Copyright (C) 1997 by William Mistele.  All rights reser                   Mars Spirit Evocation

There is a spiritual method American Indians call stargazing.  One
application of stargazing is this: if we look up at the planet Mars in
the sky at night, we can fix our eyes on its light.  Then,
concentrating carefully, we can imagine this red light flowing down
into our body like a stream of water filling us up from inside from
head to toe.  Then, drawing upon our sensitivity and intuition, we
can get a feeling for what this energy is like.  The sensations and
qualities of this energy we can attribute to the astrological influence
of Mars.  This is the same Mars energy which appears in our natal
charts--this energy, like Mars itself, is the  force behind our personal
    Similarly, if you imagine yourself within a sphere of red light, you
may feel a sense of vitality, of primal life force beginning to surge
up through you.  The color red strengthens our will to survive and
our desire to take charge of our lives.  But there is more to be found
in studying the influences of Mars.  There is a spiritual level as well. 
     If we imagine a red light surrounding us and also project our
minds into an akashic level of the sphere of Mars,  we may come in
contact with the greater intelligences assigned to this sphere. 
According to Franz Bardon, there are thirty-six such intelligences. 
These spirits are commissioned by Divine Providence to guide and
teach those who wish to comprehend the greater ends of mankind
and the paths belonging to spirit. 
     Projecting my mind into this higher aspect of the aura of Mars,
surrounding myself within and without with red light, this sphere's
qualities become immediately obvious.  There is incredibly strength
and power.  The courage, purpose, and commitment here are
astonishing.  The willingness to train and to perfect oneself shows
itself as a single-minded devotion and limitless enthusiasm.  
    Concentration and the arts of mastering the self are on a
superhuman level.  I am surrounded by divine dreams of how to
make oneself into a vehicle through which universal forces of nature
can move unobstructed and be channeled so any obstacle is
overcome.  The concentration here is so intense it is easy to feel that
it is possible to bend matter to one's will.  
     Yet there is also an incredibly flexibility and adaptability.   There
is an openness and emptiness of the self so you can shape yourself
to respond to any situation according to what needs to be
accomplished.  The power which stands ready to engage the world
and to accept any challenge, any mission--this ability to act  is
amazingly balanced in this sphere with an inner grace and peace
which belongs only to those great warriors who have mastered
     Franz Bardon suggests working first with the elements, the
earthzone, the moon, Mercury, Venus, and the sun before entering
the sphere of Mars.  To avoid the negative side of Mars--violence,
hatred, jealousy, domination, etc.--the previous spheres need to be
experienced.  For example, the sphere of Venus is a path of beauty,
art, and love.  In Venus, we learn to integrate and harmonize our
personality.  This keeps us from confusing unmet personal needs
and unconscious cravings with political causes.  
     The sphere of the sun embodies a universal, vast, and brilliant
radiance reflecting the universality of laws governing the universe. 
The sun, then, enables us to find a wisdom which embraces all of
life.  But harmony and wisdom are not enough in themselves.  They
can still be isolated and their influence destroyed if malice is in
control of the world.  
   Mars, then, follows the sun because our wills must match the
forces we encounter in life. 
The essence of  Mars is to be relaxed and yet to have the totality of
your being ready in any moment to act--this is an immense
accomplishment and a Divine Virtue.   To transmit this capacity, the
sphere of Mars has been placed within our solar system.  
    Franz Bardon warns that someone evoking a Mars spirit without
the necessary precautions and preparations does so at his own peril. 
The intensity of the aura of these beings shatters the bonds joining
together the physical, astral, and mental bodies.  Doing an
unbalanced evocation with these spirits is a little like doing an
evocation in front of an on-coming tornado or within an active
volcanic caldera with cinder cones splattering hot magma into the
     To put it another way, if a group of individuals or a highly
talented individual brought Gibsir down to the astral or physical
plane, the intensity of Gibsir's energy could well dissolve the
individual's astral body.  Again, normally we can stand with our feet
on the ground.  But when the intensity of the wind reaches a
hundred miles an hour and then keeps rising, the wind can pick you
up and even carry you off.  Gbsir's intensity can get inside you and
unravel the fabric of your consciousness. 
    You may wonder what I could possibly be seeking by working
with a Mars spirit.  In general, each of the planetary spheres has an
influence on earth and has a part to play in the unfolding of human
history.  If you want to picture Gibsir in your mind, you might think
of the Alexander the Great combined with some of the great
   I have known some great martial artists over the years.  I have also
met a highly trained government assassin and several martial artists
trained in secret arts.  I met a man whose  training included
disarming any nuclear weapon, American or Soviet.  These specific
individuals have unusal connections, remarkable powers, and are
motivated in ways which makes it dangerous just  knowing who they
   To call a spirit from Mars into our physical world is analogous to
hiring one of these  covert operatives to do something for me.  Tom
Clancey, the author of A Hunt for Red October, could easily write
some stories involving plausible scenarios.  In such a story, a good
patriot and an American might pick up his phone, make a call, and
say, "Old friend, I have information that a group of terrorists are
planning next Wednesday at 11PM to enter a plutonium storage
facility in Texas and blow it up.  Can you assemble a team and stop
this if I put up the capital?"
      If done in a certain way,  terrorists could easily make thirty per
cent of the United States uninhabitable for the next fifty years.  The
United States Congress knows about this worst case scenario but
plans to take no preventative measures--even though, for example,
the terrorists who blew up the Trade Center in New York put in
writing they also plan to attack nuclear facilities in the U.S.   Budget
always serves as a constraint on security measures. 
   In a sense then, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs and the
head of the FBI have their hands tied.  Their ability to act is
dependent on politicians who do not wish to indicate in any way that
the nuclear industry is dangerous.  A magician, however, is not so
constrained.  And he does not have to hire a covert operative to
prevent a global disaster.  
    To train a B-1 bomber pilot costs the U.S. government a million
dollars.  An evocation of a spirit to the physical plane costs many
times more than this but the cost is not in dollars.  The cost is in
commitment and psychic energy.  The magician contributes the
energy and then asks a spirit to do something similar to hiring an
individual to complete a physical task.  The magician is responsible
for all that occurs.  This act, however, may or may not have any
spiritual significance.  
   Technically speaking, it is always better to see a future problem in
advance and then make a small change so that a massive effort is
not required later on to deal with the conflict.  This avoids the
external use of Mars energy.  Put another way, Saturn asks us to
become strong and wise enough so that the forces of destruction do
not get out of hand in the first place. 
   If you want to develop this strength, to learn self-mastery, and to
understand the harmony of the universe, then you study with a spirit
rather than trying to get it to do something for you.  This study
usually takes place in the spirit's own domain or perhaps on the
mental plane of the earthzone.  This type of interaction is fairly easy
to do.  Like learning Tai Chi Chuan or Aikido, you practice it for
years until it is a part of you.  
     The spirits of the Mars sphere are capable of focusing and
commanding different energies of the universe by their power of
will.   To work with them, an individual must know how to remain
focused and calm while great  powers surge and flow in his
immediate environment.  But a carefully designed meditative
practice does not puts myself or anyone else at risk.  
    I study the aura of  Gibsir the way an astronomer collects the
light from a distant star.  Breaking it down into the color spectrum,
he studies its components and elements.   Or, as a nuclear physicist
creates in his laboratory temperatures hotter than the sun, I
reproduce in miniature a very small amount of Gibsir's own energy
so I can comprehend its influences on a human level.  Oh, Gibsir
and I genuinely interact. It is just that he tones down the level of his
intensity so he appears almost like a human being--though no one
would ever mistake him for such. 
    Gibsir governs the sign of Aries from 11-20 degrees.  As an
astrological sign, Aries has the task of leading us from out of the
universal and mystical attunement to the universe of Pisces.  Moving
from Pisces to Aries,  there is a sudden and dramatic shift in
consciousness and method like no other transition in the zodiac. 
The will of the individual is thrust into the forefront so that we learn
how to become the active agents producing change and
transformation in the world. 
       For Aries, it is time to put aside dedication to institutions,
traditions, and lineages, and devotion to mystical ideals.  For Aries,
ideals do not exist unless we ourselves make them real and the
wisdom of traditions can never substitute for determining our own
course of action and forging our own destiny.  The zodiac. the
universe, and Divine Providence  require an agent of change capable
of making his own decisions and determining his own course of
action.  This power to define oneself and to create meaning through
action is what Aries is all about. 
    Aries is the dimmest of the twelve constellations in the sky, but it
burns the hottest.  It is the most intense.  Aries is the sign of the
warrior.  But this warrior journeys through the unknown and the
wilderness relying only upon himself.  He goes where no one else
can go.  He forges weapons no one else can carry.  He is
courageous and daring.  He has the ability to take any problem or
obstacle and make it into a personal challenge. 
    On a personal level, those with a strong Aries influence may, at
times, seem stubborn, opinionated, inflexible, and unwilling to
change their minds.  They do what they need to do and let other
people worry about the conflicts their actions generate.  Aries
women, for example, consider themselves the equal of men. 
Anything a man can do they feel they can also do.  And sure
enough, you may find an Aries woman out fixing the car engine or
putting a new roof on the house.   
     The trick for an Aries woman is to somehow retain her
femininity--if she denies or sacrifices the feminine part of herself in
her race to take charge of her life,  that feminine aspect is present,
but it remains childlike, a little girl inside her.  Yet this child can
be a tyrant--she expects the world automatically to bend to her will
and is frustrated when it doesn't.   
   Similarly, men also, in replying on the aggression their
testosterone grants them, can fail to develop the feminine side of
themselves.  They expect women to compensate for their masculine
intensity.  They leave to women the capacity to bond and to
establish feelings of connection.   I have known a number of men
who were high ranking officers in the armed forces.  But though
they could command soldiers under them, they remained
emotionally dependent and blind to the feminine side of themselves. 
The women in their lives often end up exhibiting more emotional
strength than they do.  The women have more common sense
because they are more attentive of the flow of daily life. 
    In other civilizations,  the great warriors were also poets and
artists.  Eisenhower, for example,  painted as a hobby in his spare
time.  A warrior must be free to move at ease through all parts of his
psyche.  He must be capable of feeling in sync with all aspects of his
being.  This is because his perception and intuition must be
developed to high degree.  He can not afford to indulge himself with
the insecurities or bias other people exhibit.  He can not afford to be
rigid, cruel, or aggressive for its own sake.  You do not break things
or injure unless you also know how to put together or heal. 
    The mind of a great warrior  is like a sword which cuts through
any confusion reducing conflicts down to the basic issues.  And yet,
amazingly, he is also gracious and kind because he realizes that all
the great battles in life we first fight within our own hearts.  Again,
you can tell a great warrior because he is master of the present
moment--he is completely relaxed, so empty he does not stumble
over the feelings and thoughts of his  identity, so serene that when
he sits in moonlight you might mistake him for a stone statute or a
rock,  and  yet he is always totally ready to act. 
    A poem by Lao Tzu, in the fifteenth chapter of the Tao Te
Ching, mentions some of the qualities which relate to Mars:

The wisdom of old was so refined, so deep
It could not be understood
And because no one could understand it
We are left with only a few sayings:
Men of wisdom were
As alert as a man walking on thin ice
As focused as a great warrior who is suddenly attacked
As gratified as a welcome guest
As selfless as a block of ice beginning to melt
As peaceful as a tall tree deep in a forest
As nourishing as a valley
And, in the same moment, as dangerous and as calm
As the raging torrents and the serene moonlit pools
Of a mountain stream.
One who flows with the movement of life
Shines with its inexpressible beauty
And radiates its inexhaustible power.


As I have mentioned, Gibsir is one of thirty-six higher intelligences
which dwell within the sphere of Mars.  These beings have a vast
array of skills, powers, and abilities.  Ilutria, for example, a spirit
relating to Aquarius, teaches us how to attain to our destinies by
unlocking immense forces through words of power.  Idida, relating
to Virgo,  understands the immense powers inherent within silence--
a purpose which is pure and guarded within the silence of one's
heart can grow so strong it shatters all obstacles blocking its path. 
And Odorom, relating to Pisces, can condense down into one room
the magnetism in a sea so it becomes a shield and a magnet drawing
to you those things that you need. 
    Concentrating my mind again into the sphere of Mars,  I notice
the intensity of the energy: silent whirlwinds, the calm in the eye of
a hurricane, tidal waves of energy breaking on invisible shores--all
of this in the air.  It is like stepping into a camp where elite
commandoes have trained for many years and are now receiving
their final briefing for their most important mission--except these
commandoes are angelic beings and their abilities command the
primal forces of creation.  
    Calling Gibsir's name in my mind, he comes and appears in front
of me.  He is cloaked in a red light like fire.  He is strong, youthful,
yet his face shows the wisdom of ages.  And in his eyes is a
superhuman level of concentration.  He eyes are like diamonds
focusing lasers or like crystals with an electronic oscillation which
can dissolve or reshape the structure of matter.
   I greet Gibsir and he greets me in return.  When he speaks, his
voice seems to come from all directions at once.  His voice seems to
come from out of the ground, from out of the air, and as an echo
from over the mountains as well.  I ask him to tell me about himself. 
He replies:

   "I am the perfection of self-mastery.  Earth, air, fire, and water I
control--they are woven into the fabric of my will; their powers are
forged into the sword I wield.  
   I am the harmony to which the tornado bears witness--I cradle the
hurricane in my arms.  The volcano exploding, hurling hot ash
upward for miles--its fires dimly reflect the passion with which I
engage a quest.  
   The flashflood raging, the tidal wave breaking, the storm surge
pounding the shore--these speak of my power to subdue all
obstacles,  to overcome all who oppose me in war.  The
earthquake's thunder forcing mountains to rise, the tectonic plate
slipping, the mantel of the earth cracking--these lie within the orbit
of my power and will.  
   No other constellation than Aries journeys so far into the
wilderness of spirit without support or companions than do I.  What
motivates me?  The fire raging in my heart which I have mastered
arises from dark places between the stars.   So well hidden are the
roots of my will that darkness itself turns back.  It flees from me in
fear, unable to endure my power and my wrath.  
    Yet I conceal nothing--there is nothing I would hold back and not
reveal.  For at the heart of my powers is the bliss which has created
all the worlds.  And destruction, annihilation, and chaos are but the
swirls and eddies of confusion befalling those who taste not the joy
nor remember the beauty which originated at the dawn of creation.  
   If there is a darkness you must penetrate, a depression or wound
you would heal;  if there is an obstacle paralyzing your will, a loss,
guilt, or regret haunting your soul, a wilderness of spirit you must
cross, then remember who I am.  Speak my name aloud. I declare
openly the essence of all my teachings:  `Each moment contains an
abyss.  The heart forges the pathway across.  My secret name is
bliss.  I chart the paths between the stars. No darkness can hold me

 At this point I pause to look again into Gibsir's eyes.  I see stars
exploding.  I see curtains of fiery rain like the Northern Lights
hurling through space.  I see the beauty of the universe and I see the
pageantry--swirling cosmic dust amid the vast emptiness of space,
fusion igniting giving birth to the stars.  Hidden in his eyes is the
power unfolding the universe.  His will charts paths overcoming all
obstacles until the appointed destiny is attained perfect, complete,
and absolute. 
    And Gibsir's arms I sense the strength of mountains.  An ancient
prophet might have said,  "Gibsir is a glorious angel of terrible
beauty appointed by God to execute His will when Divine grace
requires destruction to preserve justice and love."   But I see Gibsir
through different eyes.  I see an ideal embodied in his form of a
cosmic warrior unafraid to attain his destiny through the entire
world stand in opposition to his will.  His movements are in
harmony with the universe.  His authority to act and to crush all
opposition descends directly from Divine Providence.  
    Gibsir turns his head gazing from side to side and then his eyes
lock on mine.  Through my eyes  I see  pure, undiluted spiritual
power confronting me.  Gibsir says, "Who are you to call me to
descend to the third planet from the sun?  It is for more than idle
curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge."  I reply, "All power is in
service of love.  My quest, my search requires your power and
might.  My work on earth will not be complete except the will of
spirit which creates new destinies radiates from the core of my
   Gibsir replies, "I will pause from my work to guide you in
meditation on the essence of who I am.   You may freely reveal all
that I teach though few on earth will understand--omnipotent power
and all-embracing, omnipresent love are never separate but always
united as one."

Following Franz Bardon's conception of the cosmic language, the
language for originating new causes and effects, I asked Gibsir to
explain the "letters" in his name.
The Letter "G" 

