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                                                          The Gate


In the early days of Atlantis, a poet named Vilius sat in a magical gate.  He looked inward at the realm of undines.  And he looked outward at the civilization of Atlantis.

   He saw what was missing from mankind’s wisdom and he also tasted the bliss of the undines’ realm. 

   Vilius thought, “Who am I that I should offer these gifts?  Mankind has its own path to follow, its own dreams to dream, and its own heights to reach. 

   “Amid struggle and need, strife and greed, hunger and desire never satisfied we rise.  The human soul is a fire of passions, instinctual desires, but also ideals—these three burn though every obstacle and barrier that limits us.  We would not feel alive if it were not for the danger that accompanies us.”

  Then, turning to gaze inward on the realm of undines, he thinks: “But here I am free of human need.  Love is not an enchantment or an illusion.  It is not the taste of bliss linked to the chance of a heart betrayed.  

   “I have learned to be the sea and to feel all the waters of the earth flowing through me.  These beings dwell within this realm of bliss and are united with a peace that embraces the universe.

   “Surely, the love I share here shall only be known in some far future when another race appears upon this planet.  Mankind does not share these dreams.  These visions of limitless love in which nature, human, and divine entwine—what master of what religion could ever imagine such a thing?          

     “Yet the wonder!  Nothing bars the way to this gate.  Love is not forbidden knowledge. 

    “The undine queen Isaphil—she would tease me.  She would tempt me.  She would enchant me with her words,


Love is and remains the highest magic on earth. If you can not express it and share it then that wisdom is lost.


 “I know her game.  She throws down the gauntlet with her challenge:


 I dare you, for the essence of my being is found in a heart that can dare and a heart that can dream—find one other with whom you can share my love.  Find a woman with whom you can be one and with whom the bliss that I am can be expressed.

   Do this and I myself shall enter your world in human form.  I shall dwell among you and teach your people the mystery for which this planet has been created: how to feel and be one with the universe.’

   Do I ask so much? When I say, ‘If you can not express and share the love of my realm, then that wisdom is lost--’ I am saying equally that it would be lost to you also when you reenter your world.  The vibration of love requires another’s heart with which to resonate otherwise it is lost. 

In my realm love is never lost. It only transforms.  In your world, love is always at risk of being set adrift as the forces of life place increasing demands upon it. 

   I am not teasing, tempting, or enchanting you.  You know full well that these words I speak are the words I have found in your own heart.  Your only consolation is that you are free to return here whenever you desire.  It takes you but a moment, like turning your head and glancing at a noise you hear behind you.  And then you are at my side.  

But every time you return to walk the streets of Atlantis your soul mourns what you have left behind.  

 Come on.  I’ll help you.  There is a woman you know who can find me within her soul.  Liriell.  She is receptive and responsive, ready to accept a new dream.  Bring her to this gate. Let her glance and see what you see.  Let her taste my beauty and understand that all that I am can shine from her eyes and resonate in the words she speaks.


Vilius: And then if two walk down the streets of Atlantis who share in common the ecstasy of this realm, what good would come of this?  You think that others would see it, feel it, and dream it too?  You think another would stop and stare and then follow out of curiosity, finally approaching and asking,

   “What god or goddess has anointed you with such beauty that just to witness the love you share ignites within me something I dare not consider.  For I would have to ask, What price must be paid that I too might be anointed with such beauty? I am not sure I want to know the price.  Because it might ask me to give more than I can dream or imagine.”

   Isaphil: You know it is not like that.  As I have told you, happiness is inevitable. Whether it is a year, ten thousand, or a hundred years, the gate to this realm shall be opened.  The time can be now. 

  Stay focused in the moment.  Flow as water flows.  Feel as a lake feels the starlight sinking into its depths.  Dream as the sea dreams of bringing forth and sustaining life.  Imagine love that is free and clear and beyond all need.  When I hold your hand, it is the serene light of the moon that fills your soul within.  Offer this gift to others.

   The magnetic fields of the earth and the moon are the circumference of my love.  Why, when given the chance, would you not be willing to share this?  


And so as the tale is told how in the early days of Atlantis undines in human form walked down the streets.  Some were actually undines.  But others were women whose auras shown with the light of the Blessed Realm.   

   What part this story of Vilius and Liriell played in inspiring that civilization to unite magic and science was well known for thousands of years.  For the songs and poetry these two lovers wrote and sang to each other still remained until the end when that great continent sank beneath the sea.