  
reach out and touch infinity.  No doubt about this.  But    
you may have to learn it before you believe it, but no      
matter, it is something just to try out--to learn from      
experience--don't take my word on it.                       
     So imagine a sea of light, a sea without shores, and   
within it all space, time, and history are lit up by it.  And as
this sound passes between your lips, imagine that sea is    
ecstasy and bliss, as if it is an infinite sea of love and  
you are there within it.  Feel and see those waves of that sea 
surround you,  caress and move around, flow through you,
feel the tides and currents in that ocean stirring and awakening 
deep within you.                                                        
    Recall that Gabriel has been mentioned to have a horn;  
hear him play this note on his horn, sound it again from    
between your lips:  that sound which dissolves all seals,   
all locks, and opens all doors.                                               
   Though it shakes every cell in your body, it is not         
disturbing.  Though it passes through every dark place,     
through every door and gate within your being, still, you   
feel at peace within it.                                    
    There now, with that sound we have begun to create a    
place where the angel can set his feet down and feel free to
appear--the welcoming mat is out.                           
     There is also the color of dark violet.
With this color, we create a place of profound       
serenity for it has to do with the moon--that sphere       
and place where dreams may be born and visions forged and   
rehearsed.  It is not so unlike a womb, a place of great    
mystery and transformation.                                 
    A place also of great peace where you can sit and watch 
the universe and all within it as from afar and see         
everything as it is by this light without having to label or
impose upon it.  Oh, you can be pragmatic here, no doubt,   
but the spell is such that you care more for the truth than 
anything else--and the truth does here finally appear, for  
there is an excellent place to wait for it.                 
     But within the archangel's being, you see all that is  
all at once of whatever you observe--the whole history of it,
for time is not a factor here.                            
     And truly, this is a great mystery, but in the light of 
this archangel's being, you can step within the other's life
and being, not only feel it from within, but live it also. 
Not that it becomes your own, but rather that each and every
moment is there for you to see and to know.                  
     This light is such that all that appears in time and   
space is illuminated by it--it is all seen clearly  
as if reflected in a mirror.                                 
     Oh, I know this sounds invasive, it is so pervasive,   
almost as bad as soldiers breaking down doors, thieves      
climbing through back windows, or even the whispers of      
ghosts haunting secret places in a house, but not so,       
really.  I say this, it is but the way of Truth, for in truth
there is nothing that can hide, no dark secrets waiting to  
be revealed.  This light is but the sound of eternity       
echoing through time and touching everything within it.     
     Well, got a feel for the light, the sound?  There is   
more of course, the sensation, that is, the element--in this
case, akasha.                                               
     And akasha is but the sensation of penetrating         
everywhere through space and time--as if from every pour of 
your body boundless light radiates out filling the         
universe, and you accompany that light, you are there too   
within it--your body as vast or as far as it need be in any 
moment.  There are no boundaries here, no fences, no        
limits--follow this sensation, become everywhere.  There is
no place where you can not be called and there appear.                                           
     It is not the mind here which does this, don't try to  
use thought;  it is the heart:  please,  let go for a moment  
and feel the sheer thrill of opening your heart to embrace  
equally the light and the dark, unbounded, unfettered,      
unchained, and unafraid.  Feel for a moment that you like the
archangel have been created to feel within your heart this  
mystery:  love free to embrace love wherever it appears in  
all the universe--surely, stars created billions of years   
ago shine with their light down to the earth through the    
 depths of space to celebrate this mystery.                 
     So in summary:  the sound with its sea of light        
illuminating, the color which is ever ready to discover the 
truth however it may be, and the sensation:  the sense of   
your body being carried on such wings you are free to       
penetrate anywhere you may want to go.  These three together
are the mystery of letter E focused through the letter E in
Archangel Gabriel's name.  
    As we perfect our concentration  
on them, be it a lifetime to perfect, we easily can greet   
our own friends and those in need with this:bright,    
brilliant and yet enfolding light which so many speak of    
when they have returned after dying back to life, back from 
the other side--but you see, we do not need to wait so long,
to die just to see it, nor do we have to wait so passively, 
that it must come seeking us out.  It is there already,     
waiting in every single moment for us to greet it, to call  
out to it, to become it--who can resist such light, such    
bliss?  Let us embody it now as we call to Archangel        
         I  use these three sense concentrations to create 
 energy as we invite the archangel to appear 
 before us.  Like I say, this is a courtesy offered to a spirit
the way a silk scarf is offered to a guru, etc.                                                  
     If you are not sure of what to say to an archangel, you 
can say,  "Share with us your heart and your being."                    
     His heart can become a cup of vision which unfolds     
specific mysteries, ecstasies, healings, or paths to unfold 
for the individual who meets him.

One night I evoked Gabriel with several friends.  The next morning
at dawn, I wrote this poem.  It seems to capture what I have been
saying, that Gabriel joins sensuality, love, and spirituality.  And of
course, a poem such as this requires a reply and so I wrote another
poem to accompany the first.  