Gibsir goes on, "Though I control and direct great forces so that my
inner tension is immense, I dwell within a peace only a great warrior
can know.  It requires that all aspects of the self be mastered and
then brought into harmony.   No conflict in the world can distract
me, for I have already met it, engaged it, and conquered it within
    All my actions arise from a place of perfect harmony and peace. 
All that I do, all that I accomplish is an embodiment of Divine grace. 
I am at peace with the universe.  My contentment is without limit.
    The beauty that shines from me is the power of spirit moving
unobstructed and free. Search for these abilities when you meditate-
-there is nothing you need in attaining to your destiny which can not
be created and fashioned from out of your own will.  I do not speak
as one who is bound by ego, selfishness, or by the illusion of
separation.  I speak as an initiate commissioned by Divine
Providence to teach those who seek to serve the One Light."
   I ask Gibsir, "How do you find contentment and peace within
your own spirit?"  Gibsir replies, "When you walk in a forest, when
you see the wonders of nature--the fields of golden wheat, the
honey from the bee, the fruits of the tree, the forest groves, the
roots of the hazel, the branches of the oak--taste, smell, feel, and
perceive and then know that all of this exists within your own self. 
Nature reflects the powers of your own spirit to flourish and to
   Expand your mind so the beauty of the elements resides within
yourself.  Dissolve separation.  Become one with all things.  Taste
the sun through the leaves of the tree.  Be the seed unafraid to die. 
Be the sun awakening the seed to new life.  Be the earth holding the
seed within her body.  Be the rain flowing in the delicate veins of
the sprout nurturing, tender, and soft.  Be the flower unfolding
unashamed and sweet, its fragrance extending outward for all.
   Those who would wield power in righteousness must see the
world through the eyes of truth.  They are unafraid of the truth
because, having trained their minds, they are already joined to all
they would rule.   Power arises from the roots, from below the
foundations of civilizations.  But power is neither force,  pressure
exerted, nor threats which destroy the heart.  Powers exists so that
love may accomplish its work.  
    You will find peace and contentment within yourself when your
mind is as open as the sky, your roots reach down to the center of
the earth, and your heart embraces all of life.  Then are you ready to
embody the Divine will. 
    In each moment, accept the world as it is so you may see the
truth.  Yet in each moment, exert a will which is perfect, complete,
and absolute so you may feel the beauty of the universe unfolding
within you."  
     Gibsir gestures to me to take his hand and to join my mind with
his to explore more fully this letter G in his name.  Instantly, I feel
myself transported into a vision intensely graphic and real.  I
recognize this experience because I often have encountered it when
I have meditated within the mind of Swami Rama, one of the master
Hindu teachers.  This is a feeling of peace and tranquility supported
by  immense power.  I see myself floating in the sky above the
Himalya Mountains, the peaks of the mountains surrounding me in
the distance.  
    Though the air is freezing cold, it does not effect me.  Rather,
everything feels clear and crisp.  And I hear Gibsir's voice speaking
softly into my mind:  "This place actually exists within your world--
great, snow covered mountains, deep valleys--a place where the
mind can be free of distractions.  Ages and eons can not disturb a
mind which embodies this tranquility.  This clarity and peace are
within reach of human consciousness.  
    A warrior who is in service to the Light constantly cultivates this
clarity of mind.  These are the basics: beneath is the Earth, ancient
mother, guardian, protector.  Above is the Sky: 
 embodiment of wisdom, the cycles of time, knowledge of
transitions, transformations, and Divine missions.  And here, in the
in-between, are our companions on our journeys, our friends, our
guides, and those lovers who share with us the very substance of our
being and souls.  Those who hold in their hearts the Earth and the
Sky will never be without love and will never be without
companions and guides.    
    Encompass all opposites within your mind.  Study your hunger
for fulfillment from  a place of profound serenity.  The future will
yield to you your dreams because your peace embraces all conflicts
and the intensity of  your will is greater than the tension in the

The Letter "I"

"The qualities of the letter "I" are quite different from the "G."   I
am thorough, conscientious, and have an eye for detail and
completeness.  I watch over what I do from its very beginning to its
final end.  I rate and evaluate all stages of my work.  I monitor and
keep track of all that occurs.  
   The past, present, and future are all part of one tapestry.  I keep
track of each strand and thread, each color which goes into the
design. There is balance, order, and precision in my
accomplishments.  So naturally, step by step, I master every facet of
a problem I am working on.  
   If you want something to become real, you work at it until you
achieve your goal.   You master every single detail and every
procedure that your work entails.  I study and I practice until I
perfect my art.  When I undertake a mission, there are no limits on
my enthusiasm:  I take in everything pertinent to my task.  My
scrutiny is an acid destroying each obstacle.
   My concentration is so complete, every thought and act I make,
every step I take, is part of a divine pageantry.  I never forget for a
moment who I am.  I am a vehicle through which moves the fires of
creation.  I am an agent of transformation, the cutting edge of
    My movements are balanced, my integrity unblemished.  In any
struggle or war, the laws of the universe are on my side:  all powers
and principles, all karma and fates, I contemplate carefully within
my mind.  Yet no one can predict my actions.  I am an explosion of
joy and ecstasy.  The fires that ripple in the air before me clear a
path through every thicket and melt the chains which bind the heart
to despair.  
   Law and order you may think are rigid and devoid of life.  But the
laws I enact and dramatize in my work are the very spice of life.   I
reach down to the source and grasp with my hands the raw plasma
and energies of life.  I look into the future perceiving what needs to
be and then I walk a path of bliss.  It is reality that shapes itself to
    When I venture into the wilderness of spirit, into regions
uncharted and unmapped, when I camp in places of desolation,
emptiness, amid deserts barren and vast, not a trace of loneliness,
not a hint of doubt or despair clings to my skin.  Understand,
everything that exists exists for a reason.  And if you can possibly
comprehend that, then you will  understand my meaning when I say: 
    I am the spark of life leaping across the arc.   I chart a path
through darkness so that beauty and love can exist.  So naturally,
harmony and order I derive from within my own heart.  There is no
other source that could guide me.  The universe, all of external
reality, require, as I have said all along, an agent of change who
embodies absolute fearlessness, courage, and the will to attain his
dreams.  I exist to teach this purpose and to unfold this path." 
    If you want a visual image for the letter "I" expressing Gibsir's
qualities it would be this:  the fire in his eyes, the fire in his heart,
the fire in his spine, the fires of creation--in Gibsir these are all
joined.  His confidence is so great because this fire not only sees the
future, it is also the power to attain it.  And so he is free to focus
completely on whatever he is doing in any moment because from
within he always feels complete. 

The Letter "B"

Gibsir:  "The yin and the yang, the magnetic and the electric, the
feminine and the masculine--I hold both powers, both these spirits
within my hands.  When I am yin, I am perfectly receptive.  I attune
to the core of another's being.  Their most secret fear stands open to
    When I am yin I can hear words spoken a thousand years ago as
though I am there and these sounds are still vibrating in the air. 
When I am yin I am within another's mind.  I see where their
thoughts rise.   I see through their eyes. When I am yin I am like the
sky at night where all the stars shine.  When I am yin I am like an
eye that watches a mountain rise, reach its height, erode, and then
disappear--I am that still and clear.  When I am yin, I am like the
attractive power of the moon binding the tides of the world to my
lunar songs. 
    And when I am yang, I am magma breaking through the earth's
crust.  When I am yang, I am the eye of the hurricane with great
clouds rising from the ocean to the sky.  When I am yang, I can
command rocks to turn to dust, lightning to strike from a clear sky,
and tidal waves to rise up out of a calm sea.  When I am yang, I can
cause the air itself to fuse--oxygen and nitrogen become nuclear
fuel.  When I am yang, if I so will, winter will yield its cold and
surrender early to the warmth of spring.  
    But the yin and the yang both are tools my hands use to
accomplish my work.  I can shape a fate the way an artist carves a
figure out of wood.  I embody the full polarity underlining creativity. 
I am, in fact, the power of attraction increased to its greatest tension. 
My mind thrives on such passion.  I am the hunger in the wind, the
restlessness in the earth, the devouring craving in fire, the rage in
water when it rises up--this ferocity of  the elements I enfold within
my hands, encircling them about with peace and stillness.   
    If you desire a visual image of this letter "B" as it pertains to me,
see this: in my left and my right hands are the feminine and
masculine mysteries, the magnetic and electric energies oscillating
within every natural thing.  When I bring my hands together, there is
always power enough for any journey I undertake, for any path I
wish to open up."    

The Letter "S"