                                     The Beloved 
She said:  Say to me someting sweet, kind, and irresistibly

And I replied: If  I were holding your hand right now between
 my hands I feel I am reborn and I feel my body slipping, sliding, 
sliding downward into your body--a fire beginning to burn within 
me like the light of dawn penetrating down among a forest's 
shadows, burning  them away, turning them into pure light.                    
   More?  she asked.                                        
And I replied, And as I caress your belly, your soft belly 
my palm drifting over your skin, I sail as a bird    
upon the wind, searching across the oceans of your soul for 
new islands to call my home.                                
 And when I put my tongue in your navel--I taste with my mouth 
 one of the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life  
(which is for the healing of the nations), and this fruit,  
as I turn my tongue to and fro, is a red pomegranate. But   
its taste is of a peach and the taste is of springtime--with
fresh waters flowing from mountain snow--Icy winter         
dissolving as I lick your navel, my mind turning and turning
and turning here at the center of your being:               
       I flow into you and dream of new beginnings.             

 And as I place my hand on each side of your waist 
and I gently fold my hands downward over your hips--              
 I find myself in a dark forest at night, following 
the sound of one bird singing, singing to me of a dream I   
let fly away from me, escaping from my life to be free, but 
which now has returned, charmed by your beauty and by my    
touch upon your hips in this night of quiet ecstasy.        
And as I kiss your hand,  my tongue reaching down into your palm, 
 I glide with the wings of a dove down into a valley--
and I take within my hands a bunch of grapes
from a vine, a vineyard which grows not far from the sea,    
and not far from a place of ecstasy, a place where the human
heart has learned to be free.                               
     I linger here lost in your charms, enfolded by your    
touch. I am caught, unable to leave.  Even  if you offered  
me the keys, I could not unlock these gates which bind my   
soul nor forego the tears which hold me here.               
And as I kiss your upper arms, pausing, moving slowly 
downward, my touch a feather from a bird lit with golden    
light and a rainbow crown,                                  
     I feel your body rising beneath me, and I see your     
smile--the sight of sunlight on the horizon at dawn, your   
two hands drawing me to you to kiss your lips and we do kiss
and at that touch, like a cloudburst in a thunderstorm, a   
wilderness of passions about me whirl in a dark grey world  
where all that now exists is the touch of your lips, and    
lingering here with another kiss, the storm is gone, and I  
walk among fields of golden and amber hues, and I whisper   
your name calling out to you:  I love you                   
And the mountains in the distance                           
And the waters in the ocean depths                          
And the trees in the forest hear this whisper               
And the mountains sigh                                      
Wanting to stretch their bodies,                            
To shift their bulk and release their tension,              
And the ocean shiver and dream of turning into clouds       
Walking upon the air,                                       
And the trees, those who heard my whispered words--I love   
you--their leaves turn upward and they reach out and try to 
embrace the sky.                                            
I love you.             

                   The Beloved: Her Reply  

My hand between yours
And at dawn or sunset
I am the high cirrus clouds
Saffron, russet, vermilion, 
Cadmium red, carmine, rose, coral pink,
Sailing upon a turquoise sea.
Your hand on my belly
And I am suspended, floating,
Adrift on an ancient river of the soul
While the touch of your tongue
And the secret chamber at the center
Of the subterranean labyrinth
You set afire
Your touch that discovers
Memories I had hidden so well
I thought they were gone forever.
Your hands sliding down upon my hips:
A birch, a yew, an oak, a pine, a cedar,
Blindfolded I walk beside 
Led by a guardian of the forest
To where I join with friends
Who celebrate the night
And  both the sacred 
And the dark passage ways
Leading us here.
Your kiss on my palm:
A lamb and its mother
Calling out to each other
Across a ravine,
My body moves involuntarily
A swirling
A python's thigh uncoiling
A sail unfurling in the rising wind
My mind sinking down
Muscles tightening, contracting,
My breath is where 
The eagle hovers, gliding, 
Ascending and descending.
Your kiss on my arm:
The roots, the stem, the petals,
The fragrance within
Each separate part of the flower
Feels the spark pass through it--
The ray the enchanter plays
The dream in the eye of the sun
Echoes and probes the depths
Of my body and soul.
And at our kiss
A flash flood wild and dangerous
Devouring one by one
Calm moonlit pools
Where serenity said I belong
Yet I yield
To the raging torrent,
The surge, the uncharted power
Which inflame the stars
And seeks to bind your heart
And mine as one forever.
The Greater Love
Which informs the universe
In exquisite pain, 
In blissful torment, 
In terrible beauty,
Cords rending the soul
Sounds whose harmonics
Create both light and darkness
No mystical dervish this--
I whirl amid a creator's abyss
Impaled by the lightning bolt
In the night's sky,
The womb in which 
The Image of the world 
Is born again and again, 
Your touch 
Is the sculptor's acid
Annihilating the last barriers
To my heart, 
My body absorbs these fires through every pour
I seek you from the core of my being,
I wrap you about, to scream,
To rise higher.
Wind blown foam from the crests of these waves
Are tears in my eyes
As the storm wind's fury
Clasps me close to his breast
But at the center
Of the whirlwind
Silent and still
You and I remain the joining 
Round which the stars dance. 

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