Sometimes we must return to the source in order to gain a vision of
our journey's end.  The letter"S" is one of the cosmic letters which
takes us back into the original fires of creation.   Speaking this letter
softly on the astral plane, the air around me feels charged with
flames and heat like the heat rising above a lava flow.  
   As I join my awareness with Gibsir's on the astral plane, he seems
almost like a salamander, a being who dwells within the fire
element.  Except with Gibsir, he is far more relaxed and still than
any salamander. Expansive force is not the substance supporting
Gibsir's being.  Gibsir is more concerned with the clairvoyant visions
fire yields.  And Gibsir is more a part of cosmic fire, the kind that
does not need air to burn nor molten lava to carry it along.  
    Gibsir:  "Within the original fires of creation is a vision of peace
and healing.  When you can find and celebrate this life within
yourself, the mysteries of  history, the transformations of time--these
reveal themselves to your eyes.  When you embody the essence of
power within yourself, when you can taste it, thrill to the feel of it
pulsing in your veins, then you understand intuitively the chains of
cause and effect and the forces and pressures which make the world
what it is.  
   Fire and heat are catalysts.  They break down and melt obstacles
and opposition.  They enable the resistance separating opposites to
be dissolved.  Then union and fusion can take place.  When the
cause is great enough a spirit arises commanding even the worst
enemies to put aside their hatred and animosity and walk side by
side as if they were brothers and life long friends.  
   Remember the nature of the universe in which you dwell.  Before
the lands were formed on earth, the planet was immersed in fire. 
Before the sun began to shine with light and fusion empowered it
from its core, the heat built up to such extremes that matter was
willing to change, to put off its form and transform into energy. 
Within me burns this same intensity.  My will is rooted in nature: I
remember the fire which gave birth to the stars.  From this power
has my will been forged and its intensity shines within me in every
single moment. 
    So if you visualize the swirling cosmic dust giving birth to stars,
see in me that fire.  My will is fashioned from that heat like a wand
of power which has been shaped and which encases these fires. 
     Pass beyond the negative associations many have with fire--the
fear of being burnt, devoured, destroyed, and the natural, instinctive
aversion to its mysterious force.  If you can get past the temptation
to inflame the ego by feeling expansive and in control, able to
overcome all obstacles--then you will discover within this letter "S"
an amazing calmness, peacefulness, and serenity which exists at its
    In this cosmic letter, power and  clairvoyant vision are joined
together.  You are no longer on the outside looking from a distance
at the pageantry and dramas of life.  You are within and part of the
fire pulsing within the heart of life.  In fire is your ability to see the
truth, who you are, where you are, and where you need to go.   

The Second Letter "I"

The world is not so difficult to understand.  The world is not
beyond the power of the mind's comprehension.  There are only 
four components which characterize the dynamic forces active in
the world:    love, wisdom, wealth, and power.  Honor these and
hold them within your heart.  Just as the colors--green, blue, violet, 
and red--can be generated within the mind so too can these qualities
take on form and substance within your life.  
    In the letter "I," the number 10 is embodied.  The ten reflects the
number one--the symbol of spirit.  The physical world manifests the
spirit so it can be experienced, studied, and mastered.  And so life
itself becomes a place to train and to learn to master oneself.  
   Therefore, know and master these four qualities.  In blue of
wisdom the enlightened mind is found.  Surround yourself with the
color within an immense density, within a sphere of energy as solid
and dense as iron and steel.   Be free of all attachment and all that
would bind and limit you.  Be free of all that would keep you from
being who you are.  See the world from a mind filled with
boundless light, but a mind which also is at ease and relaxed existing
within a dense state.  
     But do not puzzle over this as if I am speaking nonsense or in
archaic rhymes.    The issue here is simple.  To master yourself you
must be prepared in any moment to cross over an abyss.  This abyss
is the unknown which is exists directly beneath all your attachments,
all your familiar relationships, and the definitions you use to
understand who you are.  In any moment, a warrior is free to stand
clear of the boundaries of reality and to see the world through his
own eyes without fear, resentment, or hostility.   Cultivating an
enlightened mind is part of a warrior's task.   It is a necessary
ingredient in accomplishing any mission. 
    And through the color light green, make love a part of your life. 
Breathe it in the air.  Taste it in food.  Assume a stance of mind and
heart, a courage, a boldness, so it is love you exude.  In every
situation, let your poise testify to the harmony love demands.  Love
is not weak.  It is more solid than a rock.  Love is victory over all
conflicts.  There is no desire within the heart, no need within the
soul, no passion nor ideal of spirit which love can not enfold. 
Embody this conviction and let this power command your every
    In light red, find a friend who knows how to counsel you to
develop absolute determination.   Relaxed, calm, feeling at ease,
completely flexibility, let your whole being be focused on the
purpose you would achieve.  Know what it is to feel invincible.  Not
because you have an inflated ego or a mistaken conception of the
powers of your personal will.  But because your will has the strength
of steel and the universe seeks to use you as its vehicle--you are that
attuned to the forces of will which exist within you.
    And in the color of light violet, recognize that you are pure,
formless spirit whose range of actions encompass all of space and
time.  You are spirit but spirit embodied with a  personality, a
history, and work to accomplish according to the needs of a
particular place in time.  In yourself, join the infinite and the finite,
freedom and limitation, transcendence and personal needs.
     Draw freely upon the resources and wealth of the universe to
accomplish your work and your missions, but do so sparingly and
with the precision of a warrior dedicated to his task.  Take
command of whatever resources you need but only when your heart
is filled with joy.  It is the creator within yourself, working hand in
hand with the Divine, who has access to all wealth and who can
command all others to align with his will. 
   My actions in the physical world are the epitome of stability,
perseverance, endurance, and  integrity.  I uphold justice and honor. 
But I am also a master of the arts of war and I stand ready in every
moment to undertake any mission, to accomplish any work or task 
the One Light designates for me.
     If you wish for an image of  me, then, according to  this letter "I"
in my name, see me as a master of love, wisdom, wealth, and power
effective within the physical world.   I am made of the energy of
iron opalescent with light red, blue, green, and violet. 
The Letter "R"

The letter "R" on the physical plane enables an individual to grasp
all aspects of whatever problem they are working with.  It allows
them to  intellectually understand and express their insights from a
universal perspective. 
   When this "R" is generated in reference to the themes of Mars
and the nature of Gibsir, it expresses itself as the light and density of
the sun breaking through into the world.  It is the creation of a path
of light burning its way through darkness and overwhelming
   When the sun comes down from the sky, when you see its
brilliance and feel its power standing beside you and ready to assist
you in all that you do, then you have a taste for this letter "R."   No
matter how much confusion or hostility is thrown against you, the
intensity of this brilliant golden, white light burns away whatever
stands against you.  No matter how many unresolved conflicts you
encounter in yourself or others, the density of this sun is such it can
take the problems themselves and use them as fuel for generating
wisdom and light.  
    In ordinary terms, this gives rise to leadership, decision-making
capacity, and the stamina, and charisma.   In simple terms, this
awareness is the ability to know what everyone is feeling and
thinking and also knowing what needs to be done.  And then being
able to explain the best course of action in a persuasive manner.
     Gibsir:  "But, for those who can touch the strands of power
vibrating within my aura, this energy is far more than that.  They
begin to reflect something of myself.  And so once again, I will
speak of my capacities:
    I am calm, centered, and relaxed, yet a whirlwind appears around
me out of thin air when I but speak a sound or gesture with my
fingers.  Though entire armies rise up against me, I will stand my
own ground--
   Though they come from the North, their own bodies will shake as
if they were caught in an earthquake.  Though the come from the
South, the nerves in their muscles will try to warn them to stop, to
turn back while there remains a chance to escape.  If they come
from East, their minds will go blank.  Their senses will desert them,
leaving them floundering as one insane.  Though they come from
the West, their hearts will revolt against them.  Their heartbeats will
sound  like the hooves of a war-horse stomping like thunder and
turning to attack their own soldiers. 
    My might is like the sun appearing suddenly over the horizon
during the dark of night.  The ashes from stars exploding whirl and
swirl about me--raw plasma, matter stripped of electrons, all of this
is in my gaze.  All of this rages in my aura when I engage a battle. 
The laws of nature move out of my way. 
    In summary, I leave this poem I wrote of Gibsir--
Water knows me--
It rises into the sky as the thunderstorm
To take me into its arms.
And the earth cracks open from the depths
Shouting in whirlwinds of flames
Upheaval, cataclysms, infernos, conflagrations
Of fervor and passion
The blood of the earth pouring out in lava seeking the sea
Because its heart remembers me.
And the hurricane churns the waves 
Gathering its power of wind and rain
Out of longing, yearning, and wanting 
To hear my name spoken aloud once again.
He who speaks with a voice of thunder
From out of nothing creates love and wonder
First enters the abyss, the wilderness where I reign
To perfect his imagination
To sharpen his images in the fires I sustain.
But do not think I am distant, aloof,
Dwelling in some far off, celestial realm 
Where the rain falls in curtains of acid 
And the winds howl like the voices of dragons
I take the stuff of ordinary life
The trivial, the mundane, what others throw away
And use it, fuse it into something new--
The highest destiny that can be imagined.
When I meditate
The world seeks to align itself to my will--
As water flows downhill
As fire, excited, emits light
As metal melts, yielding itself, flowing, letting go into hands of a
greater will
In my palms the bonds binding matter dissolve.
The essence of my meditation?
The power within my will?
I do what I need to do
So that life, light, and love might prevail.
When you look into the eyes of Beauty
I am the one whose desire sets on fire the darkness
So that the treasures within her heart shine from her eyes
And speak from her lips.
Though I sojourn where no one else can go
I am never alone
I am neither lost nor forlorn
Even when all companions, all lovers and friends, abandon me
For it is the call of love
Which moves me to act:
My paths are lit by her prophecies
My dreams fashioned from the taste of her lips,
Because she holds me in her heart
I will chart the paths between the stars if need be
To dream with her new worlds